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  1. Neato!

  2. 2/10 would not smash

  3. And shit.

  4. I just have so little in common with people anymore.

  5. November Guard weekend. Day 1.

  6. Wwakey wakye

  7. I just have so little in common with people anymore.

    What’s wrong little buddy. We’re all weirdos and no one fits in.

    /pours wine at 8:48 in the morning.


  8. 1) i’m fucking out of coffee this morning.
    2) I didn’t get home until 12:30 because I had to wait for Ethan,who
    3) washed dishes at work and,
    4) OMG did he smell bad.

    I mean really bad. Like … “can I tie you to the roof” bad.

    I made him sit on some linens I stole from work.

  9. That German Shepard made my morning sad. That person is a MONSTER!!!

  10. Hard work smelling bad or smells from the kitchen bad?

  11. Lots of drama last night. But I had a good night. walked with well over 20%, without getting any HUUUGE overtipped amount, so that’s nice.

  12. Mare, I’m pretty sure it was a combination. Ethan kicked ass – it was his 3rd shift, and he is an excellent worker.

  13. Last white dishwasher in America

  14. I just have so little in common with people anymore.


    Being a dog is better.

  15. Both of the Pupster Boys shower sparingly much to my chagrin. I never left the house without showering first as a young man, they treat it like a chore to be avoided at all costs.

    I will never have grandchildren.

  16. My first job was as a dishwasher in an Italian restaurant. Getting the dishes and glasses through would be a struggle but manageable. I’d lose my shit when the cooks started yelling for clean pots and pans. One of the senior cooks would actually wash a few pans when we were running low and that inspired me to work faster versus the guys who bitched. They got the full fuck-you-passive-aggressive Jimmy

  17. off to sectional finals –
    hopefully the girls kick ass

  18. And washing dishes at a restaurant makes you smell. I kept my work shoes on the outside porch and would put my clothes next to the washer in the basement to wash when I got the chance.

  19. Is it an Ass-Kicking Contest?

  20. This is an interesting interview if you like Jason Isbell and different guitar playing styles.


  21. and he is an excellent worker.


    You raised that boy right.

    I’m sure I screwed my kids up several ways but something I admire in each of them is their work ethic. They are always the first to step up, last to leave, do the work that jackholes leave behind or bug out on.

  22. I was a dishwasher at a restaurant too and if you’re doing it right, it’s hard effing work. You’re sweating, big pots keep coming through, the water is hot, that big sprayer gets you all wet. I worked my ass off.

  23. Sectional finals in basketball, Jam? What the heck season is it?

  24. I washed dishes at a Western Sizzlin’ Steak House and an Italian Restaurant for years, it does teach you things. The noise of a commercial Hobart machine, the sound a tray or cart full of dirty dishes make when they bump into the swinging kitchen door, these things used to haunt my dreams.

  25. I got on the scale this morning and I’m exactly what I was last week. Actually up 2 tenths of a pound.

    My husband got on the scale this morning and said, “I’ve got to eat more, I lost 2 pounds.”

    These are the times I’d like to yell, COCK!!!! at the top of my lungs.

    I’m trying to lose the last solid 10 pounds. No water weight bullshit, the last 10 actual pounds of fat to look trim.

  26. Mare, I am the only one trying to lose weight in this house. Mr. RFH sits next to me on the couch and eats potato chips loudly. I stopped buying potato chips, and Mini-me bought some. She also bought bad chocolate and tortillas, so those I can resist pretty well.

  27. Today is pumpkin chunkin’ day. Practice rounds in a bit, competition after lunch.

  28. We just have to hang in there, put our heads down and power through (Arrested Development joke), Roamy. No giving up, no panicking and doing something crazy, just keep on going.

  29. Death to making German Shepard’s sad owner!!!!

  30. It takes a tremendous aggressive effort to efficiently whittle down the leftover Halloween candy stash! *Swells chest in obvious pride.* What????

  31. Today is College Football day and being lazy while others try out some new Keto recipes.

  32. Today is also Breeder’s Cup Saturday!!!!!!

  33. https://is.gd/liqJnW

  34. https://is.gd/PVYyYc

    Being a dog is better.

    People suck. Puppers are better.

  35. I just have so little in common with people anymore.

    Why would you want to? People are scum and little better than animals. The vast majority of humanity has no balue whatsoever.

  36. I got up late and am just finishing up pressure canning a big batch of really good homemade chicken broth.

    Pro tip: when you make a big pot of broth from your accumulated drippings and bones and skin and scraps and sinews and such; In addition to the regular stock veggies like carrots and onion and celery, throw a lemon or a lime in there. I wish I had started doing that years ago. Delicious, and the broth seems to gel better.

    I need a bigger canner.

  37. Almost time to get ready for worky

  38. I’m making chicken soup today. I made a chicken stuffed with lemon, garlic and one of those bags of fresh poultry herbs but it didn’t have the flavor I wanted. After dinner I just threw the whole carcass in the fridge and yesterday, after picking off the recognizable pieces of chicken, I simmered it for hours. Strained the broth today and it smells great. Carrots, celery and chicken to be added later.

  39. I will probably make turkey meatballs with a mushroom sauce this weekend for the work ducksgiving potluck on Tuesay.

  40. I’ve been craving chicken noodle soup. But a really rich version.

  41. Just took a first and fourth in 200 IM

  42. Heat 1

  43. Husband’s cross country team is having a reunion at a winery today. He already left. I’ll head out later with beasnette (one of the teammates was her coach in high school and she met two others when she went to Olympic trials for track and field).
    I should probably send her in first. I look more of a tub when I stand next to her.

  44. Second and fifth in diving.

  45. https://tinyurl.com/JustforRoamie

  46. Hey Lauraw, do you just toss out the stock vegetables when the broth is done?

  47. One of our top swimmers just had a bad day.
    Fourth in 100 free

  48. Almost time to get ready for worky

    Play like a champion today!


  49. Just got my Raspberry 3b/future PiHole device configured and running with a 3.5″ touch screen. Had to consult the internet due to English instructions written by Chinese with only a theoretical grasp of English.

    I’ll install the PiHole software tomorrow.

  50. Puppy, yes. Because the bones get simmered for so long there is virtually nothing left of the veg. What’s left in the strainer is just a smushed down dry mash when I’m done squeezing all the goodness out.

  51. Holy crap, that psycho, creep, Brennan is endorsing Beto O’Rourk.

    Imagine the crazy lefty shit that guy pulled at the CIA.

    It’s a travesty he had that kind of position.

  52. First and third 500 free

  53. Found out today that the neighbors across the street are separated. We sort of wondered after we weren’t seeing one of the vehicles parked there anymore, but didn’t want to pry. Sad.

  54. I made almost two gallons of ck broth with the bones, skins and pan drippings from ten large leg/thigh sections that had been roasted already and the meat removed for another recipe. Veg, a lime, and some spices added. And a little vinegar to help dissolve more bone.

    These are the giant chicken quarters I get from restaurant supply. We label them ‘T-Rex legs’ on the freezer bags.

  55. Jam, are you reporting team results or your daughter’s?

    Either way, excellent!!

    LittleJam isn’t embarrassing the H2 family. HUZZAH!

  56. You guys wear me out – and put me to shame – with all of the stuff you do in your off time! I love reading about everything, though 😊

  57. I’m with Teresa, I’m a complete slacker compared to all the crap you guys do. Well done, H2.

  58. Tiger is back!


  59. https://is.gd/BsXQL5

  60. First and fourth in 200 breast.

  61. Second in 400 free relay.

  62. They won

  63. First place in sectionals.
    Now on to states.

  64. Congrats, jam!

  65. W.VA vs Texas on Fox is a really good game.

  66. 7 lead changes in the first half.

  67. That’s more lead changes than the W.VA team has unique grandparents!

  68. Know what the 3 Rs are in West Virginia?

    Reading, writing, and route 77 North.

  69. I’ve got W.Va vs Texas on the TV on mute and listening to UMaine vs Towson on the radio. Black Bears are doing pretty well this year and local TV hasn’t been showing the games for some reason. For some reason … who am I kidding. It’s money. Anyway, Towson has for their QB Joe Flacco’s son and he leads their division in TD’s scored. Last week they beat Albany. When I listened to that game they kept talking about their QB named Testaverde. Yep, son of Vinny Testaverde. He’s not doing nearly as well as Tom Flacco.

  70. Demolition Man has some really funny moments.
    Stallone rolling his eyes at the “Schwazennegger Presidential library?” Worth the price of admission. Right there.

  71. mare-zee-dotes, just got home and read the comments (my phone sucks for commenting):
    it’s the end of the girls varsity swim season.
    little jammette is a freshman – so her first year swimming with the big kids. she actually made it to sectionals (qualified for). i’m pretty proud of her accomplishment especially as swim is just a conditioning sport for her to prep for bball season. she kinda half-asses swim yet still qualified… go figure. she finished 15th in the region – i don’t know out of how many kids but i’m guessing somewhere north of 150 for her event.

    the girls swim team is really quite good. it’s the only team that the school has that historically are winners.
    the boys teams are a bunch of whiny pussies.

  72. Wow! What a game.

  73. Best game ever!!!

  74. It was pretty thrilling to watch. I was in the middle of dealing with the dogs and kept interrupting what I was doing to watch. At first I thought he was out of bounds but the replay was clear.

  75. Maine won too. Goal line stand in the final minute of play stopped Towson at the 2 yard line.

  76. Stopped at the 2 yard line? https://tinyurl.com/ybwgq8s2

  77. It was a quarterback keeper, Flacco’s kid got stuffed. He was the reason they were even in contention. Talented QB who had been running on Maine all day but this time when it really counted he was nailed.

  78. Leon and Roamy might find this interesting.

  79. Well this is disappointing.

  80. Need to move again?

  81. Kid can’t throw peas?

  82. You no longer fit into your wedding dress?

  83. You do believe it’s not butter?

  84. Not moving.

    Kid is the Tom Brady of peas. Don’t even get me started on chicken.

    Our dog is legit getting fat.

  85. Wedding dress fits perfectly

  86. Texas WVU went the opposite way of what ISU needed. Will be hard to get to the Championship game this way.

    but it was a great game. Not many coaches would go for 2 in that situation.

  87. Making chili in the oven. The key? Smoked ground beef.

  88. Heh, refs are definitely calling everything in Oklahoma’s favor now.

  89. Making chili in the oven.


  90. That would be Chile in the oven.

  91. Chile is a seed pod. Chili is the end product.

  92. Chilly in the oven.


  93. Not Chili Davis or Chile Palmer, MJ.

  94. The oven in the garage is chilly.

  95. Chilly Willy.

    Great cartoon

  96. Speaking of Hitler,
    when we got up this AM, the wired LAN was dead. WiFi worked okay. Peeked into the wiring closet and everything was lit but the 24 port switch.
    What the hell, it’s lasted the 14 years since we built this place.
    Anita had to run some errands this morning, so added ‘Best Buy’ to her list of stops, after we checked inventory there and Staples.
    Why do electronics stores in the sticks stock 24 port switches?
    When she got home it only took 5 minutes to move all the patch-cords from the old switch to the new one.
    Every thing works again, for now…

  97. Haha, I love how people put teaspoons of chile powder in chili. tsp doesn’t exist with chili.

  98. wow, a switch broke? Mine’s ancient too.

  99. BTW congrats proud papa jam!

    Ethan with the dishwasher job. Going down the path of success! He’ll be running the place soon!

  100. Congratulations, jamette!

    Mr. RFH’s team won the pumpkin chunkin. Long throw was 199 yards. Key was quick turnaround – his team threw three to the other teams’ one, top five throws count.

  101. It was a little bittersweet because the team that beat us the last three years didn’t show up. So it was great to win, but it would have been better thumping those guys at least once.

  102. so tempted to go get Hunan Chicken.

  103. heh, congrats pumpkin team!

  104. Who has better endless shrimp, Outback or Red Lobster?

  105. Tonight’s Words of Wisdom come to us from Theodore, who died young–he was only 42:


  106. It’s spreadsheets all the way down.

  107. You’re disappointing

  108. The converter thingy on that guy’s website is kinda fun, Colex. I would imagine it gets used a lot to send spreadsheets of porn.

  109. what kind of porn is on a spreadsheet?

  110. I really hate Boomer Sooner.

  111. haha, oklahoma with the 2 point conversion, on a Texas Tech touchdown.

  112. oh my, best chili ever. Just added 2nd cream ale, chili was a little thick.

  113. Arizona State wins. Sparky and Cyn are smiling.

  114. \m/

  115. Drop everything–Randy’s performing!

  116. Up since 5. Dogs started moving like we were sleeping in or something. Paula is off to work and the dogs are back to napping. I’m the only asshole still awake.

  117. Up since 7, which of course turned into 6 /shakes fist at sky

  118. My chicken soup was a bust. Learned an important lesson. Baking chicken with lemons cut in half is much different than making broth with lemons cut in half. Dear Lord, the lemon peel made the broth bitter. Should have taken them out before simmering for 12 hours. I was only out a chicken carcass, a few carrots, a parsnip, some spices and a handful of rice so down the disposer it went.

  119. I’ve got my chicken defrosted and ready to go. It’s going to have a lot of chicken in it, since I have to keep the carbs to a minimum.

  120. When does that old turd, Hotspur get back?

  121. I see all of H2 is doing that thing that they do to chickens again. Leave the chickens alone!!!

  122. I had a dream last night that lurkers had a whole page of comments and they were discussing the regulars here. I got the impression in my dream, even though they didn’t name names, I was a least favorite.


  123. Comment by scott on November 3, 2018 9:17 pm
    Need to move again?
    Comment by scott on November 3, 2018 9:17 pm
    Kid can’t throw peas?
    Comment by scott on November 3, 2018 9:18 pm
    You no longer fit into your wedding dress?
    Comment by scott on November 3, 2018 9:18 pm
    You do believe it’s not butter?


    Scott…. not a least favorite.

  124. If there was a lurker page, Oso would know about it.

    Cyn and Jewstin are probably there.

  125. I’m having a hard time trying to find the motivation to go for a run this morning…

    That first step out the door is the hardest.

  126. Your my favorite, Mare.

  127. 4 min. Then it’s out the door.

  128. Weird, Clint, because that’s not what you said on the lurker board.

  129. Endless Shrimp? That is the last time I went to Red Lobster.

    The shrimp were the smallest I had ever seen, and in their shells.

    At one point I stopped peeling them, just so I could eat a couple of dollars worth of shrimp.

    That was about 25 years ago and I still hate them for it.

  130. Shrimp.

    It was too small to be shrimp.

    Think of it as bait.

  131. Mare loves Clint!!

    (I had to make sure I spelled that exactly right)

  132. Red Lobster is the closest restaurant to my house, less than a mile.

    I usually drive by it at least twice a day.

    Never, ever, going back.

  133. I am returning on Wednesday. Right now I am sipping a Hungarian Chardonnay in a lovely old wine cellar in Budapest.

  134. Red Lobster here used to be pretty good but not any more. Server brought me a plate with a fly floating in the “butter”, and when I pointed it out, he walked off. Not going back, either.

  135. https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/New-Western-Wall-train-station-to-be-named-after-Trump-520135

    Such an anti-Semite he is…

  136. “even though they didn’t name names, I was a least favorite.”

    *down votes mare on the lurker site & name’s names*

  137. Forgot about fall back, let The Wonder Dog out at 0300 and fed her breakfast, now she is hugging her bowl and whining for second breakfast. Went back to bed for another 3 hours. It was nice.

  138. HAHAHAHAAA, That lurker is an asshole.

  139. I knew it was Pupster!

  140. What time is it in Budapest?

  141. I love how everyone is commenting that Obama looks deranged while stumping for candidates. Wide-eyed, arms flailing, saying crazy shit.

  142. i made some chicken stock last night and have started the sauce for chicken marsala –
    mrs jam really likes chicken marsala; i make it once a year or so for her when she gets all stressed out. i’m using some smoked sun-dried tomatoes this time, so far so good.

    the menu for tonight is: chicken marsala with wild rice and asparagus

  143. Jam, you are obviously an excellent husband. That sounds delicious.

  144. Had a dream this morning that the company I worked for hired a bunch of east asians for an upgrade next year, and they were bringing in these huge file cabinets and filling up all the floor space in peoples offices. I yelled at them because I couldn’t sit at my computer and they just tilted their heads back and forth.

    *shakes fist at Tushar*

  145. i saw that o’blah-blah dealio; hoooboy his inner nutjob is definitely seeking the light.

    he’s an asswipe, i hope he keeps touring the country (or is it cuntra?) (sp) and proving beyond a shadow of a doubt to all who view, that he’s a dumbass crazy man

  146. is tushar the czar of texas slum-lord housing yet?

  147. the swim meet yesterday was in watkins glen (really beautiful area btw). must have seen a dozen dead deer there and back; a bunch of decent sized bucks – the rut must be in full swing now.

  148. Woke up at 3:41 on the new time. Once I wake up, I can hardly ever go back to sleep. Woke up at 3:00 AM yesterday. Sleep is for suckers.

  149. Is Gillum going to win?

    I am torn.

    If he wins our millionaires might move back.

  150. Wow, Twitter just blew up over one of the “comedians” on Saturday Night Live last night. Who still watches SNL?

  151. Scott, they might move to Texas.

  152. tl, dr, crazy FSU student is an intern for the Gillum campaign.


  153. Tonight’s Words of Wisdom come to us from Theodore, who died young–he was only 42:

    Theodore may have been a democrat.

  154. Ben is taking his test at driver’s ed today. By next weekend he’ll be done with classes and begin driving to get his hours for a license September, 2019. Contra his older brother he’ll be driving a car the day after he gets his license.

  155. Saw a turkey vulture feasting on a dead squirrel on the way home today. Fall migration brings them by our house. So many birds stop by during this time of year.

  156. Went to husband’s team reunion yesterday. Damn, we’re getting old. And round (me). One of the attendees was inspired by my laziness, to quit dying her hair and rock the gray. \m/ WoOT! \m/

    My suck-up daughter said I was the prettiest one there*. She’s my favorite.

    *So not true. It just so happened that yesterday was wedding dress day. Lots of women walking around in their wedding dresses — perhaps for 1. to wear them again, and 2. get a glass or bottle of wine for doing so….cause why else would you do so?

  157. Jimbro, how does the oldest boy get around these days?

    My neighbor’s son has gone down the same stupid road as he did and lost his license. But, since he still has a job, and will need to pay the tickets and a lawyer, he’s driving without one.

  158. Huh, I guess last night was Interrupted Sleep night. Got home from work, couldn’t go to sleep until1:30. Thought ‘huzzah! it’s really 12:30!’ Woke up unrested at 6 (5). Fell back asleep some time later. Woke up less than two hours before I have to get ready to go back to work. All my scrubs are in the wash. Looking forward to my weekday weekend.

  159. Sorry the lemon thing didn’t work out for you Jimbro! Apparently it’s different in a two-gallon batch.

  160. He’ll be 20 come the end of the month. Not much else to say that won’t make me angry so I’ll leave it at that. Because he’s on our insurance most of the clinicians we’re trying to get him into are giving Paula the run around. We’ve been denied by the neuropsych people and it took forever to get him in to a psych appointment with a non doctor type person who didn’t have much to offer.

  161. Did you leave them with the peel on? Mine were partially roasted and I used 3 smallish lemons cut in half. I’ve had excellent lemon chicken soup from Greek restaurants so I know it’s a good combo.

  162. At what point does a soup loaded with meat become a stew?

  163. I’ll let Leon answer that one. Most of my soups are pretty thick with the stuff I add to them. After making a broth I can’t help adding rice, lentils, quinoa and some beans in addition to the veggies and meat.

  164. I believe stewing refers to the method of cooking, involving the use of a low temperature, slow simmer for longer periods of time.

  165. Well, this time I threw in the whole lime that had been hanging around on the kitchen counter for over a week. Last time I did use a whole lemon and it turned out well. I do tend to try to buy citrus with thin rinds if possible though. The white pith in the rind is bitter. Did your lemon have a thick skin?

    Also I have added a teaspoon of sugar to a pot of broth to balance odd flavors from spices and veggies. It doesn’t sweeten in that small quantity but it does correct some problems. I think that’s an old Shaker trick, IIRC.

  166. They were standard yellow lemons. I really didn’t think they were unusually thick. Aside from the above link I read a few other cooking sites and it sounds like I’m not the first person who has done this. A lime usually has a thin rind so probably safer. The only loss from this learning experience was my dinner for today. Paula is working so I’ll scrounge from the pantry to make something. If she was home I’d go out of my way to make something different since I’m on duty for weekend meals most of the time.

  167. https://is.gd/x0XDgV

  168. A long time ago, Scott slow-smoked several top round roast beefs at once. I cut a couple of them in half and froze them. This is something that has to happen again. Just pulled the last one out of the deep freeze to slice up for weekend sammies. It has been so convenient.

    Couple days ago I made a bunch of healthy chicken burritos for the freezer, but this roast beef deal was a better meal prep deal, because it was more efficient for time and I didn’t have to cook it, lol.

  169. Do any of you think The Mooch makes Barry call him/her Daddy when he’s humping him?

  170. Yes to Mooch humping xer.

  171. Mooch humping broke the blog.

  172. never use whole lemons. zest them and juice them. same with oranges

  173. #1 Son got engaged yesterday. Nice girl and a good match. Hopefully it will work for them.

  174. Life lessons learned

  175. Congrats Pepe

    Now you can start dropping hints about grandkids

  176. I contaminated a batch of bbq sauce with whole lemons and oranges. pith is nasty stuff

  177. Indian movies are the best https://tinyurl.com/y9tpd2mn

  178. Contrats Pepe!

  179. race for the first grandkid?

  180. Not really excited about potential grand kids. None on the way, but probably in the future.

  181. I swear, Drew Brees has a condition, like Tourrette’s. Watching him twitch, and tug, and adjust and lick his fingers is really annoying.

  182. Both QBs have blue eyes.

  183. Turn on the sound.


  184. Comment by Pupster on November 4, 2018 1:43 pm



  185. Pepe, that’s wonderful news. Wonderful. Looks into the distance with a longing look on my face.

    What was the deal with wearing the wedding dress, Beasnsansnsansn?

  186. I’m nervous because I live in Florida and Scott hasn’t predicted a DeSantis win.

  187. If Ted Cruz does not win, Austin should be nuked and I mean that literally. LITERALLY.

  188. I bet Dan Crenshaw is a real badass. And I love that he’s getting such amazing coverage from a weird, druggie, douche on SNL.

    Thanks for the free airtime, dumbass!

  189. Wow. Troy Aikman looks a lot older than 52.

  190. Wait, he’s only 51.

  191. Any thoughts, Hostages?

    I live in attached condos. My NEW neighbor left her old, small dog on her main floor balcony in a crate all week. I thought long and hard about saying something but this dog barked/cried on and off all day. We can hear him while we are inside our house. It’s kind of nerve-racking because he sounds like he’s in distress. (The day it was particularly bad she didn’t get home until 7:30 pm, I know because we heard her garage door. oh and not kidding we had a tornado warning that afternoon and sideways rain for about an hour).

    I went over today to tell her which I did, humbly, first saying, I just thought you should know…don’t want to make a big deal out of it…..we can hear your dog while inside our place etc..

    She never said, “oh, gosh I’m sorry, I’ll take care of the little guy, I’ll avoid leaving him out there…, thanks for letting me know…

    She kind of stared me down, At that point, I then said, “I have a recording of him just to show you that we aren’t trying to be knee-jerk obnoxious neighbors or anything.”

    She then said, “well, I guess I’ll have to keep him inside since you have a recording.”


    I was trying to be nice and not leave a cowardly anonymous letter on her door. I wanted to be a man about it and talk to her face to face. I was super friendly, smiley, kind of abashed that I had to mention it.

    She acted like a bitch. Damn. We’ve had such nice, quiet neighbors. And she used to live in Texas for craps sake.

    She also had a pumpkin that she left out on her front porch that was rotting and oozing gunk.

    *The neighbors on the other side of this woman live in Pittsburg and are rarely there.

  192. Two types of dogs.


  193. https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

  194. Shoot, Pups, my computer won’t let me download your link.

  195. If it sounds like the dog is in distress, I couldn’t listen to it for very long.

    I would probably report her.

  196. Two types of dogs.

    Or: L to R: Rowan, Star

  197. It’s a tough call. She could be an awesome pet owner.

  198. I can’t imagine “reporting” her although I thought it was so strange she didn’t feel bad about it at all. I would expect a normal person to 1) say something in apology about the noise (although I wasn’t looking for that) and 2) Say something like, “maybe if I, ( fill in the blank) Little so and so will be more content… This dog was outside for 12 hours in crazy conditions and it’s yelping or whatever that horrible sound was, went on and off all day and evening. She did tell me he was old (when we first met), but how does that matter with regard to how she treats him being unhappy or a problem for neighbors?

    And, not kidding, if she had been nice I was thinking about offering to walk the dog if it would help. You know, trying to be neighborly and what not. Shit, now I want to rip her a new one for being an asshole.

  199. My landlady’s dog cried for hours when she was in her crate, had separation anxiety, but couldn’t be trusted in the house alone. Took a year and a half of short stints alone in the house before she would not trash the joint. We could always hear her crying and howling, but it was just being sad not hurt. Nerve racking but what can you do?

  200. We notified the town office about a husky mix outdoors 24-7 on a chain with just a crate for shelter. No matter what time we drove to or from camp the dog was out there. Its coat was all matted and it was hunched over like it had arthritis. The lady at the town office said they had several calls about it, the animal control officer had been there and there was nothing they could do about it. Last time Paula was there to check on camp the dog, crate and chain were all gone.

  201. Nerve racking but what can you do?


    Bring the crate inside which is what I’m assuming she’s going to do. Although I don’t want the little fellow to be upset, I can’t listen to that all day. My stomach was kind of in knots after hearing that for a couple of days. If the crate is inside, the windows and doors here are new enough so we shouldn’t hear it.

    But this woman is single and gets home late, it’s not a new thing for this dog to have anxiety over separation. I really think she was kind of embarrassed that her shabby treatment of the dog got called out—-IN A VERY NICE INDIRECT WAY.

    It’s kind of important, to me at least, that you know I was really nice about it, not confrontational or mad.

  202. Fuck that.

    People who treat animals poorly shouldn’t have animals.

  203. Both QBs have blue eyes.


  204. Does laura just look at you sometimes, slowly shaking her head?

  205. More like usually.

  206. Somebody will study this eventually.

    Until then, I’ll just be nuts.

  207. I admire how you stick to your guns.

  208. It’s a thing.


  209. One of our neighbors has horses and cows, and they always look well-cared for. I was shocked to see a new horse that was nothing but skin and bones. I think they must be caring for a horse that was taken from its owner because of neglect.

  210. Yeah, that’s what i would think, roamy.

  211. MA wanted her 🐥🐥 at tummy time. No sleeping in for Dan. Guy at work, guaranteed a Browns win over the Chefs today. Kept “Any given Sunday” at me yesterday. Whined like a beeyotch when I “Any given Sunday’d” him today. A$$hole kid was playing “Baby Shark” on the keyboard today.

  212. One of our neighbors kept their dog crated on their patio. It put other dogs in distress hearing the poor pup. Anonymous call to HOA President. I worked with HOA VP, so I’d already told her.

  213. Assholes virtue signaling at the HQ, piss me off. I early vote. FU. Try living in a state where GOP leaning districts only get 3 voting machines. Where GOP leaning districts run out of ballots. Where County Clerks and Sec State do everything in their power to accommodate Drats and illegals. Dan was a poll worker. First year after NM eliminated party line voting. It was hilarious what happened to down ticket voting.

  214. Dyslexia really perplexed Edwin.

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