MMM 313: Worn out

Don’t sell a house you live in.  Emptying it is so much easier than getting it pretty enough for pictures.

This sweater is small and impractical.


Either she’s standing on something, or this is the bathroom on a yacht.


Pretty smile.


Woman cleaning.  Sexist by definition.


Nice gym.


She speaks Spanish.


Good skin.


Now for a nice, restful workday.


  1. Hangry for some fit tits. Foist!

  2. Long live the small impractical sweater!

  3. Snow overnight and it’s warm enough for it to be raining now. The fog is wicked thick and on the way to work I was watching for school buses extra carefully which let me brake well in advance of the 6 large and healthy deer walking across the main road.

  4. I heard from Toyota. My new frame came in and my truck should be ready by the end of the week. Even though this 2018 Tundra is nice I won’t miss barely fitting it in my garage and the pain in the arse of parking it in town.

  5. Olympics are over. NPR is doing a story about how America is bending over wrong. Foreign people are apparently much wiser than we are.

    Obama was really good at bending, wasn’t he?

  6. “Hip hinge” = the key phrase

    Watch for mentions of hip hinging everywhere

    Hip hinging is the new craze, all the smart people are doing it don’t you know

  7. Oof, off to the salt mines

  8. Wakey wakey

    Hymen Buster

    Think I wouldn’t see that because I was worky worky?
    /files it away until I come up with proper punishment for Jimbro

    His indian name is “Woods full of beer cans”.

    THIS is how it’s done. Although I don’t know that it was him. Stupid teenagers.

  9. I haven’t been following any news lately although I did remember to purchase the 5 year NRA membership.

    One day kids are eating Tide Pods the next they are constitutional scholars.

    What a world we live in.

  10. What’s MJ Jr’s view on guns? He should have a voice.

  11. He says, ‘We will never again surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism.’

    I cried a little.

  12. How many beer cans did he throw into the woods this past weekend?

  13. This is kind of interesting

  14. My dad was in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer last week. He passed out a couple of times, needed two pints to get back to near normal. His fingernails are still white, so I kind of wish they’d given him a third pint of blood. I checked on him and stepmom, cooked some meals for them, then drove home yesterday through the rain. I’m beat and late for work.

  15. Hope your pa is feeling better.

  16. It’s amazing how much they can lose with an ulcer. Hope he’s feeling better.


  18. Ha ha ha …

  19. How many beer cans did he throw into the woods this past weekend?

  20. Its the end times, I tell ya.

  21. I know they are “kids” however, does anyone else think that Hogg kid has a punchable face?

    Asking for a friend.

  22. Nice shithole dump you have here.

  23. He’ll be torn down in due time. He’s too rich and white. I’m not sure being gay will protect him, assuming he’s gay.

  24. That kid’s had more dick in his mouth than hamburgers and French fries.

  25. My 83 yo mom just called me a stick in the mud. Maybe I ought to lighten up a bit. At least around her.

  26. I guess it beats being called a dick in the mud.

  27. “Asking for a friend.”

    full on proggy d-bag.
    he was indoctrinated early and well.
    *indoctrinated =

  28. Mondays……

  29. Ban things for these kids. I’m ok with that.

    No guns, sex without a contract, and Tide pods for anyone under 30.

  30. pepe which one did you end up getting?

  31. I think she’s standing on a toilet.

  32. MJ – we should encourage hogg and his cohort to tide pod up….

    Go Tide!! – Clean Intestines are Happy Intestines!


  34. Why is there a dead fish in my bathroom?

  35. time to wash the walls . final prep before painting.

  36. Wearing Daisy Dukes

  37. I know they are “kids” however, does anyone else think that Hogg kid has a punchable face?

    Hogg is a senior. That makes him 18

  38. WTF, my screen burped and my comment ‘entered’ before I was ready.

    Hogg is already an adult and I feel the urge to punch him in the face when he refers to his girly self as a ‘children’.

    Fifteen and up are not children.

  39. School shootings don’t happen in the hood because, as the article mentions, metal detectors. But that doesn’t take into account other serious crimes going on within their walls. Or the number of shootings in their neighborhoods that just may scare off the mentally challenged outcast.

  40. Comment by jam2 on February 26, 2018 10:39 am



  41. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 26, 2018 11:04 am
    Wearing Daisy Dukes



  42. Jay, that guy should move to San Francisco or Yerp. Balls hanging out are a feature, not a bug, in those places. He may or may not get criticized for hairy legs.

  43. The Left is a hot mess.

    Trump is a fascist dictator and we should turn in all of our guns to him.

  44. Michelle is right,
    ichelle Malkin

    Verified account

    19h19 hours ago
    Michelle Malkin Retweeted Reliable Sources
    Prediction: As soon as the CNN afterglow fades, gun control-obsessed teens’ parents in Parkland will quietly start filing multi-million dollar lawsuits against the REAL culprits–Broward Coward County sheriff, school district & state agencies– for their deadly negligence.

    Yeah, Broward has lots of lawyers IYKWIMAITTYD and that kind of money is too good to pass up for fake SJWs.

  45. Cops can’t be expected to protect everyone so we should disarm.

    The cops must be tired from killing all of those unarmed black men.

  46. You know who has a punchable face? That Coward County Sheriff.
    I’d be I bazillionaire if I could sell $1 tickets for the chance to kick him right in his pussy.

    “Not my responsibility” he says. What a douchebucket.

  47. Order confirmation that my new evul black rifle will arrive on the 8th. Muwahahaahahaahaha….Muwahahahahaha.

    Now Im considering ordering a couple of 80% lower receivers. And by “considering” I mean leaning heavily towards. One of them may get a 11.5 threaded barrel in the future along with a solvent catcher. I need to research the most efficient length of barrel & twist rate to receive maximum solvent catchability ( i know its not a word all you gramma nazzees) while maintaining suitable ballistics and accuracy.

  48. You see his bullshit comment about “lions” not listening to sheep? You see the childish comment he made about “ifs & buts”. Fuck that elitist cocksucker. You see where one of his upper level deputies is a CAIR member and is teaching the nice people at the local mosque’s firearm safety.

    This fucking book cooking, politician dressed as LE, full of shit disingenuous supreme douche needs to go on a helicopter ride

  49. *subscribes to terribletroy’s newsletter*

  50. Did you go with the .458 socom?

  51. I’m glad I read the gun thread. I’ve got two rifles that need the “barrel break-in” treatment as soon as I have the time.

  52. This is the bullshit we all knew was coming.

  53. That little twink Hogg is still only 17.

    So, the school has a population of 3000, and is quite ethnically diverse, and yet, Hogg is the one always being interviewed.

    Sounds like white male privilege to me.

  54. His dad the FBI agent probably threatened all the reporters.

  55. Hogg strikes me as the kind of douchebag who sucks up to all the teachers, who despise him. Little fucker probably has a checklist of everything he needs to do to get into Brown, but will end up going to Florida State and then moving to NYC to work as a waiter.

  56. Nah, he’ll hang out in Georgetown with Sandy Fluke.

  57. This is how feel about the little douche:


    34m34 minutes ago
    Hogg is going to go from grieving victim to “opportunistic activist who was 5 buildings away from a shooting where Freshman he’d never met were killed” if he keeps this up.

  58. @`Chi…. I went with 5.56. Availability & cost with practical application in mind. (Nothing over 400 meters) I think one of the builds will be to 308 with longer shots / ability to degrade cover in mind. The other one will probably be a shorter quieter 5.56

  59. It’s going to happen. I ‘m going to kill Erin today.

    It’s been nice knowing you guys. I doubt I’ll have internet access in prison.

  60. The beer cans were hers?

  61. She’s pregnant?

  62. I figured as much tTroy. I was just being goofy.
    I wasted some time on YouTube this weekend and saw a video with an AR in that caliber (Demolition Ranch?). That round is just ridiculously huge. And probably super cost prohibitive to have much fun.

  63. The party is next weekend?

  64. I’m getting an air powered AR15 chambered for .177 pellet.

  65. The “party” was reduced to a small gathering and it was saturday. That’s when the beer tree planting occurred. So the painting can commence. It looks really nice – I got a lot done. The color is great.

    But I was mad at her because she missed her ride to the “other” school (stupid school system – kids are supposed to go between the two schools during the day). Well, the one girl is sick and she didn’t take the bus. I was just really pissed at her.

    So, quick review:

    No party
    Not pregnant
    Beer cans?I’m not sure who drank them.

  66. No party
    Not pregnant
    Beer cans?I’m not sure who drank them.


    Hymen Status: Intact.

    Good to know

  67. everyone should have a box full of 80% lowers –
    the trick is building them out without breaking the bank

    i may have once had an evil ar in 762
    couldn’t get the damn thing to shoot right at distance
    m700 in ’06 – tack driver

    not sure about the efficacy of those short barreled things

  68. *advances tee-roys name for board approval*

  69. beautiful day here –
    i pruned some of the fruit trees

  70. i pruned some of the fruit trees


  71. Hey CHI! You’re the resident exercise equipment professional….. I received a working PRO-FORM 525Ex treadmill. Needs a new belt. Any recommendations? Or can I just go with what comes up on the google?

  72. My nettles have shipped!

    It’s supposed to fix allergies, sore joints, AND tendonitis!

    I’ll be good as new.

  73. I spell nettles “marijuana”.

  74. Reminds me,… at my local stop n rob they just started selling CBD gummy bears for like 9 dollars for 5 gummies….

  75. I’ve got nettles everywhere in my yard and they never did anything for me.

  76. A drive belt from the motor to the front roller? That’s just a small serpentine-like belt you should be able to get at any auto store or specialty belt shop in town. $10 tops.

    The actual walking belt? Yeah, just go with what you find on eBay or a bigger Fitness Equip parts shop online. You may be able to get it straight from Icon?
    Honestly, I wouldn’t sink too much money into it. Pro-form (weslo, Reebok, Schwinn, blah blah blah) is not known to be high end. If you’re going to really use the thing, I’m sorry to say it won’t last you long. A grown man will beat that thing to death in no time running on it.
    Your wife just walking for occasional exercise? Should last a while.

    Any future questions, ask away.

  77. Singing Nettles

  78. So … Erin plans on having [insert funny nickname here] over on Friday night. I found out because I was painting and doing stuff in the basement, and erin started texted me “OH GOOD, because I’m having him over on Friday night”.

    But … I’m working friday night. Can’t you have him over saturday? Nope.

    I’m in the middle of a work slow-down. I’m not getting the basement all spiffy so she can have him over when I’m not here.

    She is not amused by my attitude. That’s good, because I’m not joking.

  79. Huh.
    Chances are probably pretty slim, but there may be a little hope for California.
    Maybe the climate is right?

  80. Why do all my links get dumped into the shitter?

    Stacey Dash is running for Congress.

  81. Thanks for the response Chi. It’ll be mostly walking and I never ambulate faster than a Ranger pace unless something is on fire, etc. Max I’ll expect it to do is me at a fast walk with a 30lb ruck for 3 miles. Total weight 205

  82. If the belt & deck call for a lube to be used, make sure to use it religiously (usually a pure silicon spray).
    I’d suggest using it with some incline – your bodyweight will pull the belt a bit, that’ll keep the motor from struggling as much as it would at zero grade.
    Good luck!

  83. I saw a AND SHE STILL PERSISTED bumper sticker in a parking lot today and I lol’d.

  84. Heh, checked the website where I purchased the bang stick. ALL of the economy models are sold out. Only mids and high ends left. Smith & Wesson and Ruger should prolly send that Sheriff, the Hogg fag and his cohorts a thank you card, sales have reportedly been sluggish since The Trump took office.

  85. So Hogg is threatening to not go back to school until gun control is passed.
    If anyone needs a swirly and then duct taped to a wall, it’s him.

  86. And if my husband tells me one more time that ‘Well, Beasn, something needs to be done’, I’m going to Gibbs the back of his head so hard, it’ll come out his nose.

    Every damn state agency f*cked those kids up and we’re supposed to impose gun control on ourselves for their failure, while leaving them in their jobs of picking their noses? Eff that.

  87. Why would we care if he went back to school or not? Really?

    Plus it’s a stunt.

    Plus he probably has enough credits to graduate.

    WTF cares?

  88. Apparently everyone cares because he’s a children.

  89. Comment by terribletroy on February 26, 2018 5:11 pm

    Heh, checked the website where I purchased the bang stick. ALL of the economy models are sold out.

    Aha!!!! School shooting was a conspiracy by the gun manufacturers!!!!

  90. He’s right beasn. What needs to happen is that everyone that failed those kids needs to held accountable for failure to perform, and I hope the parents sue the ever living shit out of the entire system. After that, nada.

    I still can’t get over this fuck sheriff saying lions don’t care about the sheep. Dear shit for brains, you’re not supposed to be a lion, lions eat sheep. You are supposed to be a sheepdog. Your job is to protect the sheep. I would really like to have a few words with this sheriff, then kick him straight in his poon.

  91. Well, if he’s a children, then he doesn’t need a cell phone; he needs to be home by 8:00 every evening so that he has time to take a bath, brush his teeth, and put on his jammies before Mommy tucks him into bed at 9:00; absolutely no unchaperoned mingling with persons of the opposite sex; no going out with friends without a parent being present; etc., etc., etc.

  92. He’s right beasn. What needs to happen is that everyone that failed those kids needs to held accountable for failure to perform

    He is not right because that is not what he is advocating for, troy. 30k kids in that school and the media is using that shit as the spokesman?

    Only the local stations are talking to the other kids who want those who failed to perform, held to account. They are saying they are being used to push gun control, being given scripted questions, and their concerns are not being listened to/heard.

  93. Oh lord, now the professor is looking up today’s lesson topic on Stack Overflow.

  94. #Hoggwash

  95. never mind – james beat me to it….

    i raffed like hell & then said ” what’s the over under on the adopting family being asian….
    they changed her name to bacon

  96. #Hoggify

  97. Oh lord, now the professor is looking up today’s lesson topic on Stack Overflow.

    To be entirely fair, most of my worthless coworkers who claim to know Java just copy and paste their jobs from there 80% of the time.

    Oh, wait…

  98. as soon as that piece of shit israel opened his ball washer i knew he was a has-bin shit heel from nyc or there abouts.

    according to this he’s a SUNY grad – no offense to SUNY Cortland but they are not known for intellectual rigor..

    they graduate special ed teachers and gym teachers.

  99. David Hogg is good at one thing–the kid’s a hell of a salesman. I mean, he convinced me to drop a hundred bucks on a five-year NRA membership. I had let mine lapse a little more than a year ago.

  100. Life membership as soon as the house sells.

  101. Ball washer. LOL

  102. Show your mom some respect.

  103. Leon,

    It’s a mess. He’s taken to having students come up and explain how they did something, I swear just because he doesn’t want to try and explain. He has no plan for what he’s going to teach, no solution to whatever assignment he gives us… it’s a mess.

  104. On the bright side, you’re learning all about Stackoverflow, quite a resource!

  105. I already knew about it. From learning R and eViews in grad school.

  106. Are you paying for this course, CoAlex?

  107. Unfortunately. I’m learning some stuff, and it’ll be officially recorded down that I know the language.

  108. Heh, they even have stackoverflow for homebrewing.

  109. I’m already looking forward to some stack overflow on BBF.

  110. Only for Chi, nobody else click, NSFW Probably shouldn’t post this.

  111. I clicked. Hope I’m not going to jail now or anything.

  112. That looked borderline painful.

  113. Looked kinda like she was having a seizure, or did way too much cocaine.

    Did you get to see your inamorata today, Sean?

  114. Unfortunately no, Peps. But we had a couple of good text conversations (shop talk, mostly, but still good), directly after which she posted this:

    Which I feel good about, because I genuinely want to be helpful. But then, I kind of do also have a hidden agenda.


  115. But you are a genuinely nice person, and you don’t have a nefarious hidden agenda. Plus you have Riley. You might ask for help walking the dog. Not a euphemism. ;)

  116. Careful when you’re dating

  117. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned that I’m an emotional retard, Peps.

  118. Hey Sean, have you read Rex Stout’s Nero Wolf books? I learned a new word from one today:

    logomachize: To engage in verbal fencing or a war of words.

  119. I’m already looking forward to some stack overflow on BBF.

    No peeking.

  120. That’s not a word I was familiar with, Pups. And I think my parents had some of the Nero Wolf books lying around when I was a kid. I haven’t read a good detective story in a long while.

  121. It’s time for some good old-fashioned derp.

  122. There’s some things that I should never
    Laugh about in front of family
    I’ll try to derp you from the party
    It’s full of punks and cannonballers
    I need my girl
    I need my girl

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