Sartorial Splendor – Teh POS Way

My taste in clothing most likely can be characterized as boring.  With the exception of that amazing wide collared paisley polyester shirt that I had in 6th grade, I’m a business casual kind of dresser during the week tending toward black or other dark colored slacks with a polo shirt. Weekends are tee shirts and fatigues – warm weather brings out the much vaunted and ever stylish cargo shorts.

And Then There’s You:


Hot-n-Tot has officially spent too much time in AnnArbor

We know that Sean likes chinos.

Carin is a practical gal / chick / woman dresser –

Chi-Chi – well nuff said:

There’s always change of course. Some say weird some say let me be the first dumbphuck to climb on board.

I raff heartily when I see some get-up that was obviously designed with pure hatred of humanity and self at it’s core. Strange thing is the self loathing that drives the enlightened masters of the world of sartorial splendor.

So what was the weirdest thing you’ve worn?

Nothing but a Smile


IMPORTANT Update: (note: updates have been updated)


Guess your Hostage:

for clint



  1. fistule


  3. Everything is coming apart all at once.

  4. Duct Tape

  5. What is coming apart?

  6. Work stuff is kaput, still have to haul more stuff out of the house before pictures get taken.

    I should start smoking or something.

  7. Fixed the work stuff. House is still a thing.

  8. “I should start smoking or something.”

  9. wake wakey.

    I’m a “dress for today’s WOD” kind of gal.

  10. You should try adderal. I hear that works.

  11. I told Paula about your 222. You beat her, she had a 214. She also tried the 35# weight again as a push press and it was easy. She initially did it strict and opted for the lighter weight. She’s kicking herself for not doing it RX.

  12. We have to sell the house too. I only have a few bathrooms to paint and a few very small repairs.

    The lower Midwest is a shithole.

  13. I wish I’d redone it – everyone who did got a better score the second time. Toes to bar are a challenge for me, so … I was worried I could hit them as well. If I’d done it on Friday (instead of Saturday) I maybe could have redone it yesterday. But I’m 43rd in my region for my age group, which … I’ll never be that high ever. 12th in the state.

    So I’ll take that. Yesterday’s WOD fried what was left of my hands and shoulders (60 more toes to bar and more shoulder bs). It was actually worse that 18.1, but at least I wasn’t judged.

  14. Cocaine works.

  15. We’re judging you

  16. Gotta go do some work stuff

  17. I have painting to do. Maybe haircut first? And some paperwork bullshit. Laundry to fold (worst job ever).

  18. We’ve got the photographer coming to do the listing photos at 10am. Front of the barn is very crowded.

  19. went to dinner with Hannah last night. It was nice, but it did break a few rules of the diet/eating thing we’re doing at my gym. Oh well. Hannah doesn’t come home much.

    Matt may come home this weekend to visit. He’s missing the restaurant where I work – he loves eating there. I love it when my kids visit.

  20. Hey Car in, did you enjoy any beers particularly well? Just curious.

  21. This post is damn near as faggy as a DNC strategy meeting. MARE! did you approve this????

  22. Not that gray, but i do wear beanies all the time.
    That pic is closer than to the truth than you realize.

  23. J’ames – remind me what you brought. I actually liked them all but I remember one I liked best.

  24. “J’ames – remind me what you brought. “

  25. important update for clint

  26. this post may be having an identity crisis

  27. ^^^ I will alert the liberal press.

  28. Hell no, Clint! And I think I’m the fat lady but the jokes on Jam. I’m not that fat. hahahahaha, Loser!

  29. Hmm, brought a milk stout, a hefeweisen, and an american amber. Might have been more, but that’s what I remember.

  30. Want to see a 4 leaf clover?

    Cartoon style NSFW

  31. That guy’s got some big balls.

  32. I bet she liked the hefeweizen best – I know I’ve never had one I didn’t like.

  33. This one was tasty, but I liked the American amber better.

  34. I liked your mom better.

  35. Holy crap, that Hogg kid is an asshole. How do you get to asshole level 11 and you’re only 17? His parents must be real lib pricks.

  36. Or he has a publicist now.

  37. We’ll just have to ask the CEO of the NRA, Dana Loesch.

  38. Anyone you know, Car in?

    Genius level, raht thar!

  39. Hogg kid is going to get his ass kicked.

    Calling for the boycott of Florida? Good luck with that.

  40. This was linked by Jane D’OH at Ace’s:

  41. I’ve read where Nicholas Cruz turned HIMSELF in at least once (that I can remember). This is a kid crying out for help. F you to the resource officer, F you to the Sheriff’s department, F you to the FBI and the worst is the policy from that asshole dem from Chicago who is now the school superintendent (I can’t remember his title), THE BROWARD COUNTY SOLUTION.

    Listening to Mike Gallagher made me want to puke today. And I REALLY like the guy. He’s all about supporting LE. I am too, but the Broward County system is shit and he should be honest and admit it. I actually feel sorry for this mental kid who did everything he could to let people know he was a dangerous nutter.

  42. Near as I can tell, Broward County doesn’t have any Law Enforcement to support.

  43. That Hogg twerp is a walking False Fag operation.

  44. running from someone’s hubby??????

  45. Well, maybe Hogg doesn’t have a publicist, and is just that egotistical. He’s not going back to school until gun laws are passed.

  46. I told you she would probably fit in here:

  47. 8 beers? Ugh. How?

  48. Over 3 hours? Maybe in college.

    With the shots too? Nuh uh, never happened-never will.

  49. Hi, I’m Sean, and I’m an alcoholic.

  50. And it was more for the fat kid thing than the quantity of booze.

  51. Hey Sean, was your CKRT a little dull when you got it? This one doesn’t seem as sharp as my kitchen knives.

  52. My cousin just got out of rehab. He seems really sincere about making it work.

  53. Huh. Both of mine are plenty sharp. Managed to cut myself with the Cuatro a couple of times while trying to fold it one-handed.

  54. I just can’t drink that much beer, even if I were hell-bent on getting trashed. It’d be like trying to eat a whole loaf of rye.

  55. Hopefully he does some simple things, J’Ames:

    1. Get a sponsor

    2. Meetings, meetings, meetings–90 in 90 days is suggested when one starts out. And I drank every day, so I can damn well spend at least an hour per day working on my sobriety today.

    3. Work the 12 steps. Thoroughly. And in order.

  56. Not a big deal, just gotta run it through my sharpener.

    Furi Diamond Finger Sharpener

    I should have bought a bunch of these, when they were $9.99 on Amazon.

    Oh wait, they still are

  57. I’ll mention that to him. He’s been talking to my mom a lot.

    Not for the same reason Hotspur does, though.

  58. Are you a friend of Bill?

  59. Indeed I am. Yesterday was six and a half years.

  60. Still can’t believe it’s been that long. Congrats!

  61. Indeed I am. Yesterday was six and a half years.

    I’ve been trying to quit the other thing almost as long, and I still fail, though with decreasing frequency. Pretty sure I’m just a fuckup at this point, have to hope my capacity to trust in Mercy is sufficient.

  62. Well Done Sean M. Well Done (golf clap)

  63. Was that 6 and a half years with 1, or 2 leap years? We might be off by a day.

  64. Sincerely happy for you, brother. Congrats.

    Of course, I never the answer – just throwing the question out there.
    I always got a kick out of the fact that the (open) secret Republican club in Hollywood was called “friends of Abe.”

  65. I put my water in a big jug and it’s no problem. I don’t think that would work with beer. I get full and sick of the taste.

    It was probably the Hef that I liked best, but I did like them all.

  66. Congrats, Sean. That’s inspiring.

  67. Website that I ordered AR from is now out of all economy models, all of the 80% lowers, and most of the mid range models. I bet Ruger and Smith & Wesson are loving this shit. And its happening right at tax refund time?

  68. Was that 6 and a half years with 1, or 2 leap years? We might be off by a day.

    Two thus far. I figure that I started on the 29th of August, so two days before the end of each month is another month down.

  69. And thanks, guys. I’m truly grateful to have friends like you.

    Even wiserbud.

  70. wiserwho?

  71. You like that sharpener, J’Ames? I think we need to replace ours soon. It doesn’t have the right angle for all of our knives, too.

    Does that one adjust for different blades?

  72. Pretty sure this is a video game theme song, but check out this 8 year old:

  73. Hory clap.

  74. Amazingly accurate.

  75. I bet she’s really good at Chopsticks.

    What? You know you were thinking it!

  76. Evening, whistle dicks.

  77. Hi!

  78. Laura, did you find some good seafood on your vacation?

  79. No, we went straight home on Thursday instead of stopping at the coast. When the weather turned cruddy, so did our mood for travel.

    There was a crab special at one place we were at in VA, but we both had different cravings that night. Scott did get an awesome catfish dinner there, though. :)

  80. One of the best meals I’ve ever had was a place in Newport where we ordered paella for two. It came in this big fucking cast iron skillet, and was delish. I can’t remember the name of the place, but I know where it is, and I want to go back.

  81. Paella is my favorite.

  82. Summer Newport mini-meetup?

  83. That would be awesome, but how busy is it in summer? Last time we were there it was late October. We left the day hurricane Sandy hit.

  84. Yeah, now you mention it, Autumn would be better. It’s a cluster in Summer.


  86. Didn’t we have a Hostage in the Virginia Beach area at one point? Or am I thinking of ChiChi?

  87. Yeah, I’m down here.
    I’ve only been around a bit under a year and I’ve never heard of any others.

  88. cheech.

  89. Alright. I just remember when that workplace violence happened at the Navy Yard, there was someone we were worried about, or someone familiar with the layout or something.

    Don’t mind me, I’m getting senile.

  90. Could it have been Aggie?

  91. The Navy Yard shooting? From like five years ago?
    That Navy Yard is up in the D.C. area.
    We did have a truck driver come onto Little Creek a few years back and open fire on a ship as he tried to board, but he was quickly dispatched after only one casualty, IIRC.

  92. The blog historian will know.

  93. My memory says Aggie too.

  94. Whut’s up, hawt chicks and draft dodgers?

  95. Laura, yes I like that sharpener. I ordered a spare. Not sure on the exact angles, but it does a nice job on knives, scissors, pocket knives, etc. I should have them professionally sharpened again, but this gets me by. That and my steel.

  96. Aggie’s daughter is in Virginia Beach. I was born in Virginia Beach. But Aggie’s never lived there.

  97. Kid is doomed

  98. What the fuck does “End Ableism” mean, cripple yourself?

    This world is stupid.

  99. It means we’re supposed to pretend that a physical issue which limits your ability to perform a task doesn’t actually do so.

  100. I really think I better get a hold of myself
    Don’t wanna let the derp get ahead of myself
    Whisperin’ her love through a smoke ring smile
    She doesn’t know what happens when she’s around

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