BBF Victory Lap 2016

Hello, and welcome to the victory parade edition of Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today has defeated all comers to be crowned Big Boob Friday Queen 2016.  You may know her as Lily from the AT&T commercials, or from her work on Cracked, Funny or Die, or her numerous stage and youtube appearances.  I dig her chilli because she is finely freckled, funnah, and even though I disagree with her politics, she is not all talk about her beliefs.  Also, nice rack.

Please join me in welcoming, Miss Melodious Yurbooty!

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  1. I like boobs.

  2. She deserves the title of Big Boob Friday Queen 2016, the jeweled tiara, a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, a box of chocolates and a coupon to Arby’s

  3. Morning.

  4. She has a sweet face. She’d look good without a stitch of make up or a stitch of clothing. *cough*

  5. #NotMyBBFChampion She seems nice, but doesn’t do a thing for me.


  7. ^^for Pepe^^

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Makeup has stitches?

    Watching baby this morning, sitter had a doc appt.

  10. Entire Senior Staff

    Thanks Car in and Sean Davis.

  11. Too funny, right J’ames. lol

  12. #NotMyModel

  13. Uh oh, sounds like we’re gonna have a drum circle.

  14. She will not divide us.

  15. #NotMyHashtag

  16. It’s wiser time, and he thinks it’s Saturday!

  17. Kurt Schlichter will be on at 10:30 eastern, FYI

  18. March For Life.

  19. #ProLife

  20. ICE is doing it’s job again. They actually showed up in a local town to take an illegal into custody.

    When asked they said…. “If you keep calling, we’ll keep showing up. There’s a new sheriff in town.”

  21. Interesting, scott. was that a news story?

  22. She has a sweet face. She’d look good without a stitch of make up or a stitch of clothing. *cough*

    It’s nice to see Mare finally accepting who she is.

  23. It’s hard to beat a great set of boobs………so to speak.

  24. I wonder if I told her that she had a nice body that she’d hold it against me?

  25. Schlichter is so funny. he needs a show.

  26. Just got home and caught a few minutes of it. Good stuff.

    Truck is fixed thankfully. I dropped it off Monday and have been driving around in some kind of Volkswagen Go-Kart vehicle. Lots of knobs and switches in the car and I really had no motivation to learn them beyond the lights, heat and wipers.

  27. Which VW? I like my Jetta.

  28. awww, I’m gonna miss MJ, lunch break

  29. Winter Sangria…

  30. It might have been a Jetta. Definitely a base model. Dark green. Smelled like an old shoe inside but it was a free loaner vehicle so I really didn’t care.

  31. I’m sure this BBF 2016 Election was rigged. I demand a recount, or an investigation, or a handy, or something/

  32. Milana is all kinds of yummy. She’s got a kind of soccer momish look about her. Get the kids to bed, and then fuck your brains out.

  33. This joint is dead. Is everybody out protesting for vaginal equity or what?

  34. I finally forced myself to watch the Ashley Judd speech yesterday afternoon. She’s been huffing pesticides or something. Cray-Cray.

  35. I just now got to hand off the baby and get to work for the day.

    Going to be a crappy afternoon.

  36. Judd’s known to be bipolar for some time. Probably off her meds. Like refusing for the past year or more.

  37. I’m avoiding doing laundry.

  38. I have to change and go to worky worky soon.

    sad face

  39. So … took moose to town for his walky walky today. We were crossing this VERY STURDY bridge (wood, metal frame, can’t see through to the water, very sold) when he started slowing down then just stopped. Strange look on his face.

    I don’t even know how he knew it was a “bridge”. I got him to cross it completely and thought we were ok. Well…. no.

    On the way back, when we got to that point, he just STOPPED. Wouldn’t budge. Treats didn’t work.

    This was him but he’s bigger:

    I finally had to simply DRAG him across it. I’m sure I’ve been reported for animal cruelty.

  40. Star does that. We call it a plop. Vet’s office, groomer, just plain tired on a walk….PLOP. Will not move, even for a treat.

  41. Stilton Jarlsberg over at Hope n’ Change Cartoons hung up his writer’s hat for the time being. After 8 years of pillorying Obama he figured it was time for a change.

  42. Have you read the transcripts of the recordings made by the spineless, wormish, assholes we call the GOP discussing their fear of the repeal of Obamacare?

    Short version, eff the American people, it’s their careers that are important.

  43. Anyone tired of winning?

    NOT ME.

  44. Well, break time is over for me. That was a long minute.

    Back to pulling up tack strips.

  45. So it is my understanding that these fucks that have been calling for repealing this thing for how many years??? Dont have a fucking plan ready for implementation? HOW MANY FUCKING YEARS TO WORK ON IT?? HOW MANY??

    FUCKING DIE! THE LOT OF THEM. Fucking worthless incompetent fucks……

  46. “Back to pulling up tack strips”

    Worst job ever.

  47. Hated tack strips. So glad they are gone, and flooring is in.

  48. “Fucking worthless incompetent fucks……”


  49. Lack of implementation plans just proves it was always Failure Theater. They never had intentions of doing anything for the base but screwing them over.


  51. Hey all. Looks like some of you are pissed that your BBF favorite didn’t win. That’s perfectly understandishable, but if Jill Stein comes sniffing around, DO NOT GIVE HER ANY MONEY.

  52. I just searched “What’s Jill Stein up to lately?” It seems the trail has gone cold following her sham recounts.

  53. i may have some information pertaining to illegal voting in the bbf dealio….
    for the right amount of money i’d drop a dime on the party(s) implicated in the monkey work….

  54. Rumor has it she’s lurking around Coinstar machines, trying to convince people to give her a couple quarters to prove they’re not accurate.

  55. Curious, anyone seen Trump with his feet on the Resolute Desk like an effing lefty poser
    or is he too busy getting shit done to act like a douche?

  56. No, the Obama girls aren’t spoiled bitches at all…

  57. Notice she’s joining “the protest” at Sundance. I bet she’s staying at Deer Valley at a private home on the Deer Valley slopes. $15,000-20,000 for a few days, not counting secret service.

  58. She’s going to be an obnoxious bint for years, I suspect.

  59. Wait till Harvard gets their hands on her.

  60. Mare, haven’t seen feet on the desk but he didn’t wave when boarding AF One

  61. Evening Hostages. Nice tits.

  62. Good, I’m glad he didn’t wave, like the usual photo ops.

  63. Hey, bcoch! It’s your turn to buff the tar and bugs off my hump.

    Polishing compound and buffer are on the toolbox. Ready when you are. Put a new lambswool bonnet on there for you.

    *turns around and holds on to wall*

    Be careful to grind around my warts. I like them. They’re just starting to get good.

  64. Trump has crushed quite powerful people, but President Piñata of Mexico thinks he can take on Trump and win. He is delusional.

  65. Laura scared away Bcooch

  66. I can’t get the grinder to work, Laura. And, fair warning, my hands are a bit shaky.

  67. Trump holds all the cards in that one.

  68. Made this for dinner except substituted julienned zucchini for the artichoke hearts. Nom nom nom.

  69. I understand, man; go ahead and use the wood rasp. Been awhile since I had a proper exfoliation.

    *Relaxes and waits*

  70. Hey, roamy, a funny thing happened this Wednesday. I was driving home and heard “A Rainy Night In Georgia” on the radio and thought it might make a nice derp. Got home, opened up HHD, and there it is in the poat.

  71. I understand, man; go ahead and use the wood rasp. Been awhile since I had a proper exfoliation.
    *Relaxes and waits*

    *breaks out the round rasp with the extra sharp teeth* *dips in rubbing alcohol*

    This may sting a bit, but it’s for your own good. Sanitary.

  72. Milo is at UNM tonight. Grrrrr Last night they said it was cancelled because UNM dropped a $3400 insurance charge on the college republicans. They had only raised $1300 in 2 days. Found out today that money came in, so he’s speaking. Protesters in place. Milo is wearing a vest. His Youtube was shut down today.

  73. Sean, it would still make a good derp.

    Wednesday, I went to the Krav Maga lesson. I should have known it was going to be bad because they were playing “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”.

  74. I should have known it was going to be bad because they were playing “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”.

    Great song. That was actually my walkout music my senior year in college.

  75. Roamy, talk to Peej. She’s all about the Krav. I think she met her 🍯 there

  76. Bcoch, I love walkout music. If RL had walkout music, my song would be Crazy Train.

  77. A guy that graduated a couple years ahead of me, Crazy Train was his music when he came to bat.

  78. Evening.

  79. Howdy, Jew! Thanks crappy weather between WY and NM! 2 of our 3 trucks timed out today and couldn’t deliver.

  80. “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”.

    The less upbeat version of “It’s Raining Men.”

  81. Truthfully, it’s been a rough day. One friend almost died during a “routine procedure”, another entered detox, and a third is likely going to have to put her father in a home very soon.

  82. Bcoch, in my prayers. Saw that on Twitter

  83. Thanks, oso.

  84. Little known fact: “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” was b’coch’s second choice. This was his original music.

  85. “Nice tits.”

    thank you… i didn’t realize they were showing

  86. He was in college for 23 years, tastes change.

  87. Sean’s choice:

  88. Wow. Sean is a mean sober guy.

  89. I actually have to give the credit for that to my brother. We were at a ballgame one day and were trying to think of the worst possible song someone could pick for their walkup, and he won with that one.

  90. 😂😂😂😂 I love you guys!!!

  91. Cheap work pen broke in my vest pocket. Ink on all of my pocket stuff, ink on my vest, jeans, fingers, markers, notebooks. Ink everywhere!!! Oprah of ink.

  92. YOU GET INK!



  93. I’m the Maury Povich of ink.

  94. I tolerate you guys!

  95. Looks like John Hurt died.

  96. I’m in therapy because of you guys!

  97. Nice contrast – I was pretty certain no one was going to wearing a vagina costume at the March for Life.

  98. I saw the Vagina Costumes open for The Judds at the Aviatrix Ballroom back in ’83.

  99. so –
    i followed scenes link to this:

    i forgot how cute belinda carlisle was

  100. ahright-
    i’m out

  101. Oso, Krav is part of the deal for Mini-me to go on the summer trip to Germany. I will still worry about her.

  102. I will worry and pray for Mini me as well.

  103. Not all of Germany is a hell hole. Remember, just like here, there’s bad neighborhoods, and then there’s places tourists will be OK.

  104. Nope.

  105. I’m so dissapointed that Ca rin did not see my comment about the slam on Milo.

  106. The German teacher at Mini-me’s high school has been doing this for over 40 years. I’m hoping that means he knows how to avoid the trouble spots.

    It also helps when I see Mini-me beat up someone at Krav. Some of the women in the beginner class are Obama-level wusses. Mini-me punches like she means it. I’m fat and out of shape, but I can kick hard. Main thing they are teaching is situational awareness and not panicking

  107. She should pack a baseball bat.

  108. She should borrow Mostly Peaceful Protest from Leon.

  109. Krav is also useful against Stanford swimmer types, provided one does not get drunk or do drugs.

  110. She should construct a miniature pumpkin chucker.

  111. Remember, just like here, there’s bad neighborhoods, and then there’s places tourists will be OK.

    Cologne New Years Eve rapathon happened in the public square next to the Cathedral.

  112. blerg

  113. Krav is also useful against Stanford swimmer types, provided one does not get drunk or do drugs.

    Fuckin’ Stanfurd.

  114. malia and her fucking “gap year”. She’s doing what, exactly, this year?

    How many years before she’s a full-blown drug addict?

  115. I’m so dissapointed that Ca rin did not see my comment about the slam on Milo.

    WHERE? I’ve been busy today.

  116. Found it.

    That’s just mean.

  117. She’s gonna be partying in Hollywood with whoever the latest Disney-slut is.

  118. I wish I could.

  119. I want to live in Los Angeles
    Not the one in Los Angeles
    No, not the one in Derp California
    They got one in Derp Patagonia

  120. Mr. RFH kissed me full on the mouth then asked me where the Nyquil was because he’s coming down with a cold. Pretty sure a jury will be lenient.


    “Explore the Campaign” for some corny laughs

  122. If he took Nyquil it’ll be easier to smother him with a pillow.

  123. Alarm went off at 0530. Paula is at the gym with 2 of her night shift friends who went right after their shifts. Of course she had to debate out loud for 5 or 10 minutes whether to go or not and somehow my opinion on this decision was required. I will never understand women.

  124. Lego Rhino


  125. Not Scott

  126. Hahaha. We have a reverse osmosis water filter to get rid of the calcium in the water (I’ve had kidney stones twice). I kept seeing puddles but couldn’t figure out what was leaking. Finally figured out that getting more than a cup of water triggered the leak.


    Favorite quote: “Replacing Hillary Clinton with Elizabeth Warren is like replacing New Coke with Zima.”

  128. After I build the still, I might just use that for drinking water.

  129. wakey wakey.

    crossfit in 30.

    who’s with me?

  130. You know, Moose loves standing out on our deck.

    Which is just like a bridge.

  131. He walks along the walkway/deck all the time. WHich is even more like a bridge.

    That dog is fucking with me.

  132. I’m doing cals this afternoon, enjoy crackfat.

  133. I’m picking up 4000 pounds of flooring. Sorry.

  134. New poat

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