Buh Bye

Only 6 days with the Trumpster and it’s been great not seeing or hearing Obama spouting bullcrap of some sort or the other. Oh, I know he’ll rear his ugly mug before too long but I’m enjoying this vacation. Today‘s musical selection is all like, “It’s not you, it’s me

Jewstin has a sister?


Pupster: Part Time Superhero


From good dog to bad dog in an instant


Art or something


Trump from the Left’s POV


Well that’s all I got now. We’re living in strange times I tell you. My schedule is still off after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Took MLK Day off and, in a stroke of genius, the day after the Super Bowl. I’ll either be celebrating or burning my Patriots gear in the back yard. Hopefully celebrating.

One more thing: How Trump is making his supporters feel




  1. Morning.

  2. Squirrel Girl is basically SJW the Comic Book. It’s pretty awful.

  3. Boy #2 downloaded some Trump app on his iphone and since he’s on Paula’s account she got the notice a few days later. I’ve been stirring shit up here telling the boys to work “MAGA” into their responses to their teachers

  4. I’m reading a neat book about brain plasticity right now, and I’m in the middle of a segment talking about how the old, “irrelevant”, “tedious” stuff that educators used to do with kids actually had a lot going for it in terms of improving brain function, particularly if there’s a deficit. Rote memorization of poems and speeches, writing in cursive, that kind of thing, can dramatically improve other things that you wouldn’t think were related, like socializing or playing sports, not to mention grammar and basic impulse control.

    Betsy DeVos should bring those back. Science says we need them.

  5. That book I gave you – well trained mind – explains why that needs to be taught in grammar school from the education perspective.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. Haven’t read it yet. I will.

  8. I’m actually listening to the other one as an audiobook everytime I need to drive somewhere.

  9. What is the name of the book you’re reading about brain plasticity, Leon?

  10. That’s fascinating. I believe it entirely. Explains a lot.

  11. The Brain that Changes Itself

  12. Thank you.

  13. Long read, illuminating story


  14. Wishlisted, Leon. I can’t read another thing until after school is over.

  15. That was a very interesting read, Jimbro.

  16. Manning should have been washed out. I can’t believe you can fail that hard and stay in service. A gal in my wife’s flight was released because she’d broken a leg – and completed basic while it was broken, hiding it or thinking it was just a sprain – for having not going to medical right after the injury.

  17. The brain is an amazing thing. We still know so little about it and how it functions.

  18. Read that one the other day, jimbro, good article.

    Old, but good.

  19. Hahaha I’m playing matchmaker between warden and wiser this morning. We may be hearing him on the radio.

  20. I had a moron/hostage moment yesterday. A rancher fellow I know from church and I were shooting the shit over lunch and his 13 or 14 year old daughter was with him. He wanted to talk about the riots and marches and shit and Madonna’s name was mentioned. His little girl perks up and says, “Who’s this Madonna woman I keep hearing about?” Without thinking I answer, “She’s an elderly whore who used to be a singer.” I’m pretty sure I stole that line from Ace. As soon as I said it I thought, ‘boy, you just crossed the line’. But the daddy laughed his ass off so I guess he was ok with it.

  21. LOL, I’ve had those moments happen in real life too, Pendejo. Occasionally so unbelievably raunchy that I didn’t dare actually say it out loud, thank goodness.

  22. Pendejo, I’d want that said in front of my daughter by men she respected. No reason for her to get the wrong idea about someone my ex wife thought was a role model and a genius.

  23. Got to go to school for noon and I’m feeling totally lazy.

  24. I’m standing outside a store awaiting its opening and it actually feels nice out. Granted I’m wearing long pants, tshirt and flannel along with an LLBean jacket but it just goes to show how we can get conditioned to the winter temps.

  25. …and I’m regretting not taking that “one last piss” before leaving the house

  26. Ah yes, the old peepee dance. It becomes more and more prevalent, the older we get, doesn’t it?

  27. Jay, get your prostate checked. By a doctor this time.

  28. Uh huh. Youth, wasted on the young

  29. I cannot recall the last time I performed a digital rectal exam, it’s been that long.

    I added the part about time since doing on to avoid the inevitable “because you were drunk or roofied “

  30. I cannot recall the last time I performed a digital rectal exam, it’s been that long.

    So long ago, it was analog?

  31. Analog…and scratchy with pops and skips

  32. I guess Paula’s not into butt stuff.

  33. Negative Ghost Rider

  34. I cannot recall the last time I performed a digital rectal exam, it’s been that long.

    If I was a doctor that would probably be my line as well.

  35. http://www.bmj.com/content/355/bmj.i4931

  36. All I remember about pruritis ani is “the wet anus itches”

  37. Haha, editor for reporter that got burned trying to troll Ted Cruz gets his ass handed to him on twitter, for acting tough:


  38. i read an article recently on the usefulness (or lack thereof) re: DRE

    i don’t remember exactly but the conclusion was they are not useful for screening because of the limited area that can be effectively twiggled

  39. Back when I used to have ‘roids I’d suffer from that kind of itching. Losing 150 lbs helped out a lot.

  40. Gotta give it to the guy, he’s got balls.

    Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare architect, appears on Tucker Carlson’s show, spews his same old lines:


  41. Jonathan Gruber is a lying sack of shit.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  42. Gruber is scum. He is exactly the asshole every leftist thinks ought to be directing the affairs of the “sheeple”.

  43. Yeah, I think the DRE in the hands (no pun intended) of any doctor short of a Urologist is just a simple form of checking the box on the exam form. Even the PSA test is of dubious value.


    Over treatment is the problem: You may not die of prostate cancer but you’ll suffer along the way until you die from something else.

  44. That deadspin thing with Cruz reminds me of this


    Tagged with “The moment you realize you’re no longer on the internet”

  45. Joe Buck!

    Big get, wiser, congrats!

    How on earth did you land that one?

  46. Thanks for the reminder!

  47. Aww, Not Joe Mama?

  48. Heh! One of my kids is on Autism spectrum.

    I forwarded the link to ‘The brain that changes ‘ book to her.

    She replied: I already read that 3 years ago. How do you think I am planning all therapies and exercises?

    Damn, for such a smart woman, she sure married a dumbass

  49. good interview. I’m not a Joe Buck hater, though.

  50. For Car in, Laura, and Leon.

  51. Leon, I know that tomatoes are in the nightshade family and are known to cause inflammation. My question, do they cause inflammation in everyone (to varying degrees)or only in some people sensitive to them.

    Same question with regard to peppers and mushrooms.

  52. Everything I’ve heard suggests that they don’t irritate everyone, just some sensitive folks.

  53. Peppers are also nightshades. I know nothing about mushroom sensitivities.

  54. tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms. Sounds like mare wants you to talk her out of ordering a pizza.

  55. Ha ha! The entire senior management of State Department just resigned.

    According to Washington Compost, ‘SecState Rex Tillerson’s job just got considerably more difficult’

    No, twatwaffles, it just got easier. He won’t have to spend his time and efforts firing their asses, and can do real work instead.

  56. heh, seems the lefty media is blowing that out of proportion, as usual. Color me surprised:


    Political appointees, their resignations were accepted. Not like it’s a big walkout.

  57. Thanks, Leon.

    Anyone else watching, The man in the high castle? Is a bit slow at first, does it pick up?
    I’m watching regardless, just hoping.

  58. Big get, wiser, congrats!

    How on earth did you land that one?

    Thanks, man.

    My producer has worked in sports broadcasting for decades. Knows tons of people.

    Next week, I’ll be interviewing Chris Berman and former NY Giant Jason Sehorn. We’re also trying to get Brent Musberger.

  59. and former NY Giant Jason Sehorn.

    You’re interviewing Angie Harmon’s husband? Hope some of his good luck rubs of on you.

  60. Drain the swamp!

    Trump let them go, they didn’t quit.

  61. Surely the mgmt team is pleased with that guest, wiser.

  62. Jay, I hadn’t even read that other angle, but I knew WaPo is blowing smoke out if their rotten arse.

  63. Mare,

    I liked it. It’s slower paced than a lot of shows, but I think it works to build up the story. Since they don’t have to adhere to a weekly episodic format, they can push longer story arcs that take two or three episodes to pay off. The first season is a bit of a let down at the end, but it sets up a lot of the background for the second season, which was very good, IMHO.

  64. Surely the mgmt team is pleased with that guest, wiser.

    That and the phone calls that they have been getting about me are convincing them that they made the right decision.

    Some woman called the morning show today and thanked the station manager (who does the morning show) profusely for putting me on the air.

    Beyond the fact that we’re getting really positive calls, we’re getting a lot of them from women, which is even more impressive.

  65. You’re interviewing Angie Harmon’s husband?



  66. Poor guy.

  67. just wondering…

  68. That and the phone calls that they have been getting about me are convincing them that they made the right decision.

    yeah, but that one guy on twitter…

    (couldn’t find that tweet, was sad!)

  69. Tushar, making tailgating great again!

  70. This is funny to you, lefties…

  71. ex-husband.

    I hadn’t heard that. I guess I’d better start watching TMZ and Entertainment Tonight. And shit.

  72. yeah, but that one guy on twitter…

    He called in today and we actually had a decent and (i thought) interesting conversation.

  73. Teresa may speaking. Awesome speech

  74. Tushar, where are you watching it?

  75. Bloomberg radio

  76. How exciting, Wiser!! It took awhile but you got the job that fits! And hopefully pays off $$$ wise!

  77. This sounds like Reagan and Thatcher – Part II

  78. Ragan and Thatcher worked together to bring down the evil empire.

    The challenge of our generation is China.

    Pro tip: look where Jim Mattis is going for his first visit.

  79. BBC news made that same analogy earlier today. Right before skewering Trump as a political neophyte.

  80. BBC said same stupid things about Reagan.

  81. I am a bit dismayed that John Bolton has not been appointed as deputy SecState.
    Yes, we need Tillerson, but we also need Bolton.

  82. I’m making meatloaf with liver, sausage, grassfed beef, and asiago, enrobed in pasta sauce I grew in the garden and canned in that same kitchen.

    So artisinal. Many nutrients. Wow.

  83. Has a UN ambassador been named? He’s got some experience.

  84. Leon, Nikki Haley has already been confirmed. And you don’t need Bolton for the easy job of saying ‘fuck you’ to a room full of assholes.

    But we do need him to regularly whip State dept employees and make them cry like little girls.

  85. I was so happy to see Chris Berman go. His shtick was so annoying.

    I’ll miss Brent Musburger. I enjoyed listening to him call a game, but he’s not politically correct enough for ABC/ESPN. I bet he has some great stories.

  86. Leon,

    You need to grow a full beard, wear skinny jeans and a trilby, and listen to obscure bands on vinyl.

  87. This is so true


    Obama used to do the stray voltage by doing or saying something stupid to get the outrage meter pegged to 11 and, in the midst of all that, slip in some unrelated but nevertheless huge policy change that was the real outrage. In retrospect Trump is eating his lunch.

  88. My legs are still too muscled for skinny jeans. Or jeans in general.

    Also – and we may have covered this – I’m not even remotely an audiophile. I barely listen to music at all, let alone on vinyl.

  89. Jimbro, the analogy I like is to the supposed scientist in the arctic who encountered a polar bear while he was a few hundred feet away from the safety of his cabin. He couldn’t outrun the bear, but started running anyway. As the bear came near, he threw his hat to the ground. That distracted the bear for a few seconds, and the guy kept running. Next came the scarf, the gloves etc. In the end, the scientist did reach his cabin safely. Naked, but alive.

    Trump is throwing them one issue to chew on after another, while he runs towards completing his agenda. He will reach 2020 successful and gloriously naked.

  90. His shtick was great in the beginning. I loved early ESPN.

    It got old after a while.

  91. And hopefully pays off $$$ wise!

    waaaaay too many dollar signs there, buddy.

    It pays more than the music store, but not enough so that I don’t still do the books there.

    Still a work in progress.

    I told Buck I would buy 10 of his books if he would give me a shout-out during the Super Bowl.

    He said “No.”

    I said “Okay, how about 15?”

    “Uuuuh … no.”

    Okay, we’ll haggle.

  92. I enjoyed listening today wiser. Good variety of topics.

    In talk radio success breeds success.

    I think. I’m not 100% sure what that means but it seems to fit the situation.

  93. Ragan and Thatcher worked together to bring down the evil empire.

    Had some help from Pope John Paul, too. Can’t leave him out.

  94. It was a good show. The Buck interview didn’t go the way I thought it was going to. Although you did get a McCarver comment in there.

  95. >>Had some help from Pope John Paul, too.

    yeah, no help this time. The current Pope is a liberal assclown.

  96. I enjoyed listening today wiser. Good variety of topics

    Thanks! I try to mix things up and not be a one-trick pony. That bores me.

    I wish I could have had the Scientology guy on for another half-hour. He was awesome.

  97. The Buck interview didn’t go the way I thought it was going to.

    Yeah, since it was my producer who made that happen, I really couldn’t tell him he couldn’t interview him.

  98. This is absolutely the best liver-containing dish I’m yet to try. The asiago helps bigly.

  99. Ace still makes me laugh from time to time.

    Internet Muscles

    Do not be fooled. They are not real muscles. I know it feels like you just pulled eight plates when you dash off a Sick Burn, but here’s the reality: You’re a pussy and a tremendous disappointment to your father.

  100. It got old after a while.


    He’s got a 100 Day Plan. Then he’ll golf for 265 days in a row to upstage Obama.

  101. Well, I don’t care how much you make, if you’re happy, I’m happy for you.

    But make some money for your broke ass! Getting back to Belize doesn’t pay for itself!

  102. Ha ha! Trump contemplates bringing back waterboarding.

    By the time liberals and media are done frothing at the mouth and yelping, they would realize that we have a new Supreme Court justice they should have opposed, instead of drowning under their own bullshit.

  103. Well, I don’t care how much you make, if you’re happy, I’m happy for you.

    I’m ecstatic. Having a blast. First job I’ve ever had where I wake up before the alarm goes off.

  104. >>First job I’ve ever had where I wake up before the alarm goes off.

    That is something a few extra bucks, or a lot extra bucks cannot buy.

  105. I actually get nauseated – sick to my stomach – if an alarm wakes me. I’ve made every effort in my professional life to keep from needing to wake up to one. I also set a different alarm that tells me when I need to step away from glowing rectangles and go to bed.

  106. Not letting them get set, Tushar.

  107. I think the MFM just got Trump’d into covering the March for Life tomorrow. Thanks Muir. Thx ABC

  108. Pence going to the march forces them to cover it, gets cameras on the event. Someone will note that it has more attendees than the inauguration…

    It’s almost like he knows what he’s doing.

  109. I usually wake up around 5:00, I haven’t used an alarm clock in 10 years.

  110. I have a four-legged alarm.

  111. I set an alarm every weekday just so I can snooze it a few times. Mrs. Pupster has learned to live with it…I think that 9 minutes of snooze button sleep is the best sleep of the night.

  112. I usually wake up when I need to w/o an alarm. It kinda sucks.

  113. >>I set an alarm every weekday just so I can snooze it a few times. Mrs. Pupster has learned to live with it…I think that 9 minutes of snooze button sleep is the best sleep of the night.


  114. When Paula works overnight I keep my phone near my bed and set the alarm on it. For some reason she’ll set her alarm for me even when it’s me that needs to wake up early. I’ve never understood that but I’m going with it until she wises up.

  115. So were an alarm clock blog now?

  116. >>So were an alarm clock blog now?

    Looks like it. Everyone is snoozing.

  117. That drive me nuts.

  118. I got up at the crack of 11am today.

  119. I have never hit snooze.

  120. As an aside, the lead male in Man in the high Castle has the body of a 12 year old.

    I find myself torn between wanting him to die to move came to a new major character and thinking I’m watching a show full of fem boys.

  121. So, when we visit MiL, Dan asked me to wear regular clothes. My tee shirts were triggering memories in some of the residents. I grabbed an American flag tee instead of The Punisher tee I wanted to wear. Not cool wearing a death head tee to a dementia facility. Walk into livingroom…Dan is wearing a Punisher tee. (He layered, so no dementia peeps were triggered)

  122. I had to crackfat today.
    Hoo boy.

    I am almost too old for this shit.

  123. Evening.

  124. Today I died of a massive and prolonged coronary event. Then I got better.

  125. I put my very clumsy maintenance guy in a basket and lifted him 30 feet in the air so he could walk around on a crane in the wind. He was surprisingly agreeable about the whole business, and he didn’t splat.

  126. Was he wearing a hard hat?

  127. Not today.

  128. Today I went through all of the old photo albums to pull pictures for Daughter #1 to use in her “The Way They Were” video at her wedding.

    She was an only child for five years; after that, there aren’t that many of her by herself. And once she got to middle school, she and her friends were the ones taking most of the pictures with her in them.

  129. TiFW, congrats on the wedding, hope it goes well and that they will be the classic happy couple.

  130. I used to love sitting on the couch and looking at photo albums when I was a little puppy. We have never done an album in our 20 plus years as a family, the boys hate pictures and videos.

  131. I quit doing photo albums when we went digital. I still have school pics and professional prints to organize at some point.

  132. You should see my photo album of your mom.

  133. Mare,
    Who do you think is “The Male Lead” in TMITHC?
    That story wanders around, a lot…
    Are you still in season one?
    Have you met ubergrupenfurher Smith, and his family?
    (they are not in the book)
    Have you met “Trade Minister” Tagomi?
    Tagomi is ‘an honorable man’.
    The different films are different timelines, with different outcomes.
    I’ll say no more…

  134. A muppet loving loser will be on Wiser’s show tomorrow.

    What terrible word should I use?

  135. Falafel.

  136. “Gin”

  137. Trump

  138. Gimp

  139. Prolapse

  140. Crevice

  141. niggardly

  142. guerilla

  143. chink in the armor

  144. the girls modified bball team got smoked tonight….
    first year for the coach – she’s got a lot to learn

  145. the coach is about 21ish…

  146. “Life”

  147. Had to laugh at the KKK at Bowling Green. I have a similar if not the same microscope cover in my lab. Raaaaaacist.

  148. i just heard turtle mcconnell flapping his maw….

    makes me want to reach thru the radio and slap him in his face

    i’m not sure if i detest him equally or more than the dem douche from the desert reid

  149. A muppet loving loser will be on Wiser’s show tomorrow.

    You’ll have a drink ready if I ask, right?

  150. hopefully someone will kick him in the poon soon

  151. “The Red Velvet Muppet”

  152. mj use quotidian

  153. we should do a poat on words that sound dirty but aren’t

  154. MJ, there is no more terrible word than Obama.

  155. Don’t even respond, Paloma.

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