Year Of The Rooster

How is everyone celebrating the Year Of The Rooster? I know Mare will run outside at midnight and shout “COCK” at her loudest. Carin will bring her chickens to a photography studio to get a group portrait. Leon will eat several chickens. Scott and Laura will smoke a chicken. Jewstin will create a gourmet meal using only chicken gizzards.  Alex will attempt to eat fifty chicken eggs. Oso will get a sriracha temporary tattoo of the logo on her ankle. And some Hostage somewhere will keep f*cking that chicken.

Neat logo


Don’t search for rooster dance


Spicy cock


Leon in the back field


And, of course, the classic blooper we hope wiser never makes while on air

Have a great weekend everyone!




  1. Masterpiece Theatre right ‘ere!

  2. hey

  3. hey!

  4. HEY!!

  5. this is H2

  6. I’m picking up 4000 pounds of flooring. Sorry.

    Why not 4001?

  7. Asian dude had some balls in that clip.


    More of this please.

  9. i took a client and his chi-com wife out to lunch for chinese new year yesterday…
    i had some kind of fried spare rib dish –
    i hope i didn’t contract anything incurable

  10. their 3yo kid is completely out of control
    it’s a nightmare being around him

  11. i don’t understand how a parent can permit the behavior he displays –
    he needs a boot in his ass


    More of this please.
    In a lot of ways, the worm has turned. Hopefully for a good long while and not just while they catch their breath and find new tactics.

  13. shit – can someone remove thAT PLEASE?

  14. oopps

  15. Giant snow weenus removed!

  16. I gave your mom the giant snow weenus. She thought it was cool.

  17. i meant to post just the link – minus the jpg
    when i hit post i said – fuck and started laughing like a mental patient

  18. n e way – thanks jimbro

  19. Every now and then I get out of control kids in my office. After so many years of practice I can usually forecast their meltdowns in advance. You give a pass to the kids who are mentally handicapped or in genuine pain because they just can’t help it. With the younger kids I’ll just leave the room so mom can get them under control and with the older kids I’ll dress them down right in the office. Ain’t no one got time for their bullshit.

  20. I could, but I think it’s fine.

  21. thanks leon –

    here’s the link to the snow weenus:

    i raffed cuz of the effort/time taken to do stupid shit… it’s something we’d prolly do if we had a winter meatup – on carin’s pond

  22. “How is everyone celebrating the Year Of The Rooster?”

    mare’s probably bellowing happy COCK year out of her front door right now….

  23. Wasn’t “On Carin’s Pond” a movie?

  24. Morning.

  25. One of my co-workers said there’s another cycle with five elements, so this is the year of the fire rooster. He paused, then added “or flaming cock”.

  26. When I hear “Emoluments” I think “Emollients”and wonder why anyone gives a shit about Trump lubing up.

  27. I am a Wood Rabbit.

  28. A rood wabbit?

  29. Apparently this means I’m mellow, indecisive, and non-judgemental.

    Fail, China, massive fail.

  30. Well, Chinese astronomers did get their asses kicked by Western astronomers in actually predicting the motion of the heavens, so it’s no surprise their accuracy is suspect.

  31. Firecock. Huhuhuh.

  32. We apparently got most of ours from ancient Egypt. They and the Toltecs had both figured out the precession of the equinoxes in 2160 year cycles. If China did that, I’m yet to read of it.

  33. Roamy is testing the aerodynamic qualities of roosters with a trebuchet, 7 sticks of licorice, and a very large cup of coffee.

  34. LARPing Angry Birds

  35. Did someone say cock?

  36. Cock Blog

  37. Mare seems to have a nose for cock.

  38. I wonder, how many citizens of sanctuary cities are going to be pissed off at their leaders for putting the welfare of illegals above the safety, security and well being of Americans.

    The Maimi-Dade city govt folded early. I expect more to fold, but there will of course be holdouts.

  39. The lead actor in Poldark is so good looking..

  40. I watch for the scenary. Yeah…scenary.

  41. Miami-Dade wasn’t really a sanctuary city on ideological grounds. Their objection was that they had to incur the cost of detaining illegals in the county jail while waiting for ICE to come collect them. There was no reimbursement for that, and over time, the costs did in fact add up.

  42. The Shannara series is quite good. I just started watching on Netflix.

  43. Yarrrrrgh! My game console is dead. Not being able to shoot virtual humans is making me sad. I may have to steal /commandeer my sons console…

  44. What game, Troy? I’m working through what I think will be my last Fallout 4 playthrough before I start Dishonored 2 or Infamous: Second Son.

  45. XBrad, in that case Trump should arrange for ICE to compensate the locals. Don’t let people oppose you over money. Go after the ideological assholes.

    Also, I have a proposal: declare a $500 reward if the information you provide leads to the detention of an illegal immigrant. I guess that will be very effecive. Anyone I suggest this to gets outraged, but no one can explain why it won’t be effective.

  46. Boy2 picked up Street Fighter the other day, we had fun playing for a couple of hours until they both started figuring out the special moves and combos, then I had to bow my button-mashing butt out of the tournament. No contest anymore.

  47. About 0300 this morning I heard a ‘squeek’ in the back-yard. Got up and looked out the window. The yard was full of elk, again. One was close enough to touch if the screens weren’t up.
    Seems like they did not like that we had a 10′ “Golden Lantern” Magnolia, as they broke it off at 2′ above the ground. Then, one went out front and knocked down the bird feeders.
    We hates them, yesss we do…

  48. You should eat them.


  50. *adds elk to list of Animal Assholes*

  51. R-L IB

  52. Hi was watching episodes of Star Trek TNG. One ensign looked familiar. Turned out to be Ashley Judd. Face status – not puffy.

  53. Battlefield 4 on ps3. I been planning on upgrading to ps4 so this provides the excuse. It’ll be a couple of months before I can make it happen. I’m going to play the ARK survival game tonight on the sons machine to see if I like it.

  54. Troy, I am quite bummed that they don’t make any controllers for XBox One that look like a gun. Would be a lot more fun to play FPS games with.

  55. Haven’t played any of the Battlefields. I’m sort of a sucker for the open world RPGs Bethesda puts out. On PS3, my favorite games were the Infamous series. I tried Arkham, but I realized that I just don’t want to be Batman. Maybe it was too much learning curve or too many sidequests too soon, but I found it overwhelming.

  56. Has Mare yelled COCK yet?

    Is Hillary still a cunt?

  57. Hillary will be a cunt until she repents of the wicked life she’s lived.

    So yes.


  59. lol

  60. I’m at a blues dancing workshop. Many pajama boys here.

  61. There’s a girl dancing who is kind of cute, very girly, but has a buzz cut. #veryconfused


  63. You are just the man to change the trajectory of her life

    Request some Barry White music…the bluesy stuff

  64. Buzz cut means she eats pussy. Tell her you do too.

    Should break the ice.

  65. She could have head lice.

    Ask her if she has head lice.

  66. Haha, I read HS comment as “moans when she eats pussy”

    Works either way

  67. Or maybe she’s in chemo.

    Ask her if she has cancer.

  68. >>Ask her if she has head lice.
    >>Or maybe she’s in chemo.

    **Shakes head. Walks away muttering.**

  69. Maybe she’s a skinhead.

    Ask her if she hates joos.

  70. Ask her if she lost a bet.

  71. Work sucked.

  72. I’ll ask her if she likes crossfit. Or how many softball players can fit in a Subaru.

    Cancer gal is another dancer. She’s wearing a knit cap in a hot ballroom.

  73. one of the most beautiful women i’ve ever met worked in a lab down in VA…
    she was a lez

  74. Buzz cut was as the lindygroove Christmas dance wearing a nice dress. Do lesbians do that? It wasn’t even flannel.

  75. scott’s right chrisp –
    elk are tasty.

    wack one as an object lesson for the others

  76. 200+ lbs of free meat.

  77. OY!
    General Shout out to Cyn & Chumpo

  78. wack one as an object lesson for the others

    And hang its bones as windchimes on a pole where the magnolia once stood.

  79. Well, this might be a good time to yell, COCK!

  80. WOO HOO


  81. Hey all. I’m celebrating Chinese New Year by being surrounded by Asians. There may only be one or two other white men here.

    It’s terrifying.

  82. SeanM my wife is a history teacher. She loves teaching the Mexican America war when she’s the only pinche gringa in the room. So far they haven’t re-enacted the Alamo on her ass. Student apathy can sometimes come in handy.

  83. Ooh. All it takes is for one of them to get “Woke” and she’s suddenly up on Hate Crime charges, PG.

  84. Lunar New Year. 🐓

  85. Shut up and drink your boba.

  86. Hahaha my Taiwanese friends still call it Chinese New Year. They aren’t woke yet 🎋

  87. “hang its bones as windchimes”

  88. Ha ha ha ha

  89. Great movie character. Sorry Kinison died so young.

  90. Had to look it up. He was only 38. I didn’t remember that he’d been killed in a car accident, either.

  91. I’d forgotten the car accident as well.

  92. Kid who killed him got community service.

  93. Did you know he started out as a preacher?

  94. His coke habit came later.

  95. I vaguely remember “car accident” since you mentioned it but if quizzed without a prompt I would have guessed OD

  96. I had the same thought, Jimbro. I knew he had some drug problems, and a lot of comedians went out like that back in the day, so I had just kind of assumed that was the case.

  97. Evening Hostages. Anyone else start any arguments on Facebook and then walk away?

  98. I saw some all star college game today and this guy was a QB. They showed his shirt and my jaw was agape

    I’m sure it’s pronounced differently than a Hostage would say it and it sounds like the kid had a good college career. The kind of player Bill Belichick (IBWT) would draft

    Shocked Jay never mentioned Beat Hard as a QB though

  99. what’s facebook?

  100. what’s Facebook?

    A scam.

  101. We were just on the 95. We call it the Kinison Death Stretch. I H8z it. Bcoch, which status? The one about immigration?

  102. Yeah, oso.

  103. i created a fake/phony account a week or so ago, so that i could screw with some of the ‘tards in the area…
    TJ Holz – i friended(?) some tranny sites – i plan on posing as the ultimate douche lefty but lob random facts and conservative comments into the conversations

    i may mix it up with some chem-trail stuff; i’ll play it by ear. i don’t have the time to screw with it too much

  104. Jay is an Iowa State fan. Gamecocks? I forget the mascot.

  105. Cyclones

  106. Beth-ard I believe is the mid-western pronunciation.

  107. Gamecocks is better.

  108. South Carolina would agree! I guess it fits Lunar New Year though

  109. Watched The Big Lebowski with boy2 tonight. That movie could use a sequel. Maybe Mcauley Culkan can play Dude Jr.

  110. Jackie Treehorn pulls a lot of water in this town.

    You don’t pull shit, Lebowski.

  111. We’re watching Inside Out for the first time. Pixar’d Herman’s Head

  112. I hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man.


  114. What a reactionary.

  115. “I hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man.”

    yep – i’ve always thought don henley was a douche….

  116. Yup. Mojo Nixon was right.

  117. Ain’t found a way to kill me yet
    Eyes burn with stinging sweat
    Seems every derp leads me to nowhere
    Wife and kids household pet
    Army green was no safe bet
    The bullets scream to me from somewhere

  118. Sleep is apparently no longer a physical requirement. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

  119. As long as you’re up, you should cook breakfast.

  120. Funny how a significant percentage of the people saying Trump is a terrible, horrible, un-American bigot are the same ones that said Bush knew 9/11 was coming and let it happen.

  121. And how do they get those professionally printed signs so fast?


  123. wakey wakey.

    Anyone else work with uninformed people LITERALLY FREAKING OUT over the “muslim ban”?

  124. 402 feet

  125. I’ve had an uninformed people ban in place for years, so no.

  126. LOL. I need that, but I think it would severely cut my friend list.

  127. Yeah, I’m going to stay off Facedouche for a bit. Mr. RFH’s cousin is frothing at the mouth and posting shit every 5 minutes.

  128. Mr. RFH succeeded in giving me his cold. **sticks pins in voodoo doll**

  129. Fuck that. i work with this uninformed nimrods. One girl wouldn’t talk to me yesterday because she didn’t want to hear my shit. Her room mate is dating a muslim and apparently their is some crises going on in their home over this. @@.

    I’m really tempted to ask if the dude’s relatives are involved in ISIS. Because that’s how you’re gong to get banned entry. Otherwise, you just can’t come today.

  130. Post-Truth Era.

    Only the freakout matters anymore. Climb up on a cross, strike a pose, and get your ass kissed by the derptelligentsia.

  131. for 1400 years (+/-) those motherfuckers have been killing Christians and recently they’ve had unimpeded access for their butchery –
    a minor obstacle is put in place and normal Civilized ppl are the problem. Unfettered access to victims = good dhimmi : Fettered access to victims = racism ✔

    I’ve had this conversation before & i’m becoming more strident about it – islam IS the problem; it promotes barbarity. So called “moderate” muzzies are culpable because they DO NOTHING TO STOP IT…..
    they are accessories to the carnage period

    religion of peace my ass

    if my fellow Christians had a doctrine that espoused wanton murder i’d sure as shit stand against it. Fuck the ignorant crusades argument, they don’t know history & fuck the spanish inquisition that wasn’t about Christ.

    /rant off

    time for church
    love y’all
    peace be with you my friends

  132. I do appreciate that Trump is keeping his campaign promises. Quite a refreshing change from Obama’s every statement has an expiration date.

  133. Is that what the freak out is over? Banning refugees fleeing ME hell holes?

    That’s a feature, not a bug.

    I swear, the left is in full meltdown mode. They couldn’t find their asses with blood hound.

    If any reporter had an ounce of objectivity they’d be pulling back the curtain on what is the freak show making up the Democrat party. They’re on life support for all to see yet no one is covering it.

    They’ve actually been destroyed to the point where Trump has to use the press as a foil because there’s no one left of the other side.

    They represent a fraction of the population in government and their answer is to keep fucking that chicken. There’s a story in there somewhere, if only someone wanted to look.

    Oh, good morning. Moving 4000 pounds of flooring sucked. I’m tired and covered in bruises. Like your mother.

  134. What Jam said.

    Mare loves Jam…and jelly (I had to do it)

  135. He’s done it this time!

    –The left

  136. Yeah, my twitter spew looks like an avalanche of junior high level retorts and taunting this morning.

  137. Bwahahahaha!!!

  138. That’s hilarious Roamy!

  139. Paragraph 5

    Ask your friends if they complianed loudly when Obama halted everyone from Iraq for siz months

  140. Or try the actual link. That link is no good.

  141. Remember when the left went crazy because Obama ended the wet foot/dry foot thing?

  142. I can’t even. My gay friend at work just posted this.

  143. Gays and Muslims. Heh.

  144. Last night Boyfriend and I went to a banquet.

    Boyfriend: Can I have some money to buy drinks?

    Me: *Rummaging in wallet* Goddamn you are an expensive bitch.

    Boyfriend:. Hey! . . . That’s true.

    MC: Where is my conservative table at? I know you’re here!

    Entire Table: *raises hands, points at me*

  145. Boyfriend is thoroughly invested in Pride events. I don’t give a shit, except if I dress up and go with him I get laid.

  146. And there’s usually free food.

  147. Jewstin, I am surprised they didn’t kick you out.

  148. I’m watching “The Song of Bernadette” and trying to imagine a film like that being made now, much less winning Oscars.

  149. So when do y’all think our current civil war goes hot? Where will the first engagement take place?

  150. Pendejo, DC. Not sure when.

  151. Pendejo, I am hoping that there is enough time for me to go through the NJ paperwork and get at least a shot gun before it gets hot.

  152. Not sure if this real, but not inconceivable.

  153. Roamie, I loved that movie. My school owned a copy of it, and I think we saw it once a year from third grade to eighth.

  154. Tush, I’d be happy to buy a shotgun and sell it to you at the next meatup.

  155. Meatup loophole.

  156. Pancakes and sausage for lunch. No muslims.

  157. Just browsing through twitter this morning and both sides are upping th belligerence of their rhetoric a lot. These libs are way way way committee to admitting enough folks from where ever that whites no longer have a voice in running the country. It’s amazing.

  158. Committed. Not committee.

  159. Hotspur, Jennifer Jones is so beautiful, and I had forgotten that Vincent Price was the heavy.

  160. The last caller on Jill on Money really pissed me off.

    Guy and his wife are retired.

    Million dollar home.
    Free healthcare for life.
    2 million in investments.

    $15,000 per month pension plus social security.

    They worked for the Federal Government.

  161. not sure what mj did – but he prolly deserved it:

  162. Half the day wasted.

    Jewstin goes to gay pride events for the same reason (some) men go to feminist bullshit.

    It’s all good.

    Funny story about the hand raising.

  163. I could walk in to Cabela’s, and walk out forty five minutes later with the gun of your choice, just not a hand gun.

  164. HS,
    I could walk out with any gun. No waiting here if you have a CCP…

  165. Loved JJ in Duel in the Sun. ❤️ that movie!

  166. Unless the federal govt imposes some kind of national statute, I don’t see gun ownership becoming any easier in NJ

  167. the end is h2 material:

  168. Song of Bernadette lost best picture Oscar to Casablanca.

    I have to scan down to the makeup and visual effects awards before there’s a movie I’ve seen in this year’s nominations. I’m told Hidden Figures is good, but it’s too much like a busman’s holiday for me to want to see it.

  169. My 52 day week has come to a close.

    I have packed all of the things.

  170. Sunday. No football. This sucks.

  171. Going to Paris tomorrow. Never been there before. Should be a couple of international incidents occurring in the next couple of days,

  172. Roamie,

    I think Hidden Figures is just chicks doing math.

    Doubt it will appeal to you.

  173. Je ne comprez pas! Parlais vous Anglais?

  174. Phat! Long time no see. Hope you are not drawing penises in the sky with jet exhaust.

  175. Phat, the clips I saw were the women being put down. I was catching shit like that up through 1998. My boss in 1988 said he didn’t want me on his team because I’d drop out to have babies and he’d have to find someone else. Co-worker in 1991 said I had no business taking a good job away from a man who needed to support his family. Etc.

    I’m sure they went through a lot worse in the 1960’s, but I don’t need a lecture on it.

  176. Roamie,

    Men are assholes. You are the smartest person I know (and I know a few clever individuals.)

    That someone would say that about you speaks to their own prejudices, and says a lot about your perseverance.

    There. I just summarized ‘Hidden Figures’ in one sentence!

  177. Tush, I’ve been around, but the international flying has on the back side of the clock for most of the month.

    Unless I want to talk Derp with Sean, there’s usually no one here when I check in.

  178. *blush*

    Thanks, Phat. Next meetup, first drink’s on me. And I’m sure that’s a pretty good summary of the movie.

  179. I thought Hidden Figures was a Hillary campaign ad, or maybe an early one for Moochelle, because raaaaaaaaaaaaaacism.

  180. I heard some Oscar talk this morning on my drive to church. I had never heard of any of the movies. I only heard about Hidden Figures because it showed up on some other sites as an obvious propaganda piece.

  181. Hollywood can blow me. I will never go to a movie theater again, or pay to rent a movie.

  182. Mom worked in a factory in the mid 1960s. At the end of the work day, one bell would ring to discharge the women, and then after a few minutes, the second bell would ring and the men would be let go.

    When the first bell rang, the men formed a long gauntlet that the women had to pass through in order to leave the factory. They would jeer and leer and try to grope the women as they passed. The women all ran like Hell to get clear of the building before the next bell.

    Mom said even the little old lady that she drove to work with every day, ran as fast as she could.

    Shit was sure different back then. I know this is not how it was all over, but the fact that it went on at all tells you how different.

  183. Factory jerks kilt it

  184. Factory jerks are jerks.

  185. I made Twitchy!

  186. Scott, Ha! Good “your mom” opportunity also.

  187. Lunatic protesters at DTW. All flights delayed.

    TSA had 1 fucking job…

  188. Lauraw, women that persevered like your mom, Roamy, and the Hidden Figures “Black” women are the reason why the pussy hat march deserved and got no respect.

  189. Looks like someone hacked Delta’s ticketing system too. Joy.

  190. Nice one Scott!

  191. They were literally protesting the concept of citizenship.

  192. Citizenship is a scam.

  193. The Pro Bowl is a scam

  194. I wish I was completely joking there, btw. Here in Blue America, we’re treated to all kinds of officials on the state and local level talking super tough about how they’re going to protect the illegal aliens in our midst. Jerry Brown dedicated a not insignificant portion of his State of the State address to that very topic. The good news for those of you who like Trump is that his reelection commercials are basically being written for him.

  195. Sean, we have the Church lecturing us as well. Just like SoCal. My Senators voted Nay on most Trump appointees. Mi familia is rushing to support PP and the ACLU. My dad was a lifelong ACLU member until post 9/11.

  196. Sean,
    Last night at SeaTac, the WA gov & Seattle mayor both showed-up to join the Soros rent-a-mob, and get some camera-time, to bad-mouth Trump.
    After a bit, the airport/travelers, and cops had enough and started busting heads, pepper-spray, and arrest those that did not GTFO…

  197. I haven’t gone to Church since before Christmas. I don’t think I can stand to sit there and be lectured about how we need to let a couple million diseased criminals into our country.

  198. CoAlEx some of the Moron priests on FB have been addressing this exact same issue. Roamy knows.

  199. “B-but Mary and Joseph were diseased criminals!” –The kind of Biblical Scholars who wouldn’t be caught dead in a church unless Hillary was practicing her Southern accent therein.

  200. Sourdough bread with Kerrygold butter. Waiting for Well-Done ribeye.

  201. Always that effing Soros. He is truly evil.

  202. Mare, my cousin only recd 100K in Soros money. Ran unopposed for BernCo DA. Local media barely glanced at Soros 💰

  203. “Waiting for Well-Done ribeye.”

    why bother?

  204. The dealio about temporary sriracha tattoos: dog besos. Nasty dog 💩

  205. Is Jam one of the rare beef eaters?

  206. I don’t think I can stand to sit there and be lectured about how we need to let a couple million diseased criminals into our country.

    I’m not a church-goer, but if I were, I would go just to get up and walk out in the middle of this kind of bullshit.

  207. I’ve walked out twice. I refrained from the FU, barely.

  208. Our last Archbishop is in serious heat. New Archbishop was hired due to his illegal sanctuary BS. Under Sheehan we became a late abortion destination. New arch is fighting our mayor over loss of sanctuary city designation. Fag Santa Fe Mayor is the last bastion of hell express

  209. Ya’ll are in the wrong parishes. Mood at mine has been upbeat, and the homilies haven’t touched that crap. Worst it got was our deacon praying for a “moment of sanity” in the months leading up to the election.

  210. Leon, we are back to parish shopping. 26 to choose from. Hoping one is Catholic.

  211. That was funny Scott

  212. Check bumper stickers at the masses.

  213. Looks like we’re sucking it up and returning to Fatima. Pray for Oso

  214. Wear your MAGA shirt.

  215. I pray for all you morons. I light a candle for Rosetta every time I go to confession after I do penance. It’s all I can do for him.

  216. Comment by scott on January 29, 2017 6:01 pm
    I made Twitchy!


  217. One of the amazing things about AA is that people (at least in my area) have been really good about keeping political stuff out of the meetings. I can pretty much count on my fingers the number of times people have brought up stuff like that over the last five years.

  218. Also, Scott is a funny mofo.

  219. True on both counts, leon.

  220. Yes, that was an intended double entendre.

  221. My attendance has been challenged. My faith has never wavered. Time to reclaim His name from the losers. My dad was an ACLU atheist for 30 years. He was broken by BDS. Messican familia recently discovered ACLU. Posted support for PP.

  222. I’m not challenging any one. Any where. I think mi familia is destined for hell. Dan and I are praying like crazy.

  223. I don’t respond while Dan hides/Blocks mi familia

  224. Well, oso, if you want to do something to piss off your jerk-ass family members, root for Cal. We’re playing Stanfurd tonight. Up by 11 with just under 12 minutes to play.

  225. “Natural conservatives” my hairy buttcrack.

  226. On a completely unrelated note, Taboo is pretty good so far. I think they’re only three episodes in, so it shouldn’t be too tough to catch up with if you didn’t watch from the beginning. I started watching repeats of Atlanta, too. Funny show.

  227. That stars Kay Parker, right?

  228. Ha! good one, Scott.

  229. That stars Kay Parker, right?

  230. She earned that “World’s Greatest Mom” mug.

  231. I light a candle for Rosetta every time I go to confession after I do penance. It’s all I can do for him.

    I miss that big lug.

  232. Really amazing how bat-shit crazy the Lefties are reacting to the immigration hold. Seriously insane and irrational.

  233. I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet, Peps. They’re holding back on the giant papier-mache puppets so far.

  234. Ok, this may get long, so bear with me:

    Dear friend and pizza buddy, Jack, collapsed yesterday at breakfast. We got a phone call several hours later, telling us he was in the hospital down the street from us (we are literally a mile from the downtown medical district). Since we aren’t family, hospital can’t tell us his condition.

    I have daughter #3 take me to the hospital. Get there to find that friend is unconscious and on a ventilator. Relay information to friends, then go back home after leaving contact information with nurses station.

    Get home and start making phone calls, finally am able to get in touch with friend’s only known relative, his sister. She doesn’t drive in the big city, is obviously overwhelmed by all that is going on; can get a friend to drive her from her house (about an hour away) the next day. I offer to meet her at hospital and help her get through everything, she agrees to call on her way in to town.

    Correspond/coordinate with friends, and I am now the person on point.

    Fast forward to today. I call friend’s sister around 1:00, as I haven’t heard from her. She tells me that she spoke with the doctors, they were finally able to do an MRI, and he is basically done for. She has given them orders to take him off of life support, as she knows from prior discussions with him that he doesn’t want to be kept alive by artificial means.

    She is not going to be able to get here, and can’t bear the thought of seeing him like that. I ask if she would like for me to be there with him when they take him off; she is grateful for the offer, and calls the hospital to tell them to wait until we get there to do anything.

    We also get her permission to have other friends come and say their goodbyes, and she gives verbal consent to the staff to allow me to get information and take possession of his personal items.

    His friends make their way to the hospital, and those who can’t get here are able to tell him goodbye through cell phones held to his ear. We finally give consent to remove life support around 3:30.

    (More in a minute…)

  235. Sorry to hear that you have to bear such a burden, TiFW. But you are a good friend. It’s a fine thing you’re doing for that poor man’s sister.

  236. Oh, it’s not a burden at all, Sean. He and his sister are very close; this is just too much for her to take. We’ve been in constant contact since yesterday, and will continue to be in the days and weeks to come.

    Actually, this is an honor and a blessing – to be able to be here for both him and his sister is humbling. He has been such a good friend to so many people; he is very loved.

  237. (….continuing the story)

    When they remove his life support, many people are there to see him to the other side.

    Only he isn’t quite ready to go. Over the next few hours, more friends are able to either show up or tell him goodbye over the phone. Those of us gathered recall favorite stories and share a lot of laughs together.

    After about 4 hours, Jack is still with us, and we are now looking at him being moved to Palliative Care in another part of the hospital.

    It gets to be 9:00, and we all realise this may be a longer journey than any of us thought.

    People have to go to work in the morning, and no one has had dinner.

    I told his sister he wouldn’t be alone, so they all filter out, after saying their goodbyes. Mr. TiFW gets me dinner and brings me some stuff from home so that I can stay with Jack overnight.

    Transport finally came to take Jack to the new wing at 11:10, and that’s when I finally had time to talk with my online friends.

    He is resting comfortably, and the staff is wonderful.

    I’ll be here overnight – there is a fold out chair, so I can get some sleep when I can’t keep my eyes open any more.

    Glad you guys are here for me to “talk” to 🙂

  238. Durian–especially rank, pungent.

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