Greetings spinners, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your subjects today are naturally attached to a comely young lass from Plymouth, Devon, England, United Kingdom, Britain.  Standing 5’4″, 30E-23-35 and 120lbs, please stop saying the wrong thing and welcome, Miss Courtnie Quinlan!




  1. Primero, Perras.

  2. She seems nice.

  3. Manager has been in a snit all week, and I figured it was the reorganization. Turns out someone told her that a co-worker and I went drinking after work last Friday and she’s mad at us because she wasn’t invited. I didn’t go drinking, I had to pick up Mini-me from school. Manager made herself scarce all day, so even if I thought she wanted to socialize for the first time ever, she wasn’t around to invite.

  4. She seems like she has a body for pleasing a man, but I wouldn’t know because I’m not a man. *cough*

  5. I would like to take her out for a round of mini golf.

  6. I didn’t go drinking
    Said every hostage ever when confronted with evidence to the contrary.

  7. LOL MJ

    wakey wakey

  8. If/When Hillary wins I’m going to get a couple more big dogs and a few guns.

  9. She seems like she has a body for pleasing a man, but I wouldn’t know because I’m not a man.

    your instincts are on point. As the kids say nowadays.

  10. Roamie, I think VT may have kicked shit out of the young scholars from Miami last night. I dint stay up to watch th finish though.

  11. I’m going to Phoenix today. Y’all think I ought to Cold Call Cyn?

  12. Yea, I’m sure she’d like that. Peek through the windows first.

  13. She’ll think I’m xbrad.

  14. She appears to be built for comfort and of a pleasant height, I approve.

  15. Lurker, or inventive spam?

  16. That’s a spammer, anyone mind if I kill the comment?

  17. I unapproved it, if he’s a human he can politely ask to pimp his blog here.

  18. fried spam in the morning

  19. nice jobboobs pup

  20. I gotta go to Boston today.

    I will utter the word Masshole about 47 times.

  21. Isn’t that Bahstahn?

  22. Sympathies, Scott. I only visit the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. That way I can do it as God intended: heavily armed and in power armor.

  23. It’s time for a little Smashing Pumpkins right now.

    See what these speakers can do

  24. *calls in noise complaint

  25. Silverf*ck.

    Sounds nice on these speakers.

    Billy Corgen sounds good playing all the instruments.

  26. I used to drive into Boston on a whim to see concerts and visit friends. Now that I’ve lived in Maine for so long a drive down there provokes major anxiety. I have a conference coming up in November that I’m attending. I vowed to never attend that one but my friend convinced me it would be a great time to catch up.

  27. You’re gonna want some power armor.

  28. On a whim we did Boston for two days while hanging with our daughter. Stayed by the USS Constitution. Perfect place to stay because the Freedom Trail basically ran in front of our hotel (1/2 block away). Walked to Bunker Hill (of course I stepped to the top of the monument), took a bus tour and a boat tour of the harbor. Went to Mass, a 5 min walk from hotel and ate in local hangout eateries. Fantastic. Never been there before. I like it much, much better than New York. We had perfect cool weather. We did not drive around the city which is good, let the tour driver worry about it. Have driven a number of times in NY city….BOOOOOOOOO

  29. Seeing reports of a cyberattack that is effecting the east coast. Interesting….probably has nothing to do with our dumbass president running his fucking mouth about cybering the russians….

  30. I will go to my grave KNOWING our President of 8 years was a complete affirmative action dunce, leftist puppet.

  31. You left out pussy, Mare.

  32. Too bad these knuckle dragging thugs are too stupid to know that those phones are useless without the Apple ID and password that they are tethered to.


    Have fun, assholes.

  33. “We are going to attack you on this front” said no general you’ve ever heard of in any conflict ever won by that general’s side.

    The only way that makes any sense at all is if it’s a complete lie to achieve some other end.

  34. Well, they do, leon. However, as with Schwatzkopf, it’s usually a feint.

    And morons (small m) fall for feints.

    I don’t think that the current bunch is that clever.

  35. Putin’s people have to look at that and say “Is he serious? Is he really that stupid?”

    Yes, yes he is. And so are half our electorate.

  36. Shoot, I did forget pussy. Damn it.

  37. I’m starting to think Fallout is a best-case scenario.

  38. I wonder if they’ll nuke Detroit or decide (1) it’s already destroyed and (b) it’s too close to Canada.

    They might nuke Dearborn, though, to destroy industrial capacity.

  39. ^^^plusses and minuses^^^ IYKWIMAITTYD

  40. I think Detroit and it’s environs will be low on it’s priority.

  41. You might hit Lansing to disrupt government, big factories to stop us from bending and forging metal, but on the whole I think MI is safe. Plus, the rate of water turnover is really high, so the fallout should remediate in 20-30 years even if it comes.

  42. Is this site for real? Can’t decide, and the story makes me scratch my head:

  43. Couldn’t you just supply the whole state with Flint’s water?

  44. It looks legit.

  45. Here’s something we can all get behind. Millennial Men Rush to Restore Their Foreskins, ‘Feel Whole Again’

  46. Maria Bartiromo’s boobage at the Al Smith Dinner should be noted for Big Boob Friday

  47. No foreskin no peace!

  48. Mohels hardest hit

  49. All the males will transition to females for the easier standards

  50. Yesterday was fun. Had to work cattle in the morning, then an outfitter called my son to ask him to pack out an elk one of his hunters got. “It’s right next to you” “You can drive within a mile of it.” “It will only take a couple of hours.” “I’ll give you directions”

    I went to help, since loading an elk onto mules is way easier with two guys.

    “I’ll give you directions” turned into, “You can follow the hunters to the trail”, which turned into “Bring an extra horse for the hunter”, which turned into him riding in the truck with us.

    “Next to you” evidently meant driving for an hour and 15 minutes.

    “You can drive within a mile of it.” meant you can get 4.2 miles away as the crow flies. This turned into about 8 miles of riding in pretty rough country.

    “It will only take a couple of hours.” turned into about a 12 hour deal.

    As a bonus, we got back at 10:59, at 11:00 the power went out. Fun, fun, fun….

  51. Soon to be a major film release, the story of a ragtag platoon of transgender Marines who go on to win a war thought lost when their cis-gender comrades suffer defeat by the Russians.

    Just needs a title

  52. Yep, fucked.

  53. “It’s right next to you” “You can drive within a mile of it.” “It will only take a couple of hours.” “I’ll give you directions”

    To be fair, he didn’t define your starting point, or vehicle choice. Politifact rates this Mostly True.

  54. you need to post your rack pic, pepe. Stunning, and HUGE!

  55. Actually not really big for around here, J’Ames.

  56. Work with me here, pepe, we’re on BBF.

  57. Just needs a title

    Queers in Combat Geer

  58. Mud Buds

  59. Looks like a few sites I visit daily are part of the cyber attack.

  60. Phuck the police (ace sidebar story). Notice that the family he helps is WHITE.

    Man, it’s dusty in here ….

  61. Alice Packs

  62. I’m tempted to buy this and just pay it down over time instead of a 401k. Build on it when we can.

  63. Alice Packs


  64. Remote meatup activity?

  65. ^Oh my! Even back then your mom was active!

  66. Wow. Iran want some more money for hostages. Who’da thunk negotiating with terrorists would result in more demands for cash?

  67. Hahahahaha

    Didn’t expect that last part.

  68. “Haglin was fired from her teaching position and now works as a stripper using the name “Bambi.””

    Seriously. Parody is dead. If you tried to make this shit up, no one would believe it.

    $5 says she’s voting for Hillary.

  69. Hillary is a doodie head.

  70. Only 2 Massholes today.

    Yeah, Boston is a fun city once you get there.

  71. Last time I was in Boston was for the Democratic National Convention. I was sent with a team to secure the Republican Media Center. Got to meet Guliani on that trip. Got to meet some nice union corksoakers to…….good times….

    Bostonian’s are actually proud of the fact that their roads were built over existing cow paths and are all fucked up.

  72. Yikes, got choked up watching that police video.

  73. Boston is a nice city. The people are horrendous and should all be nuked with a really big bomb. Possibly some sort of fission device.

    My recommendation is to buy property in Charlotte. People are currently fighting over our house. It’s been 4 days.

  74. I think I’ll stick with land in the middle of the blessed peninsula, even so.

    I wonder if it’s hilly enough for wine grapes. I could make my own chardonnay.

  75. Nice looking place, Leon. Looks like the deer are fairly queuing up to be done in :)

  76. So, YouTube is censoring Project Veritas now?

  77. Hmm, I can still see the videos. Gotta look before posting.

    Stupid internet.

  78. Blerg.

  79. The problem is internet access. West Michigan sucks for cable, and rural areas doubly so. I can’t work from home on 15Mb/s, so satellite isn’t an option.

  80. Roamie!

  81. What. Does. Marcelis. MI. LOOK LIKE!

  82. Basically all of it but a square quarter-mile looks like that RE listing.

  83. At the rat shack for a friend’s birthday.

  84. I’ve been at the bone factory all day. 1130 case began at 1530. I arrived 2 hours early for the original start time to do some reading about the approach and the anatomy so that basically meant a lot of Candy Crush and coffee in styrofoam cups.

  85. I don’t remember Minnis Mouse having a sleeve of tattoos, shaved head, or a girlfriend.

  86. $129,000 for almost 30 acres?

    It would get you 1/2 acre around here.

  87. Yeah, it’s really tempting, Scott. The wide and is the limiting factor, but maybe I can have cable run there or just wait until it gets there and then move.

  88. Dammit, wideband.

  89. Greetings, people who probably aren’t wearing shorts right now and b-rad.

  90. 12 yr old boy in the Club today. He was wearing ladies yoga capris, both ears were pierced, and his name was Dustin.

  91. Good Lord, what is this country coming to?

    I mean, just imagine how sick you have to be to name your child Dustin.

  92. I don’t know if I shared this here or not, but one morning when I was in a hurry to get Nessie the Wonderdog outside (hurkahurkahurka) I grabbed some black sweatpants and jumped in them on my way to the door. Turns out they were Mrs. Pupster’s yoga pants. Not only were they quite comfortable, my ass looked fantastic.

  93. Uh huh. If you were in such a hurry, how do you account for the high heels and makeup?

  94. The yellow urka gurkas.

  95. We had to feed our dogs every 12 hours we would get gurkas.

  96. or we would

  97. Laura picked up a $120 garden cart/trailer that had been marked down to $40.

    Pretty spiffy.

  98. This dept manager and I were walking around discussing stuff to go out in a big clearance sidewalk sale the next day. Fountains, lawn decorations, other such crap.

    We get to the cart and he pulls the tag down and looked it up and said, ‘I dunno, how about forty-‘ and I said “MINE.” He startled and looked at me and said, ‘really?’ I said “MINE.” and then I did the Deep Discount Dance. Then I pulled a sharpie out from behind a column and signed the manager’s ass, and spiked him into the ground.

  99. I know that probably seems rude, but this is Connecticut.

  100. Forget it, Jake. It’s Connecticutown.

  101. …a big clearance sidewalk sale

    Gotta make room for Christmas stuff!

    I grabbed a few pumpkins and LED bulbs at The Depot the other day and clerks were busy rolling out the Christmas stuff.

  102. Had I known LED bulbs would be so efficient and cheap due to subsidies I would have never stocked up on 100 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs. .

  103. I was at the gym the other day and took my headphones off for a second and they were playing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on the sound system.

  104. I still live in terror of running out of 100w incandescent. I’ll have to make some other fixture and use 3 40w bulbs instead.

  105. They aren’t cheap until your tax dollars kick in.

    When I first asked about them I was told….”you are an idiot if you don’t buy them, you are already paying for them.”

  106. If you run low shoot me a line and we’ll work a deal. I’m guessing you need them for the heat generation during the winter?

  107. Sean, Dan made the same “Dustin” joke you did. Dustin’s mom seemed to be really excited to have a “Daughter” to shop with. I was shocked that she still called him Dustin and not Dustiny or some other girlification of his name

  108. Dustiny is a stripper name.

  109. His pole dance will probably be different.

  110. Dan walked by to get me for break. I said “That’s a boy. His name is Dustin” (Dan isn’t very tolerant)

  111. Sorry I’ve been gone a bit. Shit has sucked.

    Most of you know that I am from Texas, not many know that my little bro is a motorcycle cop in Dallas.

    He was in in a horrific accident while responding. Still in a coma, but stable for now. I’ve been there twice in the past week to make an ass out of myself.

    I will tell the the story about how I was the biggest dick ever to the greatest people ever. In my defense, I’m a dick.

  112. Prayers for Phatbro.

  113. You’re not a dick, phat, you’re just…um…picaresque.

    And I will keep your brother in my prayers.

  114. Baylor Medical Center in Dallas is in the heart of Downtown,

    Tried to find rooms, no rooms, the Corinthian B&B was listed on the hotel website and I gave them call.

    Went to bed, figured on last resort I’d stay at my mom’s in Euless.

    Next morning had a phone call from Dan at the Corinthian saying they had a room available.

    Because my brother is a cop, they picked me up in squad car. I explained this to Dan.

    Said, let me show up, check in, drop my bag and run to the hospital.

  115. Prayers for you and your brother.

  116. The next morning I tried to pay for my night and Dan said, ‘No Charge’, your’re Cop family.

    I was kinda pissed (because I do have money). He said, ‘you are a military officer and your Cop brother is in surgery’ would you like a fruit cup and coffee to go?’

  117. After I watched little bro wheeled into surgery, I looked over to my middle bro.

    Nothing we can do here. Beer run!

    EVERY cop had to tell me that you can buy Liquor before 10 am in Dallas.

    Can I buy it if you drop me off in a Cop car and you come in with me?

  118. You’d be very surprised what you can do when you walk out of a cop car with a badge.

  119. Little Bro is stable, but still in a coma.

    Been a sucky week.

  120. I know we have some DFW people who would love to help.

    My bro’s wife has almost TOO much help.

    Justin is still unconscious. Every time i go to the hospital and see the line of police bikes in front I think, “Now is a great time to rob a bank”.

    Because I know they’re all on the 4th floor.

  121. Justin Ellis, DART Officer, room 430. Baylor Hospital, Webb A. Roberts Building.

    Please don’t send anything to him.

    His wife has all of the help she needs courtesy of the Dallas cops.

    Just keep him in your prayers, things are still a little dicey.

  122. Prayer warriors are on point!


  124. Nap over.

    Heading back down to Dallas early.

    Love you guys,

  125. If there is a load you have to bear
    That you can’t carry
    I’m right up the road
    I’ll derp your load
    If you just call me

  126. Xbrad, World of Warships looks very cool.

    Your vids are intriguing (I have time to kill in the waiting room).

    What is the learning curve like for a noob?

  127. Do you perhaps have newsletter?

  128. Are you hungry, phat? Xbrad knows this great place…

  129. I’ve seen weirder places.

    This is my happy place.

  130. Forgot to adjust brightness.

  131. The bass player was my thing (Michael Steel).

    Dave will be forever disappointed,.

  132. **hugs Phat**

    Prayers up.

  133. Will get on to the praying stat, Phat.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

    But it rhymed, had something to do with hospitals and conveyed my actions.

  134. New poat.

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