Pooping – You’ve been doing it wrong



  1. http://is.gd/IqQ2MB

  2. I linked that months ago.

    I also have one. It works.

  3. wakey wakye

  4. Have I missed all of the puppy reports?

  5. Puppy is gnawing at my feet right now. He’s lying on his back underneaeth my chair try to bite the bottom of my feet.

  6. I had a (huge) cage – I mean kennel – delivered yesterday. The kids just suck at training, so this will help. He’s sweet and cute and smart, but he also still nips and apparently needs to pee 500 a day. Luckily we have wood floors.

  7. Right now I’m just throwing treets in the cage with the door open. His water is in there too. That’s what “the book” said to do.

    He doesn’t run off outside, so that’s nice. Often just goes in and out with the other dogs (yesterday I heard them at the door, look out the window, and see three dog butts waiting for me – it was rather amusing).

    He also comes when he’s called and has excellent attention – makes great eye contact/focus.

  8. To do, to day:
    1) feed horses
    2) build barn shelves
    3) start tomato and pepper seeds
    4) add more dirt to hugel mound, floodwater permitting
    5) build extra bed walls from pallets

  9. Or I might end up watching the baby while the Mrs catches up on sleep and then clean the coop later so we can get baby chickens.

  10. So … our store is being investigated for Racketeering.

  11. WTF!?

  12. Apparently because we withdraw cash (almost every day to pay for cores we buy) – we MUST be a front for Islamic terrorism or meth or something. We don’t withdraw what is considered the “bad” amount (that’s $10,000). That’s the problem, we’re obviously trying to fly underneath the radar for our money laundering scheme.

  13. In for a penny, in for a pound.

    Just another reason to push Leon into Meth production.

  14. We got a letter from the bank that they were immediately closing our accounts and that there was no further discussion. Don’t call, the letter said, because we won’t tell to anything.

    Because, you see, the bank headquarters is in Maryland.

    So, despite the fact that our actual bankers drive by the actual store (and a few have been in there) and they completely understand our business … THAT doesn’t matter.

    We’re wondering when the FBI is gonna show up.

  15. The local bank is trying to go to bat for us – but the account was opened by our old location and it was THEM that the headquarters went to. They said “We don’t know them “- it’s been 6 years or so since we’ve used that branch.

    So, we’ve been reported to the FBI and our banking and all the business shit (name/etc) is fubard to hell.

    BUt – remember – Obama loves small business.

  16. For Leon’s binder


  17. Aw, that sucks, Carin. And you have a puppy? I’ll have to go back and check up on things.

    I found a large toenail on the carpet, in this hotel room, last night that didn’t belong to me…and Mr. Beasn wasn’t missing any….How effing hard is it to vacuum a carpet? I could have stepped on it and got blood poisoning from toe funk.

    Starting back home today. Houston is HE-YUGE. Mr. Beasn says we’re taking the route back, around Dallas. I shall have to wave to DinT and Teresa.

  18. What happens to your balances?

  19. Just another reason to push Leon into Meth production.

    If you’re going to do the time, may as well do the crime.

  20. We have to withdraw it. But we have auto deposits and checks and outstanding invoices … all of which are fucked by this.


    Oh good. Perhaps this won’t take too long to get him used to his little “house”.

  22. Just read further…that more than sucks Carin. F@cking thieving government f@ckers. Go after small businesses and look the other way while hillary does what she does with her actual money laundering/influence buying ‘foundation’. Fuckers.

  23. We have to withdraw it. But we have auto deposits and checks and outstanding invoices … all of which are fucked by this.

    Not kidding: call a tv news guy. This is the sort of thing that ought to hurt the bank.

  24. Holy shit, Carin!

  25. Rowan is not a fan of the crate. At night when we’re laying in bed reading he’ll crawl under the bed and if we call him he only gets up on the end of the bed just out of reach of his collar. When it’s finally time to go in he goes limp like a BLM protestor and we need to drag him in most of the way

  26. http://is.gd/__BEANSESeseeseeessss

  27. Yea, I told Pat to wait until the bad stuff was all behind him and then go nuclear. I told him he should call Mark Levin.

  28. Ha ha ha JImbro – that’s funny. I can see it.

    I got the cage yesterday and I’ve just left the door open and put his water in there (he loves his water dish) and just throw treats in there when I think about it. I’ll wait for several more days before I consider closing the door.

  29. It’s stupid because he told his bank – I need cash on hand, yet I can’t keep it in the store because I’ll get robbed. He needs to deposit it at night and withdraw it in the morning.

    Those big thinkers in the banks and government apparently don’t understand that.

    And all it would have taken is for ONE person (who reported us/was asked) to go to the store. THey asked the wrong bank and then didn’t really care.

  30. I like that, Pupster. Old pic of the kids is my current wallpaper, though I did get a comment this week about my “Say no to assholes” note on the monitor.

  31. http://is.gd/m5FB16

  32. Could that be done with a safety deposit box instead of account deposits?

  33. I realize that’s not helpful now, but it’s a thought for the future.

  34. PUPPEHS!

  35. Carin, sounds like you’re about to get robbed.

  36. Get an account with a local credit union.

  37. Help me, science nerds.

    My pellet stove runs off of a thermostat and the settings remain constant.

    During a 50 degree day in February we’ll go through 60 lbs of pellets.
    During a 50 degree day now, we’ll go through less than 10 lbs.

    The only difference, as far as I can tell, is the humidity levels.

    Is the home losing less heat because the outside humidity levels are higher?

    Is the higher humidity levels inside allowing the air to hold more heat?

  38. The heat capacity of water is very high, so it’s likely that the humid air is holding heat better. The converse is certainly true; deserts get very cold at night.

  39. http://is.gd/wVXsZf

  40. http://is.gd/_life_goals

  41. I’ve heard horror stories abut this, Carin.


    Good luck.

  42. http://is.gd/0v2Xfd

  43. http://is.gd/xwI9qR

  44. Huh. Everybody must be watching basketball or something.

  45. I’ve heard horror stories abut this, Carin.

    May have to discuss this on the show next week.

    Hope you get this cleared up quickly and with very little disruption to your life.

    Umm, random thought here….

    Ya think maybe the soccer coach sicced ’em on you?

  46. Scott, you’re getting more sunlight now, too.

  47. Snow.

    Ya think maybe the soccer coach sicced ’em on you?

    I’d mark that unlikely. That would require more competence than thus far shown, and an awareness of the depth of malice Car in has yet to fully direct at him.

    More likely is an analytic the SEC makes the bank run on all transactions, coupled with a risk-averse and uncaring institution.

  48. More likely is an analytic the SEC makes the bank run on all transactions, coupled with a risk-averse and uncaring institution.

    …and people say that you don’t have a sense of humor…..

  49. Who says that? WHO?

    I want names. NAMES!

  50. OK, so I’m still digesting this a little bit…I don’t know if this is the smartest or the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.


    A wi-fi connected device with a product name/picture on it (Tide, Bounty, Clorox, Quaker Oats) that will order the product and have it shipped from Amazon when you push the button.

  51. Great links, Pups. I’m never leaving my door unlocked again.

    Welcome back, Beasnsnsns, you were missed.

    The always wrong government is a putrid, effing, incompetent, sewage wafting scent of idiots that (like Beasnsnsns said), ruin the small business person and can’t be bothered with gigantic farting chunks of shit like Hillary Clinton.

    Dear Government, I mean the above in a nice way.

    I’ve been watching about 5 episodes of Ancient Aliens and it’s great. Really stormy here today.Some of it is hilarious (mostly the weird “scientists/authors” who comment and lots of it is kind of interesting. And now I know where xbradtc got his avatar. Heh.

  52. I’m not sure about “the dash button” however, we live in an area where there is an Amazon distribution center nearby and it’s pretty amazing to get items the same day with free shipping (if you have Amazon Prime).

  53. Welp, Pups proved my point. Or his point. Whichever.

  54. http://is.gd/oh_Hey_Mare__Hungry ?

  55. Can’t stop pushing that button, Pups.

  56. …and people say that you don’t have a sense of humor…

    I know right? I’m like the funniest mofo you’ll ever meet.

  57. It only counts if you’re trying to be funny, Leon.

  58. http://is.gd/csOhDE

  59. King Solomon’s Mines has the most amazing scenes with Watusis Warriors.

  60. I watched a cool old movie the other night. The Two Mrs.Carrolls, starred Humphrey Bogart and Barbara Stanwyck.

  61. Barbara Stanwyck was a dish.

  62. Has Carin straightened out that fucking high school yet?

  63. Four straight.

  64. Five.

  65. They already have a doritos dash button. Once weed is legalized nationwide Amazon will rule.

  66. Last Bogart movie I watched was Sabrina.

  67. Hotspur, I think I’ve seen that movie, very good.

    TMC is a really good old movie channel.

    You know, for oldies like us.


  68. Evening.

  69. http://is.gd/_Oh__hey_Hotspur

  70. Asshole customer sent me an email at 11:30, informing me that I needed to drop everything and bust my ass for the next 6 hours.

    To be fair, I had the option of doing it tomorrow in the snow.


  71. Hahahaha, good one, Pups.

  72. Oh, and hey Jewstin, how’s the pig business?

  73. We all need to fart in Hillary’s direction

  74. WooHoo bourbon thirty!

  75. I’m watching Daniel Boone reruns and I love the full blooded Indian who sounds like a British Scholar.

    Not the Tushar kind, the Oso kind.

  76. So…I missed you guys for some reason. ((Checks Friday poat)) BBF quality starting to slip some.

  77. Wtf is Mr. Science?

    Sounds like a fat, douche.

  78. I’m only part feather. Way back. Not even cool feather, but Isleta Pueblo. Squatty and chunky. Not tall and proud. We had domesticated a turkey before the Euros came. We got our asses handed to us in the Reconquista.

  79. I loved The Big Valley. Stanwyck was awesome. Loved her in Double Indemnity. With Chip and Ernie’s dad. 😀

  80. I remember you said you were part Indian, Oso.

  81. Yes, Mare. I am fat and a douche. And those are my good qualities.

  82. Business is good. The piggies is happy and fat. Buy hog futures. They’re way down right now.

  83. Oh, I’m sorry, I thought Mr Science was Rosetta.

  84. Seriously, mr Science. I’m sorry.

  85. Naw… I took the MrScience_ nick for all my commenting because “MunDane” was getting watered down by too many other fat and douche-y whiny Christie and Sander’s supporters

  86. Hahahaha

  87. Mare, you owe me no apologies. I am just seeing if I can go a day without talking about my son on here.

  88. Oso, The Big Valley is on next on the INSP station.

  89. We love kids here! Talk away!

  90. Seriously, on Twitter and other social media, the variations on “mundane” are all pretentious millennial snowflakes. Somewhere, a mundane is crying over xer/xis cup of herbal infusion because they saw a piece of chalk

  91. How is your son doing, MunDane?

  92. BBF quality starting to slip some.


  93. Mare, I liked Jared. My sister liked Heath. I liked TBV better than Bonanza.

  94. Mogambo is on now and Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly are fighting over Clark Gable.

    The two most beautiful women ever after Clark. Pretty amazing.

  95. I always thought Jennifer Jones and Kathryn Grayson were beautiful. In addition to Ava and Grace. Myrna Loy was exotic.

  96. Hahaha Mare, you said Ava, I said Kathryn, BOOM! I started singing songs from Showboat…and Dan tells me I can sing and watch my DVD on Monday. When he’s working.

  97. Another AMAZING tribe scene.

  98. I saw African Queen recently. One of my all time favorites.

  99. Mare, Zulu is one of my favorite movies of all time. Of all time. Kanye’d

  100. Mare, go watch Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams video. She gives homage to the Mogambo days. Great video. I have no linkfu. Watch. NOW!!! LOL

  101. Mare, I liked Jared.

    If only you had been, like, however many years younger you would have to be in order to be 14.

  102. I was 8. I’m not a boy, in regards to beat down in prison Jared. Richard Long WAS old when I was crushing on him. Nanny and the Professor, too.

  103. Woody Strode was a major crush. He was OLD when he made Sargeant Rutledge. I think he was an athlete at UCLA. Hollywood would cast locals from UCLA and USC.

  104. Zulu is a good movie. Hope no one tries to remake it

  105. Zulu, is a really good movie!

  106. One of my favorites. Men of Harlech kills me every time.

  107. I ❤️ Seven Samurai. Adore Mag 7. I’m really looking forward to the Denzel/Chris Pratt remake.

  108. I’m remaking Zulu. Except it’s going to be from the Zulus’ perspective. And all the white people are zombies. And it takes place in 1985. We’ve signed the kid from Creed to play Nelson Mandela.

    “In a WORRRRLD…where being BLACK…was against THE LAAAAWWWWW…”

  109. Someone pointed out the Hateful 8 is essentially “The Thing” as a Western. My google-fu is weak, but I know I read it recently. Funny thing is, I would have seen it in the theaters if that had been pointed out to me at the time.

  110. Ace. I wanted to watch it, but Tarantino went Sofa King with BLM and cop killing. Johnny Law asked us to boycott, so I did. I LOVE The Thing.

  111. *Gets an orange from the atrium at the Tempe Palms and peels it for Sean* Tell me more about your remake…

  112. I associate Men of Harlech with Rick Rescorla. Can’t watch Zulu without crying.

  113. Someone pointed out the Hateful 8 is essentially “The Thing” as a Western.

    Well, I’ll be damned.

  114. Heh. Fooled me once, oso….

  115. Seam, I think Ang Lee already made that movie.

  116. I will never trust an orange from AZ again! #FLOranges

  117. That bastard is always one step ahead of me, Jewstin! I was all set to make what was essentially Eat Drink Man Woman but as an animated film about singing gophers, and then he sneaks in and pulls the rug out from under me.

  118. There was this obnoxiously liberal movie reviewer that used to post at The Escapist, Movie Bob, and one of his never ending tropes was how the propaganda of war was showing in movies like Zero Dark 30 or that one with the Navy SEALs playing Navy SEALs, He then reviewed one of those Chinese movies that was hilariously buffoonish toward the Japanese, America and Europe. (Like the villains were being lecherous to the women and pushing down the little kids. Oh and they were stealing the oil…) He, predictably, loved it, and got absolutely nuts about the propaganda present, calling it “just story telling”.

    Stopped reading it at that point. I mean, I can understand we all have prejudices, but you should at least be aware of them.

    Time to make The Boy dinner

  119. Singing gophers or black-tailed prairie dogs?

  120. Mr Science, I wanted to watch Zootopia. Saw a review about Zootopia normalizing ROPers. Read the coloring book at work. Realized it was Disney propaganda. Pissed me off.

  121. Gophers. Did I fucking stutter?

  122. Zulu! Would never get made today. Too “problematic”.

  123. Dramatic gopher is a prairie dog. I was seeking clarification. You forgot to /Samuel L and the mother part of the fucking stutter. Other than that…great response!

  124. Can someone please tell me what happened to the Oklahoma team that kicked Oregon’s ass while making Oregon’s errr…’significant others’ hold their jacket while they did it?

  125. They failed to show up?

  126. Our Asian lions at our zoo died last year. We are getting 2 lions on loan from the San Diego Zoo. Me: I hope we can breed them and keep the cubs. Dan: They’re brother and sister. Me: Rats. Dan: Well, this is NM. FIN

  127. Abby, what are ROP’ers?

  128. http://is.gd/DR0f8W

    *cues banjo music*

  129. Hola Senor Ciencia

  130. Religion of Peace. GOPers and ROPers.

  131. Religion

  132. Predators are being drugged to go “Wild” in order to scare the peaceful animals so that the sheep politician “Bellweather” can control Zootopia by keeping non-carnivores in a state of fear.

  133. I hesitate to link Breitbart (sad that it’s come to the point where I could write that) but has anybody else read this…thing?


    When you have to spend a good deal of your time trying to convince people who are at least kind of on the same side as you that you’re, like, totes-for-realsies not a racist, you might be a motherfucking racist.

  134. Milo trying to convince me that alt-right isn’t rayciss?

  135. It’s as if some publication that everyone knows is the de-facto house organ for NAMBLA wrote a piece talking about how smart and witty and erudite they all are because they have fun parties where they drop sly child-rape jokes and none of them looks like John Wayne Gacy, so maybe YOU’RE the one with the problem, huh?!!

  136. Ugh, don’t know if I can watch Roy’s Heels, after that debacle that Oklahoma pushed out in the men’s room/Final Four.

  137. Sean, on Achewood, what the hell is Pat’s balding pattern in the shape of? It’s been driving me crazy for years because I know it must be something, but I can’t figure it out.

  138. WTF is up with the stupid team “activites” they filmed? Silly string? Rainbow umbrellas?

    They should let Spangler hoid that. No one else.

  139. I hate all the bunny-hugger types that have this romanticized Disney view of nature. Nature is fucking brutal and unforgiving.

  140. Zulu 2016 would probably be white Christians attacking peaceful moose-limbs.

  141. Sean, broke my heart to break with Breitbart, but I did. I’m pretty much all in with Gov Veto at this point. Looks like he’ll get the LP nod. Fiscal conservative and SoCon Neutral. Small govt guy.

  142. Pepe, I loved the trailer with the sloths at the MVD. I was nearly sucked in…

  143. Gotta give it to Hillary, it was brilliant to get Trump to run, and to get Breitbart to back him.

  144. I dunno, laura. I think maybe it’s supposed to look like he has a butthole on the back of his head, but I’m not sure. I just love how he and Nice Pete have human hairstyles that include a little empty area where their ears should be.

  145. J’ames, I didn’t think it was possible for Trump to lose LIV Dan, but he did. Dan is more Catholic than JPII. Don’t get him started about Commie Francis.

  146. When you have to spend a good deal of your time trying to convince people who are at least kind of on the same side as you that you’re, like, totes-for-realsies not a racist, you might be a motherfucking racist.

    Kinda like how Islam has to keep reminding people that they are a religion of peace. I note that the Jain, Amish and Quakers do not have to constantly remind people that they are religions of peace.

  147. Associate in Produce thought it was a joke when he was terminated yesterday. His girlfriend is pregnant. He was under multiple coachings for attendance. There are drawbacks to mandatory minimums. Expectations are increased.

  148. My school had the drug sniffing dog visit. One of the foster students, who is pregnant, had six oxy on her and the student who couldn’t believe I had never done drugs was found with a pipe, 10 grams of pot and four .380 ACP bullets in his backpack.

    I love my job…I feel so safe

  149. Drug dog with the kibble visit!

  150. Dang, never noticed the pointless sideburns before.

  151. Hey Mr. Science, write any stories lately?

  152. If you like Japanese anime, Rocketboy introduced us to Rwby, and it’s pretty good so far. I also found out that we can watch Youtube through the Wii.

  153. AppleTV doesn’t recognize my youtube log in. I told Dan to start his own account. Getting really tired of mobile shit

  154. Roamy…I started a new one…Witchhunter.

  155. His girlfriend is pregnant.

    This right here is probably not a good sign.

  156. Nobody is making sense.

  157. CoAl, he thought that management would give him slack because of the baby. It was chicken shit what they fired him over, working over 6 hours without taking a lunch, but that was the easiest paper trail to termination. Everything else was problematic.

  158. Do you taste pennies, scott? If you taste pennies, it might be you.

  159. I used to hammer my NCOs time and again to make sure all the paperwork was in order if they wanted an Article 15 against a soldier. A verbal warning, a written counseling and then the third time they could recommend it.

    Honestly, I don’t see the lunch thing as that chickenshit, mostly because I had a boss when I worked retail who explained how people would pull that and fuck over everyone else. They’d try to work through their lunches in order to leave early, or they’d try to take their lunch later and screw with floor coverage.

  160. Ugh. My boss is going bat shit about his Team Leads. I really don’t want retail management. Please pray for comtinued incompetence

  161. And if your girlfriend is pregnant with your baby… fucking go down to the courthouse and get married.

  162. Who tastes ass pennies?

  163. Oso’s gonna get a visit from the responsibility fairy…

  164. Oso, what else was he doing that was problematic to write him up on?

  165. Constantly on his phone, long breaks, time clock fraud, being the slowest worker in the history of retail, typical millennial. Dumb enough to create a paper trail to termination

  166. Single mothers get the SNAP.

  167. What an idiot.

  168. Gah. My car is frozen

  169. Oso, I think I would end up with PTSD if I didn’t have some way to decompress after teaching the snowflakes. I do not know how you can boss them

  170. Car in, press ctrl-alt-del on your car…

  171. I’m a peer. Not ready to get back into leadership. Backdooring my way every day by being competent. It is insane dealing with peeps. Lauren has an 8 yr old. Work with her at Sam’s. She’s the HOA President. Her ex is a tweaker. Had 5 kids with a tweaker chick. She fled. Tweaker ex left 5 kids with grandmother. GM took out a loan beyond her means. Hit up a casino. Warned me off of Tweakers and Griddlers

  172. Do I sing Love hurts or shoudU sing

  173. I really do think that sex ed in schools should involve making girls repeat, “I do not have a magic pussy” over and over again until they understand. Sorry, but no sex is so amazing that he’s gonna stop doing drugs, get a job, and only ride the motorcycle on the weekends.

  174. Was the GM the one marched out in handcuffs?

  175. Did anybody feel like anybody else probably shouldn’t have brought a football to spike at the doctor’s office when the paternity test results were revealed today?

  176. Sean M., when it comes to ten-month old LaQuisha Maria Yamaguchi… YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!

  177. Don’t you hate it when the dog farts, and when you look, he stretches and winks at you?

  178. I wonder…. Would Gabe be interested in Car in’s situation?

  179. Well, I went and picked out my Mother of the Bride dress. DD#1 has picked a date (05/20/17).

    And, yes, I know it seems way too early, but it can take up to 5 months to special order a dress.

    Found a style that I never in a million years would have thought would look good on my short, fat ass, which was a real surprise –

  180. TiFW, congrats. I’m sure you’ll look lovely.

    My cousin just announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend. They’ve been dating since they were 13. Controlling parents on both sides. Cousin is 23 or 24 and has never lived on his own. My aunt apparently picked out the ring.

    Mom has been doing well with her exercise classes, and this gives her extra incentive to hit the gym.

  181. Congrats, TiFW! Never to early to feel pretty!

  182. “Comment by scott on April 2, 2016 10:55 am

    Help me, science nerds.

    My pellet stove runs off of a thermostat and the settings remain constant.

    During a 50 degree day in February we’ll go through 60 lbs of pellets.
    During a 50 degree day now, we’ll go through less than 10 lbs.

    The only difference, as far as I can tell, is the humidity levels.

    Is the home losing less heat because the outside humidity levels are higher?

    Is the higher humidity levels inside allowing the air to hold more heat?”

    scott – if you’re still awake:

    most likely it has to do with thermal mass differentials –

    depending on the style of your houses’ construction and where your pellet stove is in relationship to your foundation (basement, basement floor, or slab) your heating system is actually heating the ground around and under your house.

    during the coldest part of the winter the ground around your house is still (in crude terms) sucking the heat from your house because the difference between your house temperature and the surrounding ground temperature is relatively large. As that temperature differential closes with warmer weather your heat loss through the house / basement / slab , etc slows.

    you can look at it as a ziplock bag of 72° water floating in 32° water (winter) vs that same bag floating in 50° water (spring) or 72° water early summer

    and the “water” the bag is floating in is the size of an ocean

  183. very nice T!

  184. oh and scott if’n you’re really bored you can skim this:

    and before anyone rolls their eyes and rips me about wiki bla, bla bla i get it

    but thermo wins

  185. Right on, TiFW.

  186. nite


  187. How can it be that we can
    Say so much without words?
    Derp you and derp me
    Derp the bees
    And the birds

  188. Cold returns to the NE. Snow is falling to the south of us but they’re predicting none for us. TV weather dude was excited about thundersnow in CT. Probably more excited than the Nutmeggers.

  189. Stay warm NE Cabal.

    Started out in the 20’s this morning, supposed to get up to the 60’s later today. Had flurries off and on yesterday, but mostly it was sunny but cold.

    MN is weird.


  190. Half inch of snow on the ground here, but the ground isn’t frozen.

    So we have slush and mud.

  191. stupid polar vortex

  192. 41 F and three bullwhips RIGHT NOW!!!

  193. looks like we have over 3 inches of snow in the back yard

    the birds are pissed off…

  194. http://is.gd/GNifDD

  195. A balmy 32 degrees here. It was 20 yesterday morning.

  196. Oh, for Heaven’s sake, Obama says Iran is not following the “spirit” of the nuclear deal. So our “smart” diplomats negotiated this??

    “…Instead, Obama claimed, that Iran’s troubles even after the lifting of sanctions under the nuclear deal were due to its continued support of Hezbollah, ballistic missile tests and other aggressive behavior.
    “Iran so far has followed the letter of the agreement, …”

    This was allowed in the letter of the agreement? John Kerry, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, you will be remembered in history as morons.

  197. ace of Spades lifestyle does not always come cheap.
    There is a wine out there called Ace of Spades.
    Well, it is named Armand de Brignac. Same thing.


  198. Morning all…

  199. In Hot Springs, Arkansas. Passed several reminders that the lecherous rapist, Clenis, was from this state. Bite me, that is not what I call a selling point. Mr. Beasn better not get a t-shirt.

    I thought Hot Springs was supposed to be more like…say… Zion. National park with lots of hiking. Nope, more touristy than hikey.
    And the hotel we are in (5 miles from the epi-center of the springs) was $200/night. WTF, but at least they wash ALL of the bedding. Waiting for Mr. Beasn to get back from his morning hike and then we will start the rest of our way back home (7 hours out).

  200. Who is this MrScience? Looks like Rosetta’s less retarded brother.

  201. http://is.gd/OyRd1h

  202. HA! Tushar, that’s what I thought.

  203. Since I have limited my internets, my fingernails have grown back.

    Noticed Dear Husband brought in the Arkansas Demorat Gazette. Two headlines caught my attention ….’Work Rule Lives Again, Cutting Off Food Aid’ (only adults with no kids/disabilities) and ‘Greek Vote OKs U-Turn of Migrants’…..of course they interviewed a ‘pharmacologist’ from Mosul.
    Way past time for both.

    Just bit my thumb nail down.

    Btw, Arkansas has shitty highways.

  204. Scott is trying to steal 19 minutes of my life. This place has already stolen so many years.

  205. Hey Mr. Science! I hope you and your son are happy and healthy.

  206. Rocketboy is on his way back to Rolla. *sniff*

  207. I love when jumbo eggs have jumbo or double yolks. It’s like winning a prize.

  208. Safe travels, rocketboy!
    We may be crossing paths.

  209. He is happy Beasn…I set up the pools in the backyard.

  210. wakey wakey. Freezin here. Snow on the ground.

  211. Pastrami is on the PBC. MMMM, PBC.

  212. Morning, off of jag.

  213. Quite possibly, Beasn. He is taking a different route, where he will cross the Mississippi at Cape Girardeau rather than deal with St. Louis and a lot of Illinois.

  214. http://is.gd/8rMbQL

  215. Saw the Hildebeest on the news this morning. Looks more like a beauty school haircut than a $600 cut. One side is shorter than the other.

  216. I hate it that I live in a country where politicians know that they have to dress up in boots and jeans and barncoats in order to secure those much needed bubble votes. People who are persuaded to vote for a guy or gal because they dressed like a commoner a time or two ought not to be allowed to vote. Or fuck.

  217. Hillary could have the best hairdo in the world and she’d still be a low life skrunt. But all those bitches who buy people magazine while standing in the checkout line at Walmart so they can find out what kinda douche the Kardashians are using this month would vote for her just because they like the new do.

  218. Ahhhh, baseball is on.

  219. PG, true.

  220. http://is.gd/30g3Or

  221. http://is.gd/87hxiY

  222. Impossible.

  223. You can see the butane torch against the wall behind the mower.

  224. Also, in case anybody is still shopping for my Birthday present, I’d like one of these, please.


  225. Busy day today. Doing lots of stuff. Bought a squat rack. So I can remove the cement blocks from my basement room. They looked horrible – and didn’t really work that great anyway.

  226. Let’s pretend MJ was in a boy band (and let’s face it he probably is) who would also be in the band with him?

    Pit Bull?
    Justin Beiber?
    That douche who married a Kardashian?
    The other douche who dates a Kardashian?
    The douche Kardasian brother?
    Chris Brown?
    Those Dykes in Indigo?

  227. rather than deal with St. Louis and a lot of Illinois.

    I can’t get back to Ohio without dealing with alot of Illinois. I go about 1.5 hours out of my way to avoid Chicagoland, though.

  228. I have fussed at Mr. RFH because he seems to time it where he stops for gas in Illinois. It is always 40 cents/gallon higher in IL than in AL, TN, or MO. Not sure about KY.

  229. Everything is cheaper in Kentucky. Everything.

  230. Cool bullpup Pup. Ammo is pricey but I can’t imagine shooting that many rounds at a time.


  231. Unless you buy Kentucky ammo that is

  232. You can’t have one of those in the People’s Republic of Minnesota.

  233. 750 gr is $5.90 per round.

  234. You can’t have one of those in the People’s Republic of Minnesota.


  235. .50cal is illegal in California, also.

    I think the most .50cal I’ve fired at once is about 300 rounds.

  236. CT banned the Barrett Light-Fifty model 82A1.

    It must by scariest looking 50 cal.

  237. gun and ammo blog. You guys are inviting trouble. Any of you get charged with Racketeering, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    *adjusts tin-foils, checks outside for black helicopters.

  238. http://is.gd/FvVBvL

  239. I tried to get a haircut yesterday but all the traffic lights were out in downtown Bangor. When I pulled up to the barbershops they were both closed and dark in the early morning. Turns out a squirrel caused a downtown power outage.


    When I went today I had the world’s slowest barber. He dropped his comb a couple of times and I could see him wringing his hand out like he had carpal tunnel syndrome. Having him use the straight edge razor at the end for a neck shave was an act of faith. He actually did a really good job (considering the hair he had to work with)

  240. Oh yeah, I left out the part about us having fried eggs on top of baked beans for dinner last night. That made the slow pace he kept a little tough for the two of us.

  241. Fart blog.

    *adjusts tin foil gas mask

  242. Downtown Bangor is my new band name.

  243. First album: “Queen City”

  244. X is that YouTube of your mom and baby one of your sisters kids?

  245. http://is.gd/1yryOJ

  246. L to R: IB, H2


  247. That last comment was awesome, scott.

    Well played.

  248. PG, that’s Fred, a great grandson. That was taken at the rehab facility in 2014 after mom’s near fatal bout of pneumonia. Fred’s a pretty good kid now.

  249. i don’t know wtf is going on with the squirrels around here but we must have 1.21 gazzilion of the little destructive bastards around this year.
    i planted 50 tulips in the fall and only 7 of them have made it…. the damn squirrels have dug them up and/or chewed off the shoots.

    no offense jewstin but your cousins are officially on the “terminate with extreme prejudice” list. 2 of them are waiting in lock up right now.

  250. …wonders what squirrel tastes like on the PBC…

  251. http://tinyurl.com/hgs75so

  252. my granddad used to make them for me… not bad.
    i’ll bet pbc would really be good

    i’ll send you a couple dozen if’n you want

  253. http://is.gd/IYN36b

  254. New mairzy doats and goats eat poats and little lambsy divey.


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