MMM 494

It’s a new day! Wait, it is a new day, isn’t it? I mean, there’s this big bright ball in the sky and no snow on the ground, and that’s really weird, but I feel like that’s happened before.

She seems enthusiastic.

Limbering up.

Not sure I’d choose bracelets for a ring workout.

What’s the point of a round bed?

Looks warm there.

Pretty smile.

Warm legs.

Oh no! A home invader!

Her physique has a shape.

This is a dirty picture.

And that’s it for this week. Make the most of this day, for we may never see it’s like again.


  1. My friends, let us song the song of a glorious new day as dawn spreads her rosy fingers o’er the vault of heaven!

  2. I may need to buy/rent a chipper. I want a crapload of mulch for the garden and the tool might actually be the cheaper route.

  3. What’s the point of a round bed?

    I know, pointless!

  4. Are you still burying logs?

    Hogelkugel or something like that?

  5. Ah, as I feared, I can’t use the walnut tree to mulch the garden for the same reason I wanted it away from the equines. Turns out what’s bad for hoofs is also bad for tomatoes.

  6. Not this year, just still adding layers to my flat garden, had a lot of weeds come up because my fall leaf coverage ended up spotty. I may build a raised hugelkultur bed for strawberries, though. Got plenty of non-walnut wood out on fenceline.

  7. I lucked out with my garden in Belleville. A friend at church had a massive oak felled and they chipped a lot of it for him, way more than he had any use for. I brought 2 or 3 loads in the bed of the Tundra and had a nice, deep mulch on that garden. I hope the new owner is making use of it. He probably ignored my giant hugelkultur pumpkin mound at the edge of the east woods.


    Free arborist wood chips. You don’t know when they’re coming, you have to specify that they not include logs, and you have to give them a clearly marked handy spot to empty the giant dumptruck, or they will dump it at the end of your driveway while you’re not home.

    But it’s free and it’s awesome.

  9. My chipper is awesome. And I don’t think I’ll ever run out of things to chip. Mostly I’m just trying to get rid of stuff w/o having to burn it all.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. Chippers are great. I’d need a shed if I started collecting more equipment though. I can borrow dad’s chipper if I need one.

  12. Thanks, will look into it.

  13. I end up chopping down like 50 saplings a year along with somewhere near that many branches just to keep the treeline in check, so it might be worth it to own one rather than rent.

  14. just remembered i had a chipper…gave it to Dad, then he got a better one for himself and I didn’t want the other one back.

  15. So I’m still not sick, but I can’t go back into work. The update is that now I’ve tweaked my back somehow, so at least I can lay down all day.

  16. I managed to tweak the last knuckle in my left middle finger yesterday pulling weeds. Nothing else hurts, just that one knuckle.

  17. To rent one was about $250 a day by me (price went down if you rented it a week). But – the chipper we got was about 6 days of renting. I could rent that thing for a month and still have stuff to chip. EVERY year.

  18. things don’t grown underneath walnut trees for a reason

  19. does it shred aluminum from the beer trees?

  20. anyone see 2000 mules?

  21. Clam trees must be flowering now

  22. i bet those make a racket when you chip them. keep it away from windows!

  23. the comments are pretty funny.

  24. twitter: some churches didn’t put up with their crap

    Good for them. not enough violence. That’s what they understand. Might as well earn it, they accuse us of it anyway.

  25. the french commentary really seals it.

  26. car in, my favorite comment

  27. They should send them to Ukraine. That would fix things right up. Between Bono singing and this, they should have peace in no time.

  28. “but I still, haven’t found, what I’m looking for”

    I’m your huckleberry


    Good point on this. Has lefty opinion peaked?

    tl;dr summary: they outkicked their coverage

  30. Mare , holz is herr morgenholz I believe.

  31. Good morning grift purveyors!

  32. does everyone have their handmaid’s costumes ready?

  33. SPeaking of clam trees – I made smoked clams yesterday. Only a few got thrown into the woods.

  34. I was thinking about this scenario over the weekend:

    Trump beating Hillary was magnificent. It was a true joy to see someone be honest about her and just wipe the floor with her crooked ass. And then he actually became a good president. He messed up some things for sure but on balance he was great.

    And then fake covid happened and he got railroaded by a few tech billionaires and lost the 2020 election to a brain dead husk of a man.

    I would have preferred that he won in 2020 but coming back in 2024 and beating said husk is going to be better than beating Hillary. He’ll be able to claim that 2020 was rigged and that without covid he would have won. No one can stop that story line if he wins in 2024.

    He’s vindicated and Joe Biden goes down as a fake president.

  35. I agree with you MJ except I have a hard time believing the Husk will be running

  36. Same link twice, Jay. Copy pasta error?

  37. yes it was, roamy, thanks

    twitter: urinals in women’s rest rooms in school

  38. #3 is a tucker.

  39. 2000 Mules is getting fact checked good and hard.

    Which means a. it’s real and b. they fear it

  40. Very little can grow underneath a walnut tree. Like almost nothing.

  41. Or, like Jay already said.

  42. twitter: why is the GOP so quiet about 2000 mules?

    Good to see more black women GOP candidates.

  43. I’m very sad this morning, one of my best friends got the 4th shot. I thought he was more intelligent than that.

  44. I was wondering if it’s worth the $19 or $29. Or is it just more GOP fluff that goes no where. Dinesh has made some pretty good movies.

  45. While it lasts, full movie:

  46. Erin and I saw Everything, Everywhere, All at once” on saturday. it was out there, but really, really good.

  47. treacher doesn’t allow comments unless you follow him. what a tool.

  48. sorry, unless he follows you

  49. speaking of “out there” we watched Outer Range this weekend. Nice twists in that one.

  50. So, yea. Not gonna follow treacher.

  51. twitter: happy mother’s day to all the birthing people

    pisses me off. reminds me of Admiral Buttgig and chasten in the recovery room wearing scrubs. Like they had anything to do with it.

  52. don’t bother, most of the time he’s just backtracking from his previous insufferable self, whining about not having any followers. The rest of the time he’s being insufferable.

    Have fun, nevertrumper!

  53. Haha, twitter: fun commercial

    I remember this one running.

  54. MJ, Trump won in 2020. The “husk” didn’t beat him. Biden is a fake President. His lefty handlers are real America haters, which is obvious.

    I’m not allowing a false premise anymore.

    Those fuckers stole an election.

  55. All elections, especially in Europe are a joke. Ours are hilarious at this point.

    Case in point, “ballot harvesting” is not a federal crime.

  56. Does he have some sort of private account? You can’t even see his stuff unless you follow him.

    He must have gotten a LOT of hate . All of it he deserved.

  57. he just limits who can reply, as far as I can tell. I’ve followed him for years, so that’s probably why I still see his stuff. He isn’t being amplified, that’s for sure.

  58. If you follow him, then you’d see his stuff. I can’t see anything but his page with info on it. NO tweets at all except one stuck at the top.

  59. @PolitiBunny is a good follow. one of the editors at twitchy

  60. Peggy Noonan made a bit of the same argument, Jay. One side isn’t being honest about what we’re talking about and Roe made it so we didn’t have to.

  61. I was okay with Outer Range until the last episode with that fag singing. I hated that part of the story all of the way through. But the last episode was the sort of dickassery that hollyweird gets away with all of the time. Ridiculous pointless crap thrown is as though it is “art”.

  62. the singing was pretty good, as it was songs you wouldn’t think of being covered, and they had significance in the story. But yeah, did not care for the ending.

  63. I guess I just like a little, just a little, bit of believability in my sci-fi. Having some fag sing songs in a falsetto voice in a modern western just doesn’t float my boat,


    The part where Autumn turned out to be the granddaughter was a swell touch. Especially when you realize that the mommy had to take her away in order for it to fit the story.

    That part I liked.

  65. that was a good twist. And the part about Royal? didn’t see that one coming either

  66. you’ll be shocked to know the origin of the disinformation campaign

  67. Market is doing terrible things today, hold onto your hats!

  68. reminder: don’t look at retirement accounts

  69. twitter: poor National Review

    Hope they get as many subscribers as CNN+

  70. 80 degrees today, going to 90. go from “I can’t decide if it’s spring” right into the middle of August.

  71. I see the part of the algorithm that puts assholes as the top responses to conservatives remains intact.

  72. You will be shocked to see how easy it is to take a kid for child trafficking.

  73. Ho. Lee. Crap, Mare.

    Also, there no way I would be a party to an experiment like that, because of the one dude who would (justifiably) start shooting before I could explain that it was just an experiment. But maybe my concerns about that are unfounded.

  74. Sobek, that’s exactly what I was thinking, what if you started pounding the guy (SYWM) and killed him? Which, I would have thought was entirely possible, at least with the men I know.

  75. i smell setup. no way that gets no reaction.

  76. Has to be NYC. Not allowed to carry, and no one gives a shit.

  77. “Has to be NYC.”

    Yeah, try that in Idaho.

  78. NYC actively punishes people who try to prevent crimes.

  79. I agree with what you are all saying.

    Unfortunately, large cities are a great place to steal kids. For this exact reason.

  80. I will never own a wood chipper.

  81. hey gardeners, what was the green onion variety to grow in a pot? Going to pick some up, eating lots of them lately.

  82. maybe interpretive dance would help, PG


  84. So the fraud was done with drop boxes.

    Full of paper.

    In public places that anyone could just drive up to.

    I have thoughts on how to make these watched a LOT more carefully.

  85. Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz boggles my mind. Other than the fact that he did it I know little else about it. The one thing I heard as an explainer was he wanted people who could win and he thought Oz could win.

  86. “The one thing I heard as an explainer was he wanted people who could win and he thought Oz could win.”


    If he’s endorsing on probability of winning rather than a solid populist/conservative ideology, he’s an idiot. No wonder he made so many poor personnel decisions.

  87. After “he thought Oz could win” I thought, and really should have added, “conservative principles be damned”.

  88. I endorse Dr. Oz to eat a bag of dicks. The motherfucker is not a conservative, he’s pro-abortion, pro-tranny, and anti-gun rights.

    I don’t know what the rest of his positions are, but those right there sink him in my book.

  89. Hey Pup, check your email. The blerg wouldn’t let me post it in any configuration. It was taken about 2 weeks after I finished it back in 2004.

  90. Leon, I have a woodchipper that I think I’m going to sell. I’ve used it once in five years since I bought it at Tractor Supply. It’s similar to this.

    I’d have to look to get the exact model number, but it’s been in a shed it’s entire life since I bought it.

  91. Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz boggles my mind.

    One thing to take into account is as king maker those he endorses, he thinks, will be beholden to him if he runs again and wins. It kind of makes sense, although a pipe dream, considering both sides hated him the first time around. And it IS the way DC works.

  92. I’d be willing to come get it from you. How big a branch will it chew?

  93. so woodchippers are the new thing?

  94. No, we’re still on deep-mulch gardening, Jay. Chippers are just a means to that end.

  95. so woodchippers are the new thing?

    Depends on how many bodies you need to get rid of.

  96. new thing is free internet for low income families.

    Which was already being provided, but now Brandon will pick up the tab, causing the price to go up

  97. When everything is free to low income families we’ll all choose to be low income. Guess what happens to the GDP when the government incentivises sloth?

  98. Comment by Hotspur on May 9, 2022 4:31 pm
    I endorse Dr. Oz to eat a bag of dicks. The motherfucker is not a conservative, he’s pro-abortion, pro-tranny, and anti-gun rights.

    I don’t know what the rest of his positions are, but those right there sink him in my book.


    I see Hotspur and I are simpatico.

  99. Brandon isn’t paying for anything, if anything he’s skimming the first 10%. Brandon is just mandating the rest of us pay for it, but with 180 million people paying for it he’ll resort to the same damned thing I’ve heard since I got my first paycheck 40 years ago, “this will only cost you a few cents every week”. Yeah, do that a thousand times a year and it adds up. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of it.

  100. ^ if you’re going to Starbucks 3 or 4 times a week for the free wifi, and buying a $7 oka chocka latte each time, you can afford your own internet.

  101. I agree with Hotspur. We are dealing with something similar in AL – three people are running for the Republican nomination for Senator, to take Shelby’s place. Katie Britt is a McCain maverick, crossing the aisle for our friends, puke. Anyone endorsed by nutjob Parker Griffith is a big fat NO in my book. I’d like to think better about Mike Durant, but Lincoln Project is funding him, so NO there as well. That leaves Mo Brooks, who is a smart conservative but running third. If Trump has endorsed any of them, I’ve ignored it.

  102. “free internet” = staying home and having the financial capability to buy a new game for the X-box every month, thus continuing the circle of poverty.
    I’m old enough to remember when the best you could hope for from the government was free cheese.
    The constipation was glorious.

  103. Dana Perino is 50 today? That’s a smokin’ 50!

  104. Not a perino fan.

  105. Sorry to hear that. If I was female and looked like that when I was 50….let’s just say I’d be having a lot more fun than I am.

  106. Free internet = internet that can be monitored, same as public roads.

  107. HEH. Gotta love the business channel
    Every time Hillary comes up they put up the Howdy Doody smiling picture.

  108. Ok. We refunded our Costco Membership. Dan checked to see if our money was back in our account. Saw a $741 payout to the IRS. Dan called. Apparently, someone used the wrong routing number to pay their taxes AND THE CREDIT UNION AND THE IRS TOOK OUR MONEY. Credit Union worker was wary about giving us our money back without doing a full investigation…IRS. Found $741

  109. Trump originally en dorsed Mo Brooks, but he screwed the pooch campaigning so hard he withdrew it.

    Also, Britt worked for Shelby, is backed by McConnel and the 2 Swamp Crew, and her backers are running the same playbook her boss ran against Denton back when Shelby won the seat as a Democrat. I will never forgive that and will never vote for her.

    It’s a shitshow top to bottom.

  110. NSA, DHS, & a plethora of other gov’t agencies have been monitoring the i’net for decades, not just outside the U.S. They say they don’t because it’s illegal to do so, but they know they’ll get a pass.
    Hand it to the FCC, they’ve dealt with this stuff for ever, I operated an illegal, high wattage radio station back in the early 80’s that had confirmed range into Austrailia, Europe, South America & South Africa. As long as I didn’t go over the top they left me alone. I also went mobile a lot.

  111. ^ pretty sure I made it into the old Russia too, no confirmations, but quite often when I unkeyed the Mic the Russian woodpecker was heavily active.

  112. I’m actually pretty sure the feds globally are funding Big Porn specifically so they always have oppo research ready to go to knock someone out or blackmail them.

    In addition to serving their lord and master Satan who just loves watching the degeneracy spread.

  113. I can’t argue with that. It also explains Epstien and the silence behind the bimbo’s trial. Kinda like Billy Jeff’s escapades.

  114. I just can’t believe MindGeek can possibly be profitable any other way. No way their ad revenue can support that much server infrastructure if yootoob can have multiple adpocalypses.

  115. Captured in Evansville. Say hi to Tim McVie, dumb asses. Christ, of all the places to pass through….

  116. Leon, ever watched the movie “Taxi Driver”?
    It’s not about making money, it’s about the power to make people suffer. See the part about the congressman with the soldering iron.

  117. Hey Dave, you want the ’66 posted in the open or behind the fold? We have a “Proof of life” tab were we post faces, someone besides me will have to send you the password as it is lost in time to me like tears in the rain.

  118. I’ll admit losing V was the last straw for me, but I’ve been watching this turd swirl around the flushed toilet for 40ish years. Nothing surprises me anymore & I just no longer give a shit. I’m old, don’t have much time left, if this is what young people want, fine, just leave me the f*** alone to finish my days the way I prefer.

  119. Well, this might get interesting.
    2 people with the “I’m toxic” hair just carried a kite into the park adjacent to my property. There are live power lines in that park.
    I used to warn people trying to fly kites back there the lines are live and often was told to buzz off. No more. Live & learn, or learn but don’t live. Actions have consequences.

  120. Going to a home tomorrow that was formerly owned by George Shultz, Reagan’s Secretary of State.

    Pretty sure I will meet his daughter.

  121. Osita, very glad you got your money back.

  122. Evergreen or Heshiko, J’Ames. I believe they are the same variety. Very hardy, I had a large garden patch of it that went perennial for years before I pulled them all, and I also grew it in pots.

  123. I operated an illegal, high wattage radio station back in the early 80’s that had confirmed range into Austrailia, Europe, South America & South Africa.
    Back when I was a resident I was a DJ at a low power station in Worcester with a friend of mine. The guy who ran it rented an apartment in a house he owned. We hosted one night a week and we mostly just played music we liked and had a beer or two over a few hours and turned on a prerecorded program when we left. It probably reached most of Worcester if we were lucky.

    I found its abandoned website

  124. Mike Durant as in black hawk down?

  125. Jay, yes. Vile dipshit Parker Griffith diagnosed him (on air) as having PTSD, and that went over like a turd in the punch bowl.

  126. The radio station talking head, Jeff Poor has enjoyed the extra attention.

  127. I have Dan watching After Life with me.

  128. what the hell is he doing with Lincoln Project. Nevertrumper?

  129. jam and I are simpatico re: Perino. since the election, buh bye

  130. We’ve been inundated with ads from this PAC.

  131. Durant has said he voted for Trump twice, so I don’t know what the Nevertrumpers want from him that they’d spend millions of dollars on ads.

  132. Desiring emphasis, Ruby paused.

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