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  1. As much as I would like to believe “”Sience” didn’t change” husky I have a suspicion they’ll try to resurrect a variant requiring increased mail in voting prior to the midterms.

  2. hahahahaah, I like mythical Palestine.

  3. Mythical, when you say it out loud sounds like you have a lisp.

  4. For Laura and any one else who wants proof this was a fricken scam: (I highly recommend you read the HOLY CRAP! thread. It shows they ginned up the results.)

  5. ^^ click on the pic.twitter.com in red.

  6. wakey wakey

    2012, Gabe was still cool: “” I was never bullied as a kid. But in my defense, I was also never a goddamn pussy.” Gabriel Malor via twitter

  7. Thanks, Mare. I’m waiting for Aaron Siri to come out of hibernation. He was the lawyer that sued for the release of the FDA/ Pfizer docs and his substack has been quiet since they started releasing them.

  8. this CUNT


    One of the comments is very true. The masks are to keep you thinking about the illness and to prevent a sense of normalcy.

  9. how do I get mad at someone I’ve never heard of?

  10. Just keep trying Jay, it comes with practice.

  11. What is $PFE ?

    Given the context I’ll go with Pfizer for the P

  12. As much as I would like to believe “”Sience” didn’t change” husky I have a suspicion they’ll try to resurrect a variant requiring increased mail in voting prior to the midterms.
    It’s already starting a bit. There are lots of stories in the boomer right about new variants and on the left its a constant drumbeat of covid still.

  13. One of the comments is very true. The masks are to keep you thinking about the illness and to prevent a sense of normalcy.
    100% accurate. They keep wearing them to virtue signal, because they’re fucking gone mentally, and they think it will help politically.

  14. Alex’s substack is why I try not to scream about things on social media. Everyone screaming is usually wrong.

  15. the lady in the first article is already shouting to mask up. First step to mail in voting, just like in 2020

  16. Jesse Kelly
    If I lose any more money in the stock market I’m gonna have to run for Congress so I’ll know when to buy and sell.

  17. It’ll be obvious after 2024 when the voter participation reverts to the mean.

    They cheated.

  18. Catturd ™
    How much baby formula would that 40 billion dollars Joe Biden is sending to Ukraine pay for?

  19. I still get work related emails on my Outlook account and they’ve increased a lot of the Covid panic to previous levels in the last couple of weeks. The variants that hit everywhere else a month ago are now widespread here and, apparently, that means masks are needed again.

  20. twitter: Vivek launches alternative to ESG business

    Something to watch. Bongino’s parallel economy.

  21. FYI – most economists are now saying there’s a recession coming. They seem to think somewhere in early 2023 which means this fall.

  22. Coming? Are they fucking blind? The ‘next’ recession started two months ago.

  23. by economists saying do you really mean they ignore the signs completely and don’t say anything? cuz that’s what I see.

    But then again I eat paste.

  24. twitter: Barnette finally got Whitlock into politics

    He comments and writes on it, but has never voted. Barnette is the one.

  25. twitter: pour one out

    We’ve all had days like this

  26. twitter: even the whitehouse is admitting inflation, years after everyone else

    isn’t Peppermint Patty done yet?

  27. Lol, I told my coworkers/sheep that inflation was coming to bite us, back in early 2021. They didn’t make the connection between their happy chatter about getting their stimmy checks and my interjection into the discussion.

    I wonder if they ever remember me, when they are buying food. Probably not. It would require holding two ideas in the head at once.

  28. twitter: when patrick bateman goes woke

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. They didn’t lie, Roe was accepted precedent. Now it won’t be. and good to see proteinwisdom back on twitter. albeit with another account.

  29. Hotspur never told me how much he wanted for the wood chipper.

  30. Price is a MJ with tarter sauce.

  31. pretty small fishsticks there

  32. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2022/04/11/sarah-palin-leads-alaska-congressional-primary-poll-finds-even-though-51-of-voters-dont-like-her/?sh=4498699d4c8f

    Sarah Palin running for Alaska’s only house seat. Hit piece of course, mentioning her high unfavorable. Swept under the rug is her highest favorable out of everyone running (AK primary is non-partisan).

    don’t see her winning, but wouldn’t be a bad thing. Let the hate commence.

  33. Hotspur never told me how much he wanted for the wood chipper.

    Sorry, I still need to find out which model it is.

  34. NPR finds the Trump supporting Vietnam veteran that doesn’t like her.


  35. twitter: Wikipedia deletes Kathy Barnette’s page 1 week out from the primary

    Totally level playing field, you guys.

  36. Is it wrong that I drink baby formula because I like it?

    Its pretty hard to find but I was able to get the last three containers before a ‘mom’ could at the local Walgreens.

  37. haha, make your own!

  38. Put another load in the dishwasher.

  39. I sent that to GND

  40. aww man, Don Jr on Crowder, missed part of it, stupid meetings

  41. Jay, I forgot to say, nice memes!!

  42. Heh, DeSantis raises 143 million, Crist 9 million

    This ain’t gonna be pretty, unless they cheat good.

  43. thanks mare! I can die now

  44. *refers Jay into protective custody*

  45. It’s for your own good, man.

  46. twitter: 1400 apprehended in one border area

    That’s 3X the size of my hometown, in one night. This isn’t sustainable.

  47. Patterico
    · 15h
    Twitter just told me that a person I reported for tweeting out Justice Kavanaugh’s home address violated no policy.

  48. fine, I’ll shut up then

  49. Sorry, cooking breakfast.

  50. https://www.weirduniverse.net/blog/comments/whistle_trained_horses

    I learned this 30 years ago when I dated a horse-owning nurse

  51. *sniff*

  52. Lapeer high school had a prom trans king or whatever. How awesome. @@. He’s not even cute as a girl.

    Mental disease.

    OH, and did I tell you guys? That double murder with the trans woman? Either the boyfriend or brother (don’t know which ) was trans as well.

  53. he/she killed themself.

  54. The killer was a man who went by the name Ruby (formerly Martin) and one of the victims was a woman who went by the name “Ray”. – formerly Amber. The other victim was Ruby/ Martin’s brother.

    This is all perfectly normal.

    And many of the articles mention NONE of this. This one does.


  55. What the everloving … it’s 80 degrees outside right now. Seriously? I can’t run in that.

  56. I have more to do today, but Lucy’s head is on my foot.

    So I’m stuck.

  57. Today I learned the word “overmorrow,” meaning the day after tomorrow. Neat.

  58. Old English is great that way, lots of perfectly good words lost in the collision with Lingua Franca.

    “Underget” is my favorite, though it’s mostly been transitioned to “understand”, but I feel like it would be incredibly apt for car mechanics.

  59. So, I added Dave’s Not Here’s picture of him in his ’66 Mustang to the proof of life page. Can some nice person who remembers the passcode to said page email him (or me) the passcode? I just go there through the dashboard so I don’t know what it is…

  60. I should probably update my POL someday. That photo is only 17 years old.

  61. Mine is now 12 years old.

  62. If you ever wondered what a tiny anole lizard looked like when she was about to be a mommy…


  63. Baby formula shortage started with a recall of several formulas. We limited sales. Members started to hoard. Baby formula companies are “advising” people to not make formula at home. We didn’t have formula. Didn’t have baby food. My mom was only able to breastfeed my sister. For whatever reasons, my brother and I were bottle babies. Karo syrup and powdered milk. Mexican formula.

  64. “If you ever wondered what a tiny anole lizard looked like when she was about to be a mommy…”


  65. Interesting day. On behalf of one of the other guys at work I searched for a place to buy 64DP x 20PA gear cutters. I learned there’s no place in the western hemisphere that stocks such an item. India, yes and one dollar = 77 & change Rupees, this morning.
    Should have broke out the plastic right away, I’m sure Brandon invalidated the quote once he opened his ice cream hole at today’s presser.

  66. Pup, somehow I landed in Sunday’s post a moment ago. Ribs turned out fall apart tender, nice mild smoke on them. I didn’t do my usual rub, which made them a little bland by my tastes, but they did their job.

  67. it’s 80 degrees outside right now.

    Same here. Too much too soon.
    I always try to hold out until the end of June to fire up the A/C, V would never let me let it go that long. I’m thinking fire it up right now, but around 1 a.m. I’ll wake up freezing & have to switch back to the furnace until I leave for work in the morning.

  68. I was chatting on Catholic Discord and I mentioned that the neighbors of the Olmecs and Aztecs were probably crying out to Heaven for deliverance… and God sent them the Spanish.

    Another guy said that needs to be in the Lilo and Stitch meme about praying for an angel and now I can’t stop laughing about it.

  69. So, ask and ye shall receive?

  70. Ask, but include details, otherwise beggars can’t be choosers.

  71. So angry. Honestly, what major malfunction causes such seething … incoherent anger? They are so fired up about the smallest threat to their sacred abortion … I just can’t understand it. It’s as if they’ve all had triggered installed in their heads. THey can’t even control it. It just gets turned on.

  72. Car in, they say confession is good for the soul. I’s also good for prosecutors, if they choose to adhere to the job description they begged for.

  73. I just can’t understand it.

    Why? it’s pretty simple really. They’re attention whores. Love the attention that comes with pregnancy. If they can get 8 months & 29 days of it, they think it’s great. But once it’s time to pay the piper for that attention it’s a panicked search for Kermit Gosnell, and start over again a few months later.

  74. Nice ride Dave. I sent the passwords to Pupster. Cyn gave me a list of them way back. Lots of active and former Hostages in the old POL gallery. A few who have passed on – Cranky, Michael, Lipstick. I can’t remember her name and you guys are going to be pissed if I misremember it, Patty Ann? I don’t know if her picture was there. Either way, she was a funny woman.

  75. Thanks Jimbro. It doesn’t look quite like that now. Paint is sun bleached, a couple of places I didn’t get clean enough prior to paint have opened up, but in a year or few when I decide to retire I’ll have an easy project to kick it off with.
    Not sure what to think about being in the POL side, does this officially make me held by terrorists against my will?

  76. Dave, great car! Fun.

  77. … lots of stuff about wood chippers lately. Saturday my town has it’s clean up thing where we toss our junk on the curb & the town will haul it away for free.
    I have a Smoke Hollow offset barrel smoker that’s going out if no one wants it for free, only needs a $5 hinge from Ace hardware on the fire box door. It’s a log burner, can easily handle 2 whole briskets. located in Indiana not too far west of Fort Wayne. Take it or speak up before Saturday morning, otherwise it’s gone. I’ve got a Treager now, a lot easier to roll out of the way when I mow.

  78. It’s literally the same brownshirts as 2020, Carin. This has nothing to do with abortion per se, that’s just today’s pretense.

  79. ^ the smoke hollow is built like a brick sh*t house, proll’y weighs 300#. If anyone wants it, bring 3 men and a boy to load it

  80. I get that, Leon. Kinda wish my dozen or so accounts at Twatter hadn’t been suspended. I’d like to ask the liberals what they think about legislation & court decisions they disagree with being rammed down their throats and there’s nothing they can do about it. Basically, welcome to the world you created for us.

  81. I got Dan to watch After Life with me. Best show EVER

  82. LOL. Didn’t get to see Brandon’s speech today, but the news clips are telegraphing the desperation of his handlers. It’s glorious!


  84. It’s literally the same brownshirts as 2020, Carin. This has nothing to do with abortion per se, that’s just today’s pretense.

    I think there are actually some NPCs that are JUST turned on for the abortion issue. Or maybe they specialize?

  85. My wood chipper is tits.

  86. My oldest nephew and his wife just had their 3rd (!) child yesterday, here she is with my sister (her grandma) of whom I am not even a little jealous. Not at all.


  87. that baby is ok. I guess.

  88. /orders another dog off of amazon

  89. You never told me it’s actually Uncle Pupster. Congrats!

  90. Aww, baby!

  91. I can’t see your car pic, DNH, but I’ll assume it’s awesome.

  92. We kept one of the kittens, and she has decided to take up residence in a large salad bowl on the bottom shelf of our kitchen island.

  93. Left protestors on film shouting “Abort the court”. Umm okay, so we abort the civil rights act? Choose wisely.

  94. Pup has my permission to send it to you, or post it if he want’s too, Sobeck. I don’t care. I’m far more greyer these days than in that picture. I doubt I’d be in any danger if it became public.

  95. Send me a picture of your bad self Sobek, and I’ll give you access to the proof of life page.

    That goes for all you Hostages as well, we need some updated photos. 75% of the folks on POL page aren’t active anymore sadly.

  96. Can I send you a picture of Timothy Chalemet and pretend it’s me?

  97. ^ permission given, Pup.

  98. Went to two funerals today. Ugh.

  99. Roamy, so very sorry. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  100. Can I send you a picture of Timothy Chalemet and pretend it’s me?

    You know, I just found your picture from back in the day, adding to POL right now.


  101. DNH, sweet car. Glad you shared that pic with us.

  102. Bill Gates has the Chyna flu. I’m thinking unkind thoughts. Sorry, God.

  103. TMI I thought I was finally menopausal. Wrong. 58 years old with the hormone zit and you know

  104. “I just found your picture from back in the day”

    That made me smile.

  105. I’ve never seen the movie Tombstone. Recommend?

  106. I don’t know how you can do A funeral, much less 2 in one day, Roamy. I’ve always avoided them, prefer remembering those as I knew them. Family makes it a bitch, especially when you’re there at the moment they pass. There’s no healing for taht wound.

  107. It is excellent. I never liked Dana Delaney

  108. My mom and my Grammo loved going to funerals. Praying rosaries. Apparently, that is a good thing for Catholics and praying people through purgatory.

  109. Bill Gates has the Chyna flu. I’m thinking unkind thoughts. Sorry, God.

    Pray for an anguish so deep that he prays for relief and finds humility and genuine purpose instead of his numbskull arrogance based on a mediocre intellect mixed with dumb luck.

  110. ha ha ha ha …
    that should be in proof of life.

  111. If I was a better person, I would have taken a picture of my meet up with Sobek.

    I’m not a better person.

  112. Chalamet? Pretty sure Sobek doesn’t resemble a 15 y/o boy with questionable gender preferences.

    Sorry, that’s what I think when I see him.

  113. It’s a good one. I’d watch it again for sure if you like westerns. Lots of big names, good action, memorable scenes and quotable lines.

  114. I’m really looking forward to find out whether Val Kilmer is willing to be anyone’s huckleberry.

  115. I think Cary Elwes could play Sobek in the made for tv movie. Or if we’re going woke … maybe Wanda Sykes

  116. I never liked Dana Delaney


    *slams door*

    *opens it and slams it again*

  117. Turn the music up to 11 Pupster. That really pisses ’em off.

  118. Osita, the second one was like that. I’m not a fan of going to funerals, but the priest asked/begged at Mass this weekend for people to show up. He said the family wasn’t Catholic, and would we please show that the church cared. I remembered Mr. RFH’s dad’s funeral, which was only three people other than family and very sad.

    The first one was for Mr. RFH’s co-worker, the one who had ALS. That was more to support Mr. RFH, but I did know him and liked him. It was at a Presbyterian church which was sanitized of anything that looked Christian, so that was weird.

    It timed out to do both, and I’m grateful to have received Communion.

  119. Over at mothership, the video of a young dad trying to diaper twins is hilarious.

  120. Car in, your lack of taking a picture of me is not a moral failing.

  121. “I think Cary Elwes could play Sobek…”

    I used to get that all the time. Especially when my hair was lighter and I wore it long enough to cover my face (back around college days). Not so much anymore.

  122. She was the worst part of Tombstone.

  123. Roamy, my Catholic friends on SM have reintroduced me to the importance of funerals.

  124. I’ve never seen the movie Tombstone. Recommend?


  125. Hey, I’m halfway done with learning Ukrainian on Duolingo.

  126. Lumps, I finally got plant pics emailed to you.

  127. Osita, SM?

  128. Tombstone is must watch. Kurt Russell’s best.

  129. Dang, I should take a picture of myself for PoL. I don’t think I have one at hand from this century.

  130. Danny easily restrained Paul.

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