2019 BBF Finals All American Edition


Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday, 2019 Finals All American Edition.



WARNING  I have once again embedded gifs and utubes with many, many pictures below.  Sorry Pepe.




Born: Monday 30th of January 1995
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Centerfold
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’8″ (or 172 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs (or 58 kg)
Body type: Average
Measurements: 32F-25-35
Bra/cup size: 32F
Boobs: Real/Natural
Years active: 2015 – present
Tattoos: Right calf, Neck (Backside), Left Shoulder (Backside), Leg






Born: Friday 30th of August 1996
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Model
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’5″ (or 165 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs (or 54 kg)
Body type: Slim
Measurements: 36-26-36
Bra/cup size: 36D (80D)
Boobs: Real/Natural
Piercings: None




  • Born: Friday 26th of April 1996
  • Birthplace: Fort Myers, Florida, United States
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Profession: Glamour Model
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Height: 5’3″ (or 160 cm)
  • Weight: 105 lbs (or 48 kg)
  • Body type: Slim
  • Measurements: 34-23-34
  • Bra/cup size: 34E (75E)
  • Boobs: Real/Natural
  • Years active: 2014 – present
  • Piercings: None




  1. That first gal’s cooking habits don’t seem sanitary so I couldn’t vote for her.

    But a solid group of finalists.

    And by finalists, I mean cute girls with rockin’ bods with daddy issues.

  2. On my fitness tracker, I had close to 17,000 steps yesterday. I was pooped out at the end of the day and my youngest daughter surprised us and said she’s driving down a day early. I had to kick some serious butt at 7:00pm to get the house to my guest standards. Whew.

    That was absolutely a super interesting comment.

  3. I guess there are people who think impeachment means Trump is no longer President…BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    It’s neat the Department of Education has actually hit a goal, dumbing down our electorate.

    Watching college man-on-the-street interviews with zero correct answers on basic civics questions makes you want to cry. Well done, DoE, well done.

  4. Clint, did you see the Richard Jewel movie? I wanted to see it to support Eastwood but I’ve been really busy and the topic is somewhat depressing for this time of year. I don’t think a Christmas time release was the best choice.

  5. Anyone get drunk at work Christmas parties and are now looking for a new job?

    If so, please tell us your story.

  6. I see I’m the only one getting up at before 5:00am. Well, maybe Jimbro too. My hips say, no more laying down, you get sore that way. That sounds dirty but it’s not.

  7. The coffee has really kicked in. Coffee is the best.

    *looks around, knows how to get people up*


  8. When I saw that first BBF model slapping her bottom with flour, my first thought was (seriously), “Lauraw is really not going to like that.”

  9. Nice girls with boobs. Would impeach.

    Early returns favoring Miss Bevarly.

  10. Did someone say “Oye cómo va”?

  11. Hi Mare, morning Tex.

    Up at 0430 with my crazy crossfit wife who just left for the early class. Coffee and 2 large glasses of water are consumed. Getting ready to get some shtuff done.

  12. Ugh, been up most of the night/morning with lung issues. I was feeling pretty good yesterday so I may have overdid it. Paying the price now.

    Pneumonia sucks, but now I’m starting to wonder if I can somehow play this into not having to go to the in-laws on Saturday?

  13. Number 1 has a Karen haircut. No thanks. I voted for Kinsey.

  14. The music video was a transformative experience.

    My thoughts after watching it in no particular order:

    -Texas Hippie Coalition. Huh, “THC” shirts are gonna sell like ho cakes

    -I felt like I stepped into a time machine and traveled back to the days of hair metal with the first few chords played

    -Strippers and heavy metal guitar chords are a match made in heaven

    -The lead singer better find Jesus or at least lay off the all you can eat buffets before they’re doing a somber career retrospective of his work over the years

    -I also enjoyed their song entitled “Dirty Finger”. A touching celebration of The Impeachmas Season https://tinyurl.com/vzzvy9a

  15. I’m pretty much always up early, we had 7 votes before 5AM so some other folks are up and at ’em also.

  16. Heh, at 3:40 of the Dirty Finger video there’s a crowd shot of three chicks bobbing their heads to the music and they’re all wearing black baseball hats with Old English font saying “CUNT”

  17. I hope you feel more better soon phat. Probably ought to lay off the Holland Hooka Bars for a bit.

  18. Yeah, pneumonia is no joke. Gotta heal that shit up before taking on the world again.

  19. Yay me. The State of Illinois Gaming Board has officially approved my license to “handle” the gaming & voucher redemption machines. Now I can go to technician skrool.

    Get Well Phat

  20. Number 1 has a Karen haircut. No thanks. I voted for Kinsey.
    The haircut didn’t disqualify her for me. Hair styles can change. My no vote for her was the result of her wearing a “YASSS” shirt. Her hair style may change but the thinking that led her to believe that’s a good choice is likely permanent.

    Part of my complex voting algorithm involves the potential to fit inside an old 55 gallon drum.

  21. Get well soon, Phat.

    I caught a cold, so I am staying home today. It’s made my tinnitus orders of magnitude worse, so all I can hear is “reeeeeeeeee”.

  22. sofie for me! she’s actually really smart

  23. Blonde…blonde…blonde…seriously, not one damn brunette?

    /stamps “REJECTED”

  24. Until the charges go to the Senate, the House ain’t impeached shit.

    Forget what I said yesterday. That’s the line now.

    This shit means war.

  25. Holy smokes, Phat that’s been kind of lingering!

  26. Congrats, TeeRoy. Now start handling but no fondling.

  27. I slept in until 7:45 (crap!) but in my defense Moose was on coyote barking duty outside for about an hour and a half, and I was up for that, and then it took me forever to fall back asleep. 3 am was waaay too early to give up.

    wakey wakey

    (they coyotes were pretty active last night – I heard them last night when I got home after crossfit)

  28. Moose is still on alert this morning.

  29. John Dingell being civil:

  30. all I can hear is “reeeeeeeeee”.

    It’s like being on Twitter all day.

  31. they coyotes were pretty active last night

    Were they ferrying illegals across the lake?

  32. Dingell was a mob boss with a trophy wife who blew her way to congress.

  33. Jeebus, Phat, get well, take yer meds, and lay off Hotspur’s mom for a while.

  34. Maybe. Moose is STILL outside. Barking. shesh.

  35. We simply must respect the aristocracy in Michigan.


    They can go fuck themselves.

  36. I vote for “they can go fuck themselves.”

  37. #MeToo

  38. I find “they can go fuck themselves” to be my default policy most of the time these days.

  39. Starliner in the wrong orbit. Boooo.

  40. Mrs Caruthers old boss from SANGB is running for congress. He’s… a politician, but he’s on board with Trump and that’s enough for me. Plus, AF General beats beejers as a qualification for congressional office holding.

  41. Good morning. Today is Christmas Baking Day #1: The Granolaing.

    Whose turn is it to butter Mare and roll her in shredded coconut?

  42. Have you slapped yourself with flour yet today, laura?

  43. Mmmm Mare Macaroons.

    I’m in.

  44. It’s too cold in here for making flour buttprint cookies. And my oven is too small.

  45. What do Marecaroons taste like?

  46. almond cookies with a little sass

  47. Boeing’s not having a great year, are they?

  48. This Gaetz fellow from Florida, he’s pretty good, isn’t he? Along with Collins from GA, and Jordan from OH, and Scalise (VA?) we are in pretty good hands, House wise.

  49. Can’t forget Nunes, either.

  50. you people are boring lately.

  51. You people

  52. mostly you, MJ

  53. Been a busy week prepping or end-of-year garbage.

  54. *punches Jay in the girl bellybutton micro peen

  55. I’m playing Fun With Excel. It isn’t fun.

  56. Scalise is LA. Proud of my rep Mo Brooks, too.

  57. I’m wondering if it’s a hardware or a software problem with Starliner. It’s not going to dock with ISS, but they should be able to get it to land and see what happened.

  58. It was probably some material that malfunctioned that should have been subjected to more vigorous testing instead of being rushed through and rubber stamped.

  59. Someone probably forgot to plug it in.

  60. Florida chick nips Cali chick at the tape. Texas chick never got out of the blocks.

    East TX rep Louis Ghomer has been good too. I’m sure I misspelled his name but fucks are in short supply.

  61. Hah, HS! Romacita is gonna kick your ass!

  62. Boring? I’ve been out panic shopping.

  63. Well, they’re at it again, sweep the problem under the rug:


  64. Panic shopping Car in? I have an idea for your mom:


  65. Maybe they used the Commie metric measurements instead of good ol’ American ones……..

  66. Which, sadly, has happened before…lost a Mars probe that way IIRC…

  67. I didn’t have a lot of input in this one. Both Boeing and Lockheed Martin are pretty much, give us the money and we’ll build it, and no, we don’t care what you think we should do. Write the requirements and go away.

    Latest word is something about a timer being off.

    Mars probe is why I carry a laminated card with English/metric conversions, just in case.

  68. There’s an app for that.

  69. Write the requirements and go away.

    From the other side of the table, we can’t even get our guvvies to write requirements to micromanage us on. They leave it vague on purpose so they can creep the mission and punish for failing at things we never officially agreed to do.

  70. And this, this is why I hate “Agile”. I haven’t seen a requirements traceability matrix in ten fucking years. It’s all creep, all the time. No one will allow any definition of “done” to get written down.

  71. There’s an app for that.

    No phones in the SCIF.

  72. Ha ha ha … but no. I refuse to give that man any money.

  73. They leave it vague on purpose so they can creep the mission and punish for failing at things we never officially agreed to do.

    It’s not just guvvies doing this

  74. No, it isn’t. It’s an embedded problem in Agile, and apologists insist that it’s not the methodology, just bad actors abusing it.

    That’s bullshit, it’s inherent.

  75. When are we opening ss gifts?

  76. https://pjmedia.com/trending/two-reasons-pelosi-will-probably-delay-impeachment-until-after-the-election/

    What would be funny is if she tried this, lost the House, and the Senate voted to delay the trial to January, where the Speaker McCarthy kills it.

  77. It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…granola. Baking. Vanilla, toasted coconut, cinnamon, and lemon. It’s sunny out with a blue sky, and the lawn still looks like glittery sugar from the snow/ice event a couple days ago. This is the season. I feel it in my bones. It’s wonderful.

  78. When are we opening ss gifts?

    When I have emails from all participants saying they’ve been received. So far I only know 3/7.

  79. Soooo … call me scrooge, but a local restaurant is opening on Christmas day and giving free meals.

    And I’m over here thinking … the servers are going to love that.

    Honestly, there aren’t that many homeless people in Lapeer, or people who need free food.

    Ba humbug.

  80. I gots mine. I didn’t know we were supposed to announce it. I GOTS MINE.

  81. I can’t always track in comments, so I had asked for email. And there are only 7 of us, so I didn’t want to rush it until we all had them. Now we’re at 4/7.

  82. Two more emails, 6/7. Let me see who hasn’t reported in.

  83. Pupster, do you have yours?

  84. I wonder if that sort of thing can even get done without a buy-in from the staff. Maybe they’re all just better people than you, Carin.

  85. They must be. But my fucking employer is open christmas eve and took fucking reservations up until 6 pm. All this knowing that the bitch owner said that half of us should be fired. NEITHER one of them will be there.

    But, they are probably better than me. If I wanted to do some sort of charitable thing it would be on my own. Not with MY employer, who would take all the credit. ba humbug . Are there no work houses?

  86. Perhaps if I worked for nicer people, I wouldn’t be irked by it. Right now, i’m just pissy.

  87. Yeah…you need a new job. 😦
    Seriously, OMG, get out of there. This is not like you. Cut toxic assholes out of your life. Cutting toxic assholes out of your life is even more important than associating with good people.

  88. I’m sure that restaurant values it’s employees, and don’t cut them down constantly. Perhaps even throws a holiday party for them. SO they are full of the CHristmas spirit and are happily showing up on a family day to work for zero dollars. (I still think there aren’t going to be many needy people there ) Perhaps a food truck in Flint would be more appropriate. jUst saying.

  89. And I’m in a good giving mood. Just the idea of a restaurant right now … triggers me. lol.

    But it’s true that a restaurant doesn’t pay it’s employees anything anyway, so I just sort of wonder. It’s a small kitchen and maybe two cooks. Front of the house staff is all basically free.

  90. I would like to report that I followed instructions. leon and wiser can’t ban me.

  91. So, we never got the update the other day. Will you be filling in for said worker?


  92. When we went to Florida for a basketball tournament 4 years ago, we went to a free will donation thanksgiving dinner. This was put on by one of the best seafood restaurants in Destin, and is obviously put on every year. You have to schedule a time to go in, give what you want. the staff were all very helpful, and cheerful.

    Their owner probably wasn’t there.

  93. GOT MINE

    (email was sent days ago but who doesn’t like a good dogpile?)

  94. I did not fill in the other day. No.

  95. Hotspur is doing volunteer work now

  96. Doesn’t the impeachment end when the new congress begins?
    And if that is her plan…is anyone paying attention to all the illegals and the dead being registered to vote? Who linked that article, the other day, about pro-China group (probably funded by China) working hard to register ‘minorities’ in swing states…and how they got VA to flip.

  97. Also I hear McConnell can shut this shit down regardless how long Pelosi sits on it.

  98. but a local restaurant is opening on Christmas day and giving free meals.

    Take your family if they’re going to be giving it away but tip the servers.

  99. Ain’t no got nuffin.

  100. I’m sure that restaurant values it’s employees, and don’t cut them down constantly.

    When you heard bitch owner say what she did, you shoulda said loudly, ‘I CAN HEAR YOU….and you should probably apologize.’ Pretty sure they’d have kittens if you left with your daughter.

  101. Car in, that guy is funny as shit. Great parody.


  102. Oops, I meant to post that second one. Lemme see if I can fix it.

  103. LOL

  104. One more. BAHAHAHA!

  105. Husband and I raffed and raffed.

  106. Ain’t no got nuffin.


    I’ve got an Amazon box that I don’t know what it is so I guess it is from Secret Santa.

  107. Pupster’s API matches the tone of that comment so well it’s crazy.

  108. We can open tonight or tomorrow. Thoughts?

  109. Speaking in an interview with AP, Pelosi grinned, ”He just got impeached. He’ll be impeached forever. No matter what the Senate does. He’s impeached forever because he violated our Constitution,” adding, “If I did nothing else, he saw the power of the gavel there. And it wasn’t me; it was all of our members making their own decision.”

    AP gushed, “Not since an earlier era of leaders — like Sam Rayburn, whose name is on a building at the Capitol, or Newt Gingrich, who defined a political movement — has the House speaker wielded such influence … Pelosi’s ability to steer the agenda is shaped in part by her decades in office. She immodestly calls herself a master legislator, but there’s truth in the brag — she brings more legislative experience to her job than those immediate predecessors.” AP quoted, Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public policy at Princeton, enthusing, “She has governed with force and authority … She is likely to go down in history as one of the most effective Speakers.”

  110. She’s going to be crucified by the far left and the moderate left when impeachment leads to a GOP victory next November and she’s out of a job. She’ll go down in history as an idiot who overreached.

  111. I say open tomorrow.

  112. Man. Had such a good day I’d about forgot, fifteen years ago this morning mom passed.

    See ya ’round, mom.

  113. I work tomorrow night, but that makes no nevermind. I can do it when I get home. Around midnight.

  114. I can start an opening thread at noon and add pictures as they’re sent to me.

  115. BroCav, sorry about your mom. Thank you for making me remember that it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today. Not sure how Mr. RFH is handling it – he’s been at work all day.

  116. The tabby jihadist cracks me up.

  117. Get better soon, Phat.

  118. What Roamy said. Anniversaries have a way of blindsiding us and knocking us down. 🙏🏻

  119. Beasn, the MFM fact-checked Trumps joke about the light bulbs. I H8 them.

  120. Thanksgiving menu is pretty standard with a few variations. Christmas Dinner can be anything. We’ll be in Vegas. Some restaurants are offering Seven Seas. Chinese food. Tamales, Posole, beans, Chile, and tortillas. We’re either going to a Prime Rib restaurant or a casino buffet.

  121. On the one hand, it’s Vice. On the other hand, it’s worth the clicks just to see the Star Wars roasting pan.


  122. Roamy, do you do German food?

  123. HS, Crown Rib Roast? I know there are Texans that make Christmas brisket.

  124. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never cooked a prime rib roast, but I’m a gonna this Christmas.

    Advice welcome.

  125. Yes, I will be making sauerbraten, potato dumplings, and red cabbage for Christmas dinner.

    Leon, yes, a poat tomorrow with Santa presents sounds good.

  126. Just none of that sous vide nonsense. No. Not doing that.

  127. Pups, I think that is HS bailiwick

  128. There’s a Williams Sonoma in the St. Louis area (West County). I loved walking through it. Got a real nice stainless measuring spoon set for me and my daughter….shit, don’t remember the price. $15 on sale? Something like that.

  129. See if there’s anything on amazingribs.com, Pups. That guy has never done us wrong.

  130. Beasn, I miss our Williams Sonoma discount

  131. Get a probe thermometer if you don’t have one, Pup. Did you get bone in or boneless?

  132. I’ll roll out the meme poat in the morning Leon and close down the boobs, you do your thing at noon sounds good to me.

  133. We’re going to have our traditional Double G ham. I should probably think about what to do for dessert. Maybe get some made this weekend.
    Husband is out doing some Christmas shopping. Nothing extravagant as we are tapped after the wedding and stove purchase. Thinking we’ll do something like a White Elephant exchange except with mostly practical things.

  134. Haven’t bought yet Leon. Just decided to do it tonight over prime rib at O’fuckingCharlies.

  135. Meathead has a full time employee that does nothing but test recipes.

  136. I bet that person is heavy.

  137. Get it with the bones if you can, they form a natural roasting rack. Plus, that meat between the ribs is divine after roasting.

  138. I get there days off next week. Guess which three.

  139. M-W?

  140. Nope.

  141. Whoever is in charge of your schedule is calling in sick Monday and Tuesday.

  142. Regular day Monday, “half day” Tuesday.

    Half days before holidays are notorious for attracting complex patients that can’t have their problems solved in 15 minute blocks.

  143. We’re thinking of ham and beans for dinner. Probably ought to figure out a vegetable too.

  144. A good vegetable is smoked mac n cheese.

  145. I’d like that. Paula will want something closer to the plant. Maybe brussel sprouts or green beans.

  146. Making baked chicken, rosemary garlic potatoes and brussel sprouts for football Saturday o green beans with those little crispy onions for Christmas.

  147. o = so

  148. I get Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday off. I’ve got to work Monday and Friday.

  149. We got Star’s ashes back from the Vet. Paula has a sense of humor and put them up in the corner of the living room so she can keep an eye on me. Sure enough, I can see the box from my chair looking down on me.

  150. That’s what I’m talking about. Christmas food is original.

  151. Add a motion sensor + recording of dog barking…BAM

  152. I think I’m going to cook a turkey breast with a maple/bourbon glaze, glazed carrots, green beans with bacon, and rolls. Plus, maybe almond blondes with some of the maple/bourbon glaze turned into a sauce.

  153. Don’t give her any ideas …

  154. How will you be cooking the rib roast? Grill? Oven?

    dry brining with salt only at least overnight is highly recommended.

    Low and slow to begin, get up to about 120, crank up the heat to get a crust, and cruise to 125-127, pull, and let it coast up to 132.

  155. Carson’s shoulder rehab


  156. I’m hoping for tacos for Christmas.

  157. Good Eats Celebrity Roast

  158. J Kenji Alt Prime Rib (Serious Eats)

  159. Carin’s rehab. FU autocorrect!

  160. Debra ended relationships preemptively.

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