Hello furries and forders, welcome to Big Boob Friday.


Your model for today was posted by MJ back when he was funny.  She is an Italian/American , a diminutive 5 feet 1 inch tall, and 34G-24-34 125lbs are the numbers on the hit parade. Please put your best foot forward and say hello to Miss Satinee Capona (AKA Zee Carrino, Ztephanii Zee).



  1. She has big boobs! So, mission accomplished!

  2. Her lower back is just itching for a tramp stamp tat

  3. Put a sundress on her, and she could almost be cute. Like a Nebraska farmgirl.
    As it is? Meh.

  4. The last two video links are a cautionary tale about tattoos, the transition from Satinee to Ztephanii must have been a brutal decent into madness.

  5. I haven’t been brave enough to click the BBF video links in months.

  6. Probably since Betty Ballhaus.

  7. The last two video links are a cautionary tale about tattoos, the transition from Satinee to Ztephanii must have been a brutal decent into madness.


    Wait, Pups is the girl in the last video telling us about her two children (dogs) that she’s given birth to (dogs), with “boss ass bitch” names because she’s a “boss ass bitch,” the BBF girl??? Descent into madness indeed. The dogs’ names are Mo-money and Cash.

    And that’s the least disturbing thing about that video.

  8. I had to watch the video.

    O. M. G.

    This chick could be used as a cautionary tale. I assume, after all her fame and glory, she’s arrived at the bad ass bitch living level of life, with her cracked cellphone, and empty condo . At the ripe age of 24, she looks ridden hard and put away wet.

    wakey wakey

  9. Kids – if you take naked/half naked pictures of yourself on the internet YOU CAN HAVE ALL THIS TOO.

  10. Section 8 housing should not be on Cribs.

  11. This girl likes to twerk…a lot.

  12. Look at the expression of the little girl in the header pic. That is my face EXACTLY right now. EXACTLY.

  13. Section 8 housing should not be on Cribs.

    ba haa haaa … mare is bringing it early today.

  14. Judging by her rapid descent, when were the above pictures taken?

  15. And 125? LOLOLOL. Not in her wildest …

  16. Maybe when she was 15. You know, when the above pictures were taken.

  17. Strike that. She doesn’t look 125 in those pictures either. I’m going to assume she was over 18 when those were taken.

    I just don’t see how someone falls so fast – from 18 to 24.

  18. H8’r’s

  19. Pup with another fine joob!

  20. At 5ft 1″?
    I’d buy 125ish.

  21. I just don’t see how someone falls so fast – from 18 to 24.

  22. If you watched her videos … she’s not 125.

  23. I’m 5 2. One inch doesn’t make that much of a difference.

  24. Jam, not a hater, first comment I said, mission accomplished!! BBF!!

    But you really should watch that video. Lots and lots and lots and lots of psychological material to be gleaned from it. And if you like crazy chicks with big boobs (and evidently lots of guys do) you’ll appreciate it on several levels.

    By the way, I think she’s gay. Sorry fellas.

  25. I’m off to do my HIIT workout. I’m trying to avoid looking like, “A person of Walmart.”

    In the last week, I’ve been to Walmart 3 times so, in fact, I am a “person of Walmart.”

  26. One inch doesn’t make that much of a difference

    That’s not what your mom says.

    Meh – you would know women’s bodyweight much better than I. I’m sure every GF I ever had lied about theirs, so…

  27. “She lowkey shaped like a garbage bag and looks better in pictures”

    ha ha ha …

  28. Her sister is a playboy model as well.

  29. Photoshopped out of the pink bikini picture, visible in the first video, is a script tattoo in the UPA which I think says “Only God can judge me”.

    According to her bio she started modeling for Pin Up Files at 19 years old, all of these pictures are from the early years.

    This is her older sister, September Carrino:

  30. Holy shit. Those two videos.

    Descent? More like she stalled and went into a tailspin.

    She reminds me of the girls with big tits in 7th grade that every boy looked at, stupefied. They tended to age reallllllly fast, in unfortunate ways, unless committed parenting took place.

  31. Wow, ABQ leads the nation in car theft, 27 cars per day are stolen.

  32. Found an old clip of MJ’s prom date

  33. Everyone is being quiet because you’re waiting for me to watch those two videos, huh? Well, I’m not falling for it!

  34. $100 bucks there is no (stable) dad in the picture.

  35. Chi – it is legit a trainwreck.

  36. Oh, I’m sure it is Car in. You know I’m I’m joking, of course.

    But honestly, I find those videos (and porn/strippers in general) depressing.
    And yes, no stable home life is a perfect springboard for that life.

  37. I couldn’t watch it all. But, it honestly … a psychologist could analyze it.

  38. I’ve been browsing the dating sites for the area. A lot of girls who look like her. Massively pierced/tattooed, or they’re single mothers, or massively obese. Also, a high number of swingers/poly folks. More than I ever saw in California.

  39. i followed pups time travel link –

    this place was funny

    i should have commented more and taken the abuse – some funny shit.
    hell – even xbrad was funny

  40. Part of the dating site demographic is just that social institutions are a lot stronger away from the coasts and metropoli, so the people using them are the ones who either don’t have social ties or have already burned their bridges.

  41. Yeah, I figured that is part of it.

  42. And I’m not commenting much yet because I’m trying to find something useful to do at work while getting interrupted to help wife and Possum get ready for their road trip today.

  43. Mommy and Me road trip to Vegas?

  44. Its always depressing to watch obviously broken humans. I have a theory that because of our enhanced safety in a modern society, that alot of people that wouldn’t have normally survived actually do survive and procreate, polluting the society with individuals that would have been naturally culled from the breeding population. Result…..rampant mental health “issues”. I also think that we weren’t designed to live in overcrowded environments. I think that once an area reaches a certain population density it wears on us causing…….mental health issues….

  45. No, visiting grandma and friends back east.

  46. “Back east” in Vegas…

  47. Watched a video of a girl that gave up her son for adoption. it’s not always the broken ones that are hard to watch. The ones who make the right choices also have a hard time.

    That made me realize that abortion is so popular and prevalent, because of the hard choice to carry a baby to term, and all the implications of that. How people think that others will look down on them, judge them, etc.

  48. I also think that we weren’t designed to live in overcrowded environments. I think that once an area reaches a certain population density it wears on us causing…….mental health issues….

    Hutterites split their colonies when the population reaches 150, which seems about right to me. The brain is built for a tribe, and can extend that to a nation, but it’s a hard extension, and the communities within the bizarre construct of the City don’t genuinely get much larger than 150-200.

  49. Hutterites? Is that just people that live in huts?

  50. Hutterites are a Christian religious tradition similar to Amish, Mennonites, Etc. Communal farm living and pacifist.

  51. Re: that video

    What a disastrous existence. Very depressing.

  52. This is an outstanding article and a lot of things clicked into place for me, especially the parts about how important an abundance of non-sexual and familial contact with the other sex is for developing ourselves as whole people (and by extension a whole society).

    TL; DR condensation: no, fucking read it all, it’s good for you to read something longer than a bathroom break once in a while, jerkoff. Push yourself. Your brain is atrophying. I can see it from here.

  53. Good article. I’ll admit that my own parents’ divorce left me screwed up big time. I date so rarely that I really don’t know how to be in a relationship even if I could find one.

  54. If you meet someone from a healthy two-parent household and you’re willing to learn, you’ve got a shot, Alex. I learned how to be a good partner from my very patient and awesome husband.

    My ex was from a large family in a two-parent household, but their interactions were not healthy. Their behavior patterns carried over into our life and we just couldn’t work it out.

  55. This is pretty good too:

    View at

  56. They told Kelly early in the afternoon on the day the police were called that she would need to turn in her phone by 9 p.m.

    WTF? Take it right then and there.

  57. U.S. kids only spend 16 minutes each day using the computer at home for school.

    Then 1 hour on the computer after school should be plenty unless you’re writing a paper or taking another class on it.

  58. Kids don’t need a phone with more than the ability to make calls. Buy them a cheap cell phone that only has about 100 minutes a month. If you get a cell phone for yourself and it comes with a second one, that one becomes the “home phone” and doesn’t leave house.

  59. One of the guys I follow on YouTube used to stream videogames a few years ago while talking about Gen Z men’s stuff. He did a video recently holding a funeral for his PS4. Not because it died, but because he’d decided it was dead to him. A lot of boys and young men are waking up to how worthless and detrimental video games have been for them, and seeking engagement in the real world. I have no idea if young women are doing the same.

  60. I basically only play Hearthstone, because I can turn it on for about 15-20 minutes, and then stop. Most other games are so stupid that I have no interest in them.

    I really hope to find a historical fencing group wherever I end up, as well as good tango and swing dancing groups. Unfortunately, most of the latter are full of old folks. People my age aren’t interested.

  61. And most of the former are probably full of fags.

  62. Nah, just leftists.

  63. We have a fencing school nearby, but it’s Olympic/modern. No HEMA anywhere within 50 miles.

  64. There’s a German group in Columbus.

  65. I was just busting your balls, Alex. Sounds interesting, actually.
    I’d be more inclined towards making historically accurate crossbows and trebuchets myself though.

  66. Historically accurate trebuchets are really hard to be sure of. We have only textual descriptions, and our modern machines work, but there are no diagrams of the old ones. For all we know we invented something similar but not the same.

  67. But wouldn’t it stand to reason that using the materials of the day with the known engineering practices and “sketches,” that a modern trebuchet is probably pretty close to accurate? Only but so many ways to skin a cat so to speak

  68. Right, it’s just an interesting tidbit. The modern ones work, so they are probably the same machines, but it’s possible that the old ones were different in some way, and that’s kind of neat. It’s like Damascene steel, lost as a process, “rediscovered”, then “rediscovered” a few more times. Metal alloys can only go together so many ways, and lots of places near to perfect on the phase diagram are quite good, but being sure we’ve really replicated the process is impossible.

  69. I’m thinking the same thing, TT.
    Surely we’ve found decent enough drawings to replicate them quite closely.
    Hell, Roy Underhill makes Roman workbenches from drawings! We can make an authentic trebuchet to launch Leon. I mean Leon’s Pumpkins.

  70. I have considered whether trebuchet would be the most amusing way to plant a pumpkin patch, assuming it’s even viable.

  71. ” trebuchet ”

    don’t we have a resident expert on this?

  72. isn’t leon smaller than a pumpkin?

  73. “Only but so many ways to skin a cat so to speak”

    last thought on this:
    back in the day, didn’t they use magic and witchcraft and shit?

  74. Trebuchets or catapults with flaming pitch are how you cast ‘fireball’.

  75. Honestly, D&D has basically wrecked what “magic” and “witchcraft” meant in a medieval sense.

    Reading portents and seasons was magic, calendars were magic. Knowing what herbs and mushrooms were psychoactive or poisonous was witchcraft. Concoctions made to hasten healing or ease disease or en-trance before battle were potions. All of it was esoteric knowledge, hidden from the common person. “Magic” wasn’t special effects, it was shrewd record keeping and encrypted communication, it was poisons and medicines, with the occasional bit of stage magic thrown in to elevate and baffle when needed.

  76. Fun ‘spell’ I just learned about: Siberian shamans (the guys we get the word “shaman” from) used to teleport. Sort of. They’d prepare for long overland journeys with meditation and a ritual taking of fly agaric tea that would help them numb the brain’s sense of the passage of time and then just start walking. If they got the dose right, they’d come out of it at the destination without any recollection of the journey.


  77. Holy crap. Leon is a fuckin’WIZARD!
    Should we start calling him Merlin?

  78. Even more fun: the psychoactive ingredient in fly agaric/amanita muscaria is filtered by normal digestion and not available to the body the first time through. The reason you took it as a tea was so your urine would contain the refined drug. You can pass it through 7 human adults before it loses potency.

  79. I just read a lot of whacked out stuff, Chi. The only wizardry I do is on the job. Prepping for my Certified Ethical Hacker exam now.

  80. IIRC, the early Church was opposed to witch trials and witch burnings, because it held that witchcraft and magic was, in technical terms, bullshit.

  81. IIRC, “witchcraft” trials track nicely to rotten rye harvests, there was a fascinating article about it some time ago. Rye gets infested with a hallucinogenic fungus rather easily, and was the main grain feeding the poor in Europe for generations.

  82. I suspect it was a mixture of a couple of things

    1) Ergot
    2) Holdover from paganism,
    3) Politics by local nobility, especially those in conflict with the Church.

  83. Large and in charge!

  84. Yeah, early example of “not letting a crisis go to waste”.

  85. Twenty minutes until my phone interview…

  86. Good luck.
    VA would be much more expensive cost of living wise, but pay is usually commensurate with that. Traffic is a total cluster in NoVa.
    But you have plenty of shit to do nearby. And you can’t swing a dead cat without smacking a hot Liberal chick.

  87. Kill it, Alex. Get that second offer in hand.

  88. And you can’t swing a dead cat without smacking a hot Liberal chick.

    In Game terms, this would neatly combine “approach” and “neg”.

  89. Speaking of witches, if I buy the hat, does the ginger come with it, or does she come separately?


  91. Our society is designed to create mental health issues. “Education” and the media unhinge us from reality and teach us unhealthy habits and coping strategies. Don’t get me started about the chemicals in everything.

    Mental illness, weaponized. Nothing new for our Adversary but the scale.

  92. This day needs to get over itself.

    I’ll be in San Bernardino all next week, I’m looking for BBF volunteers not named Lauraw or Hotspur.

  93. “Speaking of witches, if I buy the hat, does the ginger come with it, or does she come separately?”

    For that price, she better come with it, and bring a “can-do” attitude.

    Hope the interview went well.

  94. I dumped that on the blog late last night, Jay.
    I meant to rehash of today for anyone that missed it.
    It’s SO damned funny.
    Click through to the article to see some of the butthurt responses.

  95. Trump balloon is going over like a, well, you know…

    Lots of fun on Twitter though!


  97. Interview seemed to go ok. I think I made the case that while I don’t have exactly the experience that they are looking for, my experience is very close and my background means I’ll work well with military clients.

  98. my background means I’ll work well with military clients.

    Are we limited in the amount of your mom jokes to a certain number per day?

  99. Your mom’s experience during Fleet Week doesn’t count.

  100. Where’s the fun in that…

  101. Strozk is an effing psychopath.

    HTF did he get where he is in the FBI?

  102. “Strozk is an effing psychopath.

    HTF did he get where he is in the FBI?”


    Not too many people answer their own question so succinctly.

  103. Is everybody on restriction? What did y’all do now???

  104. Hi

  105. I’m alone for the weekend, so I’m getting wild and crazy. I’m reading Storey’s Guide to Raising Sheep. And I’m reading it in the living room, with no interruptions.

  106. You only wish you could party this hard.

  107. Howdy! Pepe, our new Chief was mansplaining how APD is getting that number down. Summer car theft is harder. People aren’t leaving their vehicles running in the driveway to warm up. APD is recovering stolen cars at a faster rate. 48 hours instead of 72.

  108. Hahahahahaha…..Pups! I laughed outloud!!

  109. I’m doing stuff too.

  110. Leon is what we call here (after today’s BBF), one “boss ass bitch.”

    You may also use, “bad ass bitch.” Our “activities” model used both.

    Holy crap I’m using a lot of quote marks.

  111. I’m watching episodes of Burn Notice and trying to decide if I want to go out for a drink.

  112. I’m having a drink after I feed the horses, then making taco bowls.

  113. I ordered a pizza.

  114. I’m watching HGTV Beach House and I made Keto Peanut butter cookies. Held myself to two. WINNING!! Husband out of town so I’m partying like a bitch ass boss too. Key Lime La Croix…I would prefer it with vodka and a wedge a real lime but alas, no.


    Shakes fist at mare!

  115. I’m blobbing on the couch staring at a bag of fresh picked peppers, maters, and basil my sweet neighbor brought me earlier.
    I was thinking a good ole cheese & mater sammich, but now I might class it up and make a little caprese salad…

  116. Awaiting the arrival of fried chicken and Mac salad and Hawaiian rolls. Been talked into Jurassic 2 on netflix

  117. Dan made lasagna and bought a loaf of sourdough. Sodium under 800 mg. Total for today was 1400 for me and 1300 for Dan. Carbs still under 160 for me. I H8 reading nutrition panels. Still don’t understand why elevated BP for Dan, results in total dietary upheaval for Oso.

  118. Going to watch 300 on DVD. I think it’s been long enough to enjoy it again.

  119. I know that I read Anne of Green Gables (long, long ago). I also watched the series. There is a remake of the series called, Anne with an E. The first season was lovely and I enjoyed it. The second season, however, is highly gay-centric. Have any of you read the book? Was the aunt of Anne’s best friend obviously gay? I think she was a spinster. In the new series, a few of the episodes are all about the gay aunt and the gay “artistic” boy at Anne’s school.

    Anne, of course, is not shocked at all to learn about the aunt. And the artistic boy has a questionable encounter with the male school teacher who wants his wife-to-be to help him social climb which is why (I think) he wants to marry her. To also act as a beard.

    What in the world? Was Anne of Green Gables the secret gay literature this stupid series says it is?

  120. I started watching The Last Jedi and I had to stop because it was awful.

    Oh, my, gosh, Anne just said to the artistic boy, “Thank you for sharing that with me.” About being gay.

    And she continued, “If after we grow up and haven’t found our soul mates we can marry each other and live the life of free spirits!!”

  121. Netflix is crap.

    Although on Netflix my husband and I watch a show called Heartland about a family on a horse farm. Very Hallmark ish. It’s too goody two shoes for my girls but my husband and I like sappy, g rated stuff.

  122. When Luke Skywalker threw his lightsaber over his shoulder like it’s a piece of crap, I turned it off.

  123. Anne of Green Gables wasn’t a gay anything. This is The Agenda at work. I’ll kill Netflix as soon as Possum loses interest in the current set of cartoons she likes.

  124. Thanks, Leon. I thought so, I just kind of wondering if I was being naive.

    Like we were talking about the other day, men in literature being “confirmed bachelors.”

  125. Friends at work when I bitch about Dan having the remote: Why don’t you just watch TV in the bedroom?
    Oso: Bedroom TV isn’t 55 inches and doesn’t have as many channels.
    Also Oso: I can’t talk to remote on 2nd Gen Apple TV to find shows on Netflix.

  126. It’s the same thing as claiming Lincoln was gay because he had no heirs and shared a hotel room with another man. They invent history where it suits them. Keynes was gay and had no thought for posterity, and that informs his bullshit take on economics from top to bottom, yet he’s hardly a gay icon.

  127. Ahhhh, now the new female teacher at Anne’s school is wearing pants and riding a motored bike.



  128. OFFS

    A boy brought a gun into the school because he was hunting a fox and the new teacher says, “Put that away, school is no place for a gun!”

  129. Sounds like it’s completely pozzed, Mare, as the young people say.

  130. Worked until 7 PM again. Whee. Still trying to figure how poor planning on another’s part got dumped in my lap.

  131. Other people suck.

  132. I like “The Crown” on Netflix. Also “The Wrecking Crew”, “Sherlock”, “Merlin”, classic Star Trek, Great British Baking Show (they are SO polite and nice to each other, compared to Food Network people), and Secrets of British Castles (though they have a hideous actress playing the part of Mary Queen of Scots).

  133. Greetings, nasty weekenders.

  134. Keynes was gay and had no thought for posterity, and that informs his bullshit take on economics from top to bottom, yet he’s hardly a gay icon.

    Ugh, not this crap again. Nothing in Keynes suggests that he didn’t care about the future. No, his quote “In the long run we’re all dead” doesn’t count.

    Hayek was even worse. He abandoned his wife and kids to go fuck his cousin.

  135. The left is so consistently childish. They cannot operate in the rational realm, therefore, they must act out like children. It’s so pathetic.

  136. Thanks for the recommendations, Roamy!

  137. Hayek was even worse. He abandoned his wife and kids to go fuck his cousin.

    Salma was totally worth it.

  138. Jurrasic 2 got voted off the island and I have been abandoned with just my trusty tablet for company because the grandson was on the porch. I visited with grandson until he departed and now the only sound to be heard is the occasional clucks from the remaining hens. I revel in my vicarious solitude until interrupted, and cajoled into some sub standard, has been, offering on Netflix. BUT!

    (Insert nefarious laugh here) What isn’t known is that I’m secretly downloading a new video game and intend to take over the living room for the next 300hrs or so it takes to play this one (more nefarious laughter)….

  139. Salma was totally worth it.

    My dream is to go on Jeopardy! and get a question, “This is Mexico’s most popular export.”

  140. OFFS

    Michael Avanatti (Stormy Daniels lawyer) was in London to protest Trump. Lord, I’m sick of these dumbasses.

  141. Melania looks like a dream in that yellow dress.

  142. The Real Rob on Netflix

  143. What is the Real Rob?

  144. Posted a couple of pics of a big rattlesnake we killed near the house yesterday. Some people have real issues. Let the hate flow. I just ignore it, but Penelope got upset, so no more pics of dead stuff.

  145. My point was primarily that The Agenda doesn’t claim Keynes like they do Turing, but your point is taken, Alex.

  146. Pepe, are you shitting me?

  147. Mare, bingle “predator friendly” and prepare yourself for the SJWs of farming.

  148. Snakes vote for democrats.

  149. Did you skin it & tan it?
    A custom sheath, or could you wrap the frame of a knife in snakeskin?
    Then, of course, you have to eat it.

  150. Professional courtesy, Scott.

  151. Thinking about taking a trip to Memphis and Nashville this fall. Does anyone have recommendations on travel websites, or are they all pretty much the same?

  152. Tripadvisor kicks ass.

  153. Some people have no clue about actual dangerous animals. This thing had a huge head, biggest I remember seeing. I pretty much leave animals alone, but deadly stuff near the house? Time to go.

  154. Thanks, scott. I’ll check ’em out.

    I have a sponsee whose dog was recently bitten by a rattler, Peps. The poor boy nearly died, and it cost a pretty penny to nurse him back to health. You gotta do what you gotta do, especially if they’re near your house like that.

  155. I love animals, I worked at a zoo for Heaven’s sake, but a rattlesnake near a living area has got to go.

    When I lived on the other coast of Florida a neighbor’s dog died from a rattlesnake bite while she was in her fenced backyard.

    They are so venomous they take the heads (animal control) and bury them at a specific site.

  156. I’m serious when I ask, how does the Meuller investigation come to a close? They’ve gone beyond the scope of the special investigation. Nothing but bullshit has been found. We are paying for this asshole Meuller AND HIS STAFF to look into shit they have no business looking into. It’s at ridiculous level 11.

  157. My point was primarily that The Agenda doesn’t claim Keynes like they do Turing, but your point is taken, Alex.

    Yeah, I agree with your point about the BS claims. It also ruins the ability of people, especially men, to have friendships.

  158. there’s a school bus from Cincinnati outside Busch stadium, and the kids inside are currently beating the cardinals.

  159. Exactly. Part of the real tragedy of it is that eros is seen as the highest form of love, and agape, philos, and caritas are shoved off the table.

  160. Mmmmmm…carnitas.

  161. All Greek food is great, really.

  162. Awwwww, Laura’s school pic

  163. Cute kid. My 2nd grade Catholic school uniform was actually very similar to that! I was cute then too. Except for when…well. The fires, you know. Unpleasantness.

  164. See you later muchachitos. Busy weekend.

    *vague hand signal that might be nice, or might be about your mom*

  165. On the boat, and it’s hot and humid, but it’s the boat, so YAYYYYYY!!!

  166. And what is the boat’s name? Hmmmm?

  167. Captain’s Master Baiter

  168. “Insert Your Mom’s Name Here”

  169. Chum Dumper

  170. your mom is greek

  171. it’s Hotspur

  172. I’m waiting for my man
    26 dollars in my hand
    Up to Lexington 125
    Feel derp and dirty
    more dead than alive
    I’m waiting for my man

  173. Gah, fell asleep watching the Sox last night at around 7:30 and stumbled into bed by 9:00.

  174. I woke up at 630 and managed to fall back asleep for a little while but this is it, apparently. Working until midnight tonight and I won’t have time to nap today before my shift. Violins.

    We put up the new shed tent yesterday and it is ug-lee! Ha ha ha. Oh well, it will give critters a place to live this Winter.

  175. Dropped my truck off at 7, rode my bike 3 easy miles home. Making coffee now before I feed the horses and go start telling plants who’s boss.

  176. Make sure it’s anchored to the ground securely. Neighbor had a huge one out back and the first good wind it ended up 200′ away across two fences.
    Took more time to repair than to originally set up I bet.

    That thing took off like a bounce house!

  177. I’m not afraid it will fly away, but I am afraid it will shift off it’s platform. It’s perched on some bricks on one side because the land has a slope. I bought some really big augers for anchoring it. Our ground is heavy clay underlaid with a layer of weak clay shale about a foot down. Scott broke through the shale with the auger and kept going. Should stay put.

  178. Is the new shed tent for garden supplies and lawnmowers? I wonder if it would provide enough shelter for certain plants to overwinter.

  179. Huh, Horseface Lisa Page got a makeover! I heard that somewhere on talk radio but just saw her taped “walk in” to her depo.

  180. Yeah, that should do fine. I tried to tell the neighbor lady to at least get 4 of those cheap corkscrews we used to use to tie dogs to, but nope. She knew better.

    Are we still trying to name the boat?
    Cirrhosis of the River

  181. “certain plants”

    *cue reggae music*

  182. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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