Love Me Some Meme





  1. When the poat goes BOOM

    Whacha gonna do

    Make a make a move

  2. Watching The Perfect Human Diet on Prime. Not bad, good production value.

  3. Sir Pupsalot –
    did anyone pick up the big burly boobs slot for next week yet?
    if tushar isn’t gonna do a Massive Mammaries of Mumbai or j’ames a Hefty Heifers of the midwest edition, i’ll sub in…
    Monkey Mounds Friday

  4. Jimbro, yes, lawnmower, gardening stuff, generators, and in Winter the outdoor chairs will get chucked in there too.

    I overwinter plants on my enclosed porch. It’s unheated but between captured sunshine and heat leakage from the kitchen door, it stays a little warmer than the outdoors in there.

  5. Pupster’s pre-rejection of my BBF posting offer was very hurtful. I laughed for quite a while.

  6. Rowan found some fresh catshit to roll in this morning. Luckily I was still in bed when it all went down. Figured it out when I heard Paula’s expletives coming from the bathroom where she was washing an unwilling canine who just wanted his dog-given right to stink.

  7. Chesty Chimps of the Jungle™

  8. Thank you Jam.

  9. Crowdfunding for the baby Trump blimp was 33,000 pounds or about $44,000. Someone pocketed about $43K.

  10. We have a detached garage that gets used for that. It was the main garage but it was a bitch to walk on an icy walkway in the winter so I had an attached garage built. Amazing how a formerly empty garage now has a Kubota mini tractor, riding mower, waverunner and 4 wheeler in it along with a shit ton of garden tools and random chests of drawers.

  11. Sucker born every minute,Roamy.

    Wakey wakey

  12. I need to do the math on how long I’d need to own a tractor that can move round bales before it would pay for itself in the savings on hay. My guess is two centuries.

    Of course, once you’ve got a tractor, you start finding lots of things to do with it, I suspect.

  13. Hmmm, I wonder if we built a rafter shelf inside the shed, could we stow our kayaks up there and make room in the garage?? There’s some unused headroom in this thing. It’s 8 feet tall.

  14. If I tried to lift a round hay bale it would tip my tractor over. I bought it used from one of the orderlies in the OR. His partner had died from AIDS related complications and he was moving out of state. It’s just big enough to dig a little hole or push gravel around.

  15. Shelf brackets kit is $20. Hmm.

  16. We have a couple of pullies holding up an Old Town canoe in the storage garage. When we bought the camp the guy sold us his canoe and kayaks here. In fact, for a few thousand dollars extra he sold us a house full of things that it would have cost us a lot more to replace.

  17. Pulley system will save your back.

  18. Right, I’d be looking at something mid-sized for that task. I suspect I’ll never bother. All my farming plans require hand tools at most, and a truck to haul stuff hither and yon. Hay baling is something I’m happy to outsource.

  19. Hay baling is something I’m happy to outsource.

    Fuckin aye man.

    A tractor you could ramp up and down into your pickup is what you need, aka lawn tractor. Now you can probably look at a F450 upgrade without spraining a brain muscle compared to your current hooptie.

    Small farm business expense.

  20. Mmmm, sexy twuck.

  21. Paula’s dad still cuts and bales his fields. Her stepmom is hoping he’ll hire it out soon. She’s been hoping that for a few years now but I suspect it’s falling on deaf ears. He’s been cutting hay there since he was a kid.

  22. I cruise the lawn in an E170 with a 48″ deck.

  23. Big farm truck might be the way to go, but they cost as much as houses these days. Maybe I can get some grant money to buy one for my minority-owned and disabled-run agronimical enterprise.

  24. I had to dive many, many pages into the trump blimp search at google images before there was a image that even hinted at how this was wrong and portrays a bad image of the host.

    Bah. They are embarrassing themselves and don’t even know it.

    If we could pickup the airship for $1K and shipping I bet we could have some fundraisers and fleece the useful idiots for some serious coin.

  25. I can use my 23&Me results to claim Hispanic or African as needed, and I’ve got an extra bone in my lumbar spine, so es verdad, holmes.

  26. When we buy our tractor, it will pay for a quarter of itself when we “redo” the driveway.

  27. Although I’d much rather turn it into a warship.

  28. I’ve got an extra bone in my lumbar spine

    I know a guy.

  29. i just saw pepe’s snake tale –

    fuk the dum-dums that want you to live around shit that can kill or seriously injure ppl. it’s the same story with the jack-asses that want to reintroduce wolves and cougars into the adirondacks; they don’t have to deal with it.

    snakes are an interesting and useful piece in the eco-mosaic, right along with rodents and flesh eating bacteria, doesn’t mean we need them in our house.

    i’d off that fukker quick fast and in a hurry too.
    it’ll look great skinned and tanned in the workshop.

  30. Vestigial tail?


    Leon’s mom probably sneezed really hard at the precise moment of embryologic development of that segment.

  32. Your mom has an extra bone in her.

  33. “U obese piece of shit”


  34. The mayor of Sheffield banned Trump from the town while wearing a sombrero. Trump hadn’t planned a visit, but a statement had to be made, and that statement is that the mayor is a virtue-signaling, petulant child.

  35. I suspect it’s falling on deaf ears.


    That’s because he’s as old as shit and can’t hear anything. Poor old guy.

  36. I’m banning Chuck Schumer from visiting my house! And I’m wearing a dunce cap, a bathing suit 3 sizes too small and heels with socks.

  37. Secksaaaaay!!

  38. Got up at 5am had coffee then a bike ride at 6:45. Most of my chores are done and the only thing left on the “to do” list is Mass at either 4 or 4:30. Huzzah!!

  39. Is the Jack Reacher book The Midnight Line any good? Anyone?

  40. Pretty good storm just moved through. Had to stand on the porch and hold down a pop up canopy that we have temp installed on our deck. Just waiting for power to come back on.

  41. Oh, we have wolves too. They’ve spent millions to re-introduce a large predator that they spent millions eradicating. So far, we haven’t had any issues that I know of with the wolves. A friend who has a ranch 20 miles away lost 28 calves this spring. Can’t confirm it was wolves, they are just gone. But, there is a pack of wolves on his ranch. Another ranch 15 miles away had 16 cows and a bull killed by wolves. They confirmed a few of them, so they did get some money, but not enough to replace all that were lost.

  42. They also periodically try to re-introduce grizzlies into the Gila Wilderness. Great idea.

  43. Grizzlies will be killed by the Gila Monsters

  44. I don’t like bears.

  45. Grizzlies will probably starve, then start killing cattle, or hikers.

  46. Got this off a Defenders of grizzlies site

    “Grizzly bears are omnivores, and their diet can vary widely. They may eat seeds, berries, roots, grasses, fungi, deer, elk, fish, dead animals and insects. In the late summer and early fall, grizzlies enter hyperphagia, a period of 2-4 months when they intensify their calorie intake to put on weight for winter denning.”

    I guess I’ve always pictured them eating fish out of rivers which is how the nature shows always depict them. Or is that brown bears? I noticed they left grazing farm animals off the list. Wonder why?

  47. No tail, just extra vertebrae in my lower back.

  48. How did you find out about the extra vertebrae?

  49. Prostate exam

  50. Is that what his uncle called it?

  51. Rocketboy just told me he knew Venezuela was bad but didn’t really comprehend how bad. There’s a way to illegally make money off on online gaming by playing then trading your coins for cash. Venezuelans are doing this because they can earn 6 x minimum wage. There was conjecture that the gaming site knows this but isn’t kicking them off the game because this may be the only way these poor people make any money with their economy in the shitter.

  52. Left a pair of his socks inside out in the laundry. Once.

  53. I had a physical for a job that might require lifting moderately heavy things, and the doc countered them through my skin and said “you’re supposed to have 5 of these” iirc. Said I couldn’t lift weights over 50# without assistance while I was on the job.

  54. Counted, you damn dumbphone.

  55. Raining here. Got a little tree trimming done but I’ll have to wait until it lets up do haul anything to the burn pile or fill in any of the holes I was planning to take care of today.

  56. I wonder what’s Tammy Duckworth’s take on Steve Cohen. Would she be insulted by Strzok supposedly deserving a Purple Heart for being questioning or would she toe the Democrat line?

  57. Tammy Duckworth never toes the Democrat line.

  58. ^DAYUM!^

  59. I didn’t mean the joke but I’m going to go to hell for laughing at it anyway.

  60. Mini-me was disappointed to get only a 3 on the AP English language exam, but she got a 4 in AP Chemistry, so that’s good for 4 hours of credit at the schools she’s interested in. Yay!


  62. Mini me is white, so only 1 AP class is acceptable.

  63. I didn’t bother to take the AP English, I had to ask my guidance counselor to proctor the 3 exams I did take. I was the only member of my graduating class to even ask.

  64. Too bad she’s not firing an automatic

  65. 10/tactical would smash.

  66. Mare, I don’t give Lee Child my redneck money. See also Brad Thor. Stephen Hunter was getting close to the Oso ban, until he wrote G-Man. Took me a little longer to read as I had to do research while reading. Worth your time. Not sure if it still available at your Sam’s. Sold out at my Sam’s in less than a week.


  68. Wow! LEO Lip Sync where the LEO doesn’t sing. ❤️. RLF pointed out how many instances of LEO Lip Sync where the LEOs sang and didn’t follow directions. Real Life Friend is a career African American Marine that keeps getting me involved in AA groups where I’m texting with Darrell and Andre.

  69. Guy at work touched my neck yesterday to see if my skin was as “Soft as it looked”. Creeped me out. I hate being touched.

  70. That is creepy.

  71. Either he’s a giant creep or he’s turning into a zombie. You should steer clear regardless.

  72. Mare, do you watch “Shooter”?

  73. Dan told me that creepy guy is almost as bad as Ricoh when it comes to smashing cashiers. He is pissed that creepy guy touched me. Pissed Dan is hillbilly strong.

  74. Oso goes to church with Joe Biden?

  75. I would crotch punch Joey CHOO CHOO. I was just floored that a young guy would feel free to touch me.

  76. I like the Fort Smith lip sync challenge…

  77. On the count of three, everybody do a rain dance in their chairs for me. There have been storms in the area and they keep going around us.

    1….2….DANCE!!! *said in Deter voice*

  78. I made spaghetti for supper, using homemade sauce with maters from my garden!!
    Nothing better than homemade sauce…though Red Gold canned crushed tomatoes comes the closest.

  79. You do have nice skin.

  80. I used a bakers dozen of tomatoes. About 3 – 4 pounds.
    -Small onion chopped fine.
    -8 oz can of tomato sauce
    -pinch of crushed fennel seed-teaspoon or so of basil
    -2 large mushrooms chopped fine (Aldis has 8oz packs for .69)
    -1/8 c olive oil
    -salt/pepper to taste
    -1/2 tsp or so of sugar

  81. I really do have nice skin.

  82. Beasn, I need carbs, sugar, and sodium breakdowns on your receipt

  83. Dan is trying to salvage The Last Jedi. KMN

  84. oso, did you ask Creeper WTF he thought he was doing?

    When I worked in the bakery there was this hoosier (<– what we call white trash in MO) guy who thought he was so hawt he could put his arm around anyone or tweak one's waist. I warned him several times to get out of my space and quit touching me. The third time, within the same couple of hours, I told him if he did it again, he may find himself on the floor (because my ninja reflexes will react to sudden tweaks) and pointed out all of the witnesses who have heard me ask him to stop and my final warning. Pretty sure he didn't want to wind up on the floor and me in the office telling them why.

    He stopped.

  85. oso, you can leave out the sugar (used to balance out the acidity of tomatoes). I used about 3/4 tsp salt..which you can also leave out. Are tomatoes carbs?
    Two ounces of angel hair pasta = 41g (14%) of carbs.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the 1.25# of 80% ground beef.

  86. Bing’s home page is starring oso’s favorite critter.

  87. One medium tomato = 6 grams of carbs

  88. 2oz pasta – 2 grams sugar
    One cup of sliced tomatoes = 5 g of sugar

  89. I don’t believe in carbs.


  91. Festive, Puppeh.

  92. Houseguest has a rental house at the beach for a week

    She lives here for free because she can’t afford rent……….vacation house at the beach.

  93. Carbs believe in you, Scott.


  95. Comment by beasn on July 14, 2018 8:42 pm
    Bing’s home page is starring oso’s favorite critter.

    It’s National Hopper Day?

  96. Car in, has Trump been good for the battery business?

  97. Yes. That, or just working through everything. We shouldn’t have survived, but we have so far and the tunnel light is right over there.

  98. *CHOO CHOO!*

  99. xtactly. Too long and boring to get into here, but there have been all sorts of fun adventure in starting and owning a business. Lots of crooks out there. Plus, debt from the crash … those things are still working their way out.

    But the light. I see it over there. I’m not ready to count on it, but I’m hopefully we may get there.

  100. y

  101. I believe in you, Carb in. Even if scott doesn’t.

  102. Houseguest has a rental house at the beach for a week

    WTF? Why isn’t that money in your bank account?

  103. We have guys in their 30’s delivering pizzas. Full time drivers, but they don’t work any overtime. All of them, right at 40 hours, that’s it.

  104. *hands out carbs to everyone

  105. A lot of those joints avoid OT like the plague, so that doesn’t exactly shock.

  106. They, the employees, avoid it, not the place. To the extent that they give up hours. It’s common with most places.

  107. Have I ever commented on how great the soundtrack to Interstellar is?

  108. The oilfield just figures OT pay into their cost of doing business. Most service providers have been so shortheded for so long they don’t even consider limiting folks to 40. Some of them promise 80 in their job postings.

    I’m not sure why we have a chronic meth problem down here.

  109. No good will it do you to stand there and frown at me
    The girl’s got my heart and my love’s coming down on me
    My love’s coming down since I got a taste of derp honey
    You know she’s got the sweetness of a honey bee



  112. Good morning! Quiet here, overcast and a little chilly. No signs of life from the boys and, despite an earlier rally, both dogs and Paula are back sleeping. She at least made eggs during that rally so I’ll let her nap

  113. Good morning, guys and dolls. Had a fun night at work last night. People with personality disorders crack me up.
    Tell you they’re horribly depressed with a big smile on their puss. I don’t think so, Sparky.

    Whose turn is it to give Pupster his flea shampoo?

  114. Things I Don’t Understand: Amazon Prime Day.

    WTF … this goat rope came out of nowhere. Someone decided people needed to spend money in July and invented a bullshit event to make it happen. Then convinced the people spending money that they were fortunate to do so.

  115. Personality Disorders are a tough nut to crack. Because I’m not super savvy on them it’s always later that I realize I’ve dealt with someone with one.

  116. We had a good shower here last night, apparently. Rain barrel got 1/2 full, so that’s usually about at least 1/8 inch of rain. We need more, but whatever. It amazes me that I haven’t watered the garden except once in the last month, and everything is still bustling along and looking healthy.

    It’s been in the 90s or close to it for the last couple weeks and I have not watered in that time. Only one significant rain in the last three weeks. The lawn is looking parched and going dormant. You can see dusty clay in areas. Garden going gangbusters. I like this garden system and someday we are going to get married and spawn new little gardens.

  117. bro cav’s comment at:
    “Comment by Brother Cavil on July 14, 2018 3:40 pm”

    is fubar’d
    his ‘tard runs into the next comment

  118. someday we are going to get married and spawn new little gardens.

  119. Re: Amazon Prime Day – Woot was pushing their birthday last week, playing it up that they were going to have all kinds of good stuff on sale. Then the day rolls around, and the sale is mostly $1800 Mac books and men’s shorts.

  120. Comment by jam2 on July 15, 2018 9:48 am

    Displays properly on my end. Must be something on your end. Fix it and you’ll see her end.

  121. Cargo shorts?

    WOOT WOOT!!!

  122. scott, does your houseguest at least help with the groceries? Does she have a job?

  123. We have guys in their 30’s delivering pizzas. Full time drivers, but they don’t work any overtime. All of them, right at 40 hours, that’s it.

    My daughter’s boyfriend works 36 hours..Sat-Mon. Gets paid for 40 because weekend. Sits around doing nothing the other 4 days.

    Is not ready to get married probably because student debt which I hear isn’t that much, and not enough saved. Or something.


    What, is my daughter not worth working two more days to pay that debt off and marry?

  124. Beasn, your daughter needs to ditch the loser.

  125. Gah!

  126. Got all the furniture packed.

    * commences slacking *

  127. She’s got a job and she does help with the groceries from time to time.

  128. DUMP THE LOSER. What does he do when he lays around for four days?

  129. 12 hours over two days, times 50 weeks (assuming that two weeks per year he doesn’t work due to other priorities), times $10 per hour = $6000. Depending on his expenses, that’s a couple months’ worth of rent and expenses. Or, it’s enough to make a serious start at investing for retirement.

  130. Or it’s the cost for a semester or two of grad school tuition.

  131. I’ve got a hard working 23 y/o who’s single. Responsible. Hard working. Super nice and funny.

    just saying.

  132. I almost have enough raspberry bushes to have grandchildren.

    It’s just a waiting game now.

  133. I’m not sure erins ready for that yet.

  134. Cornhole Championship is on ESPN2 right now.

    Amazed at how good they are.

  135. Comment by Jay in Ames on July 15, 2018 2:59 pm
    I’m not sure erins ready for that yet.

    There’s always Hannah.

  136. Professional cornholers are always amazing to watch.

  137. Comment by Car in on July 15, 2018 2:48 pm
    I almost have enough raspberry bushes to have grandchildren.

    It’s just a waiting game now.

    I’m not sure I follow the logic here…

  138. I’m gonna be that awesome grandma who has raspberry bushes, so when the kids come over I can tell them to go out and eat their fill. Then when they’re growed up, they all magical memories of eating raspberries from grandma’s yard.

    I can’t believe i have to explain this.

    If you build it, they will come.

    Now I wait.

  139. my grandma made me whatever I wanted. she didn’t make me forage for my dinner.

  140. My grandparents had a garden with raspberries, grapes, strawberries, peas, blueberries, and cherry trees. I used to go out there and graze.

    But I’m pretty sure their garden had nothing to do with my conception.

  141. We bought those stupid My Pillows. Dan doesn’t snore anymore. I have to wake up to check if he’s still breathing. Mine makes my head sweat. Dan is getting a full nights sleep. I’m getting less sleep than before with his stupid snoring. My grandparents saved the good produce for tourists. I still hate apples.

  142. My grandparents had a garden, so I remember shelling purple hull peas and canning tomatoes.

  143. I like my My Pillow, but then it’s one of 5. I need to get either a wedge pillow or a Craftmatic adjustable.

  144. Magical memories of picking up beer cans in the woods next to grandma’s house.

  145. Hah, good callback.

  146. But I’m pretty sure their garden had nothing to do with my conception.

    These things are mysterious. Don’t discount my theory.

  147. I will say – honestly – since I started this ETP thing (way more carbs than I normally eat, and less fat) – I’ve been sleeping a TON better. Full nights. No middle of the night wakefulness.

  148. Magical memories of picking up beer cans in the woods next to grandma’s house.

    By then, they will have grown into full-sized PBR trees.

  149. My mom canned dill and sweet pickles, chili sauce that was a mustard base (good stuff), she canned tomatoes, corn relish, peaches, pears, cherries, she made all kinds of jam from fruit we hand picked including strawberry, cherry, elderberry (those fuckers make your hands dark purple), blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry. She made bread every Monday, so our sandwiches were always on homemade bread. I wanted Wonder Bread so bad. Now I look back and see I was an idiot.

  150. We’ve always known you’re an idiot, Hotspur, no worries!

  151. All of my mom’s cakes and pies were made from scratch. She would’t touch a store bought mix with a ten foot pole. She used suet in the pie crust. Made her own egg noodles. Biscuits from scratch.

    A totally different time.

  152. Whose turn is it to give Mare a wedgie?

  153. I had to do 200 burpees today because I forgot yesterday. Ugh. I figured I’d spin, watching tv, and do the burpees during the commercial breaks to space it all out.


    I did 45 burpees one break.

    It wasn’t a good idea. But I’m stubborn.

  154. Beer can story – A Budweiser drinking friend of mine had a baby girl.
    One day the grandparents took little Emily to the park. When she spotted a flattened Budweiser can on the ground she stopped, pointed, and shrieked “DA DA!”

    Inlaws not impressed.

  155. HotBride is getting a colonoscopy at 7:30 AM, so she won’t let me eat in the house.

    Ghetto bar – first time in months and months. Nothing’s changed.

  156. When my daughters were about three or four, I would have them bring me beer. They loved to put their face right in front of the can. When I pulled the tab it would blow their bangs back, and they would laugh and laugh. My mom thought it was wrong.

  157. My mom thought it was wrong.


    As awesome as your Mother obviously was, she was wrong about this.

  158. Serious question, why should we believe jack shit that comes out of any Meuller investigation? Do I believe 12 Russians altered the election? Only a dipshit would.

  159. I used to dream about Wonder Bread. Home made bread. Tortillas. Nothing carb was store bought. My mom made egg noodles and pasta. Cakes and pies made at home. I used to hate waking up to the smell of coffee and fresh bread.

  160. Bringing my dad his beer was important. My brother and I didn’t like beer. My sister would drink the beer as she carried it. She wasn’t allowed to take him his beer.

  161. I apparently scandalized the neighborhood the year we had a lot of snow, and I made a snowdad in a recliner with a beer can (real one, not snow) and a snow TV. Mom was not happy.

  162. Roamy, that was an amazing story!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  163. Weren’t you Baptist then?

  164. My mom would buy Wonder Bread in the summer because she didn’t like to bake in the heat. We didn’t get AC until I went in the Navy. That’s also when they bought the first color TV. I was like, WTFITS?

  165. Yes, Oso, and so were most of the neighbors.

  166. Those parents change when you leave the house. Happens to all of them.

  167. Yes. My brother was in the Army, I was in the Navy, and my sister was a junior in high school. Both parents had good jobs, so they started driving better cars, doing things to the house, getting new furniture, and traveling a lot.

  168. HS, we were always first adapters for Color TV. We had a humidifier in VA. We didn’t need anything in Cali.

  169. Roamy might have well as danced in the street. Baptist equivalent of the girls in Iran dancing today. Brave.

  170. Budweiser dad was the 2nd funniest guy I ever knew.

    He lost a daughter to Leukemia in 2006.

    He died two years later at the age of 52.

  171. Scott knew good people. Pretty sure wheelchair guy is gone now. Scott is good people.

  172. Both parents had good jobs, so they started driving better cars, doing things to the house, getting new furniture, and traveling a lot.

    I remember getting shouty at Rocketboy about his high school grades, that if he was going to goof off, he could do it at the public school and I could get new living furniture with the tuition.

  173. Wheelchair repair guy? What happened?

  174. I think he’s still around.

  175. Oso!

    Give me some authors to download, I looked up that Swagger fellow, who else?

  176. How is this Swagger fellow??

    And this made me sad:
    Comment by scott on July 15, 2018 7:34 pm
    Budweiser dad was the 2nd funniest guy I ever knew.
    He lost a daughter to Leukemia in 2006.
    He died two years later at the age of 52.

  177. Not how….who??

  178. I’m sick of you dickfaces going to H8 and leaving me here.

  179. The book is called “Gamblin’ In The Dark” by Lee Swagger, with a foreword by Billy Threweight.

  180. * touches Mare’s neck *

  181. Oh crap. Oso is right. David died in June of 2017.

  182. I’m rereading Sandra Brown. Look up the Kendra Michaels series. Iris Johansen.

  183. Watching LOTM. Great movie. Great soundtrack.

  184. Lord of the Mayo.

    She was featured on BBF a few weeks ago.

  185. I really thought Scott had updated us on David.

  186. What a loss. I remember the smile of a little girl who benefited from a recycled wheelchair.

  187. Best blackberry cobbler, when I was a kid me and my friends at the time would go out into the woods/wetlands near where we lived (it’s all developed now, sadly) and gather wild blackberries. One of their mothers would then cook up a cobbler from it.

  188. That was my favorite Roamy.

  189. I found four volumes of the Second World War series by Winston Churchill in my decluttering today. I expect the remaining two volumes are in another box somewhere in the basement. Those will go on the stack to read.

  190. But if you’re missing 2 volumes, how will you know how it turns out?

  191. Spoiler alert!

  192. I read the first volume of that series, “The Gathering Storm,” earlier this year. I was impressed with the restraint Churchill showed by not calling it “I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO, YOU STUPID WANKERS.”

  193. That sounds like a cool series to read. I’ll have to see if I can find it.

  194. Churchill comes across better in his history of WWII than most other histories of WWII.

  195. Mare, Oso mentioned author Stephen Hunter’s book G Man, the main character is Bob Lee “Bobert” Swagger.

  196. Come on baby in our dreams,
    We can live our misbehavior.
    Every time you derp your eyes lies, lies!
    People try and hide the night underneath the covers.
    People try and hide the light underneath the covers.

  197. The hospice in the Globe obituary for David Heim is named for the wife of one of my attendings. John Monahan was an Orthopedic Surgeon from the old school polio days and when I first met him he was no longer operating. He led a physical diagnosis course and generally hung around the lab and clinics to help out. His wife was the Rose Monahan that the hospice is named after.

  198. ww

  199. Going to be a little while. Wife and Possum for back from their road trip pretty late.

  200. I had a dreadful dream. Woke up in tears. Ugh. Freakin’ hormones.

  201. *cracks knuckles*

    Are you shining the hunchback signal, Leon? ‘Cause it’s daytime and I can’t see it. You’ll have to tell me. I can just do a real baby animal post instead of linebackers with fake boobs.

  202. This is an embarrassment…I know it was a small percentage but people voted for this idiot.

  203. Trey Gowdy is a worthless attention whore. Much like all politicians.

  204. No Laura, I got this. 10-15 minutes.

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