Hello french-fries, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born August 4th, 1988 in Sedona, Arizona.  She stands 5’10”, 34E-36-34 and of course 110lbs, please save democracy and then introduce yourself to Miss Sarah Summers!




  1. This is my 300th poat as “Pupster” on this site.

  2. Wowza!

  3. She’s Hef’s type, for sure.

  4. *pondering the aliases used by “Pupster”*

  5. Crap. Not much sleep and gotta move the daughter.

    Why couldn’t I have a kid with big burly friends?

    Why couldn’t I have a kid already married with a couple of kids or three of her own. Stupid boyfriend.

  6. Your daughter is a better person for not having a bunch of beta orbiters around to help.

  7. ww

  8. Why couldn’t I have a kid with big burly friends?

    Maybe she should join crossfit?

    Why couldn’t I have a kid already married with a couple of kids or three of her own. Stupid boyfriend.

    Someone needs to tell him to shit or get off the pot.

  9. And Heh – Lauraw’s comment about the size of the deer was funny.

  10. Been trying to read up on the various GOP candidates for senate here in MO. The state establishment just changed the rules and is allowing the RNC to throw all their money at Hawley, who has alienated a lot of people by joining forces with the establishment f*ckers and democrats to take out Greitens.

    There are several others running but they are now all on their own. Petersen ran as Libertarian and came in 2nd behind Johnson during the last presidential election. His major in college was music. Now he’s running as republican. Not so sure about him anymore.

    Monetti sounds like he’s from NY and seems more conservative than Petersen. He supports Trump and wants the wall built (Petersen seems to want to meld open borders with background checks after we can stop welfare…or something).

    Effing dumpster fire these a-holes created in MO. Made to order for that PoS McCaskill….who is on a bus tour through the state. But flies on her jet to wherever one of her campaigners stops the bus at…

  11. I like the song selection today, of course.

    The other day this song came on the radio and I remembered how much I liked it:

  12. Someone needs to tell him to shit or get off the pot.

    Knowing our daughter is a giant wienie, my husband is working around to it. He’ll be able to pull it off. The Franz is strong in that one.

    She’d never forgive me.

  13. Your daughter is a better person for not having a bunch of beta orbiters around to help.

    They could make boyfriend realize that he’s better snap her up before someone else does.

    I’m torn on this. Erin does have all these boys around – and she’s honestly not interested in them for anything but friends. But it gives her a confidence – that she doesn’t have to settle or put up bullshit. Did she put up with Bullshit from not boyfriend? Absolutely. But did she ever take him back? nope. Was I afraid she would? Yep. If she didn’t have the confidence she does, she would have. She doesn’t get the confidence from her girlfriends – the majority of which are a bitchy bunch. Her nicest female friend this year was a spanish exchange student. Many tears were shed when she left.

  14. This is beautiful

  15. ^that’s one of our work jokes.

  16. Great, now leon put me on a watch list at work.

  17. Sooo, in 2009, they found a grave with 11 women in it on ABQ’s west mesa. They were working on building a memorial last week and found a couple more bodies.

    We had to go to Albuquerque yesterday. Lots of extra security at stores. At the Home Depots, they have security checking every receipt on the way out. I asked one of the guys if theft was getting that bad. He said that they were losing over $1,000/day from that store alone.

  18. So, Pepe did you eventually find somewhere else to dump the bodies?

  19. I’m actually boxed-in by sleeping dogs.

  20. I’m sorry, Jay. I’ll put pics in our media folder rather than hotlinking.

  21. Too far for me to go to dump bodies, Carin. They never caught whoever did it. They are trotting out 2 suspects: one is dead, the other in prison.

  22. haha, leon, no worries. I know who is checking the list, and I’m still good with Santa.

  23. well, your dogs are bigger than you are, so there’s that.

  24. Ok, I’m going to try “eat to perform”. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

  25. 100 burpess done, day 2. I’ve got maybe ONE person at the gym joining . Not gonna lie, it’s not easy -but the number should be “hard” for you. 50 would be hard for some, or even 30.

  26. Are you doing pull-ups in between?

  27. I’m varying it to keep it “interesting”. Yesterday I did, today I didn’t. So I did the straight 100 (two water breaks). I’m going to do the pull-up thing every other day or so – because I do need to work on my strength in that department.

  28. I’ll be ready when I find some huge buck dead in my driveway.

  29. I’ve just been doing kettlebell swings, pullups, dips, pushups, and body rows every couple of days. I’m almost completely de-conditioned, so that’s the most I can manage.

  30. The burpee challenge will be perfect for you then.

  31. Two hours to Columbus, and then I need to unload the trailer and turn it in and find a place to stay.

  32. I got a new screen protector and let me tell you, it’s amazing! There were a few bubbles on my old one and decided to replace it. It’s like a whole new phone FFS.

  33. Today is for time: unloading shit.

  34. I got Hannah and Ethan new phones yesterday. They are pretty dang nice.

  35. If I had time to exercise – or even just didn’t get grief about it – I wouldn’t be in such bad shape.

  36. Ignore me, I’m having a really shitty week and I’m overcome by anger at nearly everything.

  37. 100 burpees will make you feel better.

    I’m slow and it only took me 12 minuets. With the water breaks.

  38. I’ve been looking at my workout clothes slung over my bike. I just look at them. Which is an improvement over not even looking at them.

  39. I’m slow and it only took me 12 minuets. With the water breaks.

    That pretty much describes how it went with your mom last night.

  40. I’m starting to suspect that Talcum X is really a long con and the guy is actually a white supremacist based on how mindblowingly stupid his recent stance on street shitting is.

  41. Looks like they managed to extract her brain without damaging her body.

    Medical science is really advancing quickly.

  42. Leon, it’s okay, you’re taking care of your family. You have to take care of yourself, too, but I completely understand how that doesn’t even crack the top 10 on some day’s to-do list. Hang in there.

    Plus, Hillary is not president.

  43. Carin, I got Mini-me a new phone yesterday, too. Her hand-me-down finally quit working, it was either 5 or 6 years old. Galaxy J3, same as Rocketboy has. She’s going to have to remember to charge it every day. The old one could hold a charge for a week.

  44. Kettle ball swings are fantastic for your glutes.

  45. Ha!
    When Pompeo visits with Kim Jong Un, he is taking a gift along. A Trumped signed Elton John CD with the song Rocket Man on it.
    Classic Trump.

  46. What did that fake black guy say about street shitting?

  47. Her bewbs are sentient Geoff.

  48. He said that the only people complaining about the poop in the street were white people.

  49. Holy cow, I hope black people (real) lost their minds.

  50. That stupid, dick doesn’t understand what makes a third world country a place where 1st world people only go to visit and then leave, get home and think, “Thank God I live here!”

  51. Leon, Penelope is interested in a Keto diet. She needs a book and cookbook recommendations. Thanks.

  52. Okay computer people….. I need to get a new small computer mainly for internet stuff. Looking at basic laptops and refurbs on New Egg. Anything to avoid? to look for? Kinda avoiding Chromebooks because F*ck Google.


  53. is really good. Young couple. Not preachy, not extreme, not ideological. Have a new cookbook- Keto made Easy.

    As an adult female, she may also like the website I Dream About Food All Day for recipes.


  55. Maria Emmerich’s Ketogenic Cooking has the basics of the diet in the first couple of chapters and a nice set of recipes.

  56. Pepe, I have used the Keto Reset Diet book and websites and I get more recipes from the keto FB groups than from the cookbooks I have bought.

    Down 26 lbs. since Christmas. I stalled out for a while after the England trip but have picked up again. I was just so happy that I didn’t gain on vacation. I would lose faster if I exercised.

  57. Amazon’s price is slightly better for the paperback, but eff those guys.

  58. is another one with some great recipes.

  59. Those are all good.

    Roamy, may I ask how many calories you’re eating per day? Since you’re still losing I’m wondering what your calorie threshold may be.

    Yes, yes, I know that everyone is different etc., etc.

  60. Thanks guys!

  61. galaxy 9s for the two. It was buy one, get one free. It’s waaaay too nice for them.

  62. Calorie thresholds are supposed to be 5 digits, right?

  63. Pepe, I have no clue. I’m an apple person and that’s all I use.

  64. I need a new phone, too, Car in. Are you adopting?

  65. LOL. The kids I work with want me to adopt them too so I take them to rock concerts.

  66. Damn, Pepe is needy today.

  67. Mare, I don’t know, I’m not counting them. Trying to keep it below 50 grams of carbs per day, but not really counting those, either. I eat between 11 AM and 7 PM, otherwise it’s coffee with heavy cream or unsweet tea in the morning, water in the evening.

    Yesterday was a plate of Headbanger’s Kitchen (youtube channel) butter chicken with cabbage for lunch, 3 smoked ribs and caprese salad for dinner, maybe a third of a sliced fresh peach for dessert. Lunch today was tuna fish with avocado oil mayo and one tablespoon of deli pickle relish (3 grams of carbs) and some sliced tomatoes. If I get hungry in the middle of the day, I allow myself a boiled egg, some avocado slices, pork rinds (these are really good when I’m craving potato chips), almonds, snack cheese, or whole milk Greek yogurt with a few blueberries mixed in.

    It is hard being the only one dieting in this house – I know there are potato chips, granola bars, ice cream, and the makings of a PBJ right there. I miss PBJs. It helps to have other snack stuff handy.

  68. Thanks for the detail, Roamy. I love that. I’m not sure if I’ve trashed my metabolism.

  69. Calorie thresholds are supposed to be 5 digits, right?

    I used to do about 5k a day and maintain weight, and that’s with weekend carb loads. Just takes 5-8 hours of heavy lifting in the gym and 4-6 hours of heavy yard work every week to make the math work out.

  70. baaaa haaaa haaaaa … I just got put in facebook jail for a linking (in a private group) to a story about a gay pride event.

    Funny, because the argument was it goes against “community standards” and my argument was that these events are not just about pride and love, but mostly sexual fetish and deviance.

  71. You’re not even allowed to LINK to such a thing. Hypocrites.

  72. The funny thing is I’m sure I was reported by the VERY LIBERAL chick who is crazier than my mom.

  73. I’ve got two swallows of coffee left. Entertain me.

  74. I’m waiting for Sloth month.

  75. Or Greed month. Was that April? I mean, tax time seems fitting.

  76. My FB timeline is filled up with #Walkaway stories.

  77. “I just got put in facebook jail ………”


  78. Ok, I need to find something to clean or fix or plant. Anyone have anything they want me to do?

  79. How do I become the leftist version of Shapiro?


    Talcum X!?

  80. FB jail? How do you know you’re there? How long?

  81. Facebook is nothing but a giant dick around.

  82. Roamy, if you like whole milk Greek yogurt, you’ll love homemade yogurt made with light cream instead of milk. No straining required, no additions of dry milk powder either. Comes out thick and creamy every time. Super easy to make and even though cream is more expensive than milk, still way cheaper than storebought yogurt.

    I taught Houseguest how to make it and now she’s addicted, hehe.

  83. 10/10 would smash in the squeakhole and willing to do time in prison.

  84. Aldi sells a whole milk greek yogurt that is to die for.

  85. Oh look who’s here. Mary Jane.

  86. STFU and give me 101 burpees.

  87. I’m disinclined toward her kind of blonde.

  88. Why not 102?

  89. OK, off to work. See you jackholes at midnight.

  90. You mean a brunette with bleached hair? False Advertising

  91. I’ve checked. There is no proof she’s either blonde or brunette.

  92. Aldi sells a whole milk greek yogurt that is to die for.

    That’s the one.

  93. SOOOO good. It really is.

  94. You mean a brunette with bleached hair? False Advertising

    The fake tittays are offputting too.

  95. The titties are real. It’s what’s inside them that is fake.

  96. Fake blonde fake tits who cares

  97. I like going to Aldi’s on Tuesdays, lots of stuff on sale to make room for Wednesday’s shipments. Not this past Tuesday, though, all the stores were crazy busy.

  98. FB jail? How do you know you’re there? How long?

    24 hours and they told me.

  99. I’m finally taking some time to work through the online course I bought like… 5 months ago. It’s work-related enough to do while the rest of the universe is on vacation.

  100. Gah. My godson’s sister who is marrying the Jedi? The officiant is her best friend, who spent $25 for an online ordination.

    I am a bad person for thinking, well, that makes the annulment easy.

  101. Words to keep in mind for a future interview with a deacon or canon lawyer: “Lack of Form”.

  102. I wonder if I can post 100 weird memes on Carin’s FB while she’s in jail………….

  103. If I open a can of whoopass tomorrow I can take Sunday off.

    First day off since March.

  104. Pepe, we have a couple of remanufactured HP Notebooks from New Egg. We are happy with both of them.

  105. pepe, is there a college nearby? Ours has an “outlet” where you can get repurposed computers very cheap.

  106. We’ve had good luck with NewEgg refurbished. I’ve not been unhappy with my Chromebook, but I understand the “fuck google” sentiment. For less than $200 this thing does everything I need for interwebs, travels well and holds a charge all day. Doesn’t heat up my lap either.

  107. Doesn’t heat up my lap either…..

    Porn filter?

  108. I’ll look at the Chromebooks, Pups.

    I don’t need much, has to have wifi, and a usb port or 2, though.

  109. I’ve been using an HP laptop, but several months ago, I went to close the screen, and the hinges froze and the screen exploded. Held together with binder clips right now.

  110. The best part is no Windows. Worst part is all google.

  111. You’re doing it wrong, Mare.

  112. So can it handle MS Word files ? Do they have a spreadsheet or word processing programs? It took me 3 computers to read a file someone just sent.

    Windows 10 pisses me off because it uses so much bandwidth just to do the minimum updates.

  113. Woot has refurb computers every now and then.

  114. Pepe, shoplifters know that they can pretty much steal away since the laws are in their favor. They know that APEs are a joke. We just share photos of the same thieves from corporate to corporate APE. Corporations have become the bad guys. Much like ICE, we are contributing to jail/prison overcrowding

  115. I have a feeling Dan will be adding Whole Foods to his Sprouts commie shopping. KMN He’s reading nutrition labels.

  116. Chromebooks have apps just like your phone Pepe, to read and create Office Files. It’s not really a heavy duty machine like a Windows deal, more like an android phone with a keyboard. I’ve got a Windows 7 computer for my work, you can still get 7 but not for much longer I don’t think. If you are going to use it for your business then you might just want to get a laptop laptop. I just look at bewbs and make mare jokes with this thing.

  117. It actually hurts to be outside right now. Sweet Black Baby Jesus, why does anybody live here?

  118. As long as I can view Office files, and bewbs, I should be good. Seems like they have some for around $200 that are decent. Hopefully I can store stuff on it rather than “in the cloud” bandwidth issues, don’t ‘cha know.

    Oso, ABQ police are not doing well. Old unsolved murder case comes back to bite them, Screw up the slam dunk murder case, blow off numerous concerns about the other little girl the parents were trading for drugs, etc.

  119. Pepe, APD has issues. BernCo DA has issues. My Soros supported cousin is not the answer. Looks like new bones are historical and not part of the serial hooker/addict case. The fact that a site existed where Martens shopped her child for sex and we’ve heard nothing about follow up prosecutions from the DA/AUSA/AG are problematic.

  120. I have an old win7 netbook I keep meaning to put linux on but just haven’t taken the time. I’ll bet there’s a way to put it on a chromebook, but you might have a tough time with it if you’re not a linux guy.


  122. Just for HotSpur

    Exercise blog

  123. “Let me try!”

  124. I just went full bitch mode on Dan. Feeling bad about it. I was really getting tired of his passive aggressive shit about my Type II. I’m setting up my Uber App.

  125. This is the point in our 28 yr old marriage where we are just going to pretend I didn’t say what I just said.

  126. Heheh. I didn’t watch the “shit test” video, is this related?

  127. Much like ICE, we are contributing to jail/prison overcrowding

    I really want to propose a vote for public referendum called the “Criminal Justice Reform and Prison Overcrowding Reduction Act” that would institute the whipping post again for all misdemeanor crimes. I bet it would pass, in no small part due to LIVs not reading the actual law.

  128. Overall assessment of Ohaiyou so far:

    It’s very green. It seems nice enough, if a bit… run down. The whole city of Columbus kinda feels like it’s worn out and old.

  129. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how marriages last 28+ years, oso.
    As long as it’s reciprocal if/when necessary)

  130. In the public square!!! Most Americans believe that corporations can just absorb theft. We/They are insured. We do have quite a bit set aside for theft. Still doesn’t absolve thieves from stealing. I was once overheard talking about a kid going to hell over a $1.98 car.
    Outraged Mom: What do you mean a kid is going to hell?
    OSO: I just said that if you steal, Big 10, Hell Express.
    Outraged Mom: 😱😱😱😱

  131. Chi, he got really quiet and started to make dinner.

  132. O-H !

    I’m glad you and your trailer made it to God’s Country, Columbus Alex.

    How is YOUR MOM recuperating, crazy bear?

  133. CoAl, mi familia has been in OHIO since the 1790s. Just East of Columbus.

  134. Mom is fine. I’m more Anglo than Messican when it comes to haunting hospital visitor stations.

  135. Oso, it would be every Friday at noon outside the courthouse. They show up in the morning, get checked out by a doctor, and their clothes stored away. Bring them out wearing a sackcloth and line them up. The crowd can shout and taunt as much as they want, but no throwing things or getting close. One at a time they’re tied to the post, stripped naked, whipped with a rattan cane while a Sheriff’s deputy counts out the strokes, and when finished they’re hustled back inside, checked out by a doctor and sent home. No more than fifty lashes at a time. If you’re sentenced to more than that, you get them evenly split with three months in between sessions. Anyone over 12 but under 16 receives the punishment in private. Anyone who cannot endure the whipping post due to health issues can face bastinado (whipping the soles of your feet).

    Every teenager between the ages of 14 and 18 is required to attend at least once per year to observe.

  136. Chi, he got really quiet and started to make dinner.

    Just show him your tits. That will make everything better.

  137. Ha! CoAl OH is an awesome place for Indian research. Especially, Central OH So many great stories. Simon Kenton. Logan.

  138. Heh. Out of Context Community Theater Presents: “Secrets of a Successful Marriage”

    Colex: I really want to propose a vote for public referendum called the “Criminal Justice Reform and Prison Overcrowding Reduction Act” that would institute the whipping post again for all misdemeanor crimes. I bet it would pass, in no small part due to LIVs not reading the actual law.

    chi: I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how marriages last 28+ years, oso.
    As long as it’s reciprocal if/when necessary)

  139. The family that spanks together… probably has deep-seated issues that should be worked out in therapy.

  140. Whipping post or pillory? I vote pillory.

  141. Shut your cake hole, Frank.

  142. I could introduce you to some folks that’ll give you a proper I-O response.

  143. Alright, people, I’m in Columbus and my phone interview for the Virginia job isn’t until the 13th, so I’ve got basically a week to kill. Any suggestions for things to do?

  144. Introduce yourself as Michigan Alex. Complain about how everything there doesn’t measure up to what you’re used to in Ann Arbor.

  145. I’ll tell everyone I’m from Portland and that the craft beers here are inferior.

  146. Directions from Ann Arbor to Columbus: go south until you smell it, then go east until you step in it.

  147. Maybe I’ll take a road trip. Anyone know some good places to play Kino?

  148. Good places?


  149. Kino?
    I think he’s already getting played by Trump supporters in a San Antonio jail about now.

  150. On what side of town are you staying?

  151. I’m in Dublin tonight. I’m going to try for a room at the cheap extended stay off of Sawmill tomorrow.

  152. Dublin is where we had the first ever IB meetup at Michael and Cathy’s house. You could follow the path of Retired Geezer:

  153. Say hi to Hotspur’s mom.

  154. On a completely unrelated topic, I like the cut of Japan’s jib when it comes to executing terrorists.

  155. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is right there, and Olentangy Indian Caverns. Go to Max & Ermas for a garbage burger.

  156. The garbage burger sounded pretty darned good – right up until the marinara. WTF?
    We have a M&E here (nearby, too). I might try them one day, but I’ll see if they will swap salsa for the marinara.

  157. CoAlex, looks like you’re an hour from Dayton and the USAF Museum.

  158. Yeah, no posted schedule, no warning. I like that, Sean. Style. Just…something about it appeals to me.

  159. That’s pretty hardcore. No advanced warning, just “Hey, we’re hanging your ass today.”

  160. Who loves the sun
    Who cares that it makes plants derp
    Who cares what it does
    Since you broke my heart

  161. IIRC, England used to have the same policy regarding the condemned. They’d be kept in a cell next to the gallows, and the first time they’d know that their appeals were exhausted is when the jailors appeared to take the prisoner to their death. They’d walk out right into the noose, and be hanged within about five minutes. It was considered less cruel, since the shock of the impending hanging would not have worn off, and the prisoner wasn’t made to wait while knowing that death approached.

  162. Good morning. I want to thank you all for coming here today. Especially whoever brought these wonderful pork chops. Thank you.

  163. www

  164. The heat wave finally broke. We had torrential rains yesterday and it cleared after that. I’m actually comfortable sitting here drinking coffee without sweat forming on my, well, “brow”.

  165. Cool here today too. It’s nice. We didn’t get the rain though.

  166. Pat’s at work. Ethan is away for the weekend. Erin works at 4.

    Now would be a good time for actual real friends.

    I am going to hang with my gym friends in a bit, so there’s that.

  167. Paula called the local animal control officer yesterday about a dog she sees tied out 24/7 with only a crate nearby for shelter. It looks like one of the sled dog breeds. The coat is all matted and the dog barely moves. When it walks it looks like it’s hunched over. After she mentioned it I’ve started looking and every time I drive by it’s out there. The house is classic Maine backwoods hovel.

  168. This BBF is Pupster’s 300th poat, this one is my 529th. Oof.

  169. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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