Hello turn-takers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday!





Your model for today is a Cosplayer from Russia. Please get up and say Zdravstvuj to Miss Irina Meier (AKA captain_rachka)



  1. Give the musical selection a spin, the video is good and it’s a toe tapper. CARin listens to it when she paints.

  2. What the Hell got into Pup? This one is actually cute as a button.

  3. Very pretty! She looks a little like Nicole Kidman in a couple of the pics.

    Good morning, shmoopies.

  4. We’ve gone and outsourced our cosplaying jobs to the damn Russians!


  5. I bet she was prettier before her boob job.

  6. Steampunk FTW. Nice job, Pupster.

  7. Shouldn’t you be waking Scott up with an industrial sander or something?

  8. Thanks Roamie. Pretty sure the steampunk and Velma pics are going to lead to Possum II.

  9. Damn right I should be. Who is he to sleep late?? Got half a mind to march into the bedroom with a Kill Spider request.

  10. Thanks Roamie. Pretty sure the steampunk and Velma pics are going to lead to Possum II.

    The flesh is willing, the opportunities are rare, and the cycle is dicey, but this is otherwise plausible.

  11. great joob pup!!

    those gifs are teh funny!

  12. House is getting messy. I’m gonna get it shipshape before we go on our trip so we can come home to niceness instead of squalor.

    And as soon as we get back I’ma set up my new $49 joblot greenhouse and start some wintersown seed jugs out there! YAYYY

    So exciting. Soooo exciting.

  13. I saw Sevendust with Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown. That was an excellent concert.

  14. i didn’t know that chichi was an mtv star

  15. Velma rocks it like the Allman Brothers live.
    I don’t understand how this was ever a question.
    It’s like the age-old Maryann > Ginger thing. Who would think differently?

  16. Ha! You caught that too, huh?
    I’m a little taller, though.

  17. Daphne. Ginger. Bailey.

  18. Not saying I’d turn Mary-Ann or Velma down, but they aren’t choice one.

    Loni Anderson did nothing for me.

  19. Loni Anderson did nothing for me.

    You obviously never sported a Burt Reynolds moustache.

  20. Cute, with a fine figure. Plus cosplay FTW. Nice job, Pups.

  21. I’m really trying to get to a breaking Benjamin concert. he’s touring with Avenge, which I’m not a huge fan of.

  22. (Sees boobs)
    (Wakes up)


    Three thumbs up, Pupster!

  23. ww

  24. If I see one more person make some statement regarding how the government must DO something w/o actually spelling out what they need to do (my mom just posted something about policy change?)

    I’m going to lose my shit.

    Liberals have magical thinking.

    1. Make a law.
    2. Magic
    3 No more mass shootings!

  25. Abolish high school.

  26. I agree with Leon. All this stuff can be done online, and at smaller interactive study groups scattered around town. There are few good reasons anymore to have the huge infrastructure of a high school weighing down local budgets like they do, not to mention providing a ‘fish in a barrel’ scenario for crazy people.

    And all the other unpleasant sequelae of having hundreds of rotten kids cooped up together. It’s not natural, I tell you.

  27. She’s very pretty with a very nice bod. How odd.

  28. Well, the original intention of public school was to educated the kids of those who didn’t have the means or education to homeschool. It’s changed through the years.

    I’ll mull this over …

  29. This shooter was a pretty obvious “very likely to do something crazy” suspect.

    If the FBI can get warrants on BS, paper thin, stupidity, they can figure out a way to charge a kid with threatening.

    But the FBI is worthless. Yes, I said worthless. Any agency who would have Comey in charge is pretty shaky.

  30. I actually voted in favor of our local HS getting new artificial turf for their athletic fields. It’s 10 years old and gets used a shit ton for the school teams and rec leagues. If they’re going to be there they may as well get some exercise.

  31. I’m hoping to be a stay-at-home farmer-dad by the time Possum needs high schooling, though there is a very good catholic school near the new place. I need to make sure it’s not run by Jesuits.

  32. u need a nanny

  33. OK, I’ve heard this stuff before but never asked. What’s the beef with Jesuits?

  34. Maine has had a declining youth population for years but somehow the school budget has risen despite this fact. And the kids are dumber on standardized tests. Not so dumb they don’t leave Maine as soon as they graduate to find work. Guess who stays behind?

  35. to help with chores

  36. There is a way to stop these shootings. They did it in Lapeer. I had to remind Pat last night that it was actually the school Ethan attended and he would have been there.

    If the FBI had alerted local people, who obviously would have cared a bit more … this entire thing could have had a different outcome. Perhaps that kid would have gotten the help he needed and all those beautiful people would be dragging themselves to school today.

    but no. People are going to carry on with their magical thinking that the Government needs to DO SOMETHING ™.

  37. they’re a bunch of commies

  38. If I were the conspiracy-minded sort, I’d suggest that these things are being allowed to happen — maybe even subtly encouraged — by those who think they’ll help their political prospects and globablist anti-gun agenda.

    You know, if I were conspiracy-minded.

  39. What’s so incredibly stupid is that if they really wanted to stop or reduce these terrible slaughters, liberals have an impressive toolbox for actually helping. They have control over the education fields. They have control over psychological fields. They have a general predisposition toward trying to understand why people do the things they do, and addressing ‘root causes.’

    They’ve done a terrific job with proactive anti-bullying initiatives in schools everywhere. All they have to do is stop being so fucking retarded when it comes to guns, and address the pertinent issues head-on, like they do with so many other things.

    But no, when it comes to gun violence, they throw their brains out of the window. Yes yes, let’s “ban” a tool that is not only already ubiquitous, but is trivially easy for many garage metalshop guys to make at home. That will work out just fine. Derp.

  40. Jesuits are generally VERY liberal, really leftists. Back in the day incredibly well educated and as teachers academically rigorous.
    Now, just kind of lefty squawk boxes.

  41. Yeah, I’m aware of the order’s history and decline. It’s depressing.

  42. Ben shapiro- on the FBI claiming they had nothing to go on after the reported Youtube comment:

    ” “Then the FBI might have connected that “Nikolas Cruz” with another guy posting things on Instagram — where he also used his real name. On the social media site are several photos of Cruz in a mask holding a gun.

    “If the FBI couldn’t identify the shooter from his name – How was 4chan able to find all his online accounts and assess that he was a wacko in 1 hour?” one Reddit user wrote.”

  43. I’m at 108 hours fasted. Down 10 pounds. I’ll probably eat tomorrow.

  44. That was for Lauraw.

  45. I’m all for tearing down the high schools. Use SOME of the money to get SOME kids a computer to do their work from. But if they lose/sell the first one, tough shit.

    The sports will take some rethinking. It can be done locally. We have little leagues, just scale it up.

    Just think of all the lib moms and dads that now have to plan how to be home, instead of pawning off their kids to adult day care, under this arrangement!

  46. But no, when it comes to gun violence, they throw their brains out of the window.

    That’s the whole thing. Right now, I’m hearing about how easy it is to convert an Assault Rifle 15 to full automatic, which is totally the cause of all these incidents. Never mind that none of them involve a modified weapon. Only Vegas shooter used a bump stock, and you can use a belt loop for that.

    They can’t get the terminology right, they don’t understand the tools, yet they are completely comfortable making other people’s decisions based on their own deluded self interest.

  47. Have we even seen a sawed-off shotty used for one of these? That’s about the easiest “gun mod” there is, and I haven’t heard boo about one.

  48. I’m considering sheep for the new farm, give Donny something to guard and hang out with.

  49. Who tits deez is?

  50. Sheep need shearing and are dumber than chickens, pygmy goats would be more entertaining but also more escape prone, pigs would be the most delicious alternative but messy and mean. Have you considered llamas or alpacas?

  51. Just start squirting out kids, leon.

  52. Hair sheep don’t need shearing and can live on just grass and hay.

  53. We’re having kids as fast as we can, Jay. Birth control isn’t a thing and hasn’t been in about 6 years.

  54. GEARS

  55. Schools now are basically gov’t. daycare with force fed lefty doctrine.

  56. yep, pepe. Gotta give all the parents time to pursue their careers.

  57. Two-income households were a mistake.

  58. You have to watch donkeys. They will separate calves from their mothers and keep them away. Mostly female donkeys, though. Don’t know if they do it to lambs. Sheep are really, really stupid.

  59. I always though sheep smelled worse than cattle or pigs, too.

  60. Chris Rock makes a lot of sense

  61. The Jesuits’ rap is Old. I mean Really Old. I mean Adm. Peary had to park gunboats in Tokyo Harbor to reopen Japan in 1850 after it had been closed 200+ years due to Jesuit fuckery causing a civil war Old.

    They had a centuries long, entirely deserved, rep for political meddling before Karl Marx’ parents were even born.

  62. Donny’s a mini and he’s gelded, not sure how he’d treat lambs.

    Most if the appeal is the grass thing. The other part is that I’m pretty sure I can manage butchery on a full-grown sheep, and the amount of meat is probably an easier sell than a half or quarter steer. Plus, even a full-size sheep isn’t a potential threat to my health.

  63. See what you did? Y’all got me so worked up about Jesuits I forgot to rant about cosplayers like an old man shouting at a cloud…

  64. Lots of really fucking stupid people out there:

  65. The comments/responses are really what I was talking about. The stupid just goes on and on.

  66. Evidently, she’s pretty fragile.

  67. Hair sheep? Hunh. I’ve only been around woolies.

    I don’t think anything stinks as bad as pig but I’m biased, my uncle and his son and grandsons ran a pig farm my whole life until they sold out a few years ago, other uncle ran a dairy farm, neighbor’s sheep farm seemed pretty clean and tidy in comparison. Pigs pretty much destroy everything, cows too unless they have a big range, sheep were just too dumb to survive without supervision but didn’t make everything a muddy and shitty mess.

  68. Facebook is full of dumb. Have to expect those remarks.

  69. America needs bullies. We got rid of them, and the kids forgot how to grow up, and to police their own.

  70. maybe I’m just more used to pig smell. Yeah, it’s horrible, but sheep shit is just vile to me.

  71. ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) is pretty much the standard, I’m more of RUN HIDE FIGHT proponent. It is very, very hard to train for and talk about active shooter, but I’ve been through it, and there is value in any type of training.

    Nobody thinks twice about a fire drill these days but at some point it was a pretty new and scary idea.

  72. Pigs destroy everything. If they are in a pen, the ammonia smell is overpowering.

    The bigger rams can be dangerous. One killed an older woman in NM years ago.

  73. Kids are more in danger of getting in a car accident any dying on the way to school, then being killed by an active shooter.

  74. Sheep being intensively grazed (moved daily or semi-daily) are supposedly much less of a scent issue. That’s the plan, electric mesh fencing around the sheep and donkey, with some chicken tractors chasing a day or two behind.

  75. Oh baby, tell me what you want

  76. Anytime there is any talk of really securing our schools, the response is “we dont want to turn them into prisons.” Well, news flash. This is what you get unless you provide security FOR OUR MOST PRECIOUS ASSETS. We protect our money in banks more than schools. We protect museums more than we protect schools.

    So you wanna stop school shooting? Secure the Schools. Instead I get “ban this particular firearm.”

  77. Leon,
    You may want to check out this guy one day when you’re bored. I’ve found the nerd’s vlog addictive.

  78. Thanks Chi, I’ll watch a few when I have time.

  79. Heh.
    I went to high school (Booker T Washington)/at the first school in the state tobinstall metal detectors at the front door. Shootings were rare, but enough of a problem that our betters found it necessary.
    Then the shooters just waited until lunchtime or end of day for their rivals and shot them in the parking lot.

    Then there was the every-other-week baby found in a toilet in the girls’ bathroom…
    People wonder why I didn’t go to school football games or the prom.

  80. i went from an on-base school to junior high in Detroit, 2000 kids in a class. That was a wakeup. Saw stabbings before classes started, lots of fights. No metal detectors or guns though.

  81. Then went to rural Iowa, from 2000 kids to 30. Another eye opener. Lots of guns, but treated right.

  82. This is what you get unless you provide security FOR OUR MOST PRECIOUS ASSETS. We protect our money in banks more than schools. We protect museums more than we protect schools.

    Money or gold doesn’t know it’s locked in a windowless vault.

    I agree with allowing teachers to conceal carry if they go through the appropriate training.

  83. Comment by leoncaruthers on February 16, 2018 9:19 am
    Two-income households were a mistake.

    Two income households were common throughout most of history. Both parents worked in the fields at harvest time, or dad worked in the fields and mom worked odd jobs like sewing, weaving, etc. If they didn’t the family starved. The kids worked as well.

  84. Agreed, colex. They shouldn’t be denied, if they have the training. Even if they are in a school zone.

    Gun Free Zone. Or is it? Roll the dice, punk.

  85. Fair enough, but the whole family working the farmstead is a far cry from 2 wage earners who both have to commute.

  86. Personally, I’d like to see schools get rid of honors, AP, and other classes and encourage kids to test out and graduate early. Four years is too long. Most of what you need to know to be a productive citizen can be learned in 2.5, with maybe some part-time classes for the next year. That would leave the students who actually need attention, create smaller schools, and encourage young men and women to grow up and find a place in life.

  87. Fair enough, but the whole family working the farmstead is a far cry from 2 wage earners who both have to commute.

    A lot of problems in society started popping up with the massive social changes of the Industrial Revolution. Things that were once small annoyances in a rural agricultural community become big problems in cities of 100k+ or more.

  88. Lots of those are necessary social changes. Just to clarify.

  89. Regarding the mention of ALICE up yonder in car in’s comment. They are doing that here but what the comment doesn’t mention is that they are training teachers how to physically take down the perp. Which I think is a good idea.
    They just need to add gun training.

  90. Never bring an eraser to a gunfight, right?

  91. She seems nice tits.

  92. Nice BBF model. Glad we’ve had warm summer winds and rain. Had it been cold, we would have been shoveling for the next 3 weeks.

  93. Went to look for the liveleak video of antifa meeting resistance. I love how they were all taunted, after. ‘You okay?’ …as they sat on the curb crying.

    From the comments….hilarity..

    “@Long Beard Looked like a few of the ones getting tossed about and bashed were females. Takes a tough man to do that.

    Wallachian Spikes
    @vanmidd Don’t be such a Gad Damn Misogynist. Equal rights demand equal lefts.


  94. Never bring an eraser to a gunfight, right?

    You use what you have at any given moment.

    Examples they were using is if you are barricaded in a classroom and the perp gets in. It was like hand-to-hand combat and how to take him down and disarm in the process.

    Again, time to allow concealed carry in schools or guards or better yet, get to the weirdo before he carries anything out. Story out of Washington state, the day before this happened in FL….grandmother turned her grandson in for threatening the same thing. He was arrested.

  95. The steam is still coming out my ears after reading jam’s link on the commie Pope.

  96. He can retire any time. Being pope is tiring. The man needs rest.

  97. Fuck it, I’m taking the day off from work.

  98. I work at 4. Trying to accomplish something before that, but it’s not looking good.

  99. If you’re a woman and you’re wearing a mask, tough nuts if you get your face bashed. Stupid hurts.

  100. First you unmask them, then you bash them in their stupid face. I want to see the blood.

  101. I’ve made the decision my Country is more important than the leaders of my faith. I’m going to side with capitalism and freedom every, single, time.

    Socialism is stupid but communism is effing evil.

  102. Pope Francis is an embarrassment and I wouldn’t read, pray about or listen to any shit that comes out of his mouth. I’m sticking with Saint John Paul II. Or even the intellectual Benedict.

    Francis will never be a saint.

  103. I pray for him, but I cannot pray for his intentions.

  104. “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

    ‘They’ are not leaders of the faith when they refuse to follow or teach said faith.

  105. Just wondering if Scott and LauraW. Ought their Eagles Super Bowl swag yet?

  106. I gave up alcohol for Lent. I was gonna give up your mom, but she made a compelling argument.

  107. I gave up junk food for Lent. I need to lose the ten pounds of cookies I gained over Christmas, for starters.

  108. We went out to eat with some friends Wednesday night. The wife half of the duo bragged that she was giving up wine for Lent. However she was drinking a margarita. I’m not sure how much of a sacrifice she’s making.

  109. I gave up Twitter. Oh wait. . . I was banned from twitter for calling and uninformed cunt a cunt.

  110. I gave up buying food for Lent. I need to eat what’s in the freezer so we we don’t have to move it.

  111. I work at 4. Trying to accomplish something before that, but it’s not looking good.

    I need to get a haircut, fold laundry, clean the house, work on my painting, practice violin, work out, and update my resume and submit it. We’ll see how much I get done today.

  112. I gave up hot showers for Lent.

  113. My wife was watching the Olympics last night. I was in the next room reading. The announcers sounded like they were having multiple orgasms so I went to investigate. All it was was some schmuck sliding down hill on the sled. If that shit was as exciting as the announcers were trying to make it seem it would be on tv every Saturday and Sunday all winter long.

  114. MCPO, will you be somewhere around Carlisle next week? Scott says we might be driving by, depending on the route.

  115. I mean, if you have the time to see us we’d like to join you for lunch or whatever. I won’t make you cook gubmint cheese sammiches for us.

  116. LauraW – I should be here.

  117. LauraW – Do you still have my phone nr.?

  118. I gave up giving up things for Lent.

  119. Maybe he’ll even shower for you.

  120. Wow. Mueller indicted a bunch of ruskies. The stupid bastard has really lost his shit.

    “Hey, Ivan, we’re indicted.”

    “Hey, Boris, should we go?”

  121. The libs are in heaven, since this proves what?

  122. Mueller = Failure

    Another embarrassment. And I thought Obama with his dick licking bowing was bad.

    Politics attracts the worst and the dumbest.

  123. There must be something there, because there are actual charges.

  124. So Facebook ads changed the outcome of the election. Ahhh, no.

    Facebook and all involved are dumber than I thought. It’s for old people anyway.

  125. Jay, are you being sarcastic?

    Like the FBI wouldn’t trump up charges to try and get out of the clusterf#ck they themselves have made. Effing idiots.

  126. “That’s not how any of this works!”

  127. They may be small, but you have to have something to get a court to actually file a charge, right?

  128. No american was a knowing participant.

    So, what is the story?

  129. Does Meuller get paid to prosecute?

  130. No american was a knowing participant.
    So, what is the story



  131. He could have charged them with anything as there will never be a trial.

    Russian bots.

    Don’t trust anything you read on the internet!

    Only use trusted sources like CNN.

  132. Regarding Russkies…14 charged with messing with our elections but no indication that they actually messed with our election? I’m with mare, this is just a cover their ass move.
    Does this also mean Mueller is going to shut his shit down since Rosenstein said no American was involved?

  133. I was called a Russian bot by some stupid lefty pissed off that I didn’t care for felonious Bitch-pants crimes. Said I had to prove my allegations. So I linked up NYT, politico, and some factcheck site that had links to official government sources, and I was called another name because they called the factcheck site a blog.

  134. We need H2 Bots.

  135. I’m a bot.

  136. We should start an H2 Cryptocurrency.


  137. Your mom has a bot in her nightstand that takes 6 D-cells. She calls it Vlad.

  138. I forgot to bring something for lunch… now Im hangery! Gonna raid the shit out of Chinese carry out tonight. Gonna get some spling rolls, some pohk flied lice, some Genelal Tso’s….and some clab lagoon.

  139. Racist.

  140. “She calls it Vlad.”

  141. Nuh uh… you are!

    If I was lacist I wouldn’t be eating ching chong food, now would I?


  142. I just the dumbest shit ever on the local news. They were reporting on Rosenstein’s announcement and the indictments against the Russians. They said their meddling included making hillary look bad to boost the election in Trump’s favor. Also, they used groups like BLM to divide the country.


    How can that be when 90% of Trump coverage was negative? And I’m pretty sure BLM was doing all their burning and looting on their own.

  143. Not one mention of the DNC or Hillary paying Russians and British spies to come up with shit on Trump and then using it to get a warrant to spy on him.

  144. Your mom replaced the 6 d cells with a Harley and a kickstarter.

  145. BLM was George Sorosov,

  146. George Soros = evil

  147. You guys. You guys. Have you noticed that if you rearrange the letters in “Nikolas Cruz” you kind of almost get “Zodiac Killer”?

    Just putting that out there.

  148. “Just putting that out there.”

    *quietly thanks heaven that sean majored in engrish not medicine*

  149. The entire top layer of the government should be fired.

    They’re useless and just plain silly.

  150. But your mom’s D cells should be on the SNAP list.

  151. Co-worker with some health issues is retiring end of March. It worries me because previous bosses have allowed me to telework whenever I felt shaky or not up to driving, and I’ve been given tasks that I can do at home. He’s pretty much being forced to leave. On the one hand, fuck it, enjoy the time you have left. On the other hand, it’s a shitty way to treat an employee, and don’t think the rest of us haven’t noticed.

  152. Hah, I wrote that before seeing MJ’s comment. Several folks have said every senior executive oughta go.

  153. he entire top layer of the government should be fired.

    They’re useless and just plain silly.


    Mare loves MJ

  154. Anything above a GS-13 should be gotten rid of.

    And half everything up to that point.

    The rot is just too much.

  155. The Founding Fathers never could have foreseen a GS-13.

  156. Dog tired. 7 hour spine case today (that includes positioning and returning the kid to the hospital bed afterwards). T4 to L4. That’s a lot of screws. Last case with my partner. He literally went home and started driving south for his new job after the case. I think it’ll finally sink in that he’s gone in a few weeks when I need to run a case by him for advice and walk into his empty office. He was a great colleague, I’ll miss working with him.

  157. MS-13 are bad mofos. Trump is going after them.

  158. Was the surgery to repair scoliosis? I remember you said double curvature.

  159. Yeah, huge curve. 80 degree thoracic, 80 degree lumbar. I treated this kid a few years ago for a loose body in the elbow which was sort of a weird thing. No mention of a curve then. When they came back my jaw dropped as the films came up on the screen. I actually sent her to my partner since the curve was so huge. Because he was leaving we did it under my name but I’m more of the second fiddle on these. I’m solid on my basics but he was the master at putting pedicle screws into tiny, misshapen pedicles

  160. Being cheaper than Your Mom©, I decided to make my own Chic-Fil-A sammiches here at home.
    These things rock harder than Stevie Ray Vaughan live in concert.

  161. Jimbro,
    How young? What happens with growth?

  162. Chic-filet?

    I don’t think you are supposed to do that.

  163. Pup,

    Very nice tits+ on the model today.


    My niece raises several hundred sheep with her husband. He is full time farmer and she works a full time job. Sheep arn’t too bad as far as time is concern. The breed she has is Dorper.

    They get a lot of interest from all over and internationally since it’s a up and coming breed. No shearing and they grow fast. Very docile temperament. They have little kids and they go out with their parents and help with the sheep all the time.

  164. You are amazing Jimbro, thank you for your dedication. Those curves are rollercoaster tycoon level.

  165. Chic-Fil-A tastes just as good coming back up. Now with locations in London, New York, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo.

  166. Did anyone else first read Thermadin’s comment as “The breed she has is Derper”?

  167. Did anyone else first read Thermadin’s comment as “The breed she has is Derper”?

    **raises hand**

  168. That’s the diet Dr. Pepper talking, Lil’ Sweet.
    The only thing I’m missing right now is a peach hateshake.


    *goes over and sits by Roamie and Alex*

  170. If you made them with those fireman pants frames you could step into, this is a million dollar idea:

  171. Hahahahahaha. According to Mr. RFH’s raving liberal cousin, high school students are planning to walk out of school on April 20, protest in front of the White House and Mar-a-Lago and not come back until gun laws are enacted “BECAUSE IT’S OUR LIVES ON THE LINE.” Yeah, right. More likely they’ll cut class, smoke pot, and try to remember what it was they’d planned on doing.

  172. Silly poat scheduled for the morning.

  173. I’m sure the 4/20 thing is just a coincidence. You’re far too cynical, roamy.

  174. Watching Dunkirk again. Since there’s no justice in this world, I’m quite sure it won’t win Best Picture.

  175. Keep on runnin’
    Keep on hidin’
    One fine derp I’m gonna be the one
    To make you understand
    Oh yeah
    I’m gonna be your man!

  176. Insomnia sucks balls.
    Does anyone want coffee, eggs, toast and grits?

  177. And orange juice.
    It ain’t fresh squeezed, but Donald Duck is the next best thing, and that’s all you get.

  178. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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