Saturday snark

I didn’t know H2 had a Mardi Grad krewe.
Original article here.



And this has nothing to do with Mardi Gras, but it made me Muttley laugh.

Y’all have a good day.


  1. Why are you up and awake at this early hour?

  2. i raffed

  3. nice job roamy!

  4. the h2 harassing your mom since march 2009

  5. chichi is that aol addy your real email?

  6. *plans derper sheep farm for retirement*

    Thanks Therm!

  7. Actually, while they look like a solid breed, “arid” describes Michigan only in the coldest days of winter. I need one that can live on grass alone and can handle large temperature variations.

  8. Trying out a coffee substitute for a while, see if it has an affect on my BP. Does anybody remember Postum? It’s a lot like that. Not bad. I used to like Postum.

    Huh, just checked and Postum is back, supposedly. If this stuff works out I’ll buy a jar of the old stuff too and compare.

  9. I was doing pure chicory for a while. The ironic thing is that these days it costs more than coffee.

  10. This stuff is trending now.

  11. I’ve actually heard that cordyceps (the fungus that makes ants into suicidal zombies) is actually close to endangered right now because growers haven’t found a way to farm it yet, and western demand is so high that hunters are great at finding it.

    Chaga and lion’s mane are pretty easy to grow by comparison, there’s chaga in my woods on a birch tree, and lion’s mane will grow on straw in a bag.

  12. These folks are in Idaho and raise dorper and dorper crosses, so maybe it would work here. Their climate isn’t all that different, and their lambs look pretty easy to manage.

    I wonder what the market for vellum is like these days.

  13. that dorper link by thermadin was interesting –

  14. Do you like tea Laura? I think I’d go for a lower caffeine tea before going to Postum.

  15. It was, I knew Dan (GFH) was raising hair sheep, but hadn’t looked closely at the breed until today.

  16. He’s a really interesting guy, used to be a cop, decided to walk away from it and farm and raise his son on a farm. He’s made all sorts of traditional offal dishes from his lambs and hogs on the youtube channel. Pates wrapped in caul fat kinds of things.

  17. ChrisP, this patient was close to skeletal maturity so no effect on future growth. We like to wait till they’re past their peak height velocity which is sometimes hard to figure out. If you fuse too early there’s a risk of so called crankshaft phenomenon. It’s slightly less of a risk with pedicle screws vs an all hook construct. If they’re super young they need a front and back fusion which usually means a trip to Boston Children’s.

  18. I like herbal tea once in a while Jimbro, but for the morning I think I’m hooked on coffee-like items. We’ll see how this goes. I’m going to run out and see if I can find a little container of chicory coffee, try that out too, since it’s a health food too. Thanks for the reminder Leon.

  19. I got mine from Starwest Botanicals. It’s not coffee but it’s close, add some cream and you’d never know, and you can put it in a normal coffee maker. I liked the chocolate-done-kinda-like coffee, but you have to do that in a french press.

  20. Well, one cup of this Cafix stuff is enough for me in the morning. I am missing my little jolt. If I get a withdrawal headache in the afternoon I’m on the fence about what to do. Probably ride it out. If it’s real bad I’ll grab some black tea I guess and just try not to drink the whole cup.

  21. Thanks Leon.

  22. Gooshbloobow


  24. One of the Mormons at work drank Postum. I’m not drinking mushroom coffee, but I may try making mushroom ketchup from Jas. Townsend and Son.

  25. I was *busy* last night. For some reason highest sales (even beat the doubles).

    Almost $1200. And hardly any of it were drinks (which drive up the tabs, obviously). Didn’t have much alcohol sales.

  26. How much Keeno?

  27. I imagine seafood places do well on Fridays of Lent.

    Broke my fast at 116 hours. Olives and 90% chocolate, then salmon loaf. Finished the loaf for breakfast today. Going to eat again today and probably tomorrow, got pork and chicken curry in crock pot. Might do another long fast after that, haven’t decided yet.

  28. If Wiserbud ever comes back around y’all don’t say shit to him about this but……I went to a Pat Green concert last night and really liked it.

  29. What was the series on Netflix you guys were saying was good, something “bridge”?

    Mrs. Pupster is traveling back to O HI O on Monday to help her mom recover from shoulder surgery, today I will be driving her around wherever she wants to go and buying whatever she wants for the trip, she’ll be gone almost 2 weeks. I will also be rolling cigarettes in front of the TV and I need a new series to binge-watch. I started Godless but it’s just too brutal for me, Mrs. Pupster likes Longmire but the show just seems too…I don’t know, not like the books. I like the books.

  30. “I was *busy* last night.”


  31. What happened with your Kalamazoo property, Leon? Did you meet with the wetlands advisory board?

  32. JAM! NO! Wait for Friday!

    *impatient monkey*

  33. Yes jam². It’s the real deal.
    And, you beat me to the low hanging fruit – *busy* indeed…

  34. Buenas dias, idiotas y chicas.

  35. No, I was supposed to meet him Friday, but I cancelled after our offer was accepted. Ditto for the septic appeals board. We’ll probably hold the property for a few years and then try to find a buyer. I’ll have to disclose everything we know thus far.

    The other option is to approach the owners of the house that used to be part of that land and see if they’d be interested in buying it from us at some point, we could even offer them a land contract. They’d have the least to lose since they already have a house there with an existing septic system.

    There is a planned sewer line through the road at the south end of the property, that would be a total game-changer on the value of it if/when it happens.

  36. **tackle-hugs MCPO**

    How you doin’?

  37. What is the name of the frozen pizza that has been mentioned here a few time, that is supposed to be good?


  38. Well, it sounds like things are working out in your favor, Leon, that makes me happy.


  39. Good to see you Master Chef.

  40. Screamin’ Sicilian.
    And stop reminding me dammit. I have yet to find it in my local ghetto grocery.

  41. Well, I’m still stuck with that land until we can find a buyer, one way or another, but it’s completely paid for after this place sells, and the annual income from farming it is $500 or so after the property taxes, so it’s at least passive income until the eventual sale. Going to look into logging the red pines this summer and see if we can make anything on them.

  42. Fence it and raise goats or sheep on it while you wait for the market to improve.
    If I can find this book somewhere in that cluttered “office” of mine I’ll gladly send it to you.

  43. No can do, it’s an hour from the house we’re buying. I can lease it to another farmer, but farming it myself would be impractical.

  44. Thanks, Chi. Their site says they are sold at two supermarkets near me.

    I will get one today.

  45. Heh. Jehova’s Witnesses stopped by. They don’t even bother walking the neighborhood anymore, they just park in front of my house and come chat because I gave them the time of day once.
    Seem like really decent people, so I don’t mind wasting a few minutes if I’m not busy. I usually leave them with a big question that they have to ponder for a week or two. Then they don’t have an answer when they come back.

  46. Pups, Broadchurch.

  47. Also, subtitles are your friend when they are speaking with a wee bit of an accent. :)

    Lots of good acting, and they do a lot without constant dialogue. Just very well done.

  48. A friend on FaceBook posted a painting he just did. He recently got some kind of drawing tablet. He’s pretty good, but his post said: “9 hrs in an 30,000 strokes…” Sooooo hard not to make a “your mom” comment….. The struggle is real.

  49. I found a new barbershop on the way home. The usual place I go in downtown Bangor has 2 shops within a few doors of each other but there was only one parking spot and with my behemoth rental Tundra I didn’t dare try to parallel park between 2 decent vehicles in full view of the shop’s windows. Pretty decent cut, I wasn’t expecting much and was pleasantly surprised.

  50. Anyone who captions a picture describing their number of strokes deserves everything they get

  51. Thanks Pepe.

  52. I’m sorry I missed it,

    a nice gif of your mom to go viral.

  53. February Birthdays:

    02/16 = JAM2

    02/18 = Russ in Winterset

    02/19 = Cranky

    02/22 = Michael

    02/24 = Herr Morgenholz

  54. Crossfit was awesome. Who wants to hear about it?

  55. Happy late b-day Jam!!


  57. 02/10 Chi’s Mom.
    She turned 80, so no gross jokes, heathens.

  58. I looked for gyms near the new place.

    The only option if I want to do barbell work is crossfit.

    I might join, seems like a good marketing venue for grass-fed lamb.

  59. Leon, do you have space at the new place for a power rack?

  60. Potentially, but it’s all in outbuildings.

  61. Nothing wrong with that.

  62. There is when bare skin can’t safely touch the bar because it’s too cold.

  63. “Derper”, never crossed my mind.

    My niece lives in Missouri about 10 miles south of the Iowa border. It’s not exactly warm there in the winter. However, she does have a good size building she keep the young ones in during the winter. If you want I could send you a link to her farm facebook page. They gets inquires from all over.

  64. If space is an issue, you can’t beat these things with a stick. Adjustable up to 75 lbs each.
    Pair them with this thing and you’ve got 90% of your weight training covered in a footprint of maybe 6 square feet.

  65. I think the breed could work here if it works in Idaho, but I’ll likely have to time lambings for the warmer months if I can, and have a building set aside as backup.

  66. She turned 80, so no gross jokes, heathens.

    Sorry, no exceptions.

  67. That’s probably true. Here is the link to their farm site.

    If you’re interested they would be a good source for info.

  68. I tried to fix your links, Chi, but they’re too busted for even my wizardry.

    Thanks Therm, I’ll look them up if I get to do this and need a hand.

  69. You’re welcome and good luck if you go down that path.

  70. I’ll probably just get some more kettlebells and a pull up bar for the basement, then do mostly calisthenics and kettles. Farm work should be all the cardio I need.

    I can’t do crossfit, I’d be like a 17yo boy if the gender ratio skewed female, and it’s hard to power snatch with a boner.

  71. How do you make salmon loaf Leon? I like salmon but unfortunately Paula doesn’t … too fishy for her taste.

  72. She turned 80, so no gross jokes, heathens.

    Yeah, but, back in the day…

  73. Turned 80 what?


  74. There is when bare skin can’t safely touch the bar because it’s too cold.

    Space heater? Store the bar somewhere insulated?

  75. Yeah. They seem to be unclickable for some reason. Maybe because they’re eBay links? Maybe because I’m an idiot? Thanks for trying though.

    Just search “Hoist adjustable dumbbells” and “Hoist folding bench”
    I sold high-end equipment for 20+ years and have owned everything you have ever used at the gym and then some. From TV infomercial junk to the Hammer Strength stuff the NFL uses and everything in between.
    I pared it down to those weights and my trusty old Concept II model A. And a pull up bar with a pair of gravity boots.

  76. Jimbro, I don’t have an exact recipe. Last nights was three 14.5oz cans of salmon, 4oz grated asiago,two eggs, 1/4c coconut flour, 1/4c ground flax seed, parsley, hot sauce, mustard, garlic, salt, and pepper to taste. I normally like to add chopped green onion, but I didn’t have any. Make into a loaf and bake at 350F for 90 minutes.

    If you aren’t staying keto, swap the coconut flour and flax for two large handfuls of crushed crackers. Saltines or goldfish work well.

  77. Netflix has a series, “Everything Sucks!” set in the 1990s in Boring, Oregon. My grandparents ran the Boring water district for decades, through the 90s, and I went to middle school at Damascus Middle School, a couple miles away, from 1992-1996. Damn it, now I have to watch it even though I’m sure it’s going to suck.

  78. How hard is it to make lumpia from scratch? Seems like too much trouble.
    I want to surprise a friend, but I don’t think she’s worth it..

  79. That’s a good use for canned salmon. I’ve had canned salmon before and wondered why it existed. I had a feeling you didn’t use the breadcrumbs and wondered what the binder to make it a “loaf” was. Our local Hannaford’s has both coconut flour and ground flaxseed. I may try to make a loaf tomorrow or Monday. Besides, you know, the usual morning loaf.

  80. Canned salmon and sardines are great calcium sources if you’re off dairy, which I really should be.

  81. I eat canned sardines and salmon and mackerel straight from the can. OMNOMNOM.

    If I’m feeling fancy, then broken up over a salad, or over white beans, drenched with lemon and parsley.

  82. Those salmon pouches are great for a snack late at night.

  83. You guys are making me feel snackish.

  84. Im at 48 hours fasting. I dont know what ill eat to break it.

  85. I stopped eating at 4pm. I haven’t decided when I’ll start again. My activity level is going to suck aside from getting the house showable, so I might as well fast again. Maybe I can break my plateau finally.

  86. The Snake Juice Fast guy worries me. He seems like a dummy/knucklehead. Plus, ‘snake oil.’

  87. laura could have snacked with my dad. He loved canned fish, especially kipper snacks.

  88. pepe’s knife porn on facedouche is very impressive. I hope he will post a picture or 2 here, the latest one is gorgeous.

    Hint hint.

  89. I can’t eat fresh salmon because of allergies, but I can eat canned salmon. I make salmon patties which aren’t too different from Leon’s mix (dill instead of hot sauce) but are fried in either coconut oil or bacon grease. A lot quicker to make.

    I bought a can of sardines and am trying to get the courage to try them.

  90. What’s different about canned salmon? Something in the water?

  91. Sardines in small amounts add meaty umami flavor to other dishes. Tomato sauces, for instance. I like fish sauce for that too.

  92. Canned salmon is a staple here at Chez Chi. Salmon patties are a regular on the menu. Serve them with a dollop of sour cream for best results.
    What’s different with allergies about the canned? This doesn’t compute in my simple mind…

    If you’re nervous about sardines, try the ones packed in Louisiana hot sauce, or maybe the ones in mustard sauce. On saltines. A very tasty snack, and not at all as gross as anchovies (which I despise).

  93. I am guessing the heat of processing breaks something down. Same for tuna.

  94. I’ve heard people using anchovies that way Jay, but not sardines! Learn something new every day.

    Canned salmon tastes more strongly of fish than fresh salmon does, to me. ymmv

  95. Lesson learned about anchovies: if you cook one pizza in an oven with anchovies (customer brought them in, we don’t use them), all the other pizzas in that oven will taste like anchovies.

  96. Hmm, laura, maybe it is anchovies. I use the fish sauce, since i’m not a big canned fish fan. I remember hearing about canned fish used in that way.

  97. Wait…I think you guys must be making salmon patties out of the little tins of fancy salmon that look like tuna tins and contain only flesh.

    I was talking about the tall cans that have sections of whole, bone-in, skin-on salmon in them. Those are the fishy tasting ones.

  98. I tried anchovies one time a few years ago because I wanted to try something new. Ordered a pizza with ½ anchovies – the whole house stunk like a dead hooker for three days.
    Never again.

  99. Someone actually studied this, so I’m not the only one. Flash-freezing the fish doesn’t remove the allergen.

  100. Laura, I make salmon patties out of both the little and the big cans. Costco sells the little cans in packs of 6, and that makes enough for the 3 of us usually with enough leftover for a lunch or two.

  101. Anchovies are an important ingredient in Worcestershire sauce. And real caeser salad dressing.
    Umami is a strange word that I think Japanese hipsters made up so they could make fun of us.

  102. I have a little bottle of fish sauce I use every once in a while. A little goes a long way.

  103. oh yeah, you don’t want to use a lot.

    Stuff a whole bunch of fish parts in a barrel, and let it ferment. Bottle, and sell.

  104. I’ve only ever used the big cans. I didn’t even know it came in small cans like tuna.The pouched stuff is good, but I’m too poor to buy that stuff often.

    No I’m craving salmon patties, dammit…

  105. I have to be careful with Worcestershire – sometimes I get a reaction (Heinz), sometimes I don’t (Lea and Perrin). I can’t eat commercially-made Chex party mix or caesar salad dressing because of anchovy extract. I had a really bad reaction to frozen egg rolls because I didn’t expect pork egg rolls to have anchovy extract. Shrimp, sure, but not pork.

  106. And Kurt Russell was great in the movie

    So sad Herb Brooks wasn’t around to see it.

  107. Miracle.
    Not even a sports fan, but that is one of my all-time favorite movies. Kurt Russell is one of my man crushes – sue me.

  108. Stockton Springs is right down the road about 20 minutes drive

    Eastport is a nice little tourist town nowadays

  109. I’m gonna edit that obnoxious NYT logo and link a different source…MF-ers

  110. I don’t know how to post pics here, J’Ames. People probably can’t see links to FB or IG.

  111. When I saw Kurt Russell playing his younger self in GOTG2 I had to laugh out loud. I forgot how freakin’ cute he was. I think they actually made him cuter than he really used to be.

  112. I watched something on anchovies once. YouTube?
    They basically stuff a barrel full of sardines, pour salt all over them, then let it rot for a year.

  113. Pepe, in facebook, bring up the picture by clicking on it. Then right click, and copy image location.

    ARC with vegasforge damascus and a moku-ti spacer

  114. “You’re playing worse and worse every day and right now you’re playing like it’s next month.”

    Herb Brooks

  115. What’s the best steaming deal. Just picked up an Apple TV so I can mirror on the big screen.

  116. The vast steaming deal? We just went through 8years of that asshole.

    (Sorry, but you asked for it)

  117. Pepe’s knives are so gorgeous. I’d be afraid to cut anything with one.

  118. If they’re works of art can he still be compelled to make a gay wedding knife?

  119. it’s hard to power snatch with a boner.

  120. Yes they are. If I weren’t so poor, I’d commission him to custom make me a tanto blade for everyday carry.
    I’m still contemplating ordering a Cuatro from CRKT, but I really prefer a fixed blade over a folder.

  121. Yeah, I’ve been eyeing that Cuatro too.

  122. How does that work, Pepe? Do you make the ones for CRKT, or do they make your design and you get a commission?

  123. If you don’t mind me asking. I don’t mean to pry.


  125. Pretty sure they just take his design and have the product made overseas so it’s at a reasonable price point. Under strict standards, of course.

    And pups – why on Earth would you expose us to that link?? You, sir, are diabolical.

  126. I have a Cuatro with me RIGHT NOW. It’s an excellent knife. The Maven, which is the other one Peps designed for CRKT is great, too. The Cuatro is surprisingly light and it’s very slim, so I usually carry that when I’m wearing a pair of chinos. The Maven seems better suited for jeans pockets, since it’s a little more substantial.


  127. when I’m wearing a pair of chinos…

    Heh. You know how I know you’re gay?

  128. Thanks, J’Ames. I didn’t think it would work unless people have FB.

    CRKT licenses the design and has them made in China. They pay me a small percentage of the wholesale price. It isn’t much per knife, but if it’s popular, they will make and sell a bunch of them. Hopefully they will be popular enough that I get some decent $, and then they will license more designs.

    They did a pretty good job with them. We bought some to sell on our online store. We go through each one and make sure it’s okay. So far, we returned 3 or 4. Nothing major, just a blade slightly off center, and one had a really hard detent. Hard to flip. People who have bought them seem pleased. *knocks wood*

    I’m a one man deal as far as making stuff (Penelope does shipping and other stuff like handling e-mail), so I’m limited as far as what I can produce. I just finished work today, so that’s about 55 hours this week in the shop. That doesn’t include doing some computer stuff in the evening like ordering materials, answering questions, Instagram and FaceBook, etc. The only way I can expand the business is to hire people to help, which is really difficult here. I’d spend more time training them than getting stuff done. Or, I can start hiring some stuff out, like heat treating or getting parts pre-cut with water jet. Expanding is a problem with this type of business.

  129. He said chinos, not “capris”.

  130. But are they cargo chinos? That’s the way not thing that matters around here.

  131. 5” of snow and it’s still coming down. In 2 days it will be 70°.

  132. They are assless chinos.

  133. Close, scott.


  134. ok Sean, I got one. This better be good.

  135. Crotchless chinos are catching on.

  136. Cargo capris around here, Oso. Short fat guys with their cargo shorts so low they end half way between their knees and ankles.


  138. I’m actually wearing a pair of Dickies 874s today.

    *sits back and waits for Dickies jokes*

  139. Why not 3?

  140. Tight capris on a guy are really, really gay. Especially with a tight shirt and woven loafers without socks.

  141. No offense, Jam.

  142. j’ames you won’t be disappointed

    like sean said – the cuatro is light and thin
    opens sooper easy
    locks smoof-lee and solidly

  143. not being a fashionista, i consider it a win if i remember to put on pants before i leave the house…


  145. MCPO and his clam diggers!!!

  146. White guys wear Dickies?

  147. sean’s a white hispanic

  148. You just might be a dumbass if;

  149. Our new GM wants us to put large seasonal displays outside on the sidewalk. We’re betting the shed is stolen by Monday night.

  150. White guys wear Dickies?

    Almost every pair of shorts I’ve owned over the past four or five years was made by them. I don’t buy pants from them as often because they tend to look a little too baggy on me.

  151. ChrisP, we get the people who won’t turn off their cars and trucks while pumping gas.

  152. WalMart Dickies or full price?

  153. I used to buy my Dickies at WalMart, but relaxed dress code let me dress down. Yeah…I said it

  154. Real Dickies, not the WalMart ones. Usually buy ’em on Amazon.

  155. Well la di dah

  156. Ran into some dinosaurs on the way home from taking Boy1 to work:

    They were right in the middle of road.

  157. Clever girls…

  158. What’s the difference between “real” Dickies & the Walmart janks?
    Last pair of Dickies jeans I bought were from Walmart – the crotch ripped open one day when I sat on the floor to play with my nephew. It was maybe the second or third time I wore them. I just chalked it up to being cheap made-in-china crap and tossed them aside.
    Are there actually different levels of quality?

  159. The ones they sell at WalMart are labelled “Genuine Dickies,” and they don’t have the horseshoe on the labels. They tend to be made of, let us say, thinner material.

  160. Man, this guy:

    Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Verified account

    Feb 16
    Evidence collected over many years, obtained from many locations, indicates that the power of Prayer is insufficient to stop bullets from killing school children.

  161. The Dickies Headquarters is just up the road from our house – maybe a mile and a half straight up our street. College Avenue “T”s at W. Vickery Blvd.

    I think they still have a store there, but it’s been a while since we went there.

  162. “The Dickies Headquarters ” …”but it’s been a while since we went there.”

  163. Dance into the fire
    That fatal derp is all we need
    Dance into the fire
    To fatal sounds of broken dreams

  164. Why are you fuckstix asleep?

  165. If I could move a mountain
    If I could part the sea
    If I could walk on water
    I still couldn’t make you love me

  166. The best place to buy Dickies is at the Tractor Supply Store.

  167. That picture of Michelle Obama Jam linked isn’t very realistic because Michelle would never wear a red, white and blue shirt.

  168. Mare


  169. Big ol bag of Dickies.

  170. Remember when Rosetta would link a bunch of Dickies hitting slow motion on a woman’s face?

  171. I’ll tell you, I had to turn the Olympics off last night. The gay overload with the gay flags and gayness and the gay skier and the all about gay was too much for me. How does being gay have ANYTHING to do with skiing unless you’re purposefully landing on a pole?

  172. Comment by mare on February 18, 2018 8:00 am
    The best place to buy Dickies is at the Tractor Supply Store.


    Outside, around back, near the dumpster.

  173. You gotta play this with sound:

  174. hahahaaahahahah, I think everything should be put to that sound.

  175. I would like that playing when I’m cleaning the cat box.


  177. Did you get my valentine, Mare?

  178. ” Michelle would never wear a red, white and blue shirt.”

    my bad – someone must have photoshopped that shirt onto her pic

  179. HA!

    Mare loves dumpsters.


  181. valentine from jay to mare

  182. Master Chief Sittin’ Putt is jonesn’ for golf weather

  183. Jam, you need to design cards for Leon’s gift shop at his sheep farm. It’s only the beginning!


  185. another one from jay to mare

  186. Ok, apple tv works OK. I think it’s going to drain my cell data, but for a few movies a month it will work.

  187. that he-slut jay sent one to carin too

  188. Jam’s puns are worse than Jay’s and that’s saying something.

  189. just tryin’ to class this place up

    *farts on way out*

  190. Good morning, booger eaters.

  191. I’m putting together the friday post, this morning was the first time a google image search has brought me back to H2. Looking for a gif, random phrase with “boob” in it and BAM view source is thehostages.

    Smart Boob Blog.

  192. I love the guy’s short descriptors of the morons.

    “When lewis c k stops masturbating in front of strangers…”

    “When cocaine-addicted murder porn writer, Stephen King…”

    “Childless burden to society, Kathy Griffin…”

    They go on and on, perfect!

  193. I like the cut of that Indian Engineer’s jib.


    Pet owners increasingly treat their animals as full-fledged members of the family and extensions of themselves — and expect everyone else to treat them that way as well. “I emotionally see myself as a ‘mom’ to my fur babies,” Feduik writes, speaking for many. “I have two dogs, a cat, and three birds, and they are my world. My life revolves around my four-legged and winged children.”

    Notice that she says nothing about actual children…

  195. I love animals but do not treat them as equals with children (although some are better behaved but that is usually the parent’s fault).

    It’s part of the breakdown of society. No kids? Well, your natural tendency to nurture and protect will be projected onto something else. Not necessarily bad, but we need children and it’s what we were meant to do.

  196. Bacon and pancakes for breakfast.


  198. Comment by Pupster on February 18, 2018 1:16 pm
    Bacon and pancakes for breakfast.

    That’s my plan for today as well, along with scrambled eggs.

  199. Mare, that’s what I’ve noticed as well. I find it annoying to see a comment on dating profiles, “I’m only here/swiping right/etc. for your dog…”

  200. When your pets are the best thing about you, you got serious issues.

  201. Moose is pretty awesome. I’m just saying.

  202. I’m watching the BBC’s Blue Planet II and it is fan fricken tasting!!

    Didn’t see the first one but will ASAP.

  203. Ha! That’s coming from a woman with 5 children who is an obvious nurturer.

    Hence 2 dogs as big as children. And pretty awesome.

  204. True. Moose is pretty much gilding the lily there…

  205. Stupid autocorrect! You suck so hard! You suck harder than the media sucked Obama and Hillary!!!

  206. #PackingAllTheThings!

  207. I express my loving and nurturing nature through my various personal hobbies and secretions.

  208. The filming is this show is magnificent.

  209. Yeah!! Leon!!!

    Your secretions sustain you, Lauraw. It’s nature.

  210. Oh, dick, that stupid Attenborough just started in on climate change.

  211. In August we will have been in this house 3 years. Still unpacking.

    It was easier to just pack everything up and move it. As we unpack we keep finding stuff we no longer want to keep.


  212. Snowblower crapped the bed this morning.


    I found a beauty on craigslist for $150..


  213. A laurawesstingrayes just ate several newly molted soft shell crabs .

  214. Oh, my, sea dragons!!

  215. Well, it’s a gorgeous day and I’m glued to this show which is why I have a general rule about not turning on the TV until after 5pm.

  216. I drove to work for rounds at 9 in a snowstorm going 30 mph behind a plow truck. Right now it’s a bright sunny day and the snow is melting off the garage roof like steady rain. Rowan has been chasing the frisbee a lot so far today because I keep going out to enjoy the sun.

  217. can’t believe this steak place. peanut shells all over the floor. *brings up Yelp

  218. they gave me a black box with 13 on it. I should go ask the server about my table.

  219. There was a joint like that when I was a kid a few towns over. I forget the name of it, maybe For Pete’s Sake or something like that. Wasn’t just steak or my parents would have never taken us there. Other than eating peanuts and throwing shells on the floor I have no memories of the place beyond that.

  220. I’m blocked from craigslist. WTF?

  221. I didn’t know humpbacks ate anchovies. I thought they were plankton eaters. Huh. Monterey Bay.

    Oh, this is a series, lovely!

  222. Alex, trying to sell your porn tapes on Craigslist is a no-no.

  223. I’ll tell you, I had to turn the Olympics off last night. The gay overload with the gay flags and gayness and the gay skier and the all about gay was too much for me. How does being gay have ANYTHING to do with skiing unless you’re purposefully landing on a pole?

    *still laughing*

  224. Peyton manning driving the pace car at Daytona.

  225. I saw that, mare, and wondered whose team colors were rainbow? Then slowly realized….FFS. *click*

  226. The snowblower I bought is over 20 years old.

    It has a 4.5 HP Suzuki engine that is supposed to kick ass.

  227. Oh, my, sea dragons!!

  228. I gave Mr. Beasn a card with two T-rex’ trying to hug each other, for Valentine’s Day. Then he pissed me off the next day and I tossed it. (he would have tossed it sooner than later anyway). Kinda wish I kept it because it was pretty cute.

    *prints off that possum Valentine for next year*

  229. More like this:

  230. And those aren’t even the pretty ones!

  231. It’s my husband’s birthday and a good friend of his is in Orlando for a convention, he took my husband to the Daytona 500. They wanted me to go but I passed. I needed to get birthday things done.

  232. Frisbee
    Wash hands
    Wash hands
    Trim nose hair
    Wash hands
    Eat Sumo orange
    Get text from Paula mid-orange
    Wash hands
    Answer text
    Resume orange eating
    Wash hands

  233. Those Sumo oranges are pretty good. I spotted 3 lonely looking ones atop a produce case and decided to investigate.

    *wonders if Sam’s Bangor still has any*

  234. “Despite being small, these little animals are carnivorous and their diet is completely composed of meat.”

    Leon is a sea dragon?

  235. Are they related to sea horses?


  237. Gay flag waving Olympians seeking poles made me laugh too

  238. Yes, they are related. Seahorses just aren’t as “showy.” Cute little scamps though. Love them too.

  239. I have a picture of me starring at one in an aquarium. My daughter took the pic, then sent it to my family with the label, “No, Mom, you can’t ride it.”

  240. “I’m blocked from craigslist. WTF?”

    Your mom doesn’t want you seeing the ads featuring her “services”.

  241. ooo pepe from the top turnbuckle!

  242. Don’t click this unless you want to see a Black Panther spoiler:

  243. hahahahaha, I fell for it.

  244. I’m now watching 28 Days Later. Missed the first 40 minutes. What am I doing?

  245. This was linked at Ace’s a couple of times but I saw it linked from Instapundit, anyhoo, it is an important read.. especially for dumbasses.

  246. Mare, I commented on an FB page with 20 million followers. Not one of my better ideas.

    My dad is in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer. They did a EGD (tube down his throat, I think) and fixed it. They are keeping him in the hospital overnight for observation. He is 82 and on Eliquis for bloodthinning and a-fib.


    When insane third-wave feminists complain about ‘toxic masculinity’ they are complaining about a shadow, a residue of what kinds of men once existed. Fucking tragic.

  248. Goodness, Roamy, sorry about your Father.

    What did you comment on/about, Roamy?

  249. Hope he heals successfully and feels better soon, Romacita.

  250. Holy crap, Lauraw, those articles are fricken embarrassing.

  251. NASA posted about the new materials test facility and included a pic of an experiment I worked on. I decided to answer a question about how the materials were oriented. I’ve now been told we don’t need to test materials any more because SpaceX will do it, and the Tesla held up just fine.

  252. Oh, and NASA fakes everything.

  253. Oh, FFS, Roamy, these people are nuts. How dare they challenge a person intimately involved.

  254. Did you guys like Fury?

  255. Good of you to finally come clean.

  256. hahahahaha…

  257. Shia LaBouf is a good actor but he’s insane. I love that when Shia wanted to put a stupid flag of Trump resistance somewhere, 4-chan users (I don’t even know what that is) would find it and take it down and with a scarce amount of clues about where it was.

    Of course the FBI got its ass whooped by 4-chan so there is that.

  258. It’s true. I went to a NASA joint and knocked on the door and the building fell over. Cardboard.

  259. HA! Good one, Cavil…hahahahah

  260. She doesn’t seem crazy at all. I can’t understand why an awesome guy hasn’t snatched her up.

    That sad part is, Stacy McCain can link these freaks all day long. They are everywhere. Sad.

  261. Mare, I think it was AlextheChick, on her now defunct podcast, who said that “If Shia LaBouf put a video feed of a flag, hanging in an unadorned basement, 4chan would organize rolling blackouts worldwide within a week just to figure out where it was.”


  263. Tell Buzz Aldrin that the moon landing was faked.

  264. I hate that “What’s a computer?” ad. Makes me want to smack that little kid.

  265. Comment by Brother Cavil on February 18, 2018 5:09 pm
    It’s true. I went to a NASA joint and knocked on the door and the building fell over. Cardboard.


    This happened to me when I went to investigate the admissions offices of the schools where Obama interviewed and was accepted.

  266. Me too, Pepe. Pupster link was perfect.

  267. The moon landing was real, the twist is that the moon isn’t real.

    What did they really land on?

  268. Silly, the moon landing was real, but what we saw was faked in order to cover up that our people actually discovered a secret Nazi-Lizardmen moon-base.

  269. Comment by Pupster on February 18, 2018 5:38 pm

  270. 7 boxes of books packed, 2 boxes of clothes and bedding. Going to need at least another 7 book boxes.

  271. I hate that “What’s a computer?” ad. Makes me want to smack that little kid.

    Not all bullying is bad, Peps.

  272. Leon, how far away is the new place?

  273. Comment by leoncaruthers on February 18, 2018 2:04 pm

    Wait… are you moving right away?

  274. Anyone been to Arlington?

    Is it a must see?

  275. Not moving until April, but mom and dad live 8 minutes away from the new house, so every time I go between then and now, I’m going to pack the car. Priority right now is getting the house pretty for the ad, and I probably started with the wrong thing. Should have focused on clearing my desk first. Bedroom packing was the piles from on top of my dresser and things I know I don’t need until Summer.

    3 hours away, Scott. Close to Notre Dame.

  276. Unless there is a movie out that I don’t know about, I assume you’re talking about the National Cemetary?
    Everyone should go at least once in their life. It can be quite moving. Tomb of the unknowns particularly. Of course JFK is there with an Eternal Flame…
    If you end up going, I’ll send you a marker # and map. Place a flag for my father, will ya?

  277. Done.

  278. You know how stupid Jimmy Carter was? He nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    She’s effing nuts, partisan and stupid. Thanks, Jimmy Carter, you ass!

  279. Arlington is absolutely worth any time it takes to get there.

  280. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier raises the hair on your body (if you get it).

    DO IT.

  281. Thanks Mare and Chi.

    We are going rain or shine.

  282. Marker number?


  283. There is a pretty cool app for your smartphone/IPhone that will guide you through ANC & the featured spots, and even take you directly to any marker there.
    You can always stop by the visitor center, too (recommended).

  284. Not moving until April, but mom and dad live 8 minutes away from the new house, so every time I go between then and now, I’m going to pack the car.
    Pack underwear and perishable kitchen goods first. Oh and some favorite toys.

  285. Send that info to laura w tips AT hotmail DOOTCOOM, chi. Remove spaces and use proper email formatting.
    I’m 90% sure we’re going.

  286. Wife saw a “giant” opossum in the barn when we fed the horses, so she baited the trap. I’m supposed to go check it at ten pm. I’ll have to chop ice if we caught it.

  287. I challenge any red-blooded American to stand anywhere on the grounds and not be moved to tears. The expanse, the enormity of it all is just out of this world.
    I’ll send an email in a hot minute, hunchback.

  288. Only thing I’ve seen more moving is Normandy.

  289. I was standing on the corner when I heard my bulldog bark
    He was barkin’ at the two men who were gamblin’ in the dark
    It was Stagger Derp and Billy, two men who gambled late
    Stagger Derp threw seven, Billy swore that he threw eight

  290. Gremp.

  291. Day three of no coffee. I feel pretty good. Relaxed. I wonder if this is how normal people feel, all the time.

  292. No Oso last night? Hm. I look forward to reading her, though we’re on different schedules now.

  293. Can you imagine how different the world would be if dogs howled like roosters crow?

    *climbs up on fence post*


  294. A better world, if you ask me

  295. I got 11 posts in draft, but a MMM ain’t one

    I’ll put up a fuzzy kitten placeholder momentarily.

  296. I’m on it, bad morning already.

  297. Ah, we crossed in the mail. No worries. Want me to pop that back into draft?

  298. fuckit, here

    Just stomp it as you see fit sir

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