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Post title is a tribute to a funny blog titled Hookers And Booze that used to run a pretty clever post called the Thursday Random (pretty sure that’s what it was called). H&B is still alive, just not the random meme posts which is a shame since they were pretty effin funny IMO.








My 14 year old thinks this guy is hilarious. There’s a couple of funny moments. It mostly reminds me of my Canadian colleague who got asked to leave a couple of years back because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut in meetings.

I bet Pupster has a few neighbors that sound like this guy. Hope everyone had a wonderful St. Valentine’s Day yesterday. I like how it coincided with Ash Wednesday. Here, have some nice chocolates to eat after Easter! I went the stuffed animal route and surprisingly it didn’t have the intended effect I thought it would.




  1. Leaving shortly for the home inspection. Gonna be a long day.

  2. Good luck Leon. My long day comes tomorrow, T4 to L4 fusion on a double major curve.



  5. Dad gave me seasons 1-5 of Downton Abbey. Is this something I want to get involved in?

    Good morning, fine people.

  6. re: last pic

    and you make fun of my puns?

  7. Carin, how’s Matt doing?

  8. Lauraw- yes Downton Abbey is good. I haven’t yet seen the final season.

    Matt is doing much better thanks. Now his girlfriend has it.

  9. “T4 to L4 fusion”

    wow – that’ll put a damper on the contortionist career gig

  10. Modern Family had a funny joke about Downton Abbey. Very subtle and hilarious. Cam (gay guy) called Downtown Disney “Downton Disney” and his boyfriend tells him he’s been watching too much PBS.

  11. MJ’s poem to his wife:

  12. colex needs to work on his poetry:

  13. pupster the romantic:

  14. Downton Abbey is well worth it. I really liked it and looked forward to it every year. I’m glad they ended it though. They had to. The changes in English upper class life that followed WWI essentially ended the Edwardian era. It would have been pointless to continue.

    Lady Mary was as hot as a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire.

  15. btw – if you don’t like your job….

    turn that up to Eleventy

  16. For a laugh watch the video on the sidebar of Ace’s of a bunch of Antifa pussies getting a lesson on dealing with real men. This goes exactly how we have been predicting it will go.

    Femmy and mouthy is no way to go through life, Son.

  17. If it’s the video i saw a few days ago, it’s hilarious. IS there some skank asking why they’re so mad – after they’ve been pepper sprayed?

  18. That is a different one. LOL. That’s not the one I saw the other day. the antifa pukes pepper spray the “patriots”, and they get pissed and start kicking ass. The antifa start crying about “why are you doing this? We didn’t do nothing”.

    It’s pretty funny and on par with that.

    If you are dressed for war, you’d better be able to back it up.

  19. I’d like to see that video, Carin.

  20. I’ll try to find it, but the other day I could only find it on facedouche.

  21. from lauraw’s link:


    David Munday says:
    February 15, 2018 at 8:23 am

    Obama sent an email to himself on Ja. 5 stating that he is not gay.

  22. It’s on here somewhere, but I can’t find it:

  23. Thank you!

  24. because you’re pepper spraying us, you dumb bitch!

    So unaware, they are. In the words of Wyatt Earp in Tombstone: skin that smokewagon, see what it gets ya.

  25. Tiny.

    I think I’ve met 3-4 people named Tiny.
    They all look the same.

  26. How come no one named Tiny is ever tiny?

    My 400# friend is named Slim.

  27. “Tiny”

  28. refresh

  29. I named my penis Tiny.

  30. Objects in the mirror might be smaller than they appear.

    In your case, no.

  31. What would you look like as a man?

  32. Morning.

  33. Speaking of tiny…

  34. Group doing the Antifa smack down are called the “Proud Boys” I dont know anything about their politics but the incident(s) took place in Seattle at a Patriot Prayer rally. LiveLeak has a few video’s. One shows the aftermath and one of the guys is asking the antifa’s how they like it, not so much fun playing dress up now is it? Only thing they didnt do (much to my chagrin) is remove the masks of the shitheads during combat.

  35. Anyone else have a giant dog sitting at their feet, looking up at you lovingly?

    No? pity.

  36. I had a smaller version at home, before work.

  37. Honestly, priority when tangling with antif***tards should be grabbin’ those masks!

    Let the sunshine in…

  38. Dorkus used to look at me like that. Usually when I was holding food.

  39. I need a nickname for the baby.

    We call him grumperpig but I’m not sure we should carry that into adulthood.

  40. What would you look like as a man.


    I lol’d. Good one, Jay.

  41. We’re thinking of doing a 2-3 day excursion soon. Probably head south, towards Maryland or a bit beyond. You guys know I love the coastal seafood. Anybody got experience/suggestions for Maryland / Virginia food culture scene? Is it crab season yet? I hear Maryland has crabs.


  43. What I think is interesting that the Antifa pussies don’t get is the zero mask wearing of the real men vs the mask wearing of the feyboys and wanna be tough girls.

  44. And things to see/ do? I understand there may be some naval museums etc.

    Obviously nothing outdoors this time of year.

  45. I’d like to see the look on the fem boys face when a big thug in jail points at him and says, “you’re mine, bend over.”

    Although, maybe they’d like that.

  46. Tiny. duh

  47. Erin was called “Chunk” up until a few years ago. It sometimes still slips out.

  48. Moose does like food, but he honestly just really really loves people.

    He’s also a tenderheart. Pat yelled at the dogs the other morning, and moose can SPRINTING to my side (I was in bed). Stayed with me most of the morning/following me everywhere. He was mortally wounded.

  49. Laura, there’ s huge bridge that crosses the entrance to Chesapeake Bay that connects southern Maryland, to northern Virginia. Sometimes you’re on the bridge, sometimes it turns into a tunnel that takes you below the surface to accommodate shipping.

    There are a lot of Navy sites in Newport News area. One time on a Sunday morning, I was parked on the quay next to the Teddy Roosevelt (this was before 9/11), and a young lieutenant walked by, asked what I was doing, I said I was admiring the ship and its vast size, so because it was his day off he invited me and my wife aboard for a tour.

    There are many seafood shacks along the drive in southern Maryland.

  50. I need a nickname for the baby.

    Ed or Frank, but I’m kind of leaning more toward Ed.

  51. Wait, wait no-


  52. Thanks Hotspur!!

  53. I vote for Ernie.

    *votes twice*

  54. Muppet.

  55. You can still take a ferry tour of Norfolk naval station. Yorktown and Jamestown are historically interesting.

  56. Williamsburg, too.

  57. Another day ending in y

  58. Walking down the street and a mob of masked people start threatening and shoving you? How long until these people get really hurt?

    A cop friend said during the BLM type protests the professional agitators would hide at the back of the group and throw rocks and bottles using the others as cover. Just trying to get a violent response from the cops.

  59. I’d much prefer to drag the masks over their eyes and then watch hilarity ensue.

  60. Erin was called “Chunk” up until a few years ago. It sometimes still slips out.

    Lapeerapalooza III will be soooo much fun.

  61. Actual light rain falling here. First real moisture in months. Hopefully it will be enough to settle the dust.

  62. i do business in Frederick – some decent places to eat.

    If you pass through this might interest you:

  63. Dorkus or Ernie seem like good choices.

    We’ll probably call him Junie, though.

  64. Go on youtube and search “demonic child screams and runs through an 8 hour flight”.


  65. Crab season doesn’t officially start until late March this year. Still plenty of great seafood to be found, though.
    If you waited until May to July, you could get fresh soft shelled crabs (my favorite!) right out of the Bay or any river in Norfolk/VA Beach.

    That is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. 23 miles of beautiful trestle bridge, two tunnels and a kinda scary high rise bridge. Considered one of the great man-made wonders of the world. Tourist stop along the bridge on one of the “islands” with great birding if you’re into that.
    I’m sitting less than 10 miles from the VA side right now. A bit pricey to travel, but cool.

    If you want Navy tourism, Norfolk is the place. But I don’t know how easy it would be to get on base these days. We DO have the battleship USS Wisconsin moored right here in downtown Norfolk (about 5 miles away). It is operated as a museum ship by the city – you can go aboard to tour her.

  66. Cool on the Wisconsin. We went through the Alabama in Mobile, and it’s fascinating.

  67. I said northern Virginia, but after consulting a map, it is southern for sure.

    Virginia geography is weird because of all of the water.


  69. Virginia geography is weird because of all of the water.

    If I were under mandatory evacuation orders, it would be damned near impossible to find a route in any direction that did not involve crossing a bridge and/or tunnel.

  70. LOL.

    I love that the guy is named Tiny.

    “TINY, LET’S GO!”

    *400 pound hulk responds

  71. Ok serious question.

    What does the FBI do? Are they a national police force?

  72. I’m pretty sure the FBI’s main job is to investigate Trump and the RUSSIANS.

    But not Hillary.

  73. Hotspur, I got pretty stressed watching the demonic kid video. I don’t give 2 shits if the kid is autistic or has emotional problems, if that is the case he never should have been on an 8-hour flight without medication or sedation. Serious sedation. 8 effng hours of that crap? I would have lost my mind.

  74. And I can’t believe no one yelled STFU and got in the kid’s face.

  75. This is a story about a friend of ours named Dan.

    He ruined his career, but not his life. Privately we all thought he was a hero. We’ve all been there.

  76. I would have self-sedated. For trips like that, the crew should be able to dispense opioids to passengers that want to be knocked out.

  77. I wouldn’t have gotten in the kid’s face. Mother needed her ass kicked.

  78. Guess what parents? If your kids are nuts you don’t get to travel wherever you like in any transportation method.

    The Mom with the psycho kid should have medicated the kid before the flight. Your poor friend was a hero indeed.

  79. When we’re sitting waiting for our flight, if there is a kid out of control, I’ll turn to HotBride and say, “Guess who’s going to be in the seat right behind us.”

    Or if it’s an enormous fat person I’ll say, “Guess who is in the seat next to you.”

  80. Hotspur the trip was to NJ. I wouldn’t have said anything either but there wasn’t one self respecting NJ ite to yell at the kid like they do constantly everywhere else?

  81. Two targets set up, we can wing the rest.

    National Civil War Museum

    Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

  82. On every flight, I bring some kind of deal that can be used as a blanket, socks if it’s a really long flight, reading material and lots of it, ear plugs, headphones, food/snacks, breath mints, and I’m prepared to buy booze if there is a lot of turbulance or I guess when a devil kid can’t be controlled.

  83. My grandson is nowhere near that bad, but my daughter trained him to know that three “no”s means yes. So he learned to never obey, or always argue.

    It was bad when he was little. I would say, “Jilly, little kids little problems. Big kids big problems.”

    Now he’s 11, and she’s finding out what I meant.

  84. I’m loving these “bacon ends and pieces.” How solid I not know about this stuff before just recently?
    All the greatness at half the price. Makes the best bacon crumbles + a little extra bacon grease – which makes some really awesome potato salad, btw.

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled randomness.

  85. Electrical, plumbing, and gas are all in great shape, all buildings are structurally sound, probably want to improve drainage away from the foundations and add some soffet vents. All in all, in very good shape.

  86. That sounds great, Leon. Does this mean it’s yours?

  87. Very likely. Only barrier now is the VA appraisal.

  88. Wife was meeting with realtor at the farm in Sumpter, and he agreed with our estimated price and said we could probably get it sold pretty easily. Fingers crossed.

  89. Sumter is the ‘wetlands’ property?

  90. Sumpter is the flame thrower property.

  91. Fort Sumpter.


  92. The left finally got its ultra-right wing mass murderer. I guess now we can have some gun control.

  93. I thought with Leon, ALL properties are flamethrower properties.

  94. I heard the latest guy is an Antifa Democrat.

  95. Some white nationalist militia group has confirmed that he was a member and went through some kind of “training” with them in Tallahassee. So, he’s obviously connected directly to Trump.
    Even with his known social media following of Syrian & Iraqi resistance fighters, he is tied to Trump and anyone right of center

  96. Hotspur beat me to the punch.
    But there’s also this:

  97. yeah, cuz there are no lefty white supremecists.

    Thanks, Daily Beast.

  98. Love the Trump MAGA hats in the Daily Beast title.

  99. Sumpter is the one you may have seen on YouTube. Kalamazoo is the “hydric soil adjacent to wetlands” land that we’re going to have to sell in a few years.

  100. Fort Leon

  101. Just so I got this straight, a “white nationalist” group in Florida allowed a guy last named CRUZ to join and train with them…..

  102. Hush now Troy, this is no place for consistency. We have a narrative to support!

  103. Just so I got this straight, a “white nationalist” group in Florida allowed a guy last named CRUZ to join and train with them…..

    Well, there was that one guy named Cruz that killed JFK, so maybe they were wishcasting?

  104. Wasn’t the guy who assassinated Lincoln named Cruz?

  105. For a “white nationalist” this Cruz guy sure did shoot a lot of white people …..

  106. Hush, Troy.

  107. I put my shrimp chowdah on the recipe site if anybody is interested. Recipe is a little fussy, I’m sure it could be streamlined. But it came out good.

  108. Cruz shot Grover Cleveland with a fully automatic pistol at Gettysburg because he was white.

    Everyone knows that.

  109. Shit Jefferson and Lincoln wrote about, vol 42.

  110. And then there was Gavrillo Cruz, and Gaius Cassius Cruz.

  111. James Earl Cruz too.

  112. Cruz ships are notorious for murdering people of color.
    Don’t even get me started on Cruz missiles…

  113. Cruz Yourself

  114. Obligatory Tom Cruz comment:


  115. Cruz control

  116. LOL, the motherfucking alt-right cunt has now changed his mind about Cruz. Says he got mixed up or something.

    The media beclowns itself once again.



  119. Another reminder that media folk are:

    – Tendentious as fuck
    – Dumber than a brain damaged flatworm
    – Gullible enough to buy London Bridge three times over. In one night.

  120. If I rent a full sized car for 4 days it’s $199.
    If I rent it for a full week it’s $228.

    Unlimited miles.

    Road trip!

  121. Fine. Don’t come to southern Canada. What the hell am I supposed to do with all this Perch Lutefisk?

  122. If I rent it for a full week it’s $228.

    Unlimited miles

    Does this mean Tushar is finally gonna get stoned?

  123. Pupster, we’re going to drive South, toward Spring. Not toward icebound New ScandiLandia. Please understand. It’s not you, it’s me.

    All My Love,
    Hunchy McQuasimodo

  124. Scott, the annex or just Air & Space on the Mall? Annex was awesome!

  125. The one in VA.

  126. It hit 64° here today. Prediction for tomorrow is 73 – might not be any sun, but I think doing has sprung.
    I’ll have to check the almanac – I might get out there and plant some seeds.

  127. Damn autocucumber.
    *SPRING has sprung…

  128. I love doing!

  129. That’s what your mom said

  130. We were in DC area in 2007. Everything was new to Dan. Annex was new to me. National Museum of the Marine Corps would be new to me. Mount Vernon has an onsite distillery now.


    You lucky sumbiznatch.

  132. Grade school field trips: Jamestown,Williamsburg, Hampton Roads Ferry, Planters, and random dairy farms.

  133. Ha! Amnesty bill, along with Trumps plan, and a “compromise” all defeated in the Senate today. RINOs and Dreamers hardest hit.

  134. MCPO! Nice to see you..

  135. Howdy, Scott. Wave as you drive south.

  136. When will Lindsay Graham and her sister Murkowski switch over to the Dems and stop their current farce?

  137. South Korean GOLD! in the skeleton.

    What happened to the unified Korea flag, hmmmmm?

  138. Hah, they can’t out Dem the Dems, but they can gather GOP votes.

  139. We can do lunch;

  140. Scott, you like fried bologna and gubbernint cheese on stale bread?

  141. Not my first choice.

  142. Hey, I’m a disabled veteran on a fixed income! 🤣

  143. Alright, seize you laters. . .

  144. usually I watch the ice skating, but this guy shooting his mouth off has completely turned me off this.

  145. Oso rant. Dan buys deli bologna. Designates thickness. Sometimes buys Boars Head Garlic Bologna. WTH? I was going to make a fried bologna sammich the other day, but deli bologna was thin sliced.

  146. Fucked up America rant. Co-worker is related to this shit. Smith’s gas associate killed in Edgewood NM. Woman in distress. Left position. Partner to woman accessed cash register. Attendant and thief meet and associate kill.

  147. Dead Smith’s guy lost his wife to cancer. He was working the shifts before funeral leave. For his wife.

  148. 20 something son lost his mom and his dad in one week. Killed himself. WTF???

  149. Only thing in news is the dead gas attendant. I work with a grieving family member

  150. Heard of a derp that is loaded with weapons,
    Packed up and ready to go
    Heard of some grave sites, out by the highway,
    A place where nobody knows
    The sound of gunfire, off in the distance,
    I’m getting used to it now
    Lived in a brownstone, lived in the ghetto,
    I’ve lived all over this town

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