Hello floaters and ranters, welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model is from Miami, Florida, born January 25th 1994, 5’6″, 36DD-27-36 and 126lbs. Please focus and say hello to Miss Karlee Grey!


  1. She looks better when she actually smiles

  2. I bet she hasn’t read a single non-fiction book.

  3. I think the closest she comes to books is as props in her videos.

    Naughty librarian: “Oops, I just dropped a book and I’m wearing this incredibly short skirt with heels!”

  4. Chubtastic!


  6. I was just wondering about her reading habits myself. I’ll be sorely disappointed if she hasn’t devoured Gravity’s Rainbow.

  7. Good morning, hosefuckers. Whose turn is it to sweep and mop in here?

    *sees ice cream scoop on floor*

    I am NOT touching that.

  8. Yeah, she looks okay almost all the way through but then in the last picture she has her ‘tard face on.

  9. devoured

  10. *raises eyebrow*

  11. …as in, I don’t think that’s what she usually devours

  12. She seems friendly!

    Roamy, I loved that tweet showing the Red Neck Army helping out the Coast Guard!

    I kind of consider myself RN. Except I don’t wear a tank top with Tatts, too-short cut offs for my weight and age, with lots of fat hanging out, have a cigarette in my mouth and unruly kids as I’m about to enter Walmart….yet. Wait, white trash is different than Red Neck.

    Patriotic..Hell yes.
    Voted for Trump…yes
    Listen to country…yes.
    Have been drunk in public…yes
    Been to Chili’s…yes. Many times.
    Like hunting…yes….have been but didn’t go to kill anything but have no problem with those who do. Especially those who hunt delicious pigs like my husband.
    Come to the aid of someone I did not know…yes.
    Macro MAY sound racist (really just against Islamists), micro loves everyone who is nice…yes.

  13. Red neck = hat too small.

  14. Will they let this statue stand?

  15. She could use a little crossfit. Wakey

  16. At the orthopedic surgeon for ethan right now. Please let this nightmare be over, although I’m a tad nervous it won’t be.

  17. Those suspender buckles must be cold…

  18. “It ain’t over till the growth plates are closed”

    -every Orthopedic Surgeon everywhere

  19. I need to cobble together some business-casual attire for my first week of orientation. Looking through, I guess I’m going to have to repeat-wear a couple of slacks.

    Hate having to buy new outfits when the rest of the time I’ll be in scrubs. Bad enough that I bought several interview-wear things then only went on one interview. I’d really like to stop spending money on this job I haven’t even started yet.


  20. I must have missed this tidbit of news (link to Time)

    The oh-so-nifty “IMPEACH” ordinarily would have been covered breathlessly by the MSM but they were probably still having conniptions over Nazis or the Alt-Right around that time. The poor schmuck who resigned is probably pissed it didn’t get more play in the media.

  21. I don’t find her the least bit charming.

  22. Hate having to buy new outfits when the rest of the time I’ll be in scrubs.

    Just follow Mare’s guide for redneck attire.

  23. I’d see what everyone else is wearing on the first day before going on a shopping spree. You may discover half the group wearing scrubs already.

  24. Be a trendsetting, show up in sweats! You have the job already!

  25. actually, be a trendsetter.

  26. Mare, you forgot about your love for doughnuts.

  27. I rate this model a resounding “meh”.

  28. I keep telling her that business-casual is jeans and a golf shirt.

    She doesn’t listen.

  29. That was business casual at Ford, but that’s a car company. Jeans were a Friday only thing at my last office.

    I just wore cargo pants.

  30. Business casual has ruined many a workplace.

  31. This is so cool. Most people go a lifetime without ever seeing a lynx never mind two.

  32. Wow, Jimbro! Must have been mating season and territory was being decided, they completely ignored the car, the door opening and the people in it.

  33. And … he re-tore his acl.

  34. The graft failed? Damn! Is he old enough to do a standard graft now? That’s so disappointing…

  35. we won’t know what happened until the MRI. but the doctor feels from his exam that it’s torn somewhere. I guess there is a small chance it’s something else …

    IT is very disappointing.

  36. Jimbro, I’m gonna need you to come in for a consult.

  37. ugh, that sucks. Rehab maybe?

  38. My fees are exorbitant. And for kid’s knees I do the diagnosing part.

    For actual treatment? I have a guy for that.

  39. Hate having to buy new outfits when the rest of the time I’ll be in scrubs. Bad enough that I bought several interview-wear things then only went on one interview. I’d really like to stop spending money on this job I haven’t even started yet.

    I just bought a couple pairs of slacks and polo shirts for work. I already have two suits, but based on what I’ve seen/heard, and the fact that it’s Santa Barbara, that’s probably too dressed up for every day in the office.

  40. We must ban all the things

  41. Comment by Car in on September 1, 2017 10:31 am
    Jimbro, I’m gonna need you to come in for a consult.

    So I guess we can’t rule out a problem with Ethan’s prostate.

  42. For actual treatment? I have a guy for that.

    Well, La-tee-da.

  43. If he’s not old enough for the standard repair due to open growth plates maybe a custom playing brace will buy him some time before it can be done. If there are still metallic implants in (interference screw, staple, endobutton, etc) they may be best taken out if he uses a playing brace to buy time. The infection is treated but I never turn my back on the possibility of a chronic infection that’s suppressed by an active immune system in the presence of metallic implants because of the glycocalyx.

  44. glycocalyx.

    You made that word up, didn’t you?

    I hope we can get teh MRI done quick so we can see what’s going on.

  45. La-tee-da is right! It’s a different type of ortho than I do. Most of the other ortho guys don’t like my patients because they’re uneasy dealing with parents, kids in wheelchairs or various syndromes they never see not to mention the liability that exists when you treat a baby. You own that case for 3 years after the kid turns 18.

    For me, dealing with high demand athletes who want to get back to playing tomorrow despite an injury that needs weeks to months to heal is analogous to what the general ortho guys feel when they see my type of patients.

  46. glycocalyx sounds better than slime layer


  47. Back me up Laura! She knows about the slime layer…


    -damn, out shopping

  48. Life relies on lots and lots of healthy mucus.

  49. Ethan’s already giving me the lists of what he will and won’t do. @@

    He was DYING to get back to soccer, and this is really bumming him out. Right now he’s saying he’s never going to play again (No, mom, I mean it). But I think it’s just way of dealing with the disappointment at the moment.

  50. Playing braces stabilize the knee but expose the wearer to a higher risk of meniscal injury.

    My friend down in MA has gone with a torn ACL since his early 20’s and skis, bikes, golfs and drinks beer and scotch without difficulty.

  51. anyone saw the photos of Lynn Yeager, the Vogue editor who criticized Melania Trump’s shoes?

    She seems to be going for the Hitler dressed as a transgendered assclown look.

  52. Well, we know nothing until the MRI.

  53. Tushar, that’s standard angry feminist look #3.

  54. Saw it, Tushar. The sadness and self hatred in her appearance are ALMOST sympathy inducing.

  55. Today’s winning:

    Trump is likely to repeal DACA

    Trump cuts pay raises for government workers to the rate of inflation.

  56. It’s a sad day when banana peels and tiki torches are signs of violent racism.

  57. I am back from my India trip, BTW. I had a great time, but it is good to be back.

  58. I’m glad you weren’t killed in a clash with Chinese guerillas, Tushar.

  59. I am disappointed that the Hurricane was given an oppressive whitey male name like Harvey, instead of some, female, black or transgendered name. We need to bring social justice to how we name our natural disasters.

  60. Chinese guerillas


  61. Especially those who hunt delicious pigs like my husband.

    Mare’s husband is a pig?

  62. Mmm…huspig.

  63. Today’s model doesn’t need crossfit, she needs a tattoo removal session.

  64. “Mare’s husband is a pig?”

    not to go all hotsput on you, but she said delicious pig()….

  65. The FIL, with his heart failure, started taking on lots of fluid in his lungs. So, he was put on diuretics for a short time to get it under control. Which made him pee every 5 minutes. At night he had a piss bottle.
    Anyone care to guess what happened next?

  66. nice job pup!

  67. Today’s model needs to be hosed down with Lysol. Who, in their right mind, would stand around barefoot in their underwear, in a laundromat? Have you seen the floors in a laundromat?

  68. “Anyone care to guess what happened next?”


  69. Leon, that was a weird few days. My take is that Xi Jinping needed some external crisis to unite the people behind him for the upcoming ChiCom party conference which is devolving into a power struggle.
    He wanted a crisis but did not want it to get out of hand.
    I won’t be surprised if he communicated with the Indian leadership and they all agreed to a bit of play fighting.

    Notice that not a single shot was fired, and the injuries were mere scrapes and bruises.

  70. Yes, you would be correct. Mr. Wobbly-Old Guy got out of bed too quick – couldn’t feel his right foot – and went down on his ass, taking the piss bottle with him.
    Mr. B. had to help him to the shower, change of jammies, and clean up the piss.

    I woke up during clean-up, cause I heard voices. Thought ‘piss bottle’ and tried to go back to sleep.

    And now, with instructions for him to reduce his sodium, he’s being obstinate. Hello, it will make you more comfortable, may keep you off a regular dose of water pills and PISS OFF THE FLOOR!

  71. The sodium content of one Boston Market frozen dinner is around 1600mg.


    The in-laws love those dinners because ‘they taste so good’ and with their achy joints/bones, an easy meal.

    FiL is supposed to keep his sodium intake to no more than 2000mg/day.

  72. So let me get this straight…Trump is going to end DACA but Ryan is going to try to pass it through the legislature?


    First, it appears that our friend from Wisconsin does not understand that removing the executive order places the issue firmly in the legislature already, and can be used as a compromise for something like, oh, just spitballing here, building a big beautiful wall.

    Second, he is not good at his job.


    With friends like these…

  73. If Ryan creates a compromise bill that is acceptable to a good majority of people, legislators and the Prez, it would be good.
    If he simply passes a bill with nothing but DACA in it, how does he propose to convince Trump to sign it?

  74. I’m supposed to take in like 6000mg/day.

  75. Importantly, at what point can Trump just slap the shit out of that guy?

    Or, you know, could Wisconsin just recall his ass?

  76. Xbradtc is correct, push the power of a comma!!

  77. Or better sentence structure!!

  78. Very rarely do I use the full f word. The other day I did, however, I usually keep it for special occasions like this, fuck Paul Ryan. He’s a spineless worm who likes Obama dick.

  79. And the national chamber of commerce can go fuck themselves. Fuckers.

  80. Post your observations about Car in’s cleaning abilities here:

    I’ll bet the top window is still dirty. And she won’t find that piece of baked potato MJ shot up on top of the one rafter.

  81. I’m watching election reactions on Youtube. This one from Hardball the day after is great.

  82. Heh, my MIL had Mr. B. cleaning their windows earlier today….until he did it right.

  83. The top window will remain dirty until the awning comes down.

    And maybe a little longer.

    /afraid of heights

  84. /drinks J’ames’ beer

  85. Heading back to Ann Arbor. It’s been a fast week.

  86. Heading to worky worky. leaving depressed son alone.

  87. Have you seen the floors in a laundromat?

    Can you guess what she does for a living?

  88. nice job pup!

    Thank you, Jam2.

  89. I am new to this country. Just 18 years. Can someone please explain to me why a banana peel is racist?

  90. It invokes thoughts of monkeys. And even though all people resemble monkeys, it is especially triggering for some people who really can’t tell the difference.

    The existence of other primates is racist. BAN CURIOUS GEORGE!

  91. Actually, in any comparison between progressives and simians, the insult is to the monkey.

  92. It’s cool to be a victim, no matter how stupid it makes you look.

  93. WTF? Some careless dude simply ate a banana and left the peel around. Does the very existence of a banana peel constitute racism now?

    I sometimes wonder if I made a mistake by coming to US. Back in India, there was a legacy of casteism, and all associated ills. We overcame that and made amends. But we never went into crazy direction the way it is happening in US.

  94. Monkeys never asked me to pay for their abortions while pointing a gun at me.

  95. Give it time, Tushar.
    We made amends here, too, after the Civil War. And then the left spent some decades marching through our education system. While the democrats pitched fits and KKK’d and Jim Crow’d until they figured out it was easier to keep the brown people as state-owned pets via generational welfare, which did to the black family what slavery didn’t.

    And the morons who needed a safe space after seeing a banana peel will one day be working in government.

  96. MIL tried to pay me for shaving FIL’s head and eyebrows (trimmed the crazy hairs). Mr. B had to put her in a headlock. That’ll show her.

  97. Pupster, isn’t her day job conducting statistical analysis in support of cancer research? I think I read that somewhere.

  98. “The existence of other primates is racist. BAN CURIOUS GEORGE!”

    if you try to ban bi-curious george tho…….

    big trouble

  99. Pupster, isn’t her day job conducting statistical analysis in support of cancer research?

    I think it is more along the lines of quantative DNA collection and analysis.

  100. I was telling my husband about the banana peel story and I was going on about how crazy it was and how I didn’t get it, and he said, “you mean women are afraid someone is comparing them to monkeys?” And I said, “WHAT?” I’m telling him the story and I had NO IDEA it was a banana/monkey connection. DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT BECAUSE IT’S SO STUPID.

  101. Do bananas even grow in Africa natively?

  102. They come from SE Asia, for fuck’s sake.

  103. anyone saw the photos of Lynn Yeager, the Vogue editor who criticized Melania Trump’s shoes?
    She seems to be going for the Hitler dressed as a transgendered assclown look.

    Helen Thomas’ corpse just got bumped from the #1 spot of women I would rather not get naked with.

    Also, Tush, that’s a damned good descriptor. I give it 6 of these @.

  104. When I was in college, Wichita State was in our conference and they had a pair of outstanding African-American athletes who played basketball for them. Cliff Levingston and Antoine Carr. They both played in the NBA for a while. When Wichita came to our place, someone from the student section through a clump of bananas at Cliff and Antoine during pre-game introductions. To their credit, they laughed their ass off. But the courtside PA announcer didn’t and he spent the next several minutes conducting what we’d today call a diversity and tolerance lecture to the sold out crowd. Once I found out there wouldn’t be a test, I tuned him out. But deep down, I thought it was in exceptionally poor taste.

    Also, they kicked the shit out of us on the scoreboard that night.

  105. Apes and monkeys like bananas. Some call black people apes/monkeys. Therefore, bananas are rayciss.

  106. Trevor Noah called Antifa “vegan ISIS” and now the left is pissed.

  107. Where do we stand on watermelon?

  108. Howdy. I saw someone make a joke about a banana peel in a tree yesterday and decided to look up what they were talking about. I wish I had remained blissfully ignorant.

    The supervolcano can’t explode fast enough, as far as I’m concerned.


  110. Thank you, Sean, I sincerely thought I was the only one who didn’t “get” the banana —-black person connection.

    Total bull shit.

  111. God, Scott how I loved Rosetta’s “racist” links.

  112. i like bananas and watermelon

  113. j’ames is suspiciously quiet

  114. of course you do.

  115. *immediately looks up banana peel in a tree

  116. Bananas are the number one selling item for WalMart, Sam’sClub, and Neighborhood Markets. Americans and Minions love bananas. 🍌

  117. I’m more hoping for a comet impact. I just read a book about how something like that might have ended the last ice age*.

    *technically, the last major glaciation, as we are still in an ice age so long as the poles have ice

  118. Thank you, Sean, I sincerely thought I was the only one who didn’t “get” the banana —-black person connection.

    Total bull shit.

    Oh, I’m aware of the nasty monkey jokes and stereotypes, mare. And I’ve heard about incidents like what YSSP mentioned happening at the basketball game–they still do that shit to black soccer players in Europe, btw.

    I just hadn’t heard about this “incident.” And I couldn’t believe how fucking stupid the whole thing was once I looked it up.

  119. Pretty slow today.
    Door Antifa/the media (BIRM) take a four day weekend? Even Twitchy didn’t have too much crazy today.

    As to the banana=monkey=blacks thing, yeah, that was pretty obvious to me. Plenty of WZ commenters are quite fond of throwing out the “pavement ape” slur any time a post about a black criminal shows up.

  120. I’m dispondant over my search results for “banana in a tree”.
    I thought I was going to get a new drink recepie or a snow cone.

  121. Chumpinator!!!!!

  122. I’m sweating my she-balls (wut?) off and my in-laws are down there wearing sweaters.

  123. Heh.
    Ms Beasn keeps her “reletives” right next to her “lady bawlz”


  124. Hi Jammy Jam.

    I missed you solid upper-middle class Socialists.

    What the cuss goes on around these lady-parts these days?

  125. I meant socialites!


  126. Actually “Upper Middle-Class Socialists” is a play I’m writing with a friend.

    It’s a comedy

  127. Good to see you, Chumpo. They had a meatup at C arin’s place. I thought it was gonna be a scam, but it looked like everyone had a lovely time.

  128. oooooo look!!!!

    your mom!!!!!!!!

  129. Herr Chumpster – we had a meatup in wyoming too -i was the only one that showed up.

    so i headed to denver and crashed the IB meat –

    met some really nice peeps!

  130. mj and j’ames had a bullwhip insertion contest at cArins place

  131. Chappelle on Netflix talks about the guy in Santa Fe that threw a banana/peel at him. In the Q, traditionally Anglo schools throw tortillas on the field/court at traditionally Messican schools.

  132. Teh Squirrel may have been abducted by aliens – he hasn’t surfaced in a while

  133. I missed meeting Jam in Denver. IB people are smart and funny. I bet they’ve never licked a window or tasted paste

  134. MJ won by a mile, I’m sure.

  135. Nobody really “wins,” per se.


  136. Well, drat.

    I like hangin’ w you all. we should go to Ames and drink J’ames’ beer.

    Is Ames in America? It sounds made up.

    Hey, Hump! JamDos want’s to know How many squirrles are you smuggling in your new business slacks.

    He says he holds the record.

  137. -Nobody really “wins,” per se.

    You made me barf.

  138. J’ames has spicy peppers and makes pizza.

  139. so i headed to denver and crashed the IB meat

    Wasn’t really intended to be an IB meatup – it was more of a salvage operation for the H2 meatup.

    But it was great that we could get together.

  140. Trevor Noah called Antifa “vegan ISIS” and it was legit the only funny thing he’s ever said.

  141. Beverly Hills Antifa is one of my favorite parody sites

  142. What about a banana in the tailpipe?

    Racist or Eddie Murphy joke?

  143. Rayciss. Eddie Murphy was pre-TFG

  144. Is the tailpipe on a car that belongs to a black guy?

  145. Oso,
    For a great parody twit acct, check out Sean Spicier.
    He trolls like nobody’s business.

  146. I accidentally bought Brat Buns for our chili dogs last night. Dan asked me to buy Vendor Joe buns, not Ernie. I forgot Joe stocked 2 different brands. Blah blah brats, peppers, and onions tonight. Condo smells yummo

  147. Chi, love him! I miss Godfrey!

  148. Brat buns?

    Your mom is here?

  149. Heh

  150. Thanks Jimbro. Friend is still trying to get Dan in before Nov. Peace of mind, Dr said usually benign. I have no patience.

  151. Fuck ’em both, Crispy.

  152. Brats don’t require buns.
    Just pierogies, sauerkraut and a dollop of sour cream.
    Been a favorite bachelor meal of mine for decades.

  153. Narcos Season 3 on Netflix. I haz to pay attention. Too much hablo

  154. You can trust Dr Google.

  155. Dan consulted Dr Google three weeks ago. Finally tells me about his symptoms yesterday. Thinks I go Gloom & Doom too fast

  156. -Nobody really “wins,” per se.

    I lost because they left “those” bull Whips here.

    The children are traumatized.

  157. Notaboyfriend, however, was strangely intrigued…

  158. I hope you burned the muddler and the ice cream scoop.

  159. There’s an ice cream scoop? Who did C arin bogart that from?

  160. Leon.

    He was done with it.

  161. I…I don’t want to know.

  162. Jet lag sucks. Over.

  163. Well, at least it’s over.

  164. I thought I was derp but I soon found out
    I didn’t know what life was all about
    But then I learnt I must confess
    That life is like a game of chess

  165. Morning

  166. Surprise Dan with this nifty gift Oso


  168. Aaaaaaawkward.

  169. Morning Mare. Which corgi are you?

  170. Time to go feed horses and cut/uproot/de-trellis plants.

  171. That corgi is precious, so I’m not that one.

  172. I read that Tyler Perry is catching flack from the black community because he has pledged $250k of the $1M he’s donating to Osteen. That’s home immensely.

  173. Pups which one are you?

  174. Huh?
    *trusts him immensely*

    (Freshens up coffee cup)

  175. I see Comey is another worthless “public servant.”

  176. Just turned the heat on.

  177. Ethan’s in a better mood this morning. He’s actually talking about soccer.

  178. >>Just turned the heat on.

    IKR? Sept has just begun. Looks like heating bill will be high this year. I blame global warming.

  179. It will be 80+ again in a couple days. I just want some more tomatoes to ripen! Stupidly gave away most of the early ones.

    Plus Mom was watering my pots while we were traveling, and while here she took all the tomatoes that were even blushing. I’ve been waiting days for the next batch of full reds. Next time I’ll ask somebody else, sheesh.

    Been meaning to ask her if she was also the creature that topped all my daikon radishes in the big pot next to the tomatoes (anything that looks like a cooking green, she’ll take). But it seems ungrateful so I’m lumping it. Doesn’t matter anyway, just hoping they recover.

    We’re going for a good rigorous hike today. Been too long. I need to get up high and look around once in a while.

  180. Lots of my tomatoes rotted on the vines for lack of airflow, I think. I still have scorpion peppers and cabbage and a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers coming, but the garden is about done.

  181. Still have a few weeks to slowly ripen Summer veg here, usually into October. I had time and planned lots of Fall/ Winter harvest stuff, too. We shall see how it goes.

    Need to go get some rye seed today for closing out the empty beds for the season.

  182. It was pretty chilly last night. I wore long pants and a sweatshirt for the first time in a while. The upstairs of my house holds heat pretty well after I got my contractor to add more insulation up there.

  183. just paid off my excavator!!!
    boys wit toys

  184. Driving between here and the dump, about 5 miles, I saw so many old apple trees just dropping their fruit on the ground. A properly motivated person could go wild making cider around here.

  185. I have seeds for fall vegetables, but if I didn’t have time all summer I don’t know why that would change now.

  186. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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