Hello scofflaws, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.


Your model today is an internet famous T-shirt peddler, and artist. Born in Florida on November 2nd, 1985, she stands 5’1″ and 114 lbs, 34DD-24-34. Please stop blowing squirrels and welcome, Ashley Pridgen aka Phoenix Beauty.


  1. She seems artistic.

  2. Great googly moogly!

    Born in 85…ancient by BBF standards.

  3. Meh. I’d hit it.

    I’m on the fence about the Syria thing.

    Half of me doesn’t give a derp if they kill each other. How they do it is purely incidental.

    The other half of me thinks it’s important to show everyone else that America isn’t limp.


  4. Nice job, Pupster. I want the “but it’s still on the list” shirt.

  5. Syria is a trap.

  6. She’s a little too Suicide Girl for my tastes, but she is tiny and attractive.

  7. I guess chemical weapons (if true) are Trump’s red line. At least he has one.

  8. Plus it take some of the air out of the Gorsuch gets in via the nuclear option news cycle.

  9. I just don’t buy the chemical weapons thing as a deliberate act by Assad. My gut says it was staged. He has too much to lose and nothing to gain there.


    “Hey guys, if she skips town, we won’t need to issue that municipal bond.”

  11. It Lilly Tomlin had of had some tits sh could’ve been this mess’ mother.

  12. For 35,000,000 they should issue a designer ankle bracelet for monitoring

    They need to move her kids to an undisclosed location or they’re long gone

  13. wakey wkaey

  14. I heard talk that they bombed a building they were using to build chem weapons.

    I dunno.

    I honestly don’t know who to believe – although the people claiming one way or another I don’t trust.

  15. Right, that’s the thing that gets me. Yeah, Assad has the ability to make and use them, and they work, but he doesn’t strike me as stupid enough to give that much ammo to his international adversaries. The rebels and ISIS gain big if they make it look like that’s what happened, and we already know ISIS doesn’t care about collateral damage.

    And I just. Don’t. Care. I want to buy oil from whoever wins. That’s it. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

  16. Carin, if you want to talk about something else, I can email you Jewstin’s address so you can send Patty Ann’s Muddler to himfor the next party, per Hostage tradition. A tradition which has fallen off, of late…inexplicably…

    You can try, but honestly you guys all know how I suck at mailing stuff. Hotspur should just drive up here and get it.

  17. I mean, it’s not as if I’m using it properly.

    *muddles coffee

  18. Are those mint leaves in your teeth?

  19. *peeks in*
    *decides it seems normal…ish*

    Howdy 🙂

  20. YEA!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hi Aggie!!

  22. We’ll forego the bullwhips, just for you.

  23. Thank you, most appreciated!!!

    Besides, whips are for After Dark.

  24. My seedings have survived the cold snap! Some, anyhow. It looks like a couple of seeds had false starts, went leggy, and got dried out before I got to them.

  25. Anybody want to buy a gently-used and very well-maintained 2012 camry?

  26. Nice to see you’re still kickin Aggie. Hope you and family are doing well.

  27. TROY!!!
    Yes, they are doing well, finding their way in the world 🙂

  28. Excellent. your man get called to the ivory tower in DC EH? Was it time for his “corporate tour” career progression wise?

  29. No, he was tired of cleaning up the messes for the chief of dept here, so he took the position at the JPC for two years, possibly three. He’s the only active duty guy in the whole center 🙂

  30. Hey Aggie – good to see ya here!

  31. nice boobs Pup

  32. the last one piques my inner artist

  33. Mornin’ all.

    I figure Syria is one of three scenarios. A – Assad figured the Rooskies had his back, and he could let his freak flag fly. B – a storage depot for nasty stuff got hit and the badness leaked out. C – the chem thing was faked Pallywood style to provoke an intervention.

    I give about even odds to each of those possibilities.

  34. Aggie!!!!!!

    I was thinking of you the other day, and for the life of me I could not remember your name. Mare said I probably had a stroke.

    Laura remembered, and now here you are.

    Welcome back.

  35. The stroke thing is still a possibility.

  36. We’re always on the lookout for a car for my daughter Leon. I don’t know if Pat is looking right now but forward me the details and I’ll float it with him.

  37. So Hillary clinton is the 6th most beautiful woman in the world. Is buzzfeed just trolling us? Have they been hacked?

  38. That list is a lib fest, Carin. Also, written while on LSD.

  39. And howdy, Hotspur!!

  40. I wanna ask the men who helped with that list if ANY of them would sleep with her.

  41. Who’s Pat? Do you mean Pay?

  42. A Russian warship is now moving into the Med heading towards the two Navy destroyers that launched the Tomahawks.

    We live in interesting times.

  43. I miss the Cold War.

    Gmailed you, Carin. I can send the VIN if you want to carfax it.

  44. I got it. Not sure if he wants to spend that much on Hannah, but I’ll let him know.

  45. No worries, I’m just nervous about Craigslisting it and wanted to offer to F&F first.

  46. I got it. Not sure if he wants to spend that much on Hannah, but I’ll let him know.

    “Dear, I’m afraid your mother and I have never had high hopes about your earnings potential, and so spending any more would really be a wasted investment. In fact, you should probably start practicing your dumpster diving, since it’s really not financially smart to keep feeding you so much…”

  47. CoAlex – she’s already totaled one car.

  48. I see the Quakers have attacked innocent pedestrians again.

  49. hahaha, facedouche idiots saying Clinton would have reacted the same way, but Trump blah blah blah didn’t do it right.

  50. Let’s all give a warm welcome to Justice Gorsuch.

    He was confirmed by Senate few minutes back.
    He will be sworn in on Monday.

    The Supreme Court will hopefully be conservative for forseeable future

  51. If Ginsburg drops dead on Monday I’m going to laugh and laugh as the left loses it’s collective shit.

  52. Alex,
    I am rooting for Justice Breyer to go on his next adventure as well.
    Imagine that in addition to Gorsuch, Trump gets to nominate the replacements for Kennedy, Ginsberg AND Breyer.
    Along with Sotomayor and Kagan, John Roberts will become a minority as a liberal Justice.

  53. They should have saved their filibuster.

  54. Someone should stand outside the USSC with a sign that reads, “Go toward the light, Ruth!”

  55. And thats the problem right there CoAlex….gotta wait for someone to drop fucking dead……there has to be a limit on this shit….mandatory retirement at 75, or better yet a term limit.

    Our government is literally run by dynasty’s because we lack term limits.

  56. I want Ginsberg, a personal friend of Scalia, to live a long, long, happy life.

    In retirement.

  57. Russian frigate headed to the med. Almost 3 times the tonnage of the USS Porter.

  58. so, is it Cruiser > Frigate > Destroyer?

  59. Ship classes are somewhat fluid. A destroyer from one generation can be smaller than a frigate from another generation.

  60. If it’s 3x the tonnage of a Burke, it’s a large cruiser.

  61. Just checked, it’s 1/3 the displacement of one of our two Burkes.

  62. waitaminite, the Burke (USS Porter) is bigger than that Admiral Grigorovich.

  63. wth was I reading?

  64. ENGLISH. Do you speak it muthafocker?

  65. yeah, it’s math I appear to have a problem with.

  66. Ruth Darth Vedar Ginsberg did not want a blackety black president nominating her replacement. She held out, because of course Hillary was going to be the next president.
    How historic for the first woman president to have replaced the first jewish woman justice with the first transgendered, black, muslim, disabled pyrsyn!

    Because if there is anything that liberals love above all else, it is the opportunity to yell FIRST!

    Suck it, Ginsy.

  67. For MJ ONLY!

    No one else look. BTW NSFW

  68. hahahaha, the beginning of Brockmire is hilarious!

  69. OMG that’s great.

  70. Did Wiser survive the interview with Nader?

  71. In Ford Pintos Interviewing Socialist Rabble Rousers.

  72. Amanda Peet looks damn good.

  73. So… Brockmire is #Nihilistsportsbroadcasting.

  74. First thing I thought of when I heard the name Brockmire: spinoff of Longmire.

    Couldn’t be further from the truth.

  75. Drove 7 hours 2 ways for a 3 hour meeting.

    MO and KS are very flat.

  76. Mare?

  77. Pretty sure she’s a Marvel character, SJW-tier.

  78. Is she SJW? I thought she was just supposed to be a sillier character.

  79. >>>>I wanna ask the men who helped with that list if ANY of them would sleep with her.

    I would ask if any of them would sleep with anyone on that list, IYKWIS….

  80. >>>Did Wiser survive the interview with Nader?

    I think I gave him enough rope to expose himself as a crackpot

  81. Is the show archived?

  82. Squirrel Girl has a lot SJW writing, from what I hear. Ditto for the 8yo black girl who is now Iron Man.

  83. I checked out a potential job today, an antique sterling silver candelabra going to England.

    It sold for $16,000.

  84. Do you have a fixed fee, percentage or a hybrid (aka: screw the rich liberal idiots but spare normal people)

  85. The lumber for the bridge to the peninsula came today. Whoever packed it gave me 16′ boards instead of 8′ boards, so I have twice the decking that I needed. Woo!

  86. >>>Is the show archived?

    Not yet. Next Tuesday.

  87. Nothing fixed. I am usually competing with others.

  88. Greetings, reprobates and delinquents.

  89. Good, I’ll listen to it Tuesday. I want to hear the scummy old communist’s bluster.

  90. I’ve been watching a lot of Ben Shapiro on YouTube the past few days. I wasn’t familiar with him before.

    He’s a smart guy.

  91. He published his first book when he was 20.

  92. ❤️ Brockmire.

  93. what a week at work – hooo-doggies i’m actually glad it’s the weekend.

    pizza tonight and catch up on this quasi-criminal chatroom

  94. I had a real-life shopping list that sounded like a Hostage one. Earbuds, printer paper, flaked coconut, lettuce, long tapered candles, glucosamine, markers, green tea…

    Dang it, forgot the duct tape.

  95. my daughters travel team has their first tournament (bball) this weekend for the spring season.

    hopefully they don’t get crushed. some new talent this year: the coaches cut some of the dead wood this year; made for tears and hysterical parents, but was definitely good for the team

  96. “Greetings, reprobates and delinquents.”


    seans talking about himself again!

  97. Dan bought a ham for last night. Made gumbo instead. Didn’t want leftover ham today. Tomorrow night’s menu: Ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and yeasty rolls. Sunday: 15 bean soup, ham, and cornbread. I don’t know his Easter menu.

  98. reading this site:

  99. “>>>Is the show archived?

    Not yet. Next Tuesday.”

    that’s good news – i wanted to listen to you and mr nader-head

    hectic work load made it a no-go

  100. Oso, sorry I couldn’t get a better pic of the hopper murder.

    It was a close run thing. The hopper escaped four or five times before I got a chance to snap that pic.

  101. Why not 16 beans?

  102. Jam, I’ve been binge watching everything on YouTube about mushroom farming.

  103. I don’t even know if there is a 16 bean mix!!!! XB, we don’t have Hoppers or Widders yet! I could see the Hopper, but the berd looked small.

  104. so – can one of the more enlightened peeps here tell me why there’s firearm pics on bbf when i access it from teh phone; but none when accessed from my ‘puter?

  105. leon – i’m 80% in – i just need a free day or so to screw around with prepping the logs

  106. I don’t see firearm pics when I look at it either way, jamjam.

  107. Oso no haz firearm pic

  108. this –

    versus this:

  109. sean, oso

    it’s weird – half of the bbf pics have been replaced with firearm meme photos

  110. You were obviously hacked by the Russians. Demand a recount.

  111. Good to see you cretins are not behaving. That’s good.

    Going to drink a bit then go to bed.

    Will be in London for the next two days,.

  112. Stay safe, Phat. In a pub. Off the streets.

  113. If I wanted VD, I would go to England.

  114. There is no other reason to go there.

  115. The firearm pictures are COMING FROM INSIDE JAM2s PHONE

  116. Penis pump
    Wire nuts
    Pringles can
    Rod Stewart mix tape
    Barbed wire
    Tire iron
    Super glue pen
    Crushed velvet smoking jacket
    Hippy stank in a can
    Etch a Sketch
    3 inch angled paint brush
    Aunt Edna
    Tuesday thong
    63 Crayola crayons
    Amniotic fluid
    Izod polo shirt
    Denture cream

  117. Stay off of Westminster Bridge.

  118. Jam, clear your cache, see if that helps. (Is it prugged in?)

  119. Mr. RFH helped coach the Science Olympiad kids building towers. They won 1st place at state. He was pleased to find a thank-you email in the inbox from one of the kids.

  120. Our hotel is next to Hyde Park. The Cumberland.

    This trip is a bit unusual because I have an extra day off in London.

    Going to the Churchill War Room in between my drinking,

    Should be fun.

  121. Safe travels, Phat.

  122. What’s the current status on mini-me’s college search?

  123. Well, Mini-me figured the Air Force is checking the box with having a lesbian in charge of the Academy, so she’s disillusioned with that. The state Science Olympiad was at Auburn, and she didn’t care for it. Too big, too much emphasis on football, and the equestrian club uses huge spurs and no helmets.

  124. The Alabama House released their impeachment report on Governor Bentley. Power must be an aphrodisiac because he’s as sexy as Warren Christopher.

  125. Michelle Johnson is not a lesbian.

    She’s really cool.

  126. Auburn is famously beholden to Big Spur.

  127. *quietly closes tab with Warren Christopher naked pictures*

  128. Michelle was a couple of years ahead of me at the Academy.

    She’s a cool chick and an awesome pilot.

  129. Ah. Commandant, not superintendent.

  130. ” He was pleased to find a thank-you email in the inbox from one of the kids.”


    Was it from a cute girl with daddy issues?

  131. That is, Michelle is superintendent, Kristin Goodwin (who has a wife and two kids) will be commandant if approved.

  132. Mini-me still wants to be a pilot but is considering ROTC.

  133. Crap. Roamie you posted something sourced from Mickey Weinstein?

    He is a dick and an embarrassment. He has spent his post-acadmey carreer being an asshole.

    He’s the dick hat sues us for having a Chapel.

  134. Hahaha my cousin, Aubrey, had an equestrienne scholarship to Auburn. Can’t remember if she’s training for Olympics or headed to a STEM Masters like her sis

  135. Didn’t know that, Phat. I actually saw it somewhere else, and that was the first article that came up in the search.

  136. I despise Mickey. Albuquerque’s own cunt of a lawyered up douchebag. I H8 his fucking douchebag pussy kids, too.

  137. The sad thing is, she might be completely qualified and do a really good job, but there’s so much of what I call the Janet Reno Syndrome. Clinton was going to check that box no matter what – you can’t tell me Zoë Baird, Kimba Wood, and Reno were 1, 2, 3 in on the list of most qualified attorneys. I can just imagine the yelling across the White House, “Find one who doesn’t have kids!”

  138. Kimba Wood was so amazing that nobody ever heard of her again.

  139. Didn’t she go on to star in Lion King?

  140. tom:

  141. Sounds like a porn name. Good for a Clinton nomination 😉

  142. I bow

  143. Well I’ll be! She was a Playboy bunny!

  144. Poor Bob Greenwald.

  145. Danny eventually robbed Patrick.

  146. The other branches flyrics too, Roamy. Has she considered the Navy or Army? My cousin is an Army chopper pilot.

  147. Fly, you dumb phone. WTF are flyrics?

  148. Flyrics is short for “you pull rickshaw wrong-time”

  149. Don’t forget the Marine Corp

  150. Or Coast Guard

  151. I’ve heard CG is the hardest to get into, maybe that would intrigue her.

  152. The foul weather rescue flying takes some balls imo (not comparing it with anything else btw – just a stand alone opine)

  153. I’m ready to order some spawn – I’m thinking shiitake and morels

  154. Wakey wakey.

  155. I have a bag of old morel spawn I’ll be spreading in May. My chicken of the woods plugs never sprouted, probably should have girdled the stumps. When they do eventually fruit, they’ll go for years, but that could take years to start if it ever does. I’m probably getting some oyster spawn soon as well. I think some of my birch trees already have chaga. Have to make sure.

  156. Michigan apparently has a license required for selling foraged mushrooms, so that will have been addressed after I get my LLC set up.

  157. Shroom Blog

  158. Ok, downloaded a spin app (biking you know) and it’s AWESOME. I’m really enjoying it. Hard workouts.

  159. can we help name your company?

  160. Lichenous Leon’s Mostly Mushroom & Tranny Emporium, LLC

  161. don’t google this:
    lichen sclerosis vaginitis

  162. evidently lichen sclerosis can occur on

  163. foreskin

  164. 2

  165. Foreskin Solutions


  167. Who is Bob Greenwald and why should I feel sorry for him?

  168. The company name is going to be something fairly innocuous. It’s almost certainly never going to get me rich unless I use it as a front for real estate investing.

  169. The first house fly of the season is now buzzing the windows trying to get out of the house. I’ll let it wear itself out before I begin the hunt.


  171. I’ve used the bug a salt gun 3 times, 2 spiders and one fly. We get wasps out back every year, I don’t know if it will kill them but it will hopefully knock them down.

    A lot more fun than a flyswatter.

  172. You should see if there are any tax loopholes.

    In New Jersey you get huge tax breaks if you are a farmer.

    Jon Bon Jovi’s place is a “farm” because he keeps bees.

  173. That’s in the plan, Scott, along with making all my yard tools into depreciating business assets.



  176. Afternoon.

  177. Today I died in a horrible forklift incident.

  178. I was carrying a very large tank with a lift and hit a hollow spot on the ground. The tank swung away from the tractor. For a few moments I was balanced on one front wheel.

  179. TIL my dad worked at the Masters for two years doing crowd control. He was a student at Augusta College back then.

    Glad you are okay, Jewstin.

  180. I noticed.

    This thread smells like hot garbage. Stinky and hot. Hot stinky garbage boobs.

  181. Jewstin, true story: The summer after I graduated from HS I worked in a beef packing plant. My shift was from 4pm to 12:15am but quite frequently if the boxed beef loadout guys had more trucks than they could handle, their foreman would holler at me and I could work a double and get some OT. Being 18 and healthy and energetic and broke, I took as much of this as I could get. One night, this Mexican forklift driver named Stella (it was a dude) was loading a pallet of trimmings into a reefer trailer that was sitting on it’s jacks while the tractor was being serviced. One of the jacks failed while he was in it and it went over on it’s side. We hear some blood curdling screaming and run to look and all we can see is stars in the bay where his trailer was. Had to get a big assed tow truck to turn the trailer right side up so we could get him out. He was unscathed but still skeered as fuck when we got him out a couple of hours later.

  182. Good looks, Pups!!

  183. Oh, suck it phone fingers! Good links today, Pups. Love the Syria deal.

  184. CNN gets punked

    They can’t hide the failure of Obama.

  185. Don’t they usually “lose” their satellite feed when stuff like that happens?

  186. She looked like she was in pain.

  187. With regard to Hillary’s speech condemning the travel ban, Trump ought to say “Look, Hillary Clinton is a citizen and as such has a right to express her opinion. That’s what we value in this country”

    Emphasis on “citizen”

  188. I see what car in means by dog head on foot paralyzing you.

  189. IKR, J’ames? How can you reject that overt display of affection?

  190. New poat or something. Whatever, I don’t even care.

  191. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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