Something fresh!

Well, that last poat was getting all stinky and old, so why don’t we do a nice Gardening Poat?



Well, I hope you’re all having a pleasant weekend full of natural delights, but Don’t Blink, or you might miss something.
Beckford's Tower Bath, cemetery, angel


  1. The corpse flower is the world’s largest. Literally smells like rotting flesh so it can attract flies. It was on one of my nature shows.

    I bet you could use it as a precursor for meth.

  2. Sean!

    I heard this old song, and thought of you.

    Hope you don’t take it the wrong way.

    *hums refrain while sharpening harpoon*

  3. Laura needs that garden gnome.

  4. That’s a lovely song. And I didn’t take it the wrong way…until you mentioned the possibility of taking it the wrong way.

    *peeks through blinds every five seconds*

  5. Noooo, Alex, my garden is a place of peace and love.


    That’s what all the dead bunnies and woodchucks tell me, anyway. In my nightmares.


  6. Shit, Sean, Aggie is literally terrified of Weeping Angels. She’ll never come back now.

  7. My thoughts exactly, XB!!! *Throws a box of wine towards Aggie*

  8. Glad you’re ok, Jew. Fork lifts need to be respected.

  9. Crusoe and Oakley playing chess at the HQ. ❤️🐾❤️🐾

  10. Look, I’m not real thrilled about chicks with dicks, but I manage to soldier through most Mondays. Aggie is a big girl, and she can cope.

  11. I used to drive a forklift that had no cage.

    Not even a hard hat.

  12. “Not even a hard hat.”

    must not have been a fun ride

  13. It was old, probably from the 60’s. I liked it better than the new ones.

  14. Scott, we had those at Target. No Spotters. Just lifts. I’m on the Safety Team. Every time there is a lift incident, we get video. Sometimes gruesome video.

  15. It was lighter, and the only one we would risk driving through the wooden part of the warehouse.

  16. “Wooden part of the warehouse”? 😳

  17. When I worked a couple of summers at the envelope factory I drove a forklift with about 5 minutes instruction. No cage or hard hat either. I only backed into a pole once while driving it backwards. After picking myself up off the ground and realizing no one saw it happen I carried on with my day like it never even happened.

  18. The dock was concrete, the rest of the place was wood.

    Holes were fixes with steel plates.

  19. Oh, you and your fancy 5 minutes of instruction!

    I got tossed the keys and told to get to work.

  20. If he had only told me to not hit support beams I would’ve been golden

  21. Wow! Certification now involves CBLs, time on the lift off stage with supervision by certification lead, and a performance test. Even Spotters like me need certification.

  22. Certificates?

    Our challenge was operating the forklift without spilling beer on fridays.

  23. Oso, this was in the Army, where, theoretically, being licensed to drive any piece of equipment involves classroom instruction, practical drive test, and certification.

    I walked into that unit and found my DL had everything on it from pallet jack to 18-wheeler, and I was expected to (and did!) operate them all.

  24. You can’t be on a lift without your signed certification badge. Left it at home? No driving for you. A few years ago, a Sam’s associate somewhere in America, left their keys in a lift. Member jumped on the lift and started driving. Hit another Member. 💰💰💰 All certified drivers had to sign off on a form to never leave keys in lift. Grounds for termination.

  25. No class, no certificate, no ribbons, no spotter.

    That’s how I roll.

  26. OSHA frowning on Scott.

  27. If they showed up the company would be closed. We all knew it.

  28. That job was the best thing that ever happened to me.

  29. This is one I drive.

  30. That is huge.

  31. My training was “Get a machine and load that customer. I don’t have time! GET A MACHINE!!!”

  32. Nice ride, Jew!!! (I would be freaking out. There’s a reason I’m on every safety committee at every job I’ve ever worked. I’m cautious. Totes not anal retentive.)

  33. My new boss to me: “You’re doing the computer thing again.”
    OSO: What computer thing?
    Boss: You start spewing facts and observations, because you’re the only person in The Club that reads the emails and the Focus.
    Oso: We’re supposed to be current.
    Boss: You’re the only person that takes that shit seriously. FIN

  34. This was my regular ride, though I operated everything from 2k electrics to the 50k container lifter.

  35. I’m a risk taker. I will do just about anything. Picking people up in the lifts scares me. I have the baskets.

  36. Front loaders are fun. I like driving the loaders.


  38. OMG Y’all. My mom has decided to text me daily, since I don’t talk on the phone.

  39. Someone should introduce this Justin fellow to jewstin. I think they’d get along.

  40. Army, I had a license to drive anything without tracks.
    That was stupid. I could drive deuce &1/2, 5 tons, an ambulance, it was bullshit…

  41. My day of rage: We were loading a pavilion. I was having a hard time pushing the pavilion. Me: Hey, there’s a lot of weight involved. Dan: And there’s a pavilion!

  42. 279 # of team lift.

  43. Co-workers were unsure about laughing at Dan’s weight joke.

  44. I was nearly horizontal to the flatbed before I could get it to move. Everyone makes size jokes about me. I’m not small. Chunky.

  45. I work with Giants. They call me “Milk” and treat me like a princess. They make fun of Dan for spoiling me, they call me “Mi lady” and spoil me worse than Dan. Alex is 6’9″. Neil is 6’2. As huge as I am, I am “Sized privileged”

  46. Oso, you’re a delicate fucking flower, and fuck anyone who doesn’t fucking understand that. You’ll kick their ass.

  47. Forklift blog > Foreskin blog

  48. Dimly, Edwin remembered Paraguay.

  49. Morning.

  50. Wakey wakey.

    Pay bought me some AWESOME Tool tickets last night. It is going to be epic.

  51. I’m going to make garbage can gumbo today.

  52. I will give you a bowl of gumbo for a ticket, Carin.

  53. scrambles eggs with mushrooms and shallots this morning

  54. Eggs, bacon. Toast. The whole nine yards.

    now? Gardening.

  55. I bet my Randy Rogers tickets cost less than your Tool tickets.

  56. I want to be outside pulling the weeds out of the garden, but I’m alone with Possum again.

  57. I bet my Randy Rogers tickets cost less than your Tool tickets

    Most likely. But given that this is basically the dream concert for me, I don’t care.

  58. A hostage song?

  59. I really didn’t get much done, but my hands are all scratch up and irritated..

  60. Good evening from London! Landed, slept for 2 hours and then went out for a walk. A Beautiful day here. Also stopped for beers. Walking makes me thirsty.

  61. Was watching a medieval weapons show on BBC today and realized the best collection of medieval weapons and armor are a 10 min walk from my hotel!

  62. CoAlex I know you’re insanely jealous. To take your jealousy up a notch, they have a medieval meturallugy exhibit in the basement!

  63. Going there in the am.

  64. Phat, I would love to go to England and train with a couple of guys out there. Also, we’re hanging out on the other thread.

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