Hello organ grinders and mud slingers, welcome to Big Boob Friday



You model for today got her start when she was a student at Arizona, with a youtube channel of her hiding different things in her bra.  That action progressed to naked tumblr, naturally.  Born in California on January 30th, 1989.  Standing 5′ 3″ with a set of 34H’s, please put it back and welcome, Miss Winter Pierzina!









  1. Bewbs!

  2. Butterface

  3. Hmm, she is a talented actress…

  4. She reminds me of the lady at church who keeps her phone in her bra. Instead of a butt dial, you get a bewb dial.

  5. I see that with some of my patient’s moms. Phone tucked away in the boobage area. It’s like a car wreck that you can’t look away from.

  6. Wakey wakey.

    I LOVE Whiplash, J’ames. Did you watch it. Great music.

  7. Those dead eyes would probably light up if she ever bothered to smile.

  8. Jimbro – I need your help. My daughter ( I don’t know if she’s doing this to piss me off) just said she’s changing her major to nutrition. WTF?

    She’s freaking out – this is what she just texted me “I have to take certain classes for the MCAT by junior year and that’s going to be a lot harder to do if I’m a bio major”.

    She says her major doesn’t matter.

  9. “I talked to a pre-Med advisor and his exat words to me were “your major doesn’t matter”. MEd school doesn’t care about your GPA, they care about your score on Mcat and extra curricular all of which would improve if I switched to nutrition. “

  10. Ok, I think she’s talked me down. *breath *breath *breath

  11. If she wants to be a doctor, she’d damn well better major in bio. All the pre-med kids I knew were in my organic chemistry classes.

  12. I’m pretty sure that’s included. I read this on the internets so it must be true:

    my requirements for my degree had 2 semesters of bio, 2 semesters of gen chem, 2 semesters of ochem, 2 semesters of physics, calculus, biochemistry, quantitative analysis, statistics, and about 10 nutrition courses where biochemistry was a prerequisite. i

  13. Just checked the book – yep. Organic chemistry is a requirement.

  14. I already told her that just about everything they teach her will most likely be wrong. That was my first comment. NUTRITION? They ‘ve been wrong about everything for the last 50 years.

    But I actually do put a lot of stock in the organic things we do for ourselves to keep us healthy. Eating and lifting shit and moving around.

    so. Conflicted.

  15. Mainstream nutrition is strongly, strongly influenced by the grain consortium, but you knew that. She’ll learn all the “facts” that lead to the epidemic obesity, market distortions, and graft of the last 50 years. Huge waste of time.

  16. You should introduce her to Sean from work.

  17. BS in nutrition is heavy in organic chemistry. She’ll need 76 credits in science course with 35 being nutrition/food science.

  18. MJ, I’m going to give Sean your wife’s phone number, K?

  19. Don’t be silly. You don’t have her number.

  20. That’s the only thing saving you, dude.

  21. I don’t get that facial expression. Is that supposed to be hot? Because it’s not. Or I’m old. Very possibly both.

  22. She looks dull, Cavil.

  23. Vapid.

  24. I like vapid.

  25. Would someone explain how piercing random parts of your face is beauty enhancing? Had a waitress with a nose ring and it was almost vomit inducing. How does this nonsense get mainstream? I picture them saying to themselves, “How can I make my mediocre looks less attractive?” Or, “I’ll show daddy who’s in charge!”

  26. Self-loathing I guess. Never made any sense to me how style dictated getting smacked in the face by a stapler repeatedly.

  27. It’s just like their stupid fucking music that has been going on for over a generation – let’s see how outrageous I can be so someone will notice me, and realize that I am in their face.

    Music, tattoos, piercings, clothes, hair color, zombies, vampires — it’s all bullshit.

  28. I would need a lot more hiney to compensate for the amount of vapid I detect.

  29. That face, I want to ask, “If you hate this so much, why are you doing it, apparently of your own free will, dumbass?”

    Actually looks nice in the first picture.

  30. Carin, I had a med school class that was mostly bio majors. There were a good chunk of people coming in with non traditional majors like nurses, chemists, engineers, a PhD in nutrition (!) and DJ’s. I may have made the last one up. Taking the pre-reqs, acing MCAT, life experience in a medical related field and being interesting is the way in. Claiming minority status above and beyond being female is a wonderful thing.

  31. “Here at the H2 we like our big boobed women happy and appearing as though they would ENJOY a good frolick with the H2 men or women.” *cough*

  32. Thanks Jimbro. She wants to do related work asap – in a clinic or something. She’s become rather driven.

  33. And apparently she’s been out on a few dates with a psych major who’s also pre-med. He’s a senior. @@

  34. Whoa.

  35. I’d be less worried about him being a senior and more worried about him being a psyche major.

  36. I will not correct that typo because it kind of makes sense.

  37. Psychology is at least as scientific as astrology and divination.

  38. Scott is probably working. I wonder if he still thinks Cheeto is going to win.

  39. It’s good that she gets it out of her system now.

    Actually, knew I’d say something when she told me he was a psych major.

  40. Yes, MJ.

  41. Yep, if nothing stupid happens.

  42. Its too late. Anything will be seen as desperation right now. It’s part of the reason they cancelled the fake 13 year old rape press conference.

    I think Pickle is going to have o ride out the storm. And by ride I mean shout insanely into a device that is used to amplify your voice.

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out how she still can’t seem to understand that shouting into a microphone is a bad idea.

  43. I think the FBI is going to do whatever it takes to keep her out,

  44. Supposedly RCP has trump at 240 right now, but Florida is blue. If Florida goes to Trump and the model holds… 269 and the fun begins.

  45. I can’t figure out how she still can’t seem to understand that shouting into a microphone is a bad idea.

    Partial deafness from painkillers.

  46. I has a feeling the Pennsylvania white whale is coming in this time.

    Their fraud squads will not save them this time.

  47. Podesta is straight up nuts.

  48. Really? Spirit cooking? These scum will do anything. Believe it all.

  49. Meh, from the way the email reads it’s just some weird artist inviting him to a dinner party.

  50. Honestly, if they had altars to Baal and Moloch where they made sacrifices on a regular basis it wouldn’t shock me. Just more sins on the pile.

  51. Plans this weekend.

    Download data from the Census website
    Run regression
    Write paper for my econometrics class
    Write paper for my finance class
    Write note sheet for my finance final on Tuesday.
    Try not to drink myself into a stupor after reading the constant news about the election.

  52. Cheeto will need to make up 200,000 votes.

    Rough math has PA at 12% black. Assuming a 15% decline coupled with the results from 2012 and Cheeto will need to make up 200,000 votes total.

    That’s a lot, but it’s doable.

  53. I would not go to a spirit cooking demonstration.

  54. State emails on Weiners laptop means perjury for Hillary.

  55. The only spirits I approve for cooking are fermented or distilled.

  56. Huma certainly lied about having state docs on her devises. No wiggle room lied.

  57. But she meant well, so no big deal.

  58. Bitch’s mouth is so big, I bet she could fit three standard size weiners in it.

  59. Nice hat you hatchet faced twat waffle.

  60. I was talking to a liberal about Trump last night. I said that i believe that when Trump talked about grabbing a woman by her pussy, he was speaking metaphorically, like saying “grab him by the balls” or “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

    I asked him if he had ever heard those expressions

    “Of course.”

    “Do you think think that whoever who said them was literally talking about grabbing someone’s balls or gutting a someone to get to their heart?”

    “No.” he said. “Of course not. That’s silly.”

    “So do you think it was possible that Trump was speaking metaphorically and that he didn’t actually mean that he physically grabs womens’ pussies?”

    “Oh no. Trump is a pig. I truly believe he meant that he does that and that he has done that to a lot of women.”

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.


    Fuck you, Rolling Stone.

  62. Does he think that Cankles grabs pussy? Because I’m pretty sure she’s grabbed more pussy than Trump.

  63. Does he think that Cankles grabs pussy?

    Well, she has a few things in her history that some might consider to be troubling, but Trump is evil incarnate and has no right to be running for President when you consider what a despicable human being he is.

    I tried to explain that at least most, if not all of the sexual assault claims against him are ridiculously inconsistent and most certainly would have been reported on over the many, many years they were alleged to have occurred, considering the public nature of the supposed assaults.

    “Well, I’m sure those women’s lawyers told them to stay quiet or Trump would have destroyed them.”

    Yah, because what lawyer would want to potentially make millions of dollars in contingency fees by suing a billionaire who sexually assaults women in the first class section of an airplane filled with hundreds of witnesses.

    Mental. Disorder.

  64. Good article here.

    It lays out the liberal bias that has been spoon-fed to these sheep. They’re lazy, gullible, and hear what they want to hear. Confirmation bias, three meals a day.

  65. Interestingly enough, the guy used to work for a newspaper.

    A conservative-leaning paper.

    Must have been pure hell for him.


    Sadly, since this was at an event where I was representing the radio station, I had to be on my best behavior and not tear the fucking idiot a new one.

  66. I don’t want to go to work.


  67. Someone punch MJ in the poon while i ‘m gone. You guys are too easy on him.

  68. I like this Wiser fellow and would like to subscribe to his newsletter.

  69. The bullshit kicked around this election is staggering.

    Black voter participation is down 15-20% from 2012 in NC and FL.

    But the Clinton campaign says that big increases in Latino voting might make up for it.

    You have to get to the end of the WaPo piece to see that there are no numbers for FL, and the increase in AZ is 2 per points, while NV is 1 per point.

    Math isn’t a strong point for most writers, but don’t piss on my leg and tell me wiser is around.

  70. Someone punch MJ in the poon while i ‘m gone.

    Is that a metaphor?

  71. My hours got cut tonight. Thank God. I had a clinical today and I’m spent.

    The patients were both great, though. So that went well.

    One of the last few times, I got a pretty raunchy one and I had to throw away my watch.

  72. That’s not piss.

  73. I met Tom Chapin at the station this morning.

    I saw he and his brother Harry in concert back in 1980 at Central CT University. Just the two of them on stage.

    One of the best concerts I ever saw. Still gives me chills thinking about it.

  74. AOS Status:

    [ X ] Banned again
    [ ] Not banned

  75. Eh, we don’t even get any quality trolls at the HQ these days.

  76. See comment above. I’m fairly sure I was the troll squad.

  77. Wait- you’re going from banned to unbanned back to banned in a matter of days? Without anybody at Ace’s doing anything for you?

  78. Yeah, pretty much. To be fair, I haven’t really asked to be unbanned, except after he asked for people to contact him.

  79. Huh. Kinda lonely around here.

    Did someone start a new post?

  80. Gonna try for five.

  81. Three is for threesomes.

  82. Just got to the library, since my internet connection at home went tits up for some reason.

  83. Four!

  84. Love “Dog Rules” by Tom Chapin.

  85. CoAx. What a dick.

  86. Roamey’s a dick too.

    You’re all dicks.

  87. Sorry. My mind is a sieve.

  88. Hey, don’t cut yourself, short, buddy! You’re kind of a dick too.

  89. Sirloin roast is resting. Just about time to carve off slabs and have breakfast.

  90. Nice shoes, Mare.

  91. How be your van Scott?

  92. One of the last few times, I got a pretty raunchy one and I had to throw away my watch.

  93. Here lauraw, I got you a box of these

  94. Jimbro, the van runs like crap when it’s cold out. Naturally, a warm front passed through right after I dropped it off so it ran fine for them.

    They fixed the fuel leak though.

  95. Here lauraw, I got you a box of these

    Hahahahaha. When Mr. RFH’s sister graduated from vet school, the grads carried those inflated with helium.

  96. Hill Pickles & Trump ads in NM!!! Zia Poll has her at +3. Our GM has never voted before. He and his wife registered to vote just for Trump. All the early voters at the Club so far are either first time voters and/or Trump voters. Dan and I have been helping all the first time voters register and early vote.

  97. I’m guessing the Hillary ads running during the World Series were a national buy. Can’t imagine she’d actually buy ad time here.

  98. Greetings, home stretchers.

  99. I don’t know about you, b-rad, but I’m sure gonna be glad not to see Tom Steyer’s smugly earnest mug during every commercial break after Tuesday.

  100. XB, WS ads were national.

  101. Looks like pitchers and catchers report on 2/13

  102. Vice magazine (Motherboard section) interviewed me and one of the astronauts last year about ISS science. AFAIK, they never ran the story. Probably just as well.

  103. One of my sharks is missing. Tiger shark Lexi. 7th tagged shark in 4 yrs believed to have been illegally killed/harvested.

  104. Dan and I early voted. Saved our I Voted stickers. Saving for Tuesday. Free donut at Krispy Kreme. Free chips and queso at Dan’s favorite breastaurant. Twin Peaks. Cha-ching

  105. I decided I’d better not wear my SMOD shirt when I go to vote, lest I be accused of electioneering, so I ordered something else to wear.

  106. Wear a Stronger Together. Only MAGA gear is “Electioneering”

  107. We need H2 Spirit Cooking!!! Chop chop DOTW guy!

  108. Spirit cooking. Just when you couldn’t think of anything grosser than Weiner sexting, they up the ante.

  109. Wear a Stronger Together. Only MAGA gear is “Electioneering”

    Wouldn’t be caught dead in either getup. Things I’d rather have people see on me:

    1. Hosefucker suit
    B. Brony costume
    Π. Your mom

  110. HAHAHA!!!! I’d wear Dodger or Red Sux gear before MAGA or Stronger Together!!!

  111. Lady Gaga is part of that grossness. Your Super Bowl halftime entertainment!!!

  112. NFL can’t figure out it’s ratings problems.


  114. Scott, it’s the No Fun League! Nothing to see here about rehabbing Vick or taking knees during the anthem.

  115. Dan is cooking with garlic. Not allergic. Not a fan. Whole condo smells like garlic. Call me Luigi. I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight. H8 when Dan’s skin reeks of garlic. TMI Friday


    I need that.

  117. I hear next year for the halftime show, they’re just gonna have Clay Aiken blow a guy.

  118. Sponsored by Subaru.

  119. All the gheys I know drive Jeeps. Flannel chicks with the Lesbarus.

  120. I listen to some talk radio where they seem to have a hard time figuring out what could possibly cause the drop in NFL ratings. Can they be so out of it they don’t get we don’t want some dumb, pussy-whipped, rich, athlete bitching about the country. Ufffffffffff

  121. ESPN talk radio?

  122. Mare, I’m still disappointed that Dan didn’t start throwing assholes out of Aloha Stadium for not removing hats/doo-rags during the Anthem. USS Arizona is visible from the stadium. 6 days later and I’m still livid!!!

  123. On a completely unrelated topic, I heard this the other day and really dig it. It’s nice to hear that some people are still making good soul music:

  124. Matt Helm or James Bond? Discuss the Sean link🎶

  125. Coming out of lurking mode.

    This is pretty good. Apparently The hillbeast was a tad upset Matt Lauer asked a question not pre-approved and she lost it. Watch it to the end there is a funny part:

    Back to lurking: (Whips Zeros, Your Mom took them)

  126. TMI Dan totes garlic’d dinner. Knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep because garlic skin reek. Asked me to sleep on the couch so he could rem sleep before 4 AM shift tomorrow. How can I garlic martyr when I’ve already agreed to couch surf?

  127. Thermadin? How many bullwhips, RIGHT NOW?

  128. You can’t Your Mom, without the bullwhips!!!!

  129. Dammit I already answered that. Sorry I didn’t expect the video it to embed.

  130. I liked the Matt Helm books, Oso.

  131. Why not? Is it in the style guide?

  132. blerg

  133. Can I wear my Trump 2016: Fuck your feelings t-shirt?

    because it will be here by tomorrow.

  134. Fixt it for you, Theremin.

  135. Wait, haven’t we seen Theraflu here before?

  136. Sean, Thanks

  137. Yes, I de-lurk from time to time. I’m on the west coast, and everyone is usually done posting by the time I get to reading the comments

  138. They’re not done posting. They just head over to The H3 when they see you’ve arrived.

  139. Where on the west coast?

  140. Eastern side of Washington. Sean I assume H3 is password protected. :)

  141. It’s on the Dark Web.

  142. The Palouse?

  143. Don’t tell me you don’t know the difference
    Between a lover and a fighter
    With my derp and my electric typewriter
    Even in a perfect world where everyone was equal
    I’d still own the film rights and be working on the sequel

  144. Oh wow, I still love Elvis Costello.

  145. oy!!

  146. *dons skort*

    *plops little grey wig on head*

    *clears throat and enunciates:*


    god i SUCK at this

    *throws down little wig in disgust*

    I’m going to work now. Just all do what you damn well please.

    *stamps away all huffy*

  147. Ww

  148. Solo dad today.

  149. On this day in 1980 the polls had Carter up by 7 points.

  150. By comparison, Carter was well-liked and not considered corrupt so much as inept.

    Though we were a different people then.

  151. is he still up by seven now?
    he didn’t have a master plan to destroy the country for personal gain – at least i don’t think he did.
    voters were smarter back then.
    my first vote was the next election.

  152. Ted Kennedy’s Revenge hadn’t quite swamped us with foreign socialists yet.

  153. Noo poat.

  154. 1980 was probably also the last year the typical WASP had 2.5 kids. Those kids birthed (what few of them bred, anyhow) the Special Snowflakes of today.

  155. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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