Sleep-in Saturday

Yeah, I know there’s work to be done, but I’m going to relax with a cup of coffee for a bit. Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
“A liberal’s paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does indeed already exist: It’s called Prison.”-Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Thank you for your attention, and y’all have a good day.


  1. saturday music to get going by:

  2. Sunset on Monday will be at like 530. How the fudge am I supposed to get anything done outside?

  3. DST stops all after work outdoor fun for me. Why do we do this again? Nice poat Roamy.

  4. Easy Leon. Just refuse to change your clocks. What kind of government conspiracy is this?

    I live in Western Indiana, and the sun doesn’t set in summer until 9:30.

  5. Actually we are re-entering Standard Time tonight.

  6. Right, Tom!

  7. Still can’t kayak in the dark….booooooooooo

  8. Tonight.

  9. Mare, I may be in your area just before Christmas. Wanna meet the RFH family, or will that blow MJ’s cover?

  10. Actually, the coworkers in VA perpetually ask if I’m in Central time. I should just start saying “yes”.

  11. I’ll be there for T day. Wanna get together and talk smack about the RFH?

  12. * hopes the interweb rumors are true *

  13. Obama commuted the sentences of another 72 prisoners yesterday. That makes nearly 1,000, half of whom were serving life sentences. What does he get out of that?

  14. What rumors Scott? I have to work today and don’t have time …

  15. Depends on the prisoner, I’d guess. Maybe some choice choom?

  16. Anonymous claims to have a sex tape of Bill and a 13 YO on pedo island.

  17. Ew, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

  18. Nearly 1000 new D voters.

  19. saturday music to get going by:

    That was amazing.

  20. I just slogged through a bunch of tumblrs, pinterests and russian blogs to secure the next few weeks of new BBF models. That rabbit hole is very deep and wide. Sometime I’m going to develop a database that tracks BBF models so I can avoid repeats. That time is not now.

  21. I hope so too, Scott. But I thought Drudge, wikileaks, and anon were pretty meh this past week. In this age of instant info everywhere it’s probably not too late for another bombshell or two, tho. We’ll see.






  27. re:, that picture of Hillary above … I’ve never in my life struck a woman. I’m now seeing possibilities.

  28. “://”
    that one gets forwarded

  29. The “Spirit Cooking” performance artist seems to be a thing amongst our “betters”. Pics of her with Jay Z. She is named in both Podesta emails and personal emails between Huma and HRC. Lady Gaga. The million $ birthday gift from Qatar to CGI that was undeclared by SecState Pickles is great, too.

  30. Saw the insurance premium hike in the sidebar. Who can afford $2,500 a month for health insurance?!? And you know that still doesn’t cover everything, there are co-pays and deductibles on top of that. Shit.

  31. I just signed up for GAB, I don’t understand how you are supposed to find other people to follow. I’m Pupster, natch.

  32. I know you guys won’t believe this, but I think Obama hasn’t been a very good president and I’m looking forward to his retirement.

  33. Roamy, yes!

  34. And also agree with the premiums that’s insane. F obamacare.

  35. twas never meant to work –




  36. single payer baby!!!!!

    it’ll be awesome

  37. sorry –
    it was nudge not push

  38. I have Trump at exactly 270. Holy shit.

    This is going to be barn burner.

  39. MJ, I’m still hoping for 269. CHAOS!!!

  40. That would be really nice.

    Paul Ryan would whip the vote to elect Hillary, though. We all know it.

  41. pregnant chads II – the squeakhole

  42. Nah, the GOP isn’t that suicidal. NeverTrump was always based on the idea that Trump couldn’t win, that Hillary would win in a landslide, and Nevertrumpers could claim that their choice made no difference.

  43. I still don’t think the polls are right.

  44. I think Hillary is supposed to be up by 10-12 here, but if you drove around looking at yard signs you would think Trump was up by 20.

  45. Screw you Notre Dame!

  46. Shit. Trumps spending time in MN tomorrow.

    RCP has Hillary up by 10 there.

  47. Polls are a scam.

  48. Mare, check your email please.

    Vandy-Auburn game is more exciting than I thought it would be.

  49. Whoops, RCP has Clinton +6 in Minn.

  50. Roamy, check yours!

  51. **happy dance**

  52. It’s on!

  53. Have we had an up date on Phats brother?

  54. I didn’t see one.

  55. Blerg

  56. I only counted the huge trump signs on the way to mom’s house (Western iowa), but I counted all hillary signs. 18-3 trump, after i started counting halfway in a 2 hour trip.

  57. I Bing his name daily. I’ve only seen fundraising stuff recently.

  58. There are cars driving around with trump flags flying up here.

  59. Jimbro?

  60. Yuge Trump sign in front of trailer on 2nd street here. Major arterial from West to East.

  61. Trump held a rally in an arena in Baton Rouge.

    He broke an attendance record set by Elton John.

  62. I am sad that Michael Buble’s 3 yr old son has cancer. Buble is Canadian. Why is his son getting cancer treatment in the US?

  63. Taking a football break. Watching Mascots.

  64. katy perry roar in a hillary ad, shocker. not one policy mentioned.

  65. Clever cast idea but I rarely use plaster anymore except for baby clubfoot casts. And the thumb part is too wide…he’s going to chafe the skin of the 1st web space and be unhappy after he sobers up.

    Doc: How’d you break your forearm?

    Patient: I was drunk and fell down.

    Doc: I’ve got something I’ve been meaning to try out!

  66. Now who wants a Twinkie?

  67. Oso, because he’s wealthy and can afford to get proper treatment at a decent hospital. But no doubt he’ll sneer and talk about how superior the Canadian system is.

  68. The Brain That Wouldn’t Die is on tonight.

  69. CoAl, exactly! I want that bebe to have access to the best treatment avail. Still pissed that ACA has destroyed American healthcare. Wealthy Canucks still know.

  70. i might be wrong, but i think i’ve heard Buble talk about the States and i think he is kinda pro America.

    side note: i like his voice….
    DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!!11!!!TY

    i said a prayer for his boy

  71. “Now who wants a Twinkie?”

    while she is obviously a forward thinking womenzezezz…

    you may have damaged my twinkie™ affection

    *dials number for best “alienation of affections lawyer”*

  72. I will always pray for the bebes.

  73. Wait, Michael Buble is Canadian?

    It all makes sense now.

  74. oso – i didn’t mean that in any way negative to this family. you guys are all awesome.
    i’ve been in the “You Smarmy Canadians Suck” conversation a time or two – and am prolly not welcomed back to toronto…. eh

  75. Jammy, I just find it ironic (CANADA) when Canadians use their $ to bypass the awesome Canadian single payer BS.

  76. Wiser reluctantly became a FBer. Yawn. He’s totes a savvy social media navigator. When he’s not here, he’s there. See also Twitterverse.

  77. Owning comments from Oahu was understood. I miss Lippy. We need moar West Coast up in here! Up in here! 🎶

  78. later –
    gonna get up early to go hunting before church –

    *sotto voce – don’t tell leon*

  79. The West Coast is a scam.

  80. Meh.

  81. East coast cabal is a scam. Red Sox Sux

  82. O H

  83. I O

  84. I just got home. Study group was a bust. People were late and apparently I’m the one who is most prepared for the test on Tuesday.

  85. Recently connected with OH cousin on FB. She’s a Lesbaru loving Wolverine. She’s the most flannel wearing butch Lesbaru I know. I live in the Lesbaru capital of America. She makes my friends look like lipstick straight ladies.

  86. Sorry CoAl that SoCal would rather party on a wknd than chillax with a student that takes school super serious

  87. anyone else have Iowa prime rib tonight?

    just me? huh

  88. Oso, it’s not even partying all weekend. It’s just… not doing the work.

  89. CoAl, remember…everybody sucks. You can only rely on you. Carry the dead weight across the finish until the end. 👊🏻

  90. Jay, tomato soup with hot sauce and real cream. Waiting for grilled cheese.

  91. Ugh, forgot to buy tortillas, so no quesadillas (messican grilled cheese sammich) to go with my soup tonight.

  92. What’s with the whole “THE Ohio State University” thing? Did they win a lawsuit against a knockoff Ohio State University?

  93. I had grilled cheese Friday. Kraft slices, done proper

  94. Evenin’, Cubs fans!

  95. Became a thing after the U went all street in Miami

  96. you take that back!

  97. No way

  98. There is an Ohio University, in Athens Ohio, about 45 miles south of Columbus. The “THE” was a differentiator when OU started calling themselves Ohio University after some success in the MAC.

  99. Getting really tired of your shit, wordpress

  100. Female cousin was a Rhodes Scholar out of Athens. White.

  101. We didn’t have that problem with the University of Georgia and Georgia State University, but you do you, yankees.

  102. ANDY!

    *comes running, trips over tree root, busts last tooth*

  103. Awww, damn. I was gonna open a beer on that tooth.

  104. Got it, Pups. To me, it makes people sound a little insecure when they say it.

    “You went to a state school in Ohio?”

    “[chuckles, shakes head] No no no, my naive friend. I went to THEEEEEE Ohio State University.”

    “Lighten up, Francis.”

  105. Me too!


    Think a dentist could install a church key where a tooth used to be?

  106. We were on a plane with The Ohio State Poultry team. Just won seconds at nationals in AR.

  107. I’m done. WordPress making me log in every time. See y’all on FB and Twitter.

  108. Was just thinking about how incredibly awful prairie fire shots are.

    Miss you guys.

  109. they aren’t that bad, when drinking with friends

  110. Those assholes messed them up. It’s mostly tequila with just a leeeetle bit of tabasco.

    Not a f’ing 50/50 mix!

  111. When the tequila comes out it’s time to go home.

  112. I think LSU is going to win this.

    Great game either way.

  113. Ugh. That sounds nasty. And it sounds like it would be even worse should they come back up.

  114. Yeah, this is a real game. Pulling for ‘Bama but we’ll see.

  115. trump assassination attempt in reno?

  116. but you do you, yankees

  117. It looks like a one play game.

    I call punt return.


  119. That might have been the play. Holy cow, what a dumb idea.

  120. Pupster, I’m dying. Dying.

  121. Nice, pups

  122. ‘I want to thank the Secret Service. These guys are fantastic. They don’t get enough credit. They don’t get enough credit. They’re amazing people.’

    Now imagine Hillary saying that.

    (Also imagine in little letters “LIVESTRONG” on the lobster band)

  123. Now imagine Hillary saying that.

  124. it would be wall to wall coverage if it was clinton

  125. >> Now imagine Hillary saying that.

    I’ll let you in on a little secret. She’ll read anything they put on the teleprompter.

  126. That will do it.

  127. I dunno, Scott. I kind of think it might wind up 21-14 for somebody from here.

  128. Fuck you San Diego!

  129. What does Hillary do for fun?

  130. >> What does Hillary do for fun?

    Count her money and cackle?

  131. Other than yoga.

  132. I’m loving that Arpaio quote.

  133. Match her clip on earrings to her pantsuit for the next day.

    Turquoise goes with turquoise. Red goes with red. Gin goes with ice.

  134. I always thought the yoga thing was funny. She’s a fat old lady that can barely walk.

    Probably had a focus group of 20 people brainstorm a fake hobby for her.

  135. Can anyone imagine her enjoying anything?

  136. THEEEE Bitch.

  137. Something on pedo island gives her pleasure.

    Probably quilting.

  138. I was really hoping someone would release a smoking gun video or audio that was egregious enough the media couldn’t ignore it. Now, I think it’s probably too late.

  139. Yeah, if anonymous had such a video of Clenis, why wait til the bitter end. This past Monday would have been good.

  140. “Can anyone imagine her enjoying anything?”

    Bill just winked.

  141. Hillary enjoys making others miserable.


    VDH on the Clintons, their lives and what are they after.
    I mean, WTF,O?
    They are old rich powerful, and they want more???

  143. Yeah, I don’t get it, ChrisP. Just like that creature, Soros. Leave everyone the hell alone and go enjoy your ill-gotten gains. Far, far, away.

  144. Roll Tide, bitches.

    But respect to the Tigers. They were the toughest team we’ve faced this year.

  145. That was a great game.

  146. Can anyone imagine her enjoying anything?

    Avoiding prison.

  147. Did the Dawgs hang on to win, Andy?

  148. They did.

  149. Good.

  150. And the invoice it don’t quite fit
    No payola in his alphabetical file
    Send for the government man!
    And he’s just gonna really tell the derp
    He’s gonna really let him know exactly how he feels
    It’s pretty bad

  151. Creepy robot mouth video and Livestrong Lobster made me chuckle in my coffee

    workie workie

  152. Holy shit.

  153. Maybe the maid was illegal and no habla, so at least there’s that.

  154. Ah, a Filipino. I can’t remember his name, but I have been to a security indoctrination session where they use the example of a highly-placed Filipino guy who was in the US army to exfiltrate huge amounts of classified data to their government (i.e. spying). Anyone think they couldn’t turn a maid who never even took an oath to support and uphold?

  155. I thought it was bad enough, Hillary forwarding classified info to Chelsea. Says she’s a Filipino immigrant, so does that mean she’s not even a U.S. citizen?

  156. I guess we can pretty well assume everything that went through Hillary’s office has been compromised. I’ve been doing a novena for the election, and I’m going to add prayers for the poor guys in danger because of her carelessness and stupidity.

  157. Hillary doesn’t print.

    Most of her problems are due to that fact.

  158. In a real SCIF, even asking where the printer is gets you a hard stare.

    Hillary can’t live long enough to be adequately punished for this.

  159. If I were a writer for Saturday Night Live, this would be perfect skit material.

    The maid, receiving a classified fax, trying not to look at it, with one hand over her eyes.

    Then running into furniture and stepping on the cat and tripping as she tries to bring the fax to Hillary. Eyes still covered with one hand, fax in the other, following Hillary’s voice down the hall, “Bring it, Marina! Damn, what’s taking you so long?!” As Marina busts the whole place apart because she’s not allowed to set eyes on the fax. Ha, as if.

    A bit of the old slapstick, you know.

    But, making fun of Democrats isn’t funny.

  160. I meant to do some kind of devotional prayer for the election, but I haven’t made the time.

    Solo dad day 2.

  161. I have to be in Knoxville for erection day. Kinda sucks to be away although I plan on ditching the dinner so I can blog.

    This election is pretty rough. GNDs dad heard she was going to vote Trump from Grandma. Not pretty. Her dad screamed and yelled at her for like 20 minutes. Who does that?

    It was early, though. I’m guessing he hadn’t taken his ‘medication’ yet.

  162. Might be time for a leon/baby post. Just sayin’.

    If not at least email me a few. I want to see how the little booger is growing up.

  163. Is Possum walking now?

  164. MJ, I’m pretty sure a BIL and a nephew aren’t speaking to us because of the election.

  165. She is still very small and cute, but now she runs and draws and falls down a lot. Hair is getting long enough that we have to comb it away from her face.

  166. Walking, yes, and almost running. Not too many words yet, but she communicates well.

  167. Cankles’ maid looks like a bull dyke. Figures.

  168. For example, the pope reiterated his plea for nations to respond more generously to the global refugee crisis, which he blamed on “an unjust socio-economic system and wars.”

    Well, the Vatican is sitting on a fucking fortune, so Pope Asshole, why don’t you spend it?

  169. that would be a fun skit, laura. too bad Bush didn’t do it so we could see it

  170. cuz that’s HIS money, hotspur! have you paid your fair share?

  171. is she taller than you yet, leon? what about mj?

  172. This is long, but it’s pretty good

  173. I guarantee that I’ve paid hundreds of times more in taxes, and given vastly more to charity than that evil Jesuit prick.

  174. Taller than MJ, but shorter than me.

  175. “Print it out? You mean … like with a printing press?”
    – shit Hillary’s said, volume IV


  176. Ok, i’m going to plan a Leon visit and I’ll give you guys a more complete 411 on possum.

  177. *looks at huge collection of boxes in hallway

    VERY soon folks.

  178. Did you guys remember to set your bombs back?

  179. Bomb has been set back by one hour. YEs.

  180. Car in, we both know that you visiting is merely a comforting fiction.

  181. Look, I’ve refused to move the boxes to a more convenient location to insure that I make that trip.

    Plus, I’m not moving them twice. ONCE. It’s going to happen.

    what’s your schedule this week? I’m off tues and thursday. AT THIS POINT I have zero doctor appointments.

  182. Tuesday is obviously voting day, but perhaps a visit would be a good way to distract? As long as I’m home to start watching the news …

  183. *waits

  184. Normally I have to pick erin from school at the inconvenient time of 2:10, but I can probably get someone to drive her home.

  185. I am home all week and taking most of Thursday off already to do a bunch of outside work.

  186. I think I’ve made Leon nervous.

  187. Thursday it IS. Unless I get a dentist appointment for Erin. That’s really the only possible conflict. I’ll know tomorrow.

    Unless a visit on thursday would interrupt your momentum? Or perhaps tuesday would be good. Which ever is better.

  188. 20161106_084355

    found at home, then it got dusty. hug your folks!

  189. Either is fine, Carin, Thursday might be slightly better because I shouldn’t get any office calls.

  190. *pencils “Possum Visit/book dump” into schedule.



    j’ameseses’ ppl are on the trump train

  193. Did you guys remember to set your bombs back?


    HA! You are a funny mofo.

  194. MJ, I’m pretty sure a BIL and a nephew aren’t speaking to us because of the election.
    That’s terrible. Hopefully people will realize that its way more important to be family.

  195. If you didn’t bother watching the video I linked, one of the better parts was Podesta’s user id and password


    Best and brightest.


  197. username: guest
    password: guest

  198. Look at the picture at the top of this article and tell me if she doesn’t look like she’s had to be dragged out of some guy’s bushes by the cops.

  199. Her left breast is sporting a fine sticker

  200. (((hugs Jay)))

    Going to see my dad next weekend, will do.

  201. Urrgh. Watching football and they are running all the political ads I’ve avoided thus far. Trump = Hope and a brighter future. Hillary = Trump can use coarse language. That’s the best the dems can do, I guess.

  202. Trump is ahead in New Hampshire. If he holds Florida (the only state he needs where he’s behind in the polls) then he has 270.

  203. I probably look like a Trump supporter.

  204. Carin, could you also bring me another hunk of chocolate mint if you can? Mine is just barely holding on where I planted it. Benny kept digging it up.

  205. I just ordered this shirt

    It will arrive too late for the election but remain appropriate regardless of the outcome next Tuesday. A “Hillary for Prison” shirt is evergreen as well.

  206. Chocolate mint?? Yum!

  207. Comey did it again.

  208. Hillary is officially above the law.

  209. Let’s give her the White House and the entire executive branch, because there’s no way she’d abuse that!

  210. $100 says they threatened Comey’s family.

    And I need to go read up on what’s permitted under Doctrine when you live under an oppressive and lawless regime.

  211. They may have paid him.

    Let the leaks begin!

  212. On the other hand, I think Dave Chappelle just endorsed Trump. That’s not nothing.


  214. It took the FBI 12 months to review 33,000 emails.

    They just reviewed 650,000 in 8 days.

  215. Cut the FBI’s budget by 70%.

  216. I am starting to rue the day of Aug 8, 1999, when I boarded that flight bound for US.

  217. Isn’t it neat how Comey, personally, wants to completely, thoroughly, trash his career?

  218. Tushar, we’re thrilled to have people like you here!!

  219. Mare,

    If Trump wins watch Comey suddenly discover indictable offenses.

  220. There will be leaks and they know it. Agents must be furious.

    “Friends, please remember that if you see a whopper of a Wikileaks in next two days – it’s probably a fake,” tweeted Jennifer Palmieri, the communications director for the Clinton campaign.

  221. Tushar, we are infinitely better having LEGAL immigrants like you in this great country. Please don’t despair.

  222. I don’t really get it. So the final, grudging opinion of the FBI is not to indict Clinton after 8 days of investigation.

    Seems like the election’s main theme, elite v regular people, is playing out in the agencies.

  223. Look, we don’t need to go into it, but I understand if you don’t vote for Trump. What I don’t get is actually voting FOR Hillary. I put it in the “insane” category of actions. Yes, I do know your moms, relatives and friends are voting FOR her. She, as Dennis Prager says, is by far the worst, most corrupt, most patently awful choice as a Presidential candidate ever.

  224. Comey did it again.

    Looks like Weiner’s life insurance just expired…..

  225. This will help Trump.

  226. So the election is now a referendum on Clinton.

    Guilty or not guilty.

  227. I’m not sure if either campaign knows how to get the middle of the road supporter.

    But goddam, each of them can solidify a base.

  228. Scott, I hope you are right.

    My brain tells me that Trump has a better chance than Romney, but my heart tells me to not get my hopes up. It leads to only disappointment.

    As for me and the wife, we are voting for Trump. If Trump pulls off an upset victory in Nj by one or two votes, he would have to thank us.

  229. One of my young 20-ish coworkers’ smart phone died this morning.

    I lived nearly my whole life without one, and I could go back to not carrying a cellphone, no problem.

    But he has carried a phone since elementary school days. Through the day I could see him being driven slowly insane. It made me smile.

  230. Chappelle already voted for Felonia. He’s just honing his stand up.

  231. I forgot to charge my phone. Had to go a whole day without it. The twitch turned out to not be permanent.

  232. I’ve worked in a secure facility for four years, and before that I didn’t have a smart phone. I occasionally forget to even bring my phone with me when I leave the house. I’m happier that way.

  233. Greetings, time travelers.

  234. I don’t use my phone for much, but I can see that if someone uses it for many more things, it would be like losing a well-worn tool you need for your job.

  235. Howdy, Sean. Lauraw, now that we have Scan and Go, I use my phone to shop and bypass cashiers. Love the app. I still keep my phone in my locker at work. We have permission to carry now to demonstrate apps to Members.

  236. I’ve got to use a smart phone for business. Pics for IG and Facechimp are important.

  237. I use my phone to access work email, login to office system to to basic stuff, like issuing approvals for stuff etc, call coworkers all over the world at odd hours.

    This is in addition to normal personal use. I will be daid without my phone. If a mugger wants my phone or else, I would be in a real dilemma.

  238. It’s difficult to take and send dick pics on a landline.

    I’m just saying, is all.

  239. Never taken a dick pic, mine or anyone else’s.

  240. TMI dept. dan recreated the Favre pic and sent it to me. Wore his Crocs. I always have to be careful opening his pic texts.

  241. My phone has contact info for dozens of colleagues and relatives. Work email in one mailbox and personal email in another. About 20-30% of my work is conducted from my phone. I even need it for secure log in on my home computer.

  242. My mind boggles at how anyone who isn’t being paid to do so (and a few of those people, too) can think taking a photo of themselves in any sort of state of undress is a good idea.

  243. We have permission to carry now to demonstrate apps to Members.

    What about demonstrating your member? I’m asking for a friend?

  244. I have a dumb phone and get called a Luddite for it.

  245. I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t use my phone to promote apps. I no longer post pics on FB. Photo app gets access to all your phone photos. You guys miss lots of awesome burger and chile pics.

  246. The only conceivable reason to take a naked pic of yourself is if you have a boil on your ass and can’t see it properly in the mirror.

  247. That’s a strangely specific item of reason, Tushar.

  248. Does this mole look funny?

  249. Was expecting a naked mole.

  250. At the Zoo where I worked (chrispy, Anita and BiW that would be The Piont Defiance), we had a fabulous naked mole rate exhibit. May still have it, don’t know.

  251. Dic pics are the new handshake.

  252. Was there a pole at the “zoo”?

  253. we had a fabulous naked mole rate exhibit.

  254. >>That’s a strangely specific item of reason, Tushar.

    I could have said wound on the back. But boil on ass is funnier.

  255. >>fabulous naked mole rat

    Mole rats can be gay?

  256. You guys are funny. Too lazy to log in every time. Ciao

  257. We were out driving, doing some chores, and one of the kids started talking:

    Hillary Clinton deleted all her emails, and Donald Trump said that it is disgraceful.

    Me and the Mrs started laughing, so he says in a very serious tone: that is not funny! What she did was disgraceful!

    I think I am raising them right.

  258. Blerg 2

  259. Dishwasher said he was having some sort of relationship crises and had to leave. We found him a few hours later passed out practically in the road with his pants around his ankles. Bloody nose. Couldn’t tell cops or ambulance what was what.

    H2PSA- heroin is bad

  260. You dicks are awesome dicks…hhhhaahaha

  261. Classic H2, taking an actual experience and making it gross, disgusting and perverted.

    Rosetta would be so proud.

  262. So. Awesome.

  263. My mind boggles at how anyone who isn’t being paid to do so (and a few of those people, too) can think taking a photo of themselves in any sort of state of undress is a good idea.

    Your mom asked nicely.

  264. Those pics are awesome, Sean.

  265. We found him a few hours later passed out practically in the road with his pants around his ankles. Bloody nose. Couldn’t tell cops or ambulance what was what.

    I call that “Thursday”.

  266. Your mom asked nicely.

    That may be so, but what she did with them…

    Just stay off 4chan. Trust me.

  267. How do you think they got ON 4chan?

  268. I’m well aware. I think we’re talking past each other here.

  269. Repression, gonna derp on Tuesday
    Repression, gonna be a Dalek
    Repression, I am a robot
    Repression, I obey

  270. Does anybody here listen to early morning radio? Holy shit. Whenever I get up super early to cram for an exam, my radio alarm wakes me with people talking about grey aliens and the discovery of Jesus’ burial slab, etc.

    When I was a kid I used to know people that were into all that subject matter, bought the books, etc.

    When I hear people talk about that crap it brings me back to these people, who were important elements of an unhappy childhood. Nothing has changed. It’s the same repetitive speculation on the same crazy bullshit. Delivered breathlessly like it’s fresh. Ugh. How can this still be going on?

  271. They play that around here too lauraw. I forget the name of the show since I haven’t heard it in a while. Midnight something…

  272. Yeah, it’s nationally syndicated, out of Los Angeles. I hope whoever it is is making gobs of money. You’d have to make me a millionaire many times over to make me listen to and indulge these creepy people.

  273. In a world gone mad and run by actual satanic conspiracies, it is likely quite comforting to believe that aliens are ultimately behind it rather than simple human concupiscence.


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