Earth, Meme, and Fire

Why Jimbro has a cabin.


  1. Yawwwwn. (Grumble, scratch, fart)

    Sup? Well, there’s a storm a coming. I was scheduled for a surgical procedure I been waiting for on Thursday. Don’t see that happening. Is it best for me to cancel and reschedule now, or have them cancel and reschedule? I’m looking to get this done most Ricky tick. Any thoughts Jimbro?

  2. Colonoscopy or herniorrhaphy?

    Unless it’s a 100 year storm where everything is completely shut down I’d keep it. A lot of people are probably thinking the same way as you are now and have already postponed their procedures. That means fewer patients there for them to care for.

    If you doubt your ability to make it there safely I’d postpone now before the rest of the crowd figures it out.

  3. Mr RFH’s PCP has probably figured out by now that anyone who wanted the jab has had it already and after getting his or her ear blistered a few times for proselytizing about Faucism knows to leave it well enough alone.

  4. proselytizing is a funny word

  5. “Teamwork makes the dream work”

    B-A-R-F !!!

    Poor bastard. He’s as delusional as she is and hopefully the guy wakes teh phuk up before too long

  6. Buddy, buddy… it’s not going to end in threesomes. It ain’t. Run.

  7. Romacita, bt is Bacillus thuringiensis, a bacterial disease of caterpillars and some other larvae that like to eat things in the garden that we would prefer they not. It is sold as a powder that can be applied to plants. When the caterpillar eats some of the bt on the leaf of the cabbage, they stop feeding and eventually cross the Rainbow Bridge For Disgusting Insects.

    Mentioned here:

    Common ‘mosquito dunks’ contain a strain of bt that kills fly larvae in the same manner. I crunch them up and put them in potting soil to take care of fungus gnats who are also susceptible to it.

  8. Wakey wakey

    What does it say about something that when she was trying to be straight she was fit and attractive (wedding picture) and now that she’s gay she ‘s ….

  9. Jimbro, its too early for gross stories like that. Ew.

  10. She was grody in the wedding picture too. Nice hair but the rest of the tatted up mess should have been a clue. Who knows? Maybe he’s actually a mess too.

  11. OK, this snow can go away now. I’m ready for green grass and sunshine. *snaps fingers*

  12. I’d settle for warmer weather in general. I just looked and Thursday/Friday we’re looking at rain transitioning into snow for 11 inches over the 2 days. This is cabin fever time.

  13. BLIZZARD OF THE CENTURY is still inbound here.

    This has been a mild winter, though, but weather reporting is all just alarmism these days. 2013-2014 weren’t even that long ago, guys. This is just a heavy snowfall, we get these all the time.

    And it’s not like there are a bunch of new folks moving to the area who aren’t aware of them or anything. Unless there are more Afghan ‘refugees’ that I don’t know about.

  14. It’s just been annoying, really. Usually we have a cluster of single-digit temps all in the same couple weeks and then it’s over. I bring my rosemary plants off the cold porch and into the house for that period and then put them back out.

    This year, the stupid rosemaries have been sitting indoors for weeks on end because the really cold nights have been sprinkled here and there every few days for a month. They’re putting out weak growth and reaching for the windows. I thought I’d be putting them back out today, but another couple single digit nights are on the forecast for the weekend so why bother. This is what has been happening for a long time now this Winter. Pain in the butt.

    If they were all little pots I’d go ahead, but some of these are big heavy chonkers now.

  15. Man I feel like shit.

  16. I had worried about this, good to see some solidarity:

  17. No comments on one of the greatest songs of all time?

  18. No, no, no, you gotta have the right tools to snap away things like that.

    In fact I’m sure I have just the thing…got it in a yard sale a while back…

    /pulls out suspiciously familiar bejewelled gauntlet

    Aha! Here, let me show you…


    /nearby stress relievers turn to dust and blow away

    …FUCK. Note to self, never buy a discount cosmic artifact again.

  19. I’m ready for green grass and sunshine.

    Well, that reminds me of the song for next week!

  20. Random thought. After Brandon announces his affirmative action nominee all conservatives should label her as the James Clyburn seat rather than calling her by name.

  21. I agree with Lauraw. This winter has been a drag – not much snow, but unrelenting bitter cold.

    Now it looks like we’re going to get a snowstorm.

    Goody gumdrop.

  22. brother in Ft Wayne says 12-18 inches predicted. oooof

  23. Lumpy, I’m thinking I don’t want to deal with disgusting insects in my cabbage. Unless maybe we move the garden into a raised bed in another part of the yard. Then screen it off.
    Those horned tomato worms were more than enough to give one nightmares. Those suckers are meaty. The few times I’ve seen one, I had Mr. B dispatch it for me. Brrr

    Speaking of pests, vole #7 has been SNAPPED. Wtf? You should see the trenches they’re digging in the front garden as they eat the bulbs out there. Which is weird. Didn’t see a one last summer.
    The owls are not doing their job.

  24. Spring is just around the corner

  25. A wintery mix is on it’s way here, too. Don’t think we’re getting much snow though. It was 50 degrees yesterday, and will be today. Tuesday is my usual go to store day. Just hoping I can pick a good off time to avoid the bread/milk crowd.

  26. brother in Ft Wayne says 12-18 inches predicted. oooof

    Same here. Ft Wayne is only about an hour’s drive.

  27. “Me during covid” is spot on (for me).

    And getting buzzed to go to Walmart is a LOL because all good humor is based on truth. Haven’t done it but I should, however, I don’t drink and drive.

    Mighty fine batch of memes there Jay, be a shame if someone stole them.

  28. might as well, I stole them too

  29. That link on Tucker Carlson’s opening that Chrispy linked said it was private. I searched for it on youtube and couldn’t find it. Anyone who roasts Trudeau is my hero.

  30. Think I found it.

  31. New on topic pic added to poat!

  32. oh yeah, it’s Black History Month. Just had my first reminder.

  33. I should see if I can stream Blacula anywhere in celebration.

  34. Megan Kelly – would smash

  35. Ufffffff, youtube has replaced my premier button with a small button and a black history month button.

  36. MJ, you said you feel poorly, do you have any of the several covid varieties? Which are you enjoying?

  37. MJ, feeling better yet?

    Did you take the brown acid or something?

  38. MeAgain Kelly has a pretty good podcast. Gets all sides, kinda like Rogan and Tim Pool.

  39. Oh, Lord, what is wordle? Is that some new thing people are doing like Tide pods?

  40. Catturd ™
    Just so you know …

    If every person on planet earth gets vaccinated – liberals will still cry 24/7.

    I really need a Catturd shirt. I’m sure it would be well received in Ames.

  41. you must not have twitter or facebook, mare.

  42. I don’t get the “all sides” stuff. 99% of everything on media is leftist, if you have a show/podcast/article that shows the other side that’s 1%. How does the 1% need to be fair?

  43. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 1, 2022 11:35 am
    you must not have twitter or facebook, mare.


    Never had facebook and got kicked off twitter 3 years ago or so.

  44. I saw Wordle mentioned in a WSJ article and downloaded it. I’ve played it a handful of times and it’s okay. Definitely not the second coming. If I keep playing I’ll leave it on my phone otherwise it gets the hook.

  45. I’m going to miss MJ. Mostly Pat will miss him.

  46. Lucy LOVES Moose so much. He’s almost always pretty patient with her (I guess last night he gave a soft growl). She just wants to lick his mouth.

  47. hahahahahhaa

  48. I play Wordle, but I can do so without posting my score every time.

  49. Not sure if I have covid. I’m pretty run down and a little congested.

    It’s probably prostate aids

  50. Co-worker is celebrating Black History Month by wearing a cap backwards while giving a presentation to the entire lab and several layers of management.

  51. Also, someone decided to help themselves to one of the neighbors’ cows. Slaughtered it and butchered it in the field. I blame Biden.

  52. Holy shit. They stole a cow?

  53. Black History Month:

    – White people enslaved them.
    – Everything that was ever good was invented by a black person.
    – You are a racist.


  54. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on February 1, 2022 1:13 pm
    Co-worker is celebrating Black History Month by wearing a cap backwards while giving a presentation to the entire lab and several layers of management.

    Comment by roamingfirehydrant on February 1, 2022 1:16 pm
    Also, someone decided to help themselves to one of the neighbors’ cows. Slaughtered it and butchered it in the field. I blame Biden.


    Both of the main characters in these comments are insane.

  55. I had Facebook.

    I kicked it in the poon in 2016.

  56. Leon, yes, or technically stole the best meat off of one. They left the head, the hide, the guts, and the baby calf she was carrying.

  57. I can remember when I wore a dress to present to the lab director and up, and Mr. RFH always wore a collared shirt and kept two desk ties (one black, one brown) just in case. I guess all that is out the window now.

  58. How could Whoopi Goldberg be antisemitic?

    She’s been culturally appropriating a jewish name for decades.

  59. Some good news today:

  60. I haven’t worn a tie in at least a decade. I used to wear one every day well into my 50s.

  61. John James is going to run for Congress in Michigan.

    Being black should make him a shoe-in for the democrat vote.

  62. I remember when it was cool to give ties as Christmas presents.

    Today someone under 30 wouldn’t know what it is, much less how to tie it.

  63. James already had his senate seat stolen by those same democrats.

  64. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on February 1, 2022 1:28 pm
    Leon, yes, or technically stole the best meat off of one. They left the head, the hide, the guts, and the baby calf she was carrying.


    Oh, my God, what a horrible waste and crime.

  65. I actually miss not wearing a suit everyday. I really liked it. I guess I still could but everyone wears casual clothes now.

  66. They didn’t just steal meat, they stole the calf, and a thousand gallons of milk, all future calves. Ugh. Insurance can’t possibly pay that back, even if they had it. Diabolical.

  67. Second look at raising rabbits in the garage, I guess.

  68. yeah, James already won the Senate seat

  69. Today someone under 30 wouldn’t know what it is, much less how to tie it.

    Rocketboy can tie a tie, thanks to Catholic high school and Mr. RFH.

  70. Neighbor’s best hope is that the nearby power relay station’s security cameras picked up something. The cops are investigating, they made impressions of the footprints and tire tracks.

  71. Holy crap, the store was packed again and I got there by 11.
    Cashier said it was nothing compared to yesterday where the lines roped all the way to the back of the store. Glad I didn’t go then
    A little miffed that the eggs I wanted were sitting on a wrapped pallet with a bunch of pet food aisle stuff sitting on top. Dumb shits. Every single time I buy eggs, I have to look at each one and always have to replace at least three.

  72. I don’t even think we’re getting much accumulation, if any. It’s just getting very cold.

  73. Should fire up the CT Brisket Research Center again one of these days. We haven’t had a good meat project in a long time. I just got a dehydrator machine. Maybe jerky? I need to research recipes.

  74. Now I’m thinking about brisket….mmmmm

  75. Cool.

  76. Well now I want to make beef jerky. LOVE that stuff, but unfortunately you can’t hardly find Pemmican brand any more – it’s all that Jack Link’s stuff which is horrid.

  77. KU missing best player, time to bet on ISU +2.5. Line already moved 3

  78. Why am I not surprised Rocketboy can tie a tie?

  79. I’m sort of surprised that I can. Like MJ, I’m probably in the last age cohort to wear them with any regularity, and for me it’s only been job interviews.

  80. I learned how to tie a necktie at my Catholic HS. Grades school it was a clip on. As a resident we would wear ties any time we weren’t in scrubs and when I went through my program they were pretty lax about the “No scrubs out of the OR” rule so I wore scrubs 95% of the time. Fellowship and my early practice involved wearing ties but I gave it up well before I left private practice. I used to have a hanger full of them and now after giving them to Goodwill I think I have a few left.

  81. I never learned how to tie a bowtie. As a busboy I wore the one that wraps around your neck and clipped onto itself. Ditto for proms in HS lol.

  82. why are the right wing spam sites all posting about Rachel Maddow taking a hiatus from her show? We’ve known this for a while now. Come on!

  83. Never even tried a bow tie.

  84. I still have a few drawers full of ties. The first architectural firm I went to work for in my junior year of high school ties were required. Of course I already had a rack full of them from grade school, but many of them were pretty short for a 6′-2″ dude.

    Anyway, the older guys at the firm told me to never give or throw a tie away just because it’s gone out of style (at the time skinny was IN), because tie fashion comes and goes. What is OUT now will be back IN a few years from now.

    So I have every tie I’ve ever owned.

  85. I’d do the double windsor every time if I could, most even knot. But not every tie is 20 feet long.

  86. Double Windsor makes your neck look fat.

  87. unless your neck is already fat, and you have a size 8 head.

  88. I could go through life wearing a suit, dress shirt, no tie.

    Life is so easy.

  89. I miss when Dan had to wear a tie for work. He doesn’t even wear ties at funerals/weddings anymore. Messican formal wear: snap cowboy shirt, jeans, sport coat, and boots.


  91. Everybody is dressing all fancy today

  92. Jay, I just want you to know that your ‘spring’ pun earlier today got you moved up on The List again. One or two more like that and it’s flying monkeys. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.




    (Imgur video)


    (Imgur video with sound)

  97. Impressive she could do that in heels Pups.
    In other news: this sumo is pretty dang good despite looking rather sketchy on the outside.

  98. I frightened everyone away with my sketchy delicious sumo fruit. Sorry about that.

  99. Got a new scope for my Mosin/Nagant mounted today. Will post a pic later tonight.

    Will have to wait for the weather to get it’s shit together before I can get out to the range and dial it in.

  100. Howdy Phat. How are the friendly skies?

  101. *moves Pupster up three slots on The List*

  102. *moves Pupster up three slots on The List*

    Rut roh.
    *Put reminder in calendar to pick up Flying Monkey Suit from the cleaners*

  103. Things are good pups.

    Head out to Denver next week for a month of 787 school. Looking forward to it.

    Looks like some of europe is slowly starting to realize the stupidity of covid restrictions and hopefully the rest will follow.

    My last trip I spent 36 hours quarantined in my hotel room (Santiago, Chile). That sucked (I did sneak out to buy some wine).

  104. Phat, your passport must have more ink in it than the body of the lovely woman who sold me a sixer at the local stop and rob tonight. Which is damned impressive.

  105. yay, I’m on a list! Again!

  106. Pendejo, Most countries don’t stamp crew passports. Mainly because we’d run out of pages.

    Germany insists on stamping everytime, but they give us a separate form to carry that they can stamp instead.

    My passport is out getting a Chinese visa right now. Totally not looking forward to that.

  107. better spray that down for covid when you get it back, phat.

  108. I had a separate piece of paper to be stamped in Israel. Some Arab countries won’t let you in if you have an Israel stamp on your passport. (All the more reason to not visit in my book.)

  109. Phat, I had a trip to Prague cancelled on me about 2 years ago due to Chinese Germ Warfare. What are the chances that I could try try try again and be successful in the near to moderate future?

    I very much appreciate the advice of folks who travel for a living.

  110. I make it to Des Moines every day, without having a covid test, if that helps.

  111. Whoopi Culturally Appropriated Jewish Name is suspended from The View for two weeks. Presumably to be “re-educated”.

  112. So that cow, Whoopie, has been suspended for 2 weeks…so she can “reflect” on the stupid shit she said. Which is like anytime she opens her mouth…but it was the Holocaust comment.

  113. BAH…almost a jinx.

    *tackles Mitchell and puts a weiner mask on his face*

  114. The wind is picking up, people, and the temp is dropping.

  115. Dammit. Why did you have to give it a cock ring beasn?

  116. Could use some prayers for my dad – the prostate cancer is wearing him out, and he is ready to go. We will probably be heading to North Carolina the week that we get back from visiting the grandbaby. Dad wants to finalize some financial stuff.

  117. Denise’s expectations rankled Pete.

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