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  1. Just fat…hahahahaha


  2. Speaking of Just Fat, that cake looked pretty deluxe!

  3. Excellent selection again Pupster. I’ve seen one or two before but with careful consideration you have earned an A+ for Meme Freshness

  4. Why do some recipes call for unsalted butter? I see it in the store and wonder what it tastes like. Aside from an annual fruitcake and maybe a couple of loaves of banana bread I don’t really bake enough to consider having it on hand. How much salt exactly is in butter? When I think of butter I think of “FAT” not “SALTY”.

  5. This “Harmony Square” DHS-supported game is just plain weird

    I haven’t read that article, just a summary elsewhere. “Launched today, Harmony Square has been created by psychologists with support from US Department of Homeland Security.”

    ^^^ What I read

  6. *wonders who to bet on giving a dissertation on the history and proper usage of unsalted butter. The contestants callsigns both begin with the letter “L”.

    Morning Bishes

  7. Thanks for the smiles, Pups.

  8. I continue to believe angry woman vs cat is a gift, the best meme gift ever.

  9. Comment by Hotspur on November 6, 2020 6:42 pm
    We were invited to have pizza at our friends’ tonight – sit in their backyard 6 feet apart and pretend things are normal.

    I told HotBride she could go without me. I have no tolerance for being around democrats at this point. I may never again.


    Yeah, I’m over sitting quietly (trying to not be like a lefty) being lectured by the “good, honest, nonracist, nonsexist, noncheating, super smart, really believe the science and fair elections but never look at the actual numbers” people.

    To include any inlaws. The Fuck You’s may be coming out and I’ve warned my husband. He takes my warnings seriously. It’s going to be hard to visit his conservative Mom and have his 2/4 dumbass sisters come over and have to listen to their insane ravings.

  10. I’m not taking this cheating very well.

    What’s getting me through?

    God’s in charge.
    I’m not the only one feeling this way.
    Trump fights, Thank you, Lord, for this man and his family.
    Oh, and memes, plenty of memes.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. I sure hope I make AOC’s list, but I’m probably below her radar.

  13. Imagine saying that in America, Carin.

    AOC is a classic facist.

  14. She’s a barely literate dipshit with a ton of power.

    She’s dangerous and should be at the top of Trump’s list for house arrest.

    Same for the Bidens and Obamas. Things could get crazy. Better provide them with security and keep them safe at home.

  15. “The Trump Accountability Project”

    No, that doesn’t sound fascist at all. Holy Shit, this is crazy. All the more reason to fight.

  16. Look, it’s not going to end well.

    Let’s just get divorced and move on. It wouldn’t be as complicated as everyone thinks.

  17. I love lists. Im making one of my own. I wonder if they’ve ever considered they’re not the only ones capable of making “lists”?

  18. This is fine, not flat, and Little Boy are my favorites today, though I stole a bunch more.

  19. I’ve got a list of Never Trumpers who voted for Biden. Except -all I’m going to do is point out how stupid they are for the next X number of years.

  20. Divorce? OK. I get to keep the house and the shitbirds get to move out to a country that has the form of government they desire.

  21. I agree with t-roy.
    Why do we always have to leave or change after these shitheads fuck up our neighborhoods. ?

  22. Thru the the years:
    Fire island
    Key west
    The entire west coast.

  23. Ppl with vision and drive build. Then teeroys shitbirds (:)) land and destroy.
    I’m tired of it. Half or more of my adult working life has been confiscated under the threat of imprisonment or death…. and where has it gone?
    To ingrates in nyc buffalo newburgh albany dc – you name the dump – and they keep pushing for more
    And now they want us imprisoned or dead….
    They’ve drawn the line. It’s theirs to cross.

  24. Most of AL is safe. Not sure any Democrat won a statewide vote. Our tax assessor changed parties in order to stay in office.

  25. Waffling on whether to share the crystals meme with Mini-me. Probably would get me the bad mom award, but the rutilated quartz made me laugh.

  26. Btw – nice bewbs Pup!

  27. I raff’d at the just fat one.

  28. It’s a gorgeous day in the neighborhood. Bluebird skies.

  29. Great friends and amazing family…. I’m the luckiest monkey alive.

  30. Thru the the years:
    Fire island
    Key west
    The entire west coast.
    Cuba sticks out from your list like a sore thumb in a lime green banana hammock

  31. They all spontaneously decided it was probably safe to release this study now

  32. The senate isn’t tied. The two “independents” are lefties. If Republicans win both runoffs in GA it will be 50-50, and Kamala breaks the tie.

    Am I missing something?

  33. No, you aren’t.

  34. I was thinking about the mix of D, R and I and realized that the IBRD serve a purpose for Mitch McConnell. If they were Dems he would not have the majority and not set the agenda. When it comes to actual votes then, yeah, it’s not great.

    IBRD independent but really democrat

  35. wondering how big of a story the software awarding votes to biden is.

  36. no way we get both senate seats in ga. Atlanta won’t let us. I heard John Lewis district was the one counted to give biden the lead

  37. in case you missed it, all the networks just called it for biden. except fox, who everyone was waiting to do it as the final finger in trumps eye

  38. Slept in late today, couldn’t get my mind off of things last night so I benedhriled myself to get to sleep around 0200. Round 7 is drafted, now I have to decide what to do with the rest of the day.

  39. and now fox did too. newsmax has not

  40. Seemed inevitable they’d call it for Biden. We’ve been given the biggest Fuck You ever by the beautiful people. My prediction for the lawsuits is they will be as effective as a broke dick dog

  41. They can make all the declarations they want.

    It ain’t over till Trump concedes

  42. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  43. I agree TeeRoy. My wife is working today and I let her know. Also told her Trump isn’t going quietly. If the lawsuits fail he’ll release a lot of dirt and keep some for insurance. Hopefully he releases it Project Veritas style – drip drip drip so it’s impossible to cover up. I also told her to let her liberal cow orkers that Biden is “Not Her President” and all these COVID deaths are on his hands now.

  44. That’s a masterpiece Hotspur and I think it speaks for over half the country right now. If we were ever going to replace the kids up top that might be the one to do it.

    I like how you worked the tilde in there at the thumb crease for bilingual appeal!

  45. Steak shish kabobs is what I’m doing. Trying to resist a liquor store run.

  46. Both the Dems will win in GA.

    They didn’t get caught the first time so why wouldn’t they cheat again?

    Game over for Republicans. Prolly should have thought about working with Trump a little more instead of being backstabbing bitches.

  47. I can’t take credit for creating it. I think I actually stole it from Leon.

    It definitely suits my mood.

  48. MJ, your daddy-in-law must be an insufferable douche at this point.

  49. MJ, tell your FIL to fuck off and die.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  50. honestly the lefties have been pretty quiet so far. I think that’s about to change

  51. Not the lefties on my timeline.

  52. Larry Correia writes some powerful words of facebook. but one of the things he doesn’t often mention is the blame the Never Trumpers have. the Never Trumpers can be blamed for the issue in the Senate. The Never Trumpers can be blamed for white women fleeing Trump.

  53. The only upside of the current shit show is Mare’s expanded vocabulary.

  54. It’s true, PD. My husband (who never swears) sees this situation is making me a little salty.

  55. Hard times call for fucking salty language.

  56. Going to be interesting to see what happens to the stock market on Monday.

  57. None of these state elections are certified, the ones that used Dominion software are going to be audited, and the massive fraud is being challenged. But the MFM is declaring SloJoe the winner?
    Good fuckin’ luck with that…

  58. I want people in jail. Postal workers. County Clerks. SoS. All the lawyers are saying they have mountains of evidence. Even released the name of the coup. Hammer/Scorecard. Giving people the opportunity to become witnesses with immunity, or go to prison. (Adjusts tiara)

  59. I’m a Dominion State. I hope we get audited as well.

  60. I usually listen to Rush’s Week In Review on Saturday. I couldn’t bear to listen to it today.

  61. CoWs started cheering about Biden being our next President. I lost it again “The media doesn’t call the President. Not one single state vote is certified. You don’t get to cheat over 70 million people out of their ballots and think we’re going to let them get away with it”. 😡🤬

  62. *subscribes to all the newsletters

    sorry for the drama yesterday, if it does any good

  63. iowa is usually a good indicator but we are the opposite this year. but they keep finding votes for one of the dem house reps who is now leading

  64. Texas gets away with pass interference, wins another game possibly. the biden of the big12

  65. Virginia Tech, wtf?

  66. Time for a song!

    I’mmmmmm….gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the commies I seeeeeeee

    I’mmmmm…gonna get me a Shotgun and kill all the commies I seeeeeee

    When I kill all the commies

    Then they won’t bother me….

    I’mmmmm gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the commies I seeeeeee.

    * this song was originally performed by Garret Morris on SNL circa 1978 except the word whitey was in place of the word commie

  67. Beautiful day in Connectistan. 79 degrees!

  68. I didn’t understand teh drama.

  69. Comment by osoloco11 on November 7, 2020 3:03 pm
    I want people in jail. Postal workers. County Clerks. SoS.

    That won’t happen. When Gore needed a few more votes in NM, the woman in charge pulled 200 ballots out of her purse, in view of everybody. They were counted, Gore won NM. No repercussions at all.

    With the Dems in power, all the investigations go away. (Clinton, Weiner, Epstein, coup, Biden, etc.) Nothing ever happens to these people. They have no fear.

    Cleaning up big tech? That ain’t gonna happen.

    The Republicans had a chance to really clean up everything in the first two years after Trump was elected. They freaking stalled and deflected and didn’t do a damned thing. Do you think the Dems will forego an opportunity to stick the knife in and break it off? I don’t.

  70. Pepe, I am still angry that Bush fucked us in 2000. Everything I’m learning about Dominion, our votes in NM haven’t been counted for years. Ryan fucked us. Trump, unlike TFG, didn’t have 2 years of total government control. We can’t even get that bald fuck Balderas to indict Bill Richardson and other Democrats for child trafficking

  71. Georgia player needs a bone doc. That was pretty gross.

  72. Glad I missed it. Joe Thiessman and Dak were enough video for me. Alex Smith.

  73. We should get a staff (heh) bone doctor (heh heh) for this chat room.

  74. I’m just sitting here watching Kung-Fu movies and contemplating taking up drinking again.

  75. I see that j’ames is still trying to speak to us from beyond teh veil.

  76. I go by j’rona now. pretty sure the media declared me a positive case by now

  77. J’rona

  78. MCPO keep watching Kung Fu movies, I’ll drink for you. You can golf for me.

  79. We were supposed to have a ball tournament next weekend in nh.
    Cuomo decided to up the level of rona retardation to all non bordering states…. fast forward a few days and those states are retaliating. Haaaahaaaaa. Stupid cuomo.

  80. I wonder when someone will sue him on constitutional grounds – interstate commerce clause violation. It’d be awesome if the left got hoisted on their own petard.

  81. Ugh. Lib cousin hasn’t set foot inside a Catholic church since Clinton was president, has the gall to post a thank-you to RBG for her intercession.

  82. Liberal Catholic family is the worst. Mi familia is shitposting Pope Francis 💩

  83. Saint Ruth of Election Fraud?

  84. I’m not sure what my FIL thinks. I don’t use social media so I’m not sure what he’s posting.

    But GND said if he mentions one word at Tgiving she’s picking up MJr and walking out.

    She’s always had a bad relationship with him and it’s only gotten worse as he’s become more addicted to pain killers.

  85. MJ, my mom has TDS. 2 of her sisters and I have limited contact with her. She gets ravaged by Morons on FB. Beasn was engaging with her today, but she didn’t bite.

  86. We love our Ninja Foodie Grill. Amazeballs. Sam’s has the Ninja Foodie Oven on sale this week. Bought one. More cooking space. Ninja came out with the Ninja Foodie Grill XL. Bigger than ours. We don’t need much space. Only us. Best steaks. Best wings. Best fries. Best taters. We aren’t legally allowed the option of grilling outside. Next best thing. Obey.

  87. When I went to the store yesterday I asked Paula to text me a list. Among the usual suspects like eggs, cheese and meat for Sunday dinner was Zevia. I grabbed a 6 pack that looked like one I had bought before. When she got home she remarked “Oh, Dr. Zevia!” I rarely drink it but I had to try it. It’s pretty good.

  88. Pretty eyes, pirate smile, you marry a music man. . .

  89. car ins mom banned me. I’m still proud of that

  90. love my grills and smoker. wouldn’t want to part with access to them. my convection oven is a big air fryer. just elevate the food off the pan to give airflow

  91. I’m just grateful the dems don’t have the senate. They can be a thorn in Biden’s side for the next four years and then we vote for president again.

  92. Miss Lindsey is already telegraphing co operation. I want chaos. I want Trump to reveal the Swamp. Expose McCain. Hillary. TFG. Burn it down. Release the emails. The Laptops. Stop being the bitch and fuck them up.

  93. Dems have the senate, they just don’t have the gavel.

  94. He needs an insurance policy as well.

  95. I say Joe Biden doesn’t last past March before he resigns for, “health” reasons.

  96. If Trump indicts Hunter, he’ll stroke out before inauguration.

  97. I think we’re going to see violence. Not sure from which side first, yet.

  98. We’ve already had violence from the Lefties. They attacked first. Anything thing the right does is self defense.

  99. Anyone else have a heated argument with their dad today wherein you were asked if you forgot all the science you learned in school?

  100. My dad is dead. I’m not talking to my TDS mom. She’s not capable of reasonable conversation.

  101. My Aunt Maria, Becky, and I all asked my mom to not be political. She can’t lay-off the TDS. We cut her off now I’m the asshole.

  102. I was trying. He yelled first. It was on after that. We hugged after, he’s still my dad, but he’s a stereotypical boomer democrat.

  103. Vote for president again?? In four years??

    Why? How would the outcome be any different? They steal this one and they’ll continue to steal in perpetuity. That’s why fighting this out is important. If you let them do it now the more they’ll do it later. And the longer it goes the more it snowballs. Theyll be changing lots of “rules” using the power of the state to enable their fraudulent power. This is not a “oh well, life goes on” scenario for this nation. This is the most significant election since the 1860s and at this point I don’t see how civil conflict is avoidable.

    If the courts decide that Trump prevails the shitbirds are going to get very frisky. If they decide against him in the face of indisputable evidence things are going to get lawless and at that point, rightfully so.

    They want this.

  104. I used to work with CoWs sister, Maria. Maria was doing yard work and her chiweenie was chilling in the grass by the alley. Guy in a truck was parked in the alley. Deliberately targeted the dog. Ran Woody over in front of Maria and kids. They didn’t get license plate. Just description. I’m like “You move to Texas and you don’t carry while doing yard work”? Other CoW, “That’s sad. I’m afraid of guns. Sorry, that nothing could be done”. Me “Y’all need to get to the range. Practice. “

  105. I’m not letting anyone do anything…but there is nothing *I* can do. The problem is, Trump didn’t scorch like he did last time. He blew Hillary out of the water in the electoral college. Those last couple of states were razor thin margins. The left didn’t steal it last time, we won and we can do it again. Trump lost Arizona because those people LOVE McCain. He didn’t have Nevada last time either, but he got a LOT closer.

  106. Kamala’s speech was divisive af

  107. GREAT. Section 8 apartments celebrating a Biden “Win” with gunshots and fireworks.

  108. GREAT. Section 8 apartments celebrating a Biden “Win” with gunshots and fireworks.

    oh yeah, that’s every 4th of July and New Year’s around these parts

  109. The Section 8 apartments are probably celebrating because Kamala won.

    If Joe lasts 2 years, he’d better watch his back – after that time, Kamala can conceivably get 10 years of presidential rule.

    Won’t that be fun.

  110. If the courts decide that Trump prevails the shitbirds are going to get very frisky. If they decide against him in the face of indisputable evidence things are going to get lawless and at that point, rightfully so.

    They want this.

    And they will regret it. We’re the ones with guns.

  111. If Joe lasts 2 years, he’d better watch his back – after that time, Kamala can conceivably get 10 years of presidential rule

    Lord, her voice is as annoying as Hillary

  112. Here too. When OBL was killed, I was all “How did they get fireworks in May?” Dan “Those aren’t fireworks”.

  113. I am drinking alone, and that is probably a bad idea. Mr. RFH is off playing f’ing D&D.

  114. I never played f’ing D&D. Probably for the best as the only women were other dude’s wives.

  115. I don’t think we’ll do shit about this election. Sadly if trump doesn’t win in recounting or court we’ll just sit back down and wait…. just like we always have. Open conflict will only happen if the lefty dbags are actually stupid enough to continue rioting and burning our shit down.
    I think their handlers know this and will keep them on a tight lease.

  116. It’s easier for them to slip a legislative / administrative noose around our neck.

  117. we won’t do anything, cuz “we’re better than that”. and thats why we lose

  118. watching long time aos morons proclaiming how big of an asshole trump is, and he should have been nicer. wtf does that have to do with anything

  119. There’s a whole thing right now about those shitbags in Portland and whatnot that said, we don’t care who gets elected, fuck biden, fuck trump, we’re ungovernable
    sooo, good luck to seattle and portland

  120. in other news, there are a lot of people boycotting fox. watching comments to gutfeld tweets is interesting

  121. Biden will bring in the National Guard because the local governments in Oregon and Washington will request it and everyone will be ok with that then

  122. I’m not okay with that. No use of force is legitimate when the authority isn’t, even against those turds.

    Good and hard, Portland. Enjoy!

  123. what does that mean, the authority isn’t legitimate?

  124. I don’t mean we’ll be ok with it, what I mean is, all those people in Oregon and Washington bitched and moaned when Trump sent in the national guard….they’re gonna suddenly beg Biden to do something about the violence, he’ll send in the NG and those people will be all like ahhhh thanks Biden
    You’re gonna see hypocrisy in epic proprotions

  125. ^^^^ really good summary of possible election fraud

  126. actually, someone did a tweet it is

  127. Demerits earned; reprimands pending.

  128. Nothing “elected” government does after this is legit, Jay. Portland wanted riots and deserves them. They didn’t want Trump to stop them, and no order Biden gives will be lawful, so the riots are fine now. Democracy means mob rule, and the rioters are the mob. Oh, I know they’ll roll over and start busting heads ASAP, but I won’t support it. It’s just one criminal gang fighting another at this point.

  129. I finally realized what happened in the election.

    It’s not nefarious software, or people in dark rooms changing ballots…

    Democrats simply voted twice.

    I’ll bet anything that in most cities the mail in ballots were collected and tens of thousands of those same people voted on Election Day.

    We’ll know next year.

  130. That was plan A. It wasn’t enough, that’s why the counting mysteriously stopped in a bunch of cities simultaneously when the Yuan crashed. Plan B was Hammer and pallets of ballots and locking out observers.

  131. Fireworks around here last night. Probably to celebrate Biden’s “Victory.” Alternatively they might have been the opening salvo of the next Civil War.

    My two Canine-Americans did not fare well with the racket and were clinging to their humans.

  132. Good thread unroll Peej. We’re at the three dimensional chess aspect of this fight and the psyops are being brought to bear by the media big time.

  133. What is Hanmer?

  134. watching comments to gutfeld tweets is interesting
    I tweeted @ him 2 days post election suggesting he get his resume in order because Fox was soon to tank and become the new CNN

  135. Hammer is some computer voting system that can be manipulated by those with the right keys. I read a couple of articles about it but they were too long in detail for my monkey mind to get

  136. Anyone else having a hard time with *flails arms around* all of this?
    Maybe I’d be better at it if the last year wasn’t so stressful re: shit to do with the wedding, stress up to and including surgery, MIL’s meltdown, hot/cold all the time. The accumulation of everything…. haven’t slept much in days.
    What do you say to someone who says stuff like ‘cheating goes on but not enough to swing an election’ or ‘they’ve got republican and democrats working at each poll location and counting places, there’s no way massive cheating would happen’.

    I’m not in a good place.

  137. I remember sweasel telling us years ago about how someone she knew told her how they manipulated the machines in RI, to get the votes they wanted. I believe they actually showed her.

  138. It’s not nefarious software, or people in dark rooms changing ballots…

    Democrats simply voted twice.

    It’s all of those things.

  139. And it will keep happening until there is a simplified, unified nationwide Voter ID apparatus put in place. Something democrats don’t want. Something f*cking republicans should have hammered out years ago.

    Facebook friends who are Venezuelan say ‘welcome to our world’.

  140. Anyone else having a hard time with *flails arms around* all of this?
    Pretty sure we all are. On so many different levels.

    Stream of consciousness: blatant cheating announced in advance, manufactured Covid crisis, vicious attacks on Trump for 4+ years, complete disregard for the rule of law, mob rule in cities, media stooges parroting DNC talking points, Wiserbud … need I go on?

    I’ll add in, personally for me, my mother’s death. Still incredibly angry I missed visiting her during her last few viable months due to a manufactured crisis. Every Sunday in the afternoon I catch myself thinking I ought to check in with her as was our routine regardless even if we had communicated several times that week already. Sigh.

  141. I’m not in a good place.
    Sorry beasn. I can understand being pissed about the election but you’ve also had some truly a frustrating and just plain sad situation for the past, what, six months? I can’t even imagine what you’ve had to deal with.

    I’m sure it’s no consolation but at some point things will swing back around to normalcy. In the meantime it’ll be nice to catch up when we’re in the camps. Please bring a harmonica and some coloring books to pass the time.

  142. I’ve got a case of TMOT. I’ll be off scrambling my brains on them as I sip too much coffee.

  143. Too Many Open Tabs

  144. TMOT is how I deal with my job. I never have time to learn anything deeply, so I’ve got 70 tabs of hints, tricks, and tutorials open at any given time.

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