Big Boob Friday Championship 2020 Round 6

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday Championship 2020 Round 6.



Contestant’s names in the headers are links to the original 2020 BBF post with additional pictures.

GIF Links in Pupster posts are best viewed using the HOVER ZOOM plug in, YMMV.





Your model for today was born May 13th, 1984 in Barcelona, Spain.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measure34 – 24 – 35 and 120 lbs.  Please heed the warning signs with Miss Eva Padlock.




9/10 would smash


/stamps “APPROVED”


Pup, Well done. It’s high quality content like this that keep me coming back.





Your model for today was born in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation on September 11th, 1989.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 38D2838 and 135 lbs.  Please pop a cork and pour one out for Miss Anna Polina!



Hmmm. Confusing.

Looks like she’d be slutty but upon further review I think she’d drain your wallet and never put out.

9/10 would smash


She’d break my heart and my bank account.


The one might be a contenda’.





Your model for today was born on March 6th, 1997 in Hungary.  She stands 5′ 1″ and measures 34 – 25 – 36 and 117 lbs.  Please light a candle or curse the dog-head for Miss Jessica Albanka AKA Alisa Amore AKA Inez Fulitko.



Normal titties for once. Thanks, Pups.


She’s a cutie!


She’s adorable.




Your model for today was born in Yamanashi Japan on November 18th, 1997.  She stands 4′ 11″ and measure39 – 24 – 34 and not many pounds.  Please line up to greet Miss Chika Yuuki .



Big boob Yuuki looks so sweet and innocent until the 9th picture and then you know she crazy and you get shiv if you no take shoes off at door.


I hear there’s a market for her sort of look.

*cough* MJ


10/10 would smash




  1. Hungarian boobs for me. I have a feeling she won’t make it through this round though.

  2. I usually have a vague remembrance of the contestants but I have to say I have zero recollection of Miss Padlock. I’m sure I commented on her and/or on that post but she’s not ringing any bells. I’m sure the feeling is mutual and therefore IDGAF

  3. The very first gif link for “Big” is concerning. How can boobs be that big and the person attached to them still walk? No wonder she’s not smiling and has a confused look on her face.

  4. Pups,
    pretty much all your links are to IMGUR, which does not display on my old Win-XP machine, could you give me a hint, so I don’t waste my time and cycles, and have to reboot my browser?

    Jesus Chrispy, your OS is 20 years old. I try and save all the media in my poats in WP folders, but when I comment I hot link to imgur 85% of the time. I’ll try and remember to add a note for you but if it is a link it is most likely imgur in my comments.

  5. Miss Padlock was from 6/19/20, you were probably at summer camp Jimbro.

  6. Although I prefer gals on the tall side, I went with Jessica. Pretty smile, etc.

  7. Sushi FTW.

    10/10 would smash

  8. Is there going to be late voting? Absentee? Mail-in?

    wakey wakey

  9. I got a 97 model Isuzu Trooper parked on the curb with 140,000 ballots in the back. Who do I need to see to get my fuckin money?

  10. I voted for the Spanish titties.

  11. Simpatico with CoAlex, Spanish titties mui bueno.


  12. so, chrisp is the new MCPO?

  13. I’m sure the Russians will interfere. Unless we stuff the ballot box in the middle of the night, then they won’t have to. We should check with the Chinese.


    I’ve seen more than a few of these columns and sort of half-heartedly read them knowing there’s a grain of truth to them. The massive blue wave that was going to fundamentally change America is probably averted for now but you know it’ll get here eventually because our side likes to be honorable and play by the rules whereas the other side has one Machiavellian rule; “The ends justifies the means”.

  15. Trying not to be a gloomypuss today. Bleah.

  16. Anyone who writes those columns should be [REDACTED BY AUTHOR]

  17. My dad, who is a very mild mannered guy, was talking bout Trump putting on a uniform and ending this shit last night.

    Kind of surprised me but if he’s there (GND is also there) then I’m sure a lot of other people are too.

    This is totally insane.

  18. Watch the pitch video. This guy is funny and knows how to sell pepper mills

  19. Had to go with muy bueno tittays today. She’s a lock!

  20. The Pepper Cannon. Better get one, we likes the peppah in our abode. Not just the black kind either. SYHM

  21. I gave a blood donation yesterday and near the end I could hear the staff talking about the election and though they were being quiet I could tell they were Trump supporters.

  22. If he goes full Napoleon/Cincinnatus at this point, I’m with him.

    Need to write my house rep and tell him that the legislature needs to tell Detroit to pound sand and send their own electors. He needs to know that won’t hurt him.

  23. Surprised it’s up on youtoob

  24. Of course they are Trump supporters. They were at work.

  25. The only people who aren’t Trump supporters and have a job are in my office.

  26. So, it’s over? PA called?

  27. Meh, it’s going to SCOTUS, I think. If they come back with, “The legislature made the rules and so count ballots according to those rules,” things will get ugly. I don’t think there’s any way at this point to determine which ballots arrives before the deadline.

  28. I’m not really following the details. I’ve decided it was stolen and I don’t care about the rest. If Trump somehow pulls it off, great. But I think they’re pretty determined to steal it.

    As in, they’re going to show us the election is being stolen so we get the point. I’m not watching that.

  29. But your buddy Roberts will just kick it back, doesn’t want the courts involved, so he’ll lie cheat and steal to not make a decision, right?

  30. Wow, I’m really in a shitty mood today.

  31. My life experience is that, when I get screwed, not only does nobody take my side, I get punished for making a big deal about it. So you’ll excuse me for thinking that all those in power will just band together against us and laugh behind our backs. Because it’s been thus for me all my life and I see no reason it will change now.

  32. Democratic party on line 1!

  33. But your buddy Roberts will just kick it back, doesn’t want the courts involved, so he’ll lie cheat and steal to not make a decision, right?

    My buddy? Eat a bag of dicks you fat piece of shit.

  34. little harsh, don’t you think?

  35. I’m not really following the details. I’ve decided it was stolen and I don’t care about the rest. If Trump somehow pulls it off, great. But I think they’re pretty determined to steal it.
    Agree. All the wailing and gnashing of teeth will be for naught. As much as I’d like to see Trump 2024: Phoenix From The Ashes Campaign, the feckless GOP won’t allow it to happen.

  36. Agree. All the wailing and gnashing of teeth will be for naught. As much as I’d like to see Trump 2024: Phoenix From The Ashes Campaign, the feckless GOP won’t allow it to happen.
    The only possible better outcome for the Dems is if they would have won in a huge wave, legitimately.

    This is pretty good though. They win, Trump splits the GOP, Fox News is dead to conservatives, and they accumulate the weak sister, soft right to their side to whip whenever they want.

  37. Wrote my state House rep. Told him I’d support him and the House if they took any needed action in light of the blatant fraud occurring in Wayne Co. Not much, but something I could do.

    Jay, Alex has never said he agreed with Roberts abdication of responsibility for anything of value, just pointed out that’s the pattern: rule as narrowly as possible, push it back to the legislature to fix it or let it fuck us over.

    If he fucks us over again here, he’d better have excellent security for the rest of his life, like most of these bastards. Countries where “elections” run like this have a colorful record when it comes to who lives to retire from politics. It’s not abnormal for Mexico to have 4-5 per year. It won’t even come from the right, either, it’ll be rival factions or other wings of the criminal enterprise that want them gone.

  38. If you allow them to steal this election this nation is done. By time we get to the next “election” itll be kabuki theater and permanent lock by the communists. There are very few “good” reasons for war. Stealing elections is one of them. So this isn’t a “oh well, lets move on” kinda thing. You will NEVER be allowed to move on. You will be enslaved. You will be told what can say and can’t say. You will be told what to wear (masks) and where you can go. Your money will be taken from you and redistributed. You will not be allowed to defend yourself and loved ones from attack. You will continued to be villified for your ancestors participation in building this nation.

    Its time to do the right thing (always the hardest thing to do) and fight this fight now to eliminate this evil. And it must be harsh and horrific to deter others in the future from taking this path. I refuse to live in a society based on lies and cheating.

    Constitution 2.0, ready to talk about that now?

  39. Your mom paid me to stuff her ballot box………….

  40. Sorry if I implied that Colorado Alex was a fan of Roberts. That was the impression that I got. If I was in error, that’s on me.

    Carry on.

  41. Everybody just calm down Mare.

    All this infighting is counterproductive. We should get united against the real villain in this situation.


  42. Can we keep the explicit speaking of retaliation to a bare vague minimum please? Or am I the last person left who GAF about OpSec and NOT getting favorite hangouts/last threads of sanity shut down?

  43. I’m not, Tim. I’m noting simply that the odds of it are about to increase dramatically given the precedent elsewhere and elsewhen. Assuming The Steal comes off, of course. I also predict “gun violence” next Summer as a pretense for sweeping “reforms” that amount to confiscation. I don’t want it and pray I’m no where near it, but that’s what I see coming. My version of “reprisal” would be getting elected to literally anything and using the authority of that office to stem the destruction.

    Drain commissioner seems like a nothing job, but it’s on them to make a stink about it when your septic has to be replaced with some new anaerobic filtering monstrosity that costs more than you make in a year. Any leeway to approve variances to that is, well, leeway. Any leeway to decline to prosecute, is leeway. It’s not “get your shock troops out of lockup within an hour” like the DA of Portlandia, but it’s not nothing.

  44. Also I voted Jessica because she had the right combination of height and figure.

    Chika is the right height but there’s something “weird” about her figure, and Japanese girls with big bewbs in general. It’s like the extra curvy always goes exclusively up front.

  45. When the “optimism” feels like mockery I know I’m in a bad place and a truly foul mood. May be just me though.

  46. All this infighting is counterproductive. We should get united against the real villain in this situation.



  47. @ PePe.

    Mom paid you? Yeah she’s weird, every once in awhile she goes slumming. (You know I keed, I keed)

    Off today, good weather this weekend. Going to do the yard and the better half has decided to hang Xmas lights justifying her desire by saying “its better to do it now when its nice”. Kinda hard to argue that. Also going to do the clean the garage and shed routine. Then a few rounds down range just for shits and grins. Going to work on the collateral drill some more.

  48. We ended up having to burn our “add a gate to the fence closer to the coop” time on adding the poultry netting and we’re out of time to get it in while the weather is good, so I need to get some lumber together today to build a pair of benches that will let us just step over the fence and take care of the chickens. I’m hopeful that I’ve got enough scrap laying around to cobble something together, because otherwise I have to order it or wear the Mask of the Bitch.

    Or not, I might just walk into Lowe’s and make then force the issue while I’m buying wood.

    “I have a deviated septum.”

  49. I’ve been playing too much Skyrim, my brain keeps wanting to change the spelling on that to septim, which is the common name for gold pieces stamped with a profile of the emperor.

  50. “I have a deviated septum.”

    No, I am Spartacus!

  51. My buddy? Eat a bag of dicks you fat piece of shit.

    Wow. I hope that was a joke. A smiley face might have helped.

  52. Dangit, there was a rally in Detroit at 9am. It’s probably still going, but there’s no way to make it now, even if the wife wasn’t at work already (local barn job she picked up mostly to network).

    She’s got her first drill weekend in months starting this evening. Grissom, now, rather than Selfridge, after her component change from Guard to Reserves. It’s still a 1 hour drive, but that’s a hell of a lot better than 4.

  53. I agree Trump needs to fight it now. They are cheating blatantly. I listened to Barns on Vivia or People pundit and it may be a long shot on the courts doing much. At least based on past behavior. Peoples Pundit is in Florida and he says they changes the laws recently there and that’s why we didn’t have issues there. Also it’s much harder for them to cheat there now.

  54. Time to move to Linux Crispy!!!
    I’ve spent the last couple of days migrating to this OS on a larger solid state

  55. Yea, rally started at 9:30. I wanted to go but couldn’t get anyone to go with me.

  56. Hey MJ, Ivanka is in Lancaster, PA if you wanted to take a sightseeing road trip.

  57. I’m going to have an aneurysm. Anyone whose idea of how to deal with things starts with “The GOP needs to–” is a willful idiot at best.

  58. Mint is what I run at home and on my test VMs.

  59. yes!! I love it and thanks to proton…I can play the majority of my steam games and even rockstar and epic. I’m still trying to tweak the epic so I can play Red dead Redemption 2 on it….that game is FUN

  60. Ned is giving Gretchen a run for the money.


  61. Lamont said the state is also not allowing high-risk sports, including boxing, martial arts, 11-on-11 football and wrestling, to be played through the end of the year.

    Can’t have you learning how to fight back, even a little. Better to keep you locked up safe from a scam deadly plague.

  62. Gatherings of 1000+ to protest Trump and white peepo will continue to be tolerated, gatherings of 10 or more for Church or Thanksgiving will be persecuted to the full extent of lawlessness.

  63. I’m really afraid Biden is gonna lock us down if he “wins”

  64. Of course he will
    Or he’ll try to

  65. I’m assuming something was lost In translation …. jay is absolutely one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of being around.

  66. Not like that dickhead hot-n-tot. 🤣

  67. He said nation-wide mask mandate.

  68. Jay loves black pepper

    Make of that what you will …

  69. He said nation-wide mask mandate.

    After saying it was unconstitutional.

    And before shitting his pants and asking for a Nutter Butter.

  70. The nation wide mask mandate will come just before Covid magically disappearing. Once you submit it will go away.

  71. Trump winning the election in SCOTUS with ACB being the swing vote is the same as Biden’s fixers finding all those votes to carry the swing states. Except it would be, you know, legal.

  72. Yeah, it won’t be a long mandate, just the first one.

    There will be another one each year as needed to prevent rallies or meetings or to juice the Amazon stock price.

  73. There won’t be a president Biden. The moment he’s actually the winner, he’s on borrowed time.

  74. Mask mandate really scares me because of all the people who have a heart attack if you wear the mask UNDER your nose…I wear it under my nose for all sorts of reasons (claustrophia, sun damage on nose actinic keratosis from being born a freckly redhead and it gets rubbed raw from the mask, and asthma, lord I sound like a mess, they’re just minor inconviences, truly) until someone is within like 15 feet of me…but the mask nazis have a heart attack if they’re 30 feet away from and tell my boss I wasn’t wearing a mask…I can only imagine what going out in public will be like…I already get glares from people in cars wearing their fucking masks if I’m walking ALONE in the parking lot w/out a mask

  75. And yes, there will be a national mask mandate. People really want it.

    I can’t remember if I told you this but one of our neighbors, a really nice lady, told us she really wanted a national mask mandate. She told us this while at an outdoor halloween gathering with hundreds of families.

    GND asked why she wasn’t wearing a mask and she proceeded to explain that she could be trusted to do the right thing. She’s outside, with us, who are very familiar to her, and she tries to keep her distance from strangers. She’s responsible.

    Then she told us we needed a national mask mandate again.

    There is no hope for most people. They can’t think in a logical manner.

    They will literally tell you the sky is blue, proceed to explain why the sky is blue and then advocate for someone else to tell them the color of the sky.

  76. Your neighbor is why communism doesn’t work. Rules for thee, not for me.

  77. There won’t be a president Biden. The moment he’s actually the winner, he’s on borrowed time.

    Remember that particular brand of violence I mentioned that will be used as a pretense for sweeping new rules and confiscations? That’s my big worry, that they’ll use him as a high-value, false-flag target rather than letting him peacefully expire or simply be 25th’d.

  78. That’s a scary thought Leon

  79. Weather is gorgeous here. Went to check out the garden before work.

    -deer poop
    -hoof prints
    -Winter spinach crop is gone
    -beet greens gone
    -winter rye cover crop that just sprouted, gone every last seed of it

    I hope we have a Winter like from a Russian novel.

  80. Ugh, that sucks. Worst 2020 garden EVAHR

  81. Sounds like you’re gardening venison, Laura.

  82. And I’m not having a garden next year, so this is a guarantee that 2021 will be idyllic. Buy seeds, people.

  83. It’s beautiful here too. Gonna be nice for the next few days at least.

  84. I’ll be building steps and moving paving stones soon.

  85. That’s a scary thought Leon

    Yeah. I’m pretty scared that I had it.

  86. Caller to Rush from my town!

  87. I have an old clay brick patio that’s got more waves in it than a breakdancer, and a big stack of old clay bricks gleaned from an old walkway removal. I think next year is the year I repave the patio.
    Maybe I’ll put in some stonework and get snazzy with it.

  88. Its beautiful here in Michigan today, but I have to work and our country is a dumpster fire.

    So. Not enjoying the weather as I should.

  89. I… way overbought on paving stones for my actual planned projects.

    I have about a hundred to spare at the moment. I’ll need them for things eventually, but God knows when and what.

  90. You could bring ’em to one of our riots after Biden assumes office?

  91. Important update:

    This young lady scurried in the house behind Mrs. Pupster while groceries were being carried.

  92. Mrs. Pupster was eventually able to herd her back outside.

  93. I was hoping the important update was a mammal with 4 legs and a tail

  94. When we lost Star we put a deposit on a pup and then we got Lola. The deposit is still valid and we may be getting #3

    Misha and Dillon are the parents. I’m pushing for a red boy. Paula wants to name it Tucker. I put a halt to that because I don’t want a dog that makes me think of a tucker IYKWIM. My suggestion was Taco which is a super cool name.

  95. How do you know it is a her? You’re just assuming its gender.

  96. Jessica is pulling a Biden on Eva.

  97. Storm blowing in here. 20 mph winds today, 35 mph winds with gusts in the 40’s tomorrow. Chance of rain tomorrow. Then the temp plummets on Sunday.

  98. Peej, you should click on Pupster’s link. 👋🏻

  99. The chick lizards are darker colored, the boys are green.

  100. This young lady scurried in the house behind Mrs. Pupster while groceries were being carried.

    fuck that…you wanna rob me, bring a lizard. I will give you anything and everything I own.
    Lizards are my bizarre irrational fear

  101. thanks oso 😛

  102. I think lizards are neato.

  103. I’m not especially scared of them, but I don’t want to live anywhere they can live.

    Lizards imply the nearby presence of scorpions, of which I have an entirely rational fear.

  104. You could bring ’em to one of our riots after Biden assumes office?

    Pavers. 16#. Not really window-bricks without a judicious application of a sledgehammer.

  105. Got my garage freezer moved, got the two steps built in lieu of a proper gate that I hope we can put in next year, now I need to tear up a junked rug so I can make room to move the pavers into the garage on nice pallet.

  106. Uh…anoles do color-change, you know…

  107. Aholes do too, particularly if used for things they aren’t meant for.

  108. If they were “in season” the tell would be if the throat inflated and showed red. That’s the male’s mating display. Otherwise damn if I know how to determine it for lizards.

  109. …wait, looked it up, that dorsal white streak is pretty much a female characteristic for the Carolina anole (the most common one hereabouts). That’s prolly a girl lizard.

  110. You really clicked? 🤣🤣🤣😘

  111. I’ve had a day. Besides, that’s probably one of the least suspect judgement calls I’ve made today.

  112. ahole bleach
    and yes!!! I clicked!! I was hoping for a puppy picture, you…anole!!

  113. Can’t believe Morons don’t understand Ace’s #WAR is an homage to Andrew.

  114. 🤣🤣🤣👋🏻 I watched you video yesterday. Consider us even.

  115. Lizards/geckos eat bugs and cockroach eggs. They are good to have around, outside certainly.

  116. Well, at least this guy gets it:

    Matt Gaetz

    US House candidate, FL-1
    If Republicans don’t dig in and fight this fraud now, we will never win another election again.

  117. I watched you video yesterday. Consider us even.

    awwwww, you watched it? You made my day


  119. I always watch your videos. How else am I going to annoy my friends? “Charley”

  120. Ugh. My custom domain email got ported over to Outlook from the old Workspace thing GoDaddy used to have. So much for avoiding Big Tech silly business to some extent.

  121. Good God Pepe, they really do want to start a war. They don’t want to coexist with anyone who doesn’t think like they do.

  122. We were invited to have pizza at our friends’ tonight – sit in their backyard 6 feet apart and pretend things are normal.

    I told HotBride she could go without me. I have no tolerance for being around democrats at this point. I may never again.

  123. CoWorker was laughing about 45 losing. I lost it. No cussing just “This isn’t about Trump. This is about 70 million Americans getting their votes nullified. I want the laptops:Released. I want Hillary’s emails: Released. I want Weiner’s laptop:Released. I want the Seth Rich information: Released. “ CoWorker “What laptops?” So, I clued her in. Her next comment “You can see Connie’s blood pressure rising when she talks politics”

  124. My favorite Marine was recently promoted. I made a comment about crayon eating. He reminded everyone of how I nearly killed him as a baby. I went inside to get him a hat. I was worried about sunburn. He nearly drowned in the backyard. Fell off the slab and was face down in a puddle. No one remembers that I saved his life. 20$

  125. “I have no tolerance for being around democrats at this point. I may never again.”

    I caught that bug around 2011.

  126. 2010 or 2012. Friends voted for Blumenthal because Linda McMahon was icky.

  127. That shit that pepe just posted, was why I was afraid to vote for Trump….I fucking did it anyway
    you see the list? It’s individuals that supported Trump is in’s not just high level people………….it’s people like me. That’s fucking insane

  128. “You can see Connie’s blood pressure rising when she talks politics”

  129. Socialists are gonna socialist. Reeducation camps and punishment. How long ’til they get to firing squads?

  130. This seems hard to believe

    Wonderful if true, if we don’t hear more about it in a day or two then I’d say it was wishful thinking

  131. Maybe the FBI can get to the bottom of all the election shenanigans.

  132. I have the weekend off.


  133. Right after they release the Epstein tapes.

  134. Got out to play golf today before the medical madness starts on Monday. It had been 3 weeks so, I played pretty much like a hacker. Ran out of energy on the 13th hole. Hope for restful sleep tonight.

  135. Maybe the FBI can get to the bottom of all the election shenanigans


  136. Sorry that you have to go through this.

    You will kick ass.

  137. Hang in there, MCPO.

  138. good luck chief!

  139. How is Elliot doing, Jay? Problem solved?

  140. I’ll be singing just like PJM in no time! 😱

  141. Best wishes MCPO and prayers
    I am ready for a national divorce, give the Dems the coast keep Florida, and buy the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Colorado can move back to Clownifornia

  142. You got this, C3P0.

  143. I want a divorce from democrat America don’t care how, I am done with them. Our world view is universes apart, time to move on, or start a new country. I don’t want war, just get lost.

  144. Scott, we have at least 13 teens that have come forward about Epstein’s NM Ranch. Cross state trafficking. Our AG already let baby parts video expire. We are the dirtiest state in the US. I truly believe Trump turned NM Red. Ronchetti Beat Ben Ghey. We won.

  145. Vmaximus, is right. There would’ve never been a United States without Electoral College. #WAR

  146. Hillary did this.

    Trump is a counter puncher. I expect bombs.

  147. I don’t want war Oso we have lost to the cheaters. I want someplace where we kick cheaters out. They want freedom of choice as long as you agree with them. I want freedom of choice as long as you are not a socialist or communist.

  148. I’m lock step with hot spot on jettisoning dem/lib friends.
    They all profess to be smarter and kinder and and and… yet almost to a turd they deny their complicity in the coming travesty.
    At least the mental midgets among them profess their true intent.

  149. AOC maybe a feckless hemi-sentient whore… but she speaks to the ultimate plan.

  150. I expect Trump to fight Scott, I hope the rest of the repubs fight as well.

  151. I’m quoting Andrew Breitbart. He got this.

  152. Trump will fight.

    The rest are in on this.

  153. Most GOPers are hiding. They are ok with fraud. I remember 2012 when Romney wouldn’t fight. I remember 2018. I’m old enough to remember 2000. Trump is fighting for us. Not the GOP. For America.

  154. Whether we want to voice it or not – we know where this ends.
    History is unequivocal about it.

  155. Trump 2024!

  156. I am watching “The Greatest Show on Earth” and thinking I will have to explain what a circus was to my grandchildren, that they will never see one. Thanks, PETA. Maybe if we get a national divorce, we can bring back Ringling Brothers.

    Also, the guy singing “Picnic in the Park” in this movie is the same singing voice for Michigan J. Frog in the Bugs Bunny cartoon. (Bill Roberts)

  157. First Citizen Barron should be ready to take power in about 10 years, give or take. The tales of his vengeance will echo for centuries to come. He will have a List, prepared for him by the weaponized autists of the Great and Venerable Chans.

    Assuming, of course, they insist on stealing it this time. They really, really should just back down. Jail is nothing compared to the torments that shall visit them.

  158. I think the DHS ballot thing is fake, the states print their own ballots.

  159. this will get stuck in your head

  160. scott: Elliot does great when wearing his work collar. Now that he is used to it, he wears it a lot, including most walks (leashless). I haven’t had to buzz him for not listening in a long time. Looks like it worked.

  161. Agreed, Roamy. Near as I can tell, it’s guidelines and a voluntary program. I’d be shocked if any Blue state participated.

    I’d be elated to be wrong.

  162. Dirk’s excuses remained plausible.

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