2019 Big Boob Championship

Hello, and welcome to the 2019 Big Boob Friday Championship.






Born: Tuesday 1st of January 1985
Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Glamour Model
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Height: 5’8″ (or 172 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs (or 54 kg)
Body type: Slim
Measurements: 32-24-35
Bra/cup size: 32D (70D)
Boobs: Enhanced
Tattoos: Foot; back; wrists; thigh
Piercings: None







  • Born: Friday 26th of April 1996
  • Birthplace: Fort Myers, Florida, United States
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Profession: Glamour Model
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Height: 5’3″ (or 160 cm)
  • Weight: 105 lbs (or 48 kg)
  • Body type: Slim
  • Measurements: 34-23-34
  • Bra/cup size: 34E (75E)
  • Boobs: Real/Natural
  • Years active: 2014 – present
  • Piercings: None








  1. Easy peasee, lemon squeezie

  2. I love that first gif of Emily, you can see the concentration on her face as she signs her name and her lips barely move as she is writing.

  3. ww.

  4. Stella does not care for Rosie The Roomba.

  5. Does she go towards Rosie or away?

    I’m guessing Rowan would try to herd it, like it was cattle, the same as he does the regular vacuum.

  6. She goes away. Sometimes barks. She’s mostly upset when it’s near me, because then she has to leave being near me.

  7. Comment by Car in on December 27, 2019 7:00 am
    Stella does not care for Rosie The Roomba.

    Sounds like hours of entertainment for the whole family.

  8. I know there’s a whole genre of videos involving pets and self driving vacuums. You should add to them. Who knows, Stella might be the next influencer on the ‘Gram.

  9. Hey, good morning guys! What’s up?

    …influencer on the ‘Gram.

    *goes to close laptop now*

    *hands shake slightly*

  10. Sign up now for Stella’s premium snaps.

  11. https://tinyurl.com/tax2er4

  12. I voted for the non-slutty girl of the two.

  13. I vote for Mare!

  14. The all-natural American girl is curbstomping the Aussie.

  15. America, fuck yeah.

  16. Three years. In about an hour I’d have received The Call.

    I’m starting to hate this time of year, dammit.

  17. BroCav, prayers for you. We’re here if you need to vent.

  18. Eh. Nothing to be done. I’m just slow to let go of things, grief one of them. Doesn’t help that one of the most reliably stupidly stressful parts of my work year is November, to set the stage.

    Probably if I ever learn to stop being so miserable all the time that would help.

  19. Leon, have you heard of Ryan Reeves on YouTube? He seems to have some good videos on historical theology.

  20. So far, two people called in sick for work. this has been so much fun.

  21. And the thing that sucks, is those folks who were sick last week, and feeling better, aren’t really stepping up and helping to cover shifts.

  22. You should call in sick. Tell them you have a case of puppyfoot.

  23. Real boobs for the win.

  24. Ooo, the desirous puppyfoot!!

  25. Car in, just don’t answer any phone calls from them. Tell Erin to do the same. YOU’RE BUSY!!

  26. some of those bitches get sick a LOT.

  27. They tried to get Erin to work yesterday. Humn. She worked Friday night, Saturday night, double Sunday, monday night, DOUbLE on Christmas eve. She got Christmas off, and they’re calling her in on the 26th. She just started ignoring the calls.

    That would have been 6, of the 7 days the week of Christmas. Two being doubles. Fuck that shit.

  28. Comment by Car in on December 27, 2019 11:56 am
    some of those bitches get sick a LOT.

    Crippling herpes outbreaks?

  29. I think they get sick so much because they are all smokers.

  30. That would have been 6, of the 7 days the week of Christmas. Two being doubles. Fuck that shit.

    On the other hand, it means more money for Erin, and that means she can get her own place sooner.

  31. Can’t say that I have, Alex.

  32. I have noticed that the most irresponsible workers at my place of employ, also happen to call out sick a lot.

    I need some grant money to study this issue. It is very very curious.

  33. The worst thing about sick day abuse is that it can mask legit issues. Had one dude at the warehouse I worked at in a previous lifetime (so it feels, anyway), complained of a pain in his leg. Docs couldn’t find anything wrong. Plus the pain kept moving around…sounds like someone trying to get over on worker’s comp, right? Most folks thought so.

    Then he insisted on a CAT scan and they found an inoperable brain tumor.

    Such cruel little tricks life plays, made harder by our own follies.

  34. The boys all voted in today’s BB championship.

  35. Erin worked a lot – and made good money. She doesn’t need to overwork herself on the Holiday.

  36. Ok, I voted. Emily’s lips looked all fucked up.

  37. CBC deletes Trump scene from Home Alone.


  38. Off to post office. Another ‘kid’ paid off.

  39. If you need an outlet for funds, beasn, my mailbox is never full.

  40. Canadians have superior Television, they don’t need ours.

  41. Are “CanCon” regs still a thing?

  42. https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/11/20800111/us-navy-uss-john-s-mccain-crash-ntsb-report-touchscreen-mechanical-controls

    Touchscreens are the debbil.

  43. People see all that Star Trek shit and think it’s the bomb, until they try to implement it in the real world and learn just how shitty it is under less than ideal conditions. Like, say, the bridge of a warship.

  44. I need to know how Erin is voting, though.

  45. I’m pretty sure Erin isn’t really into BBF…

  46. With the last few positive economic news stories Ace has name checked “Kurt”. Is he referencing Kurt Schlichter? Really?

  47. Kurt is a troll in the HQ comments.

  48. C’mon, women love that voting and competition shit.

  49. Good … I’d be upset to think the other Kurt was lost

  50. Kurt Schlichter is too busy having fun mocking the left.

  51. His latest Turnbull novel is sitting on my Kindle. Should finally have time to read it this weekend.

  52. His latest Turnbull novel is sitting on my Kindle.

    Same here. I am currently reading Beowolf, then the next in the queue is a Moron story that supposed to be a futuristic update of Beowolf.

  53. Beowolf is making me feel like I have the attention span of a labrador (squirrel!). Taking me a while to get through it.

  54. Post office had a long line of people and only two people manning the counter (usually they have four…up to six during mad Christmas rush). They did not look happy.

    Then I get home to find a third of my Christmas cards did not go out. Oy. Husband says it’s too late to send them…so next year.

  55. I just bought a drill press and drill press vise, I’m a gonna make some ghost guns.

  56. I’d send them anyway, Beasn. Especially if one is for me.

  57. Remember it’s 12 Days of Christmas. I wouldn’t count them too late until after Jan. 6.

  58. When I have a property that I can build a shop on, drill press will be the #1 tool purchase.

  59. When I have a property that I can build a shop on, drill press will be the #1 tool purchase.

    My dream is a couple acres were I can have a shop with a forge on one side and a wood shop on the other.

  60. I have a project on my car that needs a drill press, and I think I’d like to be handy with finishing 80 percent lowers for no reason at all. It is pretty amazing what you can buy these days.

  61. …..Especially if one is for me……

    Remember it’s 12 Days of Christmas. I wouldn’t count them too late until after Jan. 6.

    OOoo, YAS!! Gives this comment ten of these things – !!!!!!!!!!

    The cards got lost in the clean up shuffle leading up to Christmas.

  62. Your mom wants a drill press for her drill press vise.

  63. Bro Cavill,

    I also have ‘Collapse’ in the queue.

    Lately I’ve been binge reading the ‘Hylliss Family Stories’ on Amazon Unlimited. For self-published, they are remarkably clean (edited) and I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic stuff.

    I like the fact the author keeps it all PG and lets us like the protagonists over the course of the books.

    Would like to hear a medical-type hostage weigh in on them.

  64. Have you ever tried to construct something from scratch that is joined with through bolts, without a drill press? It’s hilarious. You teach yourself an unfortunate geometry lesson that starts with your body mechanics and a regular drill, and ends in a dumpster.

  65. And conceivably the ER.

  66. Yay, home again. Lots of little delays meant we weren’t able to pick MA up until 5PM. She was starving. Starving. Counselor at Pet Paradise had this to say “You didn’t pack dinner. We didn’t know if we could feed her”. Dan had them put in her file that he would pay for any food if we were running late. Desk associate “She’s always starving. She’s been getting treats and she got her ice cream”. 5 staff members standing around with leashes and desk associate leaves desk to retrieve MaryAnn. Pawgress Report: MaryAnn loves being outside and spending time with Staff. 💸

  67. Any of you invest in silver?

  68. I don’t but I’m tracking the price. I’m waiting for it to drop below 17 before I buy some.

  69. I jumped in today.

    I am trying to find a source that doesn’t pull CT sales tax.

  70. Let me know who you end up using.

    Years ago an officer I served with recommended investing in it. I casually mentioned it to my grandparents during a phone conversation and they took it to heart. This was right before the 2008 recession.

  71. I have a $75 Amazon gift card that I need to use. I’m thinking either a cheesemaking kit, homebrewing kit, or a couple of entry-level woodturning tools.

  72. Best deals I found were on ebay.

  73. if you make mozzarella you only need a pot

  74. I bought some silver when I was prepping. Probably paid too much for it.

    I have yet to watch a bowl game. It’s been a busy Christmas week.

  75. Diane’s earrings radiated panache.

  76. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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