Hello, and welcome to Big Bubonalgia Friday.


bubonalgia – painful inflammation of the groin




Your model for today was born in Brazil May 18th, 1990.  She stands 5′ 9″, 34-29-34 and 128 lbs.  Please speak up and say ” Eu quero comprar uma casa para você ” to Miss Isabela Soncini!



  1. I like the cut of her taco

  2. Prayers for OsoMom

  3. workie workie

  4. Nice job, Pupster.

    **puts coral/black bra and panty set on wish list**

  5. “kiss my bubon”
    the new h2 greeting

  6. 10/10 would smash.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  7. teeroy’s evil-assembly-adventures™ inspired me to fill a hole (heh) in my collection –
    1858 new model army
    it’s in nice shape – has a problem with the spring and/or pawl tho, i’ll fix it at some point.

  8. MAGA – Make Alexandria Go Away

  9. Medium boob Friday.

    10/10 would smash

  10. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around getting rid of all the farting cows. Besides doing without meat. milk, cheese, butter, leather goods, etc., what would baby formula manufacturers do?

  11. And of course, most of the Dem presidential candidates have endorsed it. Which helps Trump get re-elected in 2020.

  12. I actually read the whole blog yesterday.

    1. I think you can really want to help kids and also really want to help yourself. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive. My sister often tells me that the parents create a lot of BS in public schools. It simply doesn’t happen at private schools for some reason.

    2. I like AOC. She’s pretty dull but she has a zealot’s desire to change things which always ends up great for everyone as long as you have no concept of history.

    3. Leon is right, the French Rev pretty much started in salons and then it ate its own. I don’t see anything like that here. The people who live at the top of the RC and have dinners for 10 with a ‘mystery guest’ simply want the old way of things to come back. Not create anything new. But those days are over. The elite have been exposed as frauds who only care about class, hence their hate for me, you, and Trump.

    4. It does smell like dirt in here.

  13. RFH, the green new deal is so full of dumb I’m wondering if someone didn’t set up AOC.

  14. AOC graduated cum laude in economics from Boston University, which makes me wonder what the hell they are teaching there.

  15. They aren’t teaching. They are credentialing.

    You pay. They give you a degree.

  16. That was cynical. It sure seems like she’d be incapable of passing Econ 101 let alone the higher level classes. Something just doesn’t add up.

  17. One reason that private schools have less BS than public schools is the lack of superfluous administrative people. My kids’ elementary school had a principal, a secretary (who tag-teamed as school nurse with one of the nuns), a book keeper, and a counselor. That was the extent of the front office. You don’t have IT managers, diversity counselors, and fifteen people creating individual education plans. The high school has more bullshit positions but still less than the public schools.

  18. What the eff would the kids do without a diversity counselor?


  19. peyote –
    shrooms –
    weed –
    booze –
    lots of naturally occurring escape vehicles.

    i wonder if anyone is working on isolating the gene sequence of any of the alkaloid producers – it should be straight forward to develop a phage—>bacterial strain to then grow that stuff in a reactor….

  20. yur mom’s flower

  21. we can do this

  22. Wakey wakey

  23. our business plan would include buying a bunch of politicians, blackmailing the one’s that want to play hard to get, and making sure that AOC, Hank johnson, and that other dope smoker from georgia had an unending supply of drugs…..

  24. we could be the next fortune 100 pharma

  25. The H2 —-> expanding minds since march 2009

  26. does anyone happen to have a picture of maxy H2O in black face?

  27. preferably from her college days –
    when she graduated from rocket surgery school

  28. Everything is getting stupider, and fast.

    The stupid is accelerating and getting stronger.

  29. Roamy, there are lots of fun activities in AOC’s new deal:

  30. Lauraw, that link is some of the accelerated stupid.

  31. Kamala Harris co-sponsored this bill.

  32. Is the internet a net negative?

    I don’t think so. But it’s early.

  33. Pupster…… been killing it lately. She’s delectable.

  34. If any of you were wondering (and I doubt it) if Kamala is an idiot.

  35. Haha, Dave New Future

  36. AOC’s first bill made it to Congress!

    Put it on the fridge!

  37. hahahahhhhahahah, good one, Jay!!

  38. Farting cows are literally carbon neutral, that accusation is absurd on top of absurdity.

    I want to pay vegan activists to start shaming dems who endorsed this shit to stop eating meat at campaign events.

  39. Comment by jam2 on February 8, 2019 7:52 am

    I’m more supportive of legalizing psychedelic mushrooms than I am of “medical” marijuana. There should be studies into their use, along with LSD and other drugs, for PTSD and depression.

  40. This offering pleases me.

    The whole “Green New Deal” is the usual laundry list, taken to logical extremes, pushed by a true believer who has finally been given substantial power. God help us all, this is how national disasters happen.

  41. i wonder if anyone is working on isolating the gene sequence of any of the alkaloid producers – it should be straight forward to develop a phage—>bacterial strain to then grow that stuff in a reactor….

    I’m in, this has to be easier than the “biodiesel bacteria” so many startups were trying to get venture capital $$ for a few years ago.

    One problem: the alkaloids in most cases are there to kill bacteria, and are nature’s primary defense against them in some cases. To make these, they might have to also be hardy against their own poison, and that makes them an agri-terror risk.

  42. The reason private schools aren’t full of the bullshit is simple.

    “You don’t like it here, take your fucking kid elsewhere. We have a waiting list.”

  43. I know that people were pissed when Trump agreed to end the shutdown, but after the SOTU, I have to wonder if Pelosi and Schumer didn’t play into his hands. The shutdown hurt Pelosi’s approval rating and helped Trump with his base. It also stirred up a lot of interest in the SOTU (“Would it happen?” “What will he say?”) so people were tuned in to hear it. Everyone was expecting a shitshow and instead Trump gave a very patriotic, uplifting speech, and made the Dems look bad.

  44. There are pretty good studies being conducted on MDMA and mushrooms for end of life care.

    I guess people are more accepting of death after a guided experience.

    I have no idea what mushrooms are like but I’ve tried pure MDMA and it is a great experience. Fully recommend in the proper setting.

  45. @ Jam

    You get that in 44 cal? Stainless or Blued? I’ve never fired anything similar, looks like mucho funno. Whats the round / loading process?

  46. Trump knows what he’s dealing with. He’s clearly of the “sufficient rope” school of dealing with these imbeciles. The downside, of course, is that he will seek to absolutely exhaust all other options before going nuclear, something folk like us have decreasing stomach for.

  47. A lot of anec-data is being generated by the “micro-dosing” community, which includes a lot of veterans with PTSD and depression, oddly, but it’s not exactly controlled, double-blind studies.

  48. When they were all screaming “he caved” I stated that this guy does not retreat, he maneuvers. The worst that Trump will ever do is fallback, regroup, and re-engage. He will never stop trying to improve his position.

  49. Pupster…… been killing it lately.

    It is all just an elaborate set-up for the triumphant return of Kerry Marie.

  50. Also jam, I think our target for psilocyn/psilocybin could just be a yeast strain. Crossing a fungus gene into a fungal cell should be easier. Plus you can just feed it sugar.

    Or corn syrup.

  51. Dingell’s dead.

  52. His legacy lives on through his hussie. In her defense, compared to AOC she’s a right-wing stalwart.

  53. Troy, that has been my interpretation as well.

    He ended the shutdown because it had served its purpose, and he saw more opportunity in ending it rather than continuing. Plus, he seems to understand that this is a campaign, and you don’t have to win a smashing victory with every fight.

  54. I had to turn off the radio. I really don’t care to wax poetic about the man all day.

  55. I have an 1851 Navy Colt in .36 cal., and a Remington Model 1858 Army in .44 cal. Both replicas of course.

    The Navy Colt is fun to shoot. The 1858 Army is very hard on the ears.

  56. I have an 88 magnum. It shoots through schools.

  57. We’re at a job site in Waterbury, CT. You can feel the decay and organized crime presence.

    Gotta be some good Italian restaurants around here.

  58. Our last jailbird governor is from here.

  59. Waxing Poetics was a really kickass band back in the day. I knew a couple of the guys.
    Look them up. I still scratch my head wondering why they never made it BIG while a douchebag like Dave Matthews did. (I knew him too)

  60. I here there’s a good deli there with nice sammiches.

  61. Chi, I assume anyone famous with minimal talent was put there by con artistry or BJs. Your call which of the two gave us Dave Matthews.

  62. Blowjobs, most likely.
    He is known to go whichever way suits his fancy on any given day.

  63. Shit. Now I want a fat deli sammich.
    Fred will want his once a month hotdogs. Maybe we’ll compromise (as usual) and hit up a taquieria. I’ll go for the lengua & cabeza just to be an ass.

  64. TeeRoy – it’s an original Remington contract revolver. The gubmint hired Remington when the Colt plant went down (fire I think) during the incivility with the southern states. This one is in pretty good condition just the spring and pawl I’ll get it back in ship shape – but most likely won’t fire it. It served its purpose – imma leave it retired.

  65. I’ve found a surcharged Charleville and a Brown Bess that I’m trying to add next.

  66. We aren’t going to Nardelli’s, lol. They are a chain now everywhere in CT. Although I never have been at the original one.

  67. I love the chevelle’s!



  68. Dave Matthews may be a douche, but he’s pretty talented.

  69. Anyone have any idea why Elliot would suddenly start peeing in a spare bed, where he used to sleep? Mrs. Jay was sleeping in the spare bed until we replaced the mattress in the regular bedroom, cuz of her back. Now it’s replaced, and she discovered yesterday he’s been peeing in the spare bed, even in the pillows where he used to sleep. Haven’t added any pets, and it doesn’t appear to be medical. no other areas of the house that I have found, either.

  70. Green New Deal can be easily financed!

    Thanks IowaHawk!

  71. El Azteca it is!
    Actually great food. Ive never been to this new one, but it will probably be great.
    Free is always great, I guess.

  72. Marking his territory, Jay.

  73. Weird. Did he sleep with her when she was on the spare bed? And now is mad she’s not there anymore? dogs can be weird.

  74. I hand feed oschi now … and yesterday she dropped a piece. She refused to eat another one from my hand until I picked the one up and gave it to her.

    SO funny.

  75. The ‘Indian commentator’ bit at Mothership this morning is pretty funny.

  76. Oschi has Car in trained.

  77. That bit about high school setting your rock preference is bullshit, though. Most of my favorite rock is from the mid 80’s, and I didn’t start high school until 1990. 90’s rock sucked, as did 90’s radio in general.

  78. I have but one thing to say…

    Green Grass and High Tides Fohevah!!

  79. He marked a couple times a long time ago, so we closed off that room. He was new to us at that time. He’s been so good, that we started leaving the door open again.

    Yes, he used to sleep in there with her, or me in the regular room. But he sleeps in the regular room now, so I wouldn’t think he’s mad.

  80. mare got pulled over by the cops

  81. Maybe it’s his prostate. Check his prostate.

  82. Canine bubonalgia?

  83. When I read bubonalgia I knew there was a word I learned similar to that. Buboes. Swollen lymph nodes in the neck, axilla or groin from bubonic plague.

  84. Elliot has the plague. Got it.

  85. I let the groomer check his prostate.

  86. He gets his prostate groomed? Did you ever think it was strange that the groomer pays YOU?

  87. Anyone have any idea why Elliot would suddenly start peeing in a spare bed

    Yeah. He hates you.

  88. Anyone have any idea why Elliot would suddenly start peeing in a spare bed

    Cry for help. He’s being sexually abused by the groomer.

  89. I want someone to ask Kumquat Harris why she is appropriating white culture with that straight brown hair.

  90. Her dad is white and her mom is from India.

  91. Nope. Dad is Jamaican.

  92. We’re about to find out just how stupid the American electorate is.

  93. haven’t we heard enough?

  94. Simple pleasures: We changed up the livingroom a while ago, and before that, Scott put up a flag by the front door.

    My new spot in the livingroom where I perch with my laptop is right where I can look out of the picture window and see the flag fluttering in the breeze just a few feet away.

    When the sun is shining and it’s a blustery day, this just makes me so happy. I love those stars and stripes.

    No response to my seed offers. You assholes are gonna make me have to meet the neighbors, aren’t you. Fuck that shit, I’ll compost these first.

  95. I just don’t know yet how much gardening I get to do. I have to try and get the fence/coop built next month, I’m only barely thinking about the garden at this point.

  96. I can’t garden right now. Ground is frozen, and the plants really hate the cold weather.

  97. LOL, Jay!

  98. Ace is funny bastard today.

    1) Most people don’t know that Kamala Harris spent her early career dickriding Willie Brown into prime jobs.

    2) Alexandria Donkey-Chompers

    Both made me GLAR.

  99. Well fuck me and my skillz.

  100. we got ya, pg

  101. “Pendejo on February 8, 2019 at 5:04 pm. – Well fuck me and my skillz”

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, man.
    Word on the street is that you do just fine when it comes to dickriding. You’re GOLDEN around these parts, buddy.

  102. Update on Osomom. Tumor still being drained. Bigger than expected? Biopsy results in a week. VA. How can her tumor be thicker and bigger than expected, when they have been squabbling for 2 weeks about what to do? She is still alive due to the VA. I can’t believe they won’t expedite her biopsy. Still Praying for my mom. BRB reading comments

  103. So Kamala is half Jamaican and half Indian? So why is she appropriating, not only white culture, but black culture in that she acts like whitey oppressed her people, here?

  104. oso, once the tumor is drained, are they going to surgerize it out of her or suck it out via laparoscopy?

  105. 15 year old MA is incontinent. We have waterproof mattress pads and frequent sheet changes. She has always had issues.

  106. Beasn, Drs are still fighting. They had to go around her Bovine Belly. She does have the entire day booked at the VA surgery.

  107. once the tumor is drained, are they going to surgerize it out of her or suck it out via laparoscopy?

    They had to go around her Bovine Belly. She does have the entire day booked at the VA surgery.

  108. It’s Bovine Belly Friday.

  109. I only recently found out that her synthetic skin was Bovine. Bovine Belly was impenetrable. Had to go in from the side. Already drained 30# of fluid. Still draining.

  110. Why don’t I understand what people are saying. D’OH!!

    Bovine belly draining? No thank you.

  111. Bovine belly? I resemble that.

  112. I bet your mom feels some sort of relief with that much drained out of her, oso.

  113. Certainly breathing becomes easier

  114. I bet your mom feels some sort of relief with that much drained out of her, oso.

    I was trying to use my H2 decoder to figure out just how sick this joke was. Then…… suddenly occurred to me that it was heartfelt, and legit. You people have debased me.

  115. We were making improper jokes all week. My mom has lost so much weight, she could no longer cart Bovine Belly and huge tumor around. VA Doc: Why did they allow you to heal inside out?
    My mom: They were trying to keep me alive. How was I supposed to heal?
    VA Doc:

  116. So her internals have been compressed for a long duration and now they are removing the pressure…..I’m guessing they are going to do this slowly. Things that have been compressed for a long time probably won’t like a rapid decompression. So while breathing easier is probably be a benefit, I wonder if a bunch of systems suddenly operating efficiently, or even less efficiently, is something that’s been considered in the treatment plan?

  117. TT, back in the day when my mom was expected to die, her intestines were just tossed Willy nilly into her abdomen. In ‘09, they removed her abdominal muscles and skin to wash the infection from a burst appendix. Her kidneys failed. 2 months of coma. VA would take her innards out and saline wash. Multiple times. Heart failure. Skin grafts didn’t take. VA went with “Synthetic Skin” to replace her muscles and skin and keep her innards in. Bovine Belly. Tumor grew behind the belly. Radiologist is there all day due to her “Special Circumstance”. They are hoping to drain to the point of an “Extraction”.

  118. “So her internals have been compressed”


  119. Heh. Feel free to your mom me. Just spent a week of TWSS and YourMom jokes with my bro.

  120. 30# – holy moly

  121. Why not 31?

  122. Heh..still draining. Did I mention her tumor was HUGE?

  123. Fully expect Nevada woman has watermelon sized tumor

  124. Still reminds me of Sean

  125. My mom is talking Canadian. I don’t Math. Will continue draining next week. Blah blah 31 liters


    I just listened to the interview with the former abortion clinic manager. She said they would give the teenagers who came to the clinic the lowest dose birth control pill, knowing that they would forget a pill or not take it at the same time every day and that they would be back in a couple of months for an abortion.

    After she was complicit in killing a woman (hemorrhaged to death after an abortion), she finally left that job and became pro-life.

  127. 31 liters?

    **blink, blink**

    That’s nearly 8 gallons.

  128. Okay, it’s over 8 gallons. (That fraction is messing with my “divide by 4” shortcut)

  129. 8.18933 gallons

  130. Damn.


  131. Holy fuck, that’s a lot of drainage.

  132. Comment by PepeLp on February 8, 2019 10:14 pm

    Still reminds me of Sean


  133. Darren essentially rejected patronage.

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