Woodcut Thursday

We need a little … culture. It’s been lacking here since Mr Chumpo went into the Witness Protection Program. I like woodcuts so woodcuts.








Weird Thursday. I had a few days off to recover from the Super Bowl which was a fortunate coincidence arranged long before the Patriots made the post season. Now it’s back to work with a Thursday for my Monday.



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  1. @justanurse25

    Never thought I’d see the day that the word code was more offensive than cunt.

  2. Learn to code you cunt!

  3. I think it’s time to understand that Twitter is for media/celebrities.

    I do think it’s sort of funny that media people are on Twitter basically all day. They work for someone, right? I’d be pretty pissed if one of my employees was constantly posting shit on social media during work hours.

  4. We get notices every now and then about the Hatch Act and not posting political messages during duty hours using gov’t computers, but they still allow access to FB and Twitter because NASA has a social media presence. I keep expecting it to be blocked at some point.

  5. Nothing pissed me off more than when the nanny would post dumb shit to Instagram while I was paying her to watch the baby.

    I remember thinking, …’8/10 would smash, but also dumb as a box of rocks.’

  6. I like woodcuts a lot, too. MC Escher did some really cool woodcuts.

  7. who cares about woodchucks?

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Cool cuts, Jimbro!

  10. We have more hits from Great Britain than from Canada. Silly Canada, bronze medal in the hit Olympics.

  11. https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

  12. “who cares about woodchucks?”

  13. I split some wood yesterday. Does that count?

  14. From Nick Searcy’s Facebook (didn’t think you’d mind, if you don’t have Facebook):

    From @lukewarfield: I remember as a rookie cop getting a call to a burglary in progress at an abortion clinic adjacent to the SeaTac airport. Unable to get the power on for the lights, I went room to room with my flashlight in the darkened clinic. It was surreal and eerie. Room by room filled with tables with stainless stirrups and black trash bags suspended on stainless racks. The bags were for the remains of the little ones that were taken during the abortions.
    When I saw the Movie Gosnell, I flashed back to that awful clinic and truly understood the forboding portrayed by the detectives in the movie.
    There must have been a dozen rooms and as I entered each room a sense of evil permeated the air. I couldn’t wait to get out of that place.
    The Gosnell movie did a workmanlike effort in presenting the realism of my experience. Nick Searcy’s direction and the actors great portrayal of the actual investigation and subsequent trial was brilliantly done. This is a movie everyone should see, regardless of your view on the issue.
    I got my copy of the DVD from Amazon for 9.96. That’s a deal.
    The film is the shocking true story of the investigation and trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, his 30-year killing spree, and the political and media establishment that tried to cover it up. Who can the investigators really trust when a routine drugs investigation uncovers a scandal that goes all the way to the top?

  15. Last week we had 4 days of snow days. We’re on day 2 of “ice storm”.

    These kids are never going to school again.

  16. These kids are never going to school again.


  17. Don’t think we saw the basement/dungeon, but the deck is pretty nice, and the dining room table is great!

  18. With the news that a guy killed a mountain lion with his bare hands, I thought some safety tips would be in order.

    Mountain lion safety tips

  19. It’s true about the bath thing.

  20. I do kinda wonder if the laser pointer would work, too.

  21. I have extra seeds of all these, for sharing. I had a thought of putting this information on my local neighbor-to-neighbor website but then I remembered I live near some incredibly annoying people and I want to limit my contact.

    Some of these I have a lot of, some only a few. I will have more things to share as the season here in the frozen north gets closer.

    Everything should grow. I didn’t include anything that was too old to have a decent germination rate.

    Oxheart tomato
    Japanese ‘hakurei’ summer turnip
    Detroit dark red beet
    Leek ‘giant musselburgh’
    Leek ‘carentan’
    winter squash ‘Galeux d’Eysines’
    mesclun blend of lettuces/ other greens
    Gazania ‘sunshine mix’
    Beet ‘Lutz/ Winterkeeper’
    Nasturtium ‘tall trailing mix’
    Turnip ‘purple top’
    Brussels sprouts ‘long island/ catskills’
    Summer squash ‘cube of butter’
    Summer squash ‘rampicante /tromboncino’ (climber)
    basil ‘lettuce leaf’
    Cucumber ‘burpless beauty’
    cucumber ‘straight eight’
    bush bean ‘golden wax’
    Pole bean romano-type ‘musica’
    Pole bean romano-type ‘helda’
    Winter squash ‘honeynut’
    Scallion/ green onion ‘He Shi Ko’
    Scallion/ green onion ‘Ishikura’
    Hot mustard greens ‘wasabi’
    hot mustard greens ‘southern giant’
    Cleome/ spider flowers, tall mixed colors
    Lettuce ‘black seeded simpson’
    Lettuce ‘parris island cos romaine’
    broccoli ‘calabrese’
    flower-shoots broccoli ‘hon tsai tai’
    yellow storage onion ‘stuttgarter’- long day type
    red storage onion ‘brunswick’- long day type
    large white sweet onion ‘ailsa craig’- long day type

  22. What about pot and mushrooms?

  23. hehe, couldn’t happen to a better person:


    complete with makeup to make her skin darker.

  24. Oh, and 50+ bulbils of garlic ‘Niawanda park’. It’s a hardneck rocambole type, hardy to zone 4/5.

    The tiny bulbils take 2+ years to bring in a crop, FYI. But after that they are the same cloves that you break apart and plant like always.

  25. Body Language Ghost: SOTU

    Kind of interesting

  26. Jay, your jokes today are surprisingly funny!

    Just messing with you! No, but they are funny which is so weird.

  27. Thank you?

  28. My Parts are In! My Parts are in!

    Gun parts in my mailbox makes me happppeeeeeee
    Gun parts in my mailbox makes me Smile

    And that means that all the parts have now arrived. Now I just have to get my shit together and commit to a roll pin punch & starter kit. But this weekend I will get to organize all the little parts groups and springs and pins and then get the assembly area & vise set up.

  29. Ba haaa haaa – the argument room is putting forth the idea that Venezuela is only unstable because of us involvement, and that teachers are super hardworking and underpaid.

    Honestly. It’s just too much.

    Someone just told me that I obviously have no idea what the teaching profession is like. You know, because what they do is so mysterious and unknowable.

  30. Dan is a national treasure.

    Let’s bury him.

  31. LOL. And when someone gets super defensive about teachers – you can bet they either are one, or married to one.

  32. or a lefty

  33. I avoid the teacher pay debates. Some are overpaid, some are underpaid, and the people “debating” the issue are generally full of crap on both sides.

  34. I killed some dandylions today with a sharp knife on a stick. Thus endeth my contribution to the gardening thread for the time being.

  35. you can make a salad from dandelions!


  36. I tried to make the argument over at the mothership many years ago that if there was a teacher shortage then it indicated that they were underpaid since not enough people were interested in engaging in that profession. Conversely, if there’s a glut of applicants for open jobs, quite possibly it indicated that they were overpaid. Seems like a pretty straightforward argument to me. I got called a goddamned faggot-assed commie cocksucker and worse as a result. It occurred to me that conservatives are just as committed to their ideologies regardless of facts as are the proggies.

  37. A lot of people on the HQ are idiots.

    The reality is that trying to figure out if teachers are paid the appropriate amount is difficult. It depends on how you want to measure the value of their product (“education”), the opportunity costs of being a teacher, intangible benefits, full compensation (including vacation time, training, etc), compensation for comparable jobs or for people with comparable skill-sets, etc.

  38. Teach for 20 years, collect a pension for 40.

    They always forget that part.

  39. Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics.
    Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

  40. If they are represented by a union they are overpaid.

  41. The issue is complicated by all sorts of issues. Merit pay would be helpful, right? And then lets talk about the waste (ipads in classrooms, etc).

  42. Plus teachers are the product of LS&A departments. Which department universally has the lowest SAT scores in the university?


  43. The problem with merit pay is how do you objectively measure teacher performance? So much of education is based not on the teacher’s actions in the classroom, but on parental involvement, school support (especially for things like discipline) the work of previous teachers, and the characteristics of the students themselves.

    No one wants their pay raise to be held hostage to the performance of a kid with a 90 IQ, from a broken home, whom the vice-principle won’t allow you to discipline when he acts out in class.

  44. Well, gee, the teacher that shows X amount of movies throughout the year and doesn’t give but a few tests and no homework? Maybe they’re not working as hard. There are metrics you can use. I understand that not every teacher gets the gifted kids – but a GOOD administration knows which teacher is dealing with which population. Ask the students – they can tell you who the good teachers are. My kids have come home and literally said they have teachers who just hand shit out, and then sit at their desk the rest of the hour. EVERY day.

  45. And, I don’t really buy the excuse that a kid’s performance depends on parental involvement. I mean, yes, it’s true. But if so, why have schools at all? If teachers have so little influence, what’s the point?

  46. You could do teacher evaluations, streamline the administrative support, and double the decent teachers’ pay. It wouldn’t matter.

    It wouldn’t matter because the curriculum would still be shit, and the home life too many kids are coming from isn’t conducive to learning.

  47. Parents only deal with their kids. Teachers have to deal with how many again? And still work against all the outside influences? For every single one?

    Or, y’know, a lot of parents could start doing their damn duties by their kids.

    Which doesn’t let the teachers off, but I suspect better functioning families would bring the teacher problem to heel in turn.

  48. Brother – while I “get” that, what I don’t understand is the movement for more $$, more this, more that. Because if it all comes down to the parents, what’s it all about anyone?

    I’m kinda of making a back door argument here. If the parent support is what matters MOST, why do we bother with all the other shit? No, the iPads in the class isn’t going to make a difference. NO, attracting teachers with higher pay isn’t going to work, etc.

    I just honestly think we need to get rid of all the bullshit. Which we’ll never be able to do. It’s a clusterfuck.

    I think about cultures who literally have zero access to education … and the lengths they’d go. And here – people have it practically delivered to their door, and they could give a shit.

  49. I like it when Hotspur’s comments sound like a fart noise.

  50. Sweet Mrs. Peel use to get mad at me when I ripped teachers. I was a teacher (science). Her mother was a devoted, hard working teacher and I think she felt compelled to defend the profession on her mother’s behalf. No need. There are some amazing teachers and lots of really bad ones and like Hotspur mentioned the bad ones are often protected by a union.

  51. Here’s the thing. The responsible parties realize the parent problem is key. If they want money, it’s to fix facilities that are breaking down (not necessarily old ones, either). No, the ones who constantly money-grub aren’t interested in best outcomes, just their incomes. they make their living off the problem and don’t want it to go away.

    If we were a serious nation about this–and we aren’t–boarding schools would make a comeback to solve the problem, taking those kids out of the crappy environments and giving them an intensive learning experiment. I’m convinced it may be the only way to break the cycle at this stage. Needless to say, it triggers so many interest groups it will never happen. (Not to mention the funding and logistics issues…)

  52. Environment, not experiment, but you probably figured that out.

  53. Lady in Hartford called a local talk radio station to complain that her kid’s 4th grade math teacher didn’t speak english.

  54. A parent can influence things a lot without teaching a kid concrete subjects. Ensuring that they do their homework, maintaining discipline at home, a stable sleep cycle, encouraging their kid to read, etc.

    The first step to fixing education, I think, would be to implement a graduation exam and encourage kids to take it early. Want to graduate high school after your freshman year? If you pass the graduation exam with a 90%, you get your diploma and on with your life. 80% for sophomores. 70% for juniors and seniors. Probably 30-40% of your students could test out by the end of their sophomore year.

    Clear out the really smart kids, and let the teachers handle the remaining ones who need help in certain areas.

  55. the remaining ones who need help in certain areas.



    The leftovers are going to be (insert word here).

  56. There is a shortage of teachers not because of pay, summers, weekends and holidays off works for a lot of people. Dealing with violent out of control kids, shit administrations, lawsuits, and other downer teachers is a no go.

  57. But I like the idea of testing out of high school.

  58. Prison?

    The leftovers are going to be (insert word here).

    Reimpose the whipping post for most misdemeanor crimes and a lot of that stupid shit would dry up quick.

  59. If.teachers and their unions cared about educating kids half as much as they say they do, they wouldn’t fight against vouchers so vigorously. All most school districts care about is money. Local, state and federal tax dollars are fought for harder than anything else in the enrire corrupt education system.

    We had a local schools get caught taking all the lowest performing kids on field tripsnon SOL testing day so they could skew the numbers higher – they would’ve loat a lot of money if those kids were to drag down the average score, y’know. But, they’re fighting for The Children.

  60. HotSpot is right in that unions are the intermediate problem. Government has no place in education. I’ve listened to all the fun flapping on this and the bottom line is if parents don’t want their kids to die in prison or a toxic waste site then they should educate their kids. It’s not my responsibility to educate your fucking spawn. Period.

  61. Fun=gum

  62. Tie the testing out of school to the eligible age for a DL. Make sure the test qualifies the taker to meet the basic English and Math requirement to enter College

  63. Any other argument pro public funded schools is an argument for communism.

  64. Education attracts an incredible number of low energy electrons. And as mare-zee-dotes knows from her daze of teaching witchcraft, electrons will always fall to their lowest possible energy state if allowed.

  65. Jam’s right. Sadly, having seen a lot of those parents, that’s exactly why we’re stuck with the government schools.

  66. I sometimes wonder if parents should be legally responsible for the actions of their children as long as those children are dependents.

    Your kid kills someone? You’re going to prison for murder as well.

  67. J’brony- that woodcut stuff is kinda neat. I’ve got one hanging in my office. When I get back I’ll snap a pic and post it.

  68. Upon examination, my new lower receiver is very inclusive and tolerant of “alternative” parts and should therefore be exempt from any SJW criticism.

    Im gonna name her………??? (Im leaning toward “Yer Mom”, or maybe something all patriotry an stuff)

  69. nothing is more patriotic than yer mom.
    many is the men that salute her.

  70. ok –
    i ruined J’imes’z’ poatation with an update.
    it’s titled “Yer Mom’z rotten fruit”

  71. Oxheart tomato
    Japanese ‘hakurei’ summer turnip
    Detroit dark red beet
    Leek ‘giant musselburgh’
    Leek ‘carentan’
    winter squash ‘Galeux d’Eysines’
    mesclun blend of lettuces/ other greens
    Gazania ‘sunshine mix’
    Beet ‘Lutz/ Winterkeeper’
    Nasturtium ‘tall trailing mix’
    Turnip ‘purple top’
    Brussels sprouts ‘long island/ catskills’
    Summer squash ‘cube of butter’
    Summer squash ‘rampicante /tromboncino’ (climber)
    basil ‘lettuce leaf’
    Cucumber ‘burpless beauty’
    cucumber ‘straight eight’
    bush bean ‘golden wax’
    Pole bean romano-type ‘musica’
    Pole bean romano-type ‘helda’
    Winter squash ‘honeynut’
    Scallion/ green onion ‘He Shi Ko’
    Scallion/ green onion ‘Ishikura’
    Hot mustard greens ‘wasabi’
    hot mustard greens ‘southern giant’
    Cleome/ spider flowers, tall mixed colors
    Lettuce ‘black seeded simpson’
    Lettuce ‘parris island cos romaine’
    broccoli ‘calabrese’
    flower-shoots broccoli ‘hon tsai tai’
    yellow storage onion ‘stuttgarter’- long day type
    red storage onion ‘brunswick’- long day type
    large white sweet onion ‘ailsa craig’- long day type

    Smells like hot dirt in here.

  72. does here too


  73. Gonna go shoot Your Mom, BRB.

  74. Your Mom, Full Auto

  75. Wot a day. The whole push for us to see more people combined with us being off a few days resulted in an office full of kids with no bona fide injuries. At one point during a visit I had to take a time out and ask the parents why exactly they were there. I mean, the kid had a problem and had been seen and diagnosed elsewhere and they had a good understanding of it. I kept thinking I was missing something and given how far behind we were running I had to point out the obvious and move on. A couple of kids had no idea why they were there and a couple said they were all better. Sigh.

  76. You see the post at aces with the quote from the obviously crazy Cortez chick?

    “Standing on “native” land? I don’t think she wants to play Cowboy’s and Indians again…….that didn’t work out so good for her side last go around.

  77. Let the Dems go full retard. Tie the rest of them to her crazy ideas.

  78. I expect an AOC blackface photo soon.

  79. If you read the Green New Deal, do not attempt a drinking game for every time you see the word “massive”.

  80. Non-sick kids still equal money, right? The paperwork is there. It’s PROOF!
    “I took my son to the hospital! Give me my benefits!”
    Until it is exposed and stopped, it will continue.
    Of course Mama is going to bring her son with a nosebleed to see Dr. Jimbro – he’s charming, dammit! And the ‘)City will give me 2000 for my time.

  81. Reading Ace’s cocktail party poat… pretty sure that this is how things like the French Revolution happen.

  82. Reading Ace’s cocktail part poat… pretty sure that this is how things like the French Revolution happen.

    There was a poll recently where people expressed support for higher taxes on the rich. I can understand. It’s not necessarily from greed or envy, but from spite. These fat, wealthy fuckers hate us, and so why the hell should we do anything for them?

  83. Nosebleed?

    See ENT for that shit. I only know 2 nosebleed facts. More common in winter with low humidity. Most common cause is a digital foreign body.

    And yeah, I’m on salary but there’s a lot of people on the waiting list to be seen and if we don’t screen the referrals the secretary just plugs them in the schedule because the PCP said they’re urgent. The only urgency is getting them off of their “To Do” list FFS

  84. You know who else is on the “to do list”?

    Troy’s rifle.

  85. “Most common cause is a digital foreign body”

    Lop off fingers.


  86. comment by leoncaruthers on February 7, 2019 7:25 pm
    Reading Ace’s cocktail party poat… pretty sure that this is how things like the French Revolution happen.


    Nailed it. I was enraged. The smuggery. The condescension. The better than thou bullshit.

    It’s what we all thought was going on in DC. The fuckwits scamming us and they’re pissed Trump is shitting on their scam. I hate them so much. I actually love this country and don’t appreciate these assholes laughing and pointing at my naivete that they also want what is best for the Country instead of what is best for them. Man, I’m pissed.

  87. https://tinyurl.com/y8l9jmhy

  88. I’ve actually worked with a couple of billionaires and a ton of multimillionaires.

    For the most part, they were quite pleasant. Never once did a really rich person treat me with condescension of any sort, even though I was just a glorified clerk.

    Of course, Newport Beach is a rather different environment than DC.

  89. https://tinyurl.com/y7ylnqmt

  90. What happens when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez eats ice cream too fast?
    Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  91. People who earned their money are usually solid folk, IME. It’s people who grifted their way to money or lucked into it that aren’t.

  92. Is Weekly World News still a thing? World Weekly News? Batboy? First approach is to drain the tumor. Too huge to just extract due to my mom’s special conditions. Fully expect a “Watermelon sized tumor in NV woman” headline. Oncologists don’t want to break it down and try to extract piece by piece. My mom was on the phone with the scheduler yesterday. Tomorrow has been cleared for her. Only patient ALL DAY. My mom asked the scheduler if she would be able to crochet or knit? Bro and I were laughing.

  93. Re: what makes learning/school work

    The culture the child is raised in. If the family/culture values education and learning, the child will more than likely succeed and outsmart their peers.
    I taught in a parochial school. Vast majority of the kids didn’t act out. Parents wouldn’t put up with it from their kid or someone elses. And they sure as hell wouldn’t put up with a dunce for a teacher after writing that tuition check. (in my class of 22, only 2 kids were being raised by single mothers)

  94. The fuckwits scamming us and they’re pissed Trump is shitting on their scam.

    YES! That’s the crux of it all. Trump threw a monkey wrench in their grifting plans.

  95. $20 Story. One Mother’s Day, my brother and I made a Green Card for my mom. It allowed her to work legally in the US. She referenced that Mothers Day with herself as the victim of my brother and I being the bullies. She was grousing at the stove about us packing up and leaving. Brother asked for his “Pancakes to go”. I was closer. Dan “Is that the time you hit ‘Oso’ in the face with a hot spatula?” (Dan has a hard time being around my mom. It made her happy to have us all together, yesterday. Not my sister.)

  96. Xbradtc, did you read the article??? This is who we are talking about. I know rich people too. None of them are that condescending. It’s the I’m better than you DC bullshit.

  97. Yes, Mare, I read it. Hence my statement that Newport Beach ain’t DC.

  98. My brother was telling us about his visit to DelMar Opening Day. Very funny stuff.

  99. Goodnight H2.

  100. In this era of #MeToo, where women insist on men being brought kicking and screaming to truth, I think it’s only fair that women be held to higher standards, too, when it comes to their own truth. So as a start, we men DEMAND that you women, henceforth and forever more, tell the truth and quit blaming the dog when you spray the environment with one of your SBD “gifts.” Hey, all movements have to start somewhere!

  101. The gumint is gonna outlaw farting cows.

  102. Darby eschewed Ross’ pessimism.

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