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  1. Roamie runs NASA twitter?


  2. Substitute Denny’s for Waffle House in the north

  3. Jumbo knows stuff. Denny’s or IHOP.

  4. Jimbro not Jumbo stupid autocucumber!

  5. I’m sitting here sipping coffee and reminiscing about all the late night trips to various eating establishments over the years. At least the ones I can remember.

    Chinese restaurants
    Acapulco (Mexican)
    Boynton Pub
    Cape Cod Cafe

  6. IHOP too. In my hometown the ihop was on the other side of town from where my friends and I used to hang out and drink beers underage so we went to a nearby Chinese place to avoid driving and interactions with the popo

  7. Alternate to Waffle House in the South is Huddle House.

  8. Or my favorites: Sambo’s. With tiger butter on the pancakes. That one changed into a Denny’s, after the PC crowd decided the name was raaaaaciissst or something.

  9. I thought this was Roamy twitter.

  10. In West TX and Eastern NM a deep fried burrito or chimichanga from a convenience chain store called Allsup’s is quite often the meal of choice after a night of hard drinking. They’re affectionately known as “gut bombs”. Usually by 2AM, they’ve been under the heat lamp for 6 to 8 hours and are not particularly palatable. And yet, somehow strangely delicious when you’re 12 beers in.

  11. Heh, we had a Sambo’s in Brockton. By the time we were old enough to go there on our own it was a hotbed of protest so we avoided it. I remember driving with my grandfather on our way to eat lunch elsewhere and he’d always chuckle when he said the name. He was a great guy and part of what he taught me was any race can be a racist. An olive skinned Lebanese guy being racist to dark skinned Haitians and Dominicans (pretty common immigrant influx in that era).


    (archived story about sambo’s protests)

  12. Happy National Pizza Day


  13. Krystal’s cheeseburgers are called “gut grenades”. Didn’t eat them after drinking, but I know people who did.

  14. Man, I remember when you could get 10 Krystals for $2.50. One night my friends and I bought a pile of them and the fries and made a huge sculpture out of the little boxes. The restaurant manager told us to leave it and gave us Frisbees with the Krystal logo.

  15. When I was little we had a german shepherd named Sambo.

  16. German Shepherd’s are racist.

  17. Not sure where that apostrophe came From.

  18. Hardee’s was the only place open late night when I was a pup, then when I moved to Ohio it was Denney’s, Tee Jays and White Castle. Never really took to White Castle hamburgers, that shit is gray.

  19. i’m actually surprised youtube still has this up:

    i remember my grandmother (born around 1900) reference the story.
    she’d say shit that would probably get a person executed now a days and i don’t remember her meaning any of it in a racist way.


  20. Lum’s. Was that a national chain or just a local thing?
    I used to go there so often at 0300 that the waitresses would sneak me a mixed drink after legal serving time. Horrific steak and eggs. The worst pancakes in town. Just nasty food 10x worse tyan Denny’s. We loved it. I would go there right now if they were still around!

  21. older version:

  22. I had White Castle a couple of times back in the day when visiting college friends from the Bronx and Queens and completely agree with you Pupster. Probably a thing you need to be brainwashed into early in life.

  23. I’m pretty sure that just saying the word Sambo is enough to get you shot these days. It doesnt matter what your thoughts are.

    We had a “White Tower” here in town years ago. I think white castle owned them? Why the diffsrent name, i don’t know. They closed down way before i got old enough to even drive, much less drink & need a hangover spot.

  24. the drunk hangout at college for me was a local sub shop regional chain (dreck?)-
    pretty good from what i remember – but of course, EtOH

  25. jreck subs

  26. “A cartoon version of the Little Black Sambo story produced in 1935. The Story of Little Black Sambo, a children’s book by Helen Bannerman, a Scot living in India, was first published in 1899. This cartoon has been banned from public display in the United States due to the racial nature of its content.”

    That’s in the video description. I watched the whole thing and found it amusing. I will never be able to run for public office unless I identify as a Democrat.

    Also … where was Little Black Sambo’s dad in that cartoon?

  27. Even older version


  28. Are you ready for some football?


  29. A few years back, I was dating a girl that had two kids. I fell in love with them HARD.
    One day, i found some DVDs (Ollies? Big Lots?) of old shit we used to watch and I bought them. I got chastised by an eight year old little girl about how racist “Little Rascals” was because of Buckwheat.
    I looked at her mother and said “I don’t care if I have to get a third job, but whatever it takes, we’re putting them in private school.”

  30. I was completely unaware of a new football league.


    It has to be better than baseball.

  31. It was 73° out there yesterday. It is literally freezing today. A high of 33 expected at best.
    What kind of witchcraft do you folks in Michigan practice? We don’t deserve this! Keep the cold up there, dammit

  32. We got up to zero yesterday.

  33. 33 and raining. I’m not psychologically equipped for this Bullshit.

  34. You’re I Cannuckistan if I remember correctly?
    Stop clubbing baby polar bears to death and God won’t punish you with the global warming, man.

  35. https://tinyurl.com/y53e2l5f

  36. When I was a kid my Uncle Don and his housemates had a black German shepherd named Jigs. They all enlisted in the Marines so they gave Jigs to my brother and me.

    Our mom made us change her name to Lady.

    Best dog ever.

  37. It was pretty cold here yesterday, but still got up to 15.

  38. Morning.


  39. https://tinyurl.com/yxcgkwwh

  40. Pretty nice today, except for the wind. Yesterday it was 8. I was out at first light looking for a guy whose fiancee was worried about him. She called the state police and they “pinged” his phone. According to that, he was a mile behind our house. Cops texted #1 Son at 8:00 PM and he called me. Nobody was there, no tracks or anything. Took the dog and he didn’t come back carrying a hand or anything. No idea what’s going on unless that guy has a location spoof app loaded on his phone.

  41. https://tinyurl.com/y2crnmjo

  42. *note to self – stay away from Rancho de Pepe

  43. *second note to self – add hi-vis vest to bigfoot costumes*

  44. I wonder how Crispy and Anita are doing with all this snow in the Seattle/Tacoma area?

    Check in Chrispy!!

  45. https://tinyurl.com/y2crnmjo


    Idiots. THAT is their big scheme to “spice up” their sex life?

    LOL people will never cease to amaze me.

    *invests in hi-vis vest futures*

  46. I know that woman won’t appreciate this advice now, however, maybe answering the door wearing a trench coat and nothing else might have been a better option.

    Maybe high heels and some lacy undies.

    Maybe leaving the smelly, fury costumes for Halloween.

    Maybe wearing clown shoes, It clown makeup and a fat suit would have been better…indoors.

    Maybe he wears the nurse costume and she wears the panda suit…in the garage.

  47. Huh, Pups is right, people disappear near Pepe’s ranch, better to just avoid at all costs.

  48. It clown makeup for spicing up your sex life or for an adrenaline surge.

  49. https://tinyurl.com/y2crnmjo

    That’s a parody site.

  50. The best part is the comment:

    ROSE M. COVENEY | FEBRUARY 9, 2019 AT 12:27 AM | REPLY
    Jarod Burns, you and your son are the freaks of nature. Your “chance to kill one and prove they exist”? What a freak of nature YOU ARE. The government and the military already know they exist. How freaking blood thirsty are you. They ARE human. There are parts of our country where it is against the law to harm one. I pray you are living in one of those areas and you get your ugly asses kicked in jail.

    Reptoids and bigfeet, yo.

  51. Damn. I actually believed it!!

    I think I wanted to believe!

  52. No dude is alpha enough to get his woman to do outdoor bigfoot sex.

    Unless she’s prettier in the costume.

  53. Michelle would be.

  54. The greatest trick Bigfoot ever pulled was convincing the world that he isn’t just really Rosie O’Donnell with her shirt off.

  55. Michelle would be.

    True, but 0 isn’t into front holes.

  56. Jeez Laura, I’m eating lunch here.

  57. I just read lauraw’s comment aloud. Mrs. Pendejo lol’d like a tard.

  58. I know that woman won’t appreciate this advice now, however, maybe answering the door wearing a trench coat and nothing else might have been a better option.
    Maybe high heels and some lacy undies.
    Maybe leaving the smelly, fury costumes for Halloween.
    Maybe wearing clown shoes, It clown makeup and a fat suit would have been better…indoors.
    Maybe he wears the nurse costume and she wears the panda suit…in the garage.

    Got any good pics?

  59. So I’m reading the article on press freedom at The Federalist and it suddenly struck me that the Covington school lawsuits are going to be transformative to the media. Not in terms of pain, $ settlements, but in terms of how many articles of social media/ tweets, etc are being dredged up, right now, and saved as evidence of their overwhelming institutional malice against ordinary people.

    If the Covington lawyers are doing their jobs correctly, they are going to make the case for the news being ‘Fake News’ in devastating manner. We on the dextrosphere have all long known the press’ credibility could not be lower, but now that truth is going to get absolutely everywhere.

  60. The Lord alone can bring good out of evil. I pray that He will again in this case.

  61. Flags are at half mast today. Is it really a national day of sorrow because some fucking crook from Michigan died? What next?

  62. Gif dump from Knuckledraggin. MJr makes an appearance.


  63. “Sunday Review|Why Can’t Rich People Save Winter?”

    That’s a NYT article that I had to read for laughs. The comments were even funnier than the article. I’m sure skiers trend lefty but based on the reaction of the Times commenters they are pure evil for enjoying skiing without paying tribute to Gaia and Algore.

  64. What the hell?
    I stepped away for a few minutes to try to write a short little address for tomorrow morning, and you kids have gone off the rails! Sex fantasies? Really? Is that what this place has come to?

    OK – – – since you’re asking, I’ll give you mine…

  65. Sorry for not pointing out the Sasquatching article was parody. I figured the other article titles would point that out as well as the actual text of the article.

  66. No problem, Jimbro, we’re used to The Onion and Babylon Bee being only about six weeks ahead of reality.

  67. https://nypost.com/2019/02/08/tiger-kills-his-potential-mate-in-first-face-to-face-meeting-at-zoo/

    I think I see why they are endangered.

  68. “Comment by scott on February 9, 2019 9:29 am

    Even older version”

    old school

  69. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on February 9, 2019 1:47 pm


    I think I see why they are endangered.

    The tiger’s rapper name was Striped Ass Thug and he was last heard to mutter, “Bitch had it comin.”

  70. “Asim killed Melati as shocked handlers tried in vain to intervene”

    not much prudence there when dealing with a 2-3hundred+/- pound killing machine.
    the “handlers” are knuckleheads.
    that’s right up there with the dummies that get mauled by elephants that they’ve been torturing for years.

    fukkin’ idiots

  71. I know, right Jam?
    “I’m tired of walking my Min pin. I think I’ll get a chimpanzee instead. Wouldn’t that be cute? I can walk him on a chain! What could go wrong? It’s not like he could tear my testicles off and then eat my face!”
    People are so fucking stupid.

  72. We’ve got 13″ – 18″ and still have power.
    Seattle only has 3″ – 4″ and is crippled because of the hills, liberal politics, and stupid people.
    There are 50,000 without power in Olympia and Vashon Island is without power, mostly due to broken trees. The plows are way behind, though we did see one an hour ago.
    As it was getting light, a guy went by on a snowmobile about 60mph! The Lesbaru would be pushing snow with the bumper but Anitas’ truck would be able to get to the road if we wanted out. It’s supposed to be doing this for the next 7 – 10 days. Sigh…
    The humming birds are quite confused, but happy I put a clean feeder out for them.
    Fuck snow…

  73. Remember Atlanta a few years back? It rained hard and then froze. Shut the whole city down for days.
    Not unlike here in Norfolk. We are SURROUNDED by water. It’s called tidewater for a reason, people!
    You couldn’t leave this city without crossing a bridge or going through a tunnel. I dare you to try. A few years back, we had a hurricane come in – what happened? She flooded the tunnel that is one of the only escape routes out of town. City hadn’t tested it in decades.

  74. And while I’m ranting –
    How does the grocery store not have peaches? “Theyre not in season” is what I’m told. And pineapples are??? Tomatoes arent in season asshole, but you have three bins full of them! I wanted to grill some peaches with my pork chops today dammit! (peaches on the grill kick ass, btw)
    I ended up buying a pineapple. They’re pretty good on the grill too.

  75. I am surprised hummingbirds can winter there.

    Did you know they eat bugs too?

  76. Re Alex’s article, hmmm I wonder why men would be gunshy about dating now? It’s a mystery……..

  77. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Bronx+Turnip

    Check out the author. IIRC, Rosetta had an entry, but I can’t remember what.

  78. Every now and then I google ‘Floyd’s balls’.

    I laugh every time.

  79. You misspelled “gargle” ……….

  80. It’s OFB, as Tittyface Jenkins. No wonder I couldn’t find it.

  81. “White Castle a …….Probably a thing you need to be brainwashed into early in life.”

    I love me some White Castles. I do have to scrape off the onions, though, before I spread on some horseradish and a tiny bit of ketchup.
    No brainwashing involved.

    I’ve considered hanging one of the boxes from my rearview mirror.

    *inhales deeply*

  82. LOL


  83. https://tinyurl.com/y464bbtx

  84. I just stopped laughing. Finally.
    I swear – my new band’s name will be Tittyface Jenkins. I don’t even know how to play guitar, but I will fucking learn just for that one honor.
    This comes from a man who named his dog Senator Stinkbutt McGillicuttty (try putting THAT on the paperwork at the Vet’s office…). Thank You for the laugh. I needed it today.

  85. Fuck, it’s 4chan’s world and we’re just trying to survive it.

  86. I guess it’s official (tv news is on in the background).
    Sitting Bullshit has actually announced that she is running for President.
    I am going VERY LONG on popcorn futures. This promises to be a quite entertaining year or so. I may have to change my plans & stick around!

  87. That is NOT my favorite burner. Never has been. Other side.

  88. ?sitting bullshit? she’s always been running. You mean Warren, right?

  89. Introducing my nephew to Band of Brothers. He’s already been introduced to Tin Cup and Unforgiven.

  90. Yeah, her. I read somewhere earlier that she actually announced it. Between her, Cory Booker and Occasional Cortez, it’ll be a fun year. I may have to start following poliyics again!

  91. Unforgiven is probably the best western ever made.
    I’ll put the remake of True Grit somewhere close behind it. Yes, I said that – sue me.

  92. The original True Grit is better, sorry.

  93. Just watched it last week. Yes, it’s great. One of the greatest.
    But you gotta admit – Jeff Bridges rocked the shit out of that role. The remake was better, man.

  94. Jeff Bridges was good, but no, it wasn’t better.

  95. Daily exercise replenishes Paul.

  96. Watched “Roxanne” with Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah. Cute movie, loved the bar scene with 20 (actually 25) insults. “Keep that man away from my cocaine!”

  97. Morning.


  98. Anyone surprised that the Muslim congresswoman called for defunding Homeland Security?

  99. good boy

    and good morning

    *scrapes some scrambled eggs into your dog bowl*

    I’m making coffee.

  100. LOL, they really need to get their asses beat next election.

  101. “Muslim congresswoman called for defunding Homeland Security”

    religion of peace baby!

  102. I didn’t think we could get (nationally) dumber or more left than Obama. I continue to pray I’m right.

    The left, daily, “Hold my beer.”

  103. Hgood one, Jam.

  104. it is truly to raff when mental incompetents like occasional-cortex et al lecture us on privileged and power

  105. Saw this at mothership comments: https://www.snapmunk.com/art-table-kinetic-table-sisyphus-kickstarter/

    Pretty cool!

  106. I am amused by the gaslighting going on with the Bronx Turnip’s Green New Deal. This isn’t the socialism you’re looking for, move along. Best thing was that someone actually screencapped the whole thing with the headers and all on her website.

    Note to AOC: draft proposals should have DRAFT somewhere on every page, preferably a watermark.

    @bansisharma has some good comments, particularly asking the question about who her handlers are, who is using her photogenic qualities to push for this crap. It’s not the DNC because she took out the establishment candidate.

  107. ̶d̶

  108. I am enjoying the karma of Rep. Tran of VA doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood after they donated to her campaign (you know they wrote that legislation) and taking out/hobbling most of the VA Dem hierarchy. Now she’s trying to say she misspoke.

    I just wonder what they will find out this week.

  109. AOC’s idiotic, “bill” was written by lobbyists. You know the kind who build high speed rail and sell solar panels.

  110. Why not high speed solar panels?

  111. I need to get moving. I need to finish the laundry and clean house in preparation for guests coming over for dinner tonight. I thought my friend had a clever idea the last time we had dinner together – she made two kinds of soup rather than one dish for everyone. (It allowed her to make broccoli cheese soup, which her husband hates. It was awesome.) I think I’m going to make immunity soup and chicken bacon chowder and put mushrooms in just the immunity soup.

  112. Yay for variety! And leftovers.

  113. Roamy – what is this about AOC? I missed it.

  114. Fundraiser for crossfit friend’s boyfriend last night- 21 years old. He was diagnosed with bone cancer. $20,000 raised. There was corn hole and spaghetti dinner and raffle tickets. those 50/50 thing. First winner was an 18 y/o kid – won $900. Donated it all.

    Pretty impressive.

  115. Mrs. P, Daughter Dos, and myself went to see Fleetwood Mac last night. Stevie Nicks is 72 and Christine McVie is 75. They’re both still smashworthy. Mick Fleetwood is 73 I believe and still has way more stamina than almost anybody I know. Plus, they’re all still great at making music. A very enjoyable evening. Also, My Life is Awesomenn and I’m the luckiest man I know.

  116. They took down the FAQ from her website, saying it was just a draft, it’s a GOP joke, there’s fake ones circulating out there (which is true, Iowahawk’s recycling urine is one, but the “unwilling to work” one is real), etc. They were so happy with it going viral until they realized that the majority were either horrified by it or making fun of it.

  117. AOC adviser gaslighting.

  118. LOL. Yea, I missed that they were pretending they didn’t make some of those claims.

  119. If you look at the language in the HR bill, “providing all people of the United States with economic security” is in there. Free college is, too. Which begs the question, why would you want to better yourself if you have a guaranteed union job with a living wage and free healthcare if you do nothing?


  120. Wiserbud is arguing on twitter with somebody who thinks people cause floods.

    I want to intervene, but then I would also be arguing with someone on twitter who thinks people cause floods.

    Love that guy. Gonna see him soon.

  121. Give him a squishy hug for me.

  122. Deal.

  123. Where’s J’ames? He’s missing the fun on facedouche. Chick claimed that Nevada was abstinence only sex ed, and when I proved her wrong the dance she did … lol.

    That’s why liberals don’t like facts.

  124. I think the kid donating the $900 was a really nice deal.

    I have been to a number of fundraisers wherein they do not allow a “give back” (at least not on that night) because, of course, people would feel pressured to give back what they won fair and square. And over time it’s not as fun to win because you can’t really keep it.

    Not sure if I’m articulating this well.

  125. But I see where a 19 year old (who no doubt could use the money) was giving it to the important cause at hand.

  126. Tell wiserbud to get the fuck off twitter.

  127. “Give him a squishy hug for me.”

    pinch his ass for me

  128. It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing. It doesn’t work, and it irritates the pig.

  129. Pendejo,
    I saw Buddy Guy a few years back. I think he was in his early 80’s. That man burned down the house. I couldnt keep up with him on my best day, but he tore it up. BB King – not so much. I can say i saw him LIVE, but he wasn’t in his prime by any means.

  130. It probably depends on the cause.

  131. Carin, is your flooffi golden dogsitting job there yet? Please take pictures before he/she gets beat up by Oschi and covered in spit.

  132. I have to believe the Green New Deal debacle was nothing more than a hotheaded juvenile reaction from Ocasio’s team to Trump’s ‘never socialism’ statement in the SOTU.

    “THAT’S not socialism! Let’s show America what socialism really will be like!!”

    OK, thanks, stupid.

  133. Happy Birthday to Doris!

    Mom turned 81 today. She doesnt want me to take her to lunch (or dinner), so maybe I’ll just bake her a cake? Some cookies? Any ideas for an octogenarian that has everything already?

  134. Flowers and some weed.

  135. She wants the meal……just not bad enough to be seen in public with you…..

  136. Of course I keed, I keed……….but have you considered delivery?

  137. I cooked my mom some rabbits for her birthday. You should cook your mom some rabbits.

  138. Wow, it’s been over a year since I put up a post on the garden blog. I don’t know how you have all survived, without even a single peep of complaint. Not one.

    My brave little troopers.

  139. I actually used to have a bunch of wild rabbits (hares?) running around the back forty. They were really cute. I think they’re all gone now that I have Tucker. He may have dispatched them after he eliminated all the opossums?
    I’ve never tried rabbit, but always wanted to. Hosenpfeffer always was fun to say, but does it taste good?

  140. I think I’m really on to something with using these deep tree pots for the artichoke seedlings. The plants look really happy. I’m excited to compare their garden performance with the overwintered seedlings that were started last June.

    I saved most of the seeds so I can do more experiments this Summer. I think I may have developed A Better Method.

    We’ll see how they do in the ground this season.

  141. Not crazy about wild rabbit. Too gamey. Although, some people like that flavor. The acidic dressings used in a lot of traditional French and Italian rabbit recipes- mustards, vinegars, etc- are all about countering the gameyness.

  142. I think you’re right, Laura, about AOC. It would explain the timing and the half-assed wish list for the moon.

  143. I’m making balsamic beef for dinner. 3.5 lb chuck roast, cup of beef broth, 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar (the good stuff), tbsp of worcestershire, tbsp soy sauce, tbsp honey, four minced garlic cloves, 1/2 tsp of red chili pepper flakes. Slow cook on high for four hours. Serve with fresh brussels sprouts, tiny potatoes, and a nice chianti.

  144. recheck that recipe timing man

  145. Thanks. I just did. Fixt.

  146. lol, sly edit

  147. too fast for me

  148. I kept thinking, “Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right.”

  149. Pupper comes thursday or friday I think.

  150. Now I’m curious what would happen. Inedible, to be sure. But how bad could it be?

  151. Chi, hasenpfeffer is good. If you can’t find rabbit, chicken thighs are a good substitute.

  152. Car in, I saw the fun, I started it. But I can’t speak about it, because I’m not:

    1) a doctor
    2) a woman

    You saw that, right?

  153. LOL. oh. I forgot. I just meant specifically her silliness about abstinence education.

  154. Oh yes, and that was quite a dance.

  155. That is a lot of balsamic.

    I’m making refrigerator meatloaf. No recipe, just whatever meat-loafey stuff is in the fridge with pork and beef, bbq sauce on top.

  156. Who kickoffs a campaign in 15 degree weather? Dammit, woman, don’t be late to your own party.

  157. Laughing at Klobuchar decrying nasty politics when she’s played that game, too.

  158. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on February 10, 2019 9:17 am
    I am enjoying the karma of Rep. Tran of VA doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood after they donated to her campaign (you know they wrote that legislation) and taking out/hobbling most of the VA Dem hierarchy. Now she’s trying to say she misspoke.

    I just wonder what they will find out this week.

    Let’s make sure that all of the state houses get a copy of this document from 2015, “Late Term Abortion and Neonatal Infanticide in Europe”:


    Several chilling accounts of infants born alive after an abortion.

    And also make them read about how Induction Abortions and D&E (dismemberment) Abortions are performed.

    If they can live with themselves after reading about that, show them actual ultrasounds of babies at 20 and 24 weeks and beyond.

    Then tell them WHY Planned Parenthood wants older fetuses – ask them if they are comfortable with babies being aborted so that they can be parted out for medical research.

    And if that doesn’t convince them, then ask them to tag along with their NARAL or PP goons to see an actual late term abortion being performed from start to finish. If those ghouls think this is no big deal, then they shouldn’t have any problem demonstrating their work product.

    If these politicians are still willing to bring forth legislation after all of that, then they are not human beings.

  159. SHIT! The thing I was linking was in the comments…not that. Anyone care to delete that. Thank you nice person in advance.

  160. We’ve decided not to go to church this evening because..
    1. ice…mostly thawed…but still wet and temps dipping again.
    2. the next parish over closed school this past Thurs and Fri because 124 students were out with flu.

  161. Between her, Cory Booker and Occasional Cortez, it’ll be a fun year

    Never underestimate stupid politicians that have the backing of even more stupid constituents, whose votes cancel out yours.

  162. Beasn, all of the pharmacies here are out of Tamiflu. The nearest drug store with any on Friday is 30 miles from here.

  163. If these politicians are still willing to bring forth legislation after all of that, then they are not human beings.

    I get sick thinking about it.

    They don’t care. Their voters don’t care. I remember back some years when MO passed a bill that allowed fetal stem cell research using tax dollars. Big argument with my dad about abortion and paying/poisoning young women to harvest embryos. He was all for it because if dead babies can cure diabetes and cancer, why not?

  164. It’s one reason why I don’t give to the Alzheimer’s Association any more, they were fullbore for fetal cell research. Alzheimer’s is a horrible, horrible disease, but I can’t justify making human omelets to cure it. And why couldn’t they use umbilical cord blood instead? It was like they wanted the abortions.

    Follow the money.

  165. “Beasn, all of the pharmacies here are out of Tamiflu.”


  166. @Jamesat315

    Someone is going to make a video doing Marty Feldman’s Igor from “Young Frankenstein” saying, “Klobuchar!” followed by the sound of horses whinnying.

  167. Speaking of commie motherf*ckers.

    My daughter travels between two city schools. Both ixnayed any Valentine parties. One is allowing the exchange of Valentines, the other sent out an email to all teachers and support staff, absolutely no Valentine exchange.

    One little girl that my daughter works with wanted to bring Valentines anyway – her and her mom already bought them – to her classmates but her teacher told her ‘no’. Then she asked my daughter since she couldn’t bring the Valentines to her regular classmates, could she give them to those in therapy (?) with her. She was so excited because they come with temporary tattoos. My daughter initially told her it would be okay so long as she understood that she wouldn’t be getting any in return – and the girl did……until she got the email telling teachers that if any kid is spotted with said contraband, they are to be made to put them back in their book bags.

    Now she has to call the girl’s parents to tell them not to send them with her. My daughter is afraid if she lets her, it will come back to bite her. I tried to tell her to play dumb but noooo.

    So I’m like ‘Effin commies destroy all the fun and innocence of childhood and this evil grows because good people go along with the bullshit. Beasnette, this is horrible, you should give her a Valentine from me (I’ve got some, yes I do) or at least draw her a heart and give her extra stickers…letting her know you wished she could give out her cards.

    I wanted to cry.

  168. The child is six.

  169. *wondering if I should crochet her a pink bear*

    I bet if my daughter was a middle aged crank like me, she’d find a way to make this happen.

  170. I have never heard of Klobucher, how is this person from some cold state (meaning I don’t know wtf she’s from) going to win the nomination for the Dems if she’s not black, gay, Hispanic or a combination of those?

  171. Mare, she has a vagina and she didn’t sleep her way to the top with Willie Brown or lie about being Native American. Probably still batshit crazy, we just haven’t seen it yet. Pupster might have.

  172. You know what makes me laugh? Warren listening to paid campaign advisors telling her she can win.

  173. Does anyone like Warren? Serious question.

  174. Her husband even appeared bored with her.

  175. Unless Trump dies (God, forbid) and Zombie Margaret Thatcher runs for the R’s I’m not voting for a vagina. Including Pence.

  176. like her? Sure, I think she’s hilarious. I wouldn’t want to have dinner with her, though.

  177. Pray for Oso. Dan is making gringo chili for Frito Pie. Beans and carrots. I owe BCoch an apology

  178. Carrots = stew

  179. I got lectured by Mr Food Channel. He’s using some German pot he bought while working for Pottery Barn.

  180. Listened to part of klobucher’s speech, Hoo boy, she’s boring. We don’t need another Hillary who drones on about shit. Does anyone know how many were at her campaign kickoff?

  181. Throws frozen binder at Mare

  182. Ha!

  183. That Justin Fairfax dude must be a lucky sumbitch. Evidently everybody’s pussy hat is at the cleaners this week.

  184. It’s almost like there’s a double standard.

  185. Damned close.

  186. G’night. NM is intent on becoming California. Idiots at the Roundhouse.

  187. No shit, Oso. All the payoffs are happening, the legislature immediately passed all the bills the previous governor vetoed. No restrictions on abortion, etc. Urrrrgh.

  188. Well, this sucks. There is still 13″ – 18″ on the ground and it’s snowing like shit!
    We don’t do this here.

    What a revoltin’ development this is!
    (Name that TV show and show your age)
    So it goes…

  189. Despite eczema, Richard persisted.

  190. MMM in about 20. Gotta feed pets.

  191. Did anyone leave a size small white hood on the H2 couch last Friday? I was looking for mine, put this one on, and made a laughing stock of myself at the cross burning.

    A midget in a comically small white hood is funny but not in the appropriate way for a ceremony such as this.

  192. Take that sock off your head, silly man.

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