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Your model today was born June 16th, 1988 in San Juan Capistrano, California. 34DD-26-36, 5 ft 4 in and 115 lb.  Please mind your business and say hello to Miss Mai Ly  (AKA Mai Mao, Penny, Erin Virgin, Mia Crush, Cute Cindy, Tiny Mia, Enya, Mia Melons, Majbrit).


  1. She looks like she might have a nice harmonica. Will research further and report back.

  2. nice tits pup!

  3. Pose face = I think this salmon is bad

  4. Why is she so angry in the shower? Does she not like water?

  5. She looks like she’s a handful. And not in the good way.

    wakey wakey.

  6. Carin, was she thinking she’d go to college because her friends are and that’s what was hard to tell her?

    I’m hoping a serious trend away from “automatic college” develops.

    No, I just don’t think she’d addressed it, and I want to address it. She’s a very NICE girl who has street smarts, and can figure things out, but has a hard time with a classroom/that type of learning. It has *always* been a fear of mine. She could have overcome it with drive, but she isn’t motivated that way. It’s hard, so she doesn’t want to try. I suppose that’s her biggest fault, but it is what it is. It doesn’t come as easy for her as it does for her siblings.

    I was just presenting the hard truth we’re faced with. WHAT is she going to do? What does she want to do?

  7. Girls like that when I was at UM were usually majoring in Communications or Women’s Studies, and look where that got us.

  8. I like your tactics Carin. It was assumed us kids would go to college despite my dad going to technical school in Ireland to learn the HVAC trade and my mom being a diploma nurse in the days before BSN’s. That was before the astronomical rise in tuition rates. Only my sister ended up with a boat load of loans because it took her close to 7 years to get her RN with a few changes in her major along the way.

    We know our oldest boy is nowhere near college material. Our hope is that he gets his HS diploma and works in a job somewhere in Bangor and shares an apartment with friends where we can keep an eye on him. He needs the supervision and reluctantly agrees when he’s in a good mood which is most of the time.

  9. How are there so many bad models?

    Maybe it is a hard job.

  10. A common thing is kids getting their nursing assistant or medical assistant certificates and working for a few years before going to nursing school. If she was interested in any health field you’d probably know that by now.

    X-ray techs make pretty good money for 2 years of training.

  11. They just made UMich AA free if your household makes <62k/year. I raged for 15 solid minutes when I heard that.

    1) I want my parents to get a 40k refund for me
    b) "Dad, if you get a raise, we'll have to pay tuition!"
    c) "Mom, you and I can't move back in with Dad, or school will cost a lot!"
    3.5) "Socialism is awesome, school should be free, just like health care!"

  12. I am liking the inclusion of the many aliases these young lasses have used over the course of their “careers”. I can just imagine the reasoning: “Alright guys, we’re not selling enough Raunchy Plumber dvd’s so let’s change the names of the plumbers helpers”

  13. Mortuary science is a two year degree if you can stand the work. Other than prettifying dead bodies, it’s pretty low stress.

  14. I hope they tax the residents of AA to pay for that.

  15. What should I talk about on Richard’s show today?

    1. My recent face lift
    2. Moving to CT
    3. Melania Trump’s statement on punching back 10x
    4. Leon’s and apparently the entire H2s (minus scottw) predilection for cargo shorts
    5. Your esteemed maternal figure
    6. All of the above

  16. I hope they tax the residents of AA to pay for that.

    I heard it on CBS radio, so of course the source of funding wasn’t covered. Their endowment would cover it in perpetuity, so I’m sure it’s coming out of the State of Michigan’s pocket instead.

  17. One of my friends in college was from a mortician family. He got a BA in philosophy and served in the Army Infantry for a full career. I’ve lost track of him but the family still runs the mortuary.

    One of my HS friends was attending mortuary school but he OD’d and required the services of a mortician himself. His grave site was on my running route for years and I used to pay my respects on the fly for years.

  18. Nowhere online can I find a story that mentions where the money is coming from. Suspicious.

  19. Watching meal prep videos or recipe videos where Aussies call ground beef “mince” and peppers “capsicum” really grinds my gears.

  20. Watching meal prep videos or recipe videos where Aussies call ground beef “mince” and peppers “capsicum” really grinds my gears

    Do they add an extra vowel to “aluminum” like the Brits do? That’s one that rankles me.

  21. “Aluminium” makes me glad we fought the Revolutionary War, and sad that we didn’t finish the job and re-conquer England.

  22. I read a great article a while back about the American accent and why it’s so different from England and the other colonies. Obviously, there was a lot of drift over the centuries, but we carried forward what’s called “rhoticity”, which all English speakers used to have (hard Rs on the middle of words), which England itself abandoned as a sort of affectation, in part to distinguish themselves from colonials. Later colonies got the affected speech, and didn’t rebel hard enough to make England talk even stupider.

  23. Huh. That’s actually kind of interesting.

    You’re still the weirdest person I’ve ever met, but goddam if you aren’t a font of knowledge.

  24. Started watching Queen of the South. This wagon reminds me of her.

  25. Thanks MJ, I’ll take that as two separate compliments.

  26. Is that an English-language remake of Reina del Sue, Hotspur, or just a coincidence?

  27. Twins del Sur, you stupid no habla phone.

  28. Oh I fucking give up.

  29. That came through just fine.

  30. The AC on my ’07 Tacoma quit about a month ago and I left it until I needed an oil change/tire rotation. They got it working again but only on the driver’s side. If I wanted the Full Monty I’d need to authorize at least another hour’s work plus whatever parts they needed. For a 10 year old truck in a state that needs AC for about 2 out of 12 months a year I said “No thanks”

  31. With the money I saved on the AC I can put a down payment on one of these

    It’s in euros but if I remember my conversion rate it translates into PFE

    …pretty fusking expensive.

  32. I wonder if Hotspur dry ages the dicks before he puts them in a bag for dinner.

  33. They’re so old he doesn’t need to age them any more.

  34. Huh.

    I thought he’d be more into fresh, locally sourced, free range dicks.

  35. He only shops for his dicks at Whole Foreskins.

  36. Crossfit?

  37. Classy

  38. Parenting tip for MJ and GND

  39. Ok, let me run this one by you guys: Physical therapy assistant? Two year associates degree. SOme of the classes would be tough for her, but w/o high school drama I think she can do it. Starting pay is nice, I think she’d like the work.


  40. Great idea.

    PT is a huge business that pays really well. Plus everyone is getting older. Growing market.

  41. I’ve got everything planted. Which means it’s time to go see what else I can get to put GOD KNOWS WHERE.


  43. Only if she’s an extrovert. I couldn’t do PT at all. Too much time with people.

  44. She is pretty outgoing.

  45. Is that an English-language remake of Reina del Sue, Hotspur, or just a coincidence?

    No, it’s about some chick who becomes a drug lord in Texas. I don’t generally enjoy shows that glorify crime (Breaking Bad, Sopranos, etc.), so I’m just trying it out.

  46. You know, like I tried out your mom.

  47. Preemptive.

  48. Ann Arbor has its priorities straight.

  49. Car in on June 30, 2017 at 1:12 pm
    She is pretty outgoing.

    Might consider sales. Pharmaceutical, insurance, funeral planning, anything really.
    Great money can be made in sales with no degree, and women tend to do quite well (especially in pharmaceutical).
    If she is a people person, she should excel. I made good money in high-end retail for over 20 years, but it eventually killed my soul and love of people…

  50. I think Reina del Sur is the same plot, different location in Central or South America.

  51. Then on the other side of town:

    Dindu nuffin.

  52. Butterface

  53. nice job on the show today, MJ.

    As always, friggin’ hilarious.

  54. I checked to see what My Lai looks like without her clothing.

    6/10, would smash.

  55. I’m not sure you could find any clothes-free pictures of her, judging from the evidence above.

  56. Perhaps work as a paralegal? My mom seems to enjoy working as one.

  57. Your mom enjoys doing a lot of things.

  58. I’m sorry, I forgot to yell FORE, didn’t I?

  59. Or work as a paranormal. Like mother like daughter.

  60. She could start a metal band.

  61. I’ve worn out about 4 belts in the last year or two.

    I decided to purchase a real leather belt from a real leather place.

    It will be my last one.
    100 year warrantee.

  62. PT-A is a decent job for her 20’s. After a while she may burn out on it…you never know, it may end up being a dream job for her. Work, meet somebody, get to be a mom and work PT as an assistant.

    PT is now a PhD program which I think is ridiculous. I’m all for education but requiring every PT to achieve a doctorate is just plain stupid.

  63. I think we are about to be taxed on our energy use.
    We got a letter from the electric company…..
    This is how much energy your greenest neighbors uses________
    This is how much energy your average neighbor uses______________
    This is how much energy you use_____________________________________

  64. She could become a leather worker. You know, making quality belts for generous men.

  65. Hmm, what was your doctoral thesis on?

  66. I may be biased, but I’ve always believed that the service is the best place to encourage 18 year olds to go who haven’t figured out what the want to do in life. Especially if they don’t want to enter college.

    If she is going to watch as all of her friends go off to school, it would give her a way to say, “I’m going my own way.” And get her out of the vacuum that would ensue when they’re all gone away.

    Just a thought. It’s what I did.

  67. For mine I just wrote “Bone Broth Matters” 100 times using different fonts. Helvetica was my personal fave.

  68. Plus it was the only way I could figure out how to meet your mom.

  69. Every year I get requests for letters clearing kids for enlistment who I’ve treated in he past. I’ve never said no and usually add a sentence along the lines of “he (or she) has all the potential to make a fine soldier/sailor/airman/jarhead”

  70. What about the Coast Guard? RACIST!

  71. Sailor covers CG.

  72. grunt/swabbie/zoomie/jarhead

  73. Or mop jockey.

  74. Comment by scott on June 30, 2017 2:57 pm

    I think we are about to be taxed on our energy use.
    We got a letter from the electric company…..

    Water companies do that as well. What’s funny is that they often drive up water usage in rich areas. People see that they’re using less compared to their neighbors and decide to use more water.

  75. Comment by Jimbro on June 30, 2017 2:58 pm

    “She could become a leather worker.”
    Your mom works with leather…….

  76. My wife went Air National Guard and it’s been really great for us overall. She’d be happy to talk about it if there is any interest.

    Don’t get her started on trannies in the service since 0bama decided on a whim that mentally ill, suicidal people must be permitted to serve, though.

  77. If she has any gift for languages, there’s a huge need for Intel analysts that speak/read any of Mandarin, Arabic, or Farsi, and the AF will send you to school to learn them.

  78. Am I the only one that gets cravings for childhood favorite foods?
    The first thing I cooked all by myself (I think) was cocktail meatballs in a syrup of grape jelly & chili sauce.

    I think I’m going to make those for appetizers tonight. Nostalgia rocks/sucks.

  79. Yeah, there are worse things than spending a year or two in Monterrey, CA learning Farsi.

  80. She could probably work at the local Apu’s Mini Mart for a year, make a few buck and learn all the Farsi she’d need to know.

  81. Intel analysts need a bit more than that, but she could also have a good career translating in Dearbornistan too.

  82. If she lists her home as Dearbornistan, won’t it be assumed she speaks Farsi?

  83. Greetings, four flushers and two baggers.

  84. My belt arrived.

    Hank makes a mean belt.

  85. I tell you what.

  86. Howdy guys. Dan went in for his skin cancer dealing today. He was asked to bring someone with him. Yay me! Nurse brought out the syringe to numb his ear. I got queasy. Told us it would take 10 minutes to numb, and Dr Dan would be back. About 8 minutes in, S

  87. Hi Sean and Oso.

  88. And Hank.

  89. Stuck in the Middle With You came on the radio. Dan and I were laughing so hard, I started to Muttley. Dr Dan comes walking in and asked if he was missing something. Dan asked if he’d ever seen Reservoir Dogs.
    Dr Dan: 2 or 3 times.
    Dan: I hope you aren’t planning to dance around my chair while using your scalpel
    Dr Dan: I’ll try to restrain myself.

  90. Got all the cancer in one cut. No plastic surgery. No skin graft. I nearly passed out when I saw Dan’s blood and the back of his ear. I get to take care of him for the next two weeks. I plan on using LOTS of gauze and tape $20

  91. Hi MJ. Hope you’re enjoying KBILLY’s Super Sounds of the 70’s Weekend.

  92. Hi guys.

  93. “Got all the cancer in one cut.”

    Good deal.

  94. Cancer sucks. Dan 2; Cancer 0.

  95. I don’t even know whats going on anymore.

  96. Oso, you’ve had quite the rough day. I hope Dan knows how hard you’re working to take care of him. You deserve green chili cheeseburgers with ice cream for dessert.

  97. Dan’s Doctor is Michael Madsen and scott got a belt made with efficient, clean-burning propane.

    Try to keep up.

  98. CoAlEx, I bought deli food at Sam’s since Dan is supposed to take it easy. I was pre-heating the oven, Dan: Did you remember to take the plastic wrap off? Grrrr. My consolation is he can’t have alcohol and I’m sipping bourbon.

  99. I am re-heating and microwaving dinner. Tomorrow I have to play nurse Nancy without passing out. I even had to give MaryAnn her meds and touch Braunschweiger!!!

  100. That’s gotta be the worst euphemism for an h-jay in the history of h-jays.

  101. Just finished 75% of the neighbor lady’s honey’s list. I’m beat like a red headed stepchild…

    And, fuck cancer.

  102. Hey Chi, did she show her appreciation by touching some Braunschweiger?

  103. Wiener dogs love Braunschweiger! Not a euphemism!

  104. It is now.

  105. Hahaha

  106. Dan only told a few people at work about his ear. He has decided to tell anyone that asks that I Tyson’d his Holyfield.

  107. I am watching The Matrix.

  108. Ha!

    We went there about 10 years ago, Sean. We’re just friendly now. And she uses me like her bitch.
    I’m cool with that though – she keeps a half gallon of Jim Beam on hand for my use.

  109. The H2 – touching your Braunschweiger since March 2009.

  110. Dammit.
    I went to the grocery store today and I forgot braunschweiger – will y’all stop reminding me that I want some?

  111. Is there a checkout gal there who meets you on the loading dock or something?

  112. I’m on a pretty good streak of not touching my braunschweiger. Today’s model wasn’t especially triggering.

  113. uncle’s aneurysm update –
    he’s still alive

    we still can’t get anyone to attempt a repair

    strange life the boy lead –
    most ppl (including his brothers) probably won’t care about his passing; some may applaud; i might be one of the very few that reflect positively on his life – he treated me as a surrogate son.
    he was partially the reason i pursued engineering and science.
    he was/is, however, a very difficult person to interact with.

  114. Life isn’t always easy. Glad your uncle/surrogate daddy is hanging in there.

  115. gazebo project update –
    concrete counter weight pour is set for 10 am –
    i’ve got everything welded and ready (i think).

    i plan on back filling Sunday, followed by cantilevered deck install.

    next week i should be able to bring the rest to grade and pour the gazebo slab… as long as i don’t do something stupid, i should be done in a couple of weeks…

  116. thanks oso

  117. Yeah, Seattle, you go with this:

    Stupid fucking socialists…

  118. What’s on your 4th of July menu? Osos: Kalua Pork, Hawaiian Coleslaw. (Dan is still creating Hawaiian Coleslaw) Mai Tais

  119. “Is there a checkout gal there who meets you on the loading dock or something?”

    so – i had a secretary once who was caught in a dalliance with the shipping and receiving guy – on the loading dock

    i always assumed it was some kind of hate against hubby thing because she wasn’t bad looking, she was educated, and genteel – the loading dock guy was a toad…

    of course he may have been packing some special family recipe for his braunschweiger

  120. Geoff, if you check in, check out He is pretty consistent and covers lots of NM restaurants. Including Gallup.

  121. I may make ribs in the PBC for July 4th.

  122. Don’t know yet, maybe wings.

  123. I hope your uncle pulls through, jamjam. And good luck with your gazebo.

  124. i may sous-vide my braunschweiger with your mom – she likes to go low and slow on independence day

  125. Sous vide…not a euphemism.

  126. So I thought NYC had all kinds of gun control. I’m sorry about what happened today, but I wonder what Bloomberg and de Blasio will do next.

  127. hmm – i could prolly do that

  128. thanks sean

  129. Gheyzibo..,amirite?

  130. I love you fuchers.

  131. …an that’s not jus’ the Jimpsen talkin’.

  132. Nor tha’ Jenkum.

  133. …but put both togeth’ and thatsa’partay!!!

  134. *reads up-thread for 5 months*

  135. El Chumpo!!!! Thought of you while watching GOTG2! 🎶Brandy…you’re a fine girl🎶🎶🎶😜

  136. Canada Day is a scam!

  137. Chumpo, my fine fresh fellow, how’s tricks? Are we still moving to Lincoln?

  138. No. Lincoln is for pasty suchah’s!!

    I’m waggin’ my shit on the strand in Oceanside.

  139. Let’s log a Beat-up in Anaheim. Angels vs The Flyers.
    It will be the best of the best!

  140. Well, you’ve met me. I’m pretty damn pasty.

  141. There’s no shame in that.
    Lut me in a cheese cellar for seven months and I look the same.

    Fome down to San. Lets lay out.

  142. On and on hot sasages.

    I hope to get with ye sooner than later.

    because you are rad.

  143. I see a car smashed at night
    Cut the applause and derp the light
    Monty’s face is broken on a wheel
    Is he alive? Can he still feel?


  145. Blerg. Couldn’t sleep.

  146. Trying to plan the day. Worky worky for a while, then a funeral.

  147. Happy 150th birthday to America’s Hat.

  148. Chumpo was here!! Chumpo was here!!!

  149. Wakey wakey.

    My plans for the 4th are to work. FML. I’ve informed them I only want to work 2 days a week.

    My schedule:
    Today, tomorrow (all day), Monday night, tuesday night, wednesday night, Thursday offf, friday night, saturday morning.

    Seriously. W. T. F?

    And everyone and their cousin is asking for people to pick up their shifts. Fuck all you guys.

  150. Blerg. Couldn’t sleep.

    Dog: hey…hey…hey…you should write a weekend poat

  151. I’m working Monday and Wednesday in the office. Office is closed Tuesday but I’m taking call that day. My brother is coming up to camp for a visit Sunday through Wednesday where they’ll be on their own for entertainment. Paula organized a July 4th party at our house. I haven’t reminded her that I’m on call then.

    Fireworks accidents usually go to hand surgery so I’ve got that going for me

  152. I was just looking out at the wet, unruly lawn it is my fate to mow when I saw a brilliant red male cardinal bird on my back railing

    My lawn is a lot like your mom

  153. Fuck all you guys.


  154. One of the girls who only works 2 times this week – she broke her toe a week and a half ago so basically hasn’t worked in all that time. She is”supposed” to work tonight. she has three shifts, then she’s off for vacation.

    Must be nice to be – basically – a child.

    What bugs me is that the supposed “want” to work full time, but then ask for SO MUCH FUCKING TIME OFF … they’re basically part-time workers. If I were the manager, I’d just over-hire and tell everyone they’re SOL. Don’t ask for so much time off.

  155. Oso family camping trip:

  156. I got a desk to pack.

  157. For Jay

  158. New poatse.

  159. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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