Someone Had To Do It

I’m not sure what all happened to the Hostagettes today but a tradition is a  tradition.






  1. Awesome!

  2. Jimbro, is there something you want to tell us and Paula?

  3. That I like gyros?


  5. Wow. Jimbro was SO close to doing a good job on this.



  8. Jimbro was smart enough to know that if he *did* a good job at it, he’d get stuck doing it more often.

  9. XBrad knows things

  10. To you, it’s Wednesday. To me, it’s the third Monday in a row.

  11. Nice one w the doctors.
    Is that you?

    That sould be classic.

  12. Ha, I haven’t been that skinny in a long time! I just image searched ortho surgeon and as I clicked on it I think it mentioned he’s Israeli.


  13. Funny

  14. Jimebro, I’m T.O’d that you’re not going to be in Tempain this wknd.

    You should plan a meat at your cabin on Blood Lake.

  15. We fixed the septic so it’s on whenever the posse assembles. We may need a few tents and to empty out the garage if there’s a crowd.

  16. Do they have a resort around there?

  17. We should make FagFace Rosetta do STL again.

  18. You cabin isn’t on Great Moose Lake is it?

    I spent a couple July 4ths fishing that.

  19. We should make FagFace Rosetta do STL again.

    Especially since Rocketboy is 1.5 hours down the road from there.

  20. No resorts on the lake. Too “local” for that. Some of the bigger lakes like Moosehead have resorts and the remote lakes have sporting camps on them. The closest hotel is the Black Bear Inn near UMaine in Orono. I attended some kind of conference there a while ago, either on comic books or midget strippers, and it was an okay place.

  21. Pushaw Lake.

  22. That’s crazy money for a GP spot. Even better with a low cost of living and no place to spend your money.

  23. Rowan was watching Paula in bed. We borrowed the boy’s camo comforter to keep our down comforter clean

  24. My friend from Alaska told me Neu Zeeland is Exactly like Maine.
    You should go do surgeries there.
    And Meat-ups.

  25. Rowan reminds me of Ruby, although she was shorter and wider.

  26. Rowan looks like he can corner. Ruby sucked at that.

    She was a bullet in a straight line though.

  27. He’s an amazing runner and taunts Star into chasing him. She never catches him.

  28. Did anybody conclusively prove that anybody else’s proposal to replace a common household chemical to save the environment would actually kill millions of people today?

  29. What does he weigh? 40-45?

  30. Is Cyn still at lunch?

  31. 42

  32. I wish… just got home a bit ago. After picking up the boys from school, had to run Googleman to the ER for a nosebleed that had lasted for much of the day.

    And like taking your car to the mechanic with that funny sound, the minute we got in the hospital parking lot, it stopped. We went in anyway thinking it would start up again, but of course, no.

    We picked up a vaporizer, came home, ate, fired it up, and his nose has started bleeding again. -_-

    We already had scheduled an appointment next week at the ENT, but they wouldn’t see him with an active bleed. o.O


  33. Thanks for the HHD poatsey, Jim!

  34. I may not be able to make it this weekend. Health crap. *sad face

  35. Oh no! Hurry up and get better! Right this minute, young lady!

  36. The ER was packed with a shit ton of people with the flu; it’s really bad here.
    I whispered to Googleman as we were walking in, “Don’t. Touch. Anything.”

  37. Kick health crap’s ass.

  38. That’s it. Im double fisting in AZ.


    Wait a minute…that doesnt sound right all of a sudden.

    You. fuckin’. bastards.

  39. I cant wait to see you and Xbrad

  40. *muddles Mr. Chumpo’s head*

  41. Heh.

    I should load up on backyard fruit and weed. I’m sure to make it through the checkpoint on the 8 that way.

  42. rofl Chumpo.

  43. They won’t bat an eye at the weed, but the fruit… ASSUME THE POSITION ON THE GROUND NOW, MISTER!

  44. Lipps, I don’t blame you.
    This is a SHITTY year for sicknessessesses.

    See ye at Pablo’s this summer.

  45. Well, considering Pup is bringin’ a punch
    and so is Ositer
    And I like Roamy but she’s spoken for
    And Xbrad and SeanM are playing Master and Commander…
    It looks like Duelin’ Odds for me and DiT.

    I don’t like my chances.

  46. I’m kinda wishing that Chad was gonna be there.

  47. I’d pay good good money to see him fawning on Roamsy again LOL

  48. I’d pay good money to see him dick punched.

    Lecherous cocksucker.

  49. MOOOOOOM! Hotspur is jealous again that Chad didn’t hit on him!

  50. 🙂

  51. Cannot wait to see you peeps… I seriously need to decompress before I go postal and this is sure to do the trick.

  52. Lunch was nice, Cyn should be on the AZ tourist board.

    Best wishes for speedy recoveries for Lipstick and Googledude.

  53. Aw man. Feel better Lippy and Goggledude. Got off work at 9 and packing RIGHT NOW!!! Dropping MA off at Paradise Pets in the AM and Twin Arrows tomorrow!!!

  54. Googledude

  55. …and Hawtspurn is bringin’ sand to the beach too.
    Good Lawd!!

  56. Thanks y’all.

  57. I can’t find my leggings or my yoga pants!!!!

  58. Emergency trip to the store tomorrow!

  59. I don’t wear leggings or yoga pants in public. Or my tiara.

  60. I was yolking with ya. I’ll miss meeting you — this time.

  61. Me too!! Just get well and hope to meet you in RL soon!

  62. I don’t know why I love her like I do
    All the changes you put me through
    Take my money, my cigarettes
    I haven’t seen the derp of it yet

  63. *straightens tiara*

  64. Can’t sleep. I’m out of books to read. Maybe I should go work out.

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