Who’s Country Is This? Our Country!

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate a little country music. Some might call it a survival mechanism considering it’s what Paula prefers to listen to. George Strait’s “All my ex’s …” is on seemingly every time I ride in her Jeep on the Sirius radio.

Remember kids: Graffiti is bad!


Which Hostage wore the toilet costume on Halloween?


H2 PBC Cultist


Hi mare, s’up?



For the Hostagettes


That’s right…I’m a giver.





  1. Wicked thunder and lightning overnight. Star woke up whining at 0300 because of the noise. There is no snow left in our yard anymore.

  2. We bought our younger boy a season pass at the local ski hill for Christmas. We’re no way near the break even point yet in terms of days skiing vs overall cost. Small misfortune for us but a catastrophe for the ski hill and the snow sled dealers.

  3. $34 ?????????


    A fool and his or her money are soon parted.

  4. The Duluth underwear is awesome.

  5. So I got to hang around the emergency dept yesterday.
    I really really liked it.

    Disconcerting to just be an observer sometimes, though. A doc was prepping to put in a catheter and a pacer wire on this fellow who was in a great deal of distress. I was watching while flattened to the wall trying to almost literally blend in and stay out of the way of all these people, when the doc turned and addressed me. He just wanted me to tape the back of his gown shut because I was the only one right there who wasn’t keeping sterile. It was oddly disorienting to be noticed, because I was really trying to not be a person.

  6. Snowed in. Ww

  7. It was warmer when I got out last night than when I went in. 55 degrees and a raging wind/ rainstorm. Branches from distant trees deposited in strange places.
    We did not lose power. LE WIN

  8. Snowed in here too, but we eventually have to dig out and go get the car from the dealership.

  9. It was oddly disorienting to be noticed, because I was really trying to not be a person.

    Impressive that the doc was that aware of his surroundings, and assets. He must be a very organized person.

  10. I’ve wanted to try the Duluth underwear, but the sticker shock, wow.

  11. laura, I would imagine that lots of people find the emergency room a bit overwhelming.

  12. Jay, I know, but if you’ve got to do a lot of work outdoors, they’re worth it, particularly the Buck Nakeds. I use those for hiking and am spared a whole host of junk and butt maladies.

  13. I’ve seen a lot of different ERs – with my dad. The coolest one was in Troy- beaumont. They have different ones there (I’ve been to them all – @@) , but one for the most critical is cool. Only 4 beds and a nurse that sits up higher at a desk in the middle to monitor everything. It was really cool. I’m sure they have a special name for it.

  14. Jimmy Fallon certainly is having fun at Trump and Cruz’s expense. Last night’s monologue could be played at a Hillary!/Feel the Bern rally.

  15. Lots of people got stuck in their driveways on the way home. Pat included.

  16. How much snow did you get?

  17. Looks like ~6″ here.

  18. Your mom was very disappointed.

  19. As part of our Lifewings protocol in the OR we are supposed to know all members of the team in the room including students. It’s modeled on airline safety for pilots in a checklist format. I think the rationale is that when they looked retrospectively at various mishaps it was obvious to some people that things were amiss but they were either too intimidated to speak up or felt it was so obvious that everyone must certainly know and they’d be subject to derision if they opened their mouth. I routinely interrogate the nursing, radiology tech, medical and CRNA students if I don’t know them. In a friendly sort of way.

  20. “Lifewings”


    It seemed hokey at first but we have all rapidly adapted it as a part of our practice.

  21. Some people find that behavior intimidating, jimbro. I like it, myself, but then I don’t have paper thin skin, and I have a minimum of self confidence.

  22. 10+ inches

  23. The timing made it difficult. People were at work, etc.

  24. I recall being a student very well. I wasn’t that shy and followed my residents around eagerly and observed them doing a lot of procedures. By my 4th year I took the initiative to do a lot of procedures on my own with the resident “supervising” me in the same room.

    I am actually pretty friendly to the students and ask them their names and try to get them talking. If you’re standing against the wall hiding behind the imaginary potted plant or drapes you will learn squat. I get them to put non-sterile gloves on and to stand near where the action is. A few may resent me for doing that but I believe the majority are happier. I always tell them that I want them well trained since they’ll be caring for me someday.

  25. There needs to be a trial on adult heterosexual men before I believe this is harmful:


  26. Sounds legit. Gotta be safer than getting a poop transplant after 30 years of IBS.

  27. Poop Transplant is a shitty nickname.

  28. Sir, would you prefer a poop transplant or vaginal seeding today?

    And how will you be paying?

  29. We lost a tree last night and it landed in crazy lady’s backyard.

  30. Do you get to wear a hockey mask and cut up the tree with a chainsaw? Cuz that sounds like fun.

  31. DTW to PHX boards in 30 minutes. It’s snowing, and we’re headed to the mother fucking sun.

  32. Can we move to a private/non-TITS groups for the weekend?

  33. I wasn’t hiding, I was sticking right by my assigned nurse and trying to stay out of bump-by-way in a room the size of a closet. Since the docs actually *didn’t* know I was going to be there, the last thing I wanted to do was draw their attention when the patient needs it. Or worse, to be a source of irritation, which would get back to my instructor and earn me a raft of instant shit.

    I was on my toes with my heels up on the wall a lot of the time so they could wheel equipment by me. Later when my nurse moved to the other side of the bed I followed her and was able to observe her better without inconveniencing anybody or crushing my tootsies.

  34. Can we move to a private/non-TITS groups for the weekend?


  35. We’re moving to H(whatever we decide). I’ll let you know on the “other” secret email list.

    Do we include mare?

  36. That’s just hateful.

  37. We’re all the way up to 51 degrees!

  38. Yeah, those ER rooms can be tiny Laura. Add a couple of family members, a couple of residents and the attending it’s awfully crowded.

  39. Max(imus)

    I like Wookie and Moose.

  40. http://is.gd/hnPWJL


  41. Moose

  42. I’ll add it to the list.

  43. I just ordered some Dinovite for my older dogs. They’re going to need it.

  44. Just spike their water with some Red Bull.

  45. or teach them to like coffee.

  46. http://is.gd/hW7eak


  47. L to R

    Pupster, CaRin


  48. Yeah… might have to go with Moose here.


  49. LOL.

  50. I’m guessing that the animal most excited about a new puppy will be killer.

    We should start a contest to see how many days it is until I catch them napping together.

  51. Steve would be a good name.

  52. Steve is a horrible name for a dog.

  53. Bob is a much better name for a dog.

  54. How do you feel, MJ?

  55. Name it Mr. Maximus Goodpuppy.

  56. Maximus is what my son wants to name his first son (if and when). I was thinking it sounded like a dog name 🙂

  57. Feeling pretty good, Jay. I was sick for the better part of a month, but this week I start working out again. Plus I started a new job and that’s always exciting.

    I ended up losing all of the weight I needed to by chance, which was also kind of nice.

  58. Oh, and I’m working on a masters so I’m learning all sort of new stuff.

  59. Lionel would be a good name.

  60. What were you sick with?

  61. Max is my Maine Coon’s name.

  62. MJ, what are you attempting to master?

    I’m a master of art according to my diploma.

  63. I had a respiratory infection, then a sinus infection. In that time I traveled twice, moved, repainted the downstairs (FU, crown molding) so I was pretty worn down.

  64. Supply chain, Leon. It’s pretty heavy on stats so that part is easy.

  65. What’s going on with everyone here? Apparently car in is either out of cars or her children stole one. Not sure which.

  66. The kids crashed the other car, MJ.

  67. Apparently car in is either out of cars or her children stole one. Not sure which.

    She left her phone charger in the car. The car itself was just collateral damage.

  68. MJ, good luck with grad school. I’m in the process of applying right now. One application is due next week, the others are due later in the year.

  69. OK, almost completely dug out a car. Almost.

  70. So, this is a real thing. I wonder what the profit margin on it is?

    *reads cricket farming wiki*


  72. We have one 2 miles from our house, we’ve been there twice.

    I don’t understand the place.

  73. It. Is. Awesome.

    The first time I went (years ago) i was mystified. I left with nothing. It was Pat who went and just started trying their weird brands. Everything we’ve tried there is really good.

  74. Be careful, sometime the produce is old. But you can get some good deals.

  75. We see a lot of their weird brands at Restaurant Depot.

  76. General Patton’s Chicken Beaks

  77. Beautiful clear day in AZ. You can’t bring your own booze and guns onto the rez. Heh.

  78. My wife saw the cricket flour.

    “If you eat that, it’s over. We can stay married, but I will live somewhere else.”

    She’s no fun sometimes.

  79. Ha, Car in, you had Zeus and Apollo on your list. Cue Magnum P.I. music . . .

  80. 81°

  81. Show of hands for who hates Hotspur, right now?

  82. Supposed to be even warmer Saturday/Sunday.

  83. I’ve never gotten old anything at Aldi – but I don’t’ really buy their produce. Some squash last fall.

  84. Wow. 81. That’s too hot.

    *does naked snow-angel in snow

  85. It’s so pretty outside. It’s stopped snowing. I’d kinda like to go for a run.

  86. Might need your snowshoes, since you don’t have webbed feet.

  87. Winds last night hit 70 MPH.

  88. 84 here right now.

  89. Cool, crisp air. Delightful.

  90. 42 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow is supposed to hit the mid 50s. Perfect weather.

  91. We had 75 mph winds last night. There was all day reporting on local news about a tree that fell over.

  92. I’m going out for a burger. Someone punch xbrad’s junk until I get back.

  93. Are there festivities in Phoenix tonight?

  94. So, the sports bar at Twin Arrows has a locust motif. Known for tenacity. The navajo beef was very good.

  95. So, Mrs. Pupster and I are ensconced in our secret mountain lair, after a quick stop here: http://is.gd/5refUg

  96. Classy.

  97. Heh, Rim Liquor!


  98. First comment about the album:

    “Jeebus….If this album doesn’t make you want to snort cocaine and donkey punch someone you have no hope in life….”

  99. I’m pretty sure that Taco Bell’s initial ad for the Quesalupa was “The Quesalupa: Because, fuck you!”

  100. It has a drive through, and they also deliver.

    AZ is a magical place.

  101. Why are you and Mrs. Pupster still living in Minnesota?

  102. http://is.gd/scp53d

  103. I think mama coyote just returned to the den.

  104. Did anybody want to smack anybody else for leaving a comment that simply read “whose” today?

  105. Why are you and Mrs. Pupster still living in Minnesota?

    Every time it snows my wife asks when we’re moving to Texas.

    Not until The Wall is built.

  106. Why are you and Mrs. Pupster still living in Minnesota?

    Lotto ticket didn’t hit.

  107. I looked at the biggest tree in the US today. Maybe the world, I don’t remember. But it was big. Trunk is 40 feet in diameter at the base. Hope I don’t get ED out of the deal.

  108. Sequoia is nice.

  109. Lincoln NE. The next Austin? I’ve been there. It’s a bit colder than Austin. It def doesnt rock like Austin. The capital Building is cool.

  110. Ugh. Satellite TV cuts out every time Cruz is talking. Adjusts tin foil tiara

  111. It’s boring. You’re not missing anything.

  112. I heard Rubio shanked someone.

  113. Latin with a shank? Totes not rayciss 😘👊🏻

  114. Jennifer Lopez is still hot.

  115. Nebraska isn’t even real, so it can’t contain a cool city.

  116. I refuse to watch the debate, so I’m watching it vicariously via the comment thread at AoS.

  117. Coyotes really? Dang, I’ve never heard those up there.Nice Catch, Pups.

  118. I hear coyotes near my place all the time. See them sometimes.

  119. Neat!

  120. Everybody’s working on Masters degrees. If all the smart people are gonna start hanging out here where is a homeless moron supposed to go?

  121. Making sure Harry’s is still up to Hostage standards.

    Somebody has to.

  122. Relax, Chad. I don’t even have a batchelor’s, let alone working on a Master’s.

  123. I’m not working on a master’s. I got mine in ’08.

    18 credits in graduate math, 18 credits in graduate comp sci, and I’m somehow a master of art.

  124. *pulls out some crayons*

  125. You’re not my real master!

  126. Thank you for your sacrifice, Hotspur. How’s the courtyard this evening?

  127. Whew

  128. Actually, we all have PhD’s already. The masters work we’re all doing is just to kill time.

  129. How is Mrs. Hotspur’s health? I missed whatever resolution there was.

  130. The courtyard is pretty busy. Seems to be a lot of meetings and seminars happening. The pool is closed for maintenance.

  131. Lipstick, they never came to a conclusive diagnosis, but finally settled on allergy induced asthma. She’s finally off all the fucking steroids, but they really saved her life. She’s off them now, and feeling much better.

    She swam about 20 laps in the closed pool.


  132. >>>>the pool is closed for maintenance.


  133. So far no sign of the USC girls volleyball team.

  134. Chad??

  135. Haven’t seen Chad. Or fakechad.

  136. I think he got in on a Friday last time.

  137. Hotspur, glad she’s feeling better. Side-effects from steroids do suck, she has my sympathy.

    Everybody, have faith: there will always be more Chads.

  138. PhDs aren’t a real thing. The just made them up for The Big Bang Theory

  139. How are YOU feeling, Lippy?

  140. “Everybody, have faith: there will always be more Chads.”

    God I hope not those guys suck.

  141. PhDs aren’t a real thing. The just made them up for The Big Bang Theory

    This is, sadly, not true. I am literally* surrounded by them at my office.

    *yes, literally literally, most freshly graduated from UM or Carnegie-Mellon

  142. Bedtime. Tomorrow is Daddy Day Care starting bright and early.

  143. Hope everyone has fun this weekend!

    We got a new duvet and cover, along with 2 new pillows, so it’s kinda like being in a hotel – until we get used to the new stuff…..

  144. At our age hotel fuckin is de best.

  145. Hey Teresa, how is your recovery going?

    Cyn, weak, wobbly and disappointed to miss this weekend.

  146. I’m just disappointed that you don’t feel well – that sucks. You come over any time and we’ll have our own TITS3.14159!

  147. At our age hotel fuckin is de best.

    FTFY 😉

  148. It’s a deal, Cyn!

  149. I’ve never fucked a hotel.

  150. Well, you’re young yet.

  151. …but I did stay at a Motel 6 last night and I still got the clap. WTF?!!

  152. Clap on
    Clap off!

    Tha Clapper!!

  153. No! you shut up!!

    Imma start driving now.
    Be there early, find a good bondsman.

  154. Well, Sean should be here sometime just before noon.

  155. I’ll be there by 11 because Bloody Marys and tacos. I’ll give ye a report at 15:00.

  156. Television turns me on
    When the summer’s derp and the spirit’s thrown
    So, how can I get close to you
    When you got no mercy no, you got mercy
    No you got no

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