When Kumbayas take over the world … we’re fucked.




  1. Poontang beyotches!

  2. If that’s what you want to call it.

  3. You stomped the art wire.


  4. http://is.gd/OsQwkQ

  5. http://is.gd/uPVdQa

  6. I saw that earlier and no way is that real.

  7. Just put the deposit down on a Brown Newfie. Pick up the 7th.

    It’s adorable. Male.

    Name suggestions begin. My work friends are being assholes and giving me horrible names.

  8. Why buy? Shelter dog!

  9. It’s sweet that you think we’d be any different

  10. Hooch



  11. Tiberius is high on my list.

  12. 1) I live out in the country and the shelter has very few dogs and
    2) my rescue dogs have not been the best pets.

    I don’t have good luck with them. They were both major runners – I can’t tell you how many times I bailed those dogs out of doggie jail.

    i know many people get the best dogs ever a the shelter. Not me.

  13. Zelda is giving me the MAJOR sniff-over. I held those puppies a lot.

    The mom was so friendly. That’s what I want. A friendly dog. I’m sick of people always being afraid of our dogs.

    Of course, since we’re getting a male we’d better get Zelda fixed soon. She has papers and what not but not really the best for breeding. Her temperament isn’t the greatest.

  14. Donald




  15. I got Bernie, Obama, and Kayne from my asshole work friends.

  16. George. I kinda like that. Nice strong name.

  17. THOR

  18. The Notorious LIV

  19. Yea. They drool a bit.

  20. Name him something really dumb.


  21. I could not stomach that drool. But sweet doggie.

  22. Kitty

  23. Puppies must be adorable.

  24. What could possibly go wrong?


  25. http://is.gd/9IBRfS

  26. “What could possibly go wrong?”

    Mosquitoes with superpowers.

  27. Mongo.

  28. Chad

  29. Sheldon would be a good dog name.

  30. The engineer side of me cringes, thinking of flammability issues, hair getting into stuff, the science payloads waiting on the ground for a ride. On the other hand, he’s got a month left, and that has to be mentally stressful. I can totally see my middle brother (the good one) doing this.

  31. You just know the Russian cosmonauts are thinking WTF????

  32. http://is.gd/yujBYZ

  33. Carlos

  34. Juan Carlos

  35. Loki

  36. That’s what I want. A friendly dog.

    I’m really close here. Would you settle for “doesn’t start many house fires”?

  37. Teddy or Kennedy.

  38. Stoopid Sam’s Club ghost was jacking with me this morning. Kept setting off alarms in electronics.

  39. Diesel is a good name.

  40. Blackie.

  41. “My Good Child”

  42. Zumba

    Love Newfs.

  43. Big Jerry

  44. The puppies are adorable. My daughter has the pictures on her phone and when she sends them to me I’ll share.

  45. Goofy.

  46. Stitch. Pluto. Mickey.

  47. Athanasius.

  48. Feeling kind of sorry for my mom. Billy’s kids excluded her from the obit. I guess the delay in arrangements was fighting over funeral plans. 2 of his sons are no longer Catholic. Blah blah blah.

  49. Greetings, people who will be attending TITS 2 and people we will be calling for bail money.

  50. 3 moar days!!’

  51. Don’t call me. Any of you.

  52. You don’t know how reverse psychology works, do you?

  53. Carin still hasn’t snatched Possum, and she’ll be 7 months old tomorrow.

  54. I’m all talk.

    Or … I’m lulling you into a false sense of security.

  55. Or, my lack of a car sucks.

    I’ll get the new puppy and a nice kombucha mother and I’ll drive down.

    I can bring back the dehumidifier … and if it breaks early enough I can bring you more … mint? What?

  56. Pat’s been toying with the idea of trying to get me a new car.

    We’ll see how this pans out.

  57. BMW i8

  58. We have 2 vehicles. One driver.

  59. I don’t need it, keep it if you still do. I could use more mint. Benny tried to eat the chocolate mint and I’m not sure if I saved enough of it to propagate.

  60. We’ve got 3 vehicles. 2 ranch trucks, 230,000 miles and 150,000 miles, and Penelope’s diesel Jetta, 115,000 miles. I’m just hoping they’ll all hold together for a while.

  61. Let me know if you want to buy a new Ford. I know people.

  62. Pepe, even with low gas prices, Dan is driving the Nissan to TITS2 instead of the more comfortable Xterra!!!

  63. More mint. Both kinds. What about horseradish?

  64. I have plenty of horseradish, and an especially potent strain at that. I left it in the planter last year without harvesting any.

  65. We take the Jetta unless we need to haul something. 45 mpg rocks.

  66. Leon, truck with 230,000 miles is a Ford. I bought it from a friend. Still runs pretty well, but man did they put a lot of vacuum lines on it.

  67. I got a new toy!

  68. I H8 standards.

  69. Very nice, CoAl

  70. My f150 is about to crack 200k, runs great.

  71. I just turned 197k on the Sprinter.

    Only two more payments!

  72. Lovely sword, Alex.

  73. The other one I ordered is much nicer, with a better balance. Unfortunately it’s a four to six month wait.

  74. So, the girl in the video is so upset that people have called others (presumably terrorists) “animals”, but she ends her piece by calling others “less than a brick wall”.

  75. Just don’t run with it in the house, Colex.

  76. No. Run with it in the house. Post video.

  77. It’s not sharpened. The sharp I want is this one.

  78. See how fast you can climb a ladder with it.

  79. That would be a better sport than baseball.

  80. We should probably bring back televised bowling.

  81. Shouldn’t you be off searching for illegal feeds of CFL games or something?

  82. Believe it or not, Scott, Ladies Pro Bowling was on the TV when I had lunch at Der Weinerschnitzel the other day.

  83. There is hope.

  84. ESPN (the main one) had pro bowling on this past Saturday morning.

  85. Pro Bowling is at least 30% of the line-up on ESPN 8-The Ocho

  86. Kingpin.

  87. ESPN
    The Ocho

  88. Key Lime pie. That is all. G’night H2

  89. Did anybody find out that anybody else’s grandma did radio broadcasts for the Nazis during WWII today?

  90. Did anybody find out that anybody else’s grandma did radio broadcasts for the Nazis during WWII today?

    During WWII? She’s been running ads during Wiser’s show.

  91. Ann?

  92. And all this science
    I don’t understand
    It’s just my derp
    Five days a week

  93. ww

  94. Possum is having one of those apparent regressions in sleep habits this week. Lots of time asleep on mom in the rocking chair at night.

  95. Well, who wouldn’t choose that over a lonely bed?

  96. I wouldn’t, too lumpy.

  97. Hello, people.

    Have you chosen a car or dog name?

  98. Get another one, and name them God Dammit and Jesus Christ.

  99. Trump wins Nevada. Is it time to start the car and close the garage door, yet?

  100. Yes.

  101. mmm, lumpy.

  102. The GOP brought this on themselves.

    We’ll survive a figure like Trump.

  103. I wish I could believe that, CoLex.

  104. He can’t be worse than Obama and Hillary.

  105. Or Sanders? True, but it’s a very low bar.

  106. Trump may be egotistical, and a squish, but he doesn’t rise to the level of corruption or incompetence that Hillary! does.

    And his election would humiliate the arrogant GOP leadership.

  107. Max. No, not yet chosen

  108. Lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Pup Ster today.

    I WIN!

  109. Everybody is so jealous of Cyn they are shunning the blog?

  110. Snow day

  111. Are the Pupsters hanging around for TITS this weekend?

  112. Wordcrack keeps changing Pupsters to Punsters.

  113. Comment by Car in on February 24, 2016 11:53 am

    Snow day

    It’s Michigan. I thought your kind had webbed feet that acted as snowshoes.

  114. Snow, freezing rain, regular rain day here today. We’re in the freezing rain phase now I’ve been told by the frazzled parents who haven’t cancelled their appointments today.

  115. Yea, the web feet thing doesn’t work when you’re getting 7-inches of snow.

  116. I’m in Scottsdale for a conference. At a casino. Having lunch with Cyn. My life is awesome and I am the luckiest man on earth.

  117. How many dental hygienists has your wife had to chase off with a baseball bat?

  118. What’s for lunch?

    *eats salad


  119. I didn’t think casinos allowed dogs.

  120. Poor Punster.

  121. How do you feel Jay?

  122. With my hands, MJ.

  123. We’ve had great weather until yesterday. Blowing snow, high winds and big temp drop. 14 degrees when I got up this morning. Warming up nicely now. On the plus side, another heifer calved without any problems. 2 down, 12 to go.

  124. It sucks up here. blowing, driving wet snow.

  125. You really need a puppy to keep you entertained.

  126. I do.

  127. A puppy with webbed feet.

  128. Whoever says one of the following tonight will get a drink in their lap:

    1) “The roads were fine. My car [points to 4wheel drive monster truck] handled it great!”

    2) “My work lets us out early for the bad weather, so we figured we’d go out to eat”

    3) “The roads are Horrible!! Why are people out driving?”

  129. Heh, I’m that guy, Car in.

  130. Y NO HHD?

  131. “A puppy with webbed feet.”

    Thats a pucky

  132. Awful, awful weather here. I should take the wife out for dinner.

  133. Morning.

  134. Give Cyn a squishy hug for me, Pups.

  135. If no one would show up to work in this weather, the boss would be more apt to close. It’s just irritating. I have to pick up another girl (who lives away from me) because she’s afraid to drive. But MY CAR SUCKS TOO and the road to her house is making me nervous just thinking about it.

    But since assholes will show up, he’ll risk the lives of his staff.

  136. We use to always go out during snowstorms.
    No waiting and great service.

  137. Wad your car into a snowbank that just so happens to be in front of a dayspa.
    Call in wrecked
    Enjoy cucumber water and shiatsu.

  138. they closed the restaurant!!! Moments before I was to walk out the door.

    Praise Jesus.

    ZERO money. And the snow … it’s really bad. Cold wet heavy windy.

  139. Last bad storm people made – like – $15. It’s just not worth it. Not for the owner or anyone. THe cooks do ok – they make $$ no matter what.

  140. I just had to drive to IKEA in Canton to get the undercab’t lights, so my guy can keep working while we’re gone. Place was a ghost town. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes.

    I usually can only go at the weekend, which sucks harder than Monica in the Oval Office.

  141. Oh MAN! Now I have to go hungry!

    *rattles coffee cup

  142. So now I’m of a mind that I’m so absolutely numb from 7.2 years of the Grand Turkey in the Whore Haus that I absolutely do not care which whore is the next Liar in Chief. Can Cruz pull it off? I would say that none of these candidates share my values at all. I think that Carly was the closest.
    I’m not a downer by nature but at this point this election is guaranteed to wind up as lame as the last five. Is my time wasted thinking about this shit at all? maybe I should spend my time leaning Japanese Cooking and playing racquetball.

    Hail to the Beef (Yakisoba)

  143. mmm, Yakisoba noodles are salty and delicious

  144. In an hour or so there will be smoked pork chops.


  146. Later tonight, there will be smoked Venison and Lamb Gyros, for a taste test friday.

  147. We are supposed to get 50 MPH winds and strong storms later.

    It’s 39 now, supposed to be 60 by 10 PM.

  148. The Gyros have chamged me, Jay.
    Thank you.
    I now ise pork sausage, ground beef, and lamb.
    I still havnt made mine own pita.

  149. make the bread, chumps, it’s worth it!

  150. I know. Is it much different than pizza dough?

  151. hardly at all. Just the cooking is different, doesn’t take long because it’s so thin.

  152. Mmmmmmm gyros.

  153. New post


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