Hello clock punchers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

So, I’ve been keeping busy and trying new things these last couple of weeks, what have you been up to that’s nice.

An article in Ace’s sidebar got me to thinking about my favorite ’80’s band, Van Halen.



Your model for today is from Essex, England and is an adult model. She stands 5’7″ tall, weighs 126lbs, and measures 34-25-34 with big ‘ol G-size fakies leading the way. Please stop celebrating America long enough to welcome, Miss Charley Atwell!


  1. Dang.

  2. She seems nice.


    No holiday weekend for me except I’ll get out early on Saturday. We have local fireworks and they’re closing a major road that leads to us (the other road is under construction) at about 7 or earlier? We’re going to be dead dead dead.

  3. Crossfit – I mean zumba – is doing “hero” workouts for the holiday. We did one yesterday. I had to wimp out a bit because of my shoulder (can’t stand on my hands or do pull ups or anything heavy overhead yet- so I substitute things I can do – or do a VERY light weight). It still kicked my ass but I finished a good 15 minuets before anyone else. There’s another today.

    Today it’s a mile run 30 clean and jerks 10 rope climbs another mile run and 100 burpees.

    I can do the clean and jerks with an empty bar. Rope climb isn’t happening put I can do a modified pullup as I did yesterday.

    the 100 buprees is gonna suuuuuuuuuk

  4. Let’s see …

    I’m also having trouble locating some spoiled hay for my no-till berry bed. I really wants it.

  5. I’m taking at least part of today off to get the camry maintained and to mow the lawn. Add in the trip to the gym and I shouldn’t even bother trying to work today, but I still have a 10am meeting.

  6. I could probably sweep a couple of bales’ worth up from the loft.

  7. It’s just stupid because I KNOW someone around here has some old hay. I just need to find them.

  8. Gosh it’s dead around here. It’s as if it’s some sort of holiday.

  9. I started watching John Wick last night (didn’t finish yet) and while I sorta like the premise I’m having a bit of an issue believing that Keanu is such a tough guy. The first gun fight seems a bit … unbelievable. Keanu seemed slow and I wasn’t buying that he was able to kill ’em all.

    Where’s Daniel Craig when you need him?

  10. hate you all

  11. Hate you more. No worky today.

  12. Yeah, I gotta do a shift to-day.

  13. Say that you took a peak at what Miss Atwell looks like sans clothing.

    She has the weirdest boob job I’ve ever seen. They’re like googly eyes.

  14. Scott is working today. I feel like a jerk for not going with him to help, but I have stuff that needs to get done before I start my weekend jerb.

    And thanks to Leon for the answer about meat chix.

    I don’t think, with school and my other interests, that I could manage looking after egg birds all year long. But I could probably do a Summer meat flock.

    Maybe. Next year. Maybe. Probably not.

    I just keep hearing what great eating homegrown chickens are, compared to the factory birds.

  15. We got the best reason why we should not try to reverse global warming.

    If you try to reverse global warming, you are a specieist transphobe.

  16. Mine are bigger

  17. My flock of laying hens is 5 minutes a day and then 20-25 minutes to clean the coop once every week or two. Layer feed is $13-15/50lb, which feeds 12 birds for 2-3 weeks.

  18. MJ, today’s model is even more outlandishly skankwhorish than usual.

    Second-to-last ‘go ahead and jump right on top’ pose is grossing me out. Her vag undoubtedly gives men MRSA, leg tumors, and as yet unclassified penis-pustules. You can take that to the bank.

    That’s not champagne in those flutes in the last photo. That’s hydrogen peroxide, for pouring on your dick afterwards.

  19. I really need to learn more about it, Leon. Is there a chicken bible I can get on Amazon that will put me some knowledge?

  20. I just stole Scoot’s “Why do sharks hate white people” line. It was well received by my audience.

  21. Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens, Laura. It’s an easy read and a good thing to keep on the shelf.

    We might try ducks next, I’m told they may help my pond cattail issues.

  22. Jim, the Chiropractor visit was fruitful. He took x rays, which the ortho had not done for some reason. He twisted my spine in a couple of places and the pain is almost gone!

    The xray showed a couple of issues with the spine. It has too much curvature, there is a bit of curve left-to-right, which should not happen, the upper back vertebra have very little gap in them, and my pelvic bone on right side is rotated a bit, making my right leg shorter by half inch. My hamstrings are too tight and need to relax.
    All these issues can be solved. I am going to make more visits. As long as I am paying big bucks to insurance company, and they are picking up the tab, I might as well get a healthier body.

  23. When I was a teenager, I bought a big sealed metal bucket of lye chips because I thought I was going to get into making fancy handmade soaps. Never did end up finishing what I started with that hobby. Meh, kids.

    Well. Mom just tore down her shed and guess what she found.

    Now I have to take this bucket of pure lye back. No fucking clue what to do with it. Or in what condition it is in. Probably fine. If I recall correctly, it was bagged inside the can.

    Not really interested in making soap. Might have to, just to get rid of the shit.

    Are there any other uses for it?? I checked online and people seem to like it for dissolving bodies. But as you know, I use every part of the carcass, so that’s not really going to be a feature for me.

  24. Laura, how big is the bucket? Say, relative to Scott’s size?

  25. That’s good news Tushar. There are algorithms used for acute LBP and doing X-rays at an initial visit is, in most cases, a waste of money. Any chiropractor doing a manipulation needs to make sure they’re not going to make you a paraplegic by fracturing through a metastatic lesion in your vertebrae or other defect.

  26. Lutefisk

    Also, I like her glasses.

  27. Happy belated birthday, Jimbrew.

  28. Watching the news with my brother and his husband this morning and the chyron rolls the news that some states have stopped issuing marriage licenses at all, gay or straight. They both agreed it was a good idea. They got gay married in NH about 5 years ago and have been together longer than I was married or any of my other relationships.

  29. Thanks Cyn! I realized you were busy and I needed a pretense to post that awesome video.

  30. Tushar, stop sitting on you wallet. Your short side is the wallet side.

  31. Yeah, busy with the soon to be ex in laws up here in Payson; it surprisingly had not sucked.

  32. Rather.. Has not sucked.

    Cannot talk politics with them at all though. Bad joojoo.

  33. I ran into my old gaybor while in was in FL last week.

    Nothing has changed in two years except for belly size.

  34. >>Tushar, stop sitting on you wallet.

    I am not a spendthrift!

    You are right, I should make it a habit to remove the wallet before I sit in the office chair.

  35. **waves at Sohos**

  36. Je Suis Charlie Atwell

  37. You know, GND said something the other day that has stuck with me:

    Anyone seeking equality is actually seeking preferential treatment.

    Sure, we all get that, but it was nice that an apolitical person said it.

  38. Love this time of year. Flag bikinis:

  39. Ok found an entire wagon load of spoiled hay at crossfit. One of the coaches is also a farmer.

  40. a WAGONLOAD.

    I know Lauraw probably hates me right now.

    Can’t be helped.

    Some of it even has MOLD ON IT.


  41. I’m probably going to have way more than I can even USE.

  42. ‘merica.

  43. SCORE!!! Try perma-mulching some garden beds and see how you like it, Carin!!

    I’m down to two bales. Time to hit craigslist. There is usually more of it to be found cheaply in Spring, when people open up their barns and tally their damages. If it’s too high now I won’t bother.

    This one guy had a bunch of bales stored against a stone barn foundation and everywhere the hay touched the walls, it rotted.

    Ka-ching for me.

  44. I am at Costco, and must stop shopping and make this comment:

    This Costco is in suburban Central NJ. Deep blue territory if there was one. And in the books sectio, I see books by Coulter, O’Reilly, Perino, Cruz and Rand Paul. What do I not see? Books by Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley, Webb or Warren.

    Oh, there is a biography of Robert E Lee too, with confederate flag on it

  45. All the libs are shopping at Whole Paychecks.

  46. They don’t need the gallon size of mayonnaise.

  47. Roamy, if only conservatives shopped at Costco here, they would be empty.

    I think liberals don’t read much. To read is to accept that there is knowledge out there that you don’t have. No liberal will ever admit that.

    It kills me that we don’t OWN the book publishing industry. We should.

  48. NJ still elected Christie who, no matter what he really does, has an R after his name. There has to be some red mixed in there.

  49. My FIL from NJ was a Dem until Jimmy Carter. He says the Democrat party left him. He was probably more of a Scoop Jackson Democrat.

    MIL from NJ was a Dem until Roe v. Wade.

  50. I always find it funny when I see obvious libs shopping at Costco. The last time was a younger couple, pierced and tattooed. They were pushing a stroller around the store along with their cart. The woman looked happy, the husband not so much.

  51. We picked up a bunch of Costco members when they pulled America off the shelves for supposed “Rayciss!” Comments. I haven’t sold a single copy of Hilldog’s Hard Choices in tradepaper. My bestsellers right now in non-fiction are Dana Perino and Rand Paul.

  52. The way democrats rule is by forcibly taking from everyone (tax) and giving it to their preferred voters (welfare). The only way to break this cycle is more federalism. Shift welfare to states, and each state can decide for itself. Let welfare lovers gather in California, and liberty lovers in Texas.
    Selling federalism to liberals will be difficult, but not impossible.

    Here is my typical conv with libs:
    Me: do you want people from Alabama and Mississippi to impose their values on you?
    Lib: absolutely not!
    Me: so it is only fair that you not impose your values on them.
    Lib: mumble jumble….. but but racism…..
    Me: so you don’t have a cogent reason, just buzzwords.
    Lib: well…..

    Convince them that they can make MA and CA into utopias if Alabama loses their say, and the best way to do that is to leave them alone. Have power at state level, not in DC where those meddlesome Mississippi senators are.

    If that does not work, do a partial rebellion. Let Texas and like minded states declare: we will obey only those federal laws that are clearly adhering to the constitutional definition of federal power. And if the people of Texas disagree with nine US Supreme Court judges, then the Texas supreme court will adjudicate. If you don’t like it, send in the military. If you don’t have the stomach for that, wrap up your local offices of EPA, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy etc, and move out.

  53. According to my facedouche feed, Costco is the non-evil liberal version of Sam’s Club, because they employee people above minimum wage and have health insurance.

    Sam’s doesn’t, yannow.

  54. Except they keep pulling power away from the states, Tushar. This last week in Supreme Court decisions is my evidence.

  55. J’ames, I get tired of the Costco crap. Same people that think Target and Kohl’s are better than WalMart.

  56. J’Ames, I see advice from sausage makers to let the fresh sausage sit in the fridge for 24 hours to dry the casings out a bit. But they don’t say why. Do you know the reason?

    Also, how do you twist the links so that when you cut them apart later, the ends don’t open up on the grill?

    I grilled my new chicken linguica today. Some of them opened on the end, some didn’t. I didn’t think that I had twisted them any differently.

    Tasted really nice, though. Tender and juicy. I feel like this new sausage ability is a superpower.


    Hm. Nah. Nope.

  57. Morning, assholes. I like the first picture of today’s model.

  58. Heh. In GB, wienerdogs are called “Sausage dogs”.

  59. I updated the post at CTBRC with pictures. Gaze upon my sausage, and despair.

  60. The First Amendment is now the Zero Point Fifth Amendment.

    Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian finalized a preliminary ruling today ordering Aaron and Melissa Klein, the bakers who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding, to pay $135,000 in emotional damages to the couple they denied service.

    “This case is not about a wedding cake or a marriage,” Avakian wrote. “It is about a business’s refusal to serve someone because of their sexual orientation. Under Oregon law, that is illegal.”

    In the ruling, Avakian placed an effective gag order on the Kleins, ordering them to “cease and desist” from speaking publicly about not wanting to bake cakes for same-sex weddings based on their Christian beliefs.

    Gag indeed.

  61. The refridgerator dries out the casings, giving them a snap, I think.

    And yes, I twist the sausages after pinching. Cut in the middle of the twist, after it dries a bit.

  62. Fanks.

  63. Your mom not only twisted and pinched my casing, she tried to give it a snap.

  64. I have 4 bales of rotted hay every spring leftover from the wind screen I set up around my bee hive. By the time I take it away the string is rotted and I need to use my bucket loader or a wheelbarrow to haul it away. When I used to grow garlic I’d cover the bed with seaweed in the fall.i can get seaweed at the end of the Penobscot River where it joins the ocean.

  65. Paula’s dad will start cutting hay soon. The older boy has his work cut out for him this year since his Grammy is recovering from her recent surgery and isn’t cleared yet for throwing hay bales.

  66. One sausage burst on me while I was twisting it. Still learning!


    Also, they tasted salty when I did a test-patty the night before the big grind, but now after setting a while and cooking, they taste under-salted.

    I also now think that I should have added the wine, especially since they don’t seem seasoned enough.


  67. Gaze upon my sausage, and despair.

    This isn’t Monday.

  68. Also, “What are things said by Chad at the last Meat-Up?”

  69. Brad Avakian is a fascist scumbag who in any just world would be swinging from a lamppost or tied to a stake and burned alive.

  70. Once again, updated the sausage post with words on how deficient my sausage is. I was too timid about this recipe and should have gone bigger with the seasonings. Oh well. Still good food.

  71. Oso, Dan, and 7up 10

  72. That redhead is cute.

  73. Your sausage isn’t deficient. It only seems that way because you’ve been brainwashed by years of porn.

  74. AUGH!!!!!!

  75. The F35 commentary at XBrad’s is heated amongst people who have experience with fighter planes. Interesting to hear another take on the recent article poopooing the F35.

  76. george I’m almost too made about that Oregon bs to even talk about it.

    How can one be prohibited from talking about it? FUck you Oregon.

  77. I always thought that liberals were hypocrites, in the sense that they will never subject theis own children to the societal ills they promote.

    For eaxmple, they will, if they have the means, will try to send their own kids to private schools, make every effort to make them stay away from drugs, even pot, wanton sex that results in pregnancy and abortions etc.

    Apparently not.

    Malia Obama is apparently interning for Lena Dunham

  78. So the bakery which is no longer, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, have been sued for politely refusing to contract for a gay venue. The lesbos proclaimed they were mentally raped and the bakers have been ordered to pay them $135k. On top of it, the labor commissioner (who has close ties to gay activist groups), throwing out the judges orders to do so, has gagged them from speaking out on what happened to them.

    The family of seven are now struggling financially as they have lost, not only their business, but half of their income.

  79. You can help the Klein family here, via debit or credit…

  80. Okay, can someone see if my link to help the family is in the chum bucket?

  81. Oops, I guess I should have read the thread first. I see George has mentioned it already.

    Now someone dig out my continuetogive link that has been eaten twice, to help the family.

  82. No

  83. So the bakery which is no longer, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, have been sued for politely refusing to contract for a gay venue.
    Incidentally, gay marriage was not legal in Oregon at the time.

  84. Wordpuss probably ID’s it as hate speech

  85. *smooches Jay*

  86. But it’s legal now, H8R.

  87. Someone did start an account for them on gofundme and it started to take off until the gay brownshirts pressured them to remove it.

    So remember ‘continuetogive’ over gofundme, if you want to fund someone.

  88. My sister who has Crohn’s is eating gluten free at the advice of her doctor. Her son, who shares the same name as my brother, also has Crohn’s and eats gluten free. Paula heard my sister talking and assumed it was my brother who is off the gluten. She bought a shit ton of gluten free stuff for his visit and was chagrined to discover it was my nephew who is not here who was now GF. We’re having brown rice pasta tonight.

  89. Kleins should sue the lesbos and that commissioner for violating their 1st Amendment rights.

  90. They’re Christians, they don’t have any rights.

  91. Apparently so, CoAlex.

    Funny how not one congress critter or man of the cloth or preacher, other than Franklin Graham, are speaking out and coming to their defense.

  92. I don’t think they have a case against the lesbians, but it surely looks like unlawful prior restraint of free speech by the commission.

  93. If gay people are at the point where they are demanding vendors acknowledge their wedding, it’s over. They’ve won. It’s just so trivial.

    It’s a bit like the Prius with the an Obama bumper sticker. We get it. No need to advertise more.

    Just find a different fucking baker and move on. Jeez.

  94. I have one friend that drives a Prius. He has two bumper stickers:

    “NRA Life Member” and “GUNS SAVE LIVES”.

  95. So, y’all don’t probably know or care, but when I’m going to do a BBF poat, my daily gif mining turns from using the good ones as comments to saving them on a poat draft page.

    I had two gifs on this poat that I want to recycle so sywm.

  96. MJ, they haven’t won shit.

    A lot of the social justice bullshit these days that look like big victories are actually small moments in corrupt liberal judicial theater, blown up by the media to look like a bona fide social movement.

  97. Ruger kicks ass. They fixed the sight, replaced every part that looked worn, took care of the shipping both ways, and they even threw in a free Ruger cleaning rag. This was all done in under a week and it was free.

    I’ve never experienced customer service like that.

  98. Evening.

  99. There was a t-shirt or printing company somewhere in the south that got sued for refusing to print t-shirts for a gay group for some pridefest.

    Judge ruled in the printer’s favor that they could pick and choose what business to take. Refusing an event does not equal discrimination against a group.

  100. Glad someone has some good news.

  101. Hey Jewstin, how was piggy farming, today? Do you get tomorrow off or do you have another 8 days for this week before your weekend?

  102. xbrad, yeah, like the other’s who are getting sued, they too have no problem serving the gay community in general, and also have gay employees.

  103. Beasn, that is good news. Though to be honest, I was replying to Scott’s excellent experience with Ruger.

  104. I was at the baby farm today. I played with little weaner piggies. Some of them were tiny, and if the boss asks; Yes. It was crucial that I carry them around.

  105. I work this weekend, but now that I’m eligible for all my benefits I work 11 days and get three off.

  106. And I got a Tweak story too. Ell in the nursery at Big Farm had Tweak today. He was dismantling a room for cleaning. The feeders are attached to the fence with a couple of bolts but they have to be pulled and cleaned.

    Tweak: I’ve been trying to get this one off, but the screw gun won’t fit between the fence rails.

    Ell: . . . Switch hands. Use the screw gun on the nut and the box wrench on the bolt.

    Tweak. Hey! That might work.

    Ell: *Facepalm*

  107. This is genuinely sad.

    A convict being sentenced, and the judge recognizes that she went to school with him.

  108. The rest of my day sucked. Yesterday was leg day, today was surprise leg day.

    I’m walking like a geezer.

  109. You probably need some steroids Scott. Ask your doctor for steroids.

  110. Good evening, people who probably haven’t lost more than a couple of fingers yet this weekend.


  112. I just spotted a rabbit inside one of Laura’s giant pots, he was enjoying his last meal.

  113. I think that was my salsa pot.

  114. Pups, heh.

  115. I still gotta get a rabbit gun. Will 20ga work for them?

  116. What is a salsa pot?
    I made yellow Pico a few years ago when I had a lots of yellow tomatoes.Why didn’t I make yellow salsa, or better yet yellow tomato sauce?

  117. I will need to learn canning in a month or two.

  118. Yes Leon a 20 is fine for rabbits. My grandfather told me, and I have found it to be mostly true, rabbits will run in a circle back to it’s den.

  119. Salsa pot is where you plant Salsa seeds.

  120. You need a big pressure cooker to can Leon. I have a very old 25 quart that works nicely.

  121. Leon, is a .22 not an option?

  122. She put everything I need to make salsa in one pot. Well, everything but tomato.

  123. A slingshot is a real mans rabbit gun.

  124. Pellet gun technology is pretty amazing right now.

  125. A spear tipped with a Clovis point and hurled with an atlatl is a real real man’s rabbit gun.

  126. I save my atlatl for Wooly Mammoths exclusively

  127. As a child I invented a apple throwing version of an atlatl.

  128. I ❤ you guys. I just watched my copy of Tales from the Dark Side I and II.

  129. Clovis is in NM

  130. Leon, is a .22 not an option?

    It’s an option, but I already have the 20ga. Inherited from my grampa. Added advantage of it being harder to overshoot. I look for a .22 lever action every time I’m at Cabela’s and so far haven’t seen one in the used section. I should probably just give in and buy new. Or use the shotgun. The shells are easier to come by these days anyhow. I’ve seen them near the garden, but not yet in it.

  131. Bedtime.

  132. If we ever get tired of playing Cards Against Humanity at H2 meatups, I suggest Red Dragon Inn. A geek drinking game.

  133. I see last Saturday’s Wiserradio got posted, and it’s the last one until Sept.

  134. Leon,
    Hit the gun shows.
    You should be able to pick-up a .22 real easy.
    The “New-Tech” pellet guns, like what Scott-Laura have are pretty nice.
    I’ve got a cheap BB/Pellet-gun to shoot rabbits.
    It was about $30 and is an un-rifled POS.
    With about 4 pumps, it will kill rabbits.
    I use BBs so the Turkey Vultures will not get lead poisoning when they eat the rabbits I kill…

  135. What do you do in Red Dragon Inn, roamy? It sounds like a Chinese Restaurant.

  136. Gary Larson is my fucking hero. I’ve been watching Sonic Highways on HBO. I think Dave Grohl may cuss more than I do. I cuss a lot. Mostly F-bombs. I never GD or say the N word. I’m all about the C word and the F word.

  137. Did you guys know that a G=DDD?

  138. Did anybody finally get around to killing anybody else for advising them to sell all their Apple stock back in 1998 today?

  139. I thought it was 1998.1

  140. Leon,
    I’ve always wanted one of these little Browning “Take-Down” .22s.
    They are so fresh & friendly, I don’t know why I’ve never got one…

  141. Dan is an ass. I’m supposed to watch my ghey shows when he’s at work. Poor guy had to watch 15 minutes of Sonic Highways:Austin.

  142. 22’s are a lot of fun.

  143. I love the pump action Remington I found.

  144. After 25 years Dan thought my thawing the hotdogs meant I was actually cooking the hotdogs.

  145. Scott,
    .223s with suppressors are even more fun…

  146. I have a Browning BL 22
    It is a lot of fun

  147. Dan is the only person that can get me to go from “I fucking love you!” to “I want to fucking kill you” in under 60 seconds.


  149. I miss my Ruger 10/22. But my next will probably be a 77/22.

  150. Thx Scott! Our knives are in great condition due to FiL that loved sharpening stuff.

  151. He would be nicer if you threw more often.

    Practice with dull ones.

  152. Mrs. Pendejo used to make me go from “I wanna fuck your brains out” to “I wanna beat your brains out”‘ in two seconds flat. I rarely feel either of those extremes tues days. Testosterone is a hell of a hormone.

  153. Dan is the only person that can get me to go from “I fucking love you!” to “I want to fucking kill you” in under 60 seconds.

    Pizza place in West Yellowstone. I was happy, had my family around me, everyone enjoying the day. Mr. RFH opened his mouth and inserted foot. If the table hadn’t been bolted down, I would have flipped it.

  154. Your mom feels those.

  155. I hope Cyn is OK.

  156. I rarely feel either of those extremes tues days.

    What about mon days, wednes days, thurs days, fri days, satur days, and/or sun days?

  157. I guess Wiser and Wiserbud playing at the record store tonight.

  158. Has anybody here ever heard of this magical shit they call “beer”?

  159. This video is not nsfw. It is not funny. It will just leave a weird taste in your mouth. It will make you want to choke a bitch. Don’t watch it.

  160. Pizza place in West Yellowstone. I was happy, had my family around me, everyone enjoying the day. Mr. RFH opened his mouth and inserted foot. If the table hadn’t been bolted down, I would have flipped it.

    “Calm down”.

  161. Pizza place in West Yellowstone. I was happy, had my family around me, everyone enjoying the day. Mr. RFH opened his mouth and inserted foot. If the table hadn’t been bolted down, I would have flipped it.

    “Is it that time of the month?”

  162. “If you weren’t so lazy…”

  163. From Tushar’s video link:

    white privilege sends humans to the moon, biiiiitchs.

  164. Has anybody here ever heard of this magical shit they call “beer”?

    That’s the stuff what’s like Val-U-Rite vodka but it takes a lot more to get you drunk and makes you fat, right?

  165. Pizza place in West Yellowstone. I was happy, had my family around me, everyone enjoying the day. Mr. RFH opened his mouth and inserted foot. If the table hadn’t been bolted down, I would have flipped it.

    “I’ll have the triple-cheese bomb personal pizza, with fries, and fried jalapenos, with a side of extra-nachos and sour cream with guac… May I order for you, dear? Ok. My wife here will have the diet iceberg salad water.”

  166. “If you weren’t so lazy…”



  167. Yep. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  168. Has…was your foot successfully extracted?

  169. I’d hate to think you were hopping behind him all this time.

  170. No foot extraction. I thanked him for ruining the vacation, and he had the same “whut?” face as Emily the blog icon.

    Time to hit the hay. (((Squishy hugs))) and good night.

  171. Goodnight, sugar britches.

  172. That’s it for me, too. g’igh

  173. I keep looking for a place to fit
    Where I can speak my mind
    I’ve been trying hard to derp the people
    That I won’t leave behind

  174. Good morning.



  177. Time to get up, put up the tent, set up the tables, set up the bar, start the food prep and get this fucking party STARTED!!!!

    I love this holiday.

    (Kill me now)

  178. Will there be fireworks, Wiser? I’m not coming to your party if there are no fireworks.

  179. Morning.

  180. I found out last night at work that they were cutting my hours today.

    It would have been nice if they had put that on the schedule *last week* so I could plan to do something today.

    Apparently they did a bunch of last minute slashing.

    I’m going to fix breakfast and help my husband pack furniture. Although we’re supposed to contact these clients first and I’m not sure what the etiquette is about calling clients at home on a national holiday.

  181. If you’re working, they can take a phone call.

  182. Gnu poat.

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