Upon Which We Examine My Latest Album Purchases

Hi dickerbockers. I’ve picked up a few albums lately and thought I’d share some of the groovy stuff I’ve been listening to while making mud pies and addressing them to EVERYONE.

Sylvan Esso–This is a group from right here in North Carolina. They’ve been playing together for a few years and I can’t tell you how much fun they are. You have to listen. I happened to catch the end of their set when they opened for Beach House and was completely blown away. They were completely genuine, a little awkward, and giving it everything they had.



The Tune Yards is a group fronted by a strange looking girl that went to Smith college. I’m not really sure how to explain it, other than she plays percussion and mixes the track live, then blends it with a bit of theater based vocals. It isn’t for everyone but it’s really growing on me. They are pure energy.



Beach House is a group that I’ve been following for awhile. I’ve seen them live twice. Once totally messed up and once totally sober. The band, not me you assholes. Both shows were great and I can’t wait for their next album. They’ve pre-released a track, included below. Beach House is headed by Victoria Legrande, who has the coolest name ever given to a chick.



Most of you will hate all of this. To which I say…this bag of gentlemens sausage looks mighty tasty!


  1. I’m sure they sound absolutely wonderful MJ.

    From the old sausage poat:

    Comment by Jimbro on July 2, 2015 6:21 am

    My brother has come up to visit at our camp with his whole family for the last couple of years. I hadn’t heard from him about this year and sending him an email has been on my task list for a while. You can imagine my surprise when he sent me a text informing me of his arrival today. Both Paula and I are working today and we’re already expecting a crowd on the 4th. Oh well, the more the merrier I guess. Just get it out of the way all at once. Hopefully our septic doesn’t overflow!

    workie workie

  2. Who is this Bursty Pampers guy all the dumb commies are going apeshit over?

  3. I have a new daily meeting at 830am. Schedule: borked.

  4. From the old/stale thread –
    Roamy – I’m sure they have a very slow turnover of staff. It will be shear luck if they 1) lose a person and 2) they remember I came in. My “connection’ has been busy moving her house the last month or so. Perhaps they’ll need someone and remember and perhaps not. Such is the restaurant business. They often tend to hire whomever walks through the door the day they need someone.

  5. and –

    wakey wakey

  6. Less than 10 years ago being a sodomite who feeds infants into the fires of moloch would have been a career killer for most politicians.

  7. Ah, that’s better.

  8. So Obama is flying to Wisconsin to “deliver remarks on the economy.”

    Wednesday he flew to Tennessee to discuss the Affordable care ACT.

    It’s a schedule filler. Fly to X to deliver remarks on X.

  9. Pepe, the Motel 6 thing sounds more plausible after learning they were traveling with a pet. They’d probably been staying in M6 all along. Dan and I have a few bets on the identity of the armed robber.

  10. Yeah, Oso. I heard the Motel 6 thing and thought it sounded off.

  11. I would laugh that Laura’s on the old thread but those flying monkies give me the heebie-jeebies.

  12. I’m 100% convinced that Obama is the shell (empty suit, puppet) everyone says he is. He’s not particularly bright and was chess piece moved (by others) to have an “appropriate” education resume.

    Obviously since they won’t release records (school, travel or otherwise) we know he’s hiding something and based on his off the cuff speeches he’s pretty dumb.

    I think Ayer’s, Jarrett, Gruber et al., are the puppet masters and he just golfs, goes to the meetings he can understand (or cares about) which are few, golfs, fund raises, and gives speeches set before him by grownups with a lefty nasty agenda.

    He’s a piece of shit.

  13. Three of these kids grew up in the town I used to live in. My daughters knew them pretty well. Hope they make it.


  14. Well this is surprising, I like MJ’s musical selections. I wouldn’t go to a concert with a bunch of wasted people to listen to them but if I was hanging out somewhere and that music was playing in the background (not blaring) I wouldn’t be mad.

  15. I hope they make it too, PD.

  16. Ah, kids. Rediscovering music every couple of generations. It’s kinda cute.

  17. *invites Mare over for wine and low volume music

  18. I can’t get any of them to play

  19. It’s better that way.

  20. Comment by MJ on July 2, 2015 8:51 am
    *invites Mare over for wine and low volume music


    HA! Well, I’m old and we don’t like loud music.

  21. I like loud music.

  22. I like the name Beach House . That music should be cool.

  23. You’re young, shut up.

  24. And then moved it to 10 without warning, borking my revised schedule from prior bork.

  25. New sausage recipe up at the Connecticut Brisket Research Center.

    Because the sausage never sleeps.

  26. Leon, are you more borked or less borked?

  27. “I was at the 8:30 meeting, but no-one else showed up so I went home & started drinking. Next time, don’t be a bunch of meeting-changing fuck-ups.”

  28. Stark what is that from?

  29. Left a possible suggestion at the CTBRC for ya, laura. That sausage looks great, BTW.

  30. yeah, mare, we’re gonna need you to come in on Saturday, if you could. That’d be great.

  31. **heads over to baby butt blog**

  32. No Tushar, the OTHER recipe site.

  33. It’s from me. Now you know why I work for shit in the turd industry.

    Speaking of which, I guess it’s time to head out to the ol’ poop mines.

  34. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my LOVE of summacs. Not the poison kind obviously. The kind that get the clumps of seeds on them. I just love the way they grow -their shape – the way they kind of form a canopy.

    Well I didn’t have ANY on my property. Then last year – right by my computer room window – a small clump appear. This year it’s about 10 feet wide.

    I am so freakin excited. It is RIGHT THERE for me to see ALL THE TIME.

  35. oh, crap. CTBRC. I always get confused between the two.

  36. I may start cutting down the nearby stuff so it spreads even more.

  37. Leon, are you more borked or less borked?

    The 830 meeting meant I could leave afterward and hit the gym mid-morning. 10am means I’m stuck going at about 1030 and not being done until about noon. I will be pretty hungry by then, and that may affect performance.

    So the double-borking offends me.

  38. Thanks, Jay!

    OK, off to Leg Day.

  39. The worst part is that these are two people I like working with.

  40. Car in it could be a black walnut, they look exactly the same when they are young. We just planted one in our front yard.

  41. My neighbor has a big black walnut tree than hangs over our fence. The squirrels make sure I have ample black walnut seedlings in every flower bed.

  42. I like sumacs too. At my last house there was one particularly nice specimen on a little knoll on the way down to the swimming pool. I loved that tree.

  43. We have over twenty people coming to the new house for a picnic on the Fourth. You’re all invited.

  44. I’m headed to Magician Lake on the 4th.

  45. “The 830 meeting meant I could leave afterward and hit the gym mid-morning. 10am means I’m stuck going at about 1030 and not being done until about noon. I will be pretty hungry by then, and that may affect performance.

    So the double-borking offends me.”

    Consider it parenthood training. nothing borks your schedule like children. NOTHING.

  46. I’m working on the 4th. Hopefully I’ll get another 5% tip because that was awesome. I may go on a 57 state shooting spree.

  47. Carin, come to my party on the Fourth. We’ll serve you.

  48. I wish.

  49. Between my unexpected brothers family and the planned guests we’ll have about 16 people and 4 dogs at our camp on the 4th.

  50. >>Between my unexpected brothers family and the planned guests we’ll have about 16 people and 4 dogs at our camp on the 4th.

    There will be a lot of butt sniffing.

  51. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the dogs.

  52. What are you serving at your get togethers, Jimbro and Hotspur?

  53. I meant what are you serving at your bacchanals?

  54. Whisky, Qualuudes and strawberry lube.

  55. I see that Colorado Alex and MJ lived in the same dorm.

  56. White trash food: burgers, dogs, etc

  57. We’re having Hebrew National hot dogs, Koegel’s natural casing Viennas, bratwurst, potato salad, and baked beans.

    HotBride, being Scottish is appalled, but I said it’s the Fourth, and I’m doing it my way.

  58. >>And that doesn’t even take into consideration the dogs.

    I love it when one guy’s joke acts as a mere set up and someone else delivers the punchline.

    We played, Hotspur.

  59. While MJ has very good taste in women, his taste in music is terrible.
    The first video the music was not music. The video was both disturbing and interesting. Kids these days liking music that is not music. Rebel against the establishment, I get it.

  60. There hasn’t been any “music” since about 1966.

  61. >>There hasn’t been any “music” since about 1966.

    Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin were all dead by 1850. Even Wagner, Brahms and Verdi were dead by 1901. So unless you are counting Stravinsky, who died in 1970, what music are you talking about?

  62. I think that’s what they play in hipster douchebag coffee shops.

  63. AC/DC Back in Black.

  64. I just realized MJ said Tune Yards not Tuna. Heh

  65. George Takei unleashed a racist rant against Clarence Thomas, sneering that the Supreme Court justice is a “clown in black face.” The Star Trek actor on Monday fumed, “[Thomas] is a clown in black face sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry. He doesn’t belong there.”

    Oh my. So Lt. Gay Blade thinks Justice Thomas is some kind of Oreo?

    What do you call a cookie and that’s yellow on the outside and rainbow on the inside? I think you call it a racist Asian homosexual bigot.

  66. >>I think that’s what they play in hipster douchebag coffee shops.

    Hipsters won’t be caught dead listening to music somebidy else has already listened to, or knows about.

  67. Rebellion is an American past time, MJ’s anti-music music is just another turn of the wheel.

  68. Okay H2, I need to write a resignation letter. Haven’t done this in about 14 years, and it was much less complicated to quit then.

    I’m told it’s policy not to let you use PTO once you’ve given notice, since they’d rather shuffle you off of payroll and cut a check than keep you on the books, so I’m thinking I need to wait until Monday to submit the letter and burn my last bit of floating holiday hours tomorrow.

    So, go ahead and give me your bad ideas for what to write.

  69. Leon’s resignation

  70. For Leon


  71. “It is with a mixture of pride, pain, and relief that I evacuate this shit… hole dump.”

  72. Tell them you were looking for a job when you walked in the door.

  73. Since I don’t think we’ll have another republican president, I hope we get Sanders. At least he’s honest about what he intends to do.

  74. Comment by Jimbro on July 2, 2015 11:45 am
    White trash food: burgers, dogs, etc


    That is not “white trash” food, it’s good ol’ American fare.

  75. Tushar has the same musical tastes I do, classical or it’s generally crap.

    But I refuse to be a snob about the shit you losers listen to.

  76. I hope we get Sanders. At least he’s honest about what he intends to do.

    I agree, but because I want to see Hillary’s fucking head explode in a paroxysm of rage when she, once again, fails to reach her rightful place as leader of the free world.

    That would, hopefully, be enough to drown out the foot-stamping and celebration of the vile, hate-filled little children that are the new Democrat party

  77. Leon, I think it’s always appropriate to walk out the door yelling “goodbye you MOFO’s” with both middle fingers proudly extended, and be sure to kick the last rolling desk chair as hard as your well developed thigh muscles can kick it (preferably into the least liked employee’s collection of pics of their ugly children).

  78. Another angle: Obama and his henchmen have enough clout to make the party fall in line. With a weak Sanders at the helm, the party will tear itself apart, as turf wars of epic proportion break out.

    I am looking forward to the day when every oppressed group tries to bag as many important sinecures, nominations etc, and openly feud.

  79. The only personal item on my desk is a Styrofoam cup of coffee. And even that gets replaced 5-6 times a day.

  80. The only office door Leon can slam is one in his own home.

  81. I’m going to change that last part to:

    “…preferably into the least liked employee’s collection of pics of their stupid pet.”

  82. I telecommute. It makes a dramatic exit impossible.

    Unless I drive down there and hand over my laptop personally.

  83. Exit interview:

  84. I still think that the WH is working behind the scenes to kill Hillary!’s candidacy. I think in a couple of months they’ll announce a special prosecutor, “in the interest of transparency” and thus kill her campaign in favor of Sanders or Joey Choo-Choo.

  85. *likes


    Thumbs up

  86. Tushar, I got to use virtually the same misogyny argument a couple months ago. Some lady was bitching about how bad it was for women in STEM.

    She was a fucking realtor.

    “If women in STEM is so important to you, why did you go into real estate?”


  87. Ha! Tushar, the dummy had to admit a women’s studies “degree”.

  88. Unless I drive down there and hand over my laptop personally.


    Yes, do that.

  89. STEM is sexist, not misogynistic, and money spent trying to drag women into the field is an utter waste. If they want in and are smart enough nothing will stop them.

  90. Human Resources is misandric.

  91. Fashion is heterophobic.

  92. I am legally barred from a job in early childhood education in many states based on my status as an adult male. All men are.

    Presumed rapistry.

  93. >>I am legally barred from a job in early childhood education in many states based on my status as an adult male. All men are.

    Unless you get yourself Jennered.

  94. Presumed rapistry.

    Incorrect terminology.

    Not “presumed.”

    Pre-rapist. You are going to rape and, most likely, you already have.

  95. Unless you get yourself Jennered.

    That I’d be barred and a mutilated madman welcomed is all you need to know about how broken education is.

  96. If I were a billionaire, I would declare a $50 million prize for anyone who could create a test that would, with high accuracy, predict that a fetus will turn out to be gay. The uncivil war with the lefty coalition will be epic.

  97. Leon, Jenner did not mutilate himself, so you don’t need to either. He got implants. You can get outplants. The only thing you need to do is wear false hair, makeup and a dress.

  98. By the standards of today, I was raped at least twice.

    I regretted it, you see.

  99. How is getting plastic bags of silicone shoved into chest incisions not mutilation?

  100. Heh!

  101. Leon, I meant, he did not do a dickectomy.

    Also, the acption for above image is : The best way to watch the movie JAWS.

  102. When they look like big titties on a woman

  103. Seriously, some of you people have already given up and are ready to vote for Sanders?

    How did all of that sitting it out last election work out for us?

    Though I will admit Bush is Hillary’s less offensive little brother. Doesn’t mean he will get the nomination.

  104. If the GOP primary is already over by the time MI has theirs, I’m voting for Sanders.

  105. If the GOP primary is already over by the time MI has theirs, I’m voting for Sanders.

    I may actually switch party affiliation to do that.

  106. After last week, I’m in a foul mood made worse by the mold spores floating around in the air.

    It rained again last night. We got a record 14 inches of rain, in the month of June.

    And we snap-trapped vole #6, yesterday.

    Mr. Beasn wants to do the 4th up at the farm with his family. We only have a card table, four chairs, and the sofa. Reaallllly don’t want to drive all of the way up there to do that. *sigh*

  107. Primary needs to be held on one day.

    Same goes for the presidential election. None of this voting 6 months in advance horseshit. With traceable paper ballots.

  108. I wont vote for a Bush. I’ll stay home or vote for The Colonel.

  109. Heh, look at Katie’s body language in this shot. It’s the perfect example of media bias.


  110. I’ve been cashiering all morning. You will be happy to know that FSA families are able to buy the $200 firework assortment thanks to EBT/SNAP paying for the party.

  111. Be a little patriotic, H8r.

  112. I keep thinking this is Friday, and I have to make pizza tonight.

    No, I just don’t have to work tomorrow! Kickboxing tonight!

  113. I have the same feeling Jay. I’m making tacos for 7 people tonight.

  114. Don’t you get tired, now that you’re so old, jimbro?

  115. You should stop on the way home and get a paper hat from a fast food place, and wear that.

  116. Pre-rapist. You are going to rape and, most likely, you already have.



    To re-quote Eckdahl at Ace’s.

    “What a dumb time to be alive.”

  117. I would have kicked so much ass in the 1800s.

  118. The one thing that gets me tired more than anything else is dealing with stupid people at work. The pitfalls in a hospital are predictable and taking steps to avoid them mostly works but I can’t tell you how often I try to avoid trouble and it finds me anyway.

    As an example: I discharged a patient this week who had a complex course in the hospital after surgery and spent 30 minutes talking with her nurse and the discharge planner to make sure everything was in place. That was on top of the hour I spent the day before. When I left and got home my office contacted me that they needed a few more things and would I mind taking care of those things. I lost my shit on the poor secretary that was just doing her job. Thankfully my nurse handled it and saved me from anger management classes.

  119. wiserbud hearts mare

  120. You people all suck bananas from tail pipes. That’s really good music up there. Sure, it pushed the bounds of three cord rock but I dig it.

    So here’s some great stuff that you’ll all actually like. You can’t not like this.

  121. If I wore a paper hat they would have listened to me and taken me more seriously I’m sure!

  122. Wiser, doesn’t it kind of seem like everyone is insane? I can hardly read the news or twitter without thinking, “shit, we’re done as country.”

  123. Well shit. That was the wrong video.

  124. What, MJ, couldn’t find a Youtube of someone scratching a chalkboard?

  125. I mean FFS we have women calling all PIV rape.

    We had people murdered by a crazed drugged up psycho and we’re banning a flag because of it. (That’s friggen insane)

    There is hardly a corruption or felony Hillary has not committed and yet people still support her and call those who don’t, sexist.

    It goes on and on. I can barely take it.

  126. Maybe this one is better…

  127. My copy of Idiocracy arrived but I’ll wait to watch it alone. I don’t think a group viewing with kids will allow me to savor the true impact of the movie.

  128. “What a dumb time to be alive.”


  129. No no, this one

  130. MJ, I didn’t listen for the full 42 minutes, however, the 2 minutes I listened to were nice.

  131. Stock up on Brawndo for the big night, Jimbro!

    I’ll bet Paula would like it.

  132. Wiser, doesn’t it kind of seem like everyone is insane?

    Once we started making celebrities out of the Kardashians, as opposed to shunning them, the crazy became mainstream. In the past, these insane cries for attention would be ignored. Now these very same people are considered “deep thinkers.”

  133. I never really wanted to see the pyramids, but it’s a shame I no longer have the option:


  134. I’m afraid if I watch that Scott I’ll ruin my night.

    I have proof we, as a society, are screwed.

    1) The Kardashians have not been run out of town by people wielding torches and clubs….and

    2)Miley Cyrus, P Diddy, Kanye West, etc., etc., are jillionaires

  135. http://is.gd/HB2QvU

  136. Whoa, Wiser and mare are very simpatico. I did not read your comment before making mine.

  137. Comment by scott on July 2, 2015 5:07 pm



  138. I’ll make it a date night! She is a naturally conservative woman but apolitical for the most part. Earning her BSN and working in the trenches serving the FSA has opened her eyes further to how fucked up things are. She’s friends with a few cops and all this black lives matter gets her yelling at the TV news.

  139. Oh, she’ll love it, then.

  140. Well, these tacos aren’t going to make themselves

  141. 2)Miley Cyrus, P Diddy, Kanye West, etc., etc., are jillionaires
    And this is precisely why I put up the post. These people suck. Their music sucks.

    Sylvan Esso are two talented kids that made an album in their bedroom and have been touring for a year trying to drum up business.

    They’re barely over 21. You can say what you want about the music, but everyone I linked is talented.

    P Diddy, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus are not. On their best day they’ll never have the god given voice of any of the women in the bands I linked.

  142. iffin I don’t catch up with y’all again, have a great weekend. Forget about all the bullshit and just relax.

    Happy Birthday, America!

  143. jeez mare, how come you don’t laugh at my links?

  144. BTW, I love it when Ace gets angry and “fuckitall” – his writing is so much more fun then.

  145. Agreed, xbrad. The chip on the shoulder adds extra venom to his words.

    That’s when he’s best on twitter too.

  146. That last one wasn’t bad MJ.

  147. hahaha, I’ll laugh at your comments instead, Jay.

    (I actually didn’t see yours until you made wise)

  148. I was going to link it and then thought, no, why put you through that?

    But WWTDD has a video of Miley Cyrus and some Victoria’s Secret model (yawn) making out at what appears to be a gas station. They obviously camp it up for the camera but it’s more of the same hard core attention whoring miley is known for.

    Funny, since being a lesbo is timely and since all guys she screws end up breaking up with her or cheating on her, all of the sudden Miley is bisexual…weird.

    But this is how the slow societal decay happens, a very popular figure says or wears or thinks ( X….fill in the blank) then it becomes mainstream and we are not allowed to say, “Look, she’s nuts and obviously does lots of drugs on top of daddy issues and low self esteem.”

  149. I was also going to link a very NSFW new video from Rhianna (another very popular and rich singer) called “bitch where’s my money?”) wherein there is la lot of nudity, blood, torture, and whatnot, bet it makes a shit ton.


  150. Oh, and it’s the women being particularly nasty, vulgar and violent so, yeah, feminism.

  151. Pop culture is a sewer.

  152. Remember when Elvis was pushing the envelope?

  153. Just watched that Rihanna video. So a black woman kidnaps and tortures a white woman before killing her and her husband.

    Yeah, race relations in this country are really improving under Obama.

  154. Evening.

  155. Hey there.

  156. I wrestled with cull sows today. They weigh 500 lbs. apiece and have mad skills. But I still won.

  157. I saw cull sows wearing Daisy Dukes at The Club today. Heh cull sows

  158. If they had thumbs they would have kicked your ass.

  159. Hell Cull Sows.

    I think I put that band in the post.

  160. Rihananahinana (or however you spell her sub-literate name) probably blames white people for Chris Brown beating her. I mean, he’s white, yeah?

  161. Jewstin, I suppose the cull sows are converted into sausages at some point, if the word cull has any relevance here.
    So, the question is, when a sow becomes useless from reproductive perspective, what prevents her from going in the frying pan immediately? Apart from low market demand.

  162. what prevents her from going in the frying pan immediately?

    Folksy monologues, mostly. People like those.

  163. Tushar, we have to hold them until any traces of medication have left their system. I was tagging ones that are clean and they will be loaded on a truck soon, bound for a processing plan.

  164. Hello, I’m phoning it in from Mendocino CA. I’ve been in a cellular dead zone for days and days. Loving it.

  165. I’m phoning it in from the ghetto bar.

  166. Mmmm…processed piggeh. Pork is my favorite. Matanzas and Luaus are both about the pig!!!

  167. Is a pig’s pussy pork?

  168. Heh


  169. I’m eating carnitas right now.

  170. Did anybody try to explain to anybody else that moving from making Confederate flag merchandise to making Nazi flag merchandise might not be the “brilliant lateral move” they thought it would be today?

  171. Video source for the above


  172. Mmmm…carnitas.

  173. Wasn’t it the newly svelte TiFW that tried to convince us to have an H2 meat up at NC beaches?

  174. Oh, Lord. Carnitas.

  175. Sopa de frijoles negros con jamon y chiles y comino y oregano mexicanos y cebollas y ajo y mi boca.

  176. Con arroz.

  177. Why do sharks hate white people?

  178. Why do people swim when the fishes are schooling close to shore? Who puts radishes in a perfectly good salad? Why do birds sing?

  179. Most people should not use selfie sticks.

    But it is ok for some people to use them.


  180. I like radishes.

  181. Yo como solo carnitas y queso. Muy sencillo.

  182. Estoy comiendo? Si, estoy comiendo.

  183. I don’t. Ugh. Dan is whining about it being “Too hot to cook”. I’ve been getting salads and cold sammiches. I picked all the radishes out of tonight’s chunky salad.

  184. You should throw a hissy fit.

  185. I did. I was directed to make my own salad. There were quite a few words between own and salad.

  186. Throw more knives next time.

  187. I could do that. Pretty sure it falls under “Latin temper”. I may even kick one of his dogs!

  188. Hey Leon or Carin,
    Can you raise more than one generation of meat chicks per year? Or do they all chick in Spring, once and done?

  189. My brother and I used to pull kitchen knives on each other. One day, my socks slipped on the kitchen linoleum. 8 stitches. It was Patrick Wayne in Shenandoah if you asked my brother. No more knives. Just fists.

  190. If Ritz crackers and peanut butter were diet food, everyone would be thin.

  191. PB+Karo Corn Syrup+Flour Tortilla=Type II Diabeetus. (Honey can be substituted. Outcome is the same)

  192. Instead of making a sammich, I’ve been using tortillas instead of bread, and rolling them up. Pretty tasty!

  193. Plus homemade yogurt smoothies, with cheap fruit I’ve been freezing. mmmm.

  194. Sweet Hawaiian Buns for EVERYTHING!!!!

  195. “Sweet Hawaiian Buns” = Oso’s nickname in college. ;)

  196. Hahaha.

  197. SHB.

  198. Canned black olives & velveeta.

  199. I think you mean Sweet Asian-Pacific Islander-American Buns.

  200. HaHaHa!
    #LoveWins hashtag bullshit…


    Imma pour another drink. It’s too fuckin’ hot to cook.
    105 on the front porch, 90 in here.
    I wouldn’t turn the oven on if you put a gun to my head, but I’d probably shoot you…

  201. Imma pour another drink.

    Hrm, I was considering otherwise, but after the snap of the fruitcake in chief poncing a rainbow out of his semen-stained hand, I guess I’ll have to drink that out of my long term memory. Hoorj!

  202. I don’t think sweet hawaiian buns would make a good smoothie

  203. (you have no idea how many times I had to backspace & type over the terrible drunken typos)

  204. ChrisP, I feel your pain. Humidity has totes fucked our Swamp Cooler. 85 in the Condo when we got home. Doxie Duo have been chillaxing under fans. I’m channeling Kurtz in Apocalypse Now

  205. SHB are totes sweet for every sammich. Grilled pineapple, green chile pork patty to start.

  206. Meat birds are harvested at 10-12 weeks, Laura, so 2-3 harvests per year is entirely plausible. Pretty sure you can breed them as needed, but you can also just buy chicks from a hatchery and save yourself a lot of trouble. Unsexed chicks are like a $1 price point here.

  207. My brother does that route, leon. Buys chicks, raises meat birds.

    So far the nieces and nephews are ok with it. Chicks are pretty funny.

  208. Damn, why so hot in the NW? It didn’t break 70 here, and it’s usually 90 in July.

  209. J’ames, too humid for the Swamp Cooler. Fell asleep during 2nd episode of True Detective.

  210. Laura, who is going to, um, harvest the meat birds? You or Scoot?

  211. Global warming James, or whatever excuse they need for more cash, Bush! Cheney! Halliburton!

  212. I’ve been keeping up with the Irish Dan. His 8 bourbons to my 5. I’m getting called on the drunk posting. G’night.

  213. I’m watching The Carol Burnett Show with guest Maggie Smith. The kids don’t know who Carol Burnett is (my fault) but are amazed at a young McGonagall.

  214. Oso,
    I am trying Bambora Vodka tonight. Made in Surfers Paradise, Queensland Australia, from grapes. It is pretty good and not too expensive.

    I have a fishing trip planned, and bought lots o gear today, and a license. We are chartering out of Galveston. My first Texas fishing trip, sniff.

  215. Minerva!

  216. Roamy, our photo associate took her kids to LA. Celebrity tour. Her kids knew nothing and no one

  217. Vman, my friends are all Tito”s and Deep Ellum?

  218. Favorite Carol Burnett bit ever? The GWTW parody, when she shows up in the dress complete with curtain rod.

    Oh, this? I just saw it in a window…

  219. Define 8 Bourbons, Oso.
    Highball’s? or shots?

  220. Titos is good, I have had Deep Eddy and didn’t care for it. Dripping Springs is average. Cinco is really good. Texas has some good vodka, and bourbon. They need a little help with Gin.

  221. A Connie is 2 shots. A Dan is 3. A Fred is 4. Dan is at 4 Freds.

  222. I’m allergic to gin. Tequila and Rum have been kicking my Type II ass.

  223. I love each and every one of you in a totes not gay way. I may have fucked up and hit “Too dumb to read my lines”

  224. I wouldn’t exactly call myself “newly svelte”, Osita – just “less morbidly obese” 😁

    But my primary care doctor is gonna be really happy when I go in for my next physical……

  225. Oso (and Dan) win. I am a lightweight in comparison.
    My fave Texas Vodka with a lame web site.
    and the one I maligned with a fantastic web site.

  226. Gin is the only white liquor I’ll drink. Rum, tequila, & wodka are kinda too dangerous. not that gin isn’t, mind.

  227. My favorite is the Siamese elephants, though the whole schtick with Misses’a Wiggins and Mr. Tudball is funny.

    I figure I succeeded with old music (Rocketboy plays Eagles, Heart, Pink Floyd, Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, Kansas, Eric Clapton, etc.), I’ll eventually get there with classic movies.

  228. Or they could be like their dad, who likes the classic movies but could care less who the actors and directors are.

  229. Vman and MJ, I always try to keep up with Dan. He’s HUGE compared to me. I’m still trying to figure yjr ghoulies out

  230. Woot! Made the sidebar, AND the ONT!

  231. Good job Xbad
    I almost commented on the F-35 thing, but decided I was not qualified? Rational? Educated? enough.

  232. Comments are always welcome, Vmax. They feed my ego.

  233. Yes X, but drunken incoherent ones, not so much.
    Who knew Pluto has spots?
    Well Disney did, but the other Pluto!

  234. Pretty strange weather here. No rain for a month and high 80s, low 90s every day.
    The garden is struggling to stay alive…

  235. So, skinny jeans are in fashion, now you have to have skin tight (relatively) slack with a suit too? Sorry to disappoint, but no way.

  236. Right now you think that she’s perfection
    This derp is really an exception
    Well you know I hate to be a downer
    But I’m the guy she left before you found her

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