Happy Birthday ‘Merica!!

How about a nice big serving of:

And a little something for Lauraawwah:



Very libertarian of Imgur I thought:


Dat wuz awesome!




  1. Boom.

  2. REEKUS!

  3. What’s a good mixed drink for the 4th, MJ?

  4. Vodka and your mom.

  5. You have obviously never met my mom.

  6. Birthday!

  7. Beer.

    Or if you’re into a drinky drink, vodka with smashed blueberries and mint topped with 7up or soda water.

  8. Oh for crying out loud

  9. http://is.gd/wassa_matta_humpty

  10. Happy independence day, folks!

    Below link is from me. So you know the risk. But it is good.


  11. I almost put that gif in the poat for the laaadeeeez Tushar, but balls are gross.

    Happy 4th to you and the family, how’s your back?

  12. To America! Here is my favourite P J O’Rourke quote about ‘murica

    “I was having dinner…in London…when eventually he got, as the Europeans always do, to the part about “Your country’s never been invaded.” And so I said, “Let me tell you who those bad guys are. They’re us. WE BE BAD. We’re the baddest-assed sons of bitches that ever jogged in Reeboks. We’re three-quarters grizzly bear and two-thirds car wreck and descended from a stock market crash on our mother’s side. You take your Germany, France, and Spain, roll them all together and it wouldn’t give us room to park our cars. We’re the big boys, Jack, the original, giant, economy-sized, new and improved butt kickers of all time. When we snort coke in Houston, people lose their hats in Cap d’Antibes. And we’ve got an American Express card credit limit higher than your piss-ant metric numbers go. You say our country’s never been invaded? You’re right, little buddy. Because I’d like to see the needle-dicked foreigners who’d have the guts to try. We drink napalm to get our hearts started in the morning. A rape and a mugging is our way of saying ‘Cheerio.’ Hell can’t hold our sock-hops.
    We walk taller, talk louder, spit further, fuck longer and buy more things than you know the names of. I’d rather be a junkie in a New York City jail than king, queen, and jack of all Europeans. We eat little countries like this for breakfast and shit them out before lunch.”

  13. Pups, the back is getting better. I can almost dance like Laura’s dream boy up there.

  14. Whoops, ha ha ha haaa! Leave it, it’s funny

  15. C’mere, Pupster


  16. BRO DO YOU EVEN CLIii-i-i-i-iMB

  17. SORRY! Editing on an iPad not recommended.

  18. OK, I think I found another patriotic drink that’s even more work than the first one where you need an eyedropper.


  19. Happy Independence Day!!!

  20. It’s like a Rube Goldberg machine for cocktails. Takes two days to make a damn drink.


  22. Not sure if I have spawned a smartass or a dumbass.

    Wife: name two animals
    Kid: two tigers.

  23. Happy 4th. If I have any energy after work I might go try a new brew pub that opened downtown.

  24. Wow, I slept late. I hope y’all have a mostly shooting-free Independence Day.

  25. *upvotes goatbro*

  26. *motorboats upgoat*

  27. I hope y’all have a mostly shooting-free Independence Day.

    Yeah, well, it’s been raining enough, the range is a mud bog.

  28. MENSA just declared that their quest for a new president is over.


  29. Wife: name two animals
    Kid: two tigers.

    Hilarious. I hope you gave him a cookie and a hug.

  30. Another good non-answer: “Jennifer and Phil.”

  31. Some random nuggets of wisdom from my day so far…

    When it rains it pours. Nothing goes wrong solo. If something breaks, don’t bother putting your tools away because something else is also going to break soon.

    Channel lock pliers are the most useful tool in the box, and can even open a Corona bottle.

    Lime juice concentrate can make Corona drinkable in a pinch.

    Home Depot is open on Independence Day, and is serving free hotdogs for customer appreciation day.

  32. One hopes there is no flooding or fire involved, Pups.

  33. Today I met Edwin. He’s a Meishan boar we’re raising to replace our retirees. He likes licorice. He also likes to be held, but he’s kind of big for that.

  34. No flooding or fire or famine or pestilence Xbrad, just minor problems with major appliances and machines that seem to happen in groups.

    What are your plans today?

  35. Dare I google Meishan boar?

  36. I’m just keeping an eye on the AC guy as he puts the final touches on the new installation. Not gonna do anything but that, and download midget pron.

  37. How big is too big to be held?

  38. AC guy works on Saturday the 4th of July? Wow.

  39. Probably getting tripletime.

  40. Wait- does anybody still pay tripletime? Or is that a thing of the past?

  41. Jewstin should be carrying him every day. Then we could call Jewstin “Milo”.

  42. We have blueberry maggots. One effective means of control? Chickens.


  43. He’s the business owner, he’s probably not getting paid at all.

  44. Can you use them in that cocktail recipe?

  45. If a cocktail contains meat, wouldn’t it therefore be more properly called a soup?

  46. I love that we celebrate July 4, the date that we declared independence, rather than October 19, the date of Cornwallis’ capitulation and the date that we won the Revolutionary War. It’s very American notion, that no matter what we’ve declared ourselves free men, and that is what is important.

  47. Alcoholic soup? I like where you are going with this.

  48. Breaking epicurial grounds there.

  49. I’ve never had maggots in my blueberries but the commercial growers get them here. How many bushes do you have going lauraw? I have a mulberry bush that had a slow start and is now growing very well. The birds time the ripeness perfectly and eat them before I eat more than a handful every year.

  50. http://is.gd/L5PPAw

  51. you need some nets, jimbro.

  52. How are the festivities going, Jimbro?


  53. I’ll be honest: mulberries suck as a berry. If I really liked them I’d put a net up but they have these little seeds in them that drive me to distraction when eaten.

    The festivities are going good. I’m sitting off to the side enjoying a cigar and working on a Sam Adams.

  54. Bcock had a pretty good poat at Ace’s today.


  55. Edwin weighs about 60 lbs. He won’t be getting held much longer.

  56. Just three small new bushes, Jimbro. Just planted them last year.

    I’m wondering if I should take off the netting and let the birds take the next flush of ripe of berries, in an effort to cut down the maggot population?

    I think I got all of the bad ones today, but I’m going to try to pick & check every day, to make sure few/ none get to the ground and pupate.

    If I can’t seem to get it under control, I will turn the matter over to professional bug-eaters.

  57. I put a festive bandana on Rowan and after an hour or so he stopped trying to bite it. He got back at us by snagging a hot dog off the counter. Could have been worse, there was a whole plate of dogs up there.

  58. Meishans are wrinkly Chinese pigs. They’re friendly critters.

  59. I have three cultivars: Jerset, Northern and Patriot. They’re a bit neglected and I keep telling myself to trim the weeds near them but never get around to it. The Patriot is the highest yielding bush. I’ve never covered them. I do add pine needles gathered around the yard every so often.

  60. Jersey

  61. Do you get to eat any blueberries? If I didn’t cover mine the birds would get every single one of them, even the half-ripes.

  62. Heh, mom’s old dog used to love wearing bandanas. Mom would take him to get a bath, and the lady would give him a new bandana. He would prance around showing everyone, it was hilarious.

  63. That reminds me, I need to wash Bubba.

    He doesn’t get groomed. Well, once, before I left him with Mom for a few days.

    He came out of the groomers and immediately took a dump in their parking lot. Then when he got back to the store, he was totally angry with me and huffed around like a jerk and bit me and acted like a douchebag.

    I should take him over there again.

  64. http://www.mofga.org/Default.aspx?tabid=847

  65. I’m sure the birds get some but we have plenty to eat. Not buckets but a good amount and they seem to ripen at different rates on the same bush so going out every couple of days yields enough for a serving or two.

  66. People don’t check their email on the 4th, only 1 invoice paid out of 9.

  67. Ah, well my new little bushes are so small we would be wiped out by a few Robins and Cardinals. I look forward to when the bushes get big and full of fruit and I don’t have to worry about sharing.

    If we’re still in CT then, of course. I read somewhere that blueberries don’t hit their stride until they’re about 8 or 10 years old. These must be 4 or 5, at most, and they spent most of their lives in nursery pots.

  68. Happy Independence Day!

  69. And to you, MCPO. Are you planning on lighting any fuses this evening?

  70. LauraW – rainy/drizzling here. Hard to keep my powder dry!

  71. Speechless.

    Paula and I have been together for 7 years and can you guess what she just did? I had dog duty to keep them away from the food while people ate and she got me a plate.

    She served me a hotdog with ketchup on it!

    P: Here you go honey
    J: ????
    P: What’s wrong?
    J: Ketchup?

    Who eats hotdogs with ketchup? I mean other than me, today…

  72. I’m not saying it is hot out there, but holy shit is it hot out there.

  73. http://tinyurl.com/od3zhvn

  74. I do. I don’t understand the militancy of the anti-ketchup on a hot dog people. There is a local radio guy who goes nuts on the subject. What does eating a hot dog with ketchup say about me as a person that I should be ashamed of? Is it the whole Dirty Harry thing? I know it’s a Chicago thing, but they put fucking pickles on a hot dog. Are you going to listen to those people?

  75. I can’t remember my last hot dog.

    It’s been years.

  76. It was more about what a woman knows about her significant other that threw me. We have hot dogs at camp for cookouts and with beans during the winter and I’ve never had them with ketchup. Mustard and relish for me.

    Are you a Heinz or Cains ketchup man Pups?

  77. Happy Murica Day, Muricans.

    Oh, and Tushar. I guess.

  78. I don’t have a ketchup preference, really. But salt, on the other hand…


  79. I am a fan of gloppy condiments of all kinds, especially overloaded in combination. My hotdog usually looks like a Jackson Pollock.

  80. Gross.

  81. “I’ll be honest: mulberries suck as a berry. If I really liked them I’d put a net up but they have these little seeds in them that drive me to distraction when eaten.”

    I LOVE MULBERRIES. They are so fricken good.

  82. Scott only really likes a barely-there schmear of mayo (or maybe one particular brand of onion relish or corn relish) on an otherwise dry sandwich. That’s about it. His constitution is opposed to glop.

  83. Work was slooooow but people tipped well. IT was dead so I got let go at 6:15. YEA MEEEE. It was stupid to have another bartender come on at 4 but it meant I got to leave so I’m not complaining.

  84. I’ve been fertilizing my blueberry bushes this year. I’d neglected them in the past.

  85. Does she eat them with ketchup?

    You might have gotten the one she dropped on the ground.

  86. Evening.

  87. Ketchup on my hot dog, please.

  88. Carin – Does pooping in the yard really count as fertilizing the berry bushes?

  89. Sweet corn on the 4th, yum. Along with steak and potatoes.

  90. That’s only something I’d do. She’s much too nice a person to do that.

  91. I LOVE MULBERRIES. They are so fricken good.

    Your new Delta Tau Chi name is…C arin Silkworm.

  92. You should plant a mulberry tree Carin. I planted one over ten years ago and it looked like a sapling for the first 4 or 5 years then it took off and is about 8 feet tall.

  93. She’s got one, I think she said.

  94. You need a ketchup tree, jimbro.

  95. I love mulberries. They’re the best berries ever.

  96. Why would I need a ketchu….oh, I see!

  97. If anyone wants to make Limoncello at home for some weird reason, here is the recipe.


  98. How convenient. I’ve got a Meyer lemon tree in the back yard.

  99. It’ll be the perfect thing to serve at your Lemon Parties!

  100. Yay! Survived another retail 4th of July. Only got cursed at 5 times and screamed at 20. Riley looks cute in his bandanas. The Doxie Duo would look cute, but Gingy won’t wear one or let MaryAnn wear one.

  101. Do the grills come back tomorrow or Monday?

  102. We went in on Thursday, figured Sam’s and Costco would be a nightmare on Friday.

  103. Scott, grills, gazebos, and folding chairs/tables come back on Monday.

  104. Pepe, I was off Friday. 80% increase to LY just in meat. I understand from Dan how insane it was. Every register was staffed and they were line rushing and it still didn’t seem to help.

  105. Costco was a nightmare on Thursday. Better food samples, though.

  106. I am going to kill Dan. TV is up to eleventy because of Boomers, and he keeps talking to me from the kitchen. Really? Really?

  107. Roamy, we’re having spinach, asiago, pork burgers that we demo’d on Thursday.

  108. If anything ever happens to Dan, you will be a person of interest.

  109. I had a lot of bratwurst and homemade chicken salad today.

  110. The latter is one of those recipes that I make better than my mom does, but I can’t tell her that.

  111. Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

    Happy Independence Day, my fellow hotdogs!

    Boomers are not allowed in our city. Like anyone listens. Sounds like a battle is going on out there.

  112. Scott, who freaking does that? When he’s up on the roof, I’m like “Take your phone and text me”. Good thing he’s in the kitchen with the knives and not me. Grrrr

  113. 4th of July …..so Awesomely American your mom gives it away for free. This is also awesome:

    Tushar on July 4, 2015 at 11:00 am
    Not sure if I have spawned a smartass or a dumbass.

    Wife: name two animals
    Kid: two tigers

  114. Went to the farm last night. Sat on the sofa and watched the fireworks display the people across the lake put on.

    Family went up today for some barbecue, fishing, and kayaking. My MiL was looking young than her 86 years. She’s always moving. Says if she stops and sits down, she gets stiff. So she doesn’t.

  115. Edwin is a superb name for a pig.

  116. You know what is as exciting as the 4th of July? New Americans and Americans-to-be getting all excited about the 4th of July.

  117. Hory Crap, the air is thick with the smell of gunpowder.

  118. I agree Bseansnsns, people incredibly proud to be a newAmeican gives me chills.

  119. Beasn, seeping in through the swamp cooler. Still pretty loud even with the TV on high.

  120. Why are there swamp coolers in the desert?

  121. The sound of gunfire, off in the distance
    I’m getting used to it now.

  122. Old people sometimes fall for the swamp cooler scam.

  123. People underestimate the power of the word swamp.

    * starts Swamp Cooler Solutions *

    * buys yacht *

  124. It’s raining like a mofo, so I can’t tell if it’s thunder or fireworks. Wouldn’t be surprised if people were still shooting in the rain.

    I bought the salsa and the lemonade that were demo’d. I think you said something about commissions, so I felt sorry for the one demoing Madras lentils. Same lady every time with the samples, and few even try it.

  125. As long as humidity is below 10% they work. 85 in the Condo yesterday. I was nauseous. We have 3 ceiling fans and 3 fans running 24/7 and it is horrible. Running the swamp cooler tonight to alleviate boomer noise. Everything is moist. THX Cali for your early monsoons.

  126. As long as humidity is below 10% they work.

    Humidity can go below 80%?

  127. Roamy, not really commission but total Demo hours are tied to purchases. Dud items cut from total hours. Less sales=fewer hours.

  128. Why no AC?

  129. Hahaha Leon. (Puts Leon into cage with MCPO)

  130. For the most part, we don’t need AC. Usually just 4 weeks of humidity during monsoons. This year, we’ve had high humidity since May. We’ve talked about converting to AC, but it doesn’t seem worth it for 4 weeks of misery out of the year. Until this year.

  131. By high humidity, I mean in the 30s. Brutal.

  132. 30’s? No sympathy. Ever

    * cheers hoppers *

  133. Did anybody “accidentally” shoot several Roman Candles at anybody else’s roof today?

  134. 30% humidity? This is madness. Humans can’t live in such aridity, can they?

  135. Scott, I had a Jericho Cricket in the doorway this morning. I was nearly trapped. Dan took care of it. Everything over 10% is horrid for swamp coolers. Most efficient evaporative coolers are 10 degrees. 80 outside=70 inside. When temps get in the 90+ it is brutal.

  136. Leon, I’m dying. DYING!

  137. Listening to the scanner, there have been hundreds of “Brush Fire” calls today.
    Idiots shooting fireworks here while we have had no rain for a month and temps in the high 80s and 90s.
    There was a “News” story last night where a couple guys in a white Toyota were driving up I5 throwing road flares out the window to start brush fires on the freeway.
    I just can’t escape it. The average American is STUPID…

  138. ChrisP, yep. We’ve had a wet May and June so everyone is celebrating.

  139. Early night. Lots of drama. Dan has been playing music for the Divas. FYI my dogs are patriotic rayciss doggehs.

  140. Oso, just get a portable ac. They’re only a couple hundred bucks. Plenty powerful enough cool at least the bedroom. The divas would appreciate that.

  141. We have one for the bedroom. I don’t like going to bed at 6. MaryAnn has been appropriating the portable AC this afternoon. Bedroom TV doesn’t get all the channels.

  142. Okay, someone is shooting fireworks in the rain. I’m impressed by their dedication.

  143. Roamy, we have illegal fireworks and gunshots. Cops/Firefighters ignore both.

  144. G’night. Diva calming cuddle family bed zone.

  145. Angels are beating the tar our of the Rangers. 13-0. I may have sent dave a sarcastic tweet.

  146. Thanks, Sean. Did you send a Suck it, Hamilton comment?

  147. G’night. The Divas are freaking. Not sleepy, but the Freaks need me.

  148. I didn’t make any comments about Hamilton.

    In other news, I’m gonna have to put on a sweatshirt tonight. This is madness.

  149. Great fireworks show, watched from the deck. Sweatshirt was required here too.

    God bless the USA. And global warming.

  150. Was waiting for the fireworks show in Socorro, and watched a couple of kids 5-6 years old lighting fireworks. No adult in sight. Smallest they lit were roman candles.

    Police in Albuquerque park under cover (overpasses, etc.) on the 4th and New Years, lots of bullets raining down.

  151. Sweatshirts? What, it got below 80?

  152. [instruderpal]

  153. Good morning.


  155. Have a strudel, pal.

  156. Wakey wakey

  157. O Pork Hammer, Pork Hammer, wherefore art thou Pork Hammer?
    O, be some other kind of hammer!
    What’s in a name? That which we call a swine
    By any other word would smell as…um…

    ….will somebody open a window or light a candle or something?

  158. I bought a griddle.

  159. I don’t own a griddle. Let me know what you think about your griddle experiences.

  160. I occasionally make pancakes on a carb day, and making them in a skillet is frustratingly slow.

  161. Ah, gotcha.

    Worky-worky. Ciao.

  162. Griddles are great for cooking a whole pack of bacon. I just threw away mine because one of the plastic legs broke.

  163. http://is.gd/another_method

  164. I may also use it for bacons.

  165. http://is.gd/tepspe

  166. http://is.gd/I_did_not_know_this

  167. I don’t understand the militancy of the anti-ketchup on a hot dog people.

    They’re just trying to help you by being assholes. Just like the assholes who will be happy to tell you how awful it is that you like Taylor Swift & Matty B.

  168. It don’t hurt nobody that you be blastin’ Taylor Swift out of your crappy ol’ Honda, rollin’ up & down the alley all day, smokin’ weed & drinkin’ Icehouse, doin’ burnouts, & pissin’ in the bushes. Why everybody gotta be hasslin’ ya?

  169. I see a very nice car parked in my community for last two days, and I suspect that it is stolen and left there (carjackers do that to make sure lo-jack does not track them down).

    Now, like most irresponsible citizens, I don’t want to call the police. Not because I like criminals, but if the car was legitimately parked, I don’t want to face the wrath of the owner.

    What would be great is an app where I enter the details of the car. The info gets geo-tagged and gets sent to some database that compares it to stolen vehicle records and alerts the cops if there is a match.

  170. I’m vehemently anti-mayo on a hamburger, but you can eat what you want.

  171. Holiday weekend, Tushar, could be a visitor. I’d wait a week.

  172. I like mayo on a mushroom / swiss burger.

  173. I’m white, so I like mayo.

  174. Roamy, I am not thinking specifically about this car. You are probably right. Still, my app idea has merit. The only problem with that idea is that inevitably that data will be accessible to government.

  175. >>I’m white, so I like mayo.

    What the hell, man? (SWIDT?)

    Try brown gravy or chocolate syrup sometime. You will like it.

  176. I make mayo from our eggs sometimes and add a lot of cayenne and spicy mustard.

    That’s pretty great on burgers, and sassage.

  177. Good mayo is yellow. Great mayo has flecks of red.

  178. If you like a PBJ sammich, you be rayciss.


  179. Good morning girl for Leon for mayo solidarity.


  180. I don’t want to worky worky. I can’t wait until this holiday weekend is over.

  181. It’s going to be dead today.
    You should call in.

    Your garden needs you.

  182. Mayo is for tuna fish salad or for BLTs. That’s it for me.

  183. I use mayonnaise in potato salad.

  184. I buy the baby sized jar and throw half of it out.

  185. For sammiches I make cucumber dill yogurt.

  186. Mayo in tater salad and egg salad… on burgers (which must have a tomato), ham sammiches, and BLTs. Yum.

  187. I used to put mayo on grilled cheese, topped with a tomato after the grilling. Used to.

  188. I would use mayo in deviled eggs, but I hate deviled eggs.

  189. Oh yeah, deviled eggs, forgot about those.

    I can’t remember the last time I made regular potato salad. Kids won’t eat it. I sometimes make German potato salad with bacon for Mr. RFH, no mayo in that.

  190. Bleargh.

  191. I like mayo on hotdogs. I also like mustard, sriracha, mint chutney, mango slices, black beans, cilantro, pulled pork, roasted artichokes, peach salsa, bananas, corn, goat cheese, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, seranno peppers, & fried eggs on hot-dogs. Oh, and macaroni & cheese. And watercress.

  192. And guacamole.

  193. And Italian meatballs.

  194. And fried rice.

  195. And grilled onions.

  196. And BBQ ribs.

  197. And french fries.

  198. Top it off with some ketchup.

    Or catsup. Your preference.

  199. Pizza Hut has hot dog stuffed crust now.

  200. Got two lemon balm, two stevia plants, one sad tomatillo plant, and two sweet peppers from the greenhouse as they start to shut down for the season.

  201. I can’t believe it. I just learned something on a Sunday. Apparently lobbyists use a counterintuitive strategy to block legislation. Rather than just opposing it, they have lawyers add a metric shit ton of legalese to the bill so that no one can understand it, therefore, will not vote on it. And if it does pass there’s so many loopholes inserted that it really doesn’t matter.

    I want to be a lobbyist for the mustard industry.

    Down with ketchup*.

    *only on hot dogs. Ketchup on fries and other potato or potato based products is fine. And eggs, but only sometimes. If there’s Tabasco or a similar hot sauce, especially Texas Pete, you should use that instead. Or on a ham sandwich if you’re over the age of 70. Maybe it’s a Midwest thing, but for some reason old people eat ham with ketchup on white bread after a big holiday. Or on a steak if you plan on giving your waitress a really shitty tip. You can’t seriously order a steak, then ask for ketchup and be expected to tip well. If you mix ketchup with mayo and think it’s some sort of special sauce, the execution will be held at dawn. Drawn and quartered followed by a disemboweling and a decapitation. Unless you’re under the age of 25 or have been smoking really good weed. Regardless, Hotspur should be put to death.

  202. “Dog stuffed crust? Sounds tasty!” –Barack Hussein Obama

  203. I don’t mind ketchup, but I could certainly live the rest of my life without it.

  204. Ketchup is a fine condiment if you’re 8 years old.

  205. Bill Clinton probably uses ketchup when he’s flying to pedo island to rape some 10 year old girls.

  206. Carin should vaccinate piggies as part of her crackfat Zumba workout. Lift a 35 lb. pig shoulder high with one arm.* Repeat 300 times.

    * Note the piggies’ flailing front legs will be at crotch level. Nad protection is advised.

  207. I have three words for you:

    Fish sticks

  208. I don’t know anyone who puts ketchup on a ham sammich and I am in the midwest.

    Does anyone else, besides St. Louisans, make pork steaks a main meat item on their barbecue pits?
    That’s what we had yesterday. And brats, non-mayo slaw, potato salad, sweet corn on the cob, tomato salad, watermelon.

  209. I like dunking my steak in ketchup. SYWM.

  210. Heck yes I do, beasn. Sliced extra thick, they are known as Iowa Chops.

  211. The year i worked in St. Louis my neighbor was a Boeing factory worker and he told me about pork steaks. I cooked quite a few on my Weber little smokey grill. We were blessed with good neighbors on either side of our rental house.

  212. *offers my jar of fancy Dijon mustard to MJ*

    (Not a euphemism)

  213. I love the thick cut boneless pork chops from Costco.

  214. I get boneless country-style ribs from one of the grocery stores here and it’s like a thick pork chop. They’re pretty terrific. I like to fry them in garlic butter.

  215. Black raspberries are ripening. Just ate a few handfuls while I was outside.

  216. Fried ribs?

    Good God man, start a newsletter.

  217. anyone see Transcendence? Should I waste time on that one before True Detective?

  218. Oso


  219. Jay, you should see Ex Machina.

  220. *offers my jar of fancy Dijon mustard to MJ*
    (Not a euphemism)
    No such thing.

  221. Four days. Weekend.

  222. Ketchup is for well done ribeyes. Duh.

    “This steak is dry and tough, can I get a free dessert?”

  223. My garden dish need me Scott. I should have called in.

  224. New poat for people who are tired of this bullshit.

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