Big Boob Friday

I think we should all thank xbradlock, lawyer to the assholes, for putting up the worst post in H2 history. It was a pretty high bar to clear but he made it happen. Way to go, xbrad.


Today’s music selection is from an obscure musician that resides in SoCal. He’s been around the block, making records for a few years. I think you know where this is going…and boy howdy, that bear can play the skins.


This is Emily Shaw. She has a really weird body, face, and doesn’t like to smile. Her interests include looking confused, being confused, and general confusion. She also has really big natural cans. How is a confused, barely intelligible girl to make a living? What say you, mare?









  1. Blowing

  2. What is Hotspur doing in the men’s bathroom of the ghetto bar?

  3. We all agree that MJ is a dickweed, correct?

    Regardless, this poat was fricken funny.

    Therefore even though you are an ass you can still be funny.

    See: Rosetta

  4. REPEAT!

  5. Aureola.

  6. I can’t always figure out where Beck is going with a song.

  7. This model’s face in the second picture has so much fail in it xbradtc would be forced to put a bag over it while doing unspeakable things to the rest of her.

  8. Regardless, this poat was fricken funny.

    Oh Mare … you’re only encouraging him.

  9. And by unspeakable I mean watching her order a New York dog at Sonic from afar.

  10. This model’s face in the second picture has so much fail in it xbradtc would be forced to put a bag over it

    Agreed. That’s why there is aureola in the picture.

  11. Ahhhh, yes indeed there is…redemption.

  12. The Art of Manliness series of articles about Churchill, linked at Ace’s ONT is excellent.

    One of Churchill’s quotes on Honor:

    “We seem to be very near the bleak choice between War and Shame. My feeling is that we shall choose Shame, and then have War thrown in a little later on even more adverse terms than at present.”

    Holy shit, does that sound like Obama or what?

  13. May not be the exact right time to mention this,*cough* however, the Steven Crowder online/radio interview with the founder of the Art of Manliness about Your Brain On Porn is excellent too.

  14. I don’t like Steven Crowder. He’s one of those guys who tries too hard to be clever. It comes off stupid.

  15. Crowder is who he is. A bit of a geek. I like that about him.

  16. He keeps finding ways to piss me off.

  17. Carin, don’t argue with me.

  18. Is there a semester when this school does *not* try to fuck up my whole life?

    It’s not like I need the help.

  19. When you sign up for nursing school, they should send a big ol’ pack of narcotics along with your acceptance letter. It’s like a nonstop freakout. My heart is going to fucking explode before I graduate.

  20. Yeah, not a Crowder fan either. Sometimes. But usually he pushes my irritation button.

  21. You’re smart. You’ll be fine.

  22. And by smart he means you have a nice ass.

  23. *crawls into closet, shuts door behind me*

    *fetal position*

    *hyperventilates dust on closet floor*

  24. Well, duh.

  25. I asked specifically not to have clinicals on friday nights because that’s the start of my weekend work ‘week’. I like my job, I need my job. It is weekend work and not a flexible situation.

    So guess what they did.

  26. I’m going to see what I can work out with my boss before I do anything else. I’m a direct report and never ask for anything. Hopefully we can work out those six or seven weeks with some alternate arrangement.

    This way I don’t have to deal with the school people, who seem to have an adversarial thing going on with the students.

  27. So O’Malley will announce in May. Let’s see how many Dems bail on Cankles to support him. Let’s see who in the MFM trashes him to protect the Witch of Chipotle. Media Matters for one, I bet.

  28. I can’t even concentrate on school work I am so pissed off. Naturally, when I have so much goddamn to do for the last couple weeks of Hell.

    Gonna go get a load of compost and try to relax. Fuck this shit.

  29. I just love that you guys are here and I miss having friends so much. Sorry for load-dumping.

  30. Anyone who is around when Cyn comes along, ask her to read this comment.

    Cyn, I read that your son is into technology and would love to make a career of it:

    There are two ways of doing it: 1 learn Java or .Net and become a humorless tech worker for some big bank where the only redeeming feature is a decent pay.

    2. Becone a true geek. Get an Arduino board, get a programmable robotics kit, tinker around, learn Python, try to find a job in Silicon Valley. I think the future demand will be for people who know prigramming plus electronics/robotics, and can also do machining etc and create their own gadgets.
    Ask him to read Make magazine, and attend a Maker Faire.
    If the stars align well, he may become a millionaire. If not, he will still make a decent living.

  31. load-dumping

    But that’s practically all we do here.

  32. **gives Laura a hug…

  33. This way I don’t have to deal with the school people, who seem to have an adversarial thing going on with the students.

    They really wish that running a school didn’t involve meeting students. They just want to have coffee and doughnuts in a nice clean office and read lefty blogs between emailing cute kitty photos.

  34. This way I don’t have to deal with the school people, who seem to have an adversarial thing going on with the students.

    Sounds like you’re a victim of campus sexual assault. It happens to 115% of all women.

  35. Notice how lauraw only shows up on Fridays?


  36. I think Tushar, Jay, and I could probably scare the Cyn-son into going after a career in anything but tech. Or possibly guide him into something worthwhile that won’t suck to do for life.

  37. Is today’s girl so confused because the blood vessels in her natural cans have been depriving her brain of oxygen?

  38. Watch Crowder’s video that I mentioned, he’s very low key.

    And when he does man on the street interviews he’s very low key and funny.

  39. Mark Steyn: Well wait, but just a minute, Hugh, there is no ‘Clinton Foundation’… The only purpose of this foundation is to enable this family to lead the lifestyle of a head of state after it has ceased to be head of state. They spent $70 million dollars on travel at the Clinton Foundation. By comparison, the entire Royal Family, to fly between their various realms – the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, that’s a lot of air miles – the entire Royal Family in one year spent $7 million dollars. So in other words, the Clintons have ten times the airplane costs of the Royal Family, who are heads of state of dozens of bits of real estate around the world. The Clinton Foundation is a hollow shell foundation playing the usual shell game with U.S. taxation. There’s no need for a Clinton Foundation except for them to rake in money from Kazakhs and Ukrainians and Iranians and Saudis and everybody else…

  40. General advice for everyone who have kids/grandkids: if your job can be done by a machine, you are at risk.
    You think doctors are safe? They are trying to build computers that can diagnose and fix most routine medical issues, and doctors will be needed only for weird, rare stuff.

    We will probably survive, but the next generation better bring hard skills to the table. LGBT studies does not count.

  41. Good job, Muppet. You are going to break great things at Berk.

  42. Gonna go get a load of compost and try to relax. Fuck this shit.


  43. MARK STEYN: … And I like Elizabeth Warren, and I want her to run. And when I say ‘like’, don’t get me wrong – I think she would be a disastrous president for this country, and she would want to turn it into a socialist basket case. But she believes in something, and she wants to do something. And Hillary Clinton is an entirely hollow creation. She is basically just an empty vessel in which the dodgiest characters on the planet pour money in return for favors. And I regret to say her daughter is becoming much the same kind of thing, too. Her daughter’s joined the family on stage with this Kazakh oligarch and all the rest of it. In fairness to Bill Clinton, he likes chasing nymphettes – he’s the only Clinton with a human characteristic…

    That fugly daughter will be a thorn in our sides for years to come. Twenty years hence we will be asking ourselves “When will we be rid of this Clinton woman?”

  44. LGBT studies does not count.
    You mean we have perfected the gay computer?

    Oh, yeah… Apple.

  45. If the democrats have their way, these will be our future presidents:
    2016-2024: Hillary
    2024-2032: Moochelle
    2032-2040: Chelsea, after she declares she is lesb
    2040-2048: Sasha, after she declares she is trans
    2048-2056: malaria, after she declares she identifies as a hispanics, and her preferred prounouns are ze/zurr/durr

  46. Zurr will be a great president-otherkin. She will appoint the first gibbon as Secretarykin of State during the Inauguration-Coming-Out ceremony. Zurr will lead the first holographic broadcast of the mandatory Two Minutes Hate.

  47. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a feminist tone on Thursday. She told attendees at the sixth annual Women in The World Summit that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” for the sake of giving women access to “reproductive health care and safe childbirth.”

    It’s illegal to be Catholic in Cankles world.

  48. Some of you might have the impression I’m rather torqued about the Clintons.

  49. dah fuq is wrong with this chick’s face?

  50. You’re not supposed to be looking at her face.

  51. If you’re touqued up you could try torking up.

    MJ has a three footer.

  52. So MJ is not metric?

  53. “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed”

    Yeah, George, why do I get the distinct impression she’s talking about Catholics, and not Muslims?

  54. There;s a lot of loading going on ’round here.

    It’s a gram based hobby.

    Crowder bugs me because he’s playing comedian with something important to say.
    Bill Whittle makes Important facts funny (in a terrifying way).

  55. Hillary can kiss my shiny metal ass.

  56. You’re not supposed to be looking at her face.

    That second picture…. disturbing.

  57. I’m not sure if I’ll be on a wifi network at the right time to periscope in to SES tomorrow. I don’t have a iPhone GayPhone so I use a GayPad. Can’t find a reasonably priced plan for the GayPhone.

  58. I found a reasonably priced plan for your mom.

  59. heh

  60. Your mom doesn’t need a phone, she’s available everywhere.

  61. Hotspawn, thanks for the construction/remodel quotes the other day. I was able to weed out some bandits like the glass hole who wanted to charge $1650 for a “beveled European” glass shower door. What a cock!

  62. Maybe I had better be nice to Hotspurt because I may need construction advice in the future.

    *sends Hotspurt discount coupon for your mom*

  63. Bill Whittle is awesome. But as for Crowder “bugging” me for his demeanor or whatever … I put him way above every asshat that is trying to steal my liberty. He’s on my side. He’s a dork, and I don’t agree with him 100%.

    But I pretty much don’t agree with anyone 100%.*

    *Leon and his position on cookies, for example

  64. Crowder did a video interview where he raucously made fun of Muslims… for believing in the perpetual virginity of Mary.

    He’s a bigot.

  65. That’s a good point, Car in. In a limited field of commentators out there that are also entertaining and pushing for a wider audience, he’s a bright light. we need more not less people willing to put a message out there and make it funny.

  66. SMOD or Yellowstone Supervolcano? Who are you guys going with for 2016?

  67. I am currently a Walker fanboy, but Coronal Mass Ejection is a close second.

  68. I’m going with your mom.

  69. I don’t take your mom anywhere. I make her get take-out before I show up.

  70. I saw Coronal Mass Ejection open for Earth, Wind and Fire in 1974.

  71. SMOD or Yellowstone Supervolcano? Who are you guys going with for 2016?

    Yellastone might take a few days or weeks to wipe out humanity. Better to get it over with in one big planetary event.

    *raises George from the dead*

    *straps him to a chair, cues up endless loop of Disney Channel tween shows*

    *orders a sub sandwich*

  72. Who bitch dis is?

  73. I wish I was around when Laura was dumping on nursing school. I heard the same stuff from Paula for 3 long years when she was a full time student and part time before that. After graduation and taking her boards: nothing, nada, nil, fuck all, zip, bupkus, zero, the big goose egg. Just smile, work your ass off and pretend you’re enjoying the shit sandwich they hand you while cursing them under your breath.

  74. Mare?

  75. Speaking of wardrobe malfunctions:

  76. Your mom knows Coronal Mass Ejection

  77. Yeah, George, why do I get the distinct impression she’s talking about Catholics, and not Muslims?


    Good point, xbradtc.

    But we all know it’s absurd talking about relinquishing long held beliefs of Christianity when Hillary in a Muslim world would have had her mouth back-handed, thankfully covered in a full burqua, acid thrown in her ugly face, and a clitorectomy by the age of 10.

    Hillary, SHUT UP.

  78. Thanks, Jimbro. I sure would like to hear Paula’s take on this insanity. I can’t even believe some of this crap that they pull on us. When you say goose egg, bupkus, etc, what do you mean by that?

  79. Whoa. How did this get released?

    “Hillary arrives at Iowa State University to talk with students”

  80. Hey Wiser, remember the house on a hill that smelled like old Lab?

    I was back there today, Smelly is still alive and well.

  81. How would you like to come home to that every night?

  82. I was back there today, Smelly is still alive and well.

    He’s a good dog….

  83. She hasn’t said squat about the trials and tribulations of nursing school since she graduated and passed her boards. Because she was older than most of her classmates she didn’t hang around with them out of school much at all. She messages a couple on facebook and sees a couple of classmates who work at the same hospital but otherwise has completely moved on. As bad as it is now I have a feeling you will get through it the same way she did. Med school and residency were tough but predictable except for occasional hoop jumping. It seems like the nursing school takes delight in fucking their students over. It was just so random and arbitrary and I felt her pain as I do yours now.

  84. heh.. Xbrad stole my p-shop and is gathering retweets with it.

  85. Jim V had Neva in studio for his entire show today.

  86. And not this way:

  87. Hey, at least I tagged you, Wiser.

  88. Jim V had Neva in studio for his entire show today.

    It was unlistenable.

  89. Hey, at least I tagged you, Wiser.

    I loved that, for just a very brief moment, they thought it was real.

  90. Hey, at least I tagged you, Wiser.

    Although, you did sort of stomp on what was going to be my tweet with the tagline above.

    But no, thanks… really….


  91. Sorry, man. I’ll buy you a beer next time I see you.

    /will never ever attend another meatup.//

  92. Bad touch! Bad touch! Bad touch! Bad touch!

  93. which p-shop was it?

  94. Worky worky

    See you guys Tuesday


  95. which p-shop was it?

    see header

  96. Haha, nice

  97. I figured that was the university warehouse.

  98. So, if you’re looking for any motivation for that Summer weight loss plan, here’s the stick. Don’t be these people.

  99. Laura?

  100. Well. That was certainly two ill-advised clicks in a row.

  101. Don’t be these people.

    that headline was a lie. There was nothing beautiful there whatsoever…

  102. It seems like the nursing school takes delight in fucking their students over. It was just so random and arbitrary

    Run by women. I will not explain this remark.

  103. When a man can’t shoot his own computer, we have lost our nation.

    When ctrl + alt + delete doesn’t work, just shoot the darn thing.

    That’s what one man did on Monday night, according to Colorado Springs police. Lucas Hinch, 37, was cited for discharging a weapon within city limits after he took the fight with his computer outside and got the revenge most of us only dream about.

    “He got tired of fighting with his computer for the last several months,” Lt. Jeff Strossner said. “He was having technology problems, so he took it out in the back alley and shot it.”

  104. I will not explain this remark.

    HotBride is the first to agree that working with women is a fucking pain in the ass. They are vindictive, uncooperative, and moody.

  105. Yes, as much as these fat women hope to be called big AND beautiful they are delusional.

    We must stop this crap. To me it’s almost as bad as some jerk off feminist yelling (and they seem to be always yelling) “IF SHE SAID SHE WAS RAPED SHE WAS RAPED, doesn’t matter that she wasn’t raped!”

    Much like Bruce Jenner, these women have a mental disorder if they think they look, good, beautiful, normal, or human.

  106. Huh, huge female #7 in the nude photo series has nipple rings because, evidently, she just isn’t unusual enough.

  107. Huh, huge female #7 in the nude photo series has nipple rings because, evidently, she just isn’t unusual enough.

    You actually looked at them?

    Okay, that’s on you. After seeing the first couple of pics in the story, I knew enough to click away without going through the slide show.

    I’m not against an attractive larger woman, but those freaks are just that.. freaks. deluded freaks.

  108. Comment by some random guy on April 24, 2015 4:11 pm
    Well. That was certainly two ill-advised clicks in a row.



  109. Yes, I take full responsibility for my stupid decisions.

  110. I pity the salesgirl who will have to fit Bruce Jenner for his first bra.

  111. >>>I’m not against an attractive larger woman

    They are out there but not at the link.

  112. George, this will make you feel better about Hill Daug. I’m going to apply to her comm team, for fun AND profit.

  113. >> Run by women. I will not explain this remark.

    No explanation needed. :/

    >> Yes, I take full responsibility for my stupid decisions.

    Mare would you take responsibility for my stupid decisions too? That’d be AWESOME thanks!

  114. DiT, did I send you a drunken email?

    If not I meant to.
    If I DID it wasn’t me.

  115. Have you ever sent me a sober one?

  116. love the header pic

  117. Good point. Ah miss ya.

    I gotta go see a school musical.

    Talk soon, Goob!

    TX MEAT UP 2016!!!

  118. Have fun! Been busy as hell but I always try to check the boobs on Friday

  119. >>>>
    love the header pic

    Thanks. And if you really like it, you can retweet xbrad’s tweet of it.

  120. If any of you guys likes to flip through recipe ideas on the web, this is a really good site:

    On top of their recipe page right now they have a really nice looking sauerkraut recipe that is very colorful.

  121. On it, Dave!

  122. Hey, mare, were you able to make ti through The Historian?

  123. Off to weekend yawb. Have a happy thingamabob, everybody!

  124. I read it at night, Hotspur, I like it, 1/2 way through. Can’t wait to find out Helen’s secrets. There better be secrets…or surprises.

  125. So are there still people who think Hillary would make a wise and effective President?

  126. Yeah, all the democrats.

  127. They’ve lost all moral clarity…if they had any.

  128. Greetings, quids, pros, and quos.

  129. I busted my butt today. The work drought is officially over.

  130. So Michael Walsh has a fun column on Cankles at PJM, however he’s a bit premature…

    I’ve been asking folks to get their office-pool bets down on Hillary!’s Last Day as a Candidate. But she won’t start answering until, like any cornered crook, she’s forced to in a court of law. If she leaves now, the MSM will do its Ivy League-Rhodes Scholar best do protect her and her husband, allowing them to keep most of their money in exchange for disappearing from the public eye

    Who the devil will prosecute her, and on what charge? This administration? Hardly. And if they tried, the Obama toadies would rip apart the Dangerous Party through internecine war between the Magic Negro faction and the Granny Whitewater faction. Not happening. Since the Feds won’t prosecute, what state would dare do so, and on what standing? It would have to be a violation of state not federal law. Think anyone in New York would dare cross the Clinton Grifter Family?

    No, Cankles isn’t going away. Not until someone seriously challenges her for the nomination. She has to save face. She won’t leave until beaten or she has another “concussion,” perhaps of the Harry Reid variety.

  131. My work drought is still scaring me silly. April has sucked armadillo balls for work.

    April is your mom’s name, yes?

  132. Warren/Exercise Band ’16?

  133. I’ll bet most Dems would love that ticket, Sean.

  134. No, April is my sister-in-law.

  135. April is the cruelest sister-in-law.

  136. Warren/Aborted Fetus ’16.

    Can’t lose.

  137. Warren/Jenner ’16. Locks up the old broad/Indian casino/college professor/tranny athlete/Kardashian vote.

  138. Uh oh. Maybe it’s just random, but I’m seeing a Scientology ad on the PJ Media webpage. Creepy.

  139. Acepodcast is depressing me.

  140. Gathering of Nations this wknd. Seeing lots of Feathers. It is pretty cool if you aren’t used to Native culture 24/7. I need more bear fetishes.

  141. Saw a lot more about Adam Sandler’s movie hullabaloo. Think about all the movies that will never be made.

  142. Biden/Warren.

    Mark my words.

  143. I need more bear fetishes.


  144. Biden = white chocolate
    Warren = fruits and nuts

    Yeah, you have a point.

  145. This is for xbrad. No one else read it.

  146. Jimbro, it is total BS. Fuckers are arguing about Apache characters wearing Comanche costuming. Who fucking cares? It is just a fucking movie making fun of stereotypical feathers in movies.

  147. I collect Zuni bear fetishes. Some Acoma pottery bears.

  148. The best Indian chief ever in the movies was Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles. A Yiddische Apache.

  149. Hah, my Indian Guide tribe’s name was the Zuni.

  150. My dorm was Hokona-Zuni. Now, Natives are being pissy about everything.

  151. True Story: I like making fun of tribes that were subdued by Spainiards. Pussy tribes.

  152. Well, I was just a white kid engaged in cultural appropriation designed to demean the noble red savage. Long live white privilege!

    I don’t get to say “noble red savage” much any longer.

  153. I saw Pussy Tribes open for the Violent Femmes at Burning Man.

  154. Oh really, you were defeated BEFORE Buffalo soldiers? Before the Civil War ended and we flooded the zone? You were part of the Reconquista? FU!

  155. True Story: I have a straight native friend. Most natives in the big city are gay or tranny. My straight friend gets pissed that people assume he is gay, just because he isn’t Rez.

  156. It’s taken me a while but I can recognize Indians in Maine now. Still have trouble with the White Indians like Granny Warren.

  157. Yeah Jimbro, I can totes tell Messicans from New Mexicans.

  158. The longer I think about it, the more I’m convinced that for Cankles to leave, she must be pushed out of the race by external events. No amount of “scandal” will move her.

    If the bitch packs up and leaves now, the Clinton Crime Foundation is dead. Stiff. Room temp. Because if all those foreign and domestic donors who lined up to pay the price to receive most-favored-crony treatment see that this withered gash just folds up without being either beaten or actually hauled off to the stockade, what will they conclude?

    That the Clintons don’t keep their word with thieves like they used to do. There is no point throwing money at a racketeer who can’t run an effective racket. The Clinton Foundation receipts dry up substantially. Her grifting eyebleach-worthy daughter is out of a job. No future for the family firm.

    Now, if she leaves because she is beaten or on account of “health” issues, there is a chance the Foundation retains some political pull. Not if she just walks away because the heat is too much.

    Granny Whitewater wants a legacy, and she must stick this out if there is to be one.

  159. Of course Fauxcahontas has Indian blood. It’s just in homeopathic quantity.

  160. I was in Indian Guides, too, Eric. My tribe was the Ho Ho Kam.

  161. I used to eat Ho Ho’s.

  162. Listening to AOSPODCAST just realized I was gay.

  163. Ho ho kam. ISWYDT

  164. I have never listened to a podcast.

  165. I thought everyone who wasn’t gay was just in denial. Heterosexuality will soon be listed as a disorder in the DSM.

  166. Scooter, the AOS really needs Lauraw. Too much testosterone.

  167. This week was good. Very depressing.

  168. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

    In re: teh Bruce Jenner interview
    “I respect the way that (ABC has) handled this,” said Brad Bessey, executive producer of “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider.” ”You have to separate Bruce Jenner and Bruce’s story from the media circus that is the Kardashians.”

    If Jenner himself isn’t already a three ring big top with cotton candy and a freak show, I’m Kate Upton.

  169. >>>I have never listened to a podcast.

    I thought it was a good idea and signed up for a few on iTunes. My phone shows all the ones I haven’t listened to yet. All of them.

  170. Mine too. I really like ExJon. Friends with his bro too.

  171. Ho ho kam. ISWYDT

    Seriously. That was our tribe. I hated whichever adult picked that, since all the other kids in the Apaches and Cherokees and whatnot always gave us shit for having the name of some made-up sounding tribe nobody had ever heard of.

  172. Rough week. Friend lost her husband. The STL that considers himself the “Godfather” of Dan and I, lost his son. True Story, my Tia Ane was 102. She was being transported from a day of shopping back to her home. Got stuck in traffic, due to a wreck. Her 72 yr old daughter caused the wreck. Ane survived her siblings and her kids.

  173. My little league team was the Souix.

    Got teased a lot.

  174. Is that pronounced “Sooie”? Because I can see how kids could be mean bout that.

  175. I have radio for that stuff.

  176. What a story, Oso.

  177. Pronounced “Sue.”

    Lotta lawyers kids on the team.

  178. We used to babysit my friend’s wieners. Oscar and Lily. They nearly divorced because he refused to address his health issues. (Tracey and Ed. Lily and Oscar were the dogs) Ed passed yesterday. 2 years older than I am. Dan is getting really bitchy

  179. My Tia Ane was a character. Her grandkids were totes drug cartels. Before the Feds busted them, they expanded the family plot. If you are ever driving from Roswell to Ruidoso, stop at the cemetery across from the Hondo school

  180. I think Monica Lewinsky used to whisper about “babysitting wieners,” but it was with a young woman’s carnal thrill.

  181. Ha!

  182. Speaking at an event sponsored by the Manhattan GOP, Bush demurred from speaking too harshly about Clinton’s latest scandal.

    The serious questions swirling around the Clintons and their foundation have been brought to light by a new book by Peter Schweizer entitled Clinton Cash. The book raises questions about the possible favors Clinton may have given to foreign nations in exchange for hundreds of millions in donations. Some of the alleged favors were given while Hillary was Secretary of State.

    The charges are being seriously investigated by several mainstream media outfits and are being given sober treatment by media outlets across the ideological spectrum.

    About all Bush would say about the growing controversy is that Clinton is “going to have to be held accountable, like all of us, about dealings.” He added, “That’s part of the process, right?”

    The one-time Florida Governor continued saying, “I don’t ‘go off’ on Hillary Clinton.”

  183. Too much copypasta thanks to noted plutocrat fag Tom Cook’s lousy iOS 8. Fuckin’ Apple. I didn’t mean to post all that but the fucking OS keeps moving the screen under my finger.

  184. Anyway, Jeb ♥ Hillary!

  185. Jeb Bush is a friggen putz.

  186. He’s our Hillary.

  187. They should team up.

  188. Chrysler 300 ad. No royalty in the US.

  189. Hillary!/Bush 2016
    The first women president and vice-president!

  190. Starting to get pissed off about my haircut. Way too many positive comments.

  191. That is just horrible.

  192. >> On it, Dave!

    sweet! THANKS

  193. It is if everyone is going on and on about how young and pretty you look. I’m not pretty. Cute at best. Everyone is freaking out about my hair. It is just hair.

  194. Freaks at work sharing sexts are commenting about my hair.

  195. copypasta

    You be spendin’ too much time on halfchan, ~desu.


  197. You need to cut it all off.

  198. Your mom had a haircut like that.

  199. Tune in tonight for the Diane Sawyer Interview: oso’s hair–The Courage to be Beautiful

  200. I’m no weeaboo. Domo arigato.

  201. My Mom had a crew cut. LOL I can’t cut it all off. I have a very ugly scarred skull.

  202. *grabs towel, sends Sean bill for replacement keyboard*

  203. Oso, it’s time to shave the damned thing clean. What you do with your hair is immaterial to me.

  204. It’s the only way.

  205. ” I have a very ugly scarred skull.”

  206. Sean, it is sofaking. Lisa in photo asked me about having to curl my hair before work. Me: I just have to brush right away after toweling dry. Lisa: I H8 you

  207. Dan used a 1 and a 2 on his hair. I H8 it. He has a ugly skull. Red moles.

  208. Pepe, if you only knew.

  209. Franken-Oso Meets The Dachsund starring Bela Lugosi and Bruce Jenner

  210. Oso hair blog.

  211. * buys *

  212. HA! I’m really indifferent to hair. I don’t understand people that get all freaked about hair. You cut it. It grows back.

  213. Oh crap. I H8 my calves. They ARE HUGE!!! I have really small ankles and feet,

  214. My calves are as big as my thighs.

  215. Small ankles are usually evidence of fast twitch muscle fibers. Which is generally a good thing…..if you’re interested in outrunning tigers and shit.

  216. I just like my small ankles because they separate me from the cankles group. My small feet allow me to wear light up shoes. Very cool light up shoes.

  217. My monstro calves, creep me out. They are HUGE. I have really large ear lobes, too.

  218. Pete Rose hair cut, Monstro calves, duck feet.

  219. Wellllllll…..that naturally leads to an examination of your other extremities. Tell us about your………

  220. Lobe hair is gross.

    You should shave those.

  221. I don’t have lobe hair….yet

  222. True Story. Diabetics have to sign off on waxing. I’ll be signing off big time, soon,.

  223. Did anybody deliberately sabotage anybody else’s elaborate and costly “promposal” just for shits and giggles today?

  224. Does anybody have a clue what the fuck SeanM just inquired about?

  225. I bet it involved a STL and a Tia.

  226. K here we go. Familia have been posting Prom pics. RL friends too. Huge difference. All ultimately Dems. OK and NoVa pics are so different from SoCal and LL Tourneys

  227. The meatup with Buffalone and family yesterday was fun. I sent a pic to Cyn for the meatup pic page.


    I won’t even open this. All I gather is a straight guy asked his fag buddy to the prom or what the fug but I just don’t freakin’ care get off my lawn yer whippersnappers

  229. I got my hair cut yesterday. I the the nice Korean lady to cut off “6 Months”. She laughed and said;
    “See you before Christmas!”

  230. MFM will pillory the Republicans for refusing to give Ms. Bruce Jenner a speaking slot at the convention.

  231. Columbia University better get ready to pay Paul for its support of Mattress Girl Emma Sulkowicz.

  232. I hope Mattress Girl gets her life raped by the court the way she raped Nungesser’s reputation.

  233. If I were that guy, I wouldn’t accept any settlement that didn’t include the building which houses the Wymyn’s Studies department being renamed after me.

  234. The James Bont Hall for Studying Wimmenz.

  235. Emma isn’t named in the suit.

  236. I mean, her name is all up in the complaint, but she’s not a party to it. He’s suing Columbia under…

    …wait for it…

    …wait for it…

    …TITLE IX!

  237. I like how the lawsuit basically says “Hey, you foax are fans of Title IX, huh? Okay. Let’s talk about Title IX…”

  238. Pity, so I hope her name is dragged through the mud. Cunt.

  239. Jinx

  240. Turning Title IX against the barbarians is very sweet.

  241. Oh, her name (and her text messages) are a matter of public record. Let’s just say she likes anal on the first date.

  242. Let’s just say she likes anal on the first date.

    How very progressive.

  243. From what I read, she likes anal before the first date.

  244. Hah!

  245. Not kidding, Eric. The first time where she asks Paul to go in through the out door was while they were still “platonic.”

  246. Maybe she was carrying that mattress as relief for her well-traveled backside.

  247. Other than the whole mattress and false rape acusations, she sounds kinda fun.

  248. Well, my temperature is rising, got my feet on the floor
    Crazy people rocking ’cause they want to some more
    Let me in baby, I don’t know what you got
    But you better take it easy ’cause this derp is hot

  249. Sean, we need a gym update.

  250. Clintbird’s been hacked.

  251. I saw Well Traveled Backside open for a Halestorm cover band in Livonia last year.

  252. wakey wakey

  253. I grew up in a more innocent time, I guess. Not once in college did any platonic female friends ask me to violate them in the pooper.

    I think this is what they mean by “progress” in “progressive”.

  254. they even have a platform –

  255. The first time where she asks Paul to go in through the out door was while they were still “platonic.”


    Wonder how that bodes for a happy, satisfied 30-40 year married life?

  256. Mare, young women of today don’t want that.

    Until they are 34 and done “having fun”, at least. And by “having fun” I mean busy becoming utterly worthless as wives and mothers.

  257. Today is the worst of my double shifts.

    Still a fake double.

    Sigh. Trying to decide whether or not to work out? I have some times …ugh.

  258. A woman at work said she was going to keep “having fun” until she met the right guy. And the thought running through my head SO LOUDLY I’m astonished she could hear it was “Why would the right guy want to be with you, when you’re acting as you do?”

    Mr “right” is gonna keep on walking.

  259. Mr “right” is gonna keep on walking.


  260. Then again, if she’s the only woman near him identifying as “female”, poor Mr Right is going to have no other option. Maybe she’s counting on that.

  261. “Clintbird’s been hacked.” Huh??????

  262. Anyone watch the Bruce Jenner deal?



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