Mind Over Mattress

When I read that Columbia University is being sued by the man “not responsible” for sexually assaulting another student it makes me happy. Emma Sulkowicz, has since began carrying a mattress around the university as part of an art projecArt is a reflection of culture and, in my estimation, the pendulum has swung pretty far to the left. It may be a pipe dream but I really want to believe it will move back a little closer to the center. Who knows, I may be crazy but I think we’ve reached peak tranny.


  1. “Clintbird’s been hacked.” Huh??????

  2. Taking the Minion here today and dragging Paula to my nerdfest.

  3. If Jimbro’s right, the time is ripe for some real art again. Can anyone even paint like this anymore?

  4. http://www.crossinsurancecenter.com/events/213/bangor-comic-toy-con

    A link would help

  5. Re. the Columbia university lawsuit, I understand that he is going after them because they have the deep pockets, but the woman who started it all, and the friends she got to falsely accuse him must pay some type of penalty. No consequences for their actions is unacceptable.

  6. The chicken and egg problem of our time:
    Did Internet cause the craziness, or simply shone light on it?

    Profanity and cringiness warning.


  7. Thanks Roamy. I changed my password so hopefully that fixes the issue.

  8. Either you’ve been hacked or you like sharing links with “I saw it on Oprah!!!”

    I still get spam from my deceased FIL’s account. Makes me want to beat hackers to a bloody pulp.

  9. They will quietly settle out of court, and a condition will be he not disclose the amount.

    They ruined his life. That better be 7 figures

  10. Not a painting, but I’ll call it art. https://roamingfirehydrant.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/0410151302-00.jpg

  11. That’s Mini-me’s still life from this year’s art class. First place in the diocesan art show. I like the refraction in the glass.

  12. Mini-me has quite the eye – very nice work!

  13. So are y’all ready for the MFM to howl and scold Republicans for refusing to celebrate Bruce Jenner? Ready for reporters to ask every GOP candidate if they will embrace his journey!

  14. Because we are not allowed to call someone who wants to mutilate himself mentally ill. Not if it’s to pretend he’s a girl.

    You know, I was born in the wrong body. I identify as George Clooney, I feel like him inside, and I demand you treat me as Clooney. I just can’t afford the plastic surgery yet.

    Tomorrow I will identify as a prize Appaloosa and you must respect my inner feelings.

  15. My guess is the that the consequences to the women will be fame and fortune.

    Violence has gone the way of gender; if you really believe it, people will accommodate you.

  16. Did Tushar just link us several paragraphs by a racist squirrelkin who doesn’t know the difference between a country and a continent?

  17. There was a mini-meatup recently and the pic has been added to the Meat Locker!


    Yes, you goofball, you’ll need the password.
    No, you dumbass, it’s not “your mom”.

  18. Wait, I didn’t read that last paragraph well enough.

    A racist, colonialist squirrelkin.

  19. I guess we’re lucky in English not having nouns with gender. Can you imagine the screams of outrage from English departments in tony universities, decrying the inherent sexism if the sun were a he and the moon a she?

    Or what if, like German, there were three genders? “How dare our language classify ‘young girl’ as an ‘it’!”

  20. IIRC, English used to have gendered nouns, but lost them as it was pidgin-ed with Latin (because both languages had them but they were nothing alike in structure). Now only things with sex have gender, which is why linguistic retards confuse gender for sex.

  21. “maybe they’re all apekin?”


  22. I saw They’re All Apekin open for They Might Be Giants in 1993.

  23. I think I might miss wiserbud on periscope. Gotta take in the wife’s car for major expenditure.

  24. Huh. I always thought 20/20 vision was as good as it gets. There’s an ophthalmologist on the radio who works with major league baseball teams.

    According to him, to be a good batter you need 20/12 – 20/8 vision.

  25. I remember the Guinness book in my school library listed the best recorded vision was some lady with 20/5. She could read fine print at 50′ or something ridiculous.

  26. One of the reasons Chuck Yeager was such a successful fighter pilot was that he had fantastic vision, something like 20/10 in both eyes. He spotted the Germans before anyone else.

  27. I wear glasses.

  28. Oooh, the gardening segment.

  29. I wear glasses.

    Naughty Librarian Glasses!

    //specs appeal

  30. Silence while waiting for magic 8-ball: compelling radio.

  31. Thanks for photoshopping my majestic mane, horns and hump.

    Roamie had the the buffalo boys grazing from her hand. She’s a good sport. Kind to animals.

  32. FirstGen user here: The Fire Stick will also plug into the Wii.

  33. The pleasure was mine, Bleefalonee. Lookin’ good!

  34. PF


  35. Do we know if MJ is coming up for air to do the DotW?

  36. Particularly funny show today, wiser, and good drinkie, MJ.
    You guys did not suck!

  37. Well, I watched the last twenty of wiser on periscope but I don’t think they knew anyone was online

    I was the only viewer

  38. The Axeman and his father just came home from this, http://pattillmanfoundation.org/pats-run/; it’s the second or maybe the third year in a row that they’ve run it now.

    Okay so, by show of hands please, who thinks that either of them remembered or even thought to take any pictures? @_@

    Here’s to Pat

  39. *drinks back*

  40. I am working while listening to local talk radio.

    So far I have heard a garden show, health show, dog training show, and up next is Law Talk.

    I bet you could home school a kid with just AM radio.

  41. *drinks front*

  42. Well, that was fun.

  43. >>>>
    FirstGen user here: The Fire Stick will also plug into the Wii.

    That makes no sense. The Wii doesn’t have HD.

  44. Just got done watching the end of Die Hard, reminds me of this:


  45. I forgot about Computer Talk.

  46. *drinks the hokey pokey, turns self around

  47. >>>>
    *drinks the hokey pokey, turns self around

    PEACH JAM??!?!?!?

  48. I saw Peach Jam dance at Jumbo’s Clown Room in 1998.

  49. I guess that’s a better ingrediant than pearl jam…..

  50. Otherkin have acquired advanced knowledge of genetics that mere human geneticists have not been able to acquire yet.


  51. Squirrelkin fuckin’ love science!

  52. You know, this fucked up society is treading dangerously close to Lysenkoism, what with people wanting to believe in mystery otherkin chromosomes and climate data fudged up with factors designed to fit reality to put politically correct models, with fracking hysterics over ground water and willful denial of real anthropometric data that shows actual differences between ethnicities and the sexes.

  53. To put = into

    Fuckin autocucumber

  54. I think I could get to like this guy.
    Certain rich people: “I hate rich people when they try to be communists or socialists. I think it’s obscene.”

  55. Pictured: Your mom::Karl Lagerfield


  56. Gigi Edgley was supposed to be at the comics convention today. Didn’t see her. The guy I buy comics from was going to try for some autographs on a few Farscape comics. She’s Load Heat material.


  57. Lagerfeld is the cool gay. As opposed to, say, Perez Hilton.

  58. Or Tim Cook.

  59. Now Die Hard with a Vengeance is one, with this favorite:


  60. We’re watching it too. Flypapered

  61. I saw a group of hipster douches at the liquor store, a different breed of hipster. I’ve never seen this type before.

    They were very odd looking, very metrosexual, and really stuck out.

    I watched them climb into a SUV with Colorado plates.

  62. Resemble any of these?


  63. Our gays have started to look and dress alike. It is kind of weird. Dan was bitching about them the other day. I saw 6 couples today. Even the dykes were both rocking the short mullet.

  64. Hostages Community Theatre Presents: “What’s In A Name?”

    Me: “How can I help you?”

    Old Korean Guy: “I lost my card. I need a new card.”

    *hands me credit card with name Sang-Chul Kim (name has been changed to protect old guy)*

    Me: “Is it under this name?”

    OKG: “Yes, that is my name.”

    *looks up on computer, finds lots of Sang Kims, no Sang-Chul*

    Me: “What’s your phone number?”


    Me: “I don’t have that phone number.”

    OKG: “It’s 909-***-****.”

    Me: “Yes, I know, but I don’t have that number or that name. Could it be under a different name or phone number?”

    OKG: “No.”

    *this continues like a bad Abbot & Costello routine for five minutes*

    Me: “When did you buy the card?”

    OKG: “Last week.”

    *looks for name on last week’s paperwork*

    Me: “I don’t see it.”

    OKG: “It is right there.”

    *points to “S.C. Kim.” on paper*

    Me: “Oh, so you go by S.C. instead of Sang-Chul?”

    OKG: “Yes. Those are my initials.”

    *types in that name*

    Me: “Ah, I’ve got it right here.”

    OKG: “So, it was YOUR mistake, then.”

    Me: “I suppose so.”

    *sets self on fire*


  65. Haha!

    Well done, Sean.

  66. That’s almost exactly how my afternoon went trying to take a nap.

  67. They had weird shaped eyebrows.

  68. Imma order these for the next meatup:

  69. Skinny jeans?

  70. Sean, that is like every cake pick-up at the bakery. Oh, 5 morning cashiers called out, so I got to cashier. Bitch threw her Membership card on the conveyor and it went under the guard. There were too many cards that had gone under, so it didn’t go through to the card tray. Couldn’t comp her or send her to Member Services to print another. It was a school credit card with tax exempt. We had to take the whole register apart. We have register parts all over the place, and some woman walks up and asks if my register is “Open”. We can’t be rude or make faces at Members. I was having a bad day, until two young boys walked by me. One boy said to the other “I can’t believe I sharted. Now my shorts are stinky”.
    Totes made my day.

  71. Heh. Somebody get that kid a medal.

    And some clean shorts.

  72. I didn’t get past their hair, eyebrows, and makeup / tans.

  73. Cleanup in aisle 3! Dirty shorts!

  74. Scott, sounds like NM hipsters if they all had the same “Look”. Guys are starting to creep me out. More plucked, waxed, and shaved than I am.

  75. J’ames, I’m still laughing. They looked like brothers. Funniest thing I’ve heard in forever.

  76. Those boys deserve a free cookie.

  77. Or maybe a Tootsie Roll.

  78. Where did the waxing and plucking come from? It makes me sad.

  79. Scott, it is weird. Guys are shaving their heads, growing Duck Dynasty beards, grooming their beards, and sculpting their eyebrows. I just wish that they weren’t aping each other. Creepy.

  80. Oh no, Wainwright limping off the field, after batting.

  81. “Or maybe a Tootsie Roll” LOLOLOLOL

  82. Navy vet Harris coming in to pitch, in his debut.

    First deployment, as you will.

  83. J’ames, rats. I never wish ill on anyone. Even Cardinals. OK, that Mumia fuck can DIAF.

  84. Free MIT courses. Have your kids do them ahead of time and then breeze through college. Or just for your own edification.


    More: https://www.edx.org/

    I had wanted to check out a course on a similar site a couple years ago but then I started ‘real’ school and didn’t have the time. It was a science of cooking class.

  85. Well, I can call anybody I want to mentally ill, because I am an asshole. In any case, I don’t think that Jenner faggot is mentally ill, I think he’s terminally fuckied in his headie.

  86. MIT courses


  87. lol!!

  88. You might check out Udacity and Coursera as well.

  89. Watch the Left finally decide that trannies are cray cray because Jenner came out as a Republican.

  90. You got the shirt, right?

  91. http://is.gd/6mSyLn

  92. He’s from Colorado.

    * shuns *

  93. That made me laugh way harder than I probably should have, Jimbro.

    Bad Cyn! Bad!

  94. I really like Khan Academy, too. They’ve added a lot of handy problem sets so you can practice.

  95. I have 2 MIT cousins. Their parents are total hippies. (Michael is my 3rd cousin. His ex took dance classes with my roomie. They have 6 kids. 2 of his kids are MIT grads. The oldest got his Undergrad/Masters from MIT in 4 years. I think he’s faculty now. Michael is a contractor in Corrales. Builds alternative earth/adobe homes. Hippie)

  96. WTF is a third cousin?

  97. I didn’t apply to MIT. Don’t know if I could have gotten in. I never considered it.

  98. It’s the closest cousin you can safely breed with, Scoot.

  99. Creepy Deliverance update. My cousin, Michael, is my great-uncle Fred’s grandson. His Dad is Ervin. Ervin was one of the first American Hispanics in the multi-millionaire club. Ervin was married to Rebecca Richardson. They had 6 kids before he traded up in DC. Rebecca is Billy’s sister. Billy was married to a Salcido cousin. They had 5 kids. Mary died. Billy is my Mom’s boyfriend. Queues banjos.

  100. Scott, some people do the once removed, twice removed stuff. I find it easier to just say “3rd, 4th, or 5th”. May not be accurate, but I have too many cousins

  101. Third cousins share great great grandparents, Scott, but nothing closer. I could meet mine and never know. Also any given second cousin.

    Because I’m not Messican.

  102. I now have a first cousin twice removed.

  103. third cousin = stranger on the bus

  104. We just call everybody Primo.

  105. Heh


  106. Anything beyond first cousin is a scam.

  107. Cousin blog


  108. Hilsdale College has some great stuff as well.

  109. Queues banjos

    Things that sound Spanish but aren’t.

  110. I had cousins hitting on me at a family funeral. It was awkward. Dan and I attended my Tia Julia’s funeral in El Paso. 50% knew who Dan was. The rest were being racist assholes. Dan and I got married in May of ’90. My cousin, Carla, got married in August ’90. Assholes kept trying to start shit with the Anglo. 25 years later….

  111. I worked outside one Summer. Got very blonde. As in OMG blonde. Attended a family event in Hondo. My own Mother was looking at pics and asked “Who’s the guera?”

  112. Oops…

  113. Heh.

  114. Dan has 8 first cousins. Total. 2 live in Albuquerque. He sees Molly and Tricia at funerals. Dan gets invited to events by my 1st and 2nd Cousins. He gets irritated if I expect him to know cousins beyond that.

  115. I have no first cousins. It makes the incest slightly more palatable.

  116. Nice shot.

  117. I have 17 first cousins. That I know of.

  118. Oops, I forgot two of them that I never see.

  119. Sean, really? How is that even possible? (Dan’s dad was the only son of an only son. I was infertile. This Hunt-Gorton line ended with me. Unless I die and Dan hooks up with someone else)

  120. Cousins are a scam,

  121. Scott, heh.

  122. My mom and dad each have one sibling, neither of whom ever had any children. My brother and I, both bachelors, are the end of the family line.

  123. Aunt Maria Dolores had none, Aunt Virginia Dominga had 4, my Mom, Manuelita, had 3, My Aunt Juanita Isabel had 3, My Aunt Maria Monica had 2, Cecilia Maria died at 6 mos, My Uncle Eloy Jose had 2, My Aunt Cecilia Frances had 3, My Aunt Rebecca Esther had 2, My Aunt Maria Georgia had 2, My Uncle Presiliano Antonio had 3, and My Aunt Martha Dale Phyllis Lucia had 3. I don’t count Steps. LOL

  124. Sean, I find that incredibly sad. You should adopt an asian kid.

  125. You should adopt an asian kid.

    Like, say, a cute little 18 year old Korean girl.

  126. XBrad is either a genius or a monster.

  127. Oso, I think you forgot about su tio Julio Cesar and your tia Boca Con Juevos

  128. Bedtime.

  129. PG, I just find it funny that everyone is Maria. My Mom didn’t get a middle name because she had to be baptized quick.

  130. My Aunt Martha’s daughters: Ana Maria, Monica Maria, and Alicia Maria.

  131. I’m Constancia Maria Cecelia.

  132. My Aunt Cecilia is pissed that my Mom misspelled my Confirmation name.

  133. Two confirmation names would be better than just one.

  134. Send me a new pic of you for POL, Constancia Maria Cecelia.

  135. Yep. My grammo was one of 12 and so was my Grandfather. Dan really hates me introducing him to anyone past 1st or 2nd cousins. Then again, Dan hates everyone and everything.

  136. Ha ha ha ha cece in Italian means chickpea.

    With Portuguese people it’s different- since a good portion of all the women’s first names tend to be Maria, then those women are identified by their middle names.

  137. We don’t have any Hostages in Baltimore, do we? Shit’s going down.

  138. I don’t have any fat pics to send you.

  139. Lauraw, in Mexico, too. NM gives DLs to illegals. They are all Maria. Maria Lourdes, Maria Socorro, Maria Lucia, etc. DLs are all Maria. Illegals all go by their middles. LOL

  140. We do not, Roams.

  141. How about cute fat hair pics?

  142. We have Morons there. Especially Knights and Ladies. Colin etc.

  143. http://i.imgur.com/N5Micxe.gifv

  144. Nope. I don’t even have baseball bobble head tee pics that Dan had everyone laughing about. I’ll try to stage something that won’t freak me out.

  145. XBrad is either a genius or a monster.


  146. Mmph. First a timing belt replacement on wife’s car, and now leak under kitchen sink. I had better be more gainfully employed next month.

  147. Cyn, Members were commenting about my hair. It was weird. They weren’t even regulars.

  148. Second look at the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, Eric?

  149. None of this would have ever happened if we had listened to Bakunin.

  150. How bad is the shit going down? MJ might have to go, unless we can get Gabe on the horn.

  151. Sometimes when you get a great cut, you just shine.

  152. Maria Miria or Miria Maria? Discuss.

  153. I had a leak under the sink too, GO. I think everything is finally dry in the basement.

  154. It isn’t a great cut. It’s the Pete Rose 1975

  155. Laura Maria?

  156. Teresa Maria?

  157. Cyn Maria?

  158. Lippy Maria?

  159. I’ve got some friends who are brothers and are all named Jose something or nuther. Jose Luis is Jose. Jose de Jesus is Chuy. Jose Tomas is Wicho, and Jose Santiago is Lalo. I’m not sure how all that shit works.

  160. MJ Maria?

  161. Ave Maria

  162. That would have been funnier as a link, wouldn’t it?


  163. How do you non-funny people deal with this?

  164. PG, that totes makes sense. Wicho and Lalo are familia names. The rest are traditional.

  165. HA HA HA!

  166. Tia Maria in Cyn’s coffee yum.

  167. Italian tenor sang Ave Maria at my wedding. It was awesome.

  168. You guys are Jose. Chicas are Maria. I know people that are need Jesus Maria y Jose. All bases covered/

  169. Need? WTF. Named.

  170. Methinks it’s a bad seal somewhere on the garbage disposal. But I also thought I felt a drip on the cold water valve. Time to let the plumber sort it out. At least it isn’t a serious leak. Nothing but a film of water on the bottom of the cabinet, and the wood cabinet floor isn’t stained or warping.

  171. Wiser Maria.

  172. Jose Wiser.

  173. Jose Jorge.

  174. Yowza

  175. Jose Pendejo.

  176. Jajaja Orale chica!

  177. Micheal Buble vs Josh Groban

    Pretty funny.

  178. Jose Jorge
    Ho-zay Hor-hay

    Did I get that right?

  179. Si

  180. Oso. I know a dude whose given name is Jose Joe Montoya. His mom must’ve really liked the Jose thing.

    I’ve never met a hispanic named Cedric or Tyrone. Doesn’t seem to be real popular.

  181. Jose Canusee

    By the stars early light?

  182. My first unit used to be part of the post war occupation force in Japan. And during that time, and ever since, they’ve sponsored an orphanage there. They were pretty good about sending a couple of 18 year old orphans to visit the battalion as good will ambassadors annually.

    No, nothing inappropriate took place.

    But they were cute.

  183. Hahaha My Uncle was Jose Eloy but he had it legally changed to Eloy Jose. WTF!!! In the mean time, my Uncle Pres is Uncle Pres. (Tia Presiliana passed months before he was born. He became Presiliano by default and voodoo. Mostly voodoo. Mostly)

  184. PG has won the internets today.

  185. Did anybody have a big, glitzy dinner surrounded by suckups and whores and toadies while anybody else’s city burned today?

  186. Orale, chica.

  187. Burned or devastated by earthquake?

  188. University of Maryland-Baltimore students are being told to shelter in place because of rioting. Mom who is FB friend is freaking out.

  189. Sean… BOOM!

  190. Baltimore has always been a no-go zone to me. The cops became french about 10 years ago.

  191. Encouraging that they let the game out, but yeah: I’d be freaking if I had a kid at that school too.

  192. It was like Baja. Stay in the Inner Harbor. Outside of that you are on your own. Really? Really? In the USA you are warned of no go zones? FU.

  193. 2007. That was the year we were in DC. Went to a ballgame at PNC. Had escorts to our rental car. Ballpark security noticed “Youths” following us to the parking lot.

  194. https://youtu.be/ARDhJ2dpuYU?t=42s

  195. She went to Virginia Tech with me. The anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings was earlier this month, so that’s weighing on her mind.

    I am thinking about krav maga lessons for Mini-me.

  196. Sean, that’s my favorite.

  197. Roamy, Krav Maga and a hidden gun, kept in a locked location but never talked about.

  198. First 3 college roomies had illegal guns.

  199. Shocking:

  200. Guns are only illegal if you’re caught.

  201. Exactly. Too bad we lost all our guns in a kayak accident.

  202. i don’t care about Baltimore. LIFB. SMOD 2016

  203. There weren’t any restrictions on us having guns in the dorms when I was in college.

  204. Rocketboy is not even supposed to have a knife. Yeah, right.

  205. XB, we had them. Freaks just hung themselves. ONE guy pulled the trigger and it was OMG!!!!

  206. There were gun restrictions when I was in college, but not knives.

    Not sure on forks.

  207. This Stanley Cup game between Vancouver and Calgary is kinda loud. Hockey, Canada, rivals. Good combo.

  208. Spoons were a restricted item.

  209. Think Baltimore is off the radar because both the mayor and police chief are black?

  210. I had a roomie with a gun. Deep sleeper. No guns in Dorm. Whatev. Me: Kathy, it’s me. *puts key in lock. Kathy, it’s me. *Turns lock. KATHY IT’S ME!!!! Opens door without actually entering room.

  211. Baltimore is Detroit.

  212. I left my knife at home today when I went to the convention center. Didn’t want to lose it if there was a metal detector. There wasn’t one.

  213. Bow chicka wa wow.

  214. You know the crowd at Camden Yards is locked in also, right?

  215. Dan has a box cutter/bottle opener key chain. Never been challenged. 2015 YO!!!!

  216. I went to college in MA. I don’t think I knew anyone except one friend who had a gun. 12 gauge shottie he got from his grandfather from Maine.

  217. Baltimore is a riot waiting to happen. Fuck ’em

  218. Gov O’Malley needs to put on a shirt and get fucked.

  219. Baltimore (AFP)…

    …the mood shifted dramatically when several scores of protesters moved on to the Camden Yards baseball stadium, an hour before the scheduled start of a Baltimore Orioles-Boston Red Sox game.

    Live images from local television news helicopters showed a youthful crowd hurling soda bottles and trash cans at police officers alongside the Sports Legends museum and Camden Yards ticket booths.

    “Protesters are now breaking windows and throwing items at us,” the Baltimore police department confirmed on its Twitter feed. “We are asking everyone to remain peaceful.”

    Others were seen smashing shop windows and blocked intersections, with one motorist getting a rock through her car window, CBS affiliate WBAL reported.

    Five police cars were seen by an AFP photographer getting their windows smashed, before riot police moved in.

    How about that Bruce Jenner, eh?

  220. Wow, didn’t know about the baseball crowd.

  221. True Story. My favorite Marine is being deployed to Baltimore. He has totally backed off social media. Went from Capt Cajun to Major Payne. Barely posts anymore. He PMd me to not post anything Baltimore so his wife won’t freak. He used to ask me not to post anything Ramadi back in the day. What the fuck is wrong with America when we have cities that people think of as war zone.

  222. Apparently, they’ve let the crowd at the stadium leave now. But they were locked in for a while.

  223. Mob rule. Real Americans are getting tired of this shit.

  224. 11:19 PM: Boyle reports People were allowed to leave the Orioles’ Stadium at the end of the extra-innings game, right after Baltimore hit a walk-off home run. Seconds earlier, an announcement came over the loudspeaker at the stadium telling fans they were no longer going to be kept in the stadium.

    9:58 PM: Investigative reporter Matthew Boyle reports that both he and a family member both tried to escape the scene of destruction and chaos, but were prevented by a forcible lockout. No one is allowed to leave Oriole Park at Camden Yards. There are at least 15,000 people trapped in the stadium — and it’s the bottom of the tenth inning

    I still can’t believe some people don’t like gay pizza.

  225. Real Americans are getting tired of this shit.

    What are these chimerical beings to whom you refer?

  226. IKR? When push becomes shove we are there

  227. RL friend was pissed at her hubby. Considered divorce. We used to babysit their dogs. Hubby passed on Tues. Dan is dropping the boom on me. Not sure how much social media time I have. Dan is REALLY pissed.

  228. I still can’t believe some people don’t like gay pizza.


  229. #BlackLateLunchAndAfternoonTea

  230. Hmmmm… #BlackBrunch vs. #GayBrunch (AKA “#Brunch”).


  231. Dan is pissed that I’m not taking care of myself, not that we are losing friends

  232. Well, you need to listen to lipstick, and do that. Outlive Dan, that will show him.

  233. IKR?

  234. Family bedtime. G’night ya losers


    “…now Gay Blade has Black Avenger against the turnbuckles, his manager is distracting the referee… Wait, wait, Black Avenger has back flipped over Gay Blade, and now he’s up on the pylon… He’s going for the Baltimore Piledriver! The Baltimore Piledriver! And he’s dropping the hammer on Gay Blade! Wait, wait, Gay Blade is dropping his trunks, and yes, he’s going for the Flying Goatse!”

  236. You just committed multiple hate crimes there, Eric. Please report for all of that stuff you predicted.

  237. If anyone needs me I’ll be in Room 101.

  238. I have 32 first cousins. I’ve met about half. Of those cousins, few have bred.

  239. You can squeeze my lemon till the derp run down my leg
    You can squeeze my lemon till the derp run down my leg
    That’s what I’m talkin’ about
    But are we going back to Friar’s point, mama
    I’m rockin’ to my head

  240. Of my many cousins, on a couple are childless. On the whole they’ve been more fertile than the generation from which they were born. Most of the cousins have at least two kids.

    Not many have stayed in Church, though. I promised Gramma I’d try to get Mom and Dad back.

  241. I’m going to breffs, not church.

  242. Get the short stack.

  243. I went to mass last night. Today I’ve got RCIA with my new sponsee followed by the evangelization thing we’re running at noon.

    But first I’m going to gym and praying that the stupid gay marriage song isn’t on the radio there.

  244. http://imgur.com/O4RGv0k

  245. Wonder if Horse Ovaries are anything like Rocky Mountain Oysters

  246. http://imgur.com/gallery/bbcRz

  247. The Beach Body shows up at0:44 or so: http://is.gd/fa9TH2

  248. “Hi there! Won’t you come a little closer to the grill to see what we’re making? That’s it…a little closer…now lean over.”



  249. Relevant to the subject of this post (our posts have subjects?)

    After first few lines, you would know if you want to read to the end or not.

  250. Goddammit. Fuckin wordpuss

    Click here to see fukksized image

  251. That is…hilarious.

  252. Who’s ready for a comeback kid Hillary! story?

  253. That is why English should be careful about picking words from continental european languages. Those appertzers have a pronounciation something like ‘Odure’, but it is spelled like ‘Horse devours’. I like that second pronounciation. Here are some munchies. Now devour them like a horse.

  254. *appetizers.

    I hate iPad keyboard.

  255. Time to try out the new church. Hope I see a flag behind the altar.

  256. http://is.gd/yeah_me_too

  257. St Blumpkin’s

  258. Softball season begins.

    Record: 1-0

  259. Church of the Septic Hangnail

  260. Who’s ready for a comeback kid Hillary! story?

    Are we in the first, second or third wave of that stuff?

  261. Our Lady of the Inside Corner

  262. Tushar, that is a work of high literary farce. Well played.

  263. The Church of Latter-Day Taints

  264. >>>Our Lady of the Inside Corner

    We had the worst fucking ump in the league this morning. At one point, I had to take a little stroll around the mound to oldies so I didn’t throw thrball at his fat fucking face.

  265. *appetizers.
    I hate iPad keyboard.

    Ditto. I hate gay pizza too.

  266. In Bombay, there was a church called “Our lady of eternal succor.”

    On the same lines: our lady of eternal sucker.

  267. >>The Church of Latter-Day Taints


  268. Hey, anyone up for a ball game in Baltimore?

  269. Being a cheap bastard, I like bargain cell phone plans. Here, Virgin using Sprint has a $35 plan no contract that’s good for me. But the choice of phone is lousy, if you’re a skinflint. No GayPhones either. However, they have a Windows phone for $50 at the right places online. You know what? It’s pretty damn good for the money.

  270. Considering TFG’s amazing success in healing our racial wounds and bringing forth a new era of peace and love and harmony, I’m really shocked that we still have global warming.

  271. God I hope nothing like that happens in Charlotte. I live right in the middle of everything.

    2 blocks to the South are the banks towers, nice restaurants, culture etc.

    2 blocks to the North are the social services buildings and shelters/food kitchens that draw HUGE crowds of various ne’er do wells.

  272. Is Charlotte’s mayor black? If so, don’t worry. The MFM will largely ignore your upcoming race riots.

  273. We wouldn’t have to worry about global warming if we could just stamp out hetero pizza, talk radio and elections.

  274. Incidences of police brutality seem to occur disproportionately in cities with a high AA population. Someone should do a study or something.

  275. My charitable side says they’re downplaying the Camden Yards nearby riots in an effort to discourage further similar grabbassery. This is a case that sounds an awful lot like the police fucked up and either caused or exacerbated a cervical spine fracture which led to paraplegia. The guy went into neurogenic shock and a coma and ultimately died.

  276. You will be happier with an Android over a Windows phone. TONS more at your disposal for wasting time. Even if you went with a refurbished, moar better apps.

  277. Further thoughts on Baltimore: the outrage at the PO PO is justified but when you start adding the whole racism and riot actions you lose me and, I’m guessing, a lot of other people.

    I like your new handle Cyn.

  278. Can’t wait for a reworking of my comment using the words “like, handle, and Cyn”.

  279. Still pissed that gofundme took down Sweet Cakes campaign. Skeered by the vindictive gaystapo…who doesn’t give a rats ass if the entire family has to live in the streets. The family should go on welfare. With five kids, I’m sure they can get out of the gubmint – and thus the gaystapo who pays taxes – lots of that sweet sweet welfare cash.

  280. By the by, Franklin Graham is stepping in and started a fund for them and other persecuted Christians. Donate here.


  281. Packing is done!

  282. I’m afraid Wainwright will be done for the season. Sounds like a torn Achille’s tendon, and that’s what it looked like too. MRI tomorrow.

  283. Time to smoke, scott. Is there some animal flesh nearby?

  284. I still can’t get over the fact that they planted a tree in honor of Michael Brown.

    That is messed up.

  285. Just burgers and pollock today. Roast beef is on the horizon.

  286. Had an android phone, and it had better apps. But everything essential is on the Windows platform, and the main reason I went Windows was all of Virgin’s android hones are crap unless you spend over $200, and I didn’t want a gigantaphone either. Most of their better phones are huge. I would prefer a GayPhone 6 but they don’t offer that. Don’t want a GayPhone 6 Plus either.

    You have to buy an official Virgin phone to use on their network. Can’t use an unlocked phone from elsewhere.

    I’m pleased in comparison to Android on Virgin that the Windows phone isn’t stuffed with crappy Virgin apps that you can’t delete. Also memory management seems much better on the Windows phone OS.


    and this is in the WaPo

    As Democratic leaders and activists gathered here Saturday for their annual state party convention, they chatted in corridors and at coffee stands about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her campaign staffers buzzed around with clipboards signing up volunteers. To many, the promise of the first female president seemed exhilarating.

    But the candidate was missing. In Clinton’s absence, her longtime booster, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, did his duty again. But the response from the 1,000 convention delegates and activists was luke warm. And when McAuliffe signaled for a video message from Clinton to play, there was a technical snafu. Then silence.

    “It’s on her e-mail somewhere,” shouted one man from the back of the convention hall, referring to Clinton’s controversial use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state.

    So many Dims want to shake off Cankles. And they can’t figure out how. If you retards want her gone, you had better get someone else running, hard and fast.

  288. Does Virgin offer the LG phones? I’ve had good luck with mine. They are really cheap on the other networks. I’m going with a Galaxy, cuz they are awesome.

  289. http://is.gd/Kx3kA5

  290. Srsly youse guys, take a look


    This withered bitch takes the cake. Ms. $200K-per-speech plus a contract full of riders that would embarrass Babs Streisand plans to treat her campaign staffers like coolies building the Union Pacific. She won’t pay for real hotel rooms, just AirB&B. She expects her staff to use free VOIP service in place of regular cell phone service.

    You couldn’t pen a character in a political satire more greedy and ungrateful than this shriveled autocratic bint.

  291. Yeah Virgin has the Galaxy but only the giant one, and it’s $400. Given how Virgin mungs up their port of Android I don’t feel like shelling out the cash. I’m not flush with foreign money like Cankles.

  292. The problem with LG phones on Virgin is for some reason you can’t move apps to the SD card so the memory gets consumed real quickly. Wife has an LG phone and I can’t alter the storage arrangement.

  293. No, I’m going with the Samsung Galaxy now (as soon as Verizon has a decent special). LG has some good phones, and they are much cheaper than the Galaxy. I’m keeping my G2 as a backup, and Verizon is still offering that one for $50. Mine was free 2 years ago.

  294. Ok, my comment is late. Sorry bout that! Just tl;dr me.

  295. I use Virgin Mobile and have a Galaxy S3. It’s got enough memory for everything I need. I mean, just how many apps do I use on a regular basis? Twitter, Facebook, GPS, and once in a blue moon, the phone.

  296. I was just getting so fed up with my old HTC V One because it’s become so slow when you type anything it sits there, acting like you did nothing, then some seconds later the phone actually catches up and shows what you typed. Nearly useless. And the memory fills up fast with old e-mail that you have to manually erase. It got so bad it wouldn’t let me add a single contact because it was out of memory.

    I find myself actually hoping Microsoft gets it together and inserts more competition into the cell phone market. Its share in the US is minuscule but close to 10% outside the U.S.

  297. Roasted shallot burgers.

    I am really enjoying my outdoor burner.

  298. Virgin no longer sells the S3, only the Galaxy S5, and it’s too large for my tastes. I considered going to Boost to get a GayPhone 6 but they are perpetually out of stock except for the 16GB model, too small.

  299. Roasted shallot burgers.

    I hope you brought enough for everyone.

    *wipes drool from mouth*

  300. Ah. $200. Too expensive for my skinflint inclination.

  301. Fine, but when your cheap Windows phone suffers from the same issues you have now, don’t blame me.

  302. Android also bugged me because it kept messing with shortcuts. It kept deleting them or moving them.

  303. Hah! So far, so good, I must report. Have you ever used one?

  304. Those Samsungs are pretty nice.

  305. No. I’m hardly a smart phone expert. Hell, I’m hardly smart.

    I just know I’m very happy with my S3, and wanted to share my experience.

    Seriously, I mostly use my phone to read twitter during smoke breaks, and use FB Messenger to communicate with my sisters.

  306. And of course, use the camera to take dick pic selfies. I plan on running for Anthony Weiner’s old Congressional district.

  307. I’m just happy I found a decent phone for fifty clams. Too bad the cell phone market is so regulated and arranged here to preclude people from just buying the phone they want and going to any carrier. In Europe it’s much easier to do so.

  308. A number of notable celebrities are already throwing their support behind 2016 presidential contenders.

    Most of the famous faces are solidly in Hillary Clinton’s camp, with a host of celebs, including actress Lena Dunham and NBA icon Magic Johnson, taking to Twitter to show their support for the Democratic front-runner after she entered the race.

    Wow. A slanderous fat chick and a dude with HIV. Nice crowd you have there, Cankles.

  309. *buys xbrad six pack of tighty whities*

  310. http://tinyurl.com/mwwteqj

  311. Roasted shallot burgers kick ass.

  312. I need to roast and freeze a ton of shallots.

    They make everything better.

  313. Plumbers are a scam.

  314. new-age necrophilia


  315. Shallots are the root vegetable of all evil.

  316. I thought it was turnips and rutabagas.

  317. Rutabagas are the devil’s footballs. It’s celeriac that’s the root of all evil.

  318. Shallots and mushrooms on my leftover turkey meatloaf.

    And polenta.

  319. So wiserdaughter dropped her iPhone into a pond yesterday. Got it out quickly and threw it into a bag of rice overnight. It was dry and working this morning (whew). But the she noticed that it needed charging. So she grabs the cable and jams it into the slot.

    She didn’t notice the piece of rice that was also in the slot. Totally destroys the phone.

    We spend 3 hours at the Sprint store, getting new phone for her and wiserson, who had fucked up his phone a while back, but was making it work.

    On the plus side, we got our monthly bill lowered and we’re making the wiserkids pay for the insurance every month.

    On the down side, after the marathon session at the Sprint store, we had to go grocery shopping. So now wiserbride is tired and cranky.

    And a tired and cranky wiserbride makes for a miserable wiserbud.

    And on my one day off.


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