MMM 147: 7*7*3

I didn’t sense a lot of enthusiasm for my paver stone installation photoblog, so you’ve all been spared.

I really wish I could see her face.


Again, I really wish I could see her face.  At least I can see her ab veins.

Booty. Booty. Booty.

Is this colored peach?  I think it’s peach.

No hips on this one.  Not sure if I’d hit it.

I’d hit this, though.  Not really a question at all.

Pretty smile.


Happy Monday, may your coffee be hot and your coworkers pleasant.


  1. Something went all Rosetta in the poat scheduling. Sorry, folks.

  2. booty girl is photoshopped, I think I can see green sports bra’s weiner, and #7 appears to have some curvature of the spine issues or something going on.

    Maybe she’s a rubber band person?

  3. She’s just standing sexy, it’s fine.

  4. Random video:

  5. She looks like she’s practicing her stripper poses.

  6. Have you ever watched a Bikini/Figure competition?

    It’s not much different, except the figure athletes are less likely to be on drugs.

  7. Amazingly, leon, no. I’ve never watched a bikini/figure competition. I’m giving a thumbs down to both that, and the aforementioned poses.

  8. He’s delusional.

    “Despite all the cynicism, America is making progress,” Obama told the crowd of about 1,900. “Despite unyielding opposition, there are workers who have jobs today that didn’t have it before. There are families who have health insurance today that didn’t have it before. There are kids going to college today that didn’t have the opportunity to go to college before. There are troops in Afghanistan now here with their families because of your vote.”

  9. Amazingly, leon, no. I’ve never watched a bikini/figure competition.

    *shocked face*

  10. Point by point:

    1)There are a ton of people who haven’t worked since he took office.
    2)There are families that had health insurance that lost it because of him.
    3)They are majoring in Victim’s Studies.
    4)If they are in Afganistan, they aren’t here, grammar master. Also ISIS.

  11. I can’t believe I keep hearing the bullshit claims about healthcare. Even Chris Wallace let one slide yesterday (that it’s cheaper). THE HELL IT IS.

  12. Mine costs about the same as it did before PPACA. What’s changed?

    1) Only covers me, used to cover me and wife, we dropped her so she could get HAP through TriCare.
    2) Deductable went from $500 to $1000
    3) Coverage limits severely shrunken.

  13. Our health care actually costs less, because it was the only plan we could afford. It doesn’t cover shit, and the deductible is impossible.

    So, to say it is cheaper is not really true. If I had the same plan, it would have been WAY WAY more expensive.

  14. Has everyone else been raptured?

  15. Hey Carin, want to build a walpini?

  16. We’re going to need more. H2 applications.

  17. They just hate us.

  18. It looks cool, but I don’t see Pat ok-ing that project.

  19. What’s to hate? We cover all the bases. Fitness. Diet. Gardening.

    What am I missing here?

  20. Just wait until after this election. The rest of the health insurance plans are going up. You know, the ones he delayed.

    I refused to call it health care, cause it isn’t. It’s insurance.

  21. It’s too cold for a walpini.

  22. Just don’t put it near the house. He won’t even know.

  23. I don’t know if I can do one here, our water line is pretty high.

  24. Jimbro doesn’t hate us. He’s just buried in snow.

  25. I see J’ames has been “left behind” as well.

    Not as if I’m surprised.

  26. Yea, I’d have to do it close to the house, or I’d get water in it.

  27. What’s to hate? We cover all the bases. Fitness. Diet. Gardening.
    What am I missing here?

    You don’t talk about chickens enough.

  28. Left Behind? I don’t even look like that guy from Growing Pains.

  29. What’s the mouse count?

  30. Mouse murdering has slowed down. I think 17?

  31. Plus, I’m training the new mouse assassins daily.

  32. And by training, you mean watching kittens do kitten things, right?

  33. It’s much more involved than that, J’ames. I have this stick with a string and a cat toy at the end of it.

    I’m pretty sure this is how they train ninjas.

  34. I gotta get Janitorial Services in here, floor’s a mess.

    Oh. Right.

  35. Sounds rather dramatic, sensei.

  36. Take a piece of paper and roll it into a ball. See if they fetch.

    It’s like HIIT, or something.

  37. Crouching Chicken, hidden

  38. hidden … rest of the joke.

  39. Have you started them on Zumba yet?

  40. Good idea. As soon as they can run 2 or 3 miles, I’ll up the challenge to Zumba.

  41. Well, we’ve gone full rah tard. Woman working for TSA is wearing a hijab.

  42. Judging from dat gap on the last one, he’s had a full dickectomy and not just a Brazillian.

  43. Pretty soon that will be a requirement, MJ. Because fairness.

  44. I’m gonna profile here, but I suspect she could probably get some people through who shouldn’t get through.

    Not that anyone will bother with a plane again anyhow.

  45. Maybe she’s just having a bad hair day.

  46. Back to the gym today for the first time since I got the plague/ebola/cold last month. I expect to be sweaty and exhausted, and that is just from changing clothes

  47. Where is car in? I need to run down my new workout schedule.

  48. I’ve been following Scott’s workout plan for last few days. 5 hours of raking and stone laying on Saturday and 2 hours of raking and machete work yesterday. I may or may not actually work out today.

  49. I’M HERE.

    Today’s my day off, but I did double workouts on two days last week, so I’m trying not to feel guilty.

    Plus I work from 10:30 until 9 tonight, so it’s a good day to not work out.

  50. *orders a bucket of Lysol to be dumped on Mundo*

  51. *disappointed my weight loss tapered out

    But I’ve lost pant sizes, so I know it’s just shifting around. But it still sucks. At least I’m not so exhausted afterwards anymore. And only minimally sore. Now if I can get rid of this sore elbow (whore mouths, shut them, it’s the opposite arm) I could increase the band tension.

  52. Compression can help a lot if it’s golf/tennis elbow, Jay. Get a wrap for it.

  53. Zombie floss, J’ames.

  54. Crouching Chicken Hidden Gumbo

    *puts visine in Cyn’s coffe*

  55. I keep forgetting to pick one up. Just an elastic one should be good, right? Not an ace bandage.

  56. Anything you can compress the area with and pin in place will work, really. Even a long tube sock or an innertube. I have one specifically for the elbow that has a velcro closure, but I’ve used an Ace bandage as well.

  57. *drizzles melted chocolate laxative on Chumpo’s eclair*

  58. My generator is still working. Propane ain’t cheap FFS. My office is getting cancellations left and right. Kids have no school…


  59. A lot of the trees haven’t lost their leaves and are cracked from the weight of the snow and ice. As I turned on the main road there was a big limb draped across a power line across the street. The suckage will not be over soon.

  60. Don’t use yer Love Sock Jay. You two have been through a lot together.

    If nobody wants this chocolate eclair I’m going to finish it off.

  61. On a positive note, my November Mens Health Beard* is looking righteous after 4 days. Grizzly Adams is my spirit animal now.

    *(“Movember” sounds too ghey)

  62. My beard has no agenda.

  63. MJ’s Beard is a sexy little School Marm.

  64. Really busy today. I just wanted you guys to know, in case you haven’t heard that here in SC we got a couple of inches of global warming the other day. Sorry, climate change. It may have frozen the ocean, so ocean levels decreasing, troops in Afghanistan are apparently home too, I have 2 part time jobs(that’s one more than the full time job I had before TFG), and the insurance I used to love is going to be a nightmare soon. Wow, someone’s pants better be on fire.

  65. Wait, Dr. B, they are both IN Afghanistan and at home.

  66. Grammer Master.


  67. Schrodinger’s soldiers.

  68. Alice in Wonderland = Obama in Afghanistan.

    Mirrors are probably against the Koran, though. I’m not sure on that one, but everything else is.

  69. Couch, day 3.

  70. dang, hope that gets better soon, scott. Going to chiropractor?

  71. Wha’ happen, Scott?

  72. No, just resting it and applying heat.

    I should be OK by the end of the week if I don’t do anything stupid.

  73. I should be OK by the end of the week if I don’t do anything stupid.


  74. He’s delusional.

    Standard Dem trick.

    “Don’t think about how bad off things are for you. Think about how great they are for everyone else. You aren’t so selfish that you are only worried about how your life has gotten a little worse off while all those other people you don’t know are now so much better off, are you?”

    No one knows anyone who’s life is better now than it was pre-Jug-Eared Fuck. But “Other People” are doing awesome! You don’t know them and can’t see them, but they exist! Honest!

    And it works because liberals are all about guilt and being perceived as “good people.” Reality is what they want it to be. They MUST be such good people for suffering so much while others (that they do not know) are doing so much better than before. It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    It also works because liberals are fucking idiots.

  75. I was driving around West Hartford this AM, there are Dannel P Malloy yard signs all over the place.

    If Republicans lose this one, they will never win a race. Never.

  76. Gov. Dan looks like quite a guy! Like someone you buy used cars from.

  77. Here’s how Gov Dan can win:

    James OKeefe Offered a Bus Load of Ballots in North Carolina

    Someone recognized OKeefe, pretty funny.

  78. Good morning, whores and such.

  79. That chick with the tat on the inside of her elbow has eaten more pussy than all of the rest of us put together.

  80. Hahah, nice one, PG.

  81. Just saw Cuffy quoted at 8chan:

  82. Headed to Tractor Supply. Hopefully I won’t run into these guys:

  83. Were they related to sexytime with pitbull guy in CT?

  84. Just got back from having a crown on a broken tooth. It was a two and a half hour appointment from start to finish. They make the crown right there. No temporary for ten days, and no return trip.

    They have this awesome machine that is awesome.


  85. I had one of those two. Dentistry has gotten a lot better from the days of wooden teeth.

  86. too, even.

  87. I can’t afford crowns.
    My dentist can grind down the tooth and rebuild it with epoxy for about 1/3 the cost.

  88. It’s not supposed to last as long as a crown, but some of my epoxy teeth are almost 10 years old.

  89. Avoid caramels

  90. I just checked Central Maine Power’s website:

    10 people out of 1,481 have power in my town.

    Guess no Monday Night Football tonight.

  91. Jimbro, would you be able to pull in any channels with an antenna?

  92. Transistor Radio….

  93. Or, just do what House did – find some old out-of-it geezer’s room at the hospital and watch the game on his room TV.

  94. We could but I don’t have an antenna set up. My TV is old, I think from about 1999 when I moved to Maine. When we finally drop cable I’ll get a decent antenna for digital and a new TV. Most of what we watch is available on antenna TV (local news and sports).

  95. I asked a guy and his son if they got the game yesterday before they lost power and they said it cut out before hand and they went to a steakhouse to watch it. It was packed.

  96. 92.9 The Ticket is the radio that carries the game and the reception was awful during the game.

  97. *sends Saint Bernard with hand-cranked radio and “medicinal” whiskey cask to Jimbro*

  98. Radio Shack + $75 = MNF and kids out of your hair.

    You are probably too late though.

  99. Tom Magliozzi other wise known as Click of Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers, just died at age 77. I listened to them every Saturday morning for ever.

  100. Home Depot sell them too. The indoor antenna works surprisingly well.

  101. OK smart people, figure this out.

    We have a battery operated Seiko quarts wall clock in the kitchen.
    If the humidity level gets too high, like when boiling something, the clock will die. It remains dead until I take it outside into cool air.

    Once it cools, it comes back to life and keeps working until we boil water again.

    Last time it was dead for 3 weeks, so it’s drying out.

  102. Galaxy Note 4

    Yea or Nay?

  103. Women cooking don’t need to know what time it is.

  104. ::TWITCH::

  105. Dunno ’bout the Note 4, but I’m very happy with my S3 phone.

  106. I should have sent you this clock I found. It worked in the kitchen.

  107. Is it the battery connections? Scratch them up with a knife blade if there’s anything on them.

  108. I’m sure you already jiggled the handle and plugged it in.

  109. I’m going to need a very portable device that will allow me to get to the internet and work a bit: Mom’s cancer has met’d to her hip (and elsewhere) and we’re starting radiation rightfuckingnow to try to stave off a bone break; happening daily for we don’t yet know how long. I had to rent her a rollator on Friday, but today the doc said no weight at all on the leg. We’ll get the chemo stuff figured out next week.

    I’m also thinking maybe S5 to stay a bit smaller and use as hotspot to my tablet.

  110. For those that went tl;dr; right away:

  111. Well, shit, Cyn, sorry to hear that.

  112. prayers for cynmom

  113. Tough news Cyn, sorry.

  114. Thanks guys.

    So… who’s ready for cocktails?

  115. I’ll read that article later J’Ames and then buy a RadioShack one despite my intentions not to waste money. That’s how I roll.

  116. I’ll have to wait a little longer for Monday Night.

  117. Here I thought you were snowbound, and had to have a TV solution RIGHT NOW!

  118. I’m at work now, pretending the misery that awaits me at home is not there. I’ve got an easy day tomorrow, maybe the antenna will be got then.

  119. It won’t work in the kitchen?

    Must be a feminist clock.


  120. HEY-OHHH!

    *finger guns/ wink combo*

  121. Sorry to hear that about your Mom, Cyn – gentle hugs to both of you ♥♥♥

  122. Sounds like moisture is getting into the clock housing somehow, Scott.

    How much to replace one like that?

  123. Tractor Supply trip went fine, but the asphalt-sealing guy came while we were gone, so all the chicken and horse feed is going to wait out at the road tonight and take a trip to Selfridge tomorrow.

  124. Why not just go out to eat?

  125. is there a flag on the field for a math infraction? …. leon

  126. The moisture has to be making something swell. Can moisture make plastic swell?

  127. Sorry to hear about your mom Cyn.

  128. What field? Is there football happening or something?

  129. *mixes Cyn a caipirinha*

  130. scott – depends on what’s in the plastic


  131. Fucking Obamacare.

    Mr. RFH’s company switched health insurance companies and from preferred-physician to high deductible. $86/month more than last year for crappier care. Prescriptions aren’t covered until the deductible is met. Anything out of network does not apply to the deductible. Trying to find out if my cardiologist is part of the new network. If the answer is no, then I take advantage of being a fucking gov’t leech and go back to work full-time so I can get decent healthcare.

    This has made Mr. RFH lose his fucking mind.

    I know it means nothing to you who already work full time or like Wiser, work several jobs trying to hold everything together. But I liked being there when the school day ended, being there for field trips and early dismissals, volunteering for book fair days, etc. I was always there for my son, and I feel like I’m going to be shortchanging my daughter no matter what I do. Mr. RFH thinks my heart can’t handle the additional stress. He may be right, but I’m too stubborn by half.

    tl,dr: Roamy is a bad mom and needs healthcare because of Obamacare.

  132. Ugh, that’s harsh, roamy.

    If you think it’s expensive now, just wait until it’s free!

  133. I really hope we can get a foot in the door and stop some of this crap, starting tomorrow.

  134. Hopefully your cardiologist is part of the network.

  135. You should send our clock into space and see if it works up there.

  136. Roams – if you’ve been seeing your Cardiologist for a while, he might make an exception for you with the new insurance if necessary

    But I get what you mean by short-changing the youngest; it tugs a little bit.

  137. Prayers for CynMom. Chilled box Moscato ok?

  138. bad news, Kitten. Sorry to hear about the troubles. I owe ye some prayer time so I’m lighting a candle. All Kind Thoughts and Blanc de Noir

  139. Who doesn’t love a good box. I’m in, Oso. All in.

    *blows a kiss to Miss Lauraw for the caipirinha*

  140. Thank you Chump – hey… are you guys trying to get me drunk here?!!?

    It’s working yay!!

  141. Filed under “Fucking Weird”:

    I have eczema and develop rashes if I use any kind of deodorant or antiperspirant. I shower a lot and think unstinky thoughts, but a while back I had to meet with some civilized people. When I was getting dressed I sprayed my pits with Febreze.

    Now I’ve been doing that for a while. It works great and no rashes. Plus, if the label is true, I smell like Hawaii.

  142. Wonder what it would do to your asscrack. I’m asking for a friend.

  143. Roamy, you are NOT a bad mom!!!!!

    And just remember, Barky wants to raise the minimum wage to help moms just like you to work full-time. He’s convinced it’s what all the mommies want.

    The idiot.

  144. If it works…(Calls Lippy with ad idea for Febreze)

  145. Met my cousin’s new puppy last night. Brindle Boxer. 11 weeks old. From AZ. Hershey. She’s really cute. We’ve had 2 gloomy days of cool temps and rain. Puppeh doesn’t like the cold.

  146. Comment by scott on November 3, 2014 4:56 pm
    The moisture has to be making something swell. Can moisture make plastic swell?

    Or the steam could be seeping in through little nooks and crannies and condensating on the battery contacts.

    Doesn’t take much to screw things up if that happens.

  147. Did everyone register at HotAir duringtheir open registration period???!?!?!?!


    (I didn’t, as I figured that if I wanted to comment on a story at HA, I could just wait until it showed up at Ace’s)

    Honestly, why would you limit your comments section to registered users only? Talk about an echo chamber..

  148. *Hopes CynaMom gets more better.

  149. Prayers for CynMom and a cabana boy with a carafe of wine for Cyn.

  150. Another question: Who is an undecided voter at this point? Seriously, how dim must you be to wait until you’re staring at the ballot to make up your mind?

  151. years ago i made my way to the moronosphere via hot air comments. Burn me once Hot Air…

  152. yeah… prayers for cyn’s mom and roamie’s insurance situation and Jewstin’s pits and S&L’s clock and Jimbro missing MNF………

    does that about cover everything?

    (just kidding. I already spoke a bit with Cyn about her mom behind the scenes and roamie, don’t stress until you are sure there is something to get stressed about. And besides, these things always have a way of working themselves out. I mean, look at how awesome things are working out for me!)

  153. …Van down by the RIVER!!!

  154. …Van down by the RIVER!!!

    getting closer ever day…


  155. Scott should hang the clock in a room that’s NOT the kitchen. I bet that would help.

  156. I’ve probably got the only cold activated clock on the planet.

  157. You should eat trail mix every meal then you would always know what time it is.

  158. Scott should hang the clock in a room that’s NOT the kitchen. I bet that would help.


    *Awards Jewstin one free bottle of Liquid Rock

  159. I mean, look at how awesome things are working out for me!

    *Begins home delivery of Absolut. Daily.*

  160. Absolut???


    What’s cheaper than Val-U-Rite?

  161. I could probably sell my clock to Coors.

  162. Sell your cock to Coors?!! You might need that this winter.

  163. Liquid Rock is cruelty free.

    *Feels Smug

    *Buys Apple product

  164. When the mountains turn blue, or this clock starts working.

  165. Total Wine across from my Sam’s Club. Cheaper vodka than Borg. Booze sales at the Club are way down. We rely on people too cheap to cross the street for their booze.

  166. Bitch in an Amigo took a wide turn and pinned me to the steel today. I wanted to punch her in her lazy fat face. Her hubby managed to stop it and reverse it before I was injured. Just some bruising.

  167. *Buys Apple product

    Way to flame, dude.

  168. Greetings, people who stocked up on popcorn over the weekend.

  169. Popcorn? Nope. Wheat Thins and Jalapeño Philly Cream Cheese.

  170. I stocked up on pudding cups.

  171. Bitch in an Amigo took a wide turn and pinned me to the steel today.
    Does anyone, ever know what Oso is talking about? At this point I’m pretty sure she’s just spam.

  172. Amigos=riding carts. We don’t have gondolas/shelves we have product on pallets or steel shelving. Lacewigs.

  173. What?

  174. mj not understanding = racist

  175. Hah! When I read Amigo I thought of this:

  176. It’s mostly just a jumble of neologisms, MJ. I can’t call it spam because there’s no money or malware involved.

  177. I got pinned to a section of steel by an old lady driving a shopping cart. I was lucky my leg didn’t get crushed. MJ is a 1%er that doesn’t shop in Membership Retail.

  178. Amigo is like a rascal (Waves at MCPO) but with a shopping cart attached.

  179. Hah! When I read Amigo I thought of this:

    Me too.

  180. “Me too.”

    me tres

  181. Canyonero.

  182. YAH!!!

  183. went on a “Jeep” adventure in Aruba; we drove amigos and samurai’s — funny shit – was one of the few times in my life that i was encouraged to be as drunk as possible before getting behind the wheel.

  184. I got pinned to a section of steel by an old lady driving a shopping cart. I was lucky my leg didn’t get crushed. MJ is a 1%er that doesn’t shop in Membership Retail.
    Oh now I get it.

    I used to go to Sam’s once a year to get garbage bags, a barrel of cheese balls, a pork tenderloin, Veuve, and a 6 pack of sunscreen.

  185. Sounds like a workman’s comp claim to me Bruised up Bear.

    Sorry about your mom Cyn.

    Roamie, I’ve been on high-deductible for 3 years, the costs keep going up and the network and benefits keep shrinking for me, I hope it works out for you.

    Fuck off wiser.

    Jewstin, you probably ought to read the label on that febreeze can…pretty sure it causes Arachibutyrophobia.

  186. I could use a cocktail but I’m too afraid to ask for vodka.

  187. I’m drinking Jim Beam Kentucky Fire and Zero.

  188. i laughed:

  189. I’ve been following that a few days now, Jam.

    Weak sauce on the Guard leadership. But pretty stupid of the Guardsmen.

  190. I can’t read the Febreze label. I bought the can at the Dollar Tree and it’s all Spanish.

  191. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything at a Sam’s Club.

  192. Febreze is fabric safe. If you don’t have any skin reactions you’re like the Windex of My Big fat greek Wedding.

  193. Sean, we switched to Sam’s back in the day when Costco stopped accepting Discover in lieu of American Express/Costco credit. Got a free Sam’s Membership. Our membership is free with employment now. When we travel, Sam’s Club. Clean bathrooms. Cheap gas.

  194. I could use a cocktail but I’m too afraid to ask for vodka.

    It’s Paleo!

  195. Allergic to Mayo. I H8 u!!!! (Not really. Mustard Vodka could work)

  196. *vomits daintily into small plastic pumpkin*


  198. Ranch Dressing Vodka. We will be billionaires.

  199. I love the Windex joke.

    The Febreze thing astonishes me. I even tried Tom’s of Maine. Not only did I get a rash, it did nothing as a deodorant. I paid money to walk around smelling like a butt monkey.

  200. Jew, I’ve been using the crystal dealio. I’m still not convinced. I still spray my clothes with perfume JUST IN CASE.

  201. Can one really vomit daintily? I mean really. Even if your BFF holds your hair and doesn’t post pics.

  202. Oso loves Buffalone. Stitch is the greatest Disney character EVER!!!!

  203. I knew a girl in college that could throw up without making a sound.

    We called her ‘Silent Puker’.

    I believe we were either really dumb or we had all just seen a Kevin Costner movie.

  204. MJ, was she Bulimic?

  205. Silent Puker might be the worst nickname ever. Possibly tied with Skirt Steak.

  206. I was pretty good at puking until I had a capillary blow out that resulted in tubing. Still better than the shitters. Those chicks were weird. (Bulimarexia Hierarchy)

  207. I quit deodorant a decade ago.

  208. Flavored Vodkas are so yum.

  209. I buy my cheap rotgut Canadian swill in the big jugs.
    By driving the 12 miles to Total Wine, I save $14!

  210. Scott, I went all tinfoil on anything that had alum. I still buy into the Alum/Alzheimers link. Dad’s hometown has Alum Creek and Reynold’s Aluminum. Based on population %, extremely high numbers of Alzheimers cases even if you account for genetics. I use natural crystals for underarms.

  211. Total Wine is the best retailer EVER!!! We just opened a Dave & Busters today. I love playing shuffleboard there. Corporate drone said they were for families and young adults. I said FU.

  212. I suspect the salts are what irritate my skin. Most of them have aluminum or zinc salts. Tom’s had some sort of salt in the ingredients and that strange crystal thing is pretty much a block of salt.

  213. Botox injections are supposed to work. I’m still not seeing the problem with febrile.

  214. FACK Febreze. Posted before checking autocorrect.

  215. There’s no problem with Febreze. I’m just amazed that it works in that fashion. Somebody else might be able to use the idea.

    I haven’t bought shaving cream since Cyn told somebody that conditioning shampoo is just as good.

  216. Le Febrile. I will never forget.
    In zee moon light I saw her, her face was tight like Le Tigre. She smelled like dryer sheets.


  217. If I eat a tamale and minestrone soup, I’m not gonna get sucked into some kind of food wormhole, am I?

  218. Ha! i just had guacamole on my pork fried rice, Jay and I had the same concern.

  219. Well, if you’re still here, I guess I’m good.


  220. Yes.

  221. Shaving cream has allergens. Conditioning shampoo works. Just mix up with a clarifying every now and then

  222. Domo, amigo.

  223. Chumpo,
    I’ll see your guacamole on my pork fried rice, and raise you Sriracha on my 5-cheese, tomato, artichoke-heart, and black-olive pizza…

  224. Botox wears off though. Repeat injections are costly. You could hire an armpit attendant from a third world country for what you’d spend over a lifetime for Botox.

  225. That sounds fantastic, chrisp

  226. Jimbro, the underarm Botox people creep me out enough that I’m thinking about adopting the Febreze underarm test.

  227. Mongolian Beef on a tortilla is the best ever. Extra spicy hot.

  228. Did anybody invent a machine that made anybody else’s job redundant today?

  229. needs a really good pepperoni or sausage on that pizza to really tip the scales.


  230. I thought Mongolian Beef was the mild stuff. Maybe just in Iowa.

  231. Chrispy, are you making that yourself? how hot does yer oven get? Also, do you mainline teh pepcid or smoke it?

  232. Jew, plain cheapo hair conditioner + warm water is a good shaving aid too. Softens the hair, and is super slippery under the blade. And doesn’t strip your skin dry, like lathering agents do. Yeah, I have eczema too.

  233. J’ames, Mongolian beef extra spicy hot is basically beef, green onions, and lots of peppers. On a cast iron skillet.

  234. I want Exzima. All the cool kids have it.

  235. Stuffed bell peppers. I H8 em. Oh well, not like I’m the cook!!!

  236. No pepcid, 400 and, yes. It IS good, even with no meat, although a little pepperoni wouldn’t hurt.
    And, boy, does the non-digestible fiber in the artichokes scrub things out!
    Generally, before you are through your first cuppa in the morning, things are moving!
    I usually make a 16″, tomato-paste, 3-4 romas, a can of quartered hearts, sliced finer, a 4 oz can of sliced black olives, and another pound of mozzarella to hold the stuff together. It lasts us for three days…

  237. Comment by Sean M. on November 3, 2014 9:15 pm
    Did anybody invent a machine that made anybody else’s job redundant today?

    Wait a second. Didn’t you do this one already?

  238. Kerrygold butter and pumpkin spice english muffins. We’ll see. Actual conversation: Me: Was the Kerrygold a yes or just recognition that we carry? Dan: What’s the out date? Me: July 2015, Dan: That better be the best butter ever. Me: We had it at the Food and Wine festival at EPCOT. Dan: it’s ok.

  239. That’s good to know, Laura. I’m using an all-in-one hair and body wash by Old Spice. It doesn’t inflame my skin, and as MCPO might say, it’s ‘slippy.’ I can wash my hair, scrub my body, and shave all with one product.

    One stop shopping is my favorite.

  240. the dough, friend. Tell me about the dough.

  241. OMG y’all. Kerrygold butter on yeast rolls is so yum. Pumpkin Spice English muffins for breafas

  242. Dry shave. It only takes a few days to teach your skin who the boss is.

  243. Wait a second. Didn’t you do this one already?

    Maybe. I’ve been doing this bit for at least a couple of years now. I should invent a machine to generate them or something.

  244. Can you brush your teeth with it? That would really be something.

  245. heh. Sean M. U funnah.

  246. …by the by, “Roam” seemed to be made for the DERP.

  247. 5 AM workdays and Wieners not quite clear on the concept. G’night/

  248. good night, osita.

  249. I volunteered to help out the kids over at Ace’s Decision Desk tomorrow night – we got to kick the tires on the spreadsheet tonight.

    Abbott’s gonna win it in a landslide, but this should be fun – according to the Tarrant County website (Fort Worth, Arlington), about 18.5% of the registered voters in the county have already cast their ballots for this election.

  250. Good for you,TiF. They are lucky to have ye.

  251. I noticed that in the eltee gov race the dems have brought back a politician who’s been dead well over a hundred years to run against that dude from espn that the pubs are trotting out.

  252. I dunno about that, Chumpo – there are STILL things on the Internet that I’m trying to figure out, even after all these years….

    At least the Texas guvner’s race is pretty much a lock for Abbott – I shouldn’t be able to screw things up too badly!

  253. I don’t even know why I’m gonna bother to vote tomorrow. I guess we have a congressman and state assembly and there are a few stupid-sounding ballot propositions that I can tell people not to blame me for because I voted against them when they come back to bite us in the ass a few years down the road, but…meh.

  254. I voted for your mom.


  255. Chumpo,
    Check the recipe blog, all will be revealed…

  256. Heh, nice callback, MJ.

  257. Mr. TiFW is in St. Louis on a business trip until Thursday.

    I hate it when he’s not here to keep me warm at night…. :-(

  258. MJ must hate the weeks leading up to this time of year, what with all the politicians kissing him.

  259. I don’t mind the kissing.

    But if you’re going to get into heavy petting I expect dinner first.

  260. Or at least an appetizer and two drinks.

  261. Sounds like you got robbed of a trip to Applebees.

  262. Are you all at the same party?

    Rock on.

  263. Ha! I larfed. Then I passed out.

  264. So I ended up getting a Samsung Note 4. I think it’s more powerful than this here PC thing. I’m still half considering a S5 though. My old phone looks like a sliver compared to this thing.

  265. Happy birthday, Michael!

  266. So,
    Anita and I were sitting out in the garage listening the the rain and I said;
    “Listen to the rythim of the falling rain:
    We met eyes and went to this:

    Old people are weird…

  267. NYTOL

  268. Pitter-patter, pitter-patter

  269. Was able to have lunch with Gabe today in DC.

    Great guy, taller than I expected.

    I’m 5’11, he’s probably 6’1-6’2.

    I got him by a 100 lbs, though.

  270. I wouldn’t even derp you
    I’ve not got much to give
    We’re dealing in the limits
    And we don’t know who with

  271. New poat.

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