Hello  shoppers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model was born in Brighton, England October 28th, 1998.  She stands 5’2″ and 108lbs, 30F-25-32.  Please pay attention and say ‘ello guvnor to Miss Jodie Gasson!


  1. Wack and jack

  2. I got a thing for girls named Jodie

    (same thing I gave your mom)

  3. Thick. She better watch her carb intake.

  4. She’s one of the more non-vacant looking girls we’ve had here recently. That’s a low bar though.

  5. Hey PG, I hope you have a great trip. See if you can work a few “Trump’s Wall” jokes in to your everyday conversation with the locals. They love shit like that or so I’ve heard.

  6. It’ll be like Mexican Roulette. Are those refried beans only or beans mixed with shit?

    (Pretty sure only Americans eat refried beans, could be wrong)

  7. That expression in the last picture…hahahaha. She’s a bed duster for sure.

  8. So the Montana brawler won his election yesterday. NPR has already moved on to another special election in Atlanta. Same set up: referendum on Trump. Just like all the other special elections they’ve set their hair on fire about. As soon as a Dem actually wins one of these, as they must eventually, they’ll be celebrating like Arabs in Gaza on 9/11.

  9. I stopped at a waterfront park on my way to work and it’s poring rain. There’s a guy parked in a truck about 50 feet away from me with his window down yelling at the imaginary beings he sees near him. He’s been going nonstop for 10 minutes. He drives on the same roads I do. Scary.

  10. 108?

    Wakey wakey

  11. My phone has the baby when I comment, my puter has Moose.

  12. A neighbor cat clawed another neighbor’s baby’s face all up yesterday, the kid is going to be OK but will have a fucked-up face for life. Playing in his own yard, tried to pick up the kitty. He is lucky he didn’t lose an eye.

    Cat came back a few hours later, I tried to keep it penned on the deck while we waited for animal control, and got scratched and bitten for my efforts. Met the owners, it’s a male Maine Coon rescue that’s out of control, they can’t keep it in their house or yard. I’m not going to use my hands next time I see it.

    Nessie the wonder dog is traumatized by the whole thing, she is too scared to go outside now, I have to walk out with her and stand close.

  13. Sounds like the cat needs to be put down.

  14. Jimbro, while I highly respect you, I’ll not be following any of your advice. Living in a community and region that is about 75% Mexican, I pretty well know the boundaries. I probably won’t tell to many “tu madre con juevos” jokes while I’m down there either.

  15. Put down?

    It needs to be sent back to Hell in flames.

  16. Sounds like that cat needs to enroll at Cal-Berkeley.

  17. Beat up a reporter and win.

    I hope this becomes republican strategy.

  18. pendejo wins

  19. That poor baby.

  20. Back from greenhouse. They had trinidad scorpions.

    So now I have trinidad scorpions.

  21. got ghost, peach ghost, chocolate habanero, and carolina reapers here.

    I’ll stop at the greenhouse next week. I need to restock on jalapenos for chipotles.

  22. I’ve got those and pimentos as starts; jalopenos, cayennes, and hungarian waxes that I tried to start as seeds and for which I have less optimism.

  23. In retrospect, following up with the People’s Elbow was probably good for an extra 2% at the voting booth.

  24. ugh, have to get rid of this lock screen on the phone, after the last update

  25. Leon, well any cat-lickers like me, may I recommend a book? A Pope and a President. It’s excellent and insightful on the Cold War and the very close friendship between Reagan and Pope John Paul II. What smart and courageous men. Thank God (literally) we had these men in a position of power.

  26. I do the book an obvious disservice, you don’t have to be Catholic to love this book. Reagan wasn’t Catholic.

  27. One of my lib friends on FB posted “Bundle up, Republicans! Winter is coming. signed, a snowflake.” I have no idea what he’s talking about. I’m refraining from making a comment about global warming.

  28. Are they seriously trying to turn our polite insult into a badge of honor?

    Because the coming ice age will put an end to all their bullshit PDQ.

  29. I was trying to figure out if he thought Montana was going to go for the Dems, but the timing isn’t right. New Hampshire, maybe?

  30. Here’s what happens to snowflakes.

    Enjoy the anal rapings.

  31. Wiserradio!!!

  32. I called in, and I succeeded in not saying “bullshit”.

  33. Enjoy the anal rapings.

    He’s from California. I think that’s a given.

    No offense, SeanM.

  34. I called in, and I succeeded in not saying “bullshit”.

    What we have here…….is a failure to communicate.


  36. Heh, I like the wipers at the end, to wipe off the spit I’m sure was there.

  37. Why U Mad, Bro?

  38. Make sure and film it when that happens in Cancun, PG.

  39. I’ll leave the driving to the locals.

  40. Pupster, that video made my day.

  41. nice job pup

  42. All he needed was a pussy hat, and the visual would have been complete.

  43. Sun’s out, it’s a holiday weekend, wife and baby are out for a while, and I’ve got flats of plants and a few thousand seeds.

    Garden time.

  44. Y’know, I don’t know why it is folks figure they can paradrop dumpster fires in my lap in order to make their life, job etc. easier, then just blame me when things go wrong, but I’m damn sick of it.

  45. Sounds like heaven, Leon! I’m working all weekend and Monday too. But this will be my last weekend at this job. Then my job is to do a Spring cleaning, wash windows et cetera and help make this place fit for a guest to live in for a while. Oh, and find a new job, of course. :)

    Will be fitting in gardening around this other stuff.

  46. I thought leon was going with Sun’s Out, Guns Out.

    Thanks for disappointing me.

  47. I have to work tonight.

  48. No sun up here. IT’s overcast.

  49. Been some nice weather here since the storms came through. Hoping to spend some time at the park this weekend to just chill and unwind.

  50. I see Hillary was choking on her own bullshit again today.

  51. Choking is something she’s good at.

  52. OK, off to work for the weekend. Thanks for killing the blog, Cavil.

  53. It’s only mostly dead.

    Are you doing short timer work, laura? Hang out in the break room and the loading dock.

  54. I bought a bluetooth speaker at the grocery store for $13.

    It’s pretty amazing.

  55. we have one in the shower.

  56. AM radio in my truck only works on rainy days.

    Problem solved.

  57. Comical first weekend at camp in progress. Laugh or commit homicide is the theme. I stopped at the grocery to grab a few last minute things including a 6 pack of PBR talls, dog food, PB+J, pig ears, toilet paper and a toothbrush. We both forgot the bag of batteries for the smoke detector, CO detector and TV remotes. Paula is grabbing some now.

  58. Have a good weekend and holiday you fuckers. Try not to kill yerselves, catch any communicable diseases, or impregnate a foul women. …

  59. How the fuck are we supposed to have a good weekend then?



  62. I’ve only been at work for less than am hour, and I’m already.

    7 more hours to go.

  63. Hang in there SeanM. The wealthy Asian males who are intent on appropriating Scottish culture are counting on you.

  64. Already tired, that is.

  65. My guns were out for 5 solid hours, Jay.

    I think I used up all of my squats and bend overs for the next week.

  66. “we have one in the shower.”
    DUDE!!! – how big is your shower..????!!!

  67. oh –
    wait —

    you prolly meant the speaker-

    never mind

  68. I have one in your mom.

  69. We got our new phones today. Xfinity. Saving 60$ a month. Data is pay as you go. I’ve been told I have no data. Wifi and xfinity hotspots only. Blah blah $60 a month. Dan is so tight he squeeks. At least I get a cool new phone case. I’ll show y’all in WY

  70. Oso, I still have my dumb phone.

  71. BTW, Hillary is still a cunt.

  72. Roamy, I thought NASA liked dumb phones? Dan is trying to fix the sync problems we have with our devices. It is annoying af to get his PMs and texts. Dan likes to take pics of drunk Oso. They are all in the cloud now, too.

  73. Ann Arbor restaurant getting ICEd made my day.

  74. Oso, it occurred two days ago. There have been no fewer than five articles about it in the local online rag we call news around here.

    Every time an article fills up with pro enforcement comments, they write a new article, I guess hoping the pro illegal commenters will win.

    It’s a fun read.

  75. Nah, they have smart phones for the upper level managers so they can constantly check their emails in meetings. I’m the Luddite that won’t let them download monitoring software onto my phone.

  76. HS, I’m hoping the $15 Sammiches dude gets caught up. Fingers crossed

  77. Puts money on NSA monitoring Roamy’s not quite so smart phone

  78. Oso, they probably are, but I don’t have to make it easy for them.


  80. Evening Hostages.

    Need suggestions. Gonna be spending a lot of time in the car tomorrow. Anyone have any suggestions on podcasts or audiobooks? My gold standard for podcasts is Mike Duncan’s The History of Rome and his Revolutions. I’m up to date on his stuff. Books would be entertainment. None of that self improvement be a better person crap.


  82. How about 50 Shades of Grey, b’coch? You certainly won’t be a better person after that.

  83. *hogties and ball gags Sean*

  84. I love the longmire books, bcoch. great stories and the narrator for mine (George guidall) is perfect.

  85. I had a lunch date this afternoon and now I’m in the forge for the next few hours. Life is good.

  86. Thanks Jay. I’ll check those out.

  87. Bcoch, I have comedy CDs for long drives. Richard Pryor, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, etc.

  88. What’s a lot of time?

    If it’s 15-20 hours or more, you should stick to music.

  89. Blreg. One more shift and then i can have a holiday weekend as well.

  90. and don’t read billboards.

  91. But scott, he might miss WALL DRUG

  92. Only 1128 miles until WALL DRUG.

  93. Scott knows.

  94. I may kill my family.

    Don’t worry. It will be justified.

  95. Lol. Scott, 5.5 to 6hrs in each direction. So 11 to 12 hours total. Somewhere around there.

  96. That’s a good day.

  97. I like books better than music on long trips

  98. tomorrow is the ableskiver eating contest. professional eaters are coming in. no matter who wins, a world record is being set.

  99. Car in, which kiddo done wrong this time?


  101. Now there’s no need to demand
    Grab my golden hand
    I’ll derp you and you’ll never be sure
    If the way that you need
    Is too much like greed
    Decide if you are rich or you’re poor

  102. So apparently I’m back to not sleeping. Some part of my brain is feeling insecure about leaving my little part time job.

    Which is fine. Because sleep is for fags.

  103. I fell asleep watching BoSox last night around 7:30, got a kick in the leg to wake me up and move to bed and we slept till 4:30 when Rowan started pacing the room. I just realized how early it is when I read Laura’s comment and looked at the time.

  104. So apparently I’m back to not sleeping.

    It’s that little voice in your head saying, “Post at IB. Post at IB.”

  105. Okay, so I never told you guys about what happened last week.

    So my GF from work invited me to stay at her family’s beach cottage. Another friend was supposed to come but she bowed out last minute so it was just me and this other GF.

    She has this thing she does where she gets drunk and deliberately puts herself in harm’s way and needs to be rescued. It’s utterly charming, as psychological control issues go, but since I’ve seen this movie before (where she went canoeing alone without a life jacket on a freezing cold lake), I wasn’t interested in going again.

    Yet, she tried anyway. She wanted to walk down to the beach and listen to the waves. I thought to myself “danger,” but we went. I couldn’t get her to sit still on the bench with me. Instead she kept resolutely heading toward the water. The ocean. In May. In Maine. Fuck.

    So I managed to corral her drunk ass back to the cottage, and I went straight to bed. It was about 01:00. Shortly, she knocked on my door and told me she wanted to go for a walk. At that moment I made a decision to let her fucking go. I was tired, and I didn’t want any more of this nonsense. I told her I wasn’t going, and she stumbled out the door.

    Some time later, I heard her talking with a man in the house. I was mostly asleep but some part of me knew it was a cop. He knocked on the bedroom door and cracked it and told me that he had my friend with him, and wanted to verify she belonged in that cottage with me.

    At this point, motionless and enraged at being awakened, I said “fuck off.” Then, after a short pause, I said, “FUCK OFF!” They closed the door.

    My friend tells me that she was horrified. The cop looked at her and said, “It seems like she knows you,” and he left.

    In the morning I clarified for her that I had been mostly still asleep, and that I was telling her to fuck off, and not really the cop. Because I was only angry with her. And also, I don’t really speak to people that way. Never mind a cop. Holy shit.

    In the morning she also discovered that at some point in her journey, she had lost her (very expensive) phone and her shoes. Could have been worse. She had been walking in the middle of the street when someone called the cops on her.

    The thing that pisses me off most is that I can’t talk to her about what drives her to do this shit. The need to control other people, the compulsion to make others prove she’s worth saving. It’s damage from her upbringing. I like her a whole lot. But I’m not doing it. I am just not going to play a role in her show. But if anything had happened to her that night, I wonder if her family would have blamed me. I certainly would have felt guilty.

    Sure wish I had found $20 instead.

  106. knucklehead the dog got me up at 5:45 – now the little bastard is back asleep

  107. Aw, Geoff! It occurs to me now that this comment would have made a halfway decent post at IB. Oh well. I’ll try to put a couple up over there next week.

  108. she sounds like a catch –
    i had a friend in college that did similar dumb shit – it landed him an involuntary stay in a nut house.

    he’s still single, we should set those two up on a blind date

  109. She’s really very smart and funny and sweet. We all have some kind of demon. Hers is quite powerful, unfortunately.

  110. She’s not single.

  111. Reading the GAINZZZ thread over at Ace’s, somebody recommended the youtube channel ‘headbanger’s kitchen.’ It’s a guy who does keto recipes. He’s Indian and apparently a huge metal fan.

    The LOTR reference 30 seconds in made me supremely happy.

  112. I hate you all so very much.

    Except Carin. Who also hates you.

  113. I thought I had linked him here before. I’ve been subscribed for a while.

  114. Laura, Keto Connect either youtube or the blog is very good. They review products, perfect Keto recipes and are cost conscious.

  115. Sorry to be so late commenting, I held off on watering in last night because we had a half chance of rain and then it didn’t, so I had to go out before the sun got too high and water the garden, box, and small mound. I still need to tidy up around the pumpkin mound and get those seeds in, but I’m fairly certain my wife will kill me if I do any gardening today.

    I’ll have to sneak out tomorrow before dawn and do everything with hand tools.

  116. Good morning. Helluva story, Laura. I have stuff in the funneh folder if y’all want a new poat.

  117. Small mound is nasturtium and dill and chocolate mint. It’s going to be hell to keep it weeded until they start to germinate. The mint was doing well but it looks like daughter got away from wife at some point and trampled it a little.

  118. I would love to see that keto video but my FUCKING FAMILY USED UP 20 GIGS OF DATA IN 5 DAYS.

    That’s why I’m irritated.

    EVERYONE in this house has unlimited data on their phone. There is no reason to go on the satellite wifi and use it up. Excpet lazyiness.

    And, it’s probably just STUPID FUCKING MUSIC VIDEOS and what not. Completely dumb stuff. Oh and that stupid snapchat – that used a lot of data

    Wakey wakey.

  119. HA HA HA HAAAAA …it’s cute that leon things his daughter can in any way impede mint. It thrives on being trampled. Takes it as a challenge.

  120. Have you ever simple tried to confront your friend on her behavior?

    As obvious as her behavior is to you, people are often blissfully unaware of why they do things.

    If you tell her, it may smart for a bit, and then she’ll start to see the light.

  121. Carin, I have killed mint. She may have inherited my supernatural gift.

    But yeah, it was just flattened a bit and the stalk broken. I only had one sprig up, so I took the broken bit and replanted it nearby.

  122. If you tell her, it may smart for a bit, and then she’ll start to see the light.

    This is the sort of event that often leads to Step One. I’d think getting escorted home by a cop would do it, but everyone’s got a different bottom.

  123. Leon, if you can PROVE you have he ability to kill mint, you may want to offer the service to others. A bit of a side job. I think people would pay big $$ for it.

  124. Composting your enemies sounds stinky. Not that nice earthy smell.

  125. What I know for sure is that I cannot kill mustard. I have tried.

  126. I have stuff in the funneh folder if y’all want a new poat.

    Yes please.

    Day two of Cat Attack Rabies Watch 2017, owners can’t find vax records, baby momma neighbor is considering rabies shots for baby, strongly. Cat is back home and unremorseful. I went to urgent care and got antibiotics shots, waiting to see if cat owners do the right thing. Right hand is swollen and painful, icing and elevating.

  127. Cats suck.

  128. Glad my kids aren’t into snapchat. That I know of, anyway. Groupchat, that’s another thing.

  129. For Lauraw:


  131. Ugh Pupper. Cat scratches are nasty.

  132. I don’t think you can get rabies unless there was a bite, but I’m no expert.

  133. I agree with Scott

  134. I’m on the satellite internet here at camp too Carin. I also have unlimited data on my phone. When HughesNet gets slow later in the day I’ll switch to data. Old habits I guess. It’s funny how I don’t bother clicking links because of the delay and for most videos just say ‘fook it’ rather than clicking play.

  135. New poat

  136. Multiple bites, deep punctures in pinkie, that’s the worry. Baby was bitten on the face.

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