Fall Back Clock Night Day


  1. Oh, you said clock….

  2. Fort needs more blankets.

    *steals comforter off of Lauraw’s bed

  3. Today is honey extraction day. I’ve got about 50 pounds of honey in frames that needs to get into a big bucket. My friend has a manual centrifuge type machine that spins the honey out for the transfer. He’s got 7 or 8 hives and a big set up in the basement which would be expensive to duplicate here. I am lucky to have him as a friend and beekeeping mentor.

  4. How hard is it to start up beekeeping?

  5. Not too hard. Beekeeping for Dummies is cheap on amazon and worth a read before getting too involved. It’s not the ultimate book but it gives a great background. Then it’s good to find someone who has bees to show you around a hive and to call for advice. First year hives tend to do well. Overwintering can be hard and if your hive survives it may be weak or get any of the myriad hive pests that are a concern. A basic hive with tools and a bee suit will run $3-400 depending on where you buy.

  6. After 2 or 3 years of hives dying over the winter I decided to take a break if my hive died last year. It made it and I do minimal maintenance. I feed sugar water in the spring before the flowers and trees open up, give the medications our local ag office recommends and harvest honey in the fall. For the winter I put hay bales on the sides of the hive as a windbreak. New “package bees” with a queen and a bunch of workers cost about $80-90 and that’s what you need if your hive dies.

  7. Honey time

  8. It sounds like something I’d like.

    Husband poo pooed it but not as strongly as he does when i’m going to eventually lose.

  9. I do have a local friend who does it. There is a bee organization up here, but I’m not gonna do that.

  10. Morning.

    Almost ran out of candy last night. Parents were cruising the neighborhood in pickup trucks and minivans with kids jumping in and out. Madness.

  11. I just bought my kids some candy and rented movies. The weather was too horrible here to go out.

  12. If you have to pass gas, pleas exit the fort. That’s all I ask.

    *squints eyes and looks around

  13. Morrnninn, cool kids.


  14. Lowe’s just called. My paving stones of Benny escape prevention have arrived.

    Each stone is 15#. f it takes me 1 min to place each stone, this will take at least 5 hours.

  15. Probably going to be closer to 6, since I have to rake out along the fence again before I can do anything.



  17. hahahaha.

    Shut up.

  18. snausages

  19. Shut up.

    No, you.

  20. Paving stones are here. And a free pallet!

  21. Yer gonna live stream this, right?

  22. I have two heavy outdoor chores to do. The stones around the fence, and raking the rest of my leaves to the cattails in the pond and setting them on fire.

    *checks forecast*
    *sees that today calls for 20mph winds*
    *considers buying windmill*

    I guess it’s stones today.

  23. Yer gonna live stream this, right?

    I’ll take pictures every hour or so and do a photoblog poat for Sunday.

  24. Yawn
    Y’all are too damn UP this morning..

  25. MJ looks so cute in his fort.

  26. Mr. Hill!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

  27. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen and MJ.

  28. Leon, check your gmail thingie.

  29. Ferguson update…


    Seems mama Brown attacked grandma Brown and robbed her.

    Confirmed with my source, who also tells me the half sister was arrested last week for a string of robberies.

  30. HA!

    This is my shocked face.

  31. my neighbor saw a bobcat “playing” with some of the stray cats in the neighborhood…. i was wondering what was destroying my garbage cans and tripping my havahart traps and not getting caught. i thought it was gonna be a big racoon.

    it’s odd seeing a bobcat in the middle of the day around here.

    i got a bigger trap but the bastidge hasn’t visited it yet

  32. 1st hour of the auction they got through 20 items, only 601 to go.

  33. I am real curious about the Looney Tune caveman cartoon context

  34. Ebola Feet


  35. http://www.mlive.com/weather/index.ssf/2014/10/lake_michigan_buoy_records_217.html

    That’s some serious waves on Lake Michigan. They actually had to close part of Lakeshore Drive.

  36. I missed the DotW.

  37. Why would you want to trap a bobcat?

    They eat all of the other pests.

  38. My back is very unhappy with me. I think I’ll be on this couch for a couple of days.

  39. That sucks, Scott. I hope you’re cocktailing.

  40. FTR: MS Word 2007 and onward sucks your mom’s ballz. Hard.

  41. Yes, yes it does.

    /uses Open Office

  42. If Jim got all the honey out of 9 shallow frames today and he has 3 gallons of honey in a 5 gallon bucket, what color are the bus driver’s eyes?

    BONUS: How many times did the bus driver bang your mom?
    (Credit given if the answer is within five of the actual number)

  43. Blue, 15.

  44. You broke the seal on the exam book, didn’t you?

  45. Did anybody use a flimsy pretense to make a gratuitous insult about your mom today?

    No? Where’s hotspur?

  46. I moved two tons of paving stones into position.

    We’ll see if that stops him.

  47. Greetings, people who were once again disappointed by the Great Pumpkin.

  48. We used cayenne pepper in a spray bottle mixed with water. Worked pretty well to cut down digging. Still put a dozen concrete blocks on the garage side of the pen that’s not as visible from inside.

  49. I can’t believe we haven’t had a Great Blumpkin joke yet.

  50. Ain’t nothing stopping you, b-rad.

  51. Trevone Boykin

  52. The Great Blumpkin is Dirty Sanchez south of the border.

    The Cleveland Steamer in Ohio.

  53. Has anyone ever truly had a great blumpkin?

  54. He plays a Rusty Trombone.

  55. *waits to see who goes to Urban Dictionary first

  56. Now that Mark Sanchez no longer plays QB for the NY Jets I rarely use Dirty Sanchez in conversation. I bet wiser sees a lot of Rusty Trombones at the music store.

  57. scott, been hunting, trapping, and fishing since i was a pup; curious to see if i can catch it. If i do, i will release it: your pest analysis is correct. God’s plan and all

  58. Not sure I want to mess with a trapped bobcat.

  59. Might make for a nice shawl.

  60. Jam’s last memory after releasing the bobcat:


  61. Jam2 was s really nice guy.

    Too bad his face was ripped off by a bobcat.

    And then eaten.

    With a nice bottle of bobcat wine.

  62. If the Great Blumpkin just isn’t doing it for you anymore, the Trapped Bobcat might be exactly what you need to get the spark back in your sexytimes.

  63. Sports talker just said “They’ve got some shaky ball handlers on this Illinois team”.

  64. Shaky ball-handling can be quite pleasurable, if done at the correct frequency.

  65. Don’t they call that date night?

  66. http://is.gd/Swmlrh

  67. “Shaky ball handler” = dating a gal at the old folks’ home with Parkinson’s.

  68. http://is.gd/Swmlrh

    Shaky, and blue.

  69. FiL is in nursing home. Dan set up his TV. Took him 7 days worth of clothing. Will be taking MiL by to visit on Monday. Drinking Evan and Zero. Get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Little things.

  70. I know you guys were struggling a bit; glad to hear you found a place for FiL.

  71. It’s been a wee bit stressful, but now? Top o’ the world.

  72. Scott, was it the really cool cash register that put you on the couch?

  73. Cyn, do you have your ND tickets?

  74. I talked to younger sister this morning. BIL has shattered jaw, forehead, palate, both eye-orbits
    They were going to be spending 4+ hours today putting some plates & screws in his face to try and stabilize things enough that bones could knit and keep the front of skull from pushing on his brain.
    His jaw will have to wait.
    It seems that he was not hit by a car. He was going down a hill, at speed, when an escaped goat, being chased by its owner, ran in front of him. He T-boned it, went over the bars and landed on his face.
    If he’d have been on a motorbike, instead of a bicycle, he be fine and eating goat instead of lying in a hospital-bed..

  75. North Dakota?
    Naked Traveler?
    Nimble Dancers?
    New Day??

  76. Oh gosh, Chris, that still sounds terrible no matter how he crashed. Good thoughts and prayers.

  77. Prayers, ChrisP.

  78. Fear the Fork takes on the drunken Irish in Tempe. FINALLY set a game time. It was TBA until last week. I’m working next wknd so I can’t go. Dan may be going with CiL if he can get tickets.

  79. I should be here next weekend if Dan wants to mini-meat.

  80. I think the cash register did most of the damage, Oso.

  81. Welcome to my world, Scott.
    I hope it passes quickly!

  82. Not to make light of your BiL’s injuries, Crispy, but he T-boned a goat. That’s fucking Metal.

  83. Don’t forget a laundry marker Oso. My dad’s clothes disappear regularly despite my mom visiting the unit nearly every day.

  84. Ouch! Take care of your back. Cyn, if Dan gets to go to PHX he can’t have fun.

  85. No Fun Allowed!!

  86. Jimbro, they have laundry tags but Dan has the laundry sharpie just in case. $1 a day for laundry.

  87. Laura needs these cookie cutters (NSFW). Perfect for holidays with the family.


  88. Fucking Metal

    This phrase made me belly laugh out loud. I shall endeavor to use it soon.

  89. Sean, Yeppers.
    Not only that, the damned goat is fine, but Don broke every bone in his face!

  90. He “boned a goat”………..

  91. T-boned a goat. Sheesh.

  92. Did anybody set all of anybody else’s clocks forward an hour just to fuck with them today?

  93. Beasn needs one of these http://tinyurl.com/k7lc5el

  94. Teddy the Porcupine is awesome! I love him.

  95. Too soon for a ‘blew a seal’ joke?

  96. Nope. Don’t blow it all on the 1st day.

  97. OMG that voice is so cuuuuuuuute!

  98. He sounds like Cousin It.

  99. Who? (Please please please buy the too young to catch the Cousin It reference)

  100. Worst thing about DST is my watch. When I started working on attack-helicopters for DoD, I couldn’t have any metal on my hands, as I was a “Spark Chaser”, and spent a lot of time in the electrical compartment with the battery, inverters, etc…
    I had a cool old “National Semiconductor” watch with a radium face that you could read in the dark. It was metal, as was the band.
    I bought a throw-away Timex “Triathlon” plastic watch with a plastic band.
    It was about $19. I still have it . When we do the time-change, I always have to figure-out how to reset the damn thing. It takes me about 15 minutes.

  101. Who?


  102. *looks at my velcro kiddie Timex* Oops. I’ll use my phone and have Dan reset my watch

  103. Who?


  104. San Dimas High School Football Rules!!!

  105. Wyld Stallions!!!!

  106. U R! All good things to you Mo rans.

  107. The Last Boy Scout is on. Day is complete.

  108. I drive past San Dimas High School almost every day.

  109. blerg

  110. How’s tips, Car in?

  111. Tips were good. And both Keno and Cash register where TO THE DOLLAR on.

    busy day.

  112. It was a long day. I’m working tomorrow night too, because they don’t have a sunday night bartender right now. Sigh. I’ll be really sick of that place monday night.

  113. My schedule was fubared. I work 3 straight 5AM shifts.

  114. Is it time to fall back yet?

  115. 3 moar hours MT

  116. 1 more hour, Car in, then you can enjoy that hour all over again

  117. Well, i’m going to sleep then, so I get the extra hour in the sack.


    *looks at stack of bills

    oh. right.

  118. I got to live July 12th 1976 2X. It was awesome.

  119. And now it’s 1:34 a.m. CST and EST

  120. That’s weird – my 1:34 a.m. comment shows up before my 12:49 a.m. (1:50 a.m. EST) comment….

  121. So it’s 12:49 CST – wonder how WordPress will handle DST after 2:00 a.m. EST?

  122. And now it is officially 1:00 a.m. CST – again

  123. I see a woman in the night
    With a baby in her hand
    Under an old street light
    Near a garbage can
    Now she puts the kid away,
    and she’s gone to get a hit
    She hates her derp,
    and what she’s done to it

  124. Keep on rockin in the free world.

  125. “Moms and dads deserve a great place to drop their kids off every day that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg,” says the guy who wants to jack up the minimum wage.

  126. My Amazon account is recommending music by Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand, and Bette Midler. WTF?

  127. They think you’re mellow.

  128. This is all you need to know about the left:

    Babysitting is a right.

    Self defense is not.

    The guys on the left should just tuck back their genitalia, get their pubes waxed, and leave the fighting, fucking, and shit talking to actual men.

    Oh, and good morning.

  129. So does anyone actually want me to photoblog the stone-laying project? I have to leave for mass but I can do it when I get back.

  130. Is it NSFW?

  131. It’s completely SFW. It’s manufactured rocks plopped into the dirt next to a fence.

  132. Back about 10am.

  133. Woo Hoo! Laying on the couch only causes moderate pain today.

  134. Wakey

  135. I’m a medical professional doctor, scot. You should take 2 oz of bourbon every hour until the evening game. Then switch to beer.

  136. 33 degrees and snow is falling. I just looked in the fridge, there’s about a cup of milk left in the jug. Doomed, we’re truly doomed.

  137. G’morning, Standard Timers.

  138. When she woke up this morning and saw snow Paula said “The ER is gonna be full of homeless people”. She just started her 10-10 shift and texted me the magic number: 7 psych holds and the storm was just getting bad this morning. By the end of the day that will double.

  139. One cup of milk?

    It was nice knowing you.

  140. 31 here, but it’s sunny so there’s that. Friday and Saturday were horrible.

  141. It’s sad we’re going to lose Jimbro. But life goes on.

    We’ll need to take applications for a new H2 doctor STAT.

  142. Fall back is AWESOME especially on a day you work.

    An extra hour of free time for me today.

  143. >>>One cup of milk?

    It was nice knowing you.

    I’m not worried


  144. *points to comment at either 9:45 or 10:45, or possibly 8:45 am.

  145. Dibs on the honey. He’s dead, he doesn’t need it.


  147. Shit’s getting real. My internet speed is painfully slow. Hopefully not a harbinger of a cable TV disaster on football Sunday.

  148. Jimbro’s camp is gonna make a cool H2 summer hangout.

  149. Benny didn’t escape when I left him alone for 3 minutes. I don’t know if he tried, but he didn’t.

    Hanging out ’til noon then I’m putting Sta-bil gas in the mower and the tiller and raking leaves to the cattails for an afternoon burn.

  150. My next home improvement will be an outside wood-fired sauna.

    Because fuck winter.

  151. Lights are flickering, desk top isn’t loading…

    Cyn, remember the camp is on septic-no long showers or flushing feminine hygiene products…raise a glass to me as you’re frolicking in the lake

  152. yea, that’s terrible, Jimbro.

    But, moving on, let’s try to get an internist next time. I hear they know lots of shit.

  153. Given how old all you people are, you should be hoping for a gerontologist.

  154. I see how it is, I had my suspicions. Fine, I’m not sharing my lamb stew (propane range top bitchez)!

  155. Look, Jimbro.You had your run.

    *gives him an “attaboy”

  156. Things are looking up. I was able to put my socks on.

  157. A chiropractor might be nice.

  158. Or I could just get a small garage/shed built and then build a sauna inside it.

  159. A chiropractic internist who dabbles in acupuncture could really round this place out well.

  160. Let’s be honest. This bunch of assholes really needs a proctologist.

  161. We should put an ad on LinkedIn.

  162. *checks off November for Xbrad*

    And so early too.

  163. **puts on rubber glove**

    **offers deep discount**

  164. Patriots game may be interesting.

  165. Maybe Jimbro knows some people he can send our way.

    I mean while he still has power.

  166. Let’s get a psychiatrist. They can prescribe all the good drugs.

  167. I’m kind of excited about our new “hire”. I mean, not that I won’t miss Jimbro and shit …

  168. Jimwho?

  169. Most of my leaves blew away!

  170. Will we be gettin’ a medical marijuana scrip?

  171. Lamb stew is cooking on low. I had a choice of a “North African” style versus the one Insty always pushes (Guinness Lamb Stew). Didn’t want to waste the Guinness so I went with the Harissa spices.

  172. Did someone grab Jimbro’s Rx pad?

  173. I know a guy who does chiropracting and acupuncture along with that Chinese herb mumbo jumbo. He is a really nice guy who I’ve actually seen a few times. One day he showed me an x-ray of a hip pain he’d been following for 6 weeks and treating with his best voodoo methods. The original film showed a hip fracture that only worsened over the interval. Turns out it was a bone met from a breast primary. I stick with the acupuncture there.

  174. It’s nearly all electronic prescribing now MJ

    *frantically rifles through office “hiding spot”*

  175. Damn this weekend is just friggin gorgeous

  176. *gives MJ a wink and a nod after slipping out the back door of Jimbro’s house*

  177. *in before all the backdoor jokes

  178. Minestrone soup, FTW!

  179. Woo hoo! Visconti pulled the plug and endorsed Foley!

    There is a good chance we’ll be saying goodbye to Dannel P Malloy.

  180. Large animal tech?

  181. We are animals.
    Well, a lot of us are.

  182. My spirit animal is the sloth.

  183. 1st Christmas commercial.

    * pukes *

  184. *begins searching for Christmas avatard

  185. AZ Cardinals are looking good for another at – home Superbowl show.

  186. *writes prescription for cocaine

  187. OMAHA

  188. So, we lost power and the generator kicked on. No cable or internet. The radio station that plays the game is in the twilight zone. Le sigh.

  189. 13-7 NE

  190. It’s like frontier days here. I’m trying to decide which kid to cannibalize first.

    I’m trying to listen on an app which is not going well. Beer me.

  191. Omaha blows.

    Manning needs to pick a new city.

  192. *Uuuurrrrrp*

    Thanks Cyn!

  193. Wow.

  194. Doink! No good!

  195. My live blog says 20-7 Edelman punt return. True?

  196. Yes.

  197. http://imgur.com/gallery/AmJRM

  198. http://imgur.com/gallery/AmJRM

    Good one, Tushar. I feel sorry for those who hate this in the comments. My mom muttered half of those under her breath, especially the paper plates, keep your kids out of my breakables, no one likes photos of people stuffing their faces, and no cans for kids. And I understand why she told my sister to bring rolls.

  199. My key fob works again! Yay batteries!

  200. Is microwave popcorn paleo?

  201. Greetings, time travelers.

  202. Roamy, I was thinking the same thing about the comments. I don’t like family Thanksgiving. My food allergies make things awkward. I eat around them. Then people get butt-hurt if I go out for a burger because I’m still hungry.

  203. Sean, I loved your comment yesterday about messing with people by setting their clocks forward.

  204. Oso, I always ask about food allergies or warn people about common stuff like nuts.

  205. My food allergies make things awkward.

    Fuck that awkward, honey; it’s not like it’s something you can control.

    The problem is theirs for being too ignorant to understand or even care to try to understand. You bring your own food and give them a smirk and a wink.

  206. Oso, you should declare which food is bad for your allergies and are going to eat it anyway to save them from butthurt. Then eat the stuff, and barf all over them. Act butthurt if they object.

  207. I could be a great counselor.

  208. *checks my insurance to see if Tushar is in-network

  209. Sean, I loved your comment yesterday about messing with people by setting their clocks forward.

    Thank you.

    Did it inspire you to mischief?

  210. Is it morning or night? I don’t remember being so whacked out by DST before.

  211. Sean, I didn’t get a chance to pull anything today, but there’s always the clocks at work.

    Mr. RFH may have pulled the prank on me, as my cell phone is an hour ahead, and I have no idea how to change it.

  212. ?? Is your nearest cell tower in another time zone?

  213. No, and I’ve sent texts to Rocketboy, so it should have updated.

  214. Roamy. What up with the competition’s hot rod? That thing burned faster than a doob at the boarder crossing.

  215. Comment by Tushar on November 2, 2014 6:07 pm

    Looking at House Rule #1, Granny MUST be from Texas….

    And I gotta admit, not having that game to watch at Thanksgiving is kinda sad :-(

  216. Is it morning or night? I don’t remember being so whacked out by DST before.

    Well, maybe you shouldn’t have chugged all that expired Romanian cough syrup. I’m just saying is all.

  217. DST usually messes me up for a week.

  218. Chumpo, which one? The one with the 40-year-old Soviet engines or the one with the hybrid engine and nitrous oxide?

  219. Thanks guys. I’m really laid back about just not eating the stuff I’m allergic too. Sage and Rosemary and egg are my big offenders at the holidays. Tush, I wish it was the spew. These allergies are the ones that make me swell and where I can’t breathe.

  220. You’re probably right.

    Downside: I can’t feel my face
    Upside: I finished a screenplay that had been “hangin’ on”.

  221. My cell phone did not update the time either. Caused a moment of panic this morning when I thought I might be late for work.

  222. Well, the one with the Ancient Age thrusters is comical because, WTF.

    The one that Sir Richweird has been building on Skull Island; thats just sad.

  223. Leon, make this recipe and tell me how it is.

  224. That sounds gooooood. I love freaky German food. (not really sure it’s German). I got hooked on zee blood wurst and red cabbage kraut at a brewery in Idaho. lotta red on those mashed potatoes.

  225. The plate was called the Gross Clinic. I never knew what that meant.

  226. I been waitin’ all day for Sunday Night

  227. No you haven’t.

  228. You can’t prove that I haven’t not been waiting.

  229. Sierra Nevada was quick to say that they didn’t do nuffin with this test flight. They designed the original SpaceshipTwo hybrid engine, then either Virgin or Scaled Composites changed it from a rubber-based solid to thermoplastic (polyamide). The problem with the original was instability after 20 seconds. This one seems to be an ignition problem, but it’s early days yet. I’ve also seen a report that the pilots were concerned that the nitrous oxide tank temperature was too high.

  230. Whaddya gonna do now, Ferris?

    What are you going to do?


  231. No, I can’t not.

  232. For the first time in over 6 months I’m wearing sweatpants instead of shorts.

  233. http://tinyurl.com/pud2dat

    XBrad; Cold kickin’

  234. Cyn is a strong, independent, modern woman who knows of that for which she has been waiting. Or something.

  235. This is an item in the sidebar over at AoS:

    Tiffany Jenkins, The Scotsman: Why I’ve binned my feminist card
    “The fight for freedom that old-school feminists were part of has become a regressive, puritanical movement seeking to regulate what we hear, say, read and do, so my feminist card is in the bin.” [rdbrewer]

    Am I the only one who thought that was an article by Tittyface Jenkins at first glance?

  236. Sage and Rosemary and egg are my big offenders at the holidays.

    You should be fine at my house. My menu is usually pretty bland.

    Oh, and my profile login got all corrupted again. Too meh to mess with it today. Or maybe the rest of the week.

    *shakes fist at DST*

  237. You’re NOT the onlyone who read it that way, Sean.

  238. X, are yew going to be in SAN on 5 Nov?

  239. Am I the only one who thought that was an article by Tittyface Jenkins at first glance?

    No, I had to do read it twice because I couldn’t figure out why Tittyface had one of those cards.

  240. Beasn! Did you see the porcupine video?

  241. She has no idea of how much she needs one.

  242. Mr. Chumpo, no. Not sure if I’m heading there on Thursday or Friday.

  243. Linky dinky bottle of inky

  244. Sux. I’m having a thing at Miramar Nat Mon, I’d like to have you as my guest.

  245. Am I the only one who thought that was an article by Tittyface Jenkins at first glance?


  246. Is it pronounced Buff a loney, or Buff alone?

  247. The f is silent.

  248. Roamy,
    Sierra Nevada? Scaled Composites?
    Nobody ever explained the explosion that killed three and injured others in the “cold flow” engine ground-test in 2007. The engine wasn’t lit, they were just flowing NO2 through the plumbing when the explosion occurred.
    I read that the pilots were concerned about the temp in the oxidizer-tanks before this flight, but the tanks were intact in the wreckage.

  249. Heh.

  250. Am I the only one who thought that was an article by Tittyface Jenkins at first glance?


  251. Okay. I kind of figured a few of you might have done a double take on that as well.

  252. Jenkins is forever ruined in my mind. There might be a few others.

  253. Leon, make this recipe and tell me how it is.

    I’m not a big fan of schmaltz, sorry.

  254. Geebus, now I remember why I don’t usually let XMom cook dinner. The fucking cleanup took longer than prep and eating.

  255. Blergy

  256. I wonder who told Obummer to use the word “folks” in every speech/comment he ever makes.

    I bet he never used that word before he got political groomers. He probably had to practice saying it in front of a mirror.

  257. He thinks it’s spelled with an x.

  258. http://is.gd/xAb4Kb

  259. I have had an exciting few weeks on the foster front. Nelson was adopted on October 16, I picked up Lucky on October 24th and he was adopted November 1. I now have the sweetest most wonderful gentleman Gabe (sorry Gabe, I did not name him, no offense intended) He is 10 years old, and mostly blind, hip problems, he cannot do stairs. I live on the second floor walk up. So I carry him up.
    He might be my first foster failure.
    (Yes I suck I never got a chance to drag my Nikon out, all I have is 3 crappy iPhone pics)


    Only iPhone pic for now but I have the Nikon fired up so as to not miss a chance like Lucky

  260. oops forgot to link my 1 Gabe pic

  261. Did anybody recognize anybody else’s voice at a gathering of furries today?

  262. Wait! how did that happen?
    Gabe is mostly blind but a wonderful gentleman.

    Sorry my bad

  263. MMM @605an.


  264. Gabe looks like a sweetheart! Glad he found you, VMan….

  265. Skip the air-strip to the sunset
    Yeah ride the arrow to the target
    Take it derp to derp rock it through the wilderness
    Around the world the trip begins with a kiss

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