HHD – talent is hot edition

First, something for the men … well, she’s usually hot. Apparently here she’s mostly a marionette. This chick sings in one of my favorite Papa Roach songs.

Moving on, as I said in the title, talent is hot. Doesn’t matter the talent or passion – or focus. Show me someone who is really good at something, and he’s going to radiate hotness. But since music is my shtick, that’s what I’m going to focus on.

Up first, an actual redhead.

He is single now … just saying …

Are these pictures going to line up at all, or just be all over the place?

Our next guest certainly wouldn’t have become “hot” had he just been a mailman. And I have proof:

See what I’m saying here? No matter that he is deliver his “dick in a box”. Not hot.

But then there’s this:

So, what I’m saying is if you’re only of average attraction, you can make up for it. By being a rock star.

Now for some more music, which is what you guys really expected from me.

So, I don’t even SEE where the tags are in this editor? Someone help a sister out and add some tags to this beotch.


  1. from the old stinky, better than this one poat:

    Fuck the Po-lice! She gonna keel you!



    Give them what they want. No more police in the cities.

  2. Among other things, I couldn’t find the “below the fold” thing.

  3. it’s the more tag

  4. When I pressed play on the first song Ollie’s ear pricked up and he ran into the other room.

    Carin hates puppies

  5. Considerably less ghey than average.

  6. This is that Papa Roach song with Maria Brink

  7. So it looks like today’s theme is ugly motherfuckers who aren’t ugly due to the fact that they make music. Okay, I can play.
    TL:DL. Your loss.

  8. Pendejo is going to fail the quiz.

  9. Tom Petty is one of those who miraculously didn’t cross over into hotness.

  10. got a message that shows how well our justice system is working for Republicans:

    Dear Friend,

    I’m writing this letter to you today because, quite frankly, David Daleiden cannot.

    You may remember David as the undercover journalist who spent 30 months investigating and capturing video evidence of Planned Parenthood ‘s top leadership — medical directors, national program directors, even its Senior Director of Medical Services –­ callously negotiating the harvesting and sale of aborted baby body parts.

    And now, he’s been charged with nine bogus felonies.

  11. From the daily mail version of the cop killer story:

    “Beauvais goes on to say she doesn’t ‘believe in prisons’ but believes in capital punishment saying ‘hang that b**ch.’

    ‘I don’t even believe in prisons. I literally believe in the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. If you guilty, blow his head off,’ she says.

    ‘F**k is you here for. Why I gotta feed you? For what? Y’all killing us for less, on the streets, and in jails blow his head off… you got certain states that want to hang people, hang that bitch.’

  12. The … most amazing part of the story is that she drove off, and then claimed she didn’t know she hit a person.

    “‘What did I do? I heard a thump, I knew I hit something, but I didn’t know what it was,’ she allegedly told the arresting officers”

    It won’t let me link her car, but … I don’t even know how she continued driving it.

  13. I agree with her on all points. Let’s run her down with a car.

  14. Plus, she’s guilty and intentionally did it because of her systemic hatred of police. There’s as much proof of that as there is of cops killing black folks in the midst of crimes because of racism.

  15. I miss Rush.

  16. “There’s going to be more wealth created in the next two years (of the Biden Presidency)… than the past 20 years combined.”

    New Oreilly. And he’s right, because of all the money printed.

  17. O’Reilly is a buffoon if he confuses money for wealth.

    Having a trillion dollars isn’t wealth if it only buys a few loaves of bread.

  18. Stuck listening to an “all hands” teleconference.” They just brought on the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity officer who is going over some bullshit EO slides.

  19. you don’t think all that money isn’t being funneled directly into wall street? I think it is.

  20. what’s your email again? my game theory stuff is done

  21. Of course it is. The goal at this point is to prop up the stock market because the boomers are all barreling towards retirement and they based it all around the value of their retirement accounts and the increasing values of their homes.

  22. you don’t think all that money isn’t being funneled directly into wall street? I think it is.

    Oh I’m sure it is. DJIA must keep going up, dont’cha know. I should be able to cash out pretty soon if I really want to.

  23. I miss Rush.

    One their drummer died, I’m pretty much sure they were through.

  24. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/wisconsin-ron-kind-asian-massage-parlor

  25. Exam scheduled for next Wednesday.

  26. Aunt wants to hold a memorial service for Grandpa and Grandma, despite their request that we not hold one. So now I have to fly to Oregon next month. Yay.

  27. Seattle chocolate shop caters to the woke, will no longer serve police


    Were asked for comment, owner has given over complete control of the store to Antifa. Spend accordingly.

  28. Trump is appearing on the Dan Bongino Show today. I listen on Rumble and will put the link up later when I listen.

  29. I heard about that yesterday, jimbro, was going to tune in after the Deace show.

  30. I first typed Rush rather than Trump because I just read Carin’s I miss Rush comment. That would have been a hell of a get for an interview.

  31. Question: Why do people who are NEVER seen outside put out wind chimes they never have to listen to?

    They are effing annoying. Can’t sit outside and read due to obnoxious wind chimes.

    Will need to go to level 2 plan.

    Level 1: wrap center of chime around hanging wire.
    Level 2: repeat level 1 and add hoa rules about chimes.
    Level 3: scissors are involved.
    Level 4: mare gets involved and said chimes are now part of the lake’s ecosystem.

  32. so, The NY Post is now GOP propoganda, with stories being pushed by the right onto it’s viewers. Writer resigns.


    Juan Williams has denounced fox for pushing this false story.

  33. I have chimes on my deck and I do go outside. They don’t bother me. They don’t bother anyone else either, because I don’t have neighbors.

  34. “Critics of the vice president pounced on the report claiming her children’s book was added to care packages sent to migrant children at detainment centers.”
    Heh, Democrats pounce!

  35. Wind chimes are like pets. If they’re yours, you love them. If they belong to somebody else they are annoying and obnoxious.

    Never put out wind chimes if your neighbors can hear them. Never take your dog out in public.

  36. Never put out wind chimes if your neighbors can hear them. Never take your dog out in public.

    With the second comment, I can safely dismiss the first.

  37. “Critics of the vice president pounced on the report claiming her children’s book was added to care packages sent to migrant children at detainment centers.”

    Maybe they should have included Trump’s Art of the Deal, so that maybe, just maybe the little fuckers could grow up and actually accomplish something other than giving head.

  38. My neighbors are going to really love the bell collars on the sheep someday.

    Along with the “BAAAAAAAA…. BAAAAAAAAAAA” noises.

  39. I live in an attached wall situation. When you live in a condo you have to think farther than 5 feet out.

    Plus they are not allowed. For a reason.

  40. If you live on a ranch, farm or lots of property put up and stupid noise makers you want! You’ll be the only one listening.

  41. Alex, email address?

  42. The FBI seized Giuliani’s electronics??

    Lord, they are a scummy political weapon.

  43. If you live on a ranch, farm or lots of property put up and stupid noise makers you want! You’ll be the only one listening.


  44. alexander.b.moon at the gstring thingy.

  45. Mine is a big one- very low tone. Heavy, so it doesn’t really chime constantly. not a constant ting ting ting. Just an occasionally “bong”.

    I’m going to move it to a tree next to my neighbor’s house so they can enjoy it.

  46. Likewise, I don’t want my crotch sniffed or shoes licked by your stinking dog. I wear mostly black, so I sure as hell don’t want their stinking shedding hair all over my clothes.

    Sorry Carin. Dog owners are like democrats. They believe we should all love what they love.

  47. On Rudy’s Ukrainian dealings??????

    Holy shit the FBI is garbage.

  48. I’m sure my rooster, or the guinea hen was much more annoying.

  49. I don’t believe or think everyone should love what i love. You’re becoming crotchety in your old age.

    I’ve had many dogs that didn’t want anything to do with anyone outside of the family, and I always hoped people didn’t ask to pet them. My cousin used to always complain that my dog didn’t want anything to do with him. My current dogs are overly friendly, but I don’t care if you don’t want to pet them, etc. I really don’t.

    I have my dogs for me, not anyone else. Which is why I assume most people have the things around them . Because they want ’em.

  50. I find lots of things annoying. Loud (muscle) cars and motorcycles for one.

  51. And when my neighbors decide to fire off whatever they fire off over there – that gets a little irritating too.

  52. WHen my neighbor yells at his wife while they’re doing yardwork – I find that really annoying. When my other neighbor has a party really late – again, annoying.

    I’m just thinking we probably all do things that annoy other people. It just doesn’t annoy US so we think we’re more considerate.

    We’re probably not.

    I mean, now that I think about it … maybe my neighbors don’t like the beer trees?

  53. If the chimes were illegal, well I guess I’d report them? I dunno. I looked up the firing regulations – because it scares the shit out of my dogs (oops, sorry Hotspur) but apparently it’s legal and they can fire cannon over there . Which is what it sometimes sounds like.

  54. Real Estate is reasonable in Mentone, TX

  55. You guys are just stuck with me today, because I probably have covid and can’t do anything.

    Had a cough for about 24 hours. No fever. No sore throat. Fully functioning taste buds. A little tired and that’s it. But I was exposed, so probably yes. I’ve been taking ivermectin.

    So who should I piss off next?

  56. Cough was monday, btw. It’s disappeared.

  57. oh, sorry. i had it an my contacts list. my bad

  58. How do you get I ivermectin? I think Leon mentioned a farm store? Where else online?

  59. I went to myfreedoctor.com Told them i had symptoms, etc. It took about a day to work the process .

  60. Was it mailed to you or a pharmacy pick up?

  61. they had the rx sent to the meijer pharmacy. Rite right refused to fill it – said they don’t fill out of state Rxs. that cause a few days delay for me, because they weren’t honest about it at first.

  62. Listening to Bongino’s interview with PIEOTUS now.

  63. Mare, any Tractor Supply, most feed mills, basically anywhere that services livestock farmers will have it.

    I can mail you some if you want it and are afraid to buy it yourself. Do you want apple or molasses flavor?

  64. So leon, what dosage would you follow for that stuff?

  65. The horse version is on amazon.

  66. You divide based on weight. People do it all the time for smaller livestock.

  67. The horse version is on amazon.

    But Jeff Bezos hates you and I own TSC stock.

  68. You’re becoming crotchety in your old age.

    Correct. And I think it is my right. I’ve attained the age of 72. Thus I’ve earned the right to be crotchety.

  69. Do you want apple or molasses flavor?

    Do they have it in jizm flavor?

  70. “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity ” = DIE that’s a helluva acronym.

  71. Different view of the chick in the top video


  72. I found a place through that Principia site that puts out a lot of articles about how Covid is a scam. It’s in India and you can buy a lot of pharmaceuticals that are OTC there. The only payment they accept is a bank transfer which I’ve never done before so I haven’t pulled the trigger on it.

  73. Well, Leon, I only have 5 days dosages and I’m quarantined. which means I can’t go to TS.

  74. Holy shit the FBI is garbage.


  75. They have an online store too, and they deliver. Got my coop from them.

  76. Sobek –

    Joe doing clean vocals and there’s a guitar solo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwu6gQ0JeK0

  77. get my second dose of Pfizer tomorrow, along with most of the IT dept. 2nd dose kicks a lot of people’s ass, so I’m looking forward to Friday off.

  78. I’m getting friday off too J’ames!

  79. My wind chimes are teak and heavy brass pipe and they sound absolutely beautiful.

  80. my wind chimes are set up across from car in on the lake, and they sound like cannons.

  81. *tells Elliot to pee in Hotspur’s cheerios

  82. My wind chimes are very friendly and they shed fur all over the neighbors’ crotches.

  83. Mine is brass heavy too Laura. It’s just one “bell”. With a light breeze – which is most days, it’s just softly tings every few minutes.

  84. My wind chime has been known to hump a leg or two.

  85. Your mom stole my wind chimes. She keeps them in her top bedside drawer for some reason.

  86. I’m pretty sure the reason my neighbors fight is because of my wind chimes. Or my dogs.

  87. Penelope puts up wind chimes. Mostly the wind blows them away or destroys them rapidly.

  88. or destroys them rapidly.

    That’s probably your neighbor’s dog.

  89. My windchimes shit on the neighbor’s porch.

    Wait… that’s me. I do that.

  90. Michael Collins of the Apollo missions has passed at age 90.

  91. That’s… dark.

    His Manifesto seems less crazy than it used to, though. He should have learned from Jonah and just published the prophecy while praying for fire to reign down and taking “no” for an answer.

  92. Protocol for Low Risk Patients:

    Do nothing

    This worked for my family.

  93. I don’t always have wind chimes, but when I do, they’re made from the bones of the last person who complained about my fucking wind chimes.

  94. For the last year, I’ve taken D, C and A. But I work at a restaurant, go to a gym, etc. I assumed I would eventually come across it, and wanted to get as less sick as possible.

  95. I prefer less sick to sick as a dog, laying on the couch all day. Which has happened to a few of my friends.

  96. Since when is $170k 3bd 2bth a “starter home”?

  97. I think it’s been like that for a while. Small starter homes seem to have disappeared from a lot of areas.

  98. Or they became “low income housing” (read: crack dens in the ‘hood). Can’t find a 2-1 in a decent area hereabouts and most non-hood rentals are $900+ per month. Here in the MTG.

    Of course I also see houses appraised at one price range for six to seven years, then suddenly posted for 50% more. The market’s gone berserk all around.

  99. The only new construction near me is McMansions on what should be prime farm land.

  100. I don’t get that Chris Hardman thing, Alex.

  101. That’s Ted Kazcinzky, the Unabomber.

  102. Ah. And somehow I managed not to recognize him. Anyway, I’m sure Al Gore will be in attendance for that one.

  103. I’m surprised they’re still building McMansions. My sister lived in one and in their neighborhood it was on the small side. They’ve moved twice since they owned that one

  104. My wife went to the Realtor class and has explained it to me a couple of times. Housing inventory hasn’t actually grown as fast as population, or so the story goes, and developers are still cashing in on the business model. Moreso now since everyone’s stuck at home and a lot of them want more space for home offices.

  105. I’m trying to get some Ivermectin to take with us to the knife shows at the end of May. My governor probably banned it though. Can always get the tablets from an out of state person, or a friend in Mexico. Gotta look into Quercetin.

  106. I wonder how much of it is driven by changes in patterns of marriage and relocation. Fifty to seventy years ago most young adults would have married in their early twenties and lived close to family. A small starter home made sense, because you were often dealing with limited incomes and were just starting to establish yourself. Singles lived either with family, with roommates, or boarding houses (before they were driven away).

    Contrast that with today, where people are single into their late twenties and early thirties, and large segments of the middle class population relocate long distances for jobs. As a result, couples marrying are often dual-income, with established lives that have to be merged. A twenty-eight year old lawyer and a twenty-nine year old software developer can afford to purchase something nicer, or can afford to live in a “luxury” apartment close to nightlife and amenities until they’re ready to start having kids.

  107. Good for the parents!

  108. Thing is I’m seeing spikes in rental as well–houses and apartments. Section 8? Trying to keep questionable folks out? Other pressures? MTG’s going downwards but rent’s spiking upwards, it makes no sense.

  109. You never know the stories you run into. I’ve been browsing real estate as part of my “find a place of my own” plan, but got bored and started looking at “for sale” items (no, not looking at buying right now).

    So I look at this one house’s pic. Looks nice, but stuff piled all over, not hoarder-style, more go through everything-style. I see a plain bed in the master bedroom. I see what was clearly a daughter’s room. Then I see one room without a bed, but with a walker and one of those toilet seats you set up over the toilet for folks who have issues.

    So I have in mind a family, moved in in the 80s when it was built, added on later. Kids are grown and moved away. And now, the parents are either in a home or no longer alive. I guess the second because it sure looks like they’re going through the remnants of lives come to a close.

    The house is nice enough, but now I’m sad.

  110. it is sad. Went through my Aunt’s things, and remembered a life. But it sounds like the kids didn’t even do so, just left it.

  111. One person’s wind chimes are another persons piece of shit metal hitting against each other.

  112. Pepe, Governor Wuhan isn’t allowing pharmacists to fill those prescriptions.

  113. My mom is in the hospital again. Low oxygen.

  114. Circle of life Tim, circle of life. And think of the laughter and good memories they had in that home.

  115. Car in just wants to watch the world burn

  116. Did they have any pictures of windchimes handing in the back yard?

  117. Take your hippy bullshit shove it.
    But I mean that in a nice way. When I’m listening to birds I don’t want to hear metal.

  118. Sorry about your Mom, Oso.

    It’s been a long year or so.

  119. Mine don’t chime that much and I mostly just hear birds on my deck. I saw my first oriole today. Rose breasted grossbeak. I have a ton of finches. Pilated Woodpecker in the woods on the weekend. I have the more common woodpecker at my feeder all the time.

  120. Oso, you should quit your job to go be with your mom. If you were a proper Messican …

  121. When I’m listening to birds I don’t want to hear metal.
    I always want to listen to metal.

  122. I saw a wood pecker on my favorite pine. And a small bird chase an osprey off the same pine. When you look at osprey with their sharp beaks and large talons you’d think they kick ass but they are skittish. Plus they are largish birds.

    Some bird that I need to look up was drinking from the flower of the white bird of paradise plant.

    My life is nothing but a series of exciting events!

  123. I was waiting for someone to mention metal music, but I thought it would be Carin.

  124. Sobek, would you please straighten the FBI out? Thanks in advance.

  125. My grandma has lived in the same house for over 70 years. Raised 7 kids there, and I’ve visited her there a few times every year my entire life. It’s going to be VERY strange when we finally empty that house out.

  126. Sobek, would you please straighten the FBI out? Thanks in advance.

    Can’t be done.

  127. Yeah, did my time closing out lives and homes.

    Trying to get a late start on my own now.

    Wind chimes unlikely. Dogs optional.

  128. Carin, I am getting texts from multiple Tia’s telling me exactly that.

  129. BroTim, you are headed in a very good direction. Expect bumps. A place of your own, a car, a dog (rescue I hope) life would be pretty good.

  130. Check out Hondo, NM on Zillow. My Grammo’s house was built in 1909. Dan and my Bro’s Chica don’t understand why they don’t tear it down and rebuild on the 10 acres. Silly Anglos.

  131. Pound pups best pups! Of course as a “foster fail” myself, I may be partial 😉

  132. I’ve been listening to metal all day, so there’s that.

  133. Serenity in Murder, by Slayer:

  134. Sobek, gojira in two days.

  135. Cool.
    *devil horn fingers*

  136. There most recent early release has Joe doing clean singing.

  137. Their

  138. Yeah, I followed your link. I respect bands that try new things and get it right.

  139. I wasn’t sure if you read through the thread. not everyone is stuck home with covid.

  140. Have you lost your sense of taste and smell yet?

    Has the walking pneumonia set in?

    I wish I’d known about Ivermectin last February. I had it in the kitchen, FFS.

  141. Ugh. The heat and pollen have triggered a migraine. I just took my third shower because it’s the only thing that seems to help.

  142. Pretty sure today was another double.

  143. My symptoms are as follows:

    I’m tired. I was coughing Monday night. And I’m tired. No appetite. Taste, smell is all fine.

    That’s it.

  144. Monday night I felt sorta all over crummy.

  145. *gets 6 feet away from CARin*

    Don’t tell anyone but Mrs. Pupster’s hair is falling out, apparently it is a common side effect for folks that take Covid pretty hard.

    I’m sure you’ll be fine though.

  146. Alex, try turning on your AC. Bundle up if you have to, but I found that helped a lot last time my allergies got bad.

  147. So I should ignore the articles on the internet that says not to take horse paste?

  148. haha, chyron on Tucker’s show: Awaiting Biden Admin Propoganda on cap hill

  149. Does it say why you shouldn’t?

  150. Pups, so very sorry. 🙏🏻

  151. If you google all the hits are warnings. No hard reasons though.

  152. Check your Reagan string, Mare.

  153. People still use google?

  154. The warnings are citing the FDA, which still claims there are no prophylactic treatments, because that would mean they couldn’t do EUA for all the “vaccines” that totally aren’t making them rich.

  155. I actually just use google as a generic term

  156. Banglar van will be in Boston tomorrow.

    * puts on angry face *

  157. Having to watch the address tonight sober is going to be a challenge

  158. everyone wearing masks, with limited seating.

  159. I’m not watching the speech. I already feel like shit. I think Trump should record a response and release it on his own website.

  160. Trump should toss in that he’d never have banned mentols.

  161. Can’t watch, I’ll watch “highlights” and reactions tomorrow

  162. here comes joe!

  163. Trump should toss in that he’d never have banned mentols.

    It can be a plank for 2024.

    If we had a GOP worth a damn, they’d manage to work it into their response tonight.

  164. Chuck Schumer in a badly fitting suit. All these dumb motherfuckers in double masks. I’ve been drinking, and I’ve got tinnitus bad, and it’s not enough.

  165. doesn’t look like any republicans are there. Unity!

  166. Nancy Pelosi’s bosum is heaving.

  167. Jan 6th! Worst attack since the Civil War!

  168. Jay, I was going to say McConnell is there, but you may be right.

  169. I had the same thought about chuck’s suit. Also wondered which republicans are there. Anyone catch any? Names?

  170. I saw Sen. Kennedy from Louisiana.

  171. wonder if Kamala is gonna start cackling

  172. Biden’s eyes are weird again. Black instead of blue, like the pupils are blown.

  173. Lindsey Graham.

  174. they must all be in the back. Jim Crow seating

  175. Grandpa is rambling

  176. watching on Newsmax. Fox gets no ratings from me.

  177. got my planer today. 100# package. Fedex left it in front of the garage, instead of bringing it to the door. Just leave hundreds of dollars out in the street, nice job guys!

  178. It’s like pelosi has an ejection seat

  179. They don’t know how stupid they look wearing underwear on their faces.

  180. create jobs! infrastructure! why hasn’t he said that?

  181. clean water! Flint lives! federal government jobs. God they are so dumb, and americans fall for this shit.

  182. speaking of an elderly person who can’t be left alone…

  183. Mittens is there! Then again he’s a democrat. i did see McConnell.

  184. Hotel doesn’t have Newsmax. I probably should have watched online, but I’ve already given Fox the business.

  185. Cruz was chatting with Boebert earlier.

  186. They also look stupid for the way they are clapping. I saw Warnock clapping by hitting the back of his hand.

  187. There is a reason we don’t make batteries in the USA. Let me introduce you to the environmentalists.


  188. he stole Trump’s buy American in government.

  189. Guess why we buy all our microchips from overseas.

    Go ahead, guess.

  190. Turned it off at the minimum wage line.

  191. invest in families!

  192. His cocaine is wearing off.

  193. It’s past his bedtime, and he didn’t have his pudding yet.

  194. he’s been getting Lance Armstrong blood all day. Wearing down.

  195. He’s gonna make it to a second term!

  196. turned on Crowder’s live stream. He’s brutal.

  197. Obamacare!

  198. we’re gonna negotiate lower costs!

  199. LOL at focusing on Mitt Romney for the billionaires line

  200. no new taxes! 400k and no taxes!

  201. Ah shit, stock market’s going to take a dive tomorrow.

  202. now lying about the tax cut

  203. I should have cleared out my stocks earlier this week…

  204. Holy cow. If that doesn’t get Chauvin’s conviction overturned.

  205. Should have bought more ammo

  206. 100-round magazines?

  207. Thanks for watching this shitshow. I couldn’t do it.

  208. Poor Biden.

  209. Flipped over to Facedouche briefly. Lib friend is ecstatic over getting her vaccine because she “can hug her daughter again in two weeks”. I never stopped hugging my kids.

  210. MJ, it really is elder abuse. He should be enjoying retirement somewhere, not being propped up like this.

  211. United, my ass.

  212. I was going to go get a shower (I stink), but I’m waiting for Tim Scott.

  213. If there’s any elder in America deserving of abuse, it’s Joseph Biden.

  214. Kudos to Tim Scott, he did a good job. And if you don’t like his speech, you’re raaaacist.

  215. I especially liked his points about the filibuster and the Georgia voting law.

  216. Well, that wasn’t the best shower of all time, but it was a top 20. I feel and smell much better.

  217. Gropin Joe will be along shortly to evaluate whether you smell much better or not

  218. My hair smells like coconut lime verbena. Sounds more like a drink with an umbrella in it than shampoo, but someone in the hotel chain decided that was a good thing.

  219. Donations exceeded Raymond’s predictions.

  220. Good, but scary, Tucker segment

  221. The only commentary I’ve seen about the speech so far has been here. Not sure I want to watch any but I suppose it’s good to know how I’m going to get fucked over before it happens

  222. Headline from Military Times:

    Biden says US withdrawal from Afghanistan shows ‘American leadership’

  223. I might have phrased that differently.

    Trump definitely would have.

  224. New buzzwords: “Over-the-horizon capability”

    It’s back to cruise missiles on wedding parties IOW

  225. Heh, NY Post headline:

    “Biden’s first big speech to Congress bombs on all counts”

    That means all the liberal check marks loved it except the ones who think he didn’t go far enough

  226. “Shows they were waiting so they could give Biden the credit, but they don’t actually take orders from the ‘CiC'”

  227. post scheduled in a few

  228. First cigarettes I smoked as a kid were Newports. They certainly were “Alive With Pleasure” as the tagline said. The ban on menthol smokes is going to really hit the Black community hard, they love them some menthol cigarettes.


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