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  1. Final Round 3 Results

  2. Excellent

    I stopped keeping track of my favorites after Campbell’s Chunky IPA

  3. I looked yesterday afternoon and saw Jem with an insurmountable lead. She does fit the criteria of having the BiggestBoobs.

    I’ve lost track of how many contestants are in the running for the crown. How many are in the running for the title and when is the competition? I’m thinking the answers are eight and next Friday but a little clarification will set my mind at ease.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. The gal I took skiing – she just woke up. Went to bed when I dropped her off on Friday and she missed Saturday.

    She was a night person – seriously bad – and I’ve been trying to get her to normalize her sleeping pattern.

    She went to bed around 9:30 on thursday – but she’d been up a day and a half at that point.

  6. Last night we has a party in a bar. Illegal. It was fun though.

  7. You didn’t break a law, you broke a rule. Laws are passed by legislatures. The governor is the one breaking the law.

  8. I like to feel a bit more outlaw, Leon. Don’t crush my dreams.

  9. Just pointing out the lack of legitimacy. “Legitimate”, “legal”, “legislate” all have the same root. SCOTMI told Wretched that she lacked the authority, so she’s having her cuckboy in MIDHHS make the same false claim under a different law to create another court case to chase down while she continues to torture us. An appointee of the governor cannot have authority the governor lacks, so it’s all a fat stack of bullshit.

    Claiming that these are laws is a big part of the problem. When people start breaking “laws”, they stop giving actual laws as much respect. Actual laws and the rule of law were the only dividing line between government and a big-well-funded protection racket with some public works projects. Oh well, I”m sure it’ll be fine.

  10. There are three finalists, Jimbro, next Friday is the Championship.

  11. she missed Saturday

    She should take a pregnancy test.

  12. Big Boob Christmas?

  13. Yep, I guess so. More packages to unwrap.

    I meant to draw out the contest this year but it kind of got away from me a bit.

  14. Always have an exit strategy


  15. Laughed out loud at the package tracking one. Saved the popcorn and missiles to the dad joke list. Thank you, Pupster.

  16. No Rose Parade this year and the Rose Bowl will be played in Dallas.

  17. … exit strategy
    Big shout out to the bathing suit manufacturer!

    She was a petite woman but the suit tolerated her entire body weight without failure. As far as we know I guess. Her Only Fans subscribers got to see the cameltoe extraction.

  18. I’ve got Ben serving as Chief Elf wrapping Paula’s gifts and Paula is taking care of the boys ones for me. There are a few advantages to financing this event.

  19. Tis the season for scams. Friend’s dad got the phone call “your grandson has been in an accident and has been arrested, give us $15K bail money to get him out”. Several Facedouche friends fell for the “I think that’s you in this video” messenger virus.

    And I am procrastinating on cleaning the house.


  21. I appreciated the shout out to my kiddo.

  22. ubetcha

  23. Where all u mofos b? Baby Jesus shopping?

  24. Lazy Sunday at Casa di W.

    Did a stock up food shopping, laundry, etc. Watching the snow come down. Scott is watching a sports program.

  25. My favorite from yesterday was “I hope these aren’t hornets!”

  26. For Oso

  27. Someone’s parent does Crossfit.


  28. Helluva mess


  29. Dude’s lucky he’s got some wheels. I saw one like that but it was a giant red hot blob of molten something that squirted out of the press, rolled into a guys leg and he fell on it face first. Doubt he survived, I won’t link it here.

  30. Pepe, I need more info. Why doesn’t that pupper have a vest on?

  31. Cleaned everything but the guest room, where I need to finish wrapping presents then clear out all the paper and bows. Dinner is Brunswick stew, currently cooking in the Instapot in slow cooker setting. Not sure it wouldn’t be better in the crockpot, but I wanted to saute the onions and not dirty two pots.

  32. how could Pfizer develop a vaccine so quickly this time, but never for the cold or regular flu? is it just the money?

  33. first time ever for isu in a new years bowl game and I can’t go

  34. Made split pea soup. Chicken and dumplings for dinner. Did all sorts of random cleaning shit.

    It’s probably time to relax and check my package tracking.

  35. I feel like a mask Nazi. Crusoe, Oakley, and Daphne ALWAYS WEAR THEIR VESTS

  36. Sorry, J’Ames. Will you be listening to Heather Radishes German commentary while watching on TV?

  37. Dan is making Beanie Weenies.

  38. I’m making burgers

  39. german announcers sounded better than the American pro OU ONES

  40. Paula is working so dinner was steak. Had she been here I’m sure there would have been rice and a vegetable. And less steak.

  41. Fridge door switch failed today, so now we have a fridge flashlight.

  42. Our new fridge lights kept failing. 3X replacement was sent. New fridge is old. We no longer GAF about the light. I doubt new fridge will last as long as old fridge

  43. This one is 28 years old.

    I have ordered its replacement.

  44. Scott, have you watched Charlie Woods?

  45. Yes. Amazing.

  46. We have been waiting two months for our new range. Backordered. I asked the guy at the store today if this keeps dragging on, can I switch it for another range? He said, yea, sure, but all the brands are having the same problem.

    This fridge started doing weird stuff two summers ago, lines freezing and causing puddle in the bottom of the fridge, etc.

    Our range is around 50 years old, the fridge is almost 30. It’s time. Last thing I want is to need a fridge real bad and nobody has any. Our kitchen slot is a pretty specific size.

    Fortunately, our porch is a giant fridge now, so we can get by in totes and coolers for a while if the old gal gives up the ghost real soon.

  47. Lauraw, yep. All brands. In the meantime, Charlie Woods!

  48. Pretty sure that puppy can float, Oso. He’s a chonk!

  49. https://tinyurl.com/ycx2olxt

  50. I miss my chonks

  51. Urgh.


  52. Sometimes I miss my dogs too, but FREEDOM. At least for a little while. I can see that I will probably have dogs again at some point.

  53. A limiting factor for dog breed choice is the ridiculous coyote pressure here. BIG coyotes, not like what they have in the southwest. These things are almost husky size. I think I already told about all the times that my cattle dogs were attacked by these wild brutes.

  54. Coyotes here can be 70-80 lbs.

  55. We are looking forward to Dogs once again. Respite. Taking time tomheal

  56. To heal. fu autocucumber

  57. A lotta places the “coyotes” are more like coydogs. Much crossbreeding. Except here in Alabama for some fucking reason where the bloodlines are relatively pure. Insert redneck coyote joke here, I’m too damn lazy right now.

  58. Coywolves.

  59. Mr. RFH was watching “It Happened on 5th Avenue” on TCM, and I recognized the voice of one of the cops. I kept thinking it was from a Tom and Jerry cartoon, but I had the wrong mouse. Timothy Q. Mouse from Dumbo.

  60. Good job.

    That is my superpower. Voices. I recognize voices in a crowd faster than faces.

  61. The movie had Skipper from Gilligan’s Island, too, but he was pretty recognizable.

  62. Twitter thread

    Favorite part: “If someone is insisting that *certain food* is what you have to eat Christmas morning, because that’s their family tradition, DO NOT SUGGEST ALTERNATIVES. They will stab you in the neck.”

  63. Darling, everything’s right proper.

  64. My superpower is singing voices.

  65. wakey wakey hostages. Daylight is burning.

  66. First work-text came at 5:45AM and I fought my way back to another 45 minutes or so of sleep after that. I have nothing ready in the hopper.

  67. My ss package is still in Detroit.

  68. can we send in the national guard?

  69. Short week. Honestly if I had the days I’d just bugger off, not going to be much to get done really.

  70. We ought to. The USPS in Detroit is clearly on strike.

    So if not NG, Pinkertons.

  71. I told some friends they should send in the unemployed restaurant workers. We’d get that shit done in no time.

  72. I don’t think the Iowa coyotes get that big. Maybe the mountain lions eat them.

  73. They forced me to use up 64 hours of PTO before Dec 7, so I’m down to one week banked, but I need that in case my wife has Guard duty.

    Let’s hope they get sent to clear out Detroit USPS.

  74. It’s amazing how regional the issues are. CA seems to be running like a top. Amazon built their own distribution system, presumably because the existing one wasn’t cutting it. Ours is maybe a day behind max, regular service isn’t, only packages.

  75. MI coyotes have no predators and almost no hunters. Plenty of feral cats to eat, too.

    Black squirrels used to be pretty scarce over here when I was a kid because they’d been hunted almost to extinction for the fur trade. No one wears squirrel anymore so they’re friggin’ everywhere now.

  76. J’ames – No one can talk about why certain centers are so bad. Detroit. Philadelphia.

  77. Government employees are hard to fire. Certain types of government workers are essentially un-fire-able.

    It won’t get better until it gets horrifically worse.

  78. can we send in the national guard?

    That’s a little extreme.

    I’m sure Leon will get a Monday post up soon.

  79. We had a member of the float staff pitch a fit when she came in to work because there are covid positive patients on our unit. She would not have volunteered to work on our unit if she knew.

    Every fucking unit has covid positive people, or people in isolation because they were exposed and may develop it shortly. I’m like, what hospital does she think she’s going to work in, where there’s no covid? It’s literally everywhere, and we have been on admissions lockdown twice because of it. Mind you, we have not allowed visitors to our unit since last Spring. Everybody is still getting it. Lockdown = ineffective. Masks = ineffective. Six foot distance between people = ineffective.

    Part of the reason spacing is ineffective is 1) Airborne particles easily float over there, and 2) Nobody can actually enforce it in tight quarters like our office. It’s impossible. The office is barely over six feet across between the desks, and workstations are right next to each other. Nobody points out this massive hypocrisy right inside of a health care setting. The other nurses will stand two feet away from me and tell me that I have to make sure the patients sit further apart from each other. The patients have been isolated for months. WE are in and out of the world, not them.

    They also believe that shutdowns are incredibly important to maintain, to stop the spread. OKAY! SEE YOU AT WALMART, GENIUS!

    It’s like working with a bunch of zombies. I’m so glad I killed my TV years ago and still have critical thinking abilities.

  80. The only coyote I’ve ever seen alive was in Ohio, medium dog sized, in the early 2000’s. He was running, well jogging really, on one of those rails to trails paths beside the freeway.

  81. Part of the reason spacing is ineffective is 1) Airborne particles easily float over there

    *raises paw*

    The particles…does the virus ride on droplets or is it floating on my exhaled breath?

  82. I still laugh when I think about the couple of ladies reading the BS covid news when Georgia ‘reopened’ last Summer. “It’s spiking! It’s spiking!” And then glaring at me because they knew I disapprove of the lockdown. Stupid idiots. I bet if I put on a lab coat and stood in front of a TV camera I could convince them to eat catshit.

  83. I’m at work-work with a “do this until it is done, having dropped all else as not important” ROE issued at 0547.

  84. Pretty much no one who’s eaten cat shit has died of WuFlu.

    Mostly people who’ve eaten cat.

  85. Uh oh.

  86. Both, Pupster. And a medical mask is like trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain link fence.

    Flu is more of a droplet type disease, where keeping surfaces clean and covering the nose and mouth really do help a lot.

    Respiratory illnesses that spread via airborne particles require an N95 mask in concert with a negative pressure room that is constantly being refreshed with good air. Every single nurse knows this, and when I bring it up they look uncomfortable.

    “This is an airborne virus, that’s why it’s so easily transmitted.”

    They nod yes.

    “So why are we making everybody wear medical masks?”

    They stare at me, some say, “I know…” and trail off.

    I did this routine with our Nursing Coordinator (think SuperNurse) three days ago and she just laughed and nodded and walked away.

  87. Yeah.

    Uh Oh.

  88. Nursing Coordinator (think SuperNurse)

    They got tired of the “head nurse” jokes, didn’t they?

  89. I mean I get it, cloth and paper masks aren’t 100% like positive air and N95, but they do cut down the droplets, and redirect the exhale up, down, sideways to slow the straight out breath?
    Seriously I’m just trying to understand, not being argumentative here.

  90. Pupster, if masks are effective, how come everyone I know who has gotten Covid was an ardent mask wearer?

  91. One even wore her mask while driving her car.

  92. Pupster, an airborne virus doesn’t need a droplet. You inhale air and exhale air and droplets. The mask catches droplets, some of which contain viral particles that you’ve recently inhaled or are presently shedding. Ordinarily, those droplets come from the nose and are already pointed down and away from you and anyone you’re facing. They’ll land on surfaces and be moderately protected from UV by the water/mucus until they dry out or get sterilized.

    Or they’ll sit inside your mask and get re-inhaled and up your viral load. Which might be why all the mask nazis are the ones getting sick.

  93. It’s almost like viruses have been a threat to mankind for literally all of human history and our respiratory system is actually built to fight them off most of the time.

  94. if its airborne, and masks aren’t the answer, what should we be doing? Is it washing our hands, staying away from people?

  95. Its almost as if the government can’t save us from biological facts and laws that have existed since forever.

  96. I’m with pupster!

  97. Mosquitoes and chain link fence. How many mosquitoes are redirected and or caught?

  98. if its airborne, and masks aren’t the answer, what should we be doing? Is it washing our hands, staying away from people?

    Washing hands, staying home if sick (because symptoms are how the shedding virus spreads best), getting sunshine, vitamins, zinc, and fresh air.

    That’s literally it.

  99. if we’re outside, I’m assuming it’s the fact that you are diluting the virus with so much more air that the chances of getting sufficient particles of virus to catch it is much more difficult. Indoors, there is only so much changing of air, and air flow, so the particles become more concentrated easier. Plus blockage of UV from sun.

  100. Exhaling up means a virus rejected by your nose has a second chance to get in through your eyes, too, which have much less robust defenses against airborne pathogens.

  101. that is what i figured, leon. The fact that people come in to work when they are sick are because they are afraid of losing their jobs. This puts the blame on their management, who haven’t made it clear that their job isn’t in danger if they are truly sick. But there are also a lot of people who abuse this, and use sick days as extra vacation days.

    We had a lady who was stupid enough to put her sick/vacation days on the wall calendar.

  102. conversations like this would be very helpful for a lot of people

  103. Yep, the air in your house doesn’t move much and has a lot less oxygen, which means you breathe more often to oxygenate, and the virus is less exposed to gaseous oxygen, meaning it’s less likely to just shatter in house air.

    Restaurants and bars with wide open spaces and frequently opening doors as patrons come and go might actually be safer.

  104. The “don’t come to work if you’re sick – don’t worry your job is safe “ rule is why the post office is in the mess its in.

  105. Well, that is unfortunate. Someone delete the first two. The third was corrected for Leon’s grammar ocd

  106. I’m disheartened that you have bought into this hype that a virus like this, out in the community, can be avoided. It can’t. Do what we did for H1N1- nothing. And that disease killed scads of children! The tiny percentage of people this disease kills are pushing 90 and/or already had a looming mortality from other causes.

    We are all either going to get it, or get vaccinated, and it’s no big deal. Your odds of getting seriously ill are very low, and if you do we know how to treat it now, and I like your 99.8% odds of survival! Jesus tittyfucking Christ, snap out of it! The media is selling panic by the bucket and they are LYING TO YOU. And my coworkers are abetting this nonsense even though they know better! Yes this includes doctors because they are all liberals on the gravy train.

  107. i don’t think it can be avoided, to be clear. I’m not afraid of getting COVID.

  108. POOF!

  109. I do believe that most people are just buying in to the fear, and are truly concerned about people. I don’t think they are deliberately evil in propogating this fear to keep people locked down.

    I save that scorn for the Buyden campaign, and Democrats in general. Just when I thought they couldn’t get any worse than leaving an ambassador to die in Libya. Hold my beer.

  110. people being ignorant are not evil, but them telling me how I’m a Nazi war collaborator by not wearing a mask when I walk my dog is a bridge too far. They gonna eat some metaphorical teeth.

  111. Right, Jay, but it also has a political component, unfortunately. And healthcare workers are overwhelmingly libs.

  112. let me walk through the science, as your eyes glaze over because you never ever thought this through, like you forced me too.

    –conversations I want to have with 50% of my cousins and relatives.

    I’m lucky, cuz my family is very military oriented, and midwest. Only the eastern liberal women seem to be an issue, and their sisters.

  113. One of my cousins is a retired Pfizer exec. Don’t think I’ve been flooded with news about “the vaccine”?

  114. I agree with that assessment, Jay. Most Americans really are good and decent people with no wish to do harm, but they are entirely too trusting of mass media and government, who’ve gone hand-in-glove to weaponize their goodness and altruism so as better to divide us.

  115. you said it better than I could, leon. People do really mean well. That includes us evil wingers, who it seems everyone loves to hate.

    Does anyone else truly enjoy the condescending looks you get when people discover you are a conservative?

    I like it even better as I bash them over the head with facts and good arguments. Sooner or later they will bleat about me being a hater. It’s only a matter of time.

  116. That came up during the mask argument with my dad.

    “You’re smarter than this!” he said.
    “Exactly, I am smarter than this. Think about that.” I said.

    Then he walked away so he could stop yelling.

  117. I would like to thank laura for the negative pressure argument, and basic knowledge of infectious disease prevention in a clinical setting.

    As in, where it’s actually possible.

  118. Right. I love the “Well, THE EXPERTS say to wear masks!”

    No, the experts are not saying this. They’re as afraid to speak up as anybody.

  119. Jay, every federal contractor I’ve worked for has no Sick Days, just PTO, and not much of it. That’s a big part of the problem in the DC area. When norovirus hit the Pentagon a few years back, they had to beg people to stay home.

  120. When experts speak, twitter, youtube, and facebook ban them.

    They were never on TV in the first place.

  121. That’s because they are CONTRACTORS! feds don’t have to provide bennies, or pretend its a real job, and just feel good about it. Kicking the can, just like they normally do.

  122. I will be within 25 feet of Ivanka Trump today.

  123. Doesn’t that violate the restraining order?

  124. mmmm, Ivanka Trump

  125. Am I the only person that thinks “viral load” sounds dirty?

  126. well look who the cat dragged in and hocked up?

  127. Wiserbride told me that she and her husband are both recovered from the Chinese Lung Rot.

  128. any residual effects?

  129. Not that she mentioned.

  130. Half our patients that caught it had zero symptoms.

  131. Yay Wisers!

    I’m pretty sure I had it this time last year, the week between Christmas and New Years that I took as PTO. I had SOMETHING that made me feel puny for 3-4 days. Medium cold or a light flu, mostly tired and coughy. Low grade fever.

  132. I gave your mom a massive viral load.

  133. one bad thing about mewe: you can’t hotlink images from there. FB and Twitter you can. FB links expire, though. Soon all J’ames meme posts will be blank.

  134. Wiserbud said it was the fatigue that really zapped her. Other than that they had basic cold/flu symptoms.

  135. I just cleaned my office for the first time this year, dusty in here. Cleaner is orange scented. Yuck.

  136. I remain convinced the majority of “cases” are actually false positives. And the more I learn, the more certain of that I am.

  137. haha, wiser is triggering people with hated christmas songs.

  138. He’s playing that “Domenic the Christmas Donkey” shite, ain’t he.

  139. Yeah fatigue, arms and legs felt heavy, walk up stairs was exhausting. 3-4 days then poof all better.

  140. haha, he just played it, BroTim!

  141. Wiserbride told me that she and her husband are both recovered from the Chinese Lung Rot.

    Good. You know who had it worse?
    I’m curious if it’s way worse for men, cuz
    you know
    man cold and all

  142. Cleaner is orange scented. Yuck.

    Lemon > Orange

  143. Mini-me is home. Happy momma.

    Jay, I saw where they named an Iowan for the next SpaceX crewed mission. Raja Chari of Cedar Falls.

  144. Mini-me is home. Happy momma


  145. When we had it here, daughter had a mild fever and diarrhea, wife had “the flu”, and I had a fever and chills and sorta slept for 30-some hours, followed by a week of walking pneumonia, then fatigue that lasted long enough and abated so slowly that I realized sometime in late March that it was gone (having had the long sleep back in mid February).

    So, anecdotally, worse for men.

  146. I chopped down a tree yesterday and hauled it to the firepit. Got winded a lot, had to stop a few times when hauling the tarp, but that’s more likely to be 9 months under unlawful house arrest coupled with moderate to heavy drinking and a shitty diet than anything to do with WuFlu.

  147. They had a story on him, roamy, locally.


    Artemis mission, to the moon?

  148. ah, I see. Hes on the next mission to space station, but on the team for research into moon missions.

  149. Yea, statins!


    It’s BBC though, and lots of what they print is bullshit…

  150. For those of you wondering where Bill Barr stands on the election controversy:

    Barr: There’s No Reason To Appoint A Special Counsel To Investigate Hunter Biden — Or To Seize Election Machines

  151. If wiser trots out that Christmas shoes drek, I’m’a give his mom a good talking to.

  152. More of THE EXPERTS disobeying their own decrees

    Birx went home with family for Thanksgiving, now says she was just winterizing her home to sell it.

  153. Barr needs a bagpipe enema.

  154. Raja Chari

    That doesn’t sound Iowaian.

  155. you’re right, he was born in Milwaukee. Just grew up in Iowa.

  156. Bill Barr has been busy though

    Lockerbie bomber is what takes up his time as the election case goes tick tock.

  157. I buy it, Chris. Statins are fucking poison.

    My dad’s been on them for years, and it’s been that long since we could talk about anything contentious. MSNBC and Discovery Networks being all-in on globalist propaganda hasn’t helped.

  158. oh man, gloablist propoganda ruined National Geographic too.

  159. People talk about how HARD the chinese lung rot hit them, but I think there is sort of a forgetfulness about how it sucks to feel sick. I mean, you get something (a bad cold or flu) and you’re THINK OH MY GOD this IS HORRIBLE. Then you get over it and you sorta forget. Like childbirth. How horrid is to just be TIRED. Well, CLR is a bit of high drama this year, so perhaps – when you’re tired – it just makes more of an impression, because you now have the infamous CLR.

    This is a great article:


  160. “For one thing, she uncovered findings that if you put primates on a low-cholesterol diet, they become more aggressive.”

    And in one sentence, we see why vegans are such utter pricks.

  161. People talk about how HARD the chinese lung rot hit them, but I think there is sort of a forgetfulness about how it sucks to feel sick. I mean, you get something (a bad cold or flu) and you’re THINK OH MY GOD this IS HORRIBLE.

    This was a big part of why I “slept” though that early, awful stage. I knew that it wasn’t bad enough to go seek treatment, but that the only thing that would cure it was time, so I tried to put my mind somewhere else. I was too tired for Skyrim, so sleep was all I had.

  162. Person I know that had Covid AND has had flu said flu had way worse symptoms, but lung symptoms are far worse with Covid.

  163. All I know is that when I’ve gotten sick – really sick – from anything, I’m always shocked by how badly it zapps my energy. I can remember throwing up or headaches. But being tired, and having that linger seems to fade from my memory.

    BUT I KNOW IT happened, because it sorta surprises me every time and I am always anxious for my energy to return. Its the symptom you always sorta forget about . Except with CLR everyone talks about it.

    The people I’ve known who had it – most were better pretty quick. Tired for a few days.

  164. Whatever the crud was that I had in February kicked my ass. Literally sitting up and reading the internet was exhausting. I had to kick back and nap in my recliner periodically throughout the day. I was sure it was a particularly wicked sinus infection though. Not covid. Maybe. Who knows?

  165. I’m guessing that everyone will claim to have had Covid in a few years.

    Just like everyone was at Woodstock

  166. Ivanka gave a really good speech.

    She’s def running.

    Loeffler…5 min
    Perdue…10 min
    Ivanka…25 mins

  167. STFU-MJ!


  168. Her or Don Jr. I get the sense Eric just wants to keep running the business but is happy to talk now and then.

  169. but Ivanka was a huge lib, wasn’t she? I guess i could get behind her if she was pro liberty, keep the government off our backs. But would she?

  170. I’m still laughing at Baby Yoda thinking of ways he’s going to say no.


  171. I found Car in’s and roamy’s packages

    Preemptive: SYWM

  172. You think they’re going to let Ivanka win? Or anybody else? I admire yer optimism suh.

  173. I’m bummed out by my fellow Americans regarding the reaction to this virus. The nation has watched too many horror flicks, sci-fi catastrophe films , and other Hollywood drivel. We’ve allowed teachers who could never get jobs as lab bench cleaners try to teach the simplest of scientific concepts and have elevated meathead sports jocks to lvls of intelligence that their 70-90 FSIQ’s can’t support. We are allowing politicians to preach to us about our responsibilities as members of a civil society when they can’t even keep their literal and figurative dicks in their pants during the most basic of human interactions.
    I’m actually disgusted by what this virus has shown us to be.

  174. Ask basic questions and you’re labeled a hater. A monster.

  175. We’d be better off if this was an eye of the needle event; but alas it is not.

  176. Humanity will never succumb in toto to a disease, that’s not how life works.
    It truly is that simple.
    I’ve asked ppl to name the last catastrophic disease that was capable of ending our species. …
    Always blank stares.

  177. Panic porn. Nothing more.

  178. And lots of disturbingly stupid ppl.

  179. I ask this – name a biological weapon that is capable of wiping out all of humanity.

  180. name a biological weapon that is capable of wiping out all of humanity.


    Your mom.

  181. Package still not moving.

  182. Comment by Car in on December 21, 2020 3:35 pm
    Package still not moving.


    Have you tried blowing on it? Maybe Viagra?

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