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  3. Too many laugh out louds to count.

    Mare loves Pup.

  4. The low temp under our magnolia tree last night was 3.7 degrees. It was 5.5 when I got up a few minutes ago. Temp has already skyrocketed to 7.5!! WAHOOO!

  5. We’re supposed to go for a walk today in the snow. I love my hiking boots but they have these hooks that keep grabbing the other shoe’s laces or whatever on the downstroke that make me do a flying header every time. I need gaiters anyway for the deep snow, that should fix it. Wonder where I will find any today.

  6. I had a blanket I used to wear in the office. It had a T-shaped hole in the middle for my head and I called it a poncho. It was handy because I could drape it all the way down to the keyboard to type when I needed to.

    Also, I think we should stop making fun of MJ for being gay. Plenty of gay guys are pretty good dudes.

    And it’s not nearly as shameful as him being vegan.

  7. Just wrap your boots with Saran Wrap and the hooks won’t bother you at all

  8. wakey wakey

  9. As kids our winter boots were called “pack boots” and they were green rubber or plastic with yellow soles with little lugs on the bottom. They weren’t insulated so my mom bought them big and you wore double socks for warmth. The real secret to success was putting an empty bread bag over your socks to get your damn feet shoved into the boots which were often still damp from yesterday because they lived in the unfinished basement under the stairs

  10. It’s like Christmas came early! Great job on this week’s memes 😘

  11. Any of your friends get knocked up on the ski trip Carin?

  12. We have a white, really fat cat. I mean REALLY fat. Total FPOS. She wasn’t fat when she showed up at the store one day. She was thin. So we rescued her, she moved in and got really, really fat. She doesn’t get along with another rescue cat we have, and she really doesn’t care for the dogs. She eventually became a one-room kitty.

    Then Pat put her on a diet. NO ONE was allowed to feed her . She’s lost a ton of weight and now she’s freakin going all over the house. She’s behind my computer right now.

  13. No one on the SKI trip got knocked up. Who knows about the friends at home I couldn’t keep tabs on.

  14. I can’t even believe Jimbro’s advice. Not ten minutes ago Scott suggested shrinkwrap. I’m actually going to try it because I’m precisely that cheap.

  15. No one on the SKI trip got knocked up.

    It’s only been a week, hasn’t it? Can’t tell this soon.

  16. Holy popsicle buttplugs bat bishes…. it’s down right chillah out.

  17. Foety inches of flakes and now 2 friggen degrees.
    Fuk this.

  18. Nice poat Pup!

  19. I should get one of those monkey shirts.

  20. Yes, please on the car warranty list. Took me a bit with David Koresh. Anti-Hallmark movie, sports bra, and Peg Bundy cracked me up. Thanks, Pupster.

  21. It had a T-shaped hole in the middle for my head,,,

    Leon’s skull must blow phrenologists’ minds.


  23. USPS just asked me to “review” their services.

  24. I ordered a fly rod last summer from a northwest mfg. they sent it usps.
    It arrived late of course and fucked up beyond belief. Two weeks of pissing around trying to get them to make it right and the bottom line was “fuck you it’s your problem”.
    I won’t use them for a damn thing if I don’t have to.
    For my business I use fedex and ups always.

  25. USPS can eat a metric fuque-tonne of rotten dog dicks.

  26. They should all be required to get their food from suppliers as far from their house as possible – and have it sent via usps.

  27. And the delivery dopes they have around here are total drones.

  28. What a crew.

  29. FedEx limits it’s liability to $1000 per package, so I use USPS for all my high value stuff.

    Registered mail is safe. It’s also stupid slow, like Car in’s SS package slow.

  30. What really makes me mad – is this year I was actually ON THE ball with my ss gift. Got it early. Mailed it in plenty of time. Years past, I’ve gotten it, and let it sit and sit and sit before I mail it out. Or hem and haw until the last minuet about what to get. What have I learned from this?

    It doesn’t pay to have your ducks in a row.

  31. In my brief stint with the USPS I did notice the cages they had for priority and registered mail. The other dock monkeys told me it was best to stay the fuck away from it possible

  32. I only sent it priority because 1) free box and 2) why not? Why not have that extra cushion.


  33. Carin’s SS gift will turn up in a box of pristine Dem marked ballots in GA.

  34. Too many people I know would be puzzled why I’m laughing at the “We Didn’t Start The Fire” meme. Worse, half of them wouldn’t even know who the dude is…

    My lawn I don’t have, get off it anyway

  35. L to R  – USPS, CARin, CARin’s SS giftee


  36. Excellence in Memeing again, Pupster.

  37. Bad analogy, Pupster, that little dude was quick.

  38. Humans, as I’ve heard it, have the most lengthy and frequent coitus of all primates.

  39. Bonobos do… stuff… all the time, because the’re freaks, but not coitus itself.

  40. Cyclones in the Big 12 Championship now! get your cardinal and gold on or you’re banned


    This is a link to a facedouche video that my friend sent me last night. Hopefully it works still. It’s a PA talking about the vaccine and frankly I’m surprised they allowed it to stay up.

    The PA went to high school with Paula and she worked at my hospital while she was going to school. She outgrew her awkwardness and is enjoying her practice. She’s well within the boundaries of conventional medicine but is also open to other forms of medicine.

    If it doesn’t work I’ll try a direct link to the video, just didn’t want to risk embedding it here.

  42. were back to being iowa state yay

  43. Her assertion is kind of silly to me. *Of course* you get the virus first, and then the body mounts an immune response that defeats it. So? All vaccines work this way. “Immunity” that was created by exposure or vaccine just means your immune system recognizes the baddies swiftly and controls them in a far shorter period of time. This can happen inside of a day. Naturally a vaccine doesn’t zap viruses before you get an infection. You either don’t get sick, or you have minor, fleeting symptoms. If it works as it’s supposed to, a vaccine decreases the virulence of an airborne virus that normally people walk around spreading for days and days. And the chances that the vaccinated person would be contagious at all are much lower since the virus probably wouldn’t be able to get a good toehold in the respiratory system and start replicating like crazy and get out into the breath.

  44. That said, I’m not getting the vaccine until it’s been tested for a longer period of time and we can get some real data that isn’t politicized by OrangeManBad boosters.

  45. had a shingles vaccine and feeling it. yeah it reacts with your body and forces it to build resistance.

  46. I’ll delay getting the vaccine as long as possible too. Looking for more data from the real world assuming they let it come out. Vaccines are controversial enough without adding the Trump factor into it. For Paula’s hospital system it’s mandatory and she’s getting dose #1 soon. She’s way more of a front line worker than I am. That being said, all it takes is one snotty nose kid wiping his booger encrusted hand on the doorknob of the exam room for the WuFlu to find you.

  47. Not getting the wuflu vaccine until I need it to see Tool.

  48. My dad wants to get the vaccine but was told that he’ll have to wait for the Moderna vaccine, that the local hospital isn’t set up for the colder storage required for the Pfizer vaccine.

    In other news, Mr. RFH tried to get a flu shot and was turned down because he’s not over 65.


    IMGUR VIDEO with SOUND kinda

  50. Holy crap, in ordinary times they’re begging you to get the flu vaccine!

    I got it at my PCP’s office because my physical coincided with them having the vaccine. Normally I get it at work by the Pharmacy students at Husson who get to practice their jabs on us. My office manager tracked me down to get my vaccine after that despite me telling her I had it already. Took a few emails to straighten out.

  51. I get a flu shot every year just so GND will leave me alone.

    I haven’t had the flu in 30 years maybe? I’ve had a few bugs but not the flu.

    I can’t remember ever having a fever except as a teenager.

    I’ve always assumed that being a loner has helped me stay healthy but now I’m convinced I have super powers. That makes sense right?

  52. I think it’s worth nothing again that most thinking people seem to agree that the virus didn’t come from a wet market.

    I find it odd that no one seems to be interested in where it came from very much, although that is very telling also.

  53. That’s hilarious, Pups.


  55. MJ,
    Fauci gave the Wuhan Lab $3.7 million to do ‘Gain of Function’ research on the bat virus.

  56. The Obrien family now has a ping pong table. Christmas is going to be lit at my house.

  57. It was about 500 pounds and Matt and I went to buy it. We looked at the box … huge. It was a miracle we got it home – it was sticking out of the bed of the truck – over the top, out the back.

    Its sturdy though.

  58. So I want to modify the kimchi pancake recipe to be more keto. Internet searches for keto pancake batter yielded a bunch of sweet stuff, no savory crepe type things. I have been using soured dosa batter the last couple days for making these addictive things. So I seached for keto dosa and got….headbanger’s kitchen, of course! Love that guy. I’m going to try to see if his batter recipe will work tomorrow.

  59. I got my first flu shot, this year. We’ve had the egg free for 5 years, but this was my first. My emergency root canal is coming along. Went back to work today. It is ridiculous what Gov Wuhan has done to small businesses. We just Bonused again. We are at 175% productivity. Understaffed and still keeping merchandise stocked.

  60. Roamy, that’s some bullshit, everybody around here can get a flu shot.

  61. My dentist actually said “Rut Roh” when the pus from my infected crown started to drain. I was crying without being aware I was crying. The numbing injection was in my infected gum area. Bleeding out with the pus. Got two more injections. Feeling great. Pus pocket gone.

  62. Pus pocket killed it.

  63. Yayyy!!! Glad you’re feeling better, Oso!

    *throws up*

  64. Pus pocket is almost gone. My tongue is gravitated to the pus. I told Dr Bo what was what

  65. My tooth is salvageable. I’m still grossed that my tooth is dealing with bacteria. Mask

  66. Pus drain. I thought I was free. I’m still playing “Catch up”


  68. sorry

  69. Your mom has a pus pocket.

  70. *loads porcupine cannon, hands shaking with rage*

  71. Pus Pockets. Worst pastry ever.

  72. pretty sure that’s a delicacy in some circles

  73. Spirit confectionary

  74. I was curious about the PCR test results (“Cases”) in WA, so asked the WA DoH about the ‘Ct’ (rna doublings) they use.
    I got an e-mail in about 20 minutes!


    Each laboratory doing PCR will have different standards for their Ct value. We’re saying about 35 is a limit where lower numbers support a true positive and higher numbers could indicate trace contamination.

    Best regards,

    More COVID-19 Information is available at or call us at 1-800-525-0127 and press #

    Nathan Thai
    Customer Service Specialist
    Center for Public Affairs
    Washington State Department of Health

    I was pleased to get any response at all…

  75. what is standard doublings?

  76. Jay,
    What do you mean ‘standard doublings’?
    If the labs, states are trying to jack their numbers, they will run 35-45 rna doublings to get a “positive” PCR test. That will give them a positive on fragments of dead virus, or trash rna.
    If they are looking for real data, they will run 35 or less, so they are not picking up ‘floor sweepings’…

  77. that’s pretty much what I meant.

  78. The clinical standard for HIV (y’know, the life-threatening STD) is 30, and they do a second, more expensive test to confirm it if that pops positive.

  79. Drinking everything, Robbie puked.

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