This Is The Sound Of A Mosquito Hitting A Chain Link Fence


  1. Love this song

    Mele Kalikimaka

    Every year I figure out how to spell it and say it and promptly forget how to spell and say it by New Year’s

  2. I bet Bing had to wear hip waders wherever he went.

  3. Don’t be down on your fellow man Jam. There are plenty who don’t believe in the safety theatre, I venture to say more than half. We are not the ones you hear about though, other than here of course.

  4. Remember, 90% of what you “hear” came through the media. Assess accordingly.

  5. I ask this – name a biological weapon that is capable of wiping out all of humanity.

    Easy. The “targeted” virus that was supposed to eliminate fertility in just one genetic segment of mankind, right after it mutates.

  6. Speaking of genetic segments of mankind, I’m really looking forward to getting my superpowers tonight as a part of NegroSolstice.

    Finally, I’ll get to bring some pain to all these honkees.

  7. I think you spelled honky wrong.

  8. You spell it the White Man’s way.

    That ends tonight, honkee.

  9. Great. I’ll be spending the evening writing the theme song for the all-whiteboy made-for-TV band, The Honkees.

  10. Compensation for where my learning heuristics went off the rails forty years ago, my brain’s version of reality is far more entertaining than the real one.

  11. Car in “The package is still not moving” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. I interrogate everyone as they come back to work. Seems like it’s been hitting the wives harder than my CoWs. Bakery lady came back today after 2 months out. She got pneumonia. She was sick for 3 days with the Rona. Hospitalized for 2 weeks with pneumonia. CoW came back today. He felt bad about giving it to his kids. His 11 year old had the COVID headache for a few hours. That was it. 3 yr old and 7 year old had cold symptoms for a few days. His wife was sick for a few days. He felt better after 3 days.

  13. Honestly, I’m getting more than a little sick of Outrage Theater. We’re getting played by both sides for profit at this stage. Page me when actual resolution begins, otherwise I gots other shite to worry about, such as whether I should finally give the legendary McRib an actual try.

  14. McRib is not all that. Pressed pork patty. I brought home BBQ from MACS Speed Shop, pulled pork, brisket, burnt ends and double onion rings.


  15. They will eat anything

  16. I noticed a lot less coyote action this fall out at the property.
    Not sure if they killed off too much of their food stock or if the lads in the area are shooting them off at a faster than normal pace.

  17. The beaglers hate em because they kill their dogs. The rest of us dispatch them whenever we see them. And there is a fairly active group of night hunters that target them most of the year.

  18. Like like you all mentioned – the northeastern / northern coyotes get pretty big. I’ve shot a few in the 40 pound range. And I’ve shot coydogs years past that were in the 60 plus range.

  19. Wonder if folks just had nothing better to do than kill coyotes this year…

  20. I’ve seen some big bastards that I couldn’t get a shot at that were definitely large crosses of some kind. I’m guessing in the 80 plus range. Theyre friggen enormous. That sized animal is not something I’d want to trifle with.

  21. Did carin get featured on the agony of defeat reel?

  22. We hear them some nights by the river. Hard to know if they’re on our side or the Veazie side. Not that it matters, they’re around everywhere.

  23. I saw the ski hill porn cam…. but didn’t recognize Grupo d’Carin.

  24. Yeah, like I said, most coyotes these days have some dog or wolf in them. The bigger ones are probably coywolf by this point.

  25. Damn things are well into town even here. Had a pic from a reliable source putting one in their front yard in broad daylight. Said location is a long-established suburban area not particularly close to the edge of town…just a block or so from where I lived until a few years ago.

  26. Depends on which winter denning site they pick, Jam.

    When they den up on the other side of the swamp we see/hear them all of the time. We are up to our eyeballs with them every 2-3 years.

    I don’t think we have them this year.

  27. They are everywhere. Chicago has coyotes.

  28. Google says 4000 coyotes in Chicago.

  29. Did carin get featured on the agony of defeat reel?

    No, but her friend got roofied.

  30. We are a “Coyote Friendly” community. We see or hear coyotes on a daily.

  31. No, but her friend got roofied.

    And possibly knocked up.

  32. I guess I’m old enough to remember AIDS and losing friends and for the most part COVID is meh to me. I didn’t realize how many Bi and needle using friends I had…until they started to die.

  33. Me, when I was little

  34. Carin, my package is not moving, either. No update since Dec. 8.

  35. Me, when I was little

    LOL. Little pitchers have big ears.

  36. Me, when I was at work today. Thanks, Scott

  37. Roderick Thorp. Read him. The Detective is pretty good. I liked Rainbow Drive. Nothing Lasts Forever. I’m that guy. Books over movies.

  38. See also Walter Wager 58 Minutes

  39. Robert Crais Hostage.

  40. Hannah just got accepted to Wayne State University Medical school.

    (one week on the waitlist – lol)

    She called me crying.

  41. Woo hoo!!!!!

  42. She was so happy. “I’M GOING TO BE A DOCTOR”.

  43. A real Doctor, not the Jill kind.

  44. Yay Hannah!

  45. Robert Crais Hostage.

    I just finished “Taken” a few minutes ago, book 15. Good stuff.

  46. It really was. Is. Whateves

  47. 🎉🎊Hannah

  48. I’m very happy for Hannah!
    Be a proud mom, Car in…

  49. awesome news!

  50. I am old enough to remember when the Steelers were good.

  51. Very good article by VDH;

    Kinda depressing, though.
    So it goes…

  52. Awesome, Carin! Way to go Hannah!!

  53. Friend of mine just called me; “Got Snow?”
    It’s light in here and dark out there, so I said I don’t know.
    I went and looked and, yup, we got snow. This 2020 bullshit is starting to chap my hide.
    Just sayin…

  54. Yay, Hannah!!!

    And my SS gift finally moved! It’s at a distribution center now, woot!

  55. Kids at work were laughing over this match dot com commercial about 2020:

  56. Done by Ryan Reynolds. Holy crap, his whole channel is a stitch. The stuff with Hugh Jackman especially.

  57. Decrease eating, remove pounds.

  58. High fives Hannah.

    Well done, Smartie.

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