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  1. Mornin’ reprobates! Three day weekend and I’m considering rash (but potentially positive) actions (which in no way shape or form involve self-harm or anything that could put me on the police blotter)!

    …actually when I put it that way, it sounds kinda lame. Carry on.

  2. Good morning

    A rash is one thing. Burning when you pee means you took it too far.

  3. Favorites are the Duke boys, that look on the horse’s face (BTDT), and this fuck in particular. Awesome collection, Pupster.

  4. wakey wakey. Excellent collection of memes today. I feel the cat/catfeeder one most.

  5. I’m still recovering from last night at work. I am a bit tired. One of my coaches challenged me to one of those apple watch things (fitness). It counts exercise, calories burned, and hours standing. I’ve beaten her every day but yesterday – lol – I killed her.

  6. Good luck Brotim.

  7. You set a goal for yourself, and if you make it you get % points. Yesterday, I was at 137% . And my daily calories are set higher than her’s. (I don’t know why – I don’t remember what I did when I set it up).

  8. Rash actions that don’t result in negative aren’t lame. They’re good.

  9. Mrs. Pupster and I went out to dinner last night, the place was packed. The couple next to us sent a steak back twice and finally agreed to free chicken tenders. It reminded me of you CARin. I over tipped the waitress but I doubt it made up for 3 extra trips to the kitchen, 2 visits from the manager and dealing with Miss “well done but not too well done”.

  10. We were on a wait from about 4:15 until God knows when – after 9. I actually didn’t have a single person send food back. One lady didn’t like her fish, but said it was her own fault (it was) and I brought her some extra spices for it and she made do.

    People are cray-cray sometimes about how finicky they are about their steak. They’ll tell me “this isn’t medium rare” and it MOST DEFINITELY IS well w/in “medium rare” parameters. Med/med rare sometimes are really judegement calls. It’s usually those folks are hard to deal with. I mean, you tell me something is well – it either is or isn’t. Medium rare / Medium are a bit harder to delineate – and most people are pretty happy with a range. If you are that picky, make your own steak.

  11. A lady once told me that her steak was underdone. I asked her how she ordered it (she wasn’t my table) – she said Med-well. I informed her that her steak was EXACTLY med-well, and that if she didn’t like it as is, then it was WELL that she was looking for.

    It’s amazing how many people order steak who have NO idea how they like it. They ask their spouse. It’s weird.

  12. I’m kinda partial to the intrusive thoughts one.

    Example, ” You could shoot them, do the world a favor and probably not get caught”.

    Two latino gangbangers attempted to jack me this week. I didn’t know this, but those mofo’s can really run fast given the proper motivation. Two female hoodrats witnessed the event and laughed their ass off. Apparently a handgun in your face from no where and the word vaminos (sp?) can be disruptive to a individual’s poorly conceived plans.

  13. I don’t send food back. The guys working the grill were all over the place, Mrs. Pupster’s ribeye was medrare when she ordered medwell, my prime rib was medwell when I ordered medium. We both just powered through it and switched entrees about halfway through.

  14. Was this at work T-roy? Maybe Oso can help you come up with some better banter.

    “Comer una bolsa de pollas”

    “Golpear el camino sorber de pene”

  15. Punster, you deserve an award for this poat. I don’t know what but something.

    Best situation
    The Barney one
    Dukes of Hazzard
    Mona Lisa
    Fat cat
    THe for F@uck’s sake

    I’m crying. I think Barney is my favorite.

  16. Punster? Punster??? Autocorrect obviously has never met me.

  17. Bro Tim, let us know how it goes…no matter how insignificant YOU imagine it being.

  18. Whew, Dad was mad at stepmom. She lost her phone twice this week. Fortunately found it both times, but the second time was long enough, she was ready to go get another phone, and dad said whoa, that’s hundreds of dollars we don’t have right now. I let him vent. House restoration after the fire is going slooooooow.

  19. Really tired of the food stamp and Bloomberg ads.

  20. Bloomberg-Clinton?

    * barfs *


    I really hope this makes for a red wave of pissed off people.

  22. I noticed Mare’s favorite list didn’t include the woman standing under the COCK or Macauley CAULKING

    Just when you think you know someone

  23. Bloomberg released a medical report, and I’m sorry, a cardiac stent and a-fib do not equal “outstanding health”. Bragging about your blood pressure and cholesterol when you are on meds for those just means they got the dosage right.

  24. heh, Jimbro.

    I wasn’t clever enough.

  25. Roamy, what fire? Is someone living with you that you are now financially responsible for? You would have to buy her a new phone?

  26. I swear I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes but scroll down to headlines and have a good laugh.

  27. Mare, my stepmom’s house caught fire a few weeks ago – an electrical short that damaged the dining room, attic, and roof. No one was hurt, thank God. Dad and stepmom were in a hotel for a week then moved into a house that’s been for sale for 5 years or more that is located just across the street from their house. I call Dad every week, usually Saturday morning.

    I wouldn’t have to buy her a phone, but their finances aren’t the best. (I confess to snooping around Dad’s desk with the bills the last time I was there.) I don’t know how much strain the fire has put on them, if the insurance is paying enough for replacement items or what. I did have to help them back in the summer when their AC went out and was beyond repair.

    I know she is distracted with the home damage, but that doesn’t excuse twice in one week putting the phone down on the counter instead of putting it in her purse or pocket.

  28. The people of Virginia voted these stupid, assholes in.

  29. Gotcha, Roamy. Sorry about the “one more thing to deal with” situation.

    You need a vacation, a real one.

    From people asking you to do things that take time and you already have too much shit to do. *cough*

  30. Ya. at work. I dont think the shitbirds recognized us as cash in transit as our vehicle isnt labeled or outwardly armored. They were just hanging out and thought crime of opportunity. I saw them loitering as we arrived and had my partner stay buttoned up. Went around back and then they approached doing the hand in the jacket routine as if they had a weapon (cross draw position). When they crossed the 5 yrd closure range I presented and gave them the command. I had parked away from other vehicles, they had to come out into the lot from the sidewalk and approached making eye contact and with purpose in their step. Dumbass teens / young adults, gang tats up the neck and on face. I hate this particular location as it is definitely in a very low socio-economic area. Went inside the location and two hoodrats were laughing, said they watched the whole thing as they were wondering what they (de messicans in their words) were hanging around for.

  31. Neither Dad nor stepmom are that good at handling money. Mom was Scottish – if it wasn’t in the budget, it wasn’t purchased, and she always had the checkbook balanced to the penny.

  32. Comment by scott on February 15, 2020 10:53 am

    * barfs *

    Oh come on, it would make the election awesome!

    There would be a betting pool on whether Bloomberg even made it to November.

  33. Bloomberg Hillary is wonderful. They should run with it.

  34. Mare, I like the convention center pic in that collection.

  35. I guess there are a lot of fetishes in this world so to each his own, like the fat gal who is just fat and gross, I’m sure there is a whole swath of guys who love “thick” gals but is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit the place for them? And the bald gal…well, good for her, but her body is average at best. Especially for “fit” women. I just don’t get anything anymore. How about instead of SI we but these “diverse” women in the Oprah magazine?

  36. I liked Trump’s hair too, Roamy. Stupid DNC. Shits about to go down.

  37. Wait, what????

    Bloomberg actually said the word Hillary when referring to a possible running mate? No way, that would be great. On the other hand I don’t trust 48% of the American voting public.

  38. TeeRoy, sounds like you had good situational awareness and a plan. Kudos.

  39. Agree with what Roamy said, Troy. That’s why I want to take self defense from one of our own.

  40. Is MJ pregnant again?

    Me: Men can’t have babies!
    MJ: It’s MAAAAM!!
    MJ’s Dr.: Shut up and take your hormones.

  41. I haven’t been to Drudge since he sold it.

    Nope, too lefty now. Propaganda bigly.

  42. Men can have babies. There have been several stories about it.

  43. The 56 year old is decent looking, but she can take her fake tits and shove ’em.

    The bald chick is an attention whore.

    The fat scrunt…? Welp, if that’s the best you can do, I suppose it beats Rosy Palmer and her five daughters.

  44. This made me laugh:

  45. The 56 year old is decent looking

    Our Cathy in a bikini looked better. (Dallas meatup, 2010? 2011?)

  46. ZOMG Mare, I’m dying.

  47. Thanks, but it was really more of a no brainer. These two STEM students might as well as had on shirts that said “Im a criminal”. They were brazen in their approach. My brain actually processed the thought “are these idiots actually going to try this?” before they reached the point of no return. I was giving them the direct Clint Eastwood hairy eyeball and had postured up the whole way trying to get them to stand down. Low level soldiers (in gangsta parlance) trying to do “work”. Got my adrenaline to release a bit though. That was interesting.

  48. I picture TeeRoy as a bit of the ‘Mike’ character in Better Call Saul.

    Keep your head on a swivel, man.

  49. The Week in Pictures has a lot of good stuff.

  50. My BIL and sis-n-law are babysitting their grandbaby. They brought her over to see ‘great grandma’ and us. Lort, that baby is too adorable. Very curious and good natured.
    It was nice going downstairs and the lights, livingroom/kitchen, were on. It really is a nice space when you can see it. MIL usually likes to sit in the dark because she thinks she’s saving money.

  51. The fat scrunt…? Welp, if that’s the best you can do, I suppose it beats Rosy Palmer and her five daughters.

    There is a certain threshold past which self-service is the better option. Granted yours is probably a three-day-dead porcupine, but still.

  52. Mare, OMG, the one person laughing about the Ethiopians. I’ve been getting some pretty good Spanish from Narcos Season 2 Mexico.

  53. Oy, younger sister just told me older sister just posted her support for Bloomberg. What kind of free shit is he offering?

  54. Im way purtier than that guy Beasn, more like a slightly older Kenny Chesney with a Bruce Willis attitude and a southern accent ; ) Ive always had a baby face.

  55. Last night, we concocted a Messican Meatloaf. Tonight…we are GO. I’ll let you know.

  56. Everybody must be packing clocks.


    Of course, Reason doesn’t see this as a bad thing, because modern day libertarianism is too often indistinguishable from hedonism.

  58. We had regular Anglo meatloaf tonight. I overbought the hamburger so we ended up with 3 loaf pans full. One will be packaged for the freezer. Meatloaf sandwich tomorrow.

  59. Too busy making meatloaf to be making babies,

    Meatloaf is tastier than baby

  60. WTFITS?

  61. How do you overbuy hamburger by 2 pans?

    I sense a purposeful mistake.

  62. It was one of the smaller packages at Sam’s. I blame Oso.

    We purposely made a double recipe and as soon as I filled the first pan I had to call Paula to grab a third pan. This recipe mixed in mushrooms, carrot, onion and celery so it expanded

  63. So, it appears older sister has been begging money off the parents. “I need gas money.” Sixty years old FFS. They say her salary is $70k and she has gone into bankruptcy. They don’t know what she does with the money. Younger sis told them they were fools. I suspect she got herself fired again because she never goes to bed at a decent hour and has a problem with punctuality.

    Told other sister good luck if something happens to my parents and she has to fight her for the spoils. And boy howdy it is going to be epic.

  64. I found out all the nieces and nephews were “borrowing” money from grandma too. Never got in on any of that. Dad was executor of the estate, and everyone must have pissed off the lawyer. After all the papers were signed, Dad found some railroad stock that had been squirreled away. When he told the lawyer, he said “keep it, I didn’t see a thing”. Sometimes these things come around for you.

  65. How Trump of a move is it to drive the presidential limo around the track at Daytona?

  66. Yep. He will get a standing ovation for that.

    I bet he does it at 100 mph too.

  67. You have to be going 80 to hit the banks, or you’ll slide down. You can’t climb them by foot.

  68. It would be cool if the presidential limo took him to the presidential race car.

  69. He could race Bernie’s 1986 Yugo.

  70. Hahahaha, he should drive this around.

  71. You mean Bernie’s Trabant? Yugo is south Korean, way too capitalist.

  72. Yugoslavian

  73. Didn’t know Trump had bought ad space on a car. That has to be a first.

  74. Hadn’t heard he bought ads on a car. I know he’s airing a campaign ad during the broadcast.

  75. It’s a PAC, not Trump himself.

  76. I saw the pic and thought it was photoshopped.

  77. Hahah, that’s awesome, and it does look photoshopped

  78. Seen on Twitter:

    Roses are red
    So is my truck
    It’s a long line to your mom
    I’m shit out of luck

    I’m trying to find the video of a street artist doing portraits with glue and sand. It was a black guy, and he painted a small board with glue then sprinkled sand in curves, then he shook it and *voila* a face. I wanted to share it with Mini-me, and durn if I can find it again. My google fu is bad.

  79. Daniel evicted Roberta’s parents.

  80. Roamie:

  81. I saw that on twitter this morning and thought it was neat too.

    Now do a white girl!

  82. wakey wakey2

  83. Just bought tickets to see Deftones w/ Gojira. Woot. Finally a concert to look forward to.

  84. Planning my leftover meatloaf day and week ahead

    I had eggs and a slice of cheese on an everything bagel so that will carry me until mid afternoon. Meatloaf sandwich then and at the same time I can assemble one for lunch on Monday. Hmm, meatloaf on the bread today or package separately and put it together when I eat? What a dilemma.


  85. Tickets went on sale friday, and I wasn’t “ready” – with who was going . Figured I’d be paying aftermarket , etc. Nope. Not sold out. I think everyone was distracted by the Rage against the machine stuff – tickets went on sale for that too I think on friday. I like RATM ok, but their politics make me not want to give them my money.

  86. Good concert bill Carin. Your ears will be ringing after that one

  87. I’m super excited. It’s not until august.

    I should make some meatloaf today.

  88. I’m not a big meatloaf sandwhich person. Put I don’t really make it normal. I use an adjusted weight watchers recipe. lots of veggies in it- about half. Plus spicey. I like it all by itself.

  89. You’re awesome, Pupster. Thank you!

  90. I had wanted to go see a show in North carolina – a festival. They had Detones and Gojira and a bunch of other bands I like. the lineup is actually incredible – but the biggest name is metallica which I’m just meh on. When this concert come up … well, now I have $$ to see other stand online shows, which I prefer anyway. They usually do short sets at festivals and that is just irritating.

  91. Jimbro – the tickets I got are actually pretty good! I didn’t want pit, because I’m just too short. But we’re like 12th row.

  92. Planning my leftover meatloaf day and week ahead

    You are a madman.

    I had wanted to go see a show in North carolina – a festival.

    This is 30 minutes from my house. RV camping is sold out, but car camping passes are still available. 4 days.


  93. Ford versus Ferrari was really good. I was thinking it was going to be a “racing” movie and I’d be bored.

    it was excellent though. Much better than the much celebrated “Once upon a time in Hollywood”.

  94. Pupster, you should go. I had a group that wanted to go, but some couldn’t commit. We were going to camp, etc. But it’s so far … and and and. One lady has her kids that weekend, and another was a bit worried about leaving her elderly dog for that long (which her parents). It was much easier getting them to commit to this. But the lineup is amazing.

  95. And it’s NOT expensive. for all those bands? Chevelle live is amazing. Royal Blood. Etc etc… GODSMACK?

  96. gojira. Amity affliction. on and on. I always forget some of the great bands in that lineup. Disturbed. Deftones.

  97. Bones UK is good (saw them open for Highly suspect)

  98. I prevail is out of Detroit, and I don’t know how they are live, but I enjoy them too.

  99. August in North Carolina?? If you’ve never experienced southern humidity you’re going to LOVE it. I strongly suggest bringing a rain poncho also.

  100. I just floated up the trial balloon for a family camping 4 day weekend.

    I haven’t voluntarily been to a live music venue in…20 years? It’s been a bit.

  101. Festival would be all in. If you camp there, you can leave the stages and go to your campsite- to eat or nap or whatever. If you’re offsite you can’t leave the venue and re-enter.

  102. the concert in NC is in May. My concert in MI is in Aug.

  103. Ooo wow maybe 26 years.

  104. Just the people watching and tailgating would be worth the price of carcamp admission.

  105. Metal people are the best ever. Just saying. I mean, yes there are weirdos. But I always pretty much end up making friends.



  108. LOL, Lady and the Tramp beasn style

  109. It’s a trap, Pupster. Carin collects a bounty for every set of eardrums she punctures with CFIAC music.

    Concert prices seem crazy these days. I wanted to get Scott tix to a Bonamassa show a year or so ago, and it was several hundred dollars. I was like wtf ayfkm no way. Awww. Dammit.

  110. High ticket prices killed it.

  111. Deftones, good seats, were $69+ fees.

  112. Is Amy Klobuchar a thing? Really?

    She’s nasty to people.
    She’d dumb. (look at that interview on Mexican TV uuuuuffffffff)
    She’s not attractive.
    She’s done nothing.

    What is her appeal and why does she think she could get the votes to be President?

    Is this just a money grab?

  113. When I heard the NPR hosts saying she has gained “Klomentum” after NH I almost barfed

  114. Mexican meatloaf is a keeper. Mare, the interviewer mentions Nevada, but not New Mexico. Since when does Nevada share a border with Mexico.

  115. She’s a WOMAN. She’s a leftist, but not a Communist. Meh. MFM can’t carry the 🐀🐀🐀 to the polls.


  117. Tool played the Frank Erwin Center the other day. I missed it. Maybe I’ll catch Post Malone next month. Doubtful.

  118. Klobuchar is a Generic Democrat in a race that lacks one. Once she’s a known personality, any appeal is demolished.

  119. >>>What is her appeal and why does she think she could get the votes to be President?

    Why does she think……she knows people like my sister very well.

  120. Dawww….piggehs!!

  121. I haven’t watched the Daytona 500 since I lived with my parents (yay Richard Petty!), but I’m watching at least the beginning festivities today.

  122. And right away, they piss me off by cutting away from the Thunderbirds. Bastards.

  123. Nice job with “God Bless America”, the invocation, and the national anthem.

  124. I’m not watching the broadcast* but Instagram and Twitter have some KICKASS stuff on AirForce One flying over the stadium, Trump’s Car taking laps and the Thunderbirds.

    Holy Cow, America is awesome! And Trump just made it more fun and awesome.

    *I stopped watching NASCAR when they started doing SJ bullshit. I can’t remember what put me over the edge but we use to watch all the time and have actually gone to races.

  125. They showed the thunderbirds. I saw it. They cut off while they still approaching, then showed as they flew over at the end of the national anthem.

  126. Now the lefties know how we felt with Obama showing up everywhere all the time. Maybe, doubtful

  127. LOL, watching him pacing.

    Love the car with the US AirForce decor.

  128. Announcer wishing they had put a spoiler on The Beast for the occasion.

  129. Roamy, who sang the National Anthem?

  130. Okay, Trump’s thing is over. Back to hockey

  131. That was cool.

  132. It was a lady from air force. She did a great job.

  133. I loved while Trump was talking, someone yelled “WE LOVE YOU TRUMP.”

  134. You know what I’m enjoying? Thinking about Hillary being super pissed that everyone thought her being Bloomberg’s VP was idiotic and dangerous. BWHAHAHAHAHA

  135. High fives Air Force Lady.

  136. Isn’t super pissed Hillary’s natural state? How do you know when she’s really super pissed?

  137. Heh, well you got me there, Beasnsnsns.

  138. Yah…back to Hockey Day in America. I’d rather watch the Harlem Globetrotters than the NBA All Star Game.

  139. When Hillary is super pissed, people suicide.

  140. We were outside the Predators arena in Nashville. 4 to 6 year olds playing hockey are hilarious. Game is too late tonight for us to attend.

  141. Rats. Hockey is fun.

  142. Live hockey is great. TV hockey, not so much.

  143. Pepe, did you get your knives in time?

  144. Trump’s speech that Fox didn’t air but Fox News did. Aired commercials instead. That was some bullshit.

  145. Went to buy rabbit for my mom. No fresh American rabbit in the meat case. What they have is frozen, from China. Nyooop. Nahganna happ’n, Cap’n.

    Called the Italian grocer down the way. They have rabbit…also from China. “BUT, it’s very good! I eat it myself, it’s delicious rabbit.”


    No wabbit for mama today.

    I’m surprised and pleased that it was labeled as such. I thought that bill passed into law where they made it illegal to mark the country of origin on meats.

  146. I also thought it was strange that these particular rabbits had little wings. Must be some different breed.

  147. Roamy – I saw Trumps speech on regular fox . I wonder if it was a local decision?

  148. Oh you’re right. I didn’t see that

  149. Laura the gills really should have been a warning. The ones with lasers on their head are great for home defense.

    Unless Moose catches them.

    Moment of silence please.

  150. Lauraw, COO labeling has been illegal for quite a few years. It gets really old when people want American Watermelon and cantaloupe.

  151. I’m not eating fucking Chinese strawberries, rabbits, shellfish, whatfuckingever, if I can help it. This attitude predates corona virus by many years.

  152. The last shrimp I bought had country of origin (USA! USA!)

  153. Good speech from Trump at Daytona. Not even that political, but I’m sure I’ll hear about how hateful if was.

  154. COOL is required, it’s the companies that skate around the requirements. Looks like beef and pork are the main culprits, and it’s probably GMO doing it.

    For now, the United States requires Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) on chicken, seafood, produce and some nuts that tells us basic information about what country our food was produced in – but the food industry has limited even this most basic element of transparency. Until late 2015, beef and pork were also covered by mandatory country of origin labeling rules. But the meat industry pressured Congress to repeal the labeling requirement. This labeling for meat is regularly under attack. Most developed countries, including many in the European Union, Japan, China, Russia, Australia and Brazil, require country of origin labeling in addition to requiring food producers to label products with GMO ingredients.

  155. I screwed up and bought jarred minced garlic that was from China. I hadn’t read the label until I had an allergic reaction to it. I’m more careful now.

  156. what would cause an allergic reaction when it’s from China, and not the US?

  157. Wow, the interview where Klobochar doesn’t know the name of the Mexican President is almost painful to watch.


  158. what would cause an allergic reaction when it’s from China, and not the US?

    Likely chemicals used in the growing or processing of the garlic.

  159. evidently Mike has never seen a tractor, or a combine.

  160. Call ’em deplorables next, Mikey!

  161. Chinese garlic is easy to spot at the grocery store.

    It will have no trace of any roots, and it will be bright white because they use bleach to clean it up.

  162. Guilty pleasure? Watching Worst Cooks in America. I can’t watch it all the time, it’s too painful, but it’s really funny at times.

  163. Alton is kind of a dick on the show. Hadn’t seen this version.


  165. Shit, I can teach anybody to IT. It’s just a bunch of wires and shit. Get your 1’s and your 0’s lined up right. You don’t even have to worry about a hailstorm or a bunch of greenbugs are whatnot.


  166. IT is easy. Just got to and type in your problem and boom, follow the instructions or copy the code.

  167. Dario’s employer rewarded productivity.

  168. Weky wakey everyone. We’ve got a lot to do today. Not make start posting music videos.

  169. I obviously need more coffee.


  170. Did the H2 rapture happen last night?

  171. 2nd cup of coffee here.

  172. I’m not that kind of nurse, but Hi.

    How is your mood today? Are you still having audio hallucinations? Are the voices telling you to do something? Is it frightening? Can I get you something for anxiety?

  173. I see you keep looking at the corner. Are you seeing something there that I can’t see?

  174. *looks over shoulder and sees Leon crouched in the corner in “My Lil’ Pony” costume and assless chaps*

    Ooops, my bad, you are quite right. That’s not a hallucination. Let’s both just pretend we didn’t see that. How about we both also get some medication, hmm?

  175. Those aren’t audio hallucinations. It’s just Tool playing in my head 24/7.

  176. Ah, I see.

    *scribbles in notebook*

  177. *looks over shoulder and sees Leon crouched in the corner in “My Lil’ Pony” costume and assless chaps*




  179. Meme number two is good advice, you pieces of fuck.

  180. go shit yourself

  181. How’s the training for the race going, fatness?

  182. It’s cool that we can have MJ commenting and it’s still “just the gals.”

  183. MMM in about 15.

  184. Bloomberg – Clinton

    *shakes head in disbelief


  185. Does GND slap your thigh and ride the wave in, MJ?

  186. How’s the training for the race going, fatness?
    Pretty good. Down to 535, hoping to get to 534 after I take a fuck this morning.

    I’m sure running 30 miles will be ok at my advanced size.

  187. Does GND slap your thigh and ride the wave in, MJ?
    Jay, shit yourself. Gay folks don’t surf.

  188. I didn’t really believe that bloomberg told a lady to have an abortion or that he was super sexist.

    But after seeing a few videos where he says things that are so breathtakingly out of touch and arrogant I’m starting to come around.

  189. Stay tuned, MJ, Bloomy is just getting started.

    He ain’t in no ways Tired!

  190. He always carries hot sauce.

  191. Trump watches, having the greatest Taco Bowl in Trump Tower history.

  192. If you were worth $62 billion, would you want a full time job?

  193. If you were worth $62 billion, would you want a full time job?


    Yes, if you are a power-hungry, short man complexed, egotistical, fool.

  194. Listening to Bloomberg speak about farming confirms what I had thought about him and most people like him (Hillary for one), they are not very astute.

    Yes, I know he developed a 60 billion dollar pot of wealth. Good for him, but he says and does a lot of stupid shit. DO NOT WANT.

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