MMM 394: Giant’s Causeway

Northern Ireland in what is presently the United Kingdom.antrium-northern-ireland-giants-causeway-basalt_82154_990x742.jpg

It’s huge, it’s stone, and… it’s natural.  Basalt columns formed volcanically and then shaped by tidal forces on the coastline.


It’s not all hexagons, just mostly so.


It is quite a lot of rock, as you can see from the humans providing scale.


And more mountains and stone cliffs remain in the nearby area.

Giants Causeway NI 2009 Blog.jpg

The puddles are neat.


  1. Cool and beautiful.

  2. Listening to Bloomberg speak about farming confirms what I had thought about him and most people like him (Hillary for one), they are not very astute.

    Yes, I know he developed a 60 billion dollar pot of wealth. Good for him, but he says and does a lot of stupid shit. DO NOT WANT.

  3. If I had $60B, my full-time job would be curing aging.

  4. Mmmm, fresh new poat smell.

  5. “Jay, shit yourself. Gay folks don’t surf.”

    She slaps his thigh and goes antiquing.

  6. Yes, I know he developed a 60 billion dollar pot of wealth. Good for him, but he says and does a lot of stupid shit. DO NOT WANT.
    What surprises me about smart people that are very successful is their inability to know when they don’t know.

    That’s just immature and arrogant.

  7. That’s Hollyweird’s problem, too. They think they know everything, because they were in a movie about it.

  8. Bloomberg has Hillary’s cock up his ass.

    The fix is in.

  9. The pictures for this poat look so fake, but they are too big to be manmade. Amazing.

  10. I think you mean “artificial”. I mean, the pyramids are artifice, but hardly fake.

  11. Makes me want to listen to Led Zep


  13. You mean Houses of the Holy Jimbro?

  14. Roamie, yes we got the knives. Spent a lot of time trying to track them down. Finally located them just before they went back for re-sorting. Had to actually drive out to FedEx facility to pick them up.

  15. Glad you found your stuff Pepe. FedEx is usually more reliable than that. At first I suspected an employee nabbed it.

  16. That’s what I was afraid of, HS.

  17. Heh. There’s a video from some years ago of Bloomberg talking about not providing medical care once you reach a certain age because it’s too expensive (while sitting shiva, no less). Favorite comment: “Ok, 86-year-old female, past history of colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, lesions in the lungs. Do you continue to treat her? (Hint: it’s Ruth Bader Ginsberg.)”

  18. It’s always a joy to shove a hypocrite’s words back down his fucking throat.

  19. That Hillary Clinton VP thing was bullshit. It was just a way for Bloomberg to grab headlines for the weekend.

    I bet he’ll be considering Michelle Obama, The Oprah, or Judge Judy in the near future.

  20. I read somewhere the Hillary as VP thing was to get Bernie voters in his camp

  21. Bloomberg has a radio ad going on here that is narrated by Michael Douglas. It’s all bullshit about how he grew up middle class, put himself through college, got a job, got laid off, put on his big girl panties and started his own company, blah fucking blah fucking blah. If you’re one of those citizens who only pays attention to politics 2 weeks out of every 4 years it’s probably very effective.

    But then he says, “Mike will bring Republicans and Democrats together with ideas that both can support.” I’m thinking to myself, this is the motherfucker who founded a gun confiscation movement with 60 million of his own money and he’s gonna get Republican support?

    And I don’t know what else is said cause I go on a cuss rant at the radio.

  22. I’m convinced Bloomberg is just buying the party. It’s in distress; now is the time to buy.

  23. This really is the time to buy. They’d be much pricier in 2024.

  24. It’s also possible that the boneheadedness over farmers and the open contempt for middle America is deliberate, meant to tank any possible chance he has in the General, because the plan is to buy it in a year of sure loss, then remake it as he sees fit from now ’til ’24 and a hand-picked successor can take the WH.

  25. It’s helpful but it’s probably just coincidence.

  26. My new concealed carry. I was shooting 3″ groups at 10 yards yesterday. It came with Hogue rubber grips, but I didn’t care for them, so I installed rosewood.

  27. Purty. I like the wood, too (SYWM).

  28. Nice Kimber.

  29. LOL Don’t go to the Mothership for a while unless you want to puke your guts out.

  30. That Hillary Clinton VP thing was bullshit. It was just a way for Bloomberg to grab headlines for the weekend.

    I bet he’ll be considering Michelle Obama, The Oprah, or Judge Judy in the near future.


    Scott say wise words—–Elizabeth Warren

  31. Beautiful gun. Nice size.

  32. I read somewhere the Hillary as VP thing was to get Bernie voters in his camp


    I don’t get the logic.

  33. Beautiful gun. Nice size.

    TY. It prints a bit more than I would like in the front pocket of jeans, but in slacks, which is mostly what I wear, it’s nearly invisible.

  34. *can’t stop barfing



  35. C’mon MJ. You know your immediate thought was 8/10 would smash.

  36. Mare, they’re shitting their drawers about Bernie. If Bloomberg lists Hillary as his VP he will attract the old Dems who are worried about instability in the party with all the Socialist BS popping up this year. Hillary is a familiar face for them and the thinking goes that she adds … wait for it … gravitas to his ticket.

  37. gravitas

    and height

  38. Good size for Sneaky Pete.

  39. Good point.

    7/10 would get blackout drunk and smash

  40. Happy video

  41. Ok, Jimbro made me make meatloaf yesterday, and I think I’ve achieved a personal best. A new meatloaf PR.

  42. What’s your recipe Carin? You mentioned a lot of veggies in there. Sounds good. I’m also looking for Mexican meatloaf recipes.

    It’ll be a while before I make loaf again, we’re backed up with a lot of loaf and by the time we power through it I’ll be sick of it.

  43. gross

  44. I’m making green chile chicken for dinner. Rocketboy is coming over. :)

  45. mexican meat loaf = put cumin and peppers in it.

  46. 7/10 would get blackout drunk and smash

    If you’re talking about the cow at the HQ then you’re dead to me. I can’t deal with that much poor judgment.

  47. It’s about half veggies. Carrots, celery, peppers (hot peppers too), mushrooms, onions, spinach. I forgot garlic, but I usually add that. Some tom paste. oatmeal. I use hamburger meat and hot italian sausage. a few eggs. I saute the veggies a little bit. But when I put it together it is literally at least half veggies. The mushrooms just blend right into the meat.

    I made a HUUUUGE pan, and another smaller loaf, and between dinner last night, Pat’s lunch, and what he had to take to my son who doesn’t live here … there’s hardly any left. When I say I made I big pan, I am not exaggerating.

    Funny story -I’ve made this version for years, and we all like it. My dad was NOT a fan, but as he was on so many meds it really did affect his taste buds, etc. Anyway, so he didn’t like me veggie version (he was a meat and potatoes guy). So, he made his version, and made my oldest sit down with him to eat it and tries to convince him that his 100% meat version was SO much better. “See how this is all MEAT?” lol I can remember it.

    Ian’s such a good kid. lol. He was a trooper.

  48. Your version sounds pretty good, car in. Imma have to give it a try.

  49. I’ll sub bread for the oatmeal.

  50. Yesterday I used bread crumbs because I was out of plain oatmeal.

  51. You ought to put that on the recipe site for when I get my next hankering for a loaf. I get that it’s a best guesstimate type of recipe which describes a lot of my cooking but just the basic framework will be enough to get me going.

  52. I pinched off a loaf this morning.

  53. Meat loaf is for whatever you have in the refrigerator.

  54. Years ago, Hotspur made fun of me for suggesting I put it on the recipe site.

    But nope. I don’t hold a grudge or anything.


  55. And, wrong. Jay. Yes, you can use up stuff in your fridge, but certain things are required.

  56. A ex-coworker just became a life insurance saleperson. And so now … yep, she’s telling us on facebook that we need it and contact her.


  57. But again. No grudge. I barely even remember it.

  58. But again. No grudge. I barely even remember it.

    At your age some memory loss is to be expected.

  59. We used hamburger and chorizo. Crushed Fritos. Onion, bell pepper, and green chile. Red pepper flakes. Red chile instead of tomato paste. Shredded sharp cheddar.

  60. /adds coalex to “the list”

  61. Probably can’t hear us either, from the tinnitus.

  62. well of course some things are required, like meat, and an egg. Past that it’s open game.

    Wrong? I think not.

  63. Between that, the mandatory vasectomy bill, and Doug Jones, we’re just battin’ a thousand here.

  64. Well, that explains a lot of the idiocy regarding trans, roamy.

    Words mean things, and definitions are important, people.

  65. I would like the meatloaf recipe please. Mine sounds more like what your dad liked – ground beef with egg, breadcrumbs, dried minced onion or onion soup mix, spices.

  66. I am really sick and tired of the nonstop Bloomberg ads. I hope this ends after Super Tuesday.

  67. Roamy, it looks like an ‘eyeball’ to your taste recipe. Just make sure nearly half of the loaf you put in the pan, is a combination of carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, garlic. Add some combo of meat, a couple of eggs….BAM, Car in’s Loaf.

  68. Oh, and saute the veggies a bit before mixing into loaf.

  69. Just finished cooking up 2 lbs of country sausage. Only mix the local grocery doesn’t put cheese in. Already had it going before car in inspired me. Otherwise, would have waited and pulled it out of the freezer for when I have the other ingredients, later this week.

  70. Car in, do you put any other spices in it other than what’s in the sausage?

    My regular meatloaf is mince (talking all UK snooty and shit), 2 slices bread, egg, ground mustard, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder…think that’s it. Topped with ketchup.

  71. I am truly shocked that Carin was so intimidated by Hotspur trashing her meatloaf that she fell down like a house of cards

  72. I think maybe the point was that nobody needs a recipe for meatloaf. But I could be wrong. My memory isn’t what it used to be.

  73. Pepper salt. The veggies give it all the flavor it needs

  74. better be some garlic in there!

    Ketchup is a vegetable.

  75. Meat loaf is very strict in construction.

    I’m told.

  76. … nobody needs a recipe for meatloaf.

  77. no one is taking the bait this afternoon. bummer

  78. Sam Donaldson colors his eyebrows

  79. All I know is some of yall are talking about Vegetable Casserole with ground beef shaped into a “loaf.” There was a mention of actual meatloaf but it was nostalgic.

    *dives into his bunker and peers out, scanning the treeline for Instagram Chefs.

  80. I agree with Troy, it’s either vegetable loaf with a meat binder or meatloaf with meat as its star player.

  81. *makes a room for Mare in the Bunker.

    you take the right flank Darlin.

  82. I have binders full of meat

  83. On it, Teetroy.

  84. hhahahahaha, Jimbro.

  85. Holy shit, that twat, Obama is really trying to say that Trump’s economy is his? Look at this smarmy, “I know more than anyone” punchable face…The dumbest President ever (except on the subject of dick).

  86. Sometimes you need to mix things up in the loaf pan.

    *taps TeeRoy on the shoulder and presents a platter of sausage SYWM*

  87. Tho, if it’s going to be exposed in a lawsuit in the near future, why would he even mention he’s got the goods, now? He better hire some security.

  88. I love Scott’s roasted shallot burgers. And sometimes I pan roast some chopped leeks all the way to mahogany before mixing them into something else. Umami City, baby. I imagine meatloaf would benefit from that as well.

    Or a nice heaping helping of duxelles. OH look what I have a bunch of in the freezer, all portioned out into 2 ounce vacuum sealed packets…

  89. You are fake veg.

  90. Lefties bitched years ago about what a disaster it was that Trump was reversing all Obama’s regulatory policies, what a disaster all Trump’s economic policies were going to be, they have been proven wrong utterly soundly, but still want to take credit for the economic boom.

  91. I am fake reg, reft. My veg are all too real.

  92. Welcome Beasn…..keep an eye on the six

    *trades Beasn gummy bears and wetwipes for the rations

  93. Marxist Professor? You left out child molester from his resume.

  94. He looks pretty freaking creepy.

  95. OMG!!!

  96. How can you trust the wisdom of a fag whose last name is butt judge, and he never changed it?

  97. Probably lives in Dixville.

  98. I can’t believe how early it is right now. All screwed up when I take time off and get on a normal schedule.

  99. Not cool watching Jeff Gordon cry. I really have never once watched NASCAR for the accidents.

  100. It doesn’t look good from what I have seen.

  101. Reminiscent of Dale Earnhardt.

  102. why was gordon crying?

  103. Watch the last minute of the race.

    Ryan Newman might be dead.

  104. Why am I not surprised that a Marxist was teaching at Notre Dame?

  105. What Scott said. I’m crying and praying. Really thought the safety crew was slow in their response. They were right there!!

  106. Roamy, ND hasn’t been ND for years.

  107. Oh no, I hope that’s not true for Ryan.

  108. Osita, I know. I got ugly with them at a college recruiting event. Told the recruiter I didn’t spend $45K in Catholic school tuition to have my son lose his faith at college, that I’d take my chance with a secular school any day.

  109. Laura?

  110. Twitter update from NASCAR says Newman’s injuries are serious but not life-threatening. Praying for a full recovery.

  111. That’s a lot of nitrogen. Gonna take a shittonne of leaves and hay to balance that addition to the compost pile.

  112. That’s a lot of nitrogen. Gonna take a shittonne of leaves and hay to balance that addition to the compost pile.

    Only use part, and store the rest vacuum sealed and in a chest freezer for next year.

  113. From Sara Carter:

    — Soros wrote a scathing letter to Financial Times in which he argues that both Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg should be removed from their leadership roles at Facebook, because of they are allegedly “engaged in some kind of mutual assistance arrangement with Donald Trump that will help him to get re-elected.”

    Why is this old f*cker still breathing? Doesn’t he have better things to do with his 85+ year old self than blow sulfur all over the friggin place.

  114. I’m hearing MIL moving around. Bedtime for her is 7:30 – 8:00.

    I wonder if she thinks it’s morning again and is eating her breakfast.


  116. Dennis enjoyed Renaissance paintings.

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