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  1. Good morning Bagels and Shmears.

    Hope everyone is having a Fucking Goodyear so far

  2. Epic, Pups! Great job.

  3. Father/son photobomb hit me right in the funny! Then ‘well in that case’ cured me. Puzzled for a moment, then when I got it, I stopped smiling and said, out loud, “you fucking dick.”

    Pupster. BAD BOY.

  4. wakey wakey

    Pat is doing ok. still has a million staples on his neck.

  5. Bwahahahaha! So many good ones. My favorites are darkness boyfriend, reverse cowgirl, and Mr. Rogers, though sweatpants and staying home is going to be me on Monday.

  6. Mr. RFH and I actually argued about that. He tried to tell me what I was going to do on my day off, and that went just as well as you think.

  7. Joe Rogan one was pretty great too. Any clickbaity craft-lifehacky type item wrecks my ‘recommended’ video list quality.

  8. Yakety Sax, of course.

  9. Watched the movie “The Lighthouse” with Ben on Thursday night. He bought the used disc at Bullmoose music. It was a weird movie but on the whole worth it. I just read a plot summary and production notes which answered a few questions I had.

    Last night I watched a movie on TCM called “Whisky Galore!”

    Joan Greenwood and Gabrielle Blunt played sisters who were quite attractive. No whisky fueled lesbian scenes though.

  10. It’s not quite Nordic Fitness Girls of the “Gram but I’m sure Alex will enjoy it just as much


    ASL for a pr0n movie would be hilarious to watch

  12. It’s not quite Nordic Fitness Girls of the “Gram but I’m sure Alex will enjoy it just as much

    More so. The Nordic fitness girls are scary, and silicone-y. These girls are just right.

  13. Just finished off a 60 hour Fast with bacon and eggs. Not that anyone gives a flying fuck but that seems to be a legit topic to throw out these days.

  14. Colex Johnson is right.

  15. The transition of track uniforms from booty shorts to panties appears to be a slippery slope.

  16. We’re only one generation away from a return to nude Olympics at this rate.

  17. I’m not sure whether the need to constantly extract spandex material from their ass cracks is a feature or a bug with the design of those track garments.

  18. Why can’t it be both?

  19. Body camera videos clearly showing the popo are nothing but racist killers

    What a waste of time and money. I’m sure the cops are glad it’s all on video. Even after all is said and done they’ll still be demonized for killing a nice boy who was turning his life around and had just secured a recording contract for his rap group.

  20. Snow is blown. Man, that shit is wet and heavy.

  21. Last night I watched a movie on TCM called “Whisky Galore!”

    Me, too!

    It was quite a charming, funny movie. I can’t believe that I had never heard about/seen it before now.

  22. Whisky Galore is one of my favorite old movies. I have it on DVD.

  23. Hardest part of shoveling was keeping the snow in the scoop.

  24. I only had to shovel the area in front of the door – about 10’x10′. The rest I did with the snow blower.

    Fuck global warming.

  25. Ian has been talking about “The Lighthouse”. We’re wary of his recommendations ever since “Mandy”.

  26. Pat is doing ok. still has a million staples on his neck.

    Oh crap, we thought he was getting his other head removed.

    *denounces self…too good to pass up*

    Srsly, I hope this fixes his problem.

  27. Husband has been binge watching Netflix. First…The Witcher and now OA. The former is…weird sploshing around with all sorts of fairytale characters. Second one has been annoying to me. Moves too slow, freaky storyline, and then they have their obligatory tranny and gay kids.

  28. And a few days ago, the shirt that went missing in the mail last month, showed up. Package was all nice and pristine so I’m thinking it really was sitting somewhere in their building. Usually if the PO gets their hands on something, it’s banged up pretty good.

  29. Great post. I used to tell my kids to show me their warface at bedtime when they got to the age where they started getting afraid of the dark. Told them with a good warface, the scariest thing in the dark was them. Worked well. I should show Firstborn this meme… She’ll get a kick out of it.

    Problem is she isn’t quite old enough for some of the others. And I’m not sure if letting her know about this sight can result in a CPS investigation, or not…

  30. Ugh… This “site”. Stupid autocollate…

  31. Ian has been talking about “The Lighthouse”. We’re wary of his recommendations ever since “Mandy”.
    It’s not lighthearted fare. Multiple times during the movie I told Ben “This is where mom would say “I’m out” and head upstairs with the dogs”.

    Key words to describe it: dark, claustrophobic, eerie, mysterious

  32. Key words to describe it: dark, claustrophobic, eerie, mysterious

    The movie, not your mom’s snatch

  33. Speaking of snatches and the like … Carin, I’m supposed to mention to you that Paula PR’d her Diane at RX.

    Only Carin (and possibly Oso) will understand that.

  34. How are the dogs getting on RIGHT NOW, Jimbro? Has Rowan submitted yet?

  35. Another friend is “teasing” the gender of her unborn baby. It’s been a day almost already and people are guessing. It’s just so …

    NO ONE ELSE REALLY CARE. only you. It’s your BABY. To build up this “false” sense of excitement over something only YOU care about is just …

    I can be a bitch. I know. I guess I just sort of … not resent … but bristle at people trying to get ME excited about something that really doesn’t matter to ME. Look, I’m happy you’re happy. I’m happy you’re having a baby. But I really don’t care about the gender.

    Does anyone really? I mean, does anyone really care what gendered baby someone else is having? Not related to you (and even relatives babies … whatever gender they have – still kinda don’t care ).

    I mean, saying you want one or the other means you’re going to be disappointed if it’s not X. Seriously, the reaction you’re supposed to give EITHER way is … “OMG I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!”

    /ramble off.

  36. Daughter said that they are going to Hawaii this summer, for their honeymoon. Maui. Eleven days.

    Mare and oso, any good restaurants they need to visit? What about souvenirs for their mother (me)?

  37. Personally, I don’t like the gender tease. Tell me what it is if you know what it is so that I have time to make you a blanket.

  38. Nice. I can’t do HSPU. My shoulder, of course. The deadlift weight is light for me, but the HSPU make it a deal killer.

    Today I benched, strict press, and front squat. Then did this horrible thing of 12 sec ALL OUT SPRINT on assault bike, 2 min rest, four rounds, THEN 22 sec out out, three min rest, 4 rounds.

    It was a good time.

  39. Honestly, if there were other options of reactions at the gender reveal … but no. Either way, you’re supposed to scream with excitement.

    Given that is the set reaction, exactly what is the game? Meh. Hard pass.

  40. My daughter’s friend had a gender reveal party. I didn’t go. Some people felt they needed to bring gifts.

  41. After not getting a thank you for hosting the wedding shower/gift and wedding gift, hard pass.

  42. I thought the gender reveal was so that they could gender appropriate gifts at the baby shower.

    Yea. None of that. I’ve spoken to people, after having the baby, who have lamented basically that no one pays attention to them anymore.

    Uhm …. YOU had the baby for YOU. You. That everyone isn’t constantly over cooing over the baby … is normal. It’s not THEIR baby. It’s YOURS.

    I don’t thing the narcissism that has seeped into everything (weddings, gender reveal – yes, it’s another form of narcissism – selfies, social media etc) is good for young people.

  43. A baby isn’t another means to get attention. basically. That’s my point. And everyone isn’t going to be as obsessed with your baby as YOU. and that’s normal/how it should be.

    Otherwise, there would be a lot more baby-nappings.

  44. We don’t have to dip cattle here. Just use pour on Ivomec whenever we work them. I bet that bull was pissed when he came out. :)

  45. We’re making strides with canine relations here today. No fights, no snarls and only one side eyed glance that was rapidly defused before any escalation occurred. After Lola came in she actually tried getting Rowan to play by doing the so called play bow

    She even made a funny noise to go along with it. Rowan isn’t ready to let his defenses down and accept her into the pack yet. It’s only a matter of time though. With Paula off at work she’s been coming over to me and the boys a lot more on her own.

    I’m trying to get her to eat genuine dog treats like sheep ears and bull pizzles instead of the Milk Bone treats she’s used to. No luck yet.

  46. That cattle dip gif needed sound

  47. These memes are mostly hotlinks to imgur, Jude. You can right click and open in new window or save as without directing anyone to this wretched hive of scum and your mom jokes.

  48. That cattle dip gif needed sound

    COWABUNGAAAA! *splash*


  50. We will be meeting the Wiserbuds this evening. It will be at an undisclosed location because I’m sure you recognize the risk involved with us all being in one place at the same time.

  51. Ok, so …

    Do these people live in a complete bubble? Does anyone ever use a editor that isn’t their bff?

  52. I mean … this … is just stupid: “Millennials were one of the first groups of kids to have a television in almost every household. Our parents didn’t have that. “


  54. For those of you dying to know what the gender of my friend’s baby is, I just received this update on facedouche.

    We’ll be going facebook live @ 7 being super extra and doing a gender reveal ❤💙💜

    /clears plans for tonight

  55. Here’s how many fucks I give about your baby: ——-><——-

  56. * places $50 on boy *

  57. Just ordered this and I am practically vibrating with excitement.

  58. I didn’t know the gender of any of my kids until they were out. I didn’t need to know. There is literally zero reasons. I wasn’t DYING of curiosity. I just wanted them to be healthy. I was excited for them to be born – didn’t care what they were. So … why should anyone else?

  59. With ultrasound it’s pretty easy to know the baby’s gender and for the parents and immediate family I’m sure it’s a topic of intense interest and/or amusement. The number of people who give a shit drops off precipitously after that.

  60. This site is pretty good and this story is the longest one I’ve seen there. I didn’t read the whole thing but I’ve read other articles about how the traditional controlled fires in Australia have been curtailed by the environazis. This article portrays the native Aborigines as the victims of whitey and makes me as mad as Carin at a gender reveal party

    “If only we had listened to the sacred native people and their ancient knowledge …”

  61. I made it back from Phoenix last night. They canceled 4 flights from PHX to DIA because winds were gusting up to … wait for it
    30 mph. After 12 hours and 5 flights on standby I made the last flight out. Landed at 1am.
    Went to Barrett-Jackson it was amazing, but holy crap it is huge!
    Just now, for charity a 74 ford Bronco sold for $650k

  62. They come to one of our casinos every year. I have always been tempted but haven’t made it there yet.

  63. Almost time for the live baby reveal. I’d better get Pat.

  64. Ask them when the paternity reveal is.

  65. Gender is a scam.

  66. It’s a boy everyone!! Just like her first born and her stepson. Another boy. Congrats?

  67. I mean , yea, right … because …

    See, when the gender reveal coincides with the birth you don’t get that anticlimax.

  68. Beasn, we like to go local. Lunch is our big meal 💰. Dan shops the local markets for fresh fruit. We stay away from touristy places and resorts. Restaurants that are on CONUS. Mare is probably a better source.

  69. “Millennials were one of the first groups of kids to have a television in almost every household. Our parents didn’t have that. “

    Nah. That would be boomers you twerps.

  70. Urrgh, getting ready to leave for Vegas in the morning. We will be working at the CRKT booth at the SHOT Show. Long days, but it’s a great networking opportunity, plus I get to check out a lot of the new guns and shooting gear.

    Then we leave Vegas on Friday and drive to Lordsburg, NM for a funeral. Penelope’s grandmother died yesterday and the funeral is Saturday. Busy week.

  71. Woo Hoo!

    * heads to ticket window *

  72. Pepe, if any…uh… samples from crkt happen to um…be left over, I’d be happy to give them a nice home. A really nice home. Just saying. Crkt is one of my favorite companies.

    In Afghanistan, they called me 5 knives… But I carried 7… and I will not apologize, either.

  73. Condolences to Penelope.

  74. Condolences, yes. I regret the timing of my last comment.

  75. Holy crap! They are charging $85 for a pay per view fight?

    I bet I can watch it on youtube for free tomorrow.

  76. Hahaha, nothing is on, so I started watching Godzilla, the movie on HBO premiere. Not only is it boring, it’s a “all humans fault” movie. I can’t stop watching.

  77. Obviously someone at the DMV mislabeled Hotspur’s address.

  78. J’ames, which Godzilla? The most recent one with Stranger Things 11?

  79. Scott, you might want to hold off on cashing that ticket. Genitals don’t determine gender.

  80. Godzilla King of Monsters.

    Never watched Stranger Things.

  81. She’s the daughter. I preferred this one to the previous reboots.

  82. Watching golf from the Big Island. I recognize the names of the golfers. I’m old.

  83. Cashing it before the knucklehead can make any decisions.

  84. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. Member at Club keeps rolling his winnings over. He has the Chiefs tomorrow. Line bet. Taking the Over on scoring. I’m already nervous.

  86. Meh, Andy Reiditis will strike tomorrow, and Derrick Henry will run for 250 yards.

  87. I would have a hard time betting against Tennessee.

    I was certain that Baltimore was the best team going in.

  88. The 2nd Amendment supporters going to Richmond, Virginia on Monday should listen to Admiral Ackbar;
    “It’s a trap!”

    This is bullshit…

  89. Scott, Me dos. Plus Andy Reid. Old guy in TBC tells me he thinks it’ll be Chiefs/Packers. Me “I already watched that Super Bowl”. Old Guy “😳”. (He truly thought I was in my late 30s)

  90. Reading chrispy’s link and watching Schindler’s List is not a good idea.

  91. Vmax, how are you liking CO?

    Pepe, my condolences to Penelope.

    ChrisP, it’s not looking good in VA. Which reminds me that I need to make sure my deceased in-laws aren’t voting Democrat this year.

    Watched a couple of episodes of “Fight World” on Netflix. The krav maga episode has a teddy bear of a guy who is really quick and lethal.

  92. Dinah enthralled Richard’s parents.

  93. I’ve been dreading what will happen on Monday in VA as well. It’s going to be presented as redneck white nationalist terrorist gun fanatics regardless of any of the false flag “incidents” that happen by the lap dog media. So the choice facing 2A supporters is to be falsely vilified or to roll over and accept the state as their daddy.

    I read an article somewhere about WV offering to accept 2A sanctuaries into WV

    Seems reasonable

  94. There was a call out at Paula’s ER so they asked her if she wanted to cover 3 AM to 3 PM. She agreed mainly to get out early. She was up getting ready to leave at 0130 and Lola was rattling her crate to get up at 0430. Just about ready to pour cup #2.

  95. I’d be happy with either Chiefs or Titans going to the SB. I like the Titans mainly because of the Vrabel-Patriots connection and their perceived underdog status. Also respect Mahones QB ability.

    Just don’t want the 49er’s to win because I’ll need to listen to the “Patriots-could-have-had-Garopolo” stories on local sports media until next season. As it is now there’s been countless Keep Brady/Move On From Brady stories since they were eliminated in the first week of 2020. One of the stories even went so far as to use the phrase Tank For Trevor. I’m pretty sure that story line of Tank For Tua was used for the Dolphins this year. Tua is nursing his hip and the Dolphins forced the Pats to play on wild card weekend which merely accelerated their 2019 demise by one week.

  96. Vrabel seems like a good dude, I remember him from his OSU days. I am guessing he will have a plan for Mahomes and the Chiefs, he just might not have the personnel to beat that offense.

    I was inundated by Packer hate from my time in southern Canada, but I don’t really care one way or another, other than my wife wants to cheer for Nick Bosa.


  98. I don’t want to piss off any of you snowbillies but I had to mow my lawn yesterday. We had a hard freeze in late October that turned most of it brown, but since then we haven’t had a significant enough freeze to keep it that way. It kinda sucks.

  99. My lawn mower is idle from mid October until mid April. There’s always that “One more mow to chop up the leaves” that never happens and then the frost comes putting an end to that foolish notion.

  100. Hotspur caught his mom stealing his VR glasses again

  101. Watched “Yesterday” last night Really enjoyed it.

  102. If the VA 2A crowd were particularly clever, the protesters that show up tomorrow would be black and latino. Watch the media try to square THAT circle…


  104. If the VA 2A crowd were particularly clever, the protesters that show up tomorrow would be black and latino.

    It would be funnier if they all wore blackface.


  106. Yesterday looks good. I’ll mention it to Ben and hopefully he can pick up a used copy.

    Pretty sure Paula would even sit through this one

  107. Okay, so I liked the idea of this, I think Scott linked something similar, but after watching the video it looks like it would be pretty easy to shoot your balls off if your weapon had a trigger safety only.

  108. I have one of those.

    It can be warm in the summer, and drawing while sitting is BS, but other than that it works as advertised.

  109. I’m glad yours works for you Scott. I think my belly is too big for it.

    The one in the video, the G3 I guess, has a clip that snaps on to the front of the trigger guard. I just thought if the weapon was pushed down instead of pulled up you could be having a really bad day. of th G2.

  110. He is not wearing it correctly according to Urban Carry’s instructional video, the leather flap behind the belt clip should be inside the pants.

  111. Cloudless blue sky and a carpet of snow. It is a gorgeous day. Scott is using his brand spankin’ new snowthrower. It’s hard to tell from inside the house, but I’m pretty sure his tail is wagging.

  112. Heh. The happy union of man and machine overcoming nature’s obstacles.

    *small sympathetic tail wag*

    How are wiser and wiserbud doing?

  113. I saw “Yesterday” when it was in the theater, and I liked it. Very sweet and funny.

    Mini-me is on her way back to college. I was trying to arrange a dinner with friends before she left, and it just didn’t time out. Friend asked me when Mini-me would be back home, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her it’ll be May. She has a spring break, but we will be in STL for a bridal shower then flying from there to ABQ.

  114. Im not a fan. As Scott indicated producing the firearm from a seated position presents problems. Also it is essentially a two handed production process. Most handgun defensive scenarios are very close quarter. I prefer a one handed presentation leaving the free hand to block, push (and create distance) or distract from the presentation.

    I carry in a IWB (Alien Gear) for work every day in plain clothes. When presenting I rock the muzzle out of the holster and my first round leaves the weapon one handed while it is still waist high, second as I begin my “push out” and third and fourth once I establish a two handed grip. Four rounds and time to MOVE if not moving already. I will not produce my weapon unless I decide to shoot. There is no warning. If I think I can warn the bad guy by the display of my firearm then 99% of the time I have ability to create distance. No one says you have to stand in place during these scenarios. If I produce, Im shooting something. That is my fighting philosophy.

    My next problem is that when holstered the muzzle is pointing in the vicinity of my femoral artery and other high value parts and as we all know, shit happens under stress.

    Finally a full size firearm is out of the question unless you are a “big guy” relegating the user to sub compacts. I am not a big guy (5’9 & 175 lbs trim to slender) but have carried a full size concealed in all seasons without a “printing” problem and have never come under scrutiny.

    This is not to say its not for other people. If you have confidence and comfort in this gear have at it as those two things have a sizable value.

  115. Pendejo and Pepe, how far are you from Carlsbad? If you don’t want to say here, email me at miriam930 at yahoo.

  116. Guy in Pupster’s 2nd video

  117. That was a shorter fight than McGregor’s last night

  118. Car tire went flat sometime between friday evening and this morning. Gotta go check it out, later pertaters.

  119. Roomie, when I lived in west Tx, I was about 2.5 hours from Cbad. I’ve moved since then and am now about 8 hrs. From evesdropping on Pepe and Oso I think he’s up north of ABQ & SF which makes it a pretty good hike for him.

  120. Roamy,
    It is colder than I thought, but not terrible. Itmis much more liberal than I feared. Crazy stuff, like red flag laws, and we are not recycling grocery store plastic bags, but we are banning them because shut up!

  121. Vmax, I miss Colorado at times, but the liberalism is part of the reason that I would be hesitant to return. Perhaps I could be happy in Colorado Springs, but I’m not so sure.

  122. Tonight’s movie: The Joker.

    I have a work party to go to, but I’m really trying to squirm out of it.


  123. I am flying into ABQ and plan to meet up with Oso and Dan. I borrowed a guidebook from the library to figure out what our must-sees are. Mr. RFH and Mini-me don’t really seem to care what we do as long as there is time to relax. Rocketboy is saving his leave for wedding/honeymoon, so he won’t be with us.

  124. Bring me back some stolen bibles from the ABQ Sam’s Club, please.


  126. An American in Paris is playing nationwide today; I am debating going.

    I LOVE Gene Kelly movies, but at the same time, I am a lazy slug/semi-hermit who likes to stay at home….

  127. OK, well, we didn’t see the ‘buds last night, it got called on account of slippery roads. So we did brunch today instead. They look good. They brought #1 son and his GF with them. I kind of envy the ability of youth to down a plate of waffles with syrup and a hot chocolate and not think or worry about it. Remember what pure, guiltless enjoyment was like?

    We talked a lot about how fucked up CT is and how everybody can see the lies and what fresh disaster is coming down the pike but nobody can seem to stop it. Wish we had better shit to talk about.

  128. Just ordered this and I am practically vibrating with excitement.

    Where will you wear it? When you visit your mom?
    I think it’s funny but would be hesitant to have it on while in the general public. Tho, if I were on speaking terms with some family, I’d def wear it while around them.

  129. she can wear it at zumba

  130. Oh, I’ll probably wear it out. lol. I don’t care.

  131. if I were that out my car would get keyed. tolerant college town

  132. no snow at arrowhead? surprising

  133. Charged with a hate crime.

  134. Your car would get keyed here, and this is a fairly conservative town in a red state. There’s always that one asshole.

  135. wow Derrick Henry is one big rb

  136. Yea, nothings going to happen to me here. My one friends said her boyfriend had people start shit when he wore something out in public … but I’m pretty sure I’d live for that.

  137. I’m careful about where I wear my anti-Hillary shirt.

  138. I really don’t get the SpaceX fanbois who insist that somehow NASA is terrified of SpaceX’s success. “OMG, SpaceX conducted another successful test. NASA must be busy figuring out how to kill it!”

    Dude, SpaceX’s success is good for NASA. The more commercial development in the space launch industry, the more NASA can focus on scientific research and specific projects and increasingly rely on the private sector for the more mundane stuff. Plus, lower costs mean that it’s harder for one senator with a bug up his ass about government spending to kill years of work.

  139. Most comic book commentary sites are left leaning and this one is no exception

    A lot of pearl clutching about the “proper” use of the Punisher logo which is now the new Pepe The Frog apparently

  140. If the lefties don’t see why the Punisher is appropriate for Trump, etc, then they just are completely in a fog. Captain America is a lefty, folks. Clean water and social justice. He supports the power elite structure. We are no longer playing “the game”.

    I’m going to wear the shit out of my shirt.

  141. This is my favorite part of the comic thing:

    “A full 25% of active duty troops polled in 2017 said they knew a white supremacist among their ranks.”

    Do I need to unpack that for the author? I will.

  142. mahomes is a witch

  143. Went for the strip instead of the tackle.

  144. I saw the Trumpisher on a truck down here, but I’m too chicken shit to display it. It was a little different but same concept:

  145. Torx headed deck screw, inch/ inch and a half long in the tire. #1 mechanic Boy2 fixed me up with my assistance/advice. It’s a relatively simple thing, but Boy2 just doesn’t have a lot of confidence and I try and stack the odds in his favor to give him wins at life whenever possible.

  146. I’m buying a Trumpunisher thong.

  147. Very brave.

  148. I would never put something on my car. CHickenshits will do something to my car. Not to me. That’s the difference. If it’s on my body, they have to do it to my face.

  149. Do they sell a Trumpunisher skort?

  150. Roamy, are you doing 🤓 space stuff or 🤓 nature stuff. We have 🤓 art stuff, too.

  151. Anybody here have precog dreams while sleeping? Over the years I’ve had 3-4 dreams that were very vivid and precise. Nothing super abnormal is occurring they normally depict situations that are nornal interactions in abnormal situations upon waking I think to myself …”whut? No way”. Then, anywhere from 2-3-4 years later (long after I’ve forgotten the dream) I’ve found myself in the exact situation the dream depicted and get a feeling of extreme deja vu and remember the dream. I just woke from one while napping….it was unsettling.

  152. TeeRoy,

    I had that when I was younger, but it stopped sometime in college. I remember one Grad student that just quite one day. He said he wasn’t getting deja vu anymore and he thought he was on the wrong path. Maybe I screwed up somewhere :).

  153. Yep. I had one where I ran into a long lost high school friend, we were on some sort of campus and everyone else was Japanese.

    Couple of weeks later I ran into him. He tells me he’s working for IBM in NC, and just got back from some training in Japan.

    I nearly fell over.

  154. Agree 100% with CoAlex, SpaceX is good for NASA. Anything is better than relying on the Russians to keep ISS manned.

  155. I have those a couple of times a year, T Roy. It is always an unusual situation, but it’s never been anything unsettling or even important, just out of the ordinary.

  156. Osita, probably nature stuff first. At least one hike in a national park. Rocks and art for Mini-me. She hadn’t heard of Georgia O’Keeffe, so big fail to her art teacher. History for me, including the Capitol. That church in Santa Fe with the cool staircase. The nuclear science museum.

  157. Teeroy, my last experience was a couple days ago. Could swear that I had a dream where I read a thread at the HQ.

  158. Roamie, we’re about 100 miles south of ABQ. On the way to the Trinity site if you’re into death and destruction. ;) We run up to ABQ often, so we can go up there if we’re free. We have a couple of knife shows in the Spring.

  159. Virginia. I keep thinking of that Fred Thompson quote from Hunt for Red October. This is going to get out of control, and we’ll be lucky to live through it.

  160. TeeRoy, I used to have them too, very much like yours. They stopped, so far as I can tell, when mom passed. I don’t know why, but I have suspicions.

  161. White Sands. Serial. Roamy, we’ll figure it out.

  162. Pepe, that would be awesome.

  163. Strange things happen to me a lot.

    Today, we were leaving the mechanics place, it’s a straight shot highway all the way home. For some reason I decided to take the state road instead.

    Laura: Why did you go this way?
    Me: No idea.
    Laura: I need to borrow your truck later to go to the Asian market.

    2 minutes later we see a sign on the side of the road ASIAN MARKET.

    Never seen it before.

    We laughed.

  164. Bok choy. We needed bok choy.

  165. wow, roamie, how is that part of an investigation?

  166. Sounds like a sneak attack, trying to get vegetables in your diet.

  167. Looks like we’ll have a good Superbowl this year.

    No idea who will be favored.

  168. Car in, what size shirt did you order? I’m squinting real hard at the size chart. Do they run small?

  169. Trinity Site will be closed for Roamy’s visit. Only opens twice a year.

  170. Roamy, check your NASA clout. Trinity Site would be awesome.

  171. I got a women’s large. I like things a little loose.

    Shut it

  172. You need room for the bulldog.

  173. These are very specific. I dream them and then they present in real life exactly as the dream. Exactly. They are always unsettling as they depict circumstances events that are so out of character from where I am currently that they seem fantastical.

    I had a fall from grace once when I was at Command level, I knowingly committed a infraction and my punishment was to deploy as a grunt on my next detail. Two years prior (while in command) I dreamed I was working a front gate post at dawn in a environment I had never seen before. The dream didnt include the fall from grace just the being on the post. There were purple mountains in the background and the terrain was scrub desert like. There was a verbal interaction with a disgruntled individual. I awoke from the dream thinking WTF? Im not a grunt anymore, I dont stand post…..

    Fast forward two years and my error in judgement and I found myself working a gate at dawn in Pueblo Colorado…the mountains in the distance were purple (purple mountains majesty) and I was interacting with a disgruntled employee that had forgotten their ID and had to route through secondary screening. The feeling of deja vu was almost overwhelming when it hit me as I had dismissed the dream as nonsense and forgotten about it.

    The dream today was bad. I was comfortable in the environment like I had accepted the situation and was just living in the new normal but the new normal was bad. My family was either gone or so far removed as to be unattainable…..this one scares me.


  175. Most dreams are just bullshit on acid.

  176. I wouldn’t let one frighten me.

  177. Laura had one where she was crushed between 2 cars and I hit on the female cop who responded.

    Hooboy was she pissed.

    Never gonna happen.

  178. TeeRoy, I’ve had a few of those dreams. Several had to do with the daughter. In the dreams, I’m at college with her but she’s not with me…there is some chaos. Usually within a week or two, she’s calling me up stressed out of her gourd. Once, I knew she broke up with a boyfriend (accountant major who wound up getting a decent job and wasn’t questionably skinny) before she told me.

    Another time, husband was out of state on business. He rented a car to save money. Two days before he started home, I had a dream we were coming home and at the top of an off ramp, there was a big square truck in front of us that starting rolling backwards…fast. It hit and bodies flew out of the car. I woke up startled. When I talked to him the next day, which was the day before he was to come home, I told him to be careful….especially at lights on inclines.
    He was at the intersection, which is on an incline and on the other side of the road from where he was to turn in the car….two miles away from home. Light turned green and he didn’t hear the ambulance screaming it’s way down the road. It nearly clipped his behind as he crossed in front of it. Cop followed him to the rental place and gave him a ticket.

  179. My family was either gone or so far removed as to be unattainable…..this one scares me.

    Or maybe you put them somewhere safe. Live clean and keep your head on a swivel.

  180. Not to mention, your job kinda gives me the willies. It’s like you’re a walking target to all sorts of flotsam. I hope your coworkers are not dirty.

  181. I hope Gov. blackface fucker doesn’t start something horrible.

  182. OMG….Imma order a Trumpisher tee and saw this on my way to check-out.

    *wonders who I should send one too*

    *side-eyes hotspur*


  183. LOL, Beasn. Reminds me of Mrs. Cuffy.

  184. Got this from over at HQ. This is insane. Exactly what were these police invetigators thinking they were going to accomplish?

    This wasnt a acid dream type. These are different and I always wake knowing they are different. They are too comprehensible if that makes any sense. Most of my dreams are disjointed and have no continuity. Anyway, I was just curious if any one else had experienced similar behavior. And I appreciate eveyones thoughts.

    Later folks. Hope you have a week of happiness, good health and success.

  185. Sorry bout the embed. I meant it to be a link…

  186. We checked into a motel in Flagstaff. The people in the room above us have been stomping around for 2 hours. Weird, constantly walking back and forth.

  187. Early over at 52.5 for the super bowl? Might be a bit low.

  188. A dream doesn’t need to be true to be prophetic. If dreams are an attempt to reconcile your conscious and unconscious minds, then the dream may reflect deeper concerns or patterns that your mind has recorded. Teeroy was in a command position, so it’s not unreasonable that he’d worry about screwing up. The unconscious takes that concern and builds a scenario around it, by placing him in a position of powerlessness and dealing with a disgruntled employee, something he’s no doubt done in the past. Ditto Beasn, who has probably made note of her hubby’s tendency to no properly look for dangers when driving.

  189. Declan explained relativity perfectly.

  190. Happy MLK Day Crackers

  191. I wonder when my shirt is gonna get here. wakey wakey

  192. Quick poll – holiday day today? yes or no.

    Things seem dead, but it’s a normal day for those of us fully embraced in Capitalism.

  193. Just got up. MMM incoming.

  194. I ordered a potato smasher last night.

    It will deliver today.

    Will smash 10/10

  195. I’m at work for a non holiday holiday schedule. I’ve ranted many times about this. Families either don’t show up because they think we’re closed or they show up with all of their kids who would ordinarily be babysat at school

  196. KC is favored by 1 or 1.5.

    I bet that comes down. SF looked too good.

  197. Holiday for Rocketboy and me but not for Mr. RFH.

    I need to get another temperature probe, the one I used yesterday must be off. I spatchcocked a chicken and cooked it, according to the probe to 160 F, checked in one thigh and two breast locations. Cut it apart, was still bloody in several places, had to nuke it once we’d carved it up. I might not have let it rest enough, but that should have been good.

    It was a mutant chicken – the giblets included three hearts and two gizzards. I cooked the liver with bacon and onions and an egg on the side for breakfast, and that was tasty.

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