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Your model for today was born in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation on September 11th, 1989.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 38D2838 and 135 lbs.  Please pop a cork and pour one out for Miss Anna Polina!



  1. How do you say “Now serving number xxx” in Russian?

  2. Hmmm. Confusing.

    Looks like she’d be slutty but upon further review I think she’d drain your wallet and never put out.

    9/10 would smash

  3. She’s a major upgrade from last week.

  4. She’d break my heart and my bank account.

  5. I’ve seen some of her work in darker days. She’ll put out if there’s money in it and you’re in a castle.

  6. wakey wakey

    SOmeone help me out here – I found both these statements from last night and I”m confused.

    Comment by lauraw on January 16, 2020 5:54 pm

    I took a couple thin slices, dipped in the sauce just to taste. OMG. So yummy.

    and then a few hours later …

    OK, Five pound roast, the recipe is for a 3 to 4 pound roast, it’s still too fucking salty. I’m going to slice up the meat with a tiny amount of this salty gravy to lubricate it, and throw the rest away.

    Is this the level of salt that most people actually tolerate? This is unbelievable.

  7. Yes

  8. I’ve seen people float around the number $5000 for those impeachment pens, but I have yet to see verification.

  9. I gib dis poat 16 of these thingies: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  10. She seems nice. Plus the motorboating gif made me laugh.

  11. I like my women like I like my coffee. Hot, black, bitter, and expensive. She probably hits 3 of 4. Nicely done.

  12. All of Pupster’s links almost make me feel bad for mailing in posts on Tuesdays.


  13. I’m not a fan of the Mississippi pot roast as is, mainly because with the packets, there’s that chemical taste I don’t care for. I found a roasted garlic steak seasoning mix that is pretty good, so I use that with the butter and the pepperoncini.

  14. It’s the au jus mix. I’ve found if you use a good one, that makes it even better. Better than bouillon is my go to. Plus some people don’t care for ranch.

  15. She’s a major upgrade from last week.

    ‘specially on a per-pound basis.

  16. I like my women like I like my coffee. Hot, black, bitter, and expensive.

    Black, full of bourbon, imported from Colombia.

  17. Is Mississippi Pot Roast the stripper name of last week’s BBF?

  18. I like my women like I like my coffee. Hot, black, bitter, and expensive. Without anybody else’s dick in it.

  19. The one might be a contenda’.

  20. Better than bouillon is my go to.

    I need to try that, thanks.

  21. This is pretty neat. Scientists at CU Boulder used bacteria to produce a type of concrete.

  22. She’s French which makes the maid outfit non-ironic.

  23. I like my women like I like my coffee. Hot, black, bitter, and expensive. Without anybody else’s dick in it.

    Not messed up by some douchebag barista with an art degree.

  24. The very first gif of “Hello” was a master of Surrealism

    Combining bubble gum, afros and ebony boobs strategically covered with feet that are massaging them in slow motion is a sign of genius

  25. Kudos for getting more out of Sean than a D, E, R, P last night

  26. Today’s BBF >>> today’s AoSHQ art thread

  27. I haven’t seen much coverage of the story about VA passing the Equal Rights Amendment. They’re either the 38 or 39th state to do so which (I think) is supposed to trigger some reaction for ratification except the time line for this expired in the 80’s.

    Two thoughts

    a) Virginia … of course. All Dem All The Time is their new motto.

    z) Why now? Election year politics of course. Of course it’s 100% symbolic since the deadline has long since passed. They want all the Dems to be able to talk about how wonderful it is and Conservatives to oppose it on procedural grounds as well as the unintended consequence argument

  28. Speaking of VA, the new news being pushed by the MSM is that the Gun Rights rally coming next week is a white power thing.

    “Another Charlottesville” is making the rounds. Predictable response and this gives Antifa and their agent provocateurs their marching orders

  29. Fine … Bangor Bean Hole

  30. I’m busy sorting out all my #1 priority items at work. Which someone else should be doing, but that would require effort and a decision. Easier to blame me for picking the wrong one, I gues.

  31. Yeah, Carin, I know. Not sure why, but it didn’t taste too salty until it got to pot roast fall-apart texture. It just tasted more like a really good roast beef at first. Maybe I should have stopped cooking it earlier.

  32. *does that thing where I fist-bump my heart and then point at Jay*

    My boss has been mad at me for a week because I emailed him in all caps that something WASN’T DONE YET when he tried to review and push the action. Apparently all caps means eff you and he thought I should have apologized by now. The irony is it wasn’t ready because I was waiting on him to do his job and pick a platform, which he forgot about.




  35. I like my women like I like my coffee. Hot, black, bitter, and expensive. Without anybody else’s dick in it.

    Not messed up by some douchebag barista with an art degree.


    Ground up and in the freezer.

    Wait… There may have been a line crossed somewhere in there.

  36. Hmm, when it got to fall apart, that means all the collagen melted, and nothing holds the beef together. Did you pull it apart then? The juice would have mixed in then, whereas before it was kept out of the interior.

    Hard to believe 2 packs (1 au jus, and 1 ranch) would make 5# of beef that salty. You didn’t use an entire Better than Bouillon container, did you?



  39. NO, IT WAS JUST THE TWO PACKETS. I THINK WE JUST DON’T LOVE SALT AS MUCH AS MOST PEOPLE. With most recipes I usually cut the salt down by half and it’s good for us. I should have done that with the packets.

    I like Romacita’s alternative recipe.

  40. Without anybody else’s dick in it.


    So, uh, Pendejo, does that mean you like your coffee with, uh, your own dick in it? I mean, what ever outs a smile on your face, and all, but you know that’s not ACTUALLY a straw, right?

  41. Why is everyone shouting?



  44. I love our little diversions.

    *sigh, now back to work

  45. That was even cooler yesterday when I posted it.

  46. Whatever, Boomer.

  47. I mean,


  48. As an actual Boomer, that makes me smile

  49. I loved the Benny Hill Show way back when. It was on either PBS (which seems like a stretch) or on some one of the three UHF channels we got

  50. Yeah, Benny HIll was a staple of our household as well. One of my favorites was the little old man whose bald head Benny used to slap, light matches off of, etc.


  52. I bet its the aus jus gravy mix that has a fukksize amount of salt.

  53. OMG, yes. it’s nothing but salt. I tsp has 348 mg of salt. A teaspoon!

  54. actually 1/2 tsp 300 mg sodium

  55. 6 tsp (1 pkg) in a 5# roast isn’t a lot, though.

  56. Iowa Spice Packet

  57. How is Pay’s shoulder CARin?

  58. Heh … “Wypipology”

    First time I’ve seen the wypipo term

  59. That warmed the heart-shaped pit in my chest, Jay, thanks.

  60. The Primative Skills is going to eventually reach space travel and make it to Alpha Centauri to win the game, and then all of this will reset.

  61. I want to move, and vote for this Muslim for congress

    Look out, Ilhan.

  62. I’m still wary. Might just be better at taqiyya.

  63. Really doesn’t sound like it, leon. Not the same vibe.

  64. As I understand it, “wypipo” started as a sort of slur, “this is what black people sound like when they talk about white people”. That a black “woke” writer is using it unironically is comical in the extreme.

  65. Bernie supporter mad at Warren’s sexism attack

    It’s funny how close to GOP ideas she is, yet she “hates” GOP. Wonder when it will sink in.

  66. well, time to go drive in the new snow. good bye, world! I’m told it’s horrible out there!

  67. Good luck, J’Ames.

  68. Leftover Mississippi pot roast. Only bread we have is tortilla. White trash/Messican fusion. Dan is making Carne Adovada. Marinating pork in red chile for 12 hours. Crock pot for another 12 hours. Mmmm

  69. That storm is supposed to reach us tomorrow. People are freaking out as usual.

    Lines at the gas station.

  70. You need bread, milk, and a full tank to survive 3″ of snow.

  71. We had maybe 2”. Mostly gone by this AM. Mostly. Had to deal with assholes that took the day off today. Family’s and fatasses. I was working a pallet of books. Trying. Multiple groups of assholes chilling in books. Not buying. Reading. Everyone decides to buy flooring today. OT for Oso.

  72. No eggs? How will they make freedom toast!?

  73. 6 to 10 inches of snow coming this way after midnight tomorrow. Sunday will be snow and football day.

  74. How goes the dog wars, Jimbro?

  75. You need sound for this one.

  76. The snowblower is at the ready.

  77. We have no milk and my fuel light is on.

  78. Comment by scott on January 17, 2020 8:08 pm
    We have no milk and my fuel light is on.

    Harlan Ellison’s lesser known work.

  79. Ordered some powdered whipping cream from Amazon. Should be here tomorrow. We’ll see how it does in tea.

  80. Pro tip


  81. Uneasy truce after a few days. Rowan is stalking her if she looks at him the wrong way. Lola’s defining characteristic is glomming on to one person. In this case it’s Paula. She is within 2 or 3 feet of her at all times. When she leaves the dog sits by the door facing it until she comes home. She also has growled at everyone as they’ve got close to Paula which we’re working on every time it happens with corrections. She’s a wicked counter surfer and quite brazen about it even when we’re in the same room. Rowan is much stealthier when he snatches food. It will be interesting the next 2 days when Paula works both days and is gone for 13-14 hours.

  82. Lola has a lot of bad habits that we’re working on. Pretty sure there was too much going on at her previous owners house to train her properly. And the “guarding her person” bullshit has earned her a lot of nose taps and scowlie looks once we realized what was going on. With a newborn baby on the way I think her prior owners made the right decision.

  83. Cattle dogs should not be a first dog.

    Sounds like Lola might have been one.

    Bubba was a pretty horrible dog when we first got him. I think he spent his first 2 years in a kennel or a crate.

  84. Ruby wasn’t typical, she really really wanted to please.

    Dorkus was a wild animal.

  85. They had 2 other Lab type dogs and a few cats. She’s here because she killed one of the cats and the expectant mother is nervous. Doesn’t want the dingo to eat her baby I guess. The fact that Lola keeps running from the kitchen to the living room to try and eat Rowan’s food tells me she was probably doing that to the Labs. We watch them pretty close at feedings to police them. Rowan takes his meals pretty seriously and I don’t think he’d let her muscle him out without a scrap



    Huh… well now. I, uh, better forget that link.

  88. Nope

  89. Doggy Drama. Woof.

    Wypipo goes along with gimmedats and dindoonuffins.

    Pleasant day, especially enjoyed driving in freezing rain.

    Charlottesville was a setup. The 2a demographic is a different breed than the Charlottesville attendees. Sure there is some crossover but still different. Interesting times. I’m wondering how long before the shitbirds attempt to amend the va state constitution.

    Free men don’t need the permission of the government to defend themselves. INALIENABLE RIGHTS.

    I like my women to have a vagina, everything else is negotiable. Cept no soul stealing gingers…


  90. Ugh, it’s the 100th anniversary of Prohibition and the Libertarians are being themselves.

  91. Ground up and in the freezer.

    Wait… There may have been a line crossed somewhere in there.

    One of us, one of us…

  92. Weird ugly day at work. Co-worker tried to drop a 3-day job on me, saying that our team lead wanted me to work on it next week. WTF. I don’t mind doing it, but short notice and a short week with the MLK holiday makes it difficult with the other projects going on. So I brought that up with the team lead, and she didn’t know anything about it. Someone is lying to me, and I don’t like it. Plus one of the other labs is re-organizing for the umpteenth time, and it’s pretty much bombing rubble at this point.

  93. Scott and Laura

  94. No wonder laura is skeptical of a “job” day.

  95. Good one, Pepe.

    In other news, Rocketboy bought wedding rings. They are beautiful white gold with a Celtic knot pattern.

  96. Sounds lovely, Romacita

  97. I was afraid he was going to go cheap, but he made a good investment, I think.

  98. Haha, I think I’ve worn my wedding band once or twice in 25 years. Used to work auto parts, and no rings with lathes.

  99. Plus, washing dishes at a bar = ring slipping off and getting lost.

  100. Hmm, Quigley down under, or the rest of They Live.

  101. Scott and Laura

    Witness the dedication of true professionals at work. Note the arm threaded through the rear slider window. This represents a layer of extra safety for their precious cargo.

  102. The guy trying to get a toothbrush at Target for 1 cent is triggering my retail-worker PTSD. I still can’t even believe the absolute fucking bullshit people did to me as a retail employee. The normal rules of humanity and courtesy are like, shut off for you, apparently, if you work in a store.

  103. Davis envied Robert’s popularity.

  104. Davis was a Democrat.

  105. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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