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Your model for today was born in Essex, England on June 6th, 1987.  She stands 5′ 7″, and measures 30GG2434 and 117 lbs.  Please be polite and welcome Miss Emma Glover!





  1. Fast on the trigger there, Pup. You know one in four men have that issue…

    Model ain’t bad. I detect crazy…oh hell, I always detect crazy from these. Comes with the territory I figure…

  2. I’ve been scheduling these earlier to try and trick Sean to derp on the new poat.

  3. Breastacular

  4. Good Clutch tune

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Despite all the acres of flesh in this post I just can’t come up with a word to describe it!

  7. I hate 830 telecons.

  8. 10/10 would smash

  9. Eat more babies.

  10. Anyone have an instapot recipe for CO2 neutral baby head?

  11. Lamb and broiler/fryers are as close as I like to get.

  12. We only have months, people.

  13. It’s not just a cult, it’s a doomsday cult.

    Every time we miss an end date, they should splinter or lose some to other faiths. That’s why the Adventists and the Watchtower folks stopped issuing new prophecies about it.

  14. It’s the Green New Meal!

  15. They already set up “science” as a sort of religion, all “Climate Change” did was add new parts to the catechism. Blind followers gonna follow blindly, everybody else they intimidate or silence.

  16. Since they are new, I think babies won’t take as long to cook. Not as much connective tissue to break down.

    However, we’re gonna have to smoke Hotspur for days.

  17. My favorite thing about scientism is the absolute ignorance of epistemology needed to believe it.

    Theology -> philosophy -> metaphysics -> science. You can’t start on the right side of that and assert that capital T truths are such, because you’ve disregarded entirely the underpinnings for why scientific inquiry can even be used to ascertain any truth at all.

  18. And most folks who love “science” really just love engineering products, which don’t always come from science, often enough the other way around.

  19. Leon, how can you say that when you know full well that the church burned Galileo at the stake for daring to tell the Pope that the Earth was round, and how if they hadn’t assassinated Hypatia of Alexandria and burned the Great Library in order to destroy advanced scientific knowledge we’d all be living on the moons of Jupiter right now!

  20. The Great Library was full of astrology texts, dirty limericks, and knock-knock jokes. No big loss.

  21. Don’t forget used Mad Libs and old editions of Boy’s Life.

  22. Data modeling. It’s just predictive equations.

    So far they are outside of the confidence interval, unless they change the data.

    That means there’s literally no difference between the model and random chance.

    It’s all bad stats.

  23. ba haaa haaaa haaaa … Bernie still thinks he has a chance.

  24. The Library of Alexandria was burned by people who wanted to avoid fees for overdue scrolls.

  25. And Hypatia wasn’t assassinated, she just wanted to retire quietly from her porn career and faked her death. She moved to Philadelphia and ran a spice shop after that.

  26. BTW, she was great in Ribald Tales of Canterbury.

  27. Morning All. Interview at 11 then off to Daughter and Son in Laws place to cut down a walnut tree then do a little bit of firearms practice.

  28. Are you cutting down the tree with firearms? That seems fun.

  29. Cut down the tree with firearms or we will all think you’re a pussy.

  30. Goddamit Jay.

  31. You should cut down the tree with firearms.

  32. My uncle tried that once with a 9mm on a small poplar. Full clip and it just had some holes in it.

    Don’t waste ammo like this. A .45 would have done it in 3 shots.

  33. Today’s model has a fivehead and horse teeth but the body gets her to the Ragnar finish line.

  34. *fingerguns at pups

  35. The only way anyone should cut down trees with firearms is if you’re using a Tommygun.

  36. Apparently Miss Glover is a single mother. That knocks her down to a 6/10.

  37. Single mother also means she didn’t abort.

    /just saying

  38. Aidan is her whole world!

  39. Single mother also means she didn’t abort.

    This time.

  40. Really windy out today! Sunny and cool. Hope it dies down so we can do a hike in the afternoon. My last day off for a little while.

  41. My junkie sister-in-law carried one of at least two pregnancies to term, and murdered the other. I suspect that the years of drugs may have finally rendered her sterile, but we don’t really talk to her anymore. Every time we do she asks for money.

  42. That’s sad af

  43. Two kids.

  44. That’s sad af

    It really is. Wife wanted to adopt her daughter and I thought about it, but we ultimately didn’t do it. We weren’t parents yet and I was terrified about junkie SiL dragging us into trouble later, so we didn’t, largely my decision. Some cousins adopted her and she’s a wonderful little 7yo now. I regret not taking her in, but thankfully she’s doing okay.

  45. See … now … the thing that gets me about … (you can do whatever you want) but judging single moms …

    (gets soapbox, hops on)

    I personally know women who got pregnant, and the man just … disappeared. Gone. Ghandi. One left town. Another, well, he just said it wasn’t his, etc (it was literally a one night stand – which sure isn’t the best decision, but … goose/gander).

    The single mom in that last case – dad lives in SAME town. He meets another woman, gets married, has kids … you know, because zero complications since he doesn’t acknowledge his first born son who …LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIM.

    A woman who gets pregnant and has that kid can’t “hide” away their bad spots. Their mistakes. It’s all right there. A woman who pulled up her big girl panties, and did the right thing – that’s a pretty heavy checkmark on the “doing things right” column. How many of these perfect models have had abortions? But their stretch marks aren’t out there for show.

    Now, don’t confuse this – I don’t worship singles mothers. SOme of them really suck*. I’m just saying, it’s a case by case deal. This woman might be HORRIBLE. I have no idea. But just because she’s a single mom, doesn’t drop her down in my book.

    (hobbles off soap box)

    *like the girl who got pregnant on purpose, with whomever, and now has the gall to complain taht she’s a single mom. Sister, you didn’t just sign up for that, you took a reservation. Called ahead. Left a security deposit.

  46. It’s a very sad social effect that we are witnessing. I fear for the kids in these situations because it is a rare person who can love another person’s kid like they love their own. And some of these guys who pretend to, just to get in bed with the mom, can be a positive danger to the kids.

  47. So often when we hear in the news that some little kid was horribly abused or murdered at home, it was the mom’s boyfriend, babysitting.

  48. I can’t. I’m just not wired that way. And growing up with parents who divorced and remarried, I’ve seen the drama and hurt on both sides of the equation, both parents and children. I’ve also dated single moms in the past and it was nothing but drama and worry about how their ex would take the news.

    I want nothing to do with it.

  49. So often when we hear in the news that some little kid was horribly abused or murdered at home, it was the mom’s boyfriend, babysitting.


  50. Another, well, he just said it wasn’t his, etc (it was literally a one night stand –

    That dude is a toad. One of my husband’s buddies knocked up a gal he met at some reception THAT NIGHT. He helped raise the child financially and through whatever visitation they agreed upon. The ‘mother’ went on to marry someone else and have a couple of more kids. The child grew up and his buddy walked her down the aisle/gave her away a couple of years ago.

    Another friend found out he had a kid 4 years after the fact. Guess the ‘mother’ decided she needed some free time and $$. Which is fine but wtf not tell him straight away so that he could enjoy his kid as a baby? Yes, he’s proud as hell about his little girl and is pushing to get more time with her.

  51. The second guy I mentioned took his parents to a winery to break the news to them. His mom about danced a jig. They had given up on ever getting grandkids from him as he is 50 years old and never married and in no serious relationship.

  52. I should go out and start weeding/breaking down the gardens. It’s in the low 50s RIGHT NOW.

  53. I hear that the hotel from which the Vegas shooter did his evil deed is willing to settle the class action lawsuit for a brazillian dollars. Why is it the hotel’s fault in any way? Radio guy said why not go after the gun companies since they are more at fault. Hmm.

  54. This looks interesting.

  55. My cousin married a woman with a kid. He’s fine with just raising her and not having any more. mY aunt says he’s happier than a pig in shit.

    BoTH women i mentioned above are settled. The one married a guy- who adopted her two kids, then they had a third. the other found a man with a child of a similar age and they’re probably getting married. As a child of divorce, I do hear what you’re saying. I lived it. But not every case is the same. Not every Step parent is horrible. Some are wonderful. I know a kid that choose to stay with their step parent when the bio parent divorced.

  56. My brother-in-law married a woman with two kids from a failed first marriage. He and the stepson play minecraft together, and they had a child of their own about a year ago. So far, so good. It’s complicated with the two older kids having both a dad and a stepdad, but it appears to be working, and the gal is very nice, just wasn’t able to make things work the first time.

  57. I’m not saying it’s for everyone either, just that it can work, and I respect the decision of a man who goes toward it with open eyes as much as one who shuns it with careful introspection.

  58. All I know is that nearly 49 years ago a scared 19 year old decided her soon-to-be-firstborn would be better off with another family than anything she could do for him. I have to imagine it was the hardest decision she ever made, and I’m eternally thankful for how it turned out.

    There are always options…but I can respect that it’s never simple, nor easy.

  59. Roamy’s observation that Trump is in the media’s OODA loop is so dead on.

    Yesterday when Trump was yelling at the press something about how maybe all these payoffs to Biden’s family are the reason the US had such shitty trade deals with other countries, I thought “That’s why they’re all fucking millionaires. They get that money by selling the rest of us out.”

    How many other people thought the same exact thing, maybe for the first time, if they were listening to him yelling this at the press gaggle? How many people suddenly got a clearer focus on what “Drain the Swamp” really means to our country?

  60. They also point to Trump’s less than stellar deals as if that represents some FAILURE – instead of showing the truism that there is RISK in business. Unless, of course, you are politically connected, and all those failures can be made to somehow disappear.

  61. Buy some bad land? Easy, get your friends in public office to buy it for some worthless project, or similar. Problem goes away.

  62. Buy some bad land? Easy, get your friends in public office to buy it for some worthless project, or similar. Problem goes away.

    This appears to be the sole function of the MI Wetland Mitigation law. Almost no one gets permission to form a mitigation zone. Mackinaw Center did a study on it a while ago.

  63. A friend of mine had a 5 year old dropped on him out of the blue.


    He’s a dad from a one night stand in a car on the side of the road. So romantic. Cute kid. They tried to work it out.

  64. LOL Penishead is suing Slutstorm.

    Make popcorn everyone.

    And if you’re the type of person that would stick your dick into a one night stand you deserve whatever you get.

  65. I’m writing proposals, and I just typed cuckstomer instead of customer.

    Cuckstormers is a good pejorative that I probably will never get to use.

  66. What if Mitt Romney needs something from you?

  67. There are so many penisheads and slutstorms, which ones are you referring to, hotspur?

  68. I’ve never once found myself in a slutstorm. Where have I gone wrong?

  69. I have to swish 2x daily with this particularly vile and long-lasting mouthwash until the stuff is gone because of the scaling I had done at the dentist. Everything has tasted metallic for days now and I’m not happy. I hope the messican I’m making for later overpowers it.

  70. You didn’t rush a frat, convince your buddy’s dad to give you a job on Wall Street, and spend your summer vacations in Cabo?

  71. No to all 3. I’ve pretty much ruined my life.

  72. Same here. I bought into the insane notion that I should study something worthwhile in school, and then spent my twenties serving my country.

  73. I thought “That’s why they’re all fucking millionaires. They get that money by selling the rest of us out.”

    Husband and I had a conversation about this a few days ago. And Rush talked about it today after a caller made the point that the reason why republicans don’t have Trump’s back on Biden corruption story is because they don’t want to cut off their family’s gravy train.

    Question is how can we stop it? No way will they pass any legislation that hinders their grifting. Maybe force it from the states…that congresspeople must telecommunicate from their home states and keep a day job. Pretty sure the majority of ‘the people’ could get behind that.

  74. leon, what causes your gums to scale? Did you get bitten by one of laura’s monkeys or by laura herself?

  75. Wow, lefties really think they have Trump this time. Mine are discussing how Pence can waltz into the office next week.

  76. Crusoe has a baby sister. Oso is gonna squee.

  77. Pushing as much as possible down to the state level wouldn’t eliminate the graft, but it would make it more difficult to buy everyone. Eliminate the congressional pension plan, so that staying in Congress for decades at a time ends up hurting you financially and encourages turnover. Prevent politicians from working as lobbyists for five years after they leave office.

  78. Ultrasonic de-scaling, beasn. I have bad buildup of tartar if I don’t get regular cleanings and I missed a couple. Minor amounts of gingivitis and a small amount of bone loss already, so I really do need to stay on top of it.

    I hate my sonic toothbrush, but it’s no longer optional.

  79. Interesting factoid I learned the other day: Seventh-Day Adventists outnumber Mormons, globally. Not by much, but I had no idea how many Adventists there were, or how few Mormons, considering their prominence in politics out west.

  80. You can’t get excessive tartar buildup from a hunchback bite, beasn. You get it from a flea bite, from a flea that previously bit a hunchback. Indirect method of transmission.

    A direct hunchback bite will straight up cause necrosis of the bitten extremity, hysterical arm-flapping, spontaneous bad haiku, and eventual death by evaporation.

  81. Hunchback venom is the most poisonous venom there is. Luckily, the hunchback’s fangs are too small to pierce skin.

  82. Not having a good day. Instead of going to interview and cutting down tree’s (with and without a firearm) I got to load my FIL onto to a bambalance and sit in the ER with other family members. Fucker scared the shit out of me, thought he was stroking out. I had him in the truck and he told me “I dont think Im gonna make it to the hospital.” Commence pucker factor 5000… he’s been evaluated and they think the episode was due to a head injury he sustained a few years back that aggravated the injuries he received when he got blown up. He’s home now resting under surveillance….cause he sure was acting strokey to me.

    Now to catch up. ….I would cut down tree’s with my firearms, cept I dont want to waste the ammo so Im def a pussy in that regard. But, I once destroyed a house with small arms fire if that counts for anything.

    @ beasn… How do you stop it? Well, Term Limits would help. All Professional Politicians SUCK. I have zero trust in a person that has only held political positions for their entire career. This is also why “they” dont like Trump. He is not one of them (a Pro Pol) and doesn’t need the money so he’s not easily “influenced.”

  83. I found tartar control Crest keeps my dental hygienist and gums happy (thought sometimes it feels like it melts the lining of mouth)……not to mention smear a little on a hunchback’s snout, and it will cause hysterical arm-flapping, hissing, and pants pissing. This is your cue to run away as fast as you can. You don’t want to stick around and have one roll on you like a turd. A mixture of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and lit gasoline doesn’t take that kind of smell out.

  84. Crest is a P&G product, so I’ll have to decline. Even when I was using it, this was a problem. It’s down to the specific strain of streptococcus mutans that inhabit my month.

  85. a wire brush really gets in there to get the tough tartar. Especially under the gumline.

  86. the hunchback’s fangs are too small to pierce skin.

    Uh oh
    *jumps behind the sofa*

  87. Oh, that sucks Teetroy. Will they be able to reschedule your interview?

    I’m glad it was nothing serious re: FIL.

  88. Crest is a P&G product, so I’ll have to decline.

    There is that. Unfortunately for me, when I use anything else, there is a definite difference in build up and subsequent pain at my cleanings.

  89. Yes, interview was re-scheduled for Wednesday. Adrenaline has worn off now…..Imma take a nap….

  90. I’m using pepsodent on a sonicare.

  91. Ooh, sorry to hear that TeeRoy. Had my share of that back when.

  92. Who the fuck blew up grandpa?

  93. Santa’s wife, in reprisal for Santa getting cut up by a chainsaw, in retaliation for running over grandma

  94. My hygienist uses the ultrasonic thingie on me every time. It really sucks but it does a good job. I was late for my last cleaning by a few months and since my front teeth have a few chips in them I develop trashy looking stains from coffee and cigars. I use Arm & Hammer paste with baking soda and peroxide in it. It doesn’t taste all that good which is why I get my own tube of toothpaste

  95. I’m about two years overdue for a cleaning, and at some point need to get the huge chip in my front toof fixed, now that I have insurance.

  96. looking at Wagyu beef pictures, that stuff is really fatty!

  97. Some Communist Shitbirds in Vietnam Republic of in 1970.

    No Nap today. Just did a telephone interview that went real real well, scheduled for a face to face on Monday….pray for Oso….

  98. J’Ames, check out the japanese steakhouse videos on youtube where they grill and serve wagyu. It’s unreal. The cheesecake of steak. You could wax your surfboard with it.

  99. Here’s one. Teppanyaki. The magic starts at about 11 minutes in.

  100. I’ve heard that when you hold a piece of wagyu, you can feel it start to soften and melt in your hand, like a piece of tallow.

  101. Everybody is off watching teppanyaki videos. I don’t blame you.

  102. That looks pretty marbled. Not sure my palate would enjoy it.

  103. I don’t care much for prime rib or ribeye either.

  104. Comment by lauraw on October 4, 2019 5:48 pm
    I’ve heard that when you hold a piece of wagyu, you can feel it start to soften and melt in your hand, like a piece of tallow.


    So, kinda like your mom……

  105. … off watching teppanyaki videos …
    Are those like bukkake videos?

  106. For Oso

  107. So, kinda like your mom……

    Funny, your mom said the same thing about your dad.

  108. Sometimes, it just isn’t your day…

  109. Silly little Dachshund

  110. Dan made Betty’s. I haz the meat sweats. Chile was hot.

  111. My cousin, Donald, lost his son to an OD 4 years ago today. Donny was 23. A few days later, we said goodbye to Gingy. Masses are being offered in Donny’s memory/name. I miss him. Way too young. I miss Ginger, too.

  112. Behold the RINO.
    Bleating, mewling piece of shit.
    Romney, go away.

    **flap, flap, flap**

  113. Hard to believe it’s been 4 years, Oso.

  114. Near-frost predicted for tonight, so I picked-out all the beans, peppers, and reasonably good looking green tomatoes.

    I have what looks like about 3 gallons of little 3-4″ random mildly hot/mostly sweet frying peppers, and some medium bell and other larger sweet frying peppers.

    I need to bust a move on them, get them processed asap. Def gonna try some pepper relish, finally.

  115. Possum was born that Summer.

  116. Frost? Wow, we’re still in the 60’s. High 40 at night, but not tonight.

  117. Does anyone think Juan Williams believes the crap he shovels?

    Adam Schiff didn’t meet with the whistleblower, his STAFF did. uh huh.

  118. It was 100 degrees here yesterday. In the 90’s today for sure, might have been 100.

  119. Yeah, we were 85 two days ago, then in the 60s since. It’s a frost ‘advisory.’ I really doubt it will frost tonight. There are clouds and the ground is still warm. Some of the other stations are saying it will only get down to 40. The problem is, we are in the valley, and certain times of year cold air will flow downhill and smack us. Better safe than sorry.

    I was really shocked at how many peppers there were, once I started combing through the canopies. Crazy.

  120. Everything on tv is a lie.

  121. Does anyone think Juan Williams believes the crap he shovels?

    BlackisWhite called him the world’s first living brain donor.

    I really don’t like the NeverTrump turn that Fox has taken. Donna Brazile and Jessica (can’t remember her last name) are not people I care to watch.

  122. Donna is so smarmy!

  123. I’d almost rather listen to Bob Beckel. Almost.

  124. We had a couple tree day sub 30. The tomatoes looked like a torch had hit them. We shut down the garden, pulled hoses, scare crows(freezing would break them), picked the tomatoes. The tomato plants look like someone had torched them.
    We are done. Maybe we will let the garden lie fallow next year, as we have many canned vegetables(corn, tomatoes, green beans, carrots).
    We might just pile compost on it next year, and move the raspberry’s.

  125. blerg. Work was worky.

  126. Denny enjoyed repairing potholes.

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